4-20 The Inner Sense

4-20 The Inner Sense

The Inner Sense

No. It’s about me. I need your help. Tell me what I need to know and you’re outta here.

Miss Parker

The Inner Sense

No. It’s about me. I need your help. Tell me what I need to know and you’re outta here.

Miss Parker

Original air date: May 13, 2000

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Facts are revealed concerning Ethan and Mr. Raines. Zoe is kidnapped. Ms. Parker finds out the truth about her mother’s death.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Half brother Ethan

Jarod’s Occupations: FBI Agent

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Curtis


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod and Miss Parker frantically attempt to locate their half brother, Ethan, before he can destroy a hotel filled with international diplomats.


Jarod contacts Sydney and Miss Parker via phone.  After watching an old DSA of a conversation between a young Jarod and Catherine, Miss Parker accuses Jarod of hiding information about what really happened to her mother.  Sydney feels that Jarod’s subconscious memory has been blocked, either by itself or with the help of someone else.  Jarod responds that the key to finding their half-brother lies in the mysterious project 1031.  At a police station, Jarod scans bomb-related notes that he found in Ethan’s apartment and re-watches Ethan’s video.  Suddenly, screaming in the station draws Jarod’s attention to Detective Brookins, who is hauling in local munitions weasel Jed Seidel.  In an interrogation room, Jarod gets Jed to admit that he set up a meeting between Ethan and another munitions man at a warehouse.

Back at the Centre, Miss Parker, Sydney, and Broots watch the old DSA of young Jarod’s meeting years ago with Catherine.  Before Catherine starts to confide in Jarod, she shuts off the video camera.  Catherine’s secret now lies in Jarod’s mind.   Miss Parker states that to find Jarod they must first find Ethan, and the key to finding Ethan is pinpointing Raines’ whereabouts.

In an abandoned warehouse, Jarod watches as Raines and Ethan complete a transaction with two munitions men.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker and Sam the Sweeper ease through the darkness toward Raines.  Jarod suddenly appears in front of Ethan.  As Jarod tries to earn his trust, Sam knocks over a bucket.  Raines runs in one direction and Ethan in another.  Miss Parker levels a gun at Jarod.  In a dark corner of the warehouse, a trance-like Ethan sits on the floor with his laptop, which is connected to a small bomb.  He types until the screen blinks the message: “1031 detonation device programming completed.”

Back at Miss Parker’s house, Jarod has been tied in a chair.  Miss Parker has Sydney show Jarod the old DSA.  Jarod still does not remember the conversation.  As a result, Sydney hypnotizes him.  As Jarod’s old memories surface…Catherine tells a young Jarod that she hears voices around her warning of impending danger.  She believes her daughter (Miss Parker) has the same gift, although she does not know it.  However, no one has the gift like Ethan.  She then states that Ethan is Jarod’s half-brother.  Unbeknownst to Catherine, when she was sedated for a minor surgery, her husband, Mr. Parker, used Jarod’s father’s seed to impregnate her.  Apparently, Mr. Parker wanted to create a child who had this “inner sense” and also possessed Jarod’s special talents.  But Mr. Raines showed Catherine proof that Mr. Parker intends to kill her once Ethan is born.  Catherine pleads with Jarod to tell her daughter to trust her inner sense and let it guide her.  Jarod asks about his mother, and Catherine responds that someday they will be reunited.

As Jarod stirs from a sitting sleep, Broots calls Miss Parker with new information about project 1031.  If Ethan pulls off the project as planned, Raines will be in charge of the Centre.  In other words, Raines is planning a coup.  Raines took Ethan as a child and set him up with a surrogate family who allowed Raines to control Ethan’s emotions.  Raines made Ethan emotionally dependent on him.

Lyle knows of Raines’ plans to take over the Triumvirate.  He tricks Raines into making him his partner.  But once Raines gives Ethan the go-ahead to activate project 1031, Lyle imprisons Raines.

Miss Parker views another DSA of her mother immediately after she gave birth.  In it, Raines, not Mr. Parker, executes Catherine.  Miss Parker storms out and finds Raines in his cell.  She aims her gun at him, but is unable to pull the trigger.  Instead, she demands that he tell her everything he knows about project 1031.  Raines states that 1031 is a Washington D.C. subway.  The bomb will be left on that line.  Suddenly, gun shots ring out, and Raines is killed.  The bullets were fired by Mr. Parker, who states that he did not want his little girl to get blood on her hands.

Major Charles joins Jarod in his hunt for Ethan.  He tells Jarod that 1031 is the name of subway car that stops directly under the Freedom Hotel.  Currently, hundreds of foreign dignitaries are staying at that hotel for a peace conference.  With only a few hours to spare, Jarod and Major Charles rush to stop Ethan, but are halted by Jarod’s beeping laptop.  Lyle and Mr. Cox appear on the monitor and announce they have kidnapped Zoe.  Cox tells Jarod if he wants Zoe to live, he must surrender himself at a farm in three hours (at the exact time Ethan will be on the subway).  Later, Lyle, Cox and some Sweepers take Zoe to the barn. A man in black grabs the Sweepers from behind and tosses a tear-gas canister.  The man in black runs to Zoe and frees her.  At the door, the man takes off his mask…revealing Major Charles.

At the subway station, Jarod sees Ethan tie up an engineer.  As the train picks up speed, Jarod confronts Ethan and tells him that he is his half-brother.  He tells Ethan to listen to his inner sense, the voice of his mother Catherine.  Ethan tells Jarod that the bomb cannot be defused.  Consequently, Jarod states that they will have to divert the train to an abandoned maintenance yard.  Jarod works the electronic subway guidance screen and makes the direction change.  He and Ethan run to the rear car, but meet a gun-toting Miss Parker.  With only seconds remaining before detonation, Jarod tries to reason with Miss Parker.  Suddenly, Ethan has a seizure.  Miss Parker and Jarod drag him to the rear car.  The trio jumps off the train just as it disappears into a dark tunnel.  A fireball erupts, leaving disaster in its wake.  As the chaos settles, there is only silence.

4-20 The Inner Sense

The Inner Sense Transcript


    The Centre: Jarod on the phone
Sydney   Details are sketchy Jarod. I’m trying to piece a lot of this together myself.
Jarod   This feeling is so strong Sydney, that I’ve been to that forest house before but my mind wants to block it out.
Miss Parker   I have feeling to Jarod and it says you’re lying.
Jarod   Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   I’m glad to hear your mind hasn’t blocked me out yet. Tell him Syd, like he doesn’t know.
Sydney   Well we saw the dsa and you were definitely there.
Jarod   Then why don’t I remember it?
Miss Parker   You’re the genius, you tell us.
Jarod   If I could, I would Miss Parker, you know that. I’ve never held back when it comes to your mother.
Miss Parker   You were on the dsa Jarod! She talked to you, she told you secrets.
Jarod   I don’t remember.
Miss Parker   Did she tell you why she faked her own death?
Jarod   I don’t know.
Miss Parker   Or how in the hell that baby she was carrying is your brother?
Jarod   Look, I don’t know.
Miss Parker   Or where she was going or where the baby went or-
Jarod   I don’t know!
Sydney   It is entirely possible that your subconscious mind has blocked out those recollections Jarod, either by itself or with the help of someone else.
Miss Parker   So those memories could still be in Jarod’s head.
Sydney   Every waking moment of our lives is stored somewhere in our minds.
Jarod   Well for what it’s worth Miss Parker, I believe that our brother is a man named Ethan. Now, I don’t know where he is but somehow he’s involved with a project called 7677, you figure out 7677, you find baby brother.
Ethan   I’m almost ready with 7677, I just need a few more components but I’m telling you I need to talk. Okay. Ooh.
Detective Brookins   Still nothing on this guy Agent?
Jarod   Still nothing.
Jed Sidel   You can’t drag me out of the house like that, you know, I got a whole grilled cheese going right there on the stove.
Cop   Hey, where you want him detective? Come on.
Detective Brookins   Ask and you shall receive. That’s the local munitions guy you asked us to haul in, name’s Jed Sidel. Small time middleman, all around weasel.
Jarod   Well, what do you know? Weasel season has just opened.
Jed. Agent Curtis, FBI.
Jed Sidel   Hello.
Jarod   On behalf of the Bureau, I would like to say congratulations.
Jed Sidel   Hmm?
Jarod   You’re moving up in the world.
Jed Sidel   I am?
Jarod   Aiding and abetting in the making of bombs, helping to murder innocent citizens, I mean this is hardly fencing stolen tvs. Hitting the big leagues. Your parents must be very proud of you.
Jed Sidel   You got the wrong guy.
Jarod   Really. Well, he doesn’t seem to think so.
Jed Sidel   I don’t know who that is.
Jarod   That wasn’t my question.
Jed Sidel   What was the question?
Jarod   Why are you helping your friend here make bombs?
Jed Sidel   No, no, Ethan ain’t no friend of mine.
Jarod   Ethan? I thought you didn’t know him.
Jed Sidel   Do you have any guy what this guy is going to do to me if I spill to you. I mean, he talks to people who aren’t even there. He’s crazy.
Jarod   Unlike the lovable lifers in federal prison. I hear shower time’s a real scream Jed.
Jed Sidel   Explosives. Yes, he was looking for explosives, like a C4, semtex, uh, digital fuse and all I did, and this is all I did was call a guy on the phone and I, I set up a meeting. That’s it.
Jarod   Where and when?
Jed Sidel   Mm-hmm. At a warehouse. Midnight. Broad Street and Franklin.
Broots   There was only about one minute of stuff on the dsa but what’s there is really telling.
Catherine Parker   Dr. Raines, leave us alone. Please.
Mr Raines   Catherine, I don’t think that would be a good idea.
Catherine Parker   I think it would be a great idea.
Jarod, there’s something I have to tell you, that you can never forget.
Young Jarod   Okay.
Catherine Parker   I may not live much longer and if I don’t, there’s something very important I want you to tell my daughter. Will you promise me that you’ll tell her?
Young Jarod   I promise.
Catherine Parker   It’s something that I don’t ever want anyone else to hear.
Miss Parker   What’s wrong Broots? Fix it.
Broots   Well there’s nothing to fix. She unplugged it, that’s all there is.
Miss Parker   My butt that’s all there is. Make it talk.
Broots   I, I can’t.
Miss Parker   My mother’s dying secret, the one thing she wanted me to know, is not only lost electronically but somewhere inside Jarod’s head and he can’t remember a thing.
Sydney   Hmm. Raines. Raines must have erased that portion of Jarod’s brain.
Broots   You mean like, like hypnotized him or brainwashed him or something.
Sydney   Very likely.
Miss Parker   I don’t how Raines locked that memory in genius boys’ mind but I’m gonna free it up, if I have to crack his head open and carve it out with a melon scooper.
Broots   How are we gonna do that?
Miss Parker   We track Raines. I’ll bet my ass he knows where Ethan is. We find Ethan, we find Jarod.
Miss Parker   Move in Sam.
Raines   Relax son, everything’s going to be just fine.
Ethan   I feel so alone.
Raines   But you’re not Ethan. I’m here for you, you know that don’t you? After you earn the trust of the Triumvirate with the bombing, you’ll come to live at the Centre where we’ll do great things together. I’ll be calling you soon.
Jarod   Ethan. It’s okay, I’m not here to hurt you.
Ethan   No, you’re the one who killed my parents.
Jarod   I didn’t kill your parents.
Ethan   How do you know I can trust him? I can’t trust anyone. Not you. Not him.
Jarod   Ethan. I’m your friend.
Ethan run! Run!
Miss Parker   Jarod! Damn it!
Jarod! Your ninth life just ran out.
    Miss Parker’s House
Miss Parker   You look surprised to be here.
Jarod   Well, I’m surprised I’m still alive.
Miss Parker   Dead men tell no tales.
Jarod   I’m assuming since we’re here, this has nothing to do with Centre business.
Miss Parker   No. It’s about me. I need your help. Tell me what I need to know and you’re outta here.
Jarod   And I should believe you’re going to let me just walk away hmm?
Sydney   Watch this Jarod.
Young Jarod   Hello Mrs. Parker.
Catherine Parker   Thank you for coming. Close the door. Come here Jarod. There’s something I want to tell you. You’re going to have a brother.
Jarod   I don’t remember this. Sydney, I don’t remember this.
Sydney   It’s in your mind…somewhere.
Jarod   Then let’s get it out.
Sydney   3, 2, 1. Go back into your memory Jarod, to when you were a young boy. Are you there now?
Go back to a moment when Raines came to take you from the Centre and where did he take you?
Jarod   A house. In the woods.
Sydney   Can you see the house now?
Jarod   Yes.
Sydney   Go inside. Are you there?
Jarod   Yes. I smell wood, wood paneling. Cedar.
Sydney   Very good Jarod.
Jarod   I walk through a sliding door. She’s there.
Sydney   Who is?
Jarod   Catherine Parker. She’s still alive.
Catherine Parker   Hi Jarod.
Jarod   She didn’t die in the elevator. She…seems troubled.
Sydney   By what?
Jarod   She wants me to tell her daughter something very important.
Miss Parker   What?
Catherine Parker   It’s very important that she knows the truth about Ethan.
Young Jarod   Ethan?
Catherine Parker   That’s what he told me his name would be.
Young Jarod   I don’t understand. How would he know? How do you?
Catherine Parker   I call it my inner sense.
Young Jarod   Inner sense?
Catherine Parker/ Jarod   For most, it’s the hairs on the back of your neck or that nervous feeling in your stomach. For me, it’s voices I hear all around me, usually warning me of things that are about to happen.
Young Jarod   Like souls talking to you?
Catherine Parker   Something like that. I’ve been blessed with this gift Jarod and though she doesn’t know it, so has my daughter though neither of us quite like Ethan. I just pray his gift isn’t abused by the wrong people
Young Jarod   Why are you telling me this?
Catherine Parker   Because Ethan is also your brother. Unknown to me while I was sedated for minor surgery not long ago, my husband used your father’s seed to impregnate me.
Young Jarod   My father’s genetics.
Catherine Parker   Yes. Mr Parker wanted to create a child with this inner sense who could also be special like you are to use no doubt, as they have used you. Mr Raines showed me proof of what had been done and that Mr Parker is planning to kill me when the baby is born.
Young Jarod   Mr Raines scares me. Why do you trust him?
Catherine Parker   I trusted him because, because he trusted me, that and it was the only way for me to give this child a chance at a real life but now…
Young Jarod   Something’s wrong.
Catherine Parker   The voices are telling me I won’t leave this house alive.
Young Jarod   That’s why you brought me here.
Catherine Parker   You’re special Jarod and I know you won’t forget. I want you to tell my daughter to complete my plan.
Young Jarod   Plan?
Catherine Parker   She’ll understand one day just tell her to trust her inner sense. It will guide her actions. Jarod, your soul is a trusting one. Just like your mother’s.
Young Jarod   You know my mother?
Catherine Parker   Yes. And one day you’ll be back together again. And Ethan will help you find her.
Jarod/Catherine Parker   Trust your inner sense.
Willie   Mr Lyle.
Lyle   Any news from Cox about Zoe.
Willie   According to his last message, he’s ready. This is why I’m here. Our people at Triumvirate headquarters thought you might find that quite interesting.
Lyle   Raines has been a busy boy.
Broots   I intercepted a communicade between Raines and the Triumvirate and I’m probably not the only one who did.
Miss Parker   Spit it out Broots.
Broots   It’s about 7677 and that thing, Mirage.
Miss Parker   That thing is my brother.
Broots   Oh, okay. In a nutshell, there’s some project called 7677 and if it goes off as planned, Mr Raines is going to be in charge of the Centre.
Miss Parker   A Raines Coup. Thank you.
Broots   Hello?
Miss Parker   Why do I feel like you knew what Broots just told me?
Jarod   Raines has been working towards this his whole sordid career.
Sydney   Using Ethan.
Jarod   He took him as a child, placed him in a surrogate family with people who would allow Raines to control his emotions.
Miss Parker   In other words, screwed him up so badly, he would only trust Raines.
Jarod   So Raines could have total control over him, turn Ethan into his private assassin.
Sydney   And when Raines killed his surrogate parents, he severed all emotional ties to anything connected with the outside world.
Jarod   Well that is what Raines does best, take people away from their families. What are you going to do?
Miss Parker   I don’t know.
Jarod   Do what your mother would have wanted. Finish her work. Work she died trying to accomplish.
Miss Parker   My mother may still be alive Jarod.
Jarod   What if she’s not? You can stop Raines.
Miss Parker   I don’t know!
Jarod   Trust your inner sense Miss Parker. I do.
Now I’m going to find my…our brother.
Lyle   Have I ever told you how truly inspired this holy roly gag of yours has been?
Raines   What are you talking about?
Lyle   Come on, you’re about as born again as I am. But hey, after you botched things so badly last year, this religion thing saved your ass. There’s no shame in that. Of course, the way the Triumvirate’s been touting you lately, who needs divine intervention?
Raines   You’re making no sense.
Lyle   Oh, I am, as much as this communicade I intercepted from the Triumvirate does. You’ve gotten pretty tight with our bosses in Africa. 7677, Mirage, your power play. Ringing a bell?
Raines   Where did you get this?
Lyle   If you can find God, I can sure as hell find that.
Raines   What do you want?
Lyle   I want to run the Centre. With you. This 7677 bombing goes down, Mirage or is it Ethan, comes into the Centre just like you promised the Triumvirate and it all can happen because I decide not to tell Mr Parker that you stole his son, that you stole his prize project Mirage. Now, if I read that communicade correctly, it’s about time for you to activate Ethan and finish 7677. What do you say partner?
Raines   7677 is a go. This is your final call. After this, it’s up to you. Now, walk three blocks to the bus station, open locker number nine and you’ll find the final instructions for the bombing.
We couldn’t stop him now, even if we wanted to. Happy?
Mr Parker   Damn happy. You son of a-
Lyle   Hey, is that any way to talk to your new partner…whoops, I mean new boss.
Willie   We have a clean trace on the call. We’ll monitor Ethan until he finishes 7677 and then, we’ll bring him in.
Mr Parker   No screw ups.
Lyle   Lock him up in SL 25 with the rats.
Raines   We’ve had too many years, too much success for things to end this way.
Mr Parker   Who said it’s ending for me?
Zoe   You know you could have been a candle, I’m holding you so tight, you know you could have been a handle, the way you swept me off my feet, you know could have been a broom.
Excuse me. Hi. Anything I can do to help?
Mr Cox   As a matter of fact, there is.
Jarod   Hi.
Emily   Hi.
Jarod   How are you feeling?
Emily   Better.
Jarod   We have so much we have to catch up on. I’m going to find mom. We’re all going to be together like one big family.
Emily   And what about Ethan? Dad told me everything.
Jarod   He’s not crazy. Not like you thought he was. Our brother, he’s gifted, he’s special.
Emily   Don’t let them destroy Ethan, like they did our family.
Jarod   I won’t. I promise. Sweet dreams.
Miss Parker   Why the glum looks?
Broots   Well I recovered more of the forest house archives.
Miss Parker   And?
Sydney   Sit down Parker.
Raines   I can see the head Catherine.
Baby cries    
Raines   It’s a-
Catherine Parker   Boy.
Raines   You’re right. It is a boy.
Catherine Parker   Oh, hello Ethan. Hello. I’m your mother. I have such big plans for you.
Miss Parker   Why didn’t you want me to see this?
Sydney   There’s more, I’m afraid.
Catherine Parker   After my work was through, I wanted to raise you and your brother and sister like a real family but I’m not going to be able to do that little man. I just realized I’m not going to be able to see you grow up but you have a brother and sister that will find you and protect you. You tell them to finish my work, to finish my plan. I love you.
Broots   Um, I don’t think you need to see-
Miss Parker   No. I need to know.
Raines   I’m sorry, I’m just following orders.
Catherine Parker   You really had me convinced that you had changed, that you cared about this baby.
Raines   There’s no other way Catherine.
Miss Parker   Raines just executed her.
Raines   Have her cremated.
Nurse   Yes doctor.
Raines   I’m your mother now.
Miss Parker   Raines executed my mother. He won’t take my brother too.
Broots   Syd, talk to her!
Sydney   There’s nothing left to say.
Major Charles   You found Ethan’s computer?
Jarod   At the warehouse where he picked up the bomb components. I reconstructed the hard drive and was able to break down the bomb schematic but even better, I found out where the bombing is going down. 7677 is the number of a subway train.
Major Charles   DC underground.
Jarod   The subway’s not his target. It’s his delivery system. Train 7677’s route ends at Freedom Station. Directly above that is the National Hotel. The exact place where hundreds of foreign dignitaries are staying for a peace conference.
Major Charles   So much for peace.
Jarod   I broke down the password on a well hidden encryption file, Ethan’s programmed the bomb’s timer on this laptop too. The train is leaving in exactly one hour from now.
Major Charles   That’s just enough time to stop this and save Ethan.
Jarod   Come on.
Voice Mail   You have a video phone call.
Lyle   I’m sorry to call so late Jarod but I thought for sure you’d be interested in saving the life of a close friend.
Zoe   Ouch!
Jarod   Zoe!
Zoe   Jarod!
Jarod   Lyle, you let her go!
Lyle   See, that’s exactly what I want but Mr Cox actually wants to exploit the safety and well being of your girlfriend to his advantage.
Jarod   Alright. What you want?
Mr Cox   To propose a quid pro quo.
Zoe   Don’t Jarod! I don’t know why these people want you but they will kill you! I know that!
Mr Cox   If you want Zoe to live, you’ll surrender yourself to us tonight at Rosen’s farm, Highway 12, outside Blue Cove in exactly one hour.
Jarod   Lyle! Damn it! One hour from now, that’s exactly when Ethan will be on that subway train.
Raines   From the bottom of my heart Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   My first memory of you was in the Centre lobby. You were smoking a cigarette. I was six or seven and you knelt down, took a drag and blew smoke in my face and here you are, still blowin’ smoke.
Raines   For what it’s worth Miss Parker-
Miss Parker   I can never have my mother back but I can damn well save my brother. You tell me everything you know about 7677 and I consider letting you live another day. I’m the last chance saloon here Raines.
Raines   7677 is a Washington D.C. subway train departing from Beacon Station in a little over one hour from now.
Miss Parker   Then what?
Raines   When it pulls into Freedom Station, the subway and everything above it will blow up. It’s your brother who will plant the bomb and guide the subway. Our father who art in heaven-
Miss Parker   Not so fast. Before she died, my mother said something about her unfinished work, about her plan. What did she mean by that?
Raines   Then you never found it either?
Miss Parker   Found what?
Raines   Word has it your mother left a dsa explaining exactly what her plan was but it was the one piece of incriminating evidence I never found or destroyed. You find it, you find her plan.
Miss Parker   You gotta know something more about it.
Raines   It’s about what everything’s about Miss Parker. It’s about the Centre, all the lies. Just remember, what ever answers your mother may have left behind, there is still one person alive who does know the whole truth.
Miss Parker   Who?
Miss Parker   Daddy…
Mr Parker   Not right for my little girl to have blood like that on her hands.
Miss Parker   Was it the blood you were worried about? Or the truth?
Lyle   Jarod should be here in twenty minutes.
Mr Cox   Take your positions. Be ready.
Lyle   And you’re sure he’ll come?
Mr Cox   He’ll come.
Lyle   Zoe, we couldn’t have done this without you.
Zoe   Go to hell.
Lyle   All’s fair in love and war. You know, it’s too bad you’re not Asian. Maybe when all of this over, we can find a place for you in our renewal wing.
Zoe   Why can’t you just leave Jarod alone?
Mr Cox   Because he belongs to us.
Mr Cox   It’s not Jarod.
Lyle   Major Charles.
Phone rings    
Jarod   Dad.
Zoe   It’s me Zoe.
Jarod   Are you alright?
Zoe   Yeah, everything’s okay on this end Jarod though I am pretty damn curious about who Cox and Lyle are.
Jarod   I am so sorry that you got involved with this.
Zoe   Be careful Jarod.
Jarod   I will.
Jarod   Ethan.
Ethan   Stay away!
Jarod   I’m not going to hurt you.
Ethan   They say not to trust you.
Jarod   No they don’t, not all of them.
Ethan   I wish I didn’t have to hear them!
Jarod   It’s your inner sense Ethan, it’s what makes you special.
Ethan   Who are you?
Jarod   I’m your brother.
Ethan   She told me about you.
Jarod   She? Of course. One of the voices? She’s the one you must listen to Ethan.
Ethan   Who is she?
Jarod   Your mother. You never got to know her, they never allowed you to know her but she is your mother. She’s your guide Ethan. Listen to her voice, it’s your inner sense.
Ethan   Mr Raines is my guide.
Jarod   No. He took your gifts and he used them against you, he taught you to fear those voices instead of learning how to embrace them. He used you Ethan, he’s still using you. Don’t let him use your gift for destruction.
Ethan   I have to follow his word.
Jarod   If you do, then innocent people will die. That’s not you Ethan, that’s not who you are. Just listen to her voice Ethan. Focus on her voice.
Catherine Parker   Trust him son. Jarod is the one.
Jarod   Listen to her.
Ethan   Cree craw toad’s foot
Jarod/Ethan   Geese walk bare foot. Cree Craw toad’s foot-
Jarod   Geese walk bare-
Ethan   Brother?
Jarod   Yes. Cree craw toad’s foot, geese walk bare foot. You can break free of the hold he has over you just listen to her voice. You have a family now, a real family who’ll always be there. Now tell me, where is the bomb?
Ethan   You can’t stop the train, the bomb can’t be diffused.
Jarod   I was on three bomb squads and two army demolition units, I can diffuse it.
Ethan   No, the bomb’s on the under carriage, there’s no stopping it or the train.
Jarod   We’re going to have to send the train somewhere else. Where’s Freedom Station?
Ethan   It’s on the track veering right.
Jarod   Where’s the track veering left go?
Ethan   It’s to an abandoned maintenance yard they closed eight years ago.
Jarod   Hang on.
Ethan   Look, it’s no use, I programmed it to automatically take the track to the right.
Jarod   Did I tell you I was a rocket scientist too?
Ethan   Three thousand yards. Twenty nine hundred.
Jarod   Come on.
Ethan   Twenty eight hundred! Do it!
Jarod   Got it.
Ethan   The train has an auto brake that engages in forty seconds. The bomb goes off twenty seconds after-
Jarod   Come on, come on, get out here, come on.
Miss Parker   Tickets please!
Jarod   Miss Parker, listen to me. There is a bomb on board-
Miss Parker   I know!
Jarod   We have less than sixty seconds.
Miss Parker   Then diffuse it!
Jarod   I can’t! It’s underneath the train.
Miss Parker   Then stop the train!
Jarod   It’s too late! If we’re lucky, this train will slow down enough for us to jump off but I can’t stop the explosion. This is your brother Miss Parker, our brother. It could be a beginning, don’t make it an end.
Ethan   You sound just like her.
Jarod   It’s your mother’s voice he can hear Miss Parker, maybe you can hear it too. Trust that voice. Miss Parker.
The auto brake has engaged. We have less than twenty seconds.
Ethan   Oohhh!
Miss Parker   What’s the matter with him?
Jarod   Side effects of Raines’ work. Now what’s it gonna be Miss Parker? Help me save him. Help me save our family. It’s your choice.
Miss Parker   Put your arm around me.
Jarod   Go.
Miss Parker   Now what?
Jarod   We jump. Now!

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