3-10 Mr. Lee

3-10 Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee

Ironic place to find Jarod. A genius at an facility for the mentally challenged.


Mr. Lee

Ironic place to find Jarod. A genius at an facility for the mentally challenged.


Original air date: February 6, 1999

Written by: Mark M. Dodson

Directed by: Steven Long Mitchell

A mysterious Asian man claims he can find the Pretender by interviewing people Jarod helped in the past and by concentrating on Jarod’s desire for justice.

Jarod’s Discoveries:

Jarod’s Occupations: Doctor

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

A mysterious Asian man anticipates Jarod’s next move by interviewing those who had emotional connections to him on past “pretends.”


Miss Parker, Mr. Lyle and Sam sneak cautiously around Jarod’s lair, a kind of high-tech greenhouse.  Willie bursts into the structure and tackles a fleeing figure.  That person turns out to be Franscis, a bizarre character who spells his name with an extra “s.”  Franscis explains that someone else—a mysterious Asian man named Mr. Lee—had also been asking questions about Jarod.  Meanwhile, inside a Chinatown warehouse, the blind Mr. Lee confers with someone by telephone.  As his assistant, Anna, listens, Lee states that he has absorbed all known files on Jarod, and must now interview seven people who had contact with him.  Once this is completed, Lee guarantees he will be able find the elusive Pretender.

Lee’s first interview is with Rachel, the blind girl from the episode Bomb Squad.  Rachel recounts how Jarod assisted her after she lost her eyesight in a terrorist bombing.  Anna records the word “victimized” into her laptop.  Rachel warns Lee that he will never catch Jarod, as he is too smart.  However, Lee believes that Jarod’s determination to aid others and his quest for justice will ultimately lead to his downfall.

Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Parker, Lyle, Broots and Sydney attempt to determine the identity of the mysterious Mr. Lee.  Broots determines that Lee is headquartered in Chinatown, and not only does Lee find people, he also helps them disappear… into little pieces.

Lee’s next interview is with Dr. Fein (from the episode Back From the Dead Again), who is serving time in prison.  Fein recounts how Jarod attempted to bury him alive.  After the clip ends, Anna records the words “emotional justice” into her laptop.

The next interview conducted by Lee is with Susan Granger, who reunites families (from the episode Protect and Serve).  She describes Jarod as one of the most compassionate men she has ever met.  This prompts Anna to type the word “compassion” into her laptop.  Granger recounts how a group of mysterious people destroyed information that could have led Jarod to his mother.  Despite this, the experience inspired Jarod to help others who had a similar loss, as he has reunited nine children with their families.  Anna types the words “missing children” into her laptop.

Parker and the others surround Lee’s warehouse. Lyle attempts to take command of the operation, but his bumbling alerts Anna.  By the time the group storms the warehouse, Lee and Anna have vanished.  The group discovers a piece of paper containing Braille.  Sydney reads the paper…and realizes that Lee has been interviewing those involved with Jarod.  The group realizes that someone from the Centre is collaborating with Lee.  One of the names on the list is Bernie Baxley, the Elvis impersonator from the Curious Jarod episode.  Baxley recounts what he told Mr. Lee and Anna.  He is forever grateful to Jarod for helping him face his fears.

Broots tells Miss Parker that a call from Lee’s warehouse was traced to the Centre.  The call ended up being routed to her father’s office.  Miss Parker is stunned.

Anna knocks Lyle unconscious and transports him to an abandoned space.  Lyle reluctantly cooperates with Lee, describing how he once attempted to kill Jarod (in the episode Back From the Dead Again).  He also describes kidnapping him (clips from the episode Red Rock Jarod) and killing his brother.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker and Sydney interview another person on Lee’s list, the teenage boy, J.R., from Red Rock Jarod.  He recounts how Jarod saved his life by donating his brother’s heart for a transplant operation.

Broots determines that the call to Mr. Parker’s office was actually routed to a newly installed line…one belonging to Brigitte.  He also is aware that Brigitte recently left the building in Lee’s limousine.

Lee tells Brigitte that by interviewing people whose lives Jarod touched, he was able to pinpoint his exact location.  The limousine heads for a facility that houses the mentally challenged.  Meanwhile, Broots triangulates the signal on Brigitte’s cell phone, determining her location.  He, Sydney and Miss Parker use a Centre helicopter to fly to the institute.

Lee tells Brigitte that Jarod discovered that several of the residents at the institute were intentionally misdiagnosed as part of an insurance scam.  As a result, Jarod is out to liberate them.  Before Lee and Brigitte reach Jarod, the Centre helicopter lands on the institute’s grounds.  Everyone heads towards the building.  But before they reach their destination, Jarod spots them from his office window.  By the time Lee, Miss Parker and other others break down the door, Jarod has fled the scene.  Miss Parker finds a Centre memo on Jarod’s desk.  She realizes that Jarod was well aware of Brigitte’s collaboration with Lee.  Mr. Lee suddenly realizes that Anna was working with Jarod all along.

Jarod and Anna climb into the Centre helicopter and take off.  It soon becomes apparent that Jarod was helping Anna’s nephew, who was one of the mentally challenged patients the institute was exploiting.

3-01 Crazy

Mr. Lee Transcript



Miss Parker   Apparently Jarod’s been working at this university doing some type of genetic engineering with plants.
Lyle   You think he’s in here?
Miss Parker   Lights are on, somebody’s home. Willie, go get him.
Willie   My pleasure. Jarod! Freeze!
Miss Parker   Time to come home genius.
Francis   I… I’m … I’m not him!
Lyle   You’re not who?
Francis   Whoever you’re looking for.
Miss Parker   Well then, who the hell are you?
Francis   I…I….I’m the guy who waters the plants. Name’s Francis.
Lyle   Well Francis, do you know this man?
Francis   Jarod, yeah, he’s the uh…. scientist who used to work here.
Miss Parker   Used to.
Francis   Yeah. Like I told the other guy that was looking for him… he’s gone.
Miss Parker   Someone else is looking for Jarod?
Francis   Yeah, the blind guy, kind of Chinese-looking. Said his name was Mr…uh….Lee.
Mr Lee   I have absorbed all the files on Jarod. Yes, everything you gave me from his childhood to the present. No, he’s quite an interesting man. There are seven people I need to speak with. You get me those seven people, and I will deliver Jarod.
Rachel   For those who can see, we must really be a sight.
Mr Lee   Why is that?
Rachel   You know, the blind leading the blind.
Mr Lee   Please, no more blind jokes, Miss Newton.
Rachel   No, you can call me Rachel.
Mr Lee   Ah, Rachel. And I am Mr Lee.
Rachel   Uh, who-who’s typing?
Mr Lee   Ah, her name is Anna, for short, my knew associate.
Rachel   How exactly can I help you?
Mr Lee   I believe you once knew a man named Jarod.
Rachel   Hmm…Jarod helped me after I lost my sight in a terrorist bombing. He’s helped lots of people who have been victimised. He taught me to see again, so to speak. Why do you want to know about Jarod?
Mr Lee   I have reason to believe that he is in trouble. I need you to help him.
Rachel   How can I help?
Mr Lee   I’m sure you realise that the loss of vision often nurtures deeper insight.
Rachel   And you feel I’ve developed this insight?
Mr Lee   But of course. That is why I brought you here. Please tell me how Jarod helped you and affected your life.
Rachel   I met Jarod while I was still in therapy not long after the bombing. I was drawn to him right from the start. It was like he felt my pain, my fears.
Rachel   Six, seven, eight, nine, ten . . .
Jarod   You can stop counting you’re here.
Rachel   You must have stepped into the room. It’s eleven steps to the door.
Jarod   I did. Very good. It’s a beautiful day. Why don’t we go outside?
Rachel   Oh no. I think I’d rather stay here.
Jarod   Rachel. You have to go outside sometime.
Rachel   I was supposed to work in my studio but it was such a nice day I decided to go out onto the roof top of city hall. That’s what happened the last time I went outside.
Jarod   You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is not your fault. You can’t stop living your life because of it.
Rachel   You know, when I had my eyes behind the camera I could see things no one else could see. I can remember details of nearly every picture I ever took. It’s ironic. They tell me that he was there that day. I must have seen the man who did this to me as he was setting his bomb. But as hard as I try I can’t remember.
Mr Lee   So, are you saying that Jarod connected with you emotionally?
Rachel   Oh it’s more than that. It was almost like he became me. He seemed to know me, understand me more than I knew myself. The way he enabled me to face my life again was magical. Like an artist painting a picture only Jarod was the painter and I was the canvas.
Rachel   Is this some kind of new therapy?
Jarod   Call it a simulation. I’m going to create an environment with all the stimuli you need to re-create an event. And for you to become someone.
Rachel   Who do you want me to become?
Jarod   Yourself.
Rachel   Oh my camera. I haven’t touched this since the… well since the day at City Hall.
Jarod   Now I want you to develop that roll of film, the pictures you took that day.
Rachel   Oh, there’s no film in it.
Jarod   I know. I want you to develop the pictures in your mind.
Rachel   Um, I’m on the roof top at city hall. The natural light is at its perfect angle. The building is closed. It’s Sunday and I’m getting last minute shots for my gallery opening.
Jarod   Are you alone?
Rachel   I think. I, oh, don’t see anyone. I don’t see anyone but oh… don’t see anyone but I feel the tingle on the back of my neck.
Jarod   Go on.
Rachel   I don’t see anyone but I hear something.
Jarod   What do you hear?
Rachel   Footsteps walking quickly away. It’s right before it happened.
Jarod   Rachel, do you see the bomb?
Rachel   It’s only an instance before the flash.
Jarod   Do you see him?
Rachel   No. But I smell something. I smell…
Jarod   You smell him.
Rachel   It must be?….It’s cologne.
Jarod   Thank you.
Rachel   Because of what he found in my mind Jarod was able to catch the bomber and help me find the courage to believe in myself again.
Mr Lee   That’s very interesting. Oh Anna. Thank you for everything. My assistant, Anna will take you home now.
Rachel   You know, you were right about insight Mr Lee. You don’t want to help Jarod, you want to catch him. But you won’t succeed. He’s too smart, even for you.
Miss Parker   Who the hell is Mr Lee?
Broots   What does a blind Chinese man want with Jarod anyway?
Lyle   The same thing anyone else would. An advantage.
Sydney   Jarod’s a very valuable commodity. The question is who wants to trade in him.
Miss Parker   None of this makes any sense. Broots go back to Jarod’s last lair check the neighbourhood the airport, the train station, anywhere someone could have seen this Mr Lee.
Mr Parker   I’m also interested in finding our sightless friend. Keep Bridget up to speed on any new development. She’s my liaison on this
Miss Parker   Since when do I need a liaison to my own father?
Bridget   Since you’re not the only ones after Jarod. But don’t worry Angel, it shouldn’t be that hard to catch a blind man. All you have to do is open your eyes.
Fein   What’s going on?
Guard   Some people want to talk to you.
Fein   So what’s this, free egg roll night on the Ginsu?
Mr Lee   Ginsu, that’s Japanese. A man of such erudition, a scholar, a physician. Hmm! This imprisonment must have re-acquainted you with the low common man. Perhaps that’s his idea. Dr Fein, you may address me as Mr Lee.
Fein   Well, Mr Lee, I don’t know what this is about but I…
Mr Lee   This is about an acquaintance of yours whom I am searching for. His name is Jarod.
Fein   You’ve got to be kidding. For eighteen months I’ve been trying to tell people about Jarod but there’s no trace of him. It’s like he never existed.
Mr Lee   You seem frustrated.
Fein   Frustrated? That psycho is the reason I am spending the rest of my life in an eight by eight cell.  Sue me if I’m frustrated.
Mr Lee   Dr Fein, you did bury an innocent man alive.
Fein   You got a point?
Mr Lee   Yes. Jarod in his unique way merely exposed you to the rest of the world. What is one man’s justice is another man’s revenge.
Fein   Well a lot of good that’s going to do me now.
Mr Lee   Dr Fein would you like to see Jarod in an environment worse than this?
Fein   Can you do that?
Mr Lee   If you tell me what he did to you?
Fein   What he did? He tried to kill me. He tried to bury me alive.
Jarod   Trick or treat?
Fein   You scared the hell out of me.
Jarod   Well it is after all what this holiday is all about, isn’t it? Oh you’re too late. He’s gone.
Fein   Who’s gone?
Jarod   Enrique. The young man you killed.
Fein   What kind of sick prank are you trying to play?
Jarod   Oh, this isn’t a prank. It’s a life lesson. You know, in some cultures they believe that the spirit of a man killed in anger returns to exact revenge upon its perpetrator. Spooky huh?
Fein   I’m getting out of here.
Jarod   Oh no, you can’t leave Dr Fein. This is the Day of the Dead. And you sir are the special guest.
Fein   Let me out of here Jarod. This isn’t funny.
Jarod   Oh I know. It would be awful to be buried alive especially with that on your shoe.
Fein   Owww. Jarod.
Jarod   Shh shh shh shh shh. There’s no reason to wake the dead. You’re going to be joining them soon enough.
Fein   Jarod please.
Jarod   Did Enrique discover that you had killed one of the research subjects that he had recruited for you?
Fein   You’re crazy.
Jarod   Uh uh uhh. That’s not a very nice thing to say to a man with a shovel, is it?
Fein   Let me out. Let me out of here, Jarod, please.
Jarod   You took an innocent, homeless man and you turned him into your guinea pig. Someone to test your heart drug on. Someone that you didn’t think would be missed if it didn’t work. Well it didn’t work, did it? And someone did miss him. Enrique. So you buried him alive to save your research. Didn’t you? Didn’t you? Didn’t you? Didn’t you?
Fein   Yes! Yes! Now, let me out of here.
Jarod   Screaming isn’t going to help you conserve your oxygen. And believe me you’re going to need all you can get.
Fein   No. No. NO! Jarod.
Jarod   Happy Halloween.
Fein   Jarod. Jarod. Jarooooodddd!!!
Mr Lee   I can imagine. Perhaps that is his way of dispensing emotional justice.
Fein   How’s any of this going to help you find him?
Mr Lee   Oh you helped me a great deal already. You told me who he is and what he is. And, oh yes, I’ll catch him.
Mr Lee   Mr Lee here. After interviewing the first few subjects I’m finding Jarod even more challenging than initially anticipated.
Kenny   Oh Jarod I’ll never be able to do this.
Jarod   Sure you can. We’ll keep on practising.
Mr Lee   His desire to help other people and his determination for justice are unyielding. Huh! But they will also prove to be his downfall. Hmm.
Susan   Thank you.
Mr Lee   You’re welcome.
Susan   In many ways Jarod is the most compassionate man I’ve met. It’s almost as if it’s his natural state of being.
Mr Lee   How is that Miss Grainger?
Susan   He has a way of connecting with others, to their souls, in a way that I’ve never seen in any other person. It’s ironic really.
Mr Lee   Ironic?
Susan   He can be so there for other people and yet inside he’s so alone. I’ll never forget the day he walked into my office.
Susan   Mr Morgan we may have a sighting on your daughter. If all goes well you should have your arms around Catherine by tomorrow night. Thankyou. God bless you too. How can I help you?
Jarod   I don’t know who I am.
Susan   As I looked in his eyes I could feel his pain, his sadness.
Jarod   So Jarod came to you for help?
Susan   Yes that’s what I do. Re-unite families find missing children. I help people find their pasts so that they can have their futures.
Mr Lee   I see.
Susan   I thought I had seen it all until I heard Jarod’s story.
Jarod   I’m looking for my parents.
Susan   Are they still alive?
Jarod   I don’t know. I was never told the truth.
Susan   Why not use the police database to initiate a search?
Jarod   I can’t. Look, this is probably going to be hard to understand but I don’t have much time.  Seventy-two hours.
Susan   Without a name…
Jarod   I have a picture. It’s my mother, at least that’s what I was told.
Susan   I’ll see what I can do.
Jarod   Thank you.
Mr Lee   So you were able to give Jarod the identity of his mother?
Susan   No. These people came and took the information. They destroyed it before Jarod even had a chance to see it.
Mr Lee   That must have decimated his soul?
Susan   Actually it seemed to inspire him to help other people who experienced a similar loss.
Mr Lee   Really?
Susan   Over the last three years he’s helped me locate and re-unite nine children with their families.  And each time he’s refuses to take any credit or recognition for what he’s done.
Mr Lee   A very resilient soul.
Susan   Like I said, Jarod’s the most compassionate human being I’ve ever met.
Broots   You were right. It wasn’t hard to track Mr Lee. I mean most people talk to have never seen an old blind Chinese guy well at least not since Kung Fu.
Miss Parker   Well done, Grasshopper.
Broots   I found out Mr Lee’s a pretty infamous guy in Hong Kong. Not only does he find people he makes them disappear… in little pieces.
Miss Parker   We play our cards right we’ll bring him in in one piece. Let’s move.
Lyle   Get in position.
Willie   Yes sir, Mr Lyle.
Mr Lee   It’s more difficult than I thought. I’m learning that Jarod is very complex, very Yin and Yang. Dangerous and yet in control. Full of great pain but a source of healing to others. He’s capable of bringing justice against the powerful and yet showing mercy to the weak. He helps the lost to find themselves and is unable to discover his own true nature. Ironic isn’t it? Anna I think we have visitors.
Miss Parker   We need to move.
Lyle   Patience Parker. The sweepers aren’t even in position yet.
Miss Parker   Lee has no idea we’re out here. You start stumbling around you’re going to blow it all.
Lyle   I know exactly what I’m doing. We’re going to go in and bring out the blind man.  Let me show you how this is done.
Miss Parker   You idiot. We’ve been made. Get in.
Broots   Miss Parker that’s a wall.
Miss Parker   Yes. And this is a rental.
Broots   Oh! Oh!
Miss Parker   Damn. He was right here. So this is how it’s done?
Lyle   Outside! He couldn’t have got far.
Broots   Wow, Mr Lee is like a Shaolin priest.
Miss Parker   What are you talking about?
Broots   Well you know, look, for he cannot be seen, felt for he cannot be touched…
Miss Parker   Oh get a life Kato.
Lyle   What’s this? Braille. Great.
Sydney   In case you’ve forgotten.
Miss Parker   What is it Syd?
Sydney   Names. Of people involved with Jarod.
Miss Parker   Why?
Sydney   He’s been interviewing them.
Broots   How would Mr Lee know about them in the first place?
Lyle   Someone at the Centre.
Miss Parker   Broots I want you to trace all phone calls coming into and out of this warehouse. Let’s find out who Mr Lee is working for and why.
Broots   Okay.
Lyle   Sydney, who do you think they are?
Sydney   Whoever they are, these must be some very special people.
Lyle   Love the shoes.
Bernie   Thank you very much.
Lyle   Do you always wear that get up?
Bernie   Well I can see you don’t fully appreciate the incredible burden of my responsibility.
Sydney   You’ll have to excuse Mr Lyle.  He’s not a fan.
Miss Parker   But I am Bernie and I do appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us.
Bernie   Well, I always got time to spend with a pretty lady.
Miss Parker   Tell us, what did Mr Lee want to know about Jarod?
Bernie   How I felt about him, minute by minute, from the very instant we met.
Bernie   So don’t you little ladies forget. Come see my show tonight. There’s no cover, there’s no minimum and there’s free hot hors d’oeuvres. I’ll see you all later. Bye bye. Thank you very much. Huh! Hey there teddy bear! You come to rub elbows with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll?
Jarod   No, I’m trying to understand this. You dress up in a rented costume and you pretend to be a dead singer?
Bernie   Singer? Son, do you have any idea who I am?
Jarod   Well actually I would have….
Bernie   You are looking at a national monument. Mount Rushmore in Blue Suede Shoes. There’s not a human being on God’s green earth that has ever demanded attention and respect than the man you are looking at this very moment.
Ivy   Hey Bernie, some guy at the craps table says he’ll give you five dollars to come and goose his wife.
Bernie   I’ll be right there. Well my fans beckon. I must go. Thank you very much!
Bernie   To tell you the truth I read Jarod all wrong at first.
Sydney   How so?
Bernie   Well just like I told Mr Lee. Turned out that he was the only person who really cared about what I was going through.
Jarod   Hey!
Bernie   Well, welcome to Heartbreak Hotel.
Jarod   What are you doing here? You should be on stage.
Bernie   Oh no. There’s no more stage for the King. The Casino fired me.
Jarod   Did it have something to do with that bird thing?
Bernie   Bird thing?
Jarod   The goose?
Bernie   No, they said they’d had complaints about the show. So I’ve put on a twenty or thirty pounds. You think it is easy being the idol of millions?
Jarod   I would guess no?
Bernie   You’re damn right it isn’t. I sacrificed everything. I did it ‘cause I loved it. It’s what the people wanted. I just wish some of those casino big wigs could spend one hour wearing the cape, just one hour. I tell you what they’d walk away singing a different tune. I’d guaran–damn–tee you!
Jarod   Couldn’t you get a job at another casino?
Bernie   No. No, no, buddy boy. After twenty-four years of making people smile, singing the songs, spreading the good vibrations, I’m afraid it’s the end of the line for the King. We had one hell of a ride though, didn’t we?
Jarod   I bet you did.
Bernie   Um, look, I’m sorry I’m spilling my guts and I don’t even know your name.
Jarod   Jarod Felson.
Bernie   Bernie Baxley.
Jarod   Well it’s nice to meet you Bernie Baxley.
Bernie   I’m scared.
Jarod   Of what?
Bernie   Him.
Bernie   Jarod helped me to face my fears, to find me again. I ah, got admit he kinda rubbed off on me a little bit. But I tell you, I think I rubbed off on him a little bit too.
Jarod   Well thank you very much.
Bernie   After that I left Vegas. Never looked backed. Now, thanks to Jarod I’ve got my own place in Bransom, where the King’s legacy is kept alive three hundred and sixty-three days a year. Only closed for New Year’s and of course the King’s birthday. Threw out my hip dancing about a year ago. But Jarod taught me that you got to keep on adapting you know, keep looking for better ways to move and groove forward. So I broadened my repertoire. I thought I’d treat you folks to, well, just a taste of my new act. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Tiny King! Huh? Hey TK, well do you want to say something to the pretty little lady? You look better than a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. Well thank you very much.
Miss Parker   Sam, get him out of here before I step on his blue suede face.
Sam   Yes, Miss Parker. Excuse me King?
Bernie   Yeah?
Sam   It’s time to leave the building.
Bernie   Ah! Gotta TCB.
Lyle   You did say that these people must be…. special.
Miss Parker   What the hell is going on Sydney?
Sydney   Lee has been interviewing everyone of those people about their emotional connection to Jarod in order to anticipate his next move.
Broots   Miss Parker. Uh….uh.
Miss Parker   What is it?
Broots   I traced the last call from Mr Lee’s warehouse to the Centre and you won’t believe where it ended up.
Miss Parker   Spit it out Broots.
Broots   It went to your father’s office.
Mr Lee   Mnnn Uh-huh. Yes. the next subject may be reluctant to cooperate.
Anna   Let me bring him in.
Mr Lee   Huh! Violence was not on your resume.
Anna   Hmmn. I’ll have to write a new one.
Mr Lee   Mnnnn.
Lyle   Trouble?
Anna   Oh yeah the battery’s busted or something.
lv   Oh. Well maybe I can help?
Anna   Really? You don’t mind?
Lyle   Umm…I’m not much of a mechanic, but I am pretty good with my hands. Uhhhh.
Lyle   Ah Mr Lee.
Mr Lee   I believe you have met my assistant Anna?
Lyle   Met her? She kidnapped me.
Mr Lee   Oh really? Please sit down.
Lyle   I don’t feel like sitting down.
Mr Lee   Oh. Excuse my urgency, but it is important that I know about your… relationship with Jarod.
Lyle   Really? Well I’d like to know about your relationship with Jarod.
Mr Lee   Mr Lyle, in life it is primary that one knows his position. And you sir, are not in position to ask questions.
Lyle   Look, I don’t know what you’re up to but I think it’s time someone taught you some manners.
Mr Lee   Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hurt you? It is not only with sight that one sees.  Let me help you. Once again Mr Lyle, go sit down and tell me your story. Hmmm?
Lyle   What do you want to know?
Mr Lee   I want to know what motivates Jarod. Why he risks himself to help others.  Why he runs….  but does not vanish.
Lyle   Well, why do you think I can help you?
Mr Lee   Coochie, coochie, coochie coochie. Because you have a very unique relationship with Jarod. You did try to kill, did you not?
Lyle   All in the interest of science.
Raines   Clear. Clear.
Lyle   It really wasn’t my idea anyway.
Mr Lee   I believe you also kidnapped Jarod? Huh?
Lyle   Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Mr Lee   Desperate times call for desperate measures, Anna. So you weren’t content just to kidnap Jarod were you? You also had to shoot his brother and kill him.
Lyle   That was an accident. Pure and simple.
Lyle   This is beautiful. Just one big happy family, isn’t it?
Jarod   It’s the end of the line, Lyle. There’s no place left for you to run.
Lyle   I’m disappointed in you Jarod. You know me better than that. Drop the cannon kid.
Miss Parker   Shoot him you moron.
Lyle   Shut up. Stay back or I put a very large hole in big brother.
Jarod   Kyle.
Kyle   Threats and pain that’s all you’ve ever offered us. You stole our lives and you killed our spirit and now you think you can threaten us with death. It doesn’t matter Lyle because we never made a difference anyway.
Lyle   I’ll kill him, I swear I will
Kyle   And then I’ll kill you.
Jarod   Don’t do this little brother.
Mr Lee   There’s another part that drives Jarod that I..I don’t understand.
Lyle   And that is…?
Mr Lee   Why after all you’ve done to him…. he has not killed you. After all, he is more resourceful and intelligent than you are.
Lyle   Maybe he just likes me?
Mr Lee   Not. Shall we start from the beginning, all over again, huh?
Miss Parker   Where the hell is Lyle?
Sydney   I don’t know. But he seemed genuinely disturbed over the revelation that Mr Lee is in contact with your father’s office.
Miss Parker   Well we’re not waiting any longer. Let’s go ahead and talk to this guy.
Sydney   Hmmmn.
Miss Parker   Hi.
JR   Hi.
Sydney   Hi JR. My name is Sydney and this is Miss Parker.
JR   Miss Parker? You sure look familiar.
Miss Parker   I have one of those faces. Listen JR it’s very important that you tell us exactly what Mr Lee wanted to know about Jarod.
JR   Is Jarod in some kind of trouble?
Sydney   He might be.
JR   I’ll do anything to help him. He saved my life twice. Once before I ever met him.
Deputy Miller   JR? JR? Honey? Sweetie? Can you hear me? JR? Wake up.
Jarod   He’s in shock. He’s still breathing.
Deputy Miller   He’s hypoglycemic.
Jarod   When was the last time he ate?
Deputy Miller   Um? He had cereal for breakfast, three, four hours ago. JR? Come on honey. What do you think you’re doing?
Jarod   I need to stabilise his blood sugar. Stick this in your mouth I want you to let it dissolve okay? Good boy.
JR   Mom?
Deputy Miller   Oh. Oh… It’s okay honey. Everything’s gonna be okay.
JR   Mr Lee seemed to be very interested in the fact that Jarod knew that I was sick.
Sydney   Your heart.
JR   I needed a transplant. My mom had pretty much given up hope that I would get one in time.  Until Jarod came into our lives.
Jarod   How is he feeling?
Deputy Miller   Better.
Jarod   He has a heart condition. I noticed the bluish tint to his fingers and lips. I’d say by the look of it, you have a very sick boy.
Deputy Miller   Are you a doctor?
Jarod   Not at the moment. Why hasn’t he had a heart transplant?
Deputy Miller   Because he’s on a waiting list. Because he has AB- blood which is very rare.  It only happens in certain families.
Jarod   One in three hundred thousand. I know. I have it too.
Miss Parker   You said Jarod saved your life twice.
JR   He found me a heart.
Jarod   Stay with me little brother. I’m going to get you to a hospital.
Kyle   It’s too late, Jarod.
Jarod   Don’t you say that. Look at me! Come on. Just…Just think.. think about of all the good times we’re going to have together.
Kyle   I’m sorry Jarod.
Jarod   For what?
Kyle   F-For everything.
Jarod   No.
Miss Parker   Jarod gave you his brother’s heart.
JR   Yeah, and ever since the transplant he calls. Not just to check up on me, to see how I’m really doing.
Sydney   Mmm.
JR   Jarod’s like the older brother that I never had. Mr Lee seemed to think that was real important.
Sydney   Thank you JR. Sam will take you home.
Sam   Come on Tin Man.
Sydney   Mr Lee’s really narrowing it down. Compassion, empathy, desire for justice. All the things that make Jarod Jarod.
Miss Parker   Do you think he will be able to anticipate Jarod’s next move? To actually catch him?
Sydney   Unless we get there first.
Broots   Miss Parker. Miss Parker. About that phone call from Lee to your father’s office.
Miss Parker   What about it?
Broots   Well it wasn’t actually Mr Parker.
Miss Parker   Well did it go to his office or didn’t it?
Broots   Yes, I mean, technically yes.
Sydney   Technically?
Broots   Well, there was a second phone line recently installed in your father’s suite. It seems now that he’s sharing his office with someone else. And I traced that call from Mr Lee to that new line.
Miss Parker   And just whose new line might that be as if I didn’t know?
Broots   Bridget.
Miss Parker   Well, why did I even ask?
Broots   Well she’s not there. I just intercepted another call between her and Mr Lee. She’s left in a limo. Mr Lee’s Limo. They’re going to get Jarod.
Bridget   So tell me how you found him.
Mr Lee   Simple. By interviewing people whose lives Jarod has touched I’ve been able to understand how he thinks and more importantly, how he feels.
Anna   We were able to break the code, the pattern of his behaviour.
Mr Lee   Jarod has a need to defend those that have been abused by power. Because of this need he is drawn to predictable situations.
Bridget   Such as?
Mr Lee   Those that are related to the trauma of a childhood and the guilt he feels over the abuse of his work. Anna has extensively researched potential scenarios that would attract him.
Anna   We successfully isolated the one that will lead us to him.
Bridget   It’s a shame that my future step children won’t be there to share the moment.
Mr Lee   You’re deliciously naughty.
Bridget   Why thank you Mr Lee.
Miss Parker   A blind Chinese guy, a bimbo and a limousine. How hard could that be to find. Two and a half years we’ve been chasing him and that bitch is going to bring him in.
Sydney   Lyle, are you alright? You look terrible.
Lyle   You oughta see the other guy.
Miss Parker   Bad hair day?
Lyle   I was abducted by… several of Lee’s men. They obviously got the best of me but I put a whole lot of hurting on them in the process. Lee questioned me for hours but he finally gave up. He had his enforcers drop me off in the middle of nowhere.
Miss Parker   Oh, well you can thank Bridget for your quality time with Lee.
Lyle   Bridget?
Sydney   He’s working for her.
Miss Parker   Yeah, she’s going to bring Jarod in.
Broots   Oh. Not if we get there first. I’ve triangulated the signal from Bridget’s cell phone and it should lead us right to Bridget and Mr Lee.
Miss Parker   And that should lead us right to Jarod.
Comp Voice Abner   Thank you Jarod.
Comp Voice Jarod   You’re welcome.
Grandfather   Abner gets to come home where he should have been the whole time.
Grandmother   How can we ever repay you for all you have done for us?
Jarod   This is repayment enough. Good luck Abner.
Bridget   Ironic place to find Jarod. A genius at an facility for the mentally challenged.
Mr Lee   Jarod has discovered that many of the residents have been intentionally misdiagnosed. The director keeps them here in order to defraud the insurance and their parents.
Anna   They’re trapped, prisoners in an institution that denies them their freedom.
Bridget   And Jarod is here to liberate them. How noble.
Mr Lee   Wait.
Bridget   No. No no no no no. I don’t believe this. What the hell are you doing here?
Miss Parker   Good to see you too. Where is here?
Bridget   I’m supposed to bring him in.
Miss Parker   Like hell you are.
Lyle   Nobody’s cutting me out of this, least of all you.
Mr Lee   Stop your arguing. We must get to Jarod now.
Lyle   He’s gone.
Miss Parker   You have a gift for the obvious.
Bridget   He knew we were coming.
Miss Parker   He’s known all along, intercepted your memo.
Mr Lee   What memo?
Miss Parker   From Bridget to Daddy requesting the unique services of Mr Lee to catch Jarod.
Bridget   He couldn’t have done this alone.
Miss Parker   You blew it, Angel.
Mr Lee   Someone informed him of our presence. Anna.
Jarod   Thank you for all of your help.
Anna   After all the people you helped it was about time that someone helped you.
Jarod   What you did took a lot of courage. You bought me the time I needed.
Anna   And I’d do it all again in a heart beat. What you did for my family and my nephew. I’m the one who should be thanking you.
Jarod   I hope some day we’ll meet again.
Anna   I hope so too.

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