3-01 Crazy

3-01 Crazy


I was raised by a place called the Centre. Think hell, with nicer furniture.



I was raised by a place called the Centre. Think hell, with nicer furniture.


Original air date: October 17, 1998

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell, Lawrence Meyers & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

In the aftermath of the explosion at the Centre, Miss Parker makes some shocking discoveries while Jarod helps a woman who is being heavily sedated and kept in a mental asylum.

Jarod’s Discoveries:

Jarod’s Occupations: Mental Patient,State Trooper, Psychiatrist, Janitor

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod,  Jarod Raines,  Jarod Ratchett,


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod impersonates a mental patient in hopes of unraveling a mystery. Meanwhile, Miss Parker searches for the identity of her brother.


Workers comb through twisted metal and charred debris in their search for survivors of the blast that rocked Center SL-27 (see previous season’s cliffhanger).  They discover a human hand protruding from the debris.  Meanwhile, Mr. Parker and his daughter, who survived the explosion thanks to some torsion barriers, get back to the business at hand.  Mr. Parker tells his daughter that the Triumvirate is calling for a shift in strategy… and is adding a new player to help hunt down Jarod.  Shortly thereafter, the pair examines DSA footage, taken at a Center records lab, of Jarod in a crazed state of mind.

Meanwhile, in Towson, Maryland, a straight-jacketed Jarod, his identity unknown, is tended to by an orderly named Jimbo Hanson.  Jimbo escorts his patient to an office, where he is met by Dr. Carla Goetz and Dr. Randall Blythe.  Jarod tells Goetz about his upbringing at the Centre.  But his incredible tale is met with disbelief.

Miss Parker learns that the body found in the debris is not Sydney, but Gar the Sweeper.  Miss Parker notices Raines performing unusual activity in the Centre’s renewal wing.  She decides to investigate.  She discovers Sydney in a holding wing, his features gaunt and hallow, his eyesight gone.  Sydney explains that he has been subjected to “re-education”… but insists he would plant the bomb again to save the little boy.  Later, Parker and Broots visit the Centre records lab.  They determine that Jarod accessed files on Miss Parker’s mother and his own father, looking for some connection between the two.

It turns out that the “new player” Mr. Parker referred to is none other than Mr. Lyle.  Miss Parker is stunned.

While inside Goetz’s office, Jarod accesses a file on Mary Blake, a fellow patient at the asylum.  Newspaper clippings detail Mary’s escape from the facility, along with a second patient, Erica Michaels.  The articles reveal that Mary was apprehended after she attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge.  Erica’s whereabouts are unknown.  Later, Jarod crawls through air ducts and accesses Mary’s room.  Jarod shows her a photo of Erica, whom she recognizes.  She notes that Erica wore a pretty bracelet.  Jarod tells Mary to stop taking her medication, as she is being sedated to make her forget some past event.

Mr. Lyle accidentally cuts his thumb on the sharp edge of a picture frame.  When Lyle is out of the room, Miss Parker collects a bloody tissue he tossed into the trash.  She then collects a blood sample from Angelo, and has Broots run a DNA test to determine if she is related to either of the men.  Later, Lyle tells Miss Parker and Sydney that his report stated that Sydney could not have planted the bomb.  Lyle lays the blame on Gar, the deceased Sweeper.

Jarod slips away from the asylum and reenacts Erica and Mary’s flight into nearby woods.  He finds the bridge from which Mary supposedly attempted to commit suicide.  He then jumps into the lake beneath the bridge.  He finds a car submerged beneath the water, and makes note of its license plate number.  He also finds human remains… a bracelet hanging from the wrist.  Later, Jarod accesses Goetz’s computer and runs a check on the license plate number.  It turns out that the submerged vehicle is registered to Dr. Blythe.

Mary stops taking her medication and regains her memory.  She recalls how Blythe got Erica pregnant, and then wanted the baby to “go away.”  Mary then plotted Erica’s escape.  But their journey was cut short when Blythe discovered them near the bridge.  Blythe knocked Erica unconscious, placed her body in his car, and pushed the vehicle into the water.  Mary jumped into the water and tried to save her friend.  But Jimbo arrived at the scene.  Blythe concocted a story about Mary and a suicide attempt.  He then subjected Mary to heavy doses of medication to keep her from revealing the truth.

Miss Parker and Lyle eventually determine Jarod’s whereabouts.  They set off on the journey to the asylum.  Meanwhile, Jarod tricks Blythe into returning to the bridge.  When Blythe arrives at the scene, he discovers his automobile connected to a tow truck.  Jarod shoves him into the car.  Blythe realizes the inner handles have been removed, trapping him inside.  Jarod lowers the vehicle into the water as Blythe screams.  Later, Jarod assumes the identity of a psychiatrist and escorts Blythe to another mental health facility.  In a crazed state, Blythe claims that Jarod tried to kill him.  But no one at the institution believes his tale.

When Parker and Lyle arrive at the Maryland facility, they discover that Jarod has escaped.  Goetz discovers a sketchpad on Jarod’s bed, a pad containing renderings of Lyle and Miss Parker (confirming his story about the Centre’s existence).  Later, Mary is released from the facility.

Broots tells Miss Parker that the DNA results returned from the lab—and that Mr. Lyle is her brother.

3-01 Crazy

Crazy Transcript



Cleaner   Come on boy. Good boy. Search. Search boy.
Cleaner 2   Diagrams indicate that this is the last unsearched pod. Survivors should thank their lucky stars that the torsion barriers took the brunt. It’s a damn miracle that anything survived this hell.
Cleaner   We’ve got somethin’.
Mr Parker   Give me a hand Angel.
Miss Parker   It’s good to see you’re out of the infirmary Daddy.
Mr Parker   Thanks. Ah! You look tired.
Miss Parker   I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since the explosion.
Mr Parker   Ah. Yes. Oh. Yes. Keep me informed. Disposal team discovered a body in SL-27 last night.
Miss Parker   Sydney?
Mr Parker   It’s too soon to tell. They need more pieces.
Miss Parker   Daddy, if the remains down there are Sydney…
Mr Parker   Forget Sydney.
Miss Parker   I didn’t put this bombing report together as a condemnation. Sydney planted the bomb but he acted out of a misdirected sense of guilt and compassion.
Mr Parker   Misdirected guilt and compassion killed your mother. I will not allow it to kill you!
Miss Parker   What’s going on Daddy?
Mr Parker   The Triumvirate is applying great pressure for a change in strategy.
Miss Parker   They’re not removing me from Jarod’s pursuit?
Mr Parker   No. I would never allow that. Ah ’twas a bloody fight. Most important none of it was yours or mine.
Miss Parker   Then what?
Mr Parker   Well they insist on adding a new player. Their selection is due in tomorrow.
Miss Parker   Is that necessary?
Mr Parker   Desperate times. Centre Records Lab, surveillance feed came through this morning.
Miss Parker   Jarod.
Mr Parker   His body survived the blast. I’m not so sure about his mind.
Jarod   Cree craw toad’s foot.
Jimbo   Help!
Jarod   Cree craw toad’s foot. Geese walk bare foot.
Jimbo   Hold him. Come on!
Jarod   Cree craw toad’s foot. Geese walk bare foot. Cree craw toad’s foot. Geese walk bare foot.
Orderly 2   Who the hell was that guy?
Jimbo   I don’t think he knows. Let’s go.
Jarod   Where are my mom and dad? Where are my mom and dad?
Broots   Did you hear about the body?
Miss Parker   Was it Sydney?
Broots   No! Thank God, no. It was that bleached out sweeper, that guy, Gar.
Miss Parker   Ooh, there’s one less vacancy in hell.
Broots   Oh man. It’s all too weird.
Miss Parker   Tell me about it. I haven’t seen that ghoul in a long week.
Broots   Oh, no one has. I hear that he’s practically living over in Renewal Wing.
Miss Parker   Renewal Wing? That’s for head cases and invalids.
Broots   Well he is sort of both. What, do you think he’s up to something?
Miss Parker   He’s always up to something. Sydney blew up his old playground. I’m going to see if he’s found a new one.
Broots   What, in Renewal Wing? Have you gone crazy?
Miss Parker   Everyone has.
Jarod   Cree craw toads foot, geese walk barefoot. Cree craw toads foot, geese walk barefoot.
Jimbo   Wagon from County brought him in. John Doe. No ID. They found him lassoing Harley’s over at the dairy queen. Kept insisting he was a rodeo clown.
Dr Goetz   Hardly a reason for a straight jacket.
Jimbo   Hey! You’re the shrinks. All I know is that it took six troopers to subdue him.
Dr Blythe   Thanks Jimbo. We’ll manage from here.
Jimbo   Aright then.
Dr Blythe   Well he definitely seems troubled. So let’s give him a comprehensive evaluation and determine the level of security required.
Dr Goetz   Hi there. I’m Dr Goetz. This is Dr Blythe.
Jarod   Geese walk barefoot.
Dr Goetz   We’re both here to help you.
Jarod   Cree craw toads….Where are my mum and dad?
Dr Blythe   Why don’t we start with a name?
Jarod   Jarod.
Dr Goetz   What’s your last name?
Jarod   I don’t know. It changes every week.
Man   You know Mr Raines is looking for you?
Man 2   He wants to see me now?
Man   Yeah.
Raines   Come with me.
Sydney   Who’s there?
Miss Parker   My God! Sydney!
Sydney   Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   I thought you were…
Sydney   Dead? Give them time.
Miss Parker   What the hell have they been doing to you down here?
Sydney   I believe the term is re-education. But I would plant the bomb again to save that child.
Miss Parker   Sydney. There’s nothing I can do to save you from this.
Sydney   I’m not interested in saving myself. Jarod? Was he able to make it out safely?
Miss Parker   In body, yes. Jarod flipped out. Pulled a psycho Martha Stewart at a Centre Records Lab.
Sydney   That’s what I’ve been afraid of all this time. That one day the pressure of living in the outside world and the truth about his past would come crashing down upon him.
Miss Parker   I need your help. I have to bring him in and I need to know what I am up against.
Sydney   The anguish of his cry comes from deep within. Hmmnn.
Miss Parker   Oh Sydney. You can’t see.
Sydney   Call it poetic justice.
Miss Parker   There must be something.
Sydney   Bring me anything Jarod left behind before he did this. They will never let me out of here. And there’s little time. This may be my last chance to help Jarod… or you.
Dr Goetz   Why don’t you tell me who you are and where you came from?
Jarod   You wouldn’t believe me.
Dr Goetz   Try me.
Jarod   I was stolen from my parents as a child and I was raised by a place called the Centre. Think hell, with nicer furniture.
Dr Goetz   Where exactly is this Centre?
Jarod   It’s everywhere. Can I draw a picture? I like to draw.
Dr Goetz   Maybe later. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about this Centre?
Jarod   No windows. No doors. No light. No Hope. They take all that away.
Dr Goetz   They?
Jarod   The ones that decided, what I ate, when I slept, who I saw. When I talked. They decided everything I did.
Dr Goetz   How did they do this to you?
Jarod   They had eyes in every ceiling, every wall. They never blinked. They were always on me, every minute every hour every day of my life.
Dr Goetz   Why’d they do this to you?
Jarod   To control me. I’m a pretender. I can become anyone I want to be. Except I don’t know who I am. I’ve been a shrink before. It’s really very over-rated. You don’t believe me?
Dr Goetz   Only you know the truth.
Jarod   The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. I was a lawyer once too.
Records Officer   Never would have pegged him as a fake. This Jarod you are looking for was a janitor here. A damn good one. Very convincing.
Miss Parker   Always is. I don’t suppose you put together any kind of a missing inventory list?
Records Officer   We’re just a record office really and none of the physical archives are missing.
Miss Parker   And has any data compromised?
Broots   Miss Parker. I’ve found it. Jarod … Jarod tapped into the two ban six file.
Miss Parker   Major Charles. He was looking for his father in Centre records.
Broots   Catherine Parker. He was looking for a connection between his father and your mother.
Records Officer   This is everything he had in his locker. Hope it helps.
Broots   Oh my. Heavy duty drug store.
Miss Parker   Yeah! And the library for the shattered mind.
Broots   Do you think whatever Jarod found out about his father and your mother caused this?
    Flashback to Elevator
Jarod   Miss Parker’s mother was murdered by the Centre. And her father, Mr Duplicity himself, he runs the place. Then there’s Mr Raines the Centre’s answer to Dr Mengele, an emphysema-ridden corpse who drags around his breath of life in a tank.
Dr Goetz   Is there anyone else you want to tell me about?
Jarod   The thumbless man. Mr Lyle. He killed my brother. He killed me once too. And of course, Sydney.
Dr Goetz   Who’s Sydney?
Jarod   Pavlov to my dog, provider, protector, patriarch. He created me. You see I’m extremely valuable to The Centre. And while I search for who I am…. they search for me.
Dr Goetz   He certainly believes it.
Dr Blythe   That’s what scares me. I say keep him restrained and place him in the max security section.
Dr Goetz   Look there’s a tormented little boy inside there. But I don’t think he’s dangerous.
Dr Blythe   Carla! It took six policemen to subdue him last night. Let’s not take any chances.
Dr Goetz   I want to work with him.
Dr Blythe   You will have time. With his paranoid delusions and multiple personalities I doubt he’s ever going to leave this place.
Sydney   Neuro inhibitors, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics.
Miss Parker   Self medicating?
Sydney   Not like Jarod.
Miss Parker   Well the man who destroyed that room is not like Jarod.
Sydney   No.
Broots   Oh, well, “Shedding Light on the Schizophrenic Mind.” “Dementia, The Phantom Within”, “Dementia Praecox”. They’re all
books on the … on the troubled mind.
Sydney   If we’d only gotten to him sooner.
Miss Parker   I wish things were different too Syd. But… but all the pieces to this crazy jigsaw fit.
Sydney   Hm.
Broots   Not this one.
Jarod   It’s okay. My name is Jarod. I’m sorry it took me so long to get here.
Miss Parker   I have a brother out there?
Jarod   I’ve narrowed your brother’s identity down to these two files. One of these files belongs to him. And the other to a boy named Bobby. But you know him better as Mr Lyle.
Miss Parker   I need a drink. A big one.
Miss Parker   Who killed my mother?
Fenigor   Jarod’s father.
Angelo   Miss Parker confused. Scared.
Miss Parker   Are you my brother?
Angelo   Hope.
Miss Parker   Maybe I’m the crazy one.
Broots   Miss Parker! Miss Parker! Miss Parker!
Miss Parker   You’re starting to sound like Dr Fester.
Broots   I’m sorry but I’ve been trying to find you all over this place.
Miss Parker   Well?
Broots   He’s here.
Miss Parker   Who’s here?
Broots   Him.
Miss Parker   Him?
Lyle   I believe him, is me.
Miss Parker   What the hell are you doing here Lyle?
Lyle   I’m here to help you catch Jarod. It’s good to be home again.
Jarod   She looks very sad.
Jimbo   Mary? Yeah, she is. She wasn’t so bad when she first came in here for nervous exhaustion. But one night about two years ago she broke out, tried to off herself. Gotten worse ever since. She should’ve listened to her doctors. You should too.
Jarod   Thank you for releasing me from my shackles.
Dr Goetz   You’re welcome. This is for you. For your drawings. You know, you told me an awful lot about where you came from and all the people that were there. But the one thing you haven’t told me about is Jarod.
Jarod   That’s because I don’t know who I am.
Jarod   Mary. Do you know who this is?
Mary   Erica.
Jarod   Yes.
Mary   She had a pretty bracelet.
Jarod   You ran away with Erica that night.
Mary   Through the woods.
Mary   Run. Erica we have to get away.
Jarod   Erica ran through the woods but she got away?
Mary   Erica’s gone.
Jarod   Where is she?
Mary   Erica’s wet but the water’s so cold. I…
Jarod   Erica’s in the water?
Mary   I can’t find her. Hang on. I’m so near her. I’ve got her.
Jarod   Shh, shhh, shhh shhh shhhh shhhh. Mary. Mary. Mary. Mary, Mary. I want you to listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to
me. I want you to stop taking your medication. It’s been making your mind sick when it’s really not. Someone has been trying to make you forget. It’s very, very important for you remember. Okay? Shhh shh shhh shhh.
Lyle   Clearly Jarod’s crazy. Which, in my opinion it’s the only explanation for his carelessness. The question is why. Why is Jarod gone off the deep end and how did he manage to get…
Miss Parker   Wait, stop. Just the how in the hell did you get back in here?
Lyle   I believe the Triumvirate as well as your father see me as a man who is willing to literally sacrifice his own flesh and blood for what he believes in.
Miss Parker   As opposed to kidnapping, embezzling, murderer?
Lyle   It’s all perspective. Some see a missing thumb, others four perfectly good fingers. I’m having a hell of a time
getting this thing to heal over. But like you said. Sacrifice. You know they actually offered to transplant my big toe to re-create a new
Miss Parker   Nobody recreates quite like you Bobby.
Lyle   Tell me Parker. Exactly what are you willing to sacrifice?
Miss Parker   Well my mother sacrificed more than her thumb. And I am willing to give just as much as she did.
Lyle   Ow.
Miss Parker   Sorry. It would be a shame to lose both of those.
Jarod   Why did Mary jump in the water? She didn’t jump to kill herself. She jumped because Erica was in the water.
Raines   If I were you Sydney. I would eat. I question how many more opportunities you will have to do so.
Sydney   What more Raines? Who’s there?
Lyle   A friend.
Angelo   Ow!
Miss Parker   Sorry. Florence Nightingale I am not.
Angelo   Truth.
Miss Parker   Yes Angelo I am searching for the truth.
Broots   Oh. Oh. Oh, oh, I’m not very good with blood, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   What did you find out? Who brought Mr Lyle back?
Broots   Actually it was your… your father.
Miss Parker   My father wanted Mr Lyle back?
Broots   From what I can find out he…. pulled strings from Europe to Asia to get him re-instated. What in the hell are you doing with this?
Miss Parker   Broots, I want you to DNA fingerprint these samples.
Broots   Okay.
Miss Parker   It’s time I shook the family tree and sees who falls out.
Jimbo   Stay put and stay out of trouble.
Jarod   Thank you for caring.
Jimbo   Give it!
Jarod   Kleptomania is a hard habit to break.
Jimbo   Hm hmmm. Fingers aren’t.
Dr Goetz   You’re hiding something.
Jarod   Why do you say that?
Dr Goetz   Oh, you’re a textbook case Jarod. You did just the right things to get yourself in here. Not too much. Not too little. You didn’t hurt yourself or anyone else doing it. The question is why you want to be here.
Jarod   You’re the shrink.
Dr Goetz   Well it’s not uncommon for released prison inmates to commit offences to return to them to the security of an institutionalised environment. The Centre sounds like such an environment. I just don’t think you want to go back there.
Jarod   No.
Dr Goetz   Which brings us back to why you’re really here.
Jarod   To heal.
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   Did Sydney get his eyes back yet?
Miss Parker   How the hell do you know about that?
Jarod   Calm down Miss Parker. Stress left unchecked creates madness.
Miss Parker   Well then Hitler should have taken up yoga. How did you get out after the blast?
Jarod   Now, if I told you that it wouldn’t be any fun. How did Daddy make out?
Miss Parker   Better than yours will when I find him.
Jarod   Misplaced aggression causes madness too.
Miss Parker   You cause madness Jarod. Or should I call you Freud or Houdini this week?
Jarod   Well that’s what makes me mad Miss Parker. You see I don’t know who I am. But of course you have the same reason for sleepless nights. How does it feel trying to define the branches of your family tree?
Miss Parker   The identity of my brother is my problem.
Jarod   It’s both our problems. Of course the Parker family picnic will never be the same.
Sydney   I’d know that Chanel anywhere.
Miss Parker   Sydney. What are you doing here?
Lyle   We’re working. Together. As a team.
Miss Parker   Whoop-de-do. Just one big happy family huh Syd? I’m sorry I… I must still have some ringing in my ears from that bomb
blast. You remember the blast don’t you Syd?
Lyle   Interesting about that. Upon further review they realised you’d reached the wrong conclusion. Sydney wouldn’t have planted that bomb. It was Gar.
Miss Parker   Gar? Gar couldn’t light a stick of dynamite if he had a road map to the fuse. And why would he?
Lyle   Well, the truth, unfortunately goes to the grave with him.
Miss Parker   Tragedy. But a fortunate one for you Syd, that the Ken doll here corrected overnight the mistakes that my report took a week to find.
Lyle   No the fortunate thing is that the powers that be agree with my findings.
Miss Parker   Would that be the powers from Europe or from Asia?
Lyle   The ones that count.
Miss Parker   Gee Syd. I know you’re blind. I just didn’t realise deaf and dumb came with the package.
Sydney   You don’t understand Parker.
Miss Parker   It’s crystal clear. You sold your soul to save your ass. I just hope you don’t get burned by the guy with the horns and the little red pitch-fork.
Lyle   Ah, you…You know I believe that you are confusing intelligence with guile.
Sydney   We do have work to do.
Lyle   Yes. We, is the operative word. Are you in on this pursuit or not?
Miss Parker   Jarod contacted me earlier. He sounded different, disturbed. I came here to research Centre records of his psyche
profile. To try and understand his behaviour.
Lyle   Great minds. Sydney and I were just exploring Jarod’s dive off the deep end as well.
Miss Parker   Do you think he’s really gone crazy?
Sydney   Maybe he’s pretending to have lost his faculties so as not to stand out from others who have lost theirs.
Lyle   Like in an asylum.
Miss Parker   Well he would certainly fit in around here.
Mary   I’ve stopped taking them like you said.
Jarod   Good girl. Mary I’ve found the car in the water. I found Erica. Mary, do you think you could tell me about the night that you tried to escape?
Mary   Oh ah, I see things, in my head. I’m not sure what to believe.
Jarod   Trust yourself. Dr Blythe doesn’t have control of your mind any more.
Mary   Well, Erica and I had become friends here. She was kind and funny. After a while I … I could tell there was something bothering her. And then she told me.
Jarod   What did she tell you?
Mary   That she was going to have a baby. Dr Blythe gave her the baby. He took advantage of her during her therapy sessions. Dr
Blythe wanted the baby to go away but she was scared. Confused. So I decided to help her escape.
Jarod   So you ran away through the woods but something stopped you.
Mary   Headlights. Doctor Blythe. He called out to her. He said he wanted to talk to her about keeping the baby. I told her not to believe him.
Jarod   She went to talk to him anyway.
Mary   There was no talk.
Mary   It all happened so fast. He hit her so hard she stopped moving. I could see he was panicked.
Mary   I was frozen with fear.
Mary   I didn’t know what to do. Erica in the water.
Jarod   You tried to save Erica but Dr Blythe saw you.
Jarod   You surprised him because he thought that Erica had tried to run away by herself.
Mary   He held me under the water until the car came.
Jarod   The car?
Mary   The orderly.
Jarod   Jimbo? So now he had a witness. He couldn’t kill you so he dragged you out of the water and then he concocted this story about two escaped patients one who got away and the other who was suicidal and incoherent.
Mary   I’m not crazy.
Jarod   No Mary. You are not crazy. Dr Blythe gave you this medication so you would think that you were crazy so that you couldn’t tell your story. But it’s time that someone told the truth, for Erica, and for you.
Jarod   Dr Blythe?
Dr Blythe   Yes?
Jarod   This is Trooper Raines, Maryland state police. Sorry to get you up so early.
Dr Blythe   I’m a busy man. I get up early every day. How can I help you?
Jarod   It’s not what you can do for me it’s more what I can do for you. Good news. We found your car.
Dr Blythe   My car?
Jarod   1994 Mercedes. ZYP 959. A couple of fishermen found it submerged out at Wilson Lake.
Dr Blythe   Did they uh find anything, in the car?
Jarod   Well it’s still too dark to be sure of anything except that it is indeed your car. It is funny though.
Dr Blythe   Funny?
Jarod   It looks like it’s been down there a couple of years but you’ve never missed a registration payment and never reported it missing. I guess you are a busy man.
Broots   In all the psychiatric institutions in North America 20 have John Does admitted in the last few days.
Lyle   Anything?
Broots   Well we’re getting close. We’re down to the last ten here.
Miss Parker   Pleasant Woods Psychiatric Institute. Towson, Maryland.
Lyle   It all seems way too easy.
Miss Parker   Believe it cuckoo boy is there.
Lyle   But why would he leave us a trail that would lead straight to him?
Sydney   It’s simple. It’s Jarod’s way of telling us that he is still in control.
Miss Parker   Bus is leaving. Save you a seat?
Jarod   Erica’s not in there. I gave her the dignity that you wouldn’t.
Dr Blythe   What are you doing out of the asylum?
Jarod   Repaying a debt. For two women. One whose life you stole and the other whose mind you nearly destroyed.
Dr Blythe   You’re mad.
Jarod   Well it’s a mad, mad world. But don’t worry you’re not going to be in it much longer.
Dr Blythe   You’re no patient.
Jarod   And you are no doctor. Just another coward running from the truth.
Dr Blythe   No! Let go of me. Let me out of here.
Jarod   I thought maybe you would like to go for a little ride in your car.
Dr Blythe   Please?
Jarod   Erica didn’t get to plead for her life. Did she? Or Mary, when you began to feed her hallucinogens to make her think she was crazy.
Dr Blythe   You don’t understand. I didn’t have any choice. Please let me out of here.
Jarod   Hmm. No! Three victims. Three ruined lives. One who died, one who has to live with that memory. And an unborn baby who never got a chance. I wouldn’t want all that on my mind when I met my maker. I’d feel like…. you do now right now.
Dr Blythe   Please no, let me out!
Doctor   You know he’s lucky that you came along when you did, Dr Ratched or he would have drowned himself sure enough. But we’ll take care of him.
Dr Blythe   No!
Jarod   He’s suffering from classic paranoid schizophrenia, delusional behaviour and total self-destructive tendencies. I’m ordering full time restraints and complete isolation.
Dr Blythe   You gotta help me, this guy tried to kill me.
Doctor   Sure he did pal. Don’t worry we’ll make sure that he doesn’t hurt himself again.
Dr Blythe   No, he’s not a doctor, he’s a mental patient. I’m the doctor.
Jarod   We’ll be back to do an evaluation in oh….72 hours.
Dr Blythe   Don’t believe him, I’m the doctor. Don’t believe him. I’m the doctor. I am not crazy. I am not crazy!
Dr Goetz   Doctor. Tell me again, where did you say you practiced?
Miss Parker   Our primary clinic is in Delaware which is where Jarod is maintained.
Dr Goetz   Here we are.
Miss Parker   And there he went.
Dr Goetz   Jimbo notify the gate we have a possible escapee.
Dr Goetz   Your family’s very excited about you coming home Mary. You’re gonna to be okay.
Mary   I know I am.
Dr Goetz   Come on.
Miss Parker   I’m the one who missed boy wonder again. Why are you the one who looks like you swallowed a razor?
Broots   Huh, well.. I….I might feel better if I had. Uh….The genetic blood test results on your brother.
Miss Parker   Conclusive?
Broots   Oh Oh yeah!
Miss Parker   Tell me it’s Angelo.
Broots   Well, I wish I could.
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   How’s your sight?
Sydney   My sight is gone for now, but my vision is in some ways clearer than ever.
Jarod   I see you have found a way to survive, again.
Sydney   As have you.
Jarod   It’s a crazy world.
Sydney   You’re not. You’re just lost Jarod.
Jarod   For now. But somewhere out there I’ll find my way. I’ll find out who I am.
Sydney   Maybe I will too.
Driver   Hop in.
Jarod   Thanks.

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