2-06 Past Sim

2-06 Past Sim

Past Sim

I killed a man today Sydney. I killed him as if I’d pulled the trigger myself.


Past Sim

I killed a man today Sydney. I killed him as if I’d pulled the trigger myself.


Original air date: December 13, 1997

Written by: Tommy Thompson

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Mr Lyle secretly uses one of Jarod’s old simulations in order to do business with the Japanese Yakuza mob, a move that ultimately ends up putting his own life in jeopardy.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Magic 8-ball

Jarod’s Occupations: Attorney, Ice Cream Truck Driver

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Darrow


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Lyle utilizes one of Jarod’s simulations to help a Japanese mobster kidnap a murder witness.


Jarod’s attention is drawn to a television news report featuring a story on the abduction of key murder witness Emma Barrett.  Eighteen months earlier, Barrett witnessed the cold blooded killing of her son, Max, who was caught in the crossfire during a shootout involving Yakuza crime boss, Sammy Tanaka.  A van carrying Barrett to a courthouse was commandeered by three men.  During the incident, the van driver was killed and an FBI agent wounded.  As the news story concludes, Jarod, breathless with shock, locates a DSA and places it inside a player.  The footage shows Sydney asking Jarod to construct a rescue scenario identical to the van takeover.  In the DSA, Jarod told Sydney that in order for his plan to work, the van driver would have to die.

Jarod phones Sydney and tells him he feels as if he is responsible for the driver’s death and the abduction of Barrett.  Sydney assures him the Centre is not in the kidnapping business.  Jarod grows enraged, assuring Sydney that Barrett will not be the next casualty.

Jarod assumes the identity of a Department of Justice attorney.  He meets with Jessica Kline, who represents the still-missing Barrett.  She arranges for Jarod to interview the agent wounded in the attack, a man named Gillson.  He describes how he returned fire when the abductors stormed the van.

Parker and Sydney approach Lyle and demand an explanation regarding the underhanded plot.  Lyle explains that he has decided “to expand the Centre’s scope of operations.”  As a result, the Centre stands to collect a large sum of money from the Yakuza in exchange for the kidnapped Barrett.

Jarod returns to the scene where the abduction transpired, believing Barrett is being held somewhere nearby.  His suspicions prove correct: He sees three gunmen load Barrett into a van and disappear into the night, nearly running him down in the process.

Jarod phones Sydney with word that Barrett is being held captive by Center operatives.  He asks Sydney for his help.  Meanwhile, Mr. Raines informs Miss Parker about an upcoming meeting between Lyle and Sammy Tanaka’s son, Tommy.  Parker, who speaks fluent Japanese, translates the conversation between Lyle and Tommy.  Tommy insists Parker be present when he pays the 10 million dollars for Barrett.

Broots receives assistance from an unknown source during a custody battle to keep his daughter.   Later, he receives an unexpected visit from Jarod himself…and puts two and two together.  Jarod tells Broots he needs his help in finding the location of the kidnapper’s lair.

Raines gives Parker an access code that will override Lyle’s own code when the 10 million dollar transaction transpires, thereby transferring the money into another account.  When the exchange goes down, Parker uses her laptop to relocate the funds.  Unbeknownst to her, someone else overrides her code.  The entire exchange falls apart when Jarod sneaks inside the kidnapper’s lair and makes off with Barrett.  Later, Barrett describes how the kidnapping went down, and mentions how Agent Gillson never pulled out his weapon.  Jarod realizes Gillson is working for the Yakuza.

Lyle arranges a security seal around the Federal Courthouse in an attempt to snare Jarod when he delivers Barrett in the morning.  Meanwhile, Raines tells Parker that the Triumvirate has grown tired of Lyle’s leadership…especially his dealings with Tanaka.  Suddenly, Mr. Parker steps from the shadows.  He admits that he has been part of the plot against Lyle from the very beginning, and has been working with Raines to pull it off.  Miss Parker is stunned.  She realizes that the Yakuza now believe Lyle stole their money…placing him in great jeopardy.

Jarod creates a diversion and slips past the security seal at the Federal Building.  He delivers Barrett to Jessica Kline in the nick of time.  He then converses with Gillson within earshot of Sammy Tanaka, making it seem as if Gillson was working for the FBI all along.  Gillson later confesses to the abduction.  Miss Parker and company rush into the court room, but Jarod identifies them as fugitives to two court officers, creating a diversion that allows him to escape.  Later, two Yakuza hit men begin tailing Mr. Lyle.

2-06 Past Sim

Past Sim Transcript


Kid   Ice cream.
Kevin   Hey Jarod.
Jarod   Hey Kevin, can I get you the usual?
Kevin   My mom thinks you should get a medal for gettin’ rid of that other ice cream man. She says that anybody that would sell drugs to little kids should be put under the jail. She thought it was funny that’s where you put him.
Jarod   I was happy to help. Hey what’s that?
Kevin   Magic 8 Ball.
Jarod   Magic?
Kevin   Shake it up, ask it a question and it tells you the future.
Jarod   Really? Can I try it?
Kevin   Go for it.
Jarod   Will I ever find my family?
Kevin   What did it say?
Jarod   Better not tell you now. Hmmm.
TV   I’m standing in front of the federal courthouse in the aftermath of what appears to be the well-executed abduction of key murder witness Emma Barrett. Now, eighteen months ago, Barrett, 37, witnessed the cold-blooded killing of her son Max, an innocent bystander caught in the cross fire of a violent shootout involving ruthless Yakuza crime boss Sammy Tanaka. In what federal agents are describing as a preplanned surgical-type strike, the van carrying Ms Barrett to testify against today was the third vehicle in a heavily armed motorcade.
Sydney   The victim will be riding in the third vehicle of a heavily armed motorcade.
TV   Several witnesses here today say that the scene was unbelievable, like something out of a movie. Blue smoke grenades were detonated on both sides of the plaza.
Jarod   Coloured smoke grenades could be detonated here and here.
Jarod   Why was this person kidnapped?
Sydney   That’s not important. But I need you to continue with the rescue plan.
Jarod   Because the victim is located in a transport vehicle here I would suggest a second and third scenario. Automatic weapon fire from behind the building over here and a staged auto accident somewhere here. That would leave the transport vehicle vulnerable to assault.
TV   The strike on the van today was followed by two other scenarios, automatic gunfire around the courthouse perimeter and a staged car accident, all drawing attention away from the transport van containing the State’s key witness. We do have two reported wounded at this point. They are Special Agent Russell Gillson and the driver of the van, Agent Jeffrey Edwards. A reporter on the scene….
Jarod   It’s still flawed Sydney. In order for the rescue to succeed the van driver will have to die.
TV   We’ve just received information from Memorial Hospital that the van driver, Agent Jeffrey Edwards, has died. Edwards was 35 years old and is survived by a wife and two young sons.
Jarod   The van driver will have to die.
Jarod   Oh my God.
Jarod   The van driver will have to die.
Jarod   What have I done?
Jarod   I killed a man today Sydney. I killed him as if I’d pulled the trigger myself.
Sydney   Jarod.
Jarod   Simulation 2578. You told me it was a rescue scenario. Then I see it used in the killing of a federal agent and he abduction of an innocent woman.
Miss Parker   The Centre is not in the abduction business.
Jarod   Well, you tell that to Emma Barrett. It’s Lyle isn’t it?
Miss Parker   What are you talking about?
Jarod   I’m talking about lies. I’m talking about how innocent people have died because of the way you use my simulations. You used me! Well, no one is going to die anymore. If it’s a war the Centre wants, it’s what you will get. But I promise you, Emma Barrett will not be the next casualty.
Mr Parker   Something on your mind?
Miss Parker   We just received a phone call from Jarod.
Mr Parker   Calling to turn himself in I hope.
Miss Parker   Well, he claims that the Centre’s involved in the abduction of a key witness who saw her 10-year old son murdered.
Mr Parker   Who did the killing?
Miss Parker   A Yakuza crime boss, Sammy Tanaka.
Mr Parker   Sounds dangerous.
Miss Parker   Jarod claims that the abduction was based on a simulation created just before he escaped the Centre, but I assured him that the Centre isn’t involved.
Mr Parker   That may have been a mistake.
Miss Parker   Don’t tell me the Centre is now slumming with any criminal that waves enough green?
Mr Parker   Well, it’s not the same now that Mr Lyle is, Mr Lyle.
Miss Parker   Then stop him. We’ll stop him. Daddy, you helped build this place. You cared about what it stood for. How can you just turn your back on that like it never existed?
Mr Parker   Things were just different then. Maybe it’s time for a younger lion to roar. Mnn.
Man’s voice   Shot’s fired! Shots fired!
Jarod’s voice   A series of diversions. A staged auto accident.
Man’s voice   Shot’s fired! Shots fired!
Jarod’s voice   Automatic, automatic weapon fire.
Man’s voice   I’m hit!
Jarod’s voice   Coloured smoke grenades could be detonated… leave the van vulnerable to attack.
Man 2   They’ve got Barrett! They’ve got Barrett.
Jessica   Mr Darrow? Jessica Kline.
Jarod   Call me Jarod.
Jessica Kline   The DOJ’s office in Washington called and said you’d be coming in. I didn’t realise it would be so soon.
Jarod   There’s a lot of work to be done.
Jessica Kline   I know most of the attorneys in the DC office. How long have you been assigned there?
Jarod   Actually I just started today.
Jessica Kline   Stepped right in the middle of it, didn’t you? This has Sammy Tanaka and the Yakuza written all over it.
Jarod   You represent Emma Barrett?
Jessica Kline   Yes. Ms Barrett has been through so much, the loss of her son and for over a year, that woman has lived in fear and isolation. And now this.
Jarod   Why has the case taken so long?
Jessica Kline   You’ve read the folder on Sammy Tanaka. DOJ’s been trying to nail him for 10 years. And the honchos in Washington wanna make sure we’ve got our act together before this case sees the inside of a courtroom. Would you like to question the agent involved?
Jarod   Very much.
Agent   What else can you tell me about the shooter?
Russell   He was Caucasian, white hair, about 35.
David Chase   What about the others?
Russell   I didn’t get a good look. No, the eyebrows were thicker. That’s it.
Jessica Kline   Russel Gillson. How you feeling?
Russel Gillson   I’m so sorry Ms Kline.
Jessica Kline   Jarod, this is Agent Russell Gillson. Jarod is another lawyer from DOJ.
David Chase   David Chase, field agent, FBI.
Jarod   Agent Chase, Agent Gillson. I was wondering if I might ask you some questions about the Emma Barrett abduction.
Russel Gillson   it all happened so fast, it was kind of a blur.
Jarod   You told the police there were three gunmen.
Russel Gillson   Yes sir. They were carrying automatic weapons, Asian make I think. I just wish I could’ve gotten off a few more rounds.
Jessica Kline   You were able to return fire?
Russel Gillson   Yes ma’am, but it was too late. By then, Jeff, Agent Edwards was shot. The service teaches you to detach yourself emotionally, but, the truth is… I’ll never forget the look on his face while he was dying.
Agent   All right, let’s go, Tanaka.
Jessica Kline   Speak of the devil.
Russel Gillson   Tanaka’s killed one too many this time.
Agent   Move it on. Let’s go.
Jarod   Well, thank you for your time. Take care of your shoulder.
Russel Gillson   Yes sir.
Lyle   No sir, the deal is progressing as designed. Yes, if things continue as planned the Centre can expect a significant deposit in 48 hours. Yes sir, I understand the delicate nature of this particular operation. And I personally assure you success. Adieu. Those vertical pieces of glass behind you are called doors. Polite people knock before they open them.
Miss Parker   Why is the Centre doing business with drug dealers and murderers?
Lyle   You’ll have to be more specific.
Sydney   Sammy Tanaka. Why weren’t we informed about the adduction of Emma Barrett?
Lyle   I don’t know the woman.
Sydney   You’re a liar.
Lyle   Is he taking steroids?
Miss Parker   We know about your corruption of Simulation 2578.
Lyle   You two have been busy. I’ve decided to expand the Centre’s scope of operation. Beyond that I can’t discuss it, security reasons.
Miss Parker   Jarod will take the use of his simulation as a personal attack.
Lyle   That sounds like a threat.
Sydney   To involve Jarod as an accessory to murder and kidnapping, that is asking for retribution the likes of which you cant even imagine.
Lyle   I’ll take that under advisement. You don’t have to knock when you leave.
Broots   Well, uh, that was pretty terrible.
Mrs Broots   What are you complaining about? You got what you wanted. You got the kid.
Broots   You gave me no choice, and you know it.
Mrs Broots   I just wanna know how you knew that I took your precious child support money and went to Vegas.
Broots   I didn’t.
Mrs Broots   Well, somebody knew, and they told the judge. That’s how come you won.
Broots   Wait a minute. I don’t think anybody won here. You knew this would happen if you didn’t change your lifestyle.
Mrs Broots   I don’t care about this, I’m upset about Atlantic City.
Broots   Atlantic City?
Mrs Broots   Do you have any idea how much a bus fare to New Jersey costs?
Broots   There, don’t gamble it away like you’ve done everything else in your life.
Mrs Broots   I don’t do that anymore.
Broots   What? What?
Broots   Here, in case you get hungry.
Mrs Broots   Gotta go, be a good kid.
Broots   Come on. Everything’s gonna be all right. Come on.
Jarod   The loss of a child, I couldn’t even imagine.
Jessica Kline   I doubt Tanaka is losing any sleep over the Barrett boy. He’s as ruthless and cold-blooded as any man I’ve ever met.
Jarod   According to Tanaka’s file, he’s been linked to over a dozen murders, but he’s never been convicted.
Jessica Kline   Men like Sammy Tanaka insulate themselves from the act. They push buttons and people die. Until Max Barrett and his mother stepped out from that pet shop.
Jarod   What happened?
Jessica Kline   Tanaka’s temper got the best of him. He got crossed in a drug deal by a wannabe Vietnamese heroin dealer, big mistake.
Jarod   That doesn’t sound very smart.
Jessica Kline   Sammy Tanaka may wear $5000 suits and drives a Rolls Royce, but underneath it, he’s still just a hothead punk from Tokyo. He caught the guy on the sidewalk and opened fire. An innocent boy killed by Tanaka’s bullet, coming out of the wrong pet store at the wrong time. Emma Barrett was the only person to actually see Tanaka pull the trigger.
Jarod   Do you still think she’s dead?
Agent   If she doesn’t, the FBI does. The Bureau’s decided to pull all but the minimum number of agents off the Barrett case.
Jarod   Why?
Agent   Waste of time and manpower. The woman was probably dead before she was ever taken out of that van.
Jarod   Then where is her body? Why take her at all if killing her was the objective?
Agent   It’s been 24 hours. We haven’t heard a word. I’m sorry.
Sydney   And once the victim has been isolated by the friendly forces, what then?
Jarod   Well that would depend upon the remaining strength of the kidnappers. The best scenario would be to relocate the victim within a one-block radius of the initial assault.
Sydney   And how long should the victim be held in check?
Jarod   24 hours.
Jarod   Excuse me.
Jessica Kline   Late for something?
Jarod   I hope not.
Jarod   Excuse me, have you seen this man or woman?
Man   Mnn-mmm.
Jarod   The rescue victim should be held in a low-profile structure one with a clear front, rear and side access. A low-income hotel would be optimal.
Gar   Bring out the Barrett woman, we’re pullin’ in.
Emma   What are you doing? Where are you taking me? No.
Jarod   Wait wait!
Gar   Run him down! Go.
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   Emma Barrett is still alive. I saw a Centre team transport her out of a hotel less than a block from the original abduction.
Sydney   You’re positive?
Jarod   They shoved her in a van and took off. They nearly killed me. There was nothing I could do.
Sydney   I’m as outraged as you are about this Jarod.
Jarod   Then help me. I need to know where the Centre has taken her.
Sydney   Our Mr Lyle is being very tight-lipped. What do you think they’ll do with her?
Jarod   The Centre will hold her until they’ve gotten their money. After that, her life has no value. Please Sydney. There’s enough blood on our hands already.
Raines   Excuse me for not getting up.
Lyle   I want them off my back.
Raines   Them?
Lyle   Miss Parker and Sydney. They’re asking questions, questions fed by information that could only be supplied by one man.
Raines   Jarod.
Lyle   He was spotted by a Sweeper team last night.
Raines   With due respect, maybe you should re-examine the entire Tanaka scenario. I assume the Triumvirate is monitoring this manoeuvre closely.
Lyle   Don’t tell me about the Triumvirate. I am in control of this situation. Barrett’s been moved to a Centre safe house and I have a meeting with Tanaka’s son in two hours to finalise this deal. I don’t want any more interference.
Raines   You have my complete and total loyalty. Have this placed on Miss Parker’s desk. The information is on its way. I hope she wont be a problem. You know our way. You have my complete and total loyalty.
Jessica Kline   For 13 months you sift and dig and prepare a case from the ground up, when the moment finally comes, it all blows up in your face.
Jarod   What happened?
Jessica Kline   The judge refused to postpone the trial.
Jarod   We still haven’t located Barrett yet.
Jessica Kline   And I quote: It’s not the burden of this court to assure delivery of witnesses. It is the State’s.
Jarod   How long?
Jessica Kline   The trial resumes tomorrow morning at ten o’clock. Without Emma Barrett’s testimony, a child-killer’s going to go free. I’m sorry Jarod, I’m out of cards to play.
Broots   So? How do you like your new home? Pretty cool huh?
Debbie   Yeah. It smells though.
Broots   Smells?
Debbie   Like burnt toast.
Broots   It does? Well, that’s uh, that’s because I, I burn dinner. I mean, every once in a while. It’s uh… I think it’s that stove. That old stove is, it’s kinda… Hey you know, I put up a swing set out in the backyard. You still like the ‘shwing’ don’t ya?
Debbie   I guess.
Broots   Uh, honey? Um, uh, listen. Be careful.
Sydney   She’s a beautiful little girl.
Broots   Oh Sydney! You almost gave me a heart attack.
Sydney   I didn’t want to be seen. It appears that your custody hearing went as you’d hoped huh?
Broots   Oh yeah, yeah it’s uh. Oh listen, thanks for giving the information about my ex-wife goin’ to Las Vegas.
Sydney   What?
Broots   You didn’t tell the judge?
Sydney   Mm-mmm.
Broots   Well then, wh… what are you doing here?
Sydney   I need your help to break into Lyle’s personal files.
Broots   Mr Lyle? Are you… are you nuts? He’s crazy.
Sydney   A life is at stake Broots.
Broots   Yeah, mine. Sydney, I just, I just, I just brought my daughter home. Could you imagine what they’d do to her if they caught me? I’m sorry, but I cant.
Sydney   Congratulations on your daughter.
Broots   Thanks, look um, I’m, I’m sorry.Thanks.
Jarod   Hello Mr Broots.
Broots   Oh my God! Sydney!
Jarod   Is there something wrong?
Broots   Um. I forgot the number.
Jarod   Oh. We have to talk.
Broots   Okay.
Tommy Tanaka   I would like to discuss the final details of the exchange.
Lyle   I’m sorry. The translator was supposed to be here 15 minutes ago.
Tommy Tanaka   I am not accustomed to waiting Mr Lyle.
Miss Parker   He wants to know how an organisation so powerful can be run so inefficiently. Hi Tommy.
Tommy Tanaka   Hi.
Miss Parker   It’s been a while.
Lyle   You two know each other?
Miss Parker   tm and I spent a, uh, long hot college summer in Tokyo.
Tommy Tanaka   You haven’t changed a bit Parker. Tell this buffoon I want to go over the details of tonight’s exchange.
Miss Parker   He wants to finish up the details of tonight’s exchange.
Tommy Tanaka   Once the online transfer of the ten million dollars to the Centre account is complete, I expect receipt of the package.
Miss Parker   He says the ten million wail be transferred online from his account into the Centre’s. Then he’ll take receipt of the package, and I’m guessing – Emma Barrett?
Lyle   Tell him I will personally oversee the transfer.
Miss Parker   Our illustrious pin-head wants to assure you he will oversee the transfer.
Tommy Tanaka   My father has a saying: Never trust a man with a nose as brown at Mt Fuji in summer.
Lyle   What?
Miss Parker   He insists that I be present during the exchange.
Lyle   Fine. Fine. Tell him… that’s fine.
Miss Parker   I think we’ve insulted his masculinity. tm? What happened?
Tommy Tanaka   My father can be a very exacting man when his wishes are not met.
Lyle   What happened to his hand?
Miss Parker   The Yakuza punish by taking the little finger of the offending party.
Lyle   What’s a guy have to do to lose a thumb?
Miss Parker   Good question. See you tonight.
Broots   Do you realise how dangerous this is for me and my daughter?
Jarod   I think I understand danger Mr Broots.
Broots   I feel like I should ask you for your autograph or something. You know? I mean, don’t you think it’s strange that here we are, face to face?
Jarod   Strange? Strange like everything else associated with the Centre.
Broots   Look, um, I, I still don’t understand how you could be responsible for what happened to this Emma Barrett person?
Jarod   They used one of my simulations to kidnap her and now they’re trying to sell her to the man that murdered her son.
Broots   The Centre is doing business with child-killers?
Jarod   I think they’re keeping Ms Barrett in a Centre safe house. I need to access Mr Lyle’s security records to find where that house is.
Broots   I already told Sydney it’s impossible.
Jarod   Sydney? He asked for help with this?
Broots   Yeah. But you see, the thing is, Lyle doesn’t use computers. He doesn’t believe in them. That’s what scares me the most about this guy. Now, anything this important, someone would have to physically get into his office. Oh no, Oh no no. You, you… You don’t expect me to do that?
Jarod   We all need help Mr Broots. Help with the things that are most important to us.
Broots   You sent the information about my ex-wife goin’ to Las Vegas?
Jarod   You’ll be a good father. A child can’t ask for more than that.
Broots   Jarod, I, it’s, I, it’s just too dangerous. I…
Jarod   This is Max. He was the same age as Debbie when he was shot down in the street in cold blood. Help me.
Broots   Jarod.
Raines   The cool air is soothing to my skin.
Miss Parker   Why did you leave this information on my desk about Mr Lyle’s meeting with Tommy Tanaka?
Raines   You seem upset.
Miss Parker   What do you want?
Raines   The same as you, normality. A return to better times. A 10 digit access code. Mr Lyle will have one exactly the same except for the final digit. During the transfer of funds, you will need to enter your code number without being detected.
Miss Parker   You’re gonna steal Lyle’s money?
Raines   No Miss Parker, you are.
Broots   Hello? The, the Eagle has landed.
Gar   Everything’s ready Mr Lyle. Mr Tanaka will enter his access code, the funds will begin to move and then you enter yours to receive them.
Lyle   Let’s just do this.
Tommy Tanaka   Not the illustrious pin-head.
Miss Parker   I don’t blame you. I question his competency myself.
Tommy Tanaka   Parker. I’d rather you entered the code.
Lyle   What’s going on?
Miss Parker   Mr Tanaka would feel more comfortable if somebody else were to enter the access code.
Lyle   Who? Do it.
Miss Parker   Transfer underway.
Tommy Tanaka   All I need now is the property I’ve just paid for.
Miss Parker   Mr Tanaka would like to take possession of his property now.
Lyle   Bring the woman down. Wait wait. The money is moving in and then out of the account. What are you trying to pull?
Miss Parker   What the hell is going on? Who did this?
Sweeper   Jarod.
Miss Parker   Damn it! Jarod’s getting away.
Lyle   Clear that up!
Lyle   Ten million dollars. Add that to the funds lost in Omaha and Jarod has walked away with nearly $30 million in Centre assets.
Miss Parker   Not to mention the 40 million he took during the Wall Street transfer.
Sydney   Which he returned.
Miss Parker   Minus interest.
Lyle   That’s not the point. Jarod’s involvement in this situation has placed me in an extremely vulnerable position.
Sydney   I warned you about the danger of involving him in anything like this.
Lyle   There’s no way he could have know the location of that house without help from the inside.
Miss Parker   Is that an accusation?
Lyle   It’s obvious that a man like Jarod will settle for nothing less than complete justice. I want every Sweeper we have available on the case. Find Barrett.
Miss Parker   And if they cant?
Lyle   Set up a security seal around the federal courthouse. Sammy Tanaka’s trial resumes in the morning at ten o’clock. Jarod will try to deliver Barrett then. I’ve promised the Tanaka family he will not succeed.
Jarod   This place isn’t much Ms Barrett, but I can protect you here. You should eat something. You don’t trust me. I understand. But if I wanted to hurt you I wouldn’t have fought to get you out of that house.
Emma   Then let me go.
Jarod   It’s not safe. I know the men who took you. They’ll stop at nothing to get you back.
Emma   Sammy Tanaka.
Jarod   The men didn’t work for Tanaka. They were going to sell you to him.
Emma   How do I know you wont sell me?
Jarod   You don’t. But he does.
Emma   All I remember is blue smoke filling the van, the sound of gunfire.
Jarod   Did you see Agent Edwards before he was killed?
Emma   Yes, he was a good man. I believe he had children.
Jarod   Two sons.
Emma   Do you have family Mr Darrow?
Jarod   I was separated from my parents when I was very little. I, I’ve been searching for them.
Emma   I hope you find them.
Jarod   How many shots was Agent Gillson able to get off before he was wounded?
Emma   Shots?
Jarod   Yes. He said he was able to return fire before he was overpowered.
Emma   Oh no, you must have misunderstood him. Agent Gillson never even pulled his weapon.
Russel Gillson   I just wish I could’ve gotten off a few more rounds.
Jessica Kline   You were able to return fire?
Russel Gillson   Yes ma’am.
Jarod   Right.
Emma   I’m done Jarod.
Jarod   What do you mean?
Emma   For over a year I’ve been living in motel rooms not even allowed to visit Max’s grave. My son is gone. Nothing’s going to change that. And now a man is dead because he was trying to protect me. A man with a wife and two children. I don’t want any more blood on my hands.
Jarod   And what about your son? Unless you stand up, unless you walk into that courtroom and point your finger at Sammy Tanaka, then none of this mattered. Is that what you want?
Miss Parker   You knew Jarod was going to be at that transfer tonight.
Raines   I was wondering the same about you.
Miss Parker   Save it. You played me like a piano and I’m sick of the tune. This is about burying Lyle isn’t it?
Raines   The Triumvirate has grown weary of Mr Lyle’s leadership. By dealing with Sammy Tanaka he’s left the Centre exposed.
Miss Parker   You didn’t dream this up all by your little self. Who else is involved?
Mr Parker   I am. Let him go, please. I apologise for the secrecy but it was important that you believed exactly what you believed.
Miss Parker   And all that stuff about a younger lion, that was all part of it?
Mr Parker   Yes, for your own protection.
Miss Parker   The money?
Mr Parker   Diverted into a secondary Centre account. At the proper time and thru the proper channels information will be leaked implicating Mr Lyle in the theft and the disappearance of Emma Barrett.
Miss Parker   Why didn’t you just tell me the truth?
Mr Parker   Well, considering everything that happened, I, I didn’t think you’d trust me.
Miss Parker   So, if Sammy Tanaka and his psychos that that Mr Lyle stole their money and their witness?
Mr Parker   It wouldn’t be a very good time to be Mr Lyle. Now would it?
Russel Gillson   My name is Russel Gillson. I am currently a special agent working for the Department of Jus…. I was assigned as personal protection for one Emma Barrett…. Armed men made access into our van containing myself, Barrett and Agent Jeffrey Edwards…. I drew my weapon and fired several rounds in defence…. fired several rounds in defence. Fired… fired…. fired… fired….fired… fired….
Jarod   Bang. You’re dead Agent Gillson.
Jarod   ms Barrett. Wake up, we have to be in court in a couple of hours. ms Barrett? Emma are you awake?
Emma   How did you know I’d come here?
Jarod   ‘Cause this is where I would come if it was my child.
Emma   Max was such a funny little kid. But timid, afraid. There was this big dog that lived in the apartment next door. Everyday, when Max would come home from school this dog would start barking, deep dangerous barking. And Max, he would just stop at the end of the hallway, wait for me to come get him. He was so afraid. That’s when I decided to buy him one of his own. It was my fault we were coming out of that pet store.
Jarod   You had no way of knowing what was going to happen that day. Max loved you and you loved him. That’s all you have to remember. Court begins in less than 2 hours.
Emma   Do you really think Tanaka and those other people are going to just let me walk into that courtroom?
Jarod   As a matter of fact, I do.
Jarod   Kevin, hello, it’s Jarod. Yes, the ice cream man. I was wondering if you might do me a favour.
Sydney   I expected more security.
Miss Parker   Well the FBI must think Barrett’s already dead. He’s got less than ten minutes to get her on that witness stand.
Sydney   Maybe we should look the other way this time Miss Parker. We’re talking about the killing of a child.
Miss Parker   We’re talking about Jarod. This is Parker, give me a status check.
Radio   North access secure.
Radio 2   South access secure.
Miss Parker   I want everybody on their toes. Jarod should be here at any…. What are you two doing here?
Sam   We heard the gunfire and we came over.
Miss Parker   This way, this way!
Sydney   Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   Son of a… He’s already inside. Let’s go, let’s go!
Security   Wait wait! Hold it! Go back, move back!
Judge   In the case of People versus Sammy Tanaka, does the state wish to call a witness?
Jessica Kline   Your honour, the State wishes to request a delay.
Judge   Grounds?
Jessica Kline   I believe the court is well aware that the State’s key witness in unavailable for testimony at this time.
Judge   And I believe Ms Kline, you have been up this dead end street. My ruling stands as posted. Now, do you or do you not have a witness to call?
Jessica Kline   Your Honour, we do not.
Jarod   If it pleases the court, I would like to present Emma Barrett as witness for the prosecution.
Judge   Nice to see you Ms Barrett.
Emma   It’s nice to be here Your Honour.
Judge   We’ll take a five minute recess, then swear in the witness.
Jarod   I would like to thank you Agent Gillson for all your help in bringing Mr Tanaka to justice. I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m DOJ and those people are wanted. Arrest them.
Miss Parker   There he is, Go! Take him! Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding. Let go of me. Jarod? Jarod!
Mr Parker   Did they capture Jarod?
Raines   No.
Mr Parker   Damn it. Well, at least we’ve eliminated one problem. I made it clear to Sammy Tanaka’s people that Mr Lyle is not to be trusted.
Raines   It’s a win-win situation. We take down Lyle and pick up $10 million. Impossible.
Mr Parker   What is it?
Raines   The account’s empty. The money’s gone.
Jarod   Ten million dollars. It’s going to help a lot of people. I just want you to know that I couldn’t have done it without your help. If you hadn’t transferred the funds from the Centre’s secondary account, none of this would have happened. Thank you. Oh, and, uh, enjoy the gift.
Sydney   Will you ever come home Jarod?
Lyle   Yes, you are sir. Perfectly. I assure you that the stolen money is being tracked down as we speak. I understand, I, I prom… I promise you we’ll have no more trouble with Sammy Tanaka or his people. Yes sir.

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