3-21 Donoterase

3-21 Donoterase


Not a ghost. That boy is me. They cloned me!



Not a ghost. That boy is me. They cloned me!


Original air date: May 22, 1999

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod and his father attempt a rescue mission after learning that the Centre not only conducted cloning experiments using Jarod’s DNA, but also created a young clone of Jarod.

Jarod’s Discoveries: His Father – Major Charles, his clone – Gemini

Jarod’s Occupations:

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod and his father investigate a Centre cloning project.


Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots search the burned-out remains of the arctic research station.  Sydney hides a charred piece of paper from the others.  A few miles away, Jarod dreams that his father finds him and they prepare to leave with a mystery figure of a young Jarod in a mirror.  He awakens in the Inuit camp, where the Inuit who helped him escape from the research station gives him a piece of paper his father left for him.  On the paper is a drawing of the constellation Gemini (complete with twins) and an address.

Raines tells Mr. Parker and Lyle that Triumvirate member Big Mutumbo contacted the Centre.  They know about Jarod and Major Charles compromising the arctic station and want Project Gemini accelerated.  Mr. Parker fears that his daughter will feel the same as his wife did about Gemini.  He decides to keep the project secret from her.  Unfortunately, Miss Parker has overheard every word.  She later confronts Sydney about the Gemini Project.  He denies any knowledge of it, while holding the charred piece of paper that has the word “Gemini” on it.

Jarod phones Sydney to inform him that the Centre is doing experiments with his DNA.  He then drives to the address his father left him, a motel in North Carolina, where he finds a man, Cooper, who tells him his father left in a hurry.  They find a phone book with a missing page that leads Jarod to a flight school.

Miss Parker reads an inter-Centre memo from her mother to the Triumvirate, dated just a few days before her death, in which she expresses her opposition to the Gemini Project at Pakor.  Broots thinks that, since Major Charles was close to Captain Osborne, he may be with his daughter at a small North Carolina flight school.

A flight school mechanic tells Jarod that his father is currently in a plane overhead. Just then, they hear an explosion and the plane crashes.  Brigitte watches the plane from another location, a satisfied look on her face.  Jarod rushes to the crashed plane, only to discover that the pilot is not his father.  He and the mechanic go his father’s quarters, which appear to have been left in a hurry.   Carrie, the captain’s daughter, walks in on Jarod.  He gives her the news about her father’s death.  In Major Charles’ car, they find the phone number to Pakor Frozen Foods.

In Baltimore, Jarod breaks into the Pakor building.  A mystery figures traces Jarod’s steps.  He turns around to discover…his father.  The two men embrace.  Mr. Parker, Raines, Lyle and Brigitte watch the scene on a surveillance monitor.  Raines says that Major Charles got the embryo disks and will soon learn about Gemini and Donoterase.  They decide to call Donoterase and transfer Gemini.

Major Charles and Jarod return to their warehouse hideout and decide to search for Jarod’s mother and sister.  Catherine Parker had helped Major Charles protect his family, but when he came back, his wife and daughter were gone.  Jarod and his father lament their many near misses over the last three years.

Awakening from the same strange dream he had earlier, Jarod and Major Charles break the code on the stolen disks and learn that Pakor is a biological storage depot.  They discover that Gemini is located at a place called Donoterase, which, when they go there, appears to be nothing more than a farm.  On the floor of the barn, they spot a door that leads to a large underground lab.  Already in the lab, Miss Parker and Broots question Raines about Gemini, when a 14-year-old Jarod, J2, appears.  Suddenly, Jarod and his father are spotted.  Jarod is shot, but the two manage to escape.

Having driven to safety, Jarod tells his father that they must return for the boy.  He is part of their family.  When Jarod was kept at the Centre, they had him perform a cloning simulation in which a cell containing his DNA blueprint was fused into a host ovum and then the embryo was implanted into a surrogate mother.  Sydney lies to Jarod when asked if he knows anything about Jarod being cloned.  Major Charles takes Jarod to a remote cabin where their family had spent their last few days together before the Centre took Jarod.

Mr. Raines, Brigitte, Mr. Parker, Lyle and Miss Parker watch J2 perform the same simulations to test intellectual ability that Jarod went through years before.  Miss Parker displays the same disgust with the cloning project that her mother had.  Mr. Parker grants Sydney’s request to be made project coordinator on Gemini so that he can make a comparative analysis between J2 and Jarod.  Later that night, Miss Parker and Broots sneak down to a room labeled “Specimen Anomalies Dissection Storage” and find rows of specimen jars containing fetal mutations and other deformed biological oddities.

To Be Continued…

3-21 Donoterase

Donoterase Transcript


Broots   Miss Parker, this must be what hell looks like. You know, frozen over. Looks like an old research lab. What do you think Jarod’s father was looking for?
Sydney   What is it Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   It’s a brass trigger for an incendiary device. Whatever was going on down here, Jarod didn’t want anyone to find out about it.
Broots   Yeah, but why would he want to cover his tracks now?
Sydney   Maybe it wasn’t Jarod who set off the bomb.
Miss Parker   Then who did and why? Combo to Al Capone’s vault?
Sydney   Ah, just some burnt-out trash.
Sam   Miss Parker!
Miss Parker   What is it Sam?
Sam   We found another body.
Broots   Do you think it’s Jarod?
Miss Parker   No, Jarod’s been a phoenix one too many times for me to believe he’s still in these ashes.
Captain   Give my daughter my ring. And this photo, tell her that I love her.
Jarod   I will. Captain, what was it that my father found here?
Captain   Wasn’t just any human DNA they were deciphering. It was yours.
Indian   Demons live in your dreams.
Jarod   They visit.
Indian   The ones who cause you and your father trouble were at the research station.
Jarod   What did they find?
Indian   What they search for is no longer there. Before your father left, he told me he was going to find his son. He would stare for hours at the constellation, talk about the son that he knew he would one day find.
Jarod   The constellation?
Indian   Yes, Uh.. Gemini. He told me if I ever met you to give you these.
Jarod   Is this him? Is this my father?
Indian   Yes.
Jarod   Gemini. What does it mean?
Indian   He left a message for you. This is where you’ll find him. This is where you’ll find your father.
Raines   I received a call from the tr this morning. Big Mutumbo himself. He knows that Jarod and his father were in the Arctic and he knows about how our project up there has been compromised.
Mr Parker   Damn, what did he say?
Raines   Except for the fact that Jarod’s still out there, he was, strangely enough, elated. He’s taking the compromising of the research as- and I quote – ‘A sign from God.’
Lyle   Well, that’s an odd comment coming from and admitted atheist.
Raines   Mutumbo’s ordered the acceleration of Project Gemini. He wants delivery ASAP.
Mr Parker   Is that a problem?
Raines   No. But Miss Parker might be. Like mother like daughter. You know how Catherine felt about Gemini.
Mr Parker   Secrecy has always been the key to Gemini. I’ll handle my daughter. Everything’s gonna be just fine.
Little Jarod   I finished my building. I’m finished.
Sydney   This one’s been with us for only 36 hours and he’s already demonstrating more talent than any of our others.
Little Jarod   Hey, I’m finished.
Sydney   Hi Jarod. I’m Sydney. I’ll be taking care of you for a while.
Little Jarod   Why? Where’s my mom and dad?
Broots   I, uh, know it’s none of my business, Syd… but sometimes memory lane could be a dead-end street.
Sydney   You’re right Broots. It’s none of your business. What is it?
Broots   Umm, the bodies found in the Arctic came up negative for Jarod. Still I can’t figure out how he escaped that inferno.
Sydney   Jarod’s always been too smart for anyone to figure out.
Jarod   It’s cold in the Arctic Sydney. Almost as frigid as the Centre.
Sydney   Thank God you got out of there alive.
Jarod   Barely. But I made some interesting discoveries.
Sydney   Tell me.
Jarod   What? The boys in Blue Cove haven’t kept you in the DNA loop? Or should I say strand?
Sydney   I wasn’t even aware that we had a facility up there. None of us were.
Jarod   They’re stirring the genetic stew Sydney. Deciphering the human genome. And not just anyone’s. Mine.
Sydney   My God. Did you find your father?
Jarod   No. But I know he risked his life to find the same answers that I did. Does the word Gemini mean anything to you?
Sydney   The zodiac sign? Why?
Jarod   I’ll ask my father. I’m on my way to see him now.
Sydney   How will you know how to get there?
Jarod   He left me the stars to navigate by.
Miss Parker   Syd, I’ve know you all my life. You knew my mother – how she had a psychiatric session with you just hours before she died.
Broots   Uh..huh. I’m gonna go.
Broots   Sit. Now I’m gonna ask you a question and I need to know the truth.
Sydney   What is it you want to know?
Miss Parker   Did my mother ever mention a project, a reference code, anything – that had to do with the word Gemini?
Sydney   I’m sorry. Never heard of it.
Miss Parker   Damn it. My father, Mr Raines, Lyle – they’re shutting my out of something big. Something they called Project Gemini.
Broots   Uh, you mean like the twins.
Miss Parker   Since Dr Know-Nothing can’t help… I guess that’s, uh… No. We’re going to find out.
Jarod   Excuse me. Number seven please.
Sarah   Right there.
Jarod   Thank you. Where is he?
Coop   Please don’t hurt me man.
Jarod   Where is my father?
Coop   Jarod?
Sarah   Are you all right Coop?
Coop   Yeah Sarah, everything’s fine. You just go back to work.
Sarah   Are you sure?
Coop   Ahhh, absolutely. You go on now. Thank you very much. You’re Jarod? You’re the Major’s son?
Jarod   Yes I am. Where is he?
Coop   He left real fast. Almost like someone was hot on his trail.
Jarod   Men in town cars.
Coop   Yeah, and the scariest man was a woman.
Jarod   A brunette?
Coop   Blonde. Suckin’ on a lollipop. She just left.
Jarod   Was my father hurt when he left?
Coop   No no. That.. that’s my blood. They pushed my nose into the wall. They… they damn near broke my nose too. Like I said, I thought maybe you was them comin’ back.
Jarod   I’m sorry that you had to get involved with this Coop.
Coop   I didn’t tell ’em anything. Really I didn’t. I… I’d do anything for the Major. I’m going miss our talks.
Jarod   Did he stay here a lot?
Coop   Well, of and on for the past 20 years. Never was sure which direction he was headed to next… but I knew it was wherever he thought you might be.
Jarod   Did he give you any idea where he might be going?
Coop   No. He said id be safer not knowin’.
Jarod   Do you have another phone book around?
Coop   Sure. Sarah, you got an extra phone book on your cart?
Sarah   Yeah, here. Take two.
Coop   Thanks darlin’. What you lookin’ for?
Jarod   What isn’t here.
Broots   I found something bizarre.
 Miss Parker   What? Like hair on your head?
Broots   No, that would be fantasy. This is real. This is very real.
Miss Parker   An inter-Centre memo?
Broots   A very old one. From your mother to the Triumvirate.
Miss Parker   “I vehemently disagree with Dr Raines’ conclusions about Gemini and despite some human advances being made at Pakor, I cannot in good conscience endorse moving forward with this project. While it represents a potentially major breakthrough for mankind, one must wonder if mankind is or ever will be prepared for its ramifications. Catherine Parker.” This is dated just days before she was killed.
Broots   Gemini. Isn’t that the same thing you overheard your father talking about?
Miss Parker   Mom was against it.
Broots   I’m still searching Gemini and I can’t seem to find anything about it.
Miss Parker   Well, let’s keep pushing Broots. And while you’re at it, let’s find out about Pakor.
Broots   Okay Miss Parker.
PA   Attention. Ground school group class 5-B will be held today in instruction room 204. Please make the note of the change.
Jarod   Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m looking for someone. Have you seen this man?
Harvey   The new instructor? Sure.
Jarod   Is he here now?
Harvey   Right behind you. Not behind you behind you. Behind you, up there.
Jarod   Does he have a radio with him?
Harvey   Just wait. He’s almost finished. Why? You know him?
Jarod   He’s my father.
Harvey   Oh, my God.
Jarod   No. Dad. No. NOOO!!!!
Bridget   Gotcha. Let’s go. We’re done.
Yelling   Move! Move! Let’s go! We need help.
Jarod   Dad! Dad!
Harvey   Oh my God, it’s Dan Wilson.
Harvey   It’s tragic. Dan sneakin’ up in your dad’s plane. Major Charles’ quarters is right back here. Your father must have left early this morning. Looks like he left in a hurry too.
Jarod   Thank you.
Carrie   Give me one reason not to shoot you.
Jarod   Carrie. Your father sent me.
Carrie   My father?
Jarod   He wanted you to have these.
Carrie   My father’s dead, isn’t he?
Broots   I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I found some good stuff. Nothing about Gemini or Pakor I’m afraid. But…but maybe something about your father’s secretiveness.
Miss Parker   And?
Broots   I’m….I’m pretty sure its about Jarod’s father.
Miss Parker   They know where he is.
Miss Parker   Well, your father and Raines have been focusing in on one of the Arctic victims. A Captain Russ Osborne. Raines suspects that Osborne was chummy with Major Charles and may have even helped him get away from the research station.
Miss Parker   We got an address?
Broots   Osborne’s only next of kin was his daughter and she owns a small flight school down in Barney Fife territory. Uh, North Carolina. So the assumption would be that..
Miss Parker   Major Charles might be there. Syd know this?
Broots   No. He’s been in non-stop meetings all day in the Tower.
Sydney   Get him. He’ll drop it for Jarod. We’re out of here. Floyd’s holding an empty barber chair for you Broots. What’s the problem?
Broots   Well see this is where your father’s secrets come in.
Miss Parker   Centre travel records. My father already sent Brigitte.
TV   The cause of this bizarre crash is still undetermined. However, several eyewitnesses who I spoke to here at the Osborne Flight School indicated that they heard a small explosive sound.
Miss Parker   Jarod’s father is not dead.
TV   Dead on the scene is the pilot, Dan Wilson.
Miss Parker   I’d be sick to my stomach too.
Brigitte   Excuse me, here I go again.
Mr Parker   Morning sickness. Hell of a price to pay for an heir.
Miss Parker   No sweeper team, no backup. No follow-through. Heirs have disappeared around here for a hell of a lot less.
Mr Parker   That’s enough angel.
Miss Parker   No, not enough daddy. You sent a rank amateur to do a job you knew I wanted myself. We’re talking about the man who killed Mom and you didn’t trust me. Shame on you.
Carrie   To fathers.
Jarod   To fathers.
Carrie   You know the last time I talked to my dad he mentioned seeing an old friend who had recently arrived in the Arctic.
Jarod   My dad.
Carrie   Mn-hmmm. He admired your dad a lot Jarod. His courage and tenacity. They were workin’ together toward exposing the research being done up there. God I just wish he could have finished what he started.
Jarod   Carrie your father’s death won’t be in vain. I promise you. But in order to stop what’s going on I have to find my father and help him. Did he say anything while he was here that could help?
Carrie   He spent most of his time reading files and working on his laptop. Most of all he loved to fly though. He said it was his one release.
Jarod   Sure left here in a hurry.
Carrie   Mm-hmm. He rushed back from town, said some strangers were askin’ about him. he said he just had this gut feeling it was time to go. And then he made me promise to ditch his car.
Jarod   You have his car?
Carrie   Find something?
Jarod   Yes. The one with nothing, and a phone number.
Recorded Message   Pakor Frozen Foods is closed. Our office hours are 8am to 5…
Carrie   What’d you find?
Jarod   Hopefully… my father.
Miss Parker   Sydney, what do you mean you’re not going to North Carolina?
Sydney   New duties beckon.
Miss Parker   Since when isn’t Jarod a priority one for you?
Sydney   I’d love to wax philosophical, but right now I’m busy. And you have a trip to take.
Miss Parker   I’ll call you from North Carolina. Good luck with your new duties Syd.
Mr Parker   I do have an office you know.
Sydney   Gemini. Gemini is not something two people chat about at a urinal on SL 10.
Mr Parker   Gemini?
Sydney   There are very few secrets Mr Parker.
Mr Parker   Unfortunately, that’s a fact. What do you want Sydney?
Sydney   I want Gemini. If it is the reality I know it to be I want to be project coordinator.
Mr Parker   Raines might give you an argument about that.
Sydney   Not even Raines can deny that I am the most qualified.
Mr Parker   There are younger people.
Sydney   And how many have Jarod on their résumé?
Mr Parker   Very good point. I’ll think on it. Sydney, let me ask you something. If Jarod were still at the Centre would you be making this pitch to run Gemini?
Sydney   If Jarod were still at the Centre there’d be no need for Gemini.
Miss Parker   Don’t look so scared sweetie. I’m only twice as mean as I look.
Carrie   Well, it takes a hell of a lot more than high heels to scare me Miss..?
Sam   And you’re sure Jarod’s already left town?
Carrie   Look, like I said, I kicked his butt when I saw him sleeping in there. All right? All he said was somethin’ about headin’ down to Florida.
Miss Parker   Thank you for your time.
Sam   So south Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   She’s lying. We’re heading north.
Voice on Radio   This is Mark in Sector 7. All clear
over here. Over.
Voice 2   Roger that. Checking hallway.
Security   Security breach in East Wing.
Major Charles   Oh my… God in heaven. It’s you!
Jarod   Dad!
Major Charles   Let me look at you. Look at you. It’s been so long.
Major Charles   It’s you!
Jarod   Dad!
Mr Parker   Ah. they found each other. The question is what else did they find?
Brigitte   Jarod’s father hit the jackpot.
Raines   He got into the databank and made off with several disks. The embryo disks.
Mr Parker   Then it won’t be long till they find out about Donoterase.
Lyle   Well, I’m gonna have to tell Big Mutumbo something.
Raines   If I were you I’d come clean about the Centre mistakes and hope for benevolence from Mutumbo.
Mr Parker   Tell him everything’s moving along swimmingly and we look forward to his visit.
Lyle   When in doubt, lie.
Mr Parker   Sweetheart. You go find Jarod and his father hmmmm? Raines, call Donoterase. We transfer Gemini in 24 hours.
Major Charles   Doesn’t look like much but we should be safe here.
Jarod   Looks like all the places that I’ve hid out in over the years.
Major Charles   Like father like son.
Jarod   For years I would lie awake at night…. wondering what you would be like… what you would look like. But all those sleepless nights wouldn’t prepare me for how nervous I feel right now.
Major Charles   I’ve missed you so much. The first few weeks after you were kidnapped we got on by hope and prayers alone. Then it wasn’t long before I realised that if we were gonna find you, we’d have to find you ourselves.
Jarod   All that time running for your lives.
Major Charles   Yeah, it seem that everywhere we turned was just another place to run from Sweepers.
Jarod   I know the feeling.
Major Charles   But bein’ here with you now makes all that pain go away.
Jarod   I really want to see Mom and Emily.
Major Charles   So do I. I’ve been searching for your mother and sister almost as long as I’ve been lookin’ for you. In an attempt to rescue you, I… I was separated from them.
Jarod   What happened.
Major Charles   A woman named Catherine Parker tried to help but things went wrong. The Centre came after me. And when it was safe, I went back. But your mother and Emily were gone. I don’t even know if they’re still alive.
Jarod   But they are. I saw them two years ago.
Major Charles   Thank God. We’ll find them together. There’s something else?
Jarod   Kyle. He’s, uh….
Major Charles   Yeah, I know Son. I heard. I came upon that little town about two days after your brother was gunned down. But I’m proud of you Son. It’s amazing after all you’ve been through that you still have the compassion to help others. I wish I could take some credit for your upbringing…that I could have been there with you.
Jarod   There’s some…. something I have to ask you. Something I was told and I don’t want to believe.
Major Charles   What is it?
Jarod   Did you kill Catherine Parker?
Major Charles   What do you think?
Broots   Donoterase. Does that name mean anything to you?
Miss Parker   Sounds like and Italian mime troupe.
Broots   I was down in the communications room last night and I intercepted a call from Raines to a place called Donoterase. Now he said your dad ordered that Gemini be transferred from there in 24 hours.
Miss Parker   Any clue where Donoterase is?
Broots   Well, I’m working on it. Now this is the surveillance footage from Jarod and his dad. Besides finding Jarod, Major Charles also stole some data disks. And he didn’t seem to mind who saw him do it either.
Miss Parker   Any man who’d walk into the Centre and shoot my mother has the brass ones to do that. Any way to find out what was on one of those disks he lifted?
Broots   Well, I’m running an anonymous sequencing search right now.
Miss Parker   This is a Centre facility?
Broots   Yeah. And the footage comes from a well-buried Centre location in Baltimore. Uh… Bearded by the name of Pakor Frozen Foods.
Miss Parker   Pakor. My mother referred to that name in the memo that she wrote about Project Gemini.
Broots   Exactly. But why would Jarod’s father be interested in Gemini? And what does this have to do with your mother?
Miss Parker   I wish I knew. What?
Broots   Data from the disks he stole.
Miss Parker   Broots.
Broots   Succotash isn’t the only thing frozen in there.
Miss Parker   What kind of nightmare is this?
Major Charles   Hey, wake up. It’s okay. You’re just havin’ a bad dream.
Jarod   I’m sorry. I… I’ve never been much of a sound sleeper.
Major Charles   Well, what I found probably wont help. I broke the code on one of the disks I stole. The Centre’s outdoing themselves.
Jarod   Pakor Frozen Foods is a biological storage facility.
Major Charles   Body parts, foetal tissue. Cows, sheep, horses. You name it. It’s Old MacDonald’s farm from hell.
Jarod   And Old MacDonald.. there’s human embryos. Oh God.
Major Charles   What is it?
Jarod   A year ago I went searching for my past and it led me to the fertility clinic that you and Mom went to get pregnant. I found out it was owned by the Centre.
Major Charles   My God. The doctors took your mother’s eggs.
Jarod   My guess is the Centre has them on ice somewhere at Pakor Frozen Foods.
Major Charles   Gemini. I don’t know what it all means, but it’s all happening at a place called Donoterase.
Miss Parker   You found Donoterase?
Broots   Yeah, and one thing’s for sure. The Centre didn’t want anybody to know about it. It’s only about 15 miles from here. That’s where they’re gonna transfer the Gemini from.
Miss Parker   And if we figured it out, so have Jarod and his old man.
Major Charles   The Centre database was specific on this location but there’s nothing here.
Jarod   That’s just what they want people to believe. This is Donoterase?
Major Charles   I don’t get it. What is it?
Jarod   Tyre tracks. Dual rear wheels.
Major Charles   Transportation vehicles.
Jarod   The question is, what are they transporting and where is it going?
Sweeper   Hey. What are you doing here?
Major Charles   I’m not as old as you think. What do you think Old MacDonald’s up to?
Raines   Time to transport him. What are you doing here?
Miss Parker   Did you really think you could keep me from finding out about Gemini? Let me tell you a little secret about myself. I love to be underestimated. So, are you gonna tell me what’s goin’ on here, or are we gonna do this dance?
Major Charles   What are they?
Jarod   Designer livestock.
Lab guy   Hey! What are you guys doin’ in here? Hey!
Miss Parker   You gotta be kidding me.
Raines   Get ’em!
Miss Parker   Move! Move!
Major Charles   You all right? Who was that boy? You looked like you saw a ghost.
Jarod   Not a ghost. That boy is me. They cloned me!
Major Charles   Let me help you. I’m just gonna put a field dressing on it. Then when we get somewhere safe, I’m gonna clean and redress it.
Jarod   Where we headed?
Major Charles   As far from the Centre as possible.
Jarod   We have to go back.
Major Charles   No Jarod, you’re hurt.
Jarod   I’m fine. We have to go back.
Major Charles   No, I’ve been searching all my life for the family the Centre took from me. And after all these years, I’m reunited with my son. I’m not about to risk losing you again.
Jarod   This isn’t about me, its about him.
Major Charles   I don’t know who or what he is.
Jarod   He’s a boy, and he’s part of us.
Major Charles   I’ve known the Centre to do some unspeakable things but to create a child… how were they even able to do it?
Jarod   Years ago, they asked me to perform a cloning simulation. A cell containing the DNA blueprint of the desired organism is fused into a host ovum. The newly fertilized egg develops into an embryo and then it’s implanted inside a surrogate mother.
Major Charles   That’s why they had you mother’s frozen egg cells.
Jarod   They implanted my DNA into her egg, knowing that it wouldn’t reject it.
Major Charles   It should never have happened.
Jarod   But it did. Regardless of how that boy came into this world he is here, and he is our family. We can’t let the Centre possess him like they possessed me.
Jarod   We need help from the inside. Do you know anyone in the Centre who you can trust?
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   Please tell me that you had nothing to do with this.
Sydney   With what?
Jarod   They took my genetic material and like I was some kind of farm animal, they cloned me.
Sydney   There were rumours, of course, but … I didn’t want to believe them.
Jarod   Well, believe it. I saw him, I saw me. It was like looking into a mirror, only the reflection was 20 years younger.
Sydney   My God. This is beyond words.
Jarod   Sydney, you’re the only person at the Centre we can trust. Please help me.
Sydney   I’ll do what I can.
Lyle   He’s magnificent.
Mr Parker   Well, he’s a little nervous. He’s never been outside of Donoterase.
Miss Parker   No wonder secrecy has always been the key to Gemini. And no wonder Mother was against it.
Mr Parker   Angel.
Miss Parker   Don’t angel me. They all knew about this and I didn’t.
Mr Parker   It was a Triumvirate directive. Eyes only. Hell, I’ve only known about it a little while myself. He’s an amazing specimen though isn’t he?
Miss Parker   Is there no depth to which we won’t sink?
Mr Parker   What’s bothering you.
Miss Parker   You let Raines play God.
Raines   Your father doesn’t let me do anything. Gemini has always been mine. Gene manipulation, cloning, it’s the cutting edge of technology. Welcome to the new millennium Miss Parker. We’re 20 years ahead of the sheep clones we hear about on the news.
Mr Parker   We’re producing the finest beef at our place in Argentina. Each one designed to be exactly the same. Now that is progress.
Miss Parker   Daddy, Raines didn’t design a better Big Mac. He designed a human being.
Sydney   Oh my God. He is young Jarod.
Miss Parker   Sydney, don’t tell me you knew about this too.
Mr Parker   Only four of us knew about this. And Mutumbo’s people at the Triumvirate. Sydney I’ve been thinking about your request and uh, we’re gonna do it.
Sydney   I’m overwhelmed sir. thank you.
Raines   What request?
Mr Parker   I’m making Sydney project coordinator on Gemini. I want him to find out how he compares to the original Jarod.
Raines   There is no way he’s going to testmy Pretender.
Mr Parker   The boy doesn’t belong to you Raines. He belongs to the Triumvirate. And before we deliver him I want a performance comparison done by the man who knows more about Jarod than anybody else!
Miss Parker   Sydney, you’re not really gonna participate in this.
Sydney   Parker please. My name is Sydney. I’ll be taking care of you for a while.
Jarod   What is this place?
Major Charles   An old hunting shack. You me and your mom were campin’ near here when you were a boy. A big storm came up and washed out the road. We had to take shelter here till it blew over.
Jarod   That’s funny.. I don’t remember.
Major Charles   I didn’t see it before, but it’s still here.
Jarod   What?
Major Charles   The scar. You were entertaining your mom. You climbed up on that ladder, trying to take her mind off of the storm, and fell. You cut your back. It was just the three of us for two days. It was like we were the only people in the world. It was only about a week before the….
Jarod   The Centre took me.
Major Charles   Jarod. Catherine Parker told me some things. Some awful things happened to you at the Centre.
Jarod   It doesn’t matter now.
Major Charles   It matters to me. What did they do to you?
Gemini   I can’t do it Sydney! I can’t figure it out!
Sydney   You have to.
Gemini   How much oxygen is left?
Sydney   Less than 48 hours.
Gemini   What caused the explosion?
Sydney   We don’t know.
Gemini   Fuel?
Sydney   You’ve shut down your gauges. Data is sketchy but little.
Gemini   Oxygen?
Sydney   You’ve asked that already. Now focus!
Gemini   There’s nothing that can save us.
Sydney   It is your job, it is your duty to save your crew!
Gemini   No! I can’t do it.
Sydney   Of course you can! Shut down now and we all die. You too!
Gemini   Wait a minute, I can use the gravitational pull of the moon to help get us back.
Mr Parker   Pretty good.
Sydney   I knew you’d save us all if you wanted to.
Raines   He did well, 85 seconds quicker than Jarod’s record doing the same sim.
Sydney   But factoring in the technological awareness available to the boy his accomplishment only just matches Jarod’s.
Mr Parker   Either way, it certainly proves his capabilities. I can’t wait to show him to Mutumbo.
Miss Parker   You sound like horse trainers talking about your prized three-year-old.
Brigitte   Another one of your morality issues?
Miss Parker   Like you’d know anything about morality.
Sydney   Oh Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   No Sydney, don’t you even talk to me. I can’t believe you’d even participate in this. What is it? A chance to relive your twisted experiments of your youth? You know what they must have done to create that boy. Do you want your experiment back so badly that you’d take his replicant instead?
Sydney   Miss Parker, you don’t understand.
Miss Parker   You’re right. I hope I never do.
Raines   His inception was flawless. I even think your mother would have agreed that the entire Project Gemini has been run completely above board.
Miss Parker   Above board my cute little ass.
Broots   Miss Parker, I don’t really feel comfortable discussing that subject.
Miss Parker   Cloning?
Broots   No, your cute little…. Yes cloning. And I can’t believe Sydney would be involved in this mess.
Miss Parker   Yeah well, nothing around this nuthouse surprises me anymore.
Broots   You could say that twice.
Miss Parker   Well, they didn’t keep Gemini from me because there was nothing to hide. I’m gonna find out the truth- what really happened.
Broots   And I guess I’m gonna help you hmmm?
Miss Parker   You bet your cute little ass.
Broots   I rerouted the sensors so we should have half an hour before anyone finds out were down here.
Miss Parker   Since we don’t have much time why don’t you keep your eyes open and your mouth shut?
Broots   That’s fine with me. Cause I don’t want to be down here anyway.
Miss Parker   Check it out. This must be where they kept him.
Broots   Wow. Not much of a place to spend the first 14 years of your life is it?
Miss Parker   Nice view.
Broots   Miss Parker, over here.
Miss Parker   Specimen Anomalies Dissection Storage. What does that sound like to you?
Broots   Oh, a freak show I don’t want any part of. What’s that smell?
Miss Parker   Formaldehyde.
Broots   Oh, that’s never a good sign. Oh God.
Miss Parker   What are they?
Broots   Oh… I … I think they’re the ‘befores’.
Miss Parker   Before what.
Broots   Before they figured out what they were doing. The same thing happened with the early cloning of sheep and other mammals. They didn’t just re-create Dolly the Sheep after the first try. She was like the 375th.
Miss Parker   What happened to the first 374?
Broots   They ended up like this, mutations. Only they weren’t human. Oh look at this. Its got the body of a boy and a face like … Colonel Sanders.
Miss Parker   Its called progeria. Its a genetic defect that causes accelerated aging in children. They can be seven years old but their bodies are a hundred.
Broots   Oh no.
Miss Parker   Broots!
Broots   I’m sorry. Ew! Look at this place. Raines was playing God.
Miss Parker   And he unleashed the devil.

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