2.15 Bulletproof

2.15 Bulletproof


Oh, and Broots? I can’t wait to hear about that dream of yours.

Miss Parker


Oh, and Broots? I can’t wait to hear about that dream of yours.

Miss Parker

Original air date: March 28, 1998

Written by: Mark M. Dodson

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod joins a SWAT team after one of its members is killed in the line of duty, and Sydney is stunned to find out that a woman who used to work at the Centre is the mother of his child.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Chia Pets, Police Shooting Targets

Jarod’s Occupations: Swat Team Officer

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take


Official Synopsis

Jarod impersonates a SWAT team member when a father of two is killed by a gunman.  Sydney discovers he has a son.


Jarod watches a DSA which opens on a white duck in a glass cage.  Behind the duck are three white ducklings, and then a mallard duckling.  During the experiment, a young Jarod observes that the white duck will not accept the mallard as part of her family.  He concludes that the family bond is a primal impulse that cannot be broken.

In the present day, Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney burst into Jarod’s old lair.  There, they discover a cache of guns, as well as cardboard cut-out targets of themselves.  The threesome conclude that Jarod is preparing to wage some sort of war.  Sydney discovers an envelope stapled to his cut-out.  Inside is a piece of paper that leaves him visibly shaken.

Meanwhile, Jarod, now the member of a SWAT team, participates in the rescue of a mother and her 12-year-old daughter.  Later, he and his fellow team members, Sergeant Glen Stephens, Officer Tom Mooney, and Officer Megan Cooke, relax at a barbecue with their families.  Jarod tells the others it will be difficult filling the shoes of Lieutenant Dan Lange, who was killed in the line of duty, ambushed by a unknown assailant.  Lange left behind two young boys, who struggle to cope with their father’s death.

Sydney asks Broots for his help in locating a woman named Michelle Luca.  He does not elaborate on who the woman is, and asks Broots for his confidence in keeping the matter a secret.  But Miss Parker overhears the conversation and instructs Broots to report any information about his findings to her.  Later, Broots discovers that Michelle was a Centre employee who had worked closely with Sydney on the Pretender project.  He also learns that the piece of paper Sydney discovered in the envelope is a birth certificate, naming Michelle as the mother.  Though no father is listed, Broots and Parker conclude it is Sydney.

Jarod comes to suspect foul play was involved in the killing of Lieutenant Lange.  He accompanies Mooney to a roller rink where Lange was ambushed.  Mooney explains that the SWAT team was dispatched to the rink to flush out a fleeing bank robber.  As Stephens and Cooke provided backup, Lange advanced.  Mooney was struck down by a fragment of debris as Stephens and Cooke opened fire on the shooter.  But Lange was shot and killed when the robber opened fire with armor-piercing bullets.  It was Mooney who gave police a description of the robber—a white male with goatee and baseball cap.

Jarod listens to a recording of the SWAT dispatcher’s conversation with the officers on the night of the killing.  He recognizes something in the voice of the dispatcher, a woman named Liz Brantley.  He later interviews her, and she admits she was in love with Lange, and was very close to his two sons.  Liz tells Jarod that Lange believed the armor-piercing bullets were smuggled into the U.S. by a man named Petrovka, a member of the Moscow Mafia.  Jarod performs further research—and concludes there never was an armed robber inside the rink.  Later, Jarod discovers the existence of secret audio recordings made by Lange.  The recordings detail Lange’s secret investigation of his SWAT team colleagues, and how they conspired with Petrovka to smuggle contraband into the country.

Meanwhile, Sydney seeks out Michelle, who confirms that she did indeed give birth to his son.  She explains that an unidentified man from the Centre approached her upon learning of her pregnancy.  The man told her that if she did not relocate, Sydney would meet a “terrible accident.”  The Centre, Michelle explains, did not want Sydney distracted from the Pretender project.

Miss Parker discovers Sydney packing up his belongings.  Sydney explains that the Centre threatened to have him killed if he ever discovered the truth about his son.  Miss Parker counters that if he should leave, he will never find out who was behind the plot.

Jarod sets in motion a plot to entrap the three SWAT team members.  He stages a phony call about the gunman having fired shots from inside the rink.  When the threesome arrive, they discover cardboard cut-outs of themselves acting as targets.  Jarod, dressed as the fictitious gunman, opens fire on the threesome.  They return fire, only to discover their ammunition was replaced with blanks.  Jarod continues to fire rounds over their heads until they finally confess to their crime—confessions recorded by Liz the dispatcher.  Later, Jordan and Cody relocate to their grandparent’s house in Seattle.  Jarod arranges for a dispatcher job in Seattle for a grateful Liz.

2.15 Bulletproof

Bulletproof Transcript


    DSA 21st Nov, 71
Young Jarod   It’s not working. The white duck isn’t accepting the mallard as part of her family.
Sydney   Conclusion?
Young Jarod   The family bond is a primal impulse. It’s unbreakable.
Sydney   Very good Jarod.
Young Jarod   My family’s gone Sydney. If I ever left here, would anybody want me?
Broots   What is this place?
Sam   I got your back Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Looks like Monkey Boy had some time on his hands. Oh, Urban Combat Basics, The Best of Enemy Neutralisation. Hand-to-Hand Combat and You. Our little egghead’s turning into a regular weekend warrior.
Broots   You shoot me. In the head.
Miss Parker   You never looked better. Something you wanna share with us Syd? Syd? Syd, you all right?
Sydney   Oh yeah.
Sam   All clear.
Miss Parker   What is this? Testosterone headquarters?
Broots   What do you think all this means?
Miss Parker   Well, it looks like Jarod is preparing to go to war.
Kidnapper   You better hope hubby shows up with the ransom. Quiet.
Kidnapper 2   See anything?
Kidnapper   I don’t see nothin’.
Kidnapper 2   No cops?
Kidnapper   Just hustlers and crackheads. I think we’re gonna be okay.
SWAT   Grab the door! Check the bedroom! Go, go go! Police! Freeze! Down! Down! Up against the wall! Check the hallway! Set it up! Clear it!
Jarod   My name is Jarod. You’re going to be just fine.
SWAT   Central, this is T-14. Two male suspects in custody.
Stephens   Jarod. Nice work last night partner. No shots, no casualties. SWAT loves pitching shutouts.
Jarod   Well, it’s a pleasure to be here Sergeant Stephens. It’s an honour to be part of the T-14 Squad. Although I’m still trying to figure out what the T stands for.
Cooke   Ten to life if you ask the losers in city lockup.
Stephens   Turbo if you ask the chief.
Jarod   Turbo Squad.
Mooney   We’re a well oiled machine. Based on your moves last night, you’ll fit in just fine.
Stephens   Amen.
Jarod   I heard about the shooting incident. Lieutenant Lange is gonna be a tough act to follow.
Stephens   Dan was a hell of a guy. He’s gonna be missed.
Cooke   That cop killer better hop I don’t find his worthless ass. That’s all I got to say.
Detective   Well, these precinct picnics used to be all kinds of fun before all this bitching and moaning.
Mooney   Tracking another hot lead Detective?
Detective   You guys are making Lange out to be some sort of hero. Truth is, he was a fool.
Stephens   Why don’t you take it someplace else?
Detective   Truth hurts, huh, Stephens?
Stephens   No, this does.
Jarod   Whoa, whoa.
Mooney   Hey come on! Take it easy, all right?
Jarod   Hey, hey.
Detective   Why do you keep defending this guy?
Stephens   He threw himself in between the shooter and his partner! He was a good cop!
Detective   Lange was a hot dog, all right? And it got him killed.
Liz   Just a… Cody, Cody honey?
Stephens   Right in front of Lange’s kids. That was nice. That was really nice.
Detective   I didn’t know.
Liz   It’s gonna be alright.
Sydney   Je t’aime. Ah, Michelle. I love you too.
Broots   Hey Sydney. Routine scans from last week. You okay Sydney?
Sydney   Broots, can I trust you?
Broots   Absolutely. I told you about the dream I keep having with Miss Parker, didn’t I?
Sydney   Hmmm. I need your help to find a person. Her name is Michelle Lucca.
Broots   Okay.
Sydney   This is everything I remember about her. Broots, this is important to me. Please be discreet.
Broots   Okay Sydney. You know you can count on me.
Miss Parker   Hate to break up the coffee klatch, but Broots is needed on Sublevel 5 right away.
Broots   Oh, okay, duty calls.
Miss Parker   Everything okay Syd?
Sydney   Fine Miss Parker, fine.
Miss Parker   In a hurry Broots?
Broots   Oh, hi. What?
Miss Parker   I want the paper Sydney gave you.
Broots   You were listening at the door?
Miss Parker   It was an accident. Call a cop. The paper? Michelle Lucca? Dr Pavlov’s been drooling ever since he found that note from Jarod. Do exactly what Sydney asked.
Broots   Okay.
Miss Parker   If Sydney’s protecting Jarod for some reason, I need to know about it. You got it?
Broots   Yeah.
Miss Parker   Oh, and Broots? I can’t wait to hear about that dream of yours.
Stephens   And we’re clear. What the hell were you shooting at Mooney? Cleveland?
Jarod   You okay?
Mooney   Yeah. I need some air.
Cooke   What’s with him?
Jarod   I don’t know.
Stephens   Nice choice of simulation scenario there Jarod.
Jarod   Well, simulations are sort of my specialty. You and Cooke, you showed some stellar shooting.
Stephens   Just backing up the team.
Jarod   What’s up?
Mooney   I really dropped the ball back there.
Jarod   Well, maybe the simulation was a little too close to home. Maybe it reminded you of the day you got shot. The day Dan Lange was killed. It’s only been two weeks.
Mooney   It was like I was living it again. Like I could hear the rounds goin’ off, Lange screaming, the pain cutting into my leg.
Jarod   Classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Have you talked to someone?
Mooney   Well, I’m doin’ the mandatory sessions with the department shrink. I just can’t get it out of my head.
Jarod   Stress can be triggered by a number of factors, anger, fear, guilt.
Mooney   Guilt?
Jarod   About how Dan Lange died to save your life. Look, your physical wounds are healing. Maybe it’s time to start dealing with the emotional ones.
Mooney   They’ll heal when I catch the man who murdered my partner.
Jarod   We run these simulations to hone our tactical skills. The same thing can work for healing emotions.
Mooney   We got a call about a botched bank robbery. The suspect drove three blocks, abandoned his car, and he broke into the roller rink. Lange and I made entry there, just behind those lockers. We moved towards the bleachers, but we were pinned down by gunfire coming from the box, up there. I had Lange’s flank, but then I was hit in the leg and went down. Dan stood between me and the shooter and just kept firing. It sounded like we were in the middle of a war. Stephens and Cooke had taken up cover positions over there.
Jarod   You could see them?
Mooney   I didn’t have to. It’s standard tactical procedure. Anyway, the next thing I knew, Lange was shot and went down. That’s when I saw the shooter. He stood up in the light. White male, six feet, athletic build, goatee and a baseball cap. Son of a bitch knew what he was doin’ too. They found a pile of M1 .32 shell casings.
Jarod   Armour piercing rounds. Cop killers.
Mooney   Tore through Lange’s vest like paper. They call us the Turbo Squad. Pistons in the same engine. But if we don’t fire at the right time, that engine breaks down. People die.
Miss Parker   Anything on Michelle Lucca?
Broots   No, on Michelle Lucca. Yes on Michelle Lucca Stamatis. Married and living in New York State. But that’s not the screwy part.
Miss Parker   Why doesn’t that surprise me?
Broots   Well, there’s absolutely no record of, of a Michelle Lucca ever having existed before moving to Albany in 1974. No driver’s license, no birth certificate, nothing.
Miss Parker   Broots, look deeper. Now, you can give Sydney her address, but nothing else. We need to find that note Jarod left for Sydney in that cabin.
Broots   Well, I’m, I’m sure he hid it pretty well.
Miss Parker   You haven’t see it, have you , Broots?
Broots   No way. No. Miss Parker, uh… this woman obviously means a lot to Sydney.
Miss Parker   Your point?
Broots   Well, whatever happened to respecting someone’s privacy?
Miss Parker   Look, I know how much you care about Sydney. Hell, the old goat’s even grown on me a little. But this might have something to do with Jarod. And that is what’s important. Hmmm?
Liz   This is Central Dispatch to T-14. Suspects have entered the roller rink at 21 Bay Shore Road. Assume armed and dangerous. Over.
Lange   This is Lange, Officer Mooney and I have entered the building. Officer Stephens and Cooke have taken flank positron. Over.
Liz   Copy entry. We’ll keep this channel open T-14. Over.
Lange   Request immediate backup! Officer down!
Liz   Repeat, 14?
Mooney   Lange’s been hit! Officer down! Officer down!
Liz   Copy. Officer down. Backup en route. Over. Respond T-14. Over. Officer Lange, please respond. Officer Lange, this is Dispatch, please respond.
Lange   This is Lange. I’m hit. I-I can’t feel my legs.
Liz   Daniel, talk tome, Stay with me. The ambulance is on the way.
Lange   Liz, I’m cold, I’m so cold.
Liz   Daniel, stay with me.
Lange   Liz, tell my boys, tell Jordan and Cody, Dad loves them.
Liz   You can tell them that yourself Daniel. Just hang on. Daniel? Oh, my God.
Girl   You want to ride with me?
Dispatcher   1937 Davidson. 1937 Davidson Avenue. Uh, see a complaint in Apartment 3-H, as in Henry.
Liz   Daniel, stay with me.
Lange   Liz, tell my boys, tell Jordan and Cody, Dad loves them.
Jarod   Ceramic figurines with vegetation for hair. Hmmm.
Liz   Chia Pets.
Jarod   Pets?
Liz   Yeah. I’ve never had much of a green thumb, and animals hate me. It seemed like the logical solution.
Jarod   Hmmm. I’m Jarod.
Liz   Dan Lange’s replacement.
Jarod   I don’t think it’s possible to replace a man like Lieutenant Lange.
Liz   No.
Jarod   You were working dispatch on the night Lieutenant Lange was killed.
Liz   I was the last person to speak to him.
Jarod   That must have been very difficult for you, considering how you and Dan felt about each other.
Liz   What?
Jarod   You two were in love. I heard the dispatch tape. I could hear it in your voice, the way you spoke to each other. It must have been very comforting for Dan to have you there at the end.
Liz   Daniel lost his wife just over a year ago. Since then, it’s just been him and the boys.
Jarod   You were close to his sons?
Liz   Yeah, very. The only family they have left are Daniel’s parents in Seattle. I know they’ve been trying to contact them about taking custody of Jordan and Cody. The trouble is, they’ve been travelling in Europe for over a month. I’m really gonna miss those kids.
Jarod   It’s difficult, losing people that we love.
Liz   Yeah. I haven’t even cleaned out his locker yet. I know it sounds silly. It… it just makes it seem so final, you know? So real. I don’t want to forget him. I want to do something, you know, make a difference. I at least want to get those cop=killer bullets off the street.
Jarod   Did Dan happen to mention anyone who might be supplying that type of ammunition on the street?
Liz   He did mention a man named Petrovka.
Jarod   Da. Speaking in Russian on phone. Vladimir Petrovka, a local Russian connected to the Moscow Mafia. Interpol thinks he might be responsible for smuggling cop-killer ammunition into the States, among other things.
Liz   That’s definitely him. I remember hearing his name a lot just before Daniel made up his mind to leave the team.
Jarod   Daniel was planning on leaving Turbo Squad?
Liz   Yeah, it was strange. Um, the last few weeks before the shooting he had become so distant, as if he knew something was, was gonna happen.
Jarod   That is strange.
Liz   He said he was leaving Turbo because he was burnt out. But I think it was because of the boys. And Jordan and Cody were the world to him. Now they might not have anybody.
Broots   Michelle Lucca. The more I look, the less I find. I accessed CIA, FBI and…
Miss Parker   He’s not there.
Broots   Interpol files. None of them have any record of her having ever existed prior to 1974. So I got to thinking… who else could wipe out a person’s past so efficiently?
Miss Parker   She worked for the Centre.
Broots   Score one for Miss Parker. She was a clinical psychologist who worked very closely with Sydney on the Pretender Project. She’s beautiful, isn’t she?
Miss Parker   Figure out how this connects to that note Jarod left.
Broots   Uh, I’ll get on this right away then.
Miss Parker   You’re hiding something Broots.
Broots   Uh, what?
Miss Parker   I think you heard me.
Broots   I promised Sydney he could trust me.
Miss Parker   And you feel like a heel for lying to him right?
Broots   Yes.
Miss Parker   So, by giving me the rest of what you know it doesn’t make you any more despicable than you already are. Right?
Broots   Right.
Miss Parker   Let’s go to my office.
Social Worker   Jordan and Cody remain withdrawn, but that’s to be expected, considering they lost their father.
Jarod   I understand that they boys’ grandparents might take custody.
Social Worker   Yeah. They’re currently out of the country. We’re still trying to make contact.
Jarod   What happens if they’re unable to take custody? What happens to Jordan and Cody then?
Social Worker   Statistically, older children, particularly ones with, uh, emotional scars, are very difficult to place.
Young Jarod   If I were left here, would anybody want me?
Jarod   That’s some gear. You must be good at this game. Would you like to play?
Jordan   Whatever. You’re on SWAT.
Jarod   Yes I am.
Jordan   So, did you know our dad?
Jarod   No, but I hear he was a great guy. Do you guys remember anything strange happening before your father’s accident?
Cody   He yelled one night.
Jarod   Yelled?
Cody   At the men.
Jordan   Me and Cody had gone to bed and we woke up when we heard them fighting.
Jarod   Did you see these men?
Cody   No, but we could hear them.
Jordan   Dad was real mad. He kept telling them that he, he didn’t want to be involved and that they should leave. It was a few nights before… you know.
Jarod   You okay?
Cody   Every day before he went to work he said nothing would happen to him. He promised.
Jarod   Cody, your father died saving another police officer. There’s nothing more heroic than that.
Broots   This is so wrong. Sydney should be entitled to a private life.
Miss Parker   Keep looking.
Broots   He was poking around here when I was here before. I got it.
Miss Parker   What?
Broots   Oh God.
Sydney   Oh, Miss Parker.
Broots   Sydney, we were just…
Miss Parker   Just looking for you because I need your report on the surveillance scans.
Sydney   I’ll put them on your desk.
Miss Parker   Thank you.
Sydney   Any news Broots?
Broots   Almost.
Sydney   Hmmm.
Miss Parker   Give me that. Well, it’s a birth certificate. Michelle Lucca is named as the mother, but there’s no one listed as the father. Sydney?
    Video Tape
Stephens   I was in a cover position near the back bleachers with Officer Cooke when we heard gunfire. We immediately returned the fire.
Mooney   I was hit almost immediately. That’s when Dan, I mean Officer Lange, began to return fire. The next thing I knew he was down and I could see the shooter, the guy with the goatee and the baseball cap, looking right at me.
Cooke   It felt like the fire fight lasted 20 minutes. When we stopped firing, we heard another weapon. It sounded like one of our Miss Parker5 nine-millimetres coming from the bleachers in front of us. It felt like the fire fight lasted 20 minutes. It felt like the fire fight lasted…It felt like the fire fight lasted …. It felt like the fire fight lasted …
Liz   I cant believe they’ve already reopened the roller rink. They haven’t even fixed all the damage yet.
Jarod   Liz, what kind of weapons were Mooney and Lange carrying the day of the shooting?
Liz   Uh, nine-millimetre handguns.
Jarod   Stephens and Cooke?
Liz   M16 assault rifles. Standard team issue.
Jarod   Right.
Lange   We’re under fire! We’re under fire! Take cover! I’m hit, I cant feel my legs.
Liz   Daniel, hang on.
Jarod   I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought you here.
Liz   Why did you ask about the weapons?
Jarod   Because maybe Mooney and Lange didn’t have a backup after all.
Liz   What are you talking about? Stephens and Cooke were right behind them.
Jarod   Were they? Cooke said it was a fire fight.
Liz   Yeah? So?
Jarod   So, if there was such a vicious exchange of gunfire why argent there more bullet holes? And why are all these bullet holes the exact same size?
Liz   You’ve lost me.
Jarod   An M16 slug leaves a slightly smaller bullet hole than a nine-millimetre. It’s not something you would notice, unless you were looking for it. Yet none of these bullet holes come from an assault weapon. Stephens and Cooke, they’re expert marksmen, I’ve seen them shoot. That box is only 30 yards away, yet they missed their target. Why is that?
Liz   Are you saying they never fired at the shooter?
Jarod   I’m saying that maybe, just maybe, there was never a shooter in the first place.
Liz   Then who killed Daniel?
Jarod   Maybe… Stephens and Cooke.
Broots   The birth certificate is from 1974 for a boy named Nicholas. He was born eight months after Michelle Lucca left the Centre.
Miss Parker   I didn’t think he knew what to do with that part of his anatomy. Now he’s got a son out there.
Broots   Which is why we should leave it alone.
Miss Parker   Give the moral shtick a rest, Broots.
Broots   I wouldn’t want anyone from the Centre getting involved in my daughter’s life. We have to back off, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Mnnn. First Sydney shows some testosterone, now you. It must be in the water. Would you put that away?
Broots   The Centre made Michelle disappear. Now don’t, don’t you think they’ve done enough to Sydney?
Miss Parker   I told you. This isn’t about Sydney. It’s about Jarod.
Broots   You say that. I just wonder if you believe it.
Jarod   A voice from beyond the grave.
Lange   This is Lieutenant Daniel P Lange, badge number 44562. The date is March 4, the time is… 11:18pm. My location is 570 Franklin Avenue. I’m currently in observation of Officers Stephens, Cooke and Mooney with one Vladimir Petrovka, a known criminal with ties to the Russian mob and convictions on weapons and drugs charges. This is the second meeting in which I have witnessed the exchange of money. I plan to turn these surveillance tapes over to the district attorney’s office as soon as I’ve collected enough evidence. I just hope I can stop this before anybody gets hurt.
Jarod   You may have been too late, Dan. But I won’t be.
Michelle   Nick, you’re…
Sydney   When I returned to the Centre, your desk had been cleared out, your projects reassigned and your apartment was empty. You left without a trace. I had only this. Je t’aime. Michelle, if you loved me, how could you leave without saying goodbye?
Michelle   Because I loved you.
Sydney   I received a copy of a birth certificate. A boy named Nicholas, born eight months after you left. No father listed. Michelle, am I the father?
Michelle   Sydney.
Sydney   Well, am I?
Michelle   Do you remember that Easter weekend we spent at the cabin?
Sydney   Mn-hmmn.
Michelle   Well, after a few weeks, uh, I got up one morning, I wasn’t feeling very well so I made an appointment with my doctor and…
Sydney   You were pregnant.
Michelle   I was so excited. For me, for us. I rushed to Blue Cove to tell you. When I got to the Centre, I was stopped.
Sydney   By whom?
Michelle   By a man that I’d never even seen before. I don’t know, but somehow he knew about our child. He gave me a choice Sydney. The Centre would relocate, set up a substantial trust fund for Nicholas if… I promised never to see or speak with you again.
Sydney   And if you refused?
Michelle   He said you would be in a terrible accident. He said the Centre couldn’t take a chance on you becoming distracted, compromising your… your objectivity toward the Pretender Project. Sydney, I was afraid. After I left, and Nicholas was born I met someone. I got married. He raised our child as his own. We chose never to tell him the truth.
Sydney   We can tell him now.
Michelle   At what cost? He’s such a bright, splendid young man with a great future. He’s going to be a teacher, like you. And he’s going to be back any minute now. I have to go. I hope you understand Sydney.
Sydney   At least this time we can say goodbye.
Michelle   Sydney? The inscription on the watch? I meant it. Forever.
Michelle   Hi, how you doing?
Nicholas   Good. This is Jeremy.
Jeremy   Nice to meet you.
Jarod   I found this in a box of old case files. Vladimir Petrovka. He was arrested two years ago by…
Liz   Stephens, Cooke and Mooney?
Jarod   That’s when Petrovka began his relationship with the Turbo Squad.
Liz   This is before Daniel joined the team.
Jarod   Petrovka got off on a technicality. Now, Stephens and the others get paid to tip Petrovka off about raids. Their father found out and confronted them. That must have been the fight the boys overheard. He was going to turn them in.
Liz   So they killed him.
Jarod   It’s not over Liz. Not yet.
Miss Parker   Going somewhere? I saw the birth certificate Syd.
Sydney   Michelle said the Centre threatened to have me killed if I ever found out about my son. She was told to leave. They stole my life Parker! Just like they stole Jarod’s and Angelo’s and …
Miss Parker   Mine? If you leave now, then you’ll never find out who did this.
Broots   You’re not, you’re not really gonna leave, are you, Sydney?
Sydney   Apparently not. If you knew about the birth certificate, why didn’t you confront me?
Miss Parker   Everyone deserves a life. Even you.
Stephens   So why the hell couldn’t you hit it with a .45?
Cooke   Get out of here. I know you weren’t talking about my target.
Stephens   I was talking about your target.
Cooke   Oh, no, man!
Stephens   I was talking about your .45.
Cooke   All right, we’ll meet at the tactical range in 20. We’ll just have to prove it.
Stephens   All right.
Liz   T-14. We have a confirmed sighting of a Joe Doe male matching description of suspect wanted in the murder of Lieutenant Daniel Lange. 21 Bay Shore Road. Shots have been fired.
Mooney   That’s the roller rink.
Stephens   Uh, Dispatch? Dispatch, this is Sergeant Stephens. Did I read you correctly?
Liz   Affirmative. Unit on scene requests SWAT intervention immediately.
Jarod   Well come on! Let’s move!
Jarod   Blood, looks like our cop killer’s back.
Stephens   All right, we go in together this time. Jarod, you wait for my call!
Mooney   What the hell’s he doin’?
Stephens   Forget him. Let’s move. Cooke, stay with me on point. Mooney, cover our flank.
Cooke   Yes sir. I don’t like this.
Stephens   Neither do I. Let’s go. Ready? Go! Jarod, this is Stephens, respond. Respond, damn it! That’s an order!
Cooke   Where did he go?
Stephens   I’ll take care of him later. Keep your eyes open. Move out.
Stephens   Hold your fire!
Mooney   It’s a damn target.
Stephens   What is this?
Cooke   He’s not going down! I’m shooting straight at him!
Stephens   Blanks. They’re blanks! Somebody switched the ammo. Who the hell are you?
Jarod   You know me, I’m the man each of you created. The shooter in the baseball cap with the goatee. The man you made up to cover for the murder of Dan Lange.
Stephens   What are you talking about?
Jarod   Lieutenant Lange found out about your little payoffs from Petrovka. When he confronted you, you killed him with armour-piercing shells. Cop killers. It just so happens I brought some with me tonight.
Mooney   Please stop!
Jarod   You set up Lange, didn’t you?
Mooney   It was Stephens’ idea.
Stephens   Shut up Mooney.
Jarod   You left two boys without a father. And for what? For money?
Stephens   You better hope you don’t miss, or we’ll blow you away, just like we did Lange.
Jarod   Did you get all that Liz?
Liz   Every last word.
Stephens   Forgot to switch the ammo in this one, didn’t you? What are you gonna do Jarod? You gonna shoot me huh? If I go, you go.
Jarod   It’s over Stephens.
Cooke   He, he’s right.
Mooney   There’s been enough killing Stephens.
Woman   You kids had a wonderful time.
Jarod   I’m glad they finally got hold of Dan’s parents.
Liz   Yep. They’re gonna take the boys back to Seattle. They seem like really nice people.
Jarod   Well, Jordan and Cody, they’re going to miss you.
Liz   The Langes said I could visit anytime I wanted. I just wish they were moving closer. I’ve got a lot I want to tell them about their father.
Jarod   Well, you could always move there.
Liz   And do what? It’s not like they need another dispatcher in Seattle.
Jarod   Well, it’s funny that you should mention that. Because I put a call in to the Seattle PD and it just so happens they’re looking for a good person to fill a recently vacated switchboard position. So, if you want the job, you start in two weeks.
Liz   Thank you.
Jarod   No, thank you.
Liz   For what?
Jarod   For making sure those kids knew that they had someone that cared about them.
Jarod   I hear you’re goin’ home.
Jordan   Grandma and Grandpa have a farm.
Cody   With real horses.
Jarod   Real horses? Wow. Listen, will you make me a promise?
Cody   What?
Jarod   No matter how busy or crazy your lives get in the future always remember that your dad loved you very much. You promise?
Jordan   Promise.
Cody   Promise.
Jarod   Bye.
Miss Parker   Where’s Syd? I haven’t seen him all morning.
Broots   He said he had something important to do up in Albany. Hey look Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Don’t! Back off.
Broots   Hey look! It’s Chia Me. A little less hair than I’m used to.
Miss Parker   Well, like I said before, you never looked better.
Nicholas   Nice job. See you next time, okay? Erica, I was going to talk to you about Thoreau’s principles. I think your essays could be a little more in-depth. Uh, maybe if you could look at the, uh, third chapter, okay?
Sydney   There is no job more important than teaching.
Nicholas   That’s what they keep telling me.
Sydney   Enjoy your life. It passes so quickly.
Nicholas   I’m sorry. Do I know you from somewhere?
Sydney   I’m afraid you don’t.
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   Did you find your son?
Sydney   Yes, I did.
Jarod   Do you remember a long time ago I asked you if a family would ever want me?
Sydney   I do.
Jarod   Well, I thought it took blood to bond people. But I’ve learned it also takes something else. It takes love.
Sydney   I hope you’re right Jarod.

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