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What is your favourite season/movie of the Pretender?

Season 1
Season 1 22%
Season 2
Season 2 33%
Season 3
Season 3 18%
Season 4
Season 4 0%
the Pretender 2001
the Pretender 2001 7%
IOTH 18%


We are all responsible, but not for this.

Wake Up : Jarod

Random Story
Sunbeams by The Lurker PG
Jarod has a premonition about Miss Parker.....

Pretender Chat
05-28-20 9:48
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05-27-20 19:53
*had to agree with everyone else. I don't like the shout thing. Social media is too dominated by dumb trump crap. I miss the forum. Want it back. If it wasn't for missing pieces life would suc

05-27-20 19:50
^What Rachel said. Was gobbling everything I could even the books but recently I had to everyone else. This is eternal wait is stupid. I nominate my favorite fanfics to be MY official tp stories.

05-26-20 21:38
I wish the pretendercentre forum was up and running so we could chat proper. All these shouts make me feel like im ranting and longwinded lol

05-26-20 21:37
SAD. This is coming from disappointment not angst. I've given up on tp franchise. The fanfic has been a blessing and I've chosen a few fanfic pieces as my official tp endings.

05-26-20 21:15
The transition from tv to book was a total flop. I thought the books were a continuation. They aren't. It's like they're trying to milk as much money as they can from the TP cow. It's

05-26-20 21:07
-and ending before everyone gets too much older. I hate the thought of dying and not knowing how the creators originally planned for this end. First world problems.

05-26-20 21:04
TP doesn't have the fan support it needs to launch a franchise and those of us who've been fans since the beginning don't want a starwars or disney. I just want the promised continuation a

05-26-20 21:01
Hey AgilyZet. Ugh @franchise. You're in scope. I think TP's cult following is too teeny to support a franchise. That was obvious a decade ago when we tried and failed to make TP trend on twitt

05-24-20 20:33
Hey, what's up during the pandemic? I'm bored to death (immortality). Who wants to inject their angst into the future development of the franchise (or am I out of scope)? Mouth off, please! Lu

03-28-20 6:34
andrerushell and Mark are both spam bots. NO one wants to read their crap. Why is this being allowed?

02-13-20 0:18
No longer with us! The shout cut me off!!!! Hmm, know I am wordy but really????

02-13-20 0:16
Wow haven't been here for a awhile! Good to see the site is still up and running! Can't beleive anyone still reads my stories! So sad to learn about Pamela Gidley! Had no idea she is no lo

05-07-18 0:51
So very sad to hear about Pamela Gidley. We all loved to hate Brigitte.

02-28-18 5:29
So good to see a handful of stories posted. It's like old times. A warm welcome back to Mirage. Nice site update too. Everything looks nice.

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Welcome to Missing Pieces, the home of the largest collection of The Pretender fanfiction in the world. So read stories, post your stories, give reviews, and have fun!

If you would like to make a suggestion for future featured fics, please fill in the form here Featured Request.

Recently Added & Updated

Darkness Falling by Mirage NC 18
Jarod is implicated in a spate of homicides. 
Oblivion by Mirage PG 13
A past transgression jeopardizes Sydney's life.
Original Bazooka Gum Pretender Chronicles by Alex G
A series of crossover episode teasers featuring original pretender characters in retro episodes from old shows as well as current ones!
A Lesser Pretender by Serenaspacey PG 13
(Complete.) A pretender can become anyone they want to be. A lesser could become someone that anyone chose them to be. Jarod didn't know he knew a lesser, until he learned what happened in his missing days when he died. (Jarod/Parker Romance.)
Inner Sense Tattoos by Serenaspacey R
(Completed) Finding her mother's unfinished business, Miss Parker finds herself as LM Parker again. Taking on the suicide mission of rescuing all the children, she finds a wrinkle in the plan when 14 year old Jarod won't let her go.
Camille. Leanne. Parker by Serenaspacey NC 18
When the spirit of Catherine Parker can reach beyond the grave to name her own granddaughter after him? Jarod can't ignore the implications. (Complete. Sequel to Chameleon Contraception.)
A Hero's Heart by Mirage PG 13
When Jarod and his clone are presumed dead and further cloning attempts prove futile, Raines is determined to find another way. He finds it in Dry River, Arizona.  
Chameleon Contraceptive by Serenaspacey R
(Complete) Loving freedom, but knowing he can't just let innocent new pretenders live their life in The Centre, Jarod makes a decision. With no plan to get out, and only the small trust of Miss P's team to protect his sims, he and Parker will give new meaning to Sleeping With the Enemy.

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Missing Pieces, and the rest of the pretendercentre will be offline for a few days, commencing on the 24th September.


We hope to have Missing Pieces running again in a day or so.

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Transcendence by Mirage NC 18
A crime scene, a chance meeting, two people transcending the lives that have been chosen for them. Jarod POV. S.M.U.T.  
Welcome to Never Never Land by Parker4131970 PG 13
A mystery e-mail leads Jarod to a piece of his and his father's past. 
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