3-11 The Assassin

3-11 The Assassin

The Assassin

Do I look like a hanging out in the woods kind of gal to you?

Miss Parker

The Assassin

Do I look like a hanging out in the woods kind of gal to you?

Miss Parker

Original air date: February 6, 1999

Written by: Tommy Thompson

Directed by: Michael Lange

Jarod helps a young woman trained in covert operation simulations that somehow all made the headline news-much in the same way the Centre used Jarod’s simulations.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Poker

Jarod’s Occupations:

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod assists a woman who is being blackmailed into assassinating a politician. Miss Parker finds herself attracted to a handsome stranger.


Inside a bus station, Jarod plays poker with a ticket counter employee and two obnoxious frat boys, Louis and Zipper.  Claiming he has no more money with which to bet, Jarod removes his Omega watch and places it on the table.  Louis values the watch at some four thousand dollars.  Intimidated, Louis throws his cards on the table, giving up a perfectly good hand.  Jarod wins the substantial pot on a bluff.  Shortly thereafter, a nervous woman, Rachel, enters the station.  Rachel attempts to purchase a ticket on the next bus out of town, but when a sedan pulls up in front of the station, Rachel heads for the bathroom.  A large armed man named Oscar enters the bathroom.  Jarod comes to Rachel’s rescue and knocks her attacker to the floor.  Surprisingly, Rachel’s reaction is one of anger.  She storms by Jarod and walks out the rest room door.  Jarod checks Oscar’s pocket and discovers a snap shot of Rachel.  On the reverse of the photo is a phone number and address, along with the letter/number combination “M2.”

Back at the Centre, Sydney and Broots discuss their plans for the upcoming weekend.  It soon becomes apparent that Miss Parker has no plans of her own.

Using the information written on the back of the photo, Jarod locates—and breaks into—Rachel’s house.  Gun in hand, Rachel confronts the intruder.  Jarod notices a photograph of Rachel’s children nearby.  He wonders about their whereabouts.  Their conversation is interrupted when Rachel receives a phone call.  As Jarod listens, Rachel is instructed to meet the caller at Rock Creek Park at 10 a.m.  Rachel uses the gun to knock Jarod unconscious.  When Jarod awakens, the time is 9:43.  He hurriedly makes his way to Rock Creek Park.  There, Rachel rendezvous with Oscar on a carousel.  Oscar gives Rachel a case, its contents unknown.  He instructs her to take the case to the Chester Hotel, where she is to await further instructions.

Meanwhile, a handsome stranger, Thomas Gates, approaches Miss Parker at a gasoline station as she attempts to purchase cigarettes from a vending machine.  Thomas manages to retrieve Parker’s coins from the broken machine.  After handing her the change, he walks away.  Parker finds herself inexplicable drawn to the man.

Jarod follows Rachel to the hotel.  He opens the case…revealing a high-powered rifle inside.  Rachel tells Jarod she intends to use the weapon to get her children back.  She explains that the C.I.A. recruited her out of college, and was trained in the simulation of covert operations.  But slowly, Rachel began to realize that the government was using the simulations to stage covert operations that became newspaper headlines.  Rachel requested a transfer from the head of M2, a man named Alex Renfro.  Her request was eventually granted, and for ten years, she lived a quiet life.  But ten days earlier, her two children were kidnapped.  Rachel fears that if she disobeys instructions, her children will be murdered.  Jarod runs a background check on Renfro.  It turns out that he, along with all of the other members of M2 and their families, died “accidentally” within 48 hours of a political assassination.  Rachel realizes why she was given the rifle.  Later, Oscar drops by the hotel room and gives Rachel a photograph of Senator Reist.  Oscar tells Rachel that the Senator will be giving a speech at Slaton Hall that evening.  He instructs her to assassinate him.  A short time later, Jarod sees Alex Renfro, who is very much alive.

Miss Parker instructs Broots to run a background check on Thomas.  She again encounters him at the gas station.  This time, he invites her to join him for some stargazing through his new telescope.  Their conversation is interrupted by Brigitte, who calls Parker away.  Brigitte orders Parker not to fraternize with Thomas until a thorough background check has been completed.

Rachel locks Jarod in a closet and makes her way to the convention center.  She climbs upward, onto the catwalk, where she aims the rifle at the Senator’s forehead.  Just as she begins to squeeze the trigger, Jarod approaches.  He convinces her to lower the weapon.

Renfro telephones Rachel when he receives word that she failed to go through with the assassination.  Rachel begs him not to harm her children.  Jarod grabs the phone away from Rachel.  He tells Renfro that he has surveillance footage taken of him outside the Chester Hotel.  He threatens to expose Renfro and his operation unless he turns over the children…and gives him 30 seconds to make up his mind.  Jarod then hangs up the phone.  At the last moment, Renfro returns Jarod’s call and agrees to his terms.  When Renfro hangs up, he instructs Oscar to kill Rachel and her family once the tape has been turned over.

Both parties meet at Rock Creek Park, where the exchange is to take place.  Jarod hands Renfro the videotape and, moments later, the children are released.  Renfro slides the video into a cassette player located in the back of the sedan.  On the tape is Jarod, sitting at a table dealing cards.  Jarod addresses the camera, telling Renfro that he knows M2 has no intention of letting Rachel and her family live.  He states that there is a new player at the table… and that Renfro will not like the hand he has been dealt.  Renfro opens an envelope attached to the tape case… and finds a pair of Aces and a pair of Eights inside.  Renfro realizes they are a “dead man’s hand.”  Moments later, the sound of police sirens fill the air.  Renfro and Oscar are taken into custody.

Jarod telephones Parker and encourages her not to let the Centre take away her happiness.  Later, a casually dressed Parker drives to a wooded area, where she asks Thomas to tell her everything there is to know about him.

3-11 The Assassin

The Assassin Transcript


Woman   Two pair is the power.
Lou   Ah like candy from babies. Well, I’m in for fifty. Zipper?
Zipper   Oh, with a pair of ducks? I’m out.
Lou   How ’bout it, Smokey?
Woman   Very charming. Kiss your mother with that mouth? Fold.
Lou   Well, I guess it’s you and me big time. I’m gonna see the bet. I need kegger money.
Jarod   I’ll see your fifty and I’ll raise you fifty.
Zipper   He’s got the flush Lou.
Lou   Not a chance. Eleven spades played that leaves two left in the deck.
Jarod   You only need one.
Lou   All right I will see your fifty, and bump you two hundred. Oh. Looks like you’re a little light mister.
Jarod   Well, I… I don’t have any more cash with me. I do have my watch. Will that work?
Lou   Let’s see. This is an Omega Seamaster. It’s gotta be worth at least four grand.
Jarod   It’s worth six. And I’ll give it to you for the three hundred and twenty-seven dollar bet and your … hat.
Lou   You want my hat?
Jarod   Mmm hmm. All you have to do is call the bet.
Woman   There’s a reason why they call Aces and Eights a ‘Dead Man’s Hand’, Wild Bill.
Lou   Do you mind, Smokey?
Woman   Excuse me.
Jarod   The watch is ticking.
Woman   Last call for Hartford, Boston and Albany at Bay Seven. All aboard.
Zipper   He’s got the flush Lou. Just cut your losses and get on the bus.
Lou   Shut up!
Jarod   Tick…Tick….Tick….Tick…. Tick.
Lou   Fine, take it.
Jarod   Okay!
Lou   Let’s go Zipper.
Woman   You boys stop by any time.
Lou   Hey mister, did you have the flush?
Jarod   Do you really want to know?
Lou   Nah.
Jarod   Have a good trip.
Woman   Hell of a bluff sweetie. Where did you learn to play cards?
Jarod   I read this book. It’s very good.
Rachel   Excuse me. I need a ticket. Ah, your first thing out, please.
Woman   I’ve got a turnaround to Baltimore leaves in ten minutes.
Rachel   Perfect. Thank you.
Woman   You want to get on a bus, ride for an hour then come right back?
Rachel   A bathroom. Do you have a bathroom?
Woman   It’s in the back.
Goon   Alright Rachel. Time to come out of there.
Rachel   I’m not running away.
Goon   It’s a bus station. This looks very bad.
Rachel   I just need time to think. I don’t… I don’t have any luggage.
Goon   You know what’s at stake here.
Rachel   Yes I know.
Goon   Why don’t you open the door and we can settle this like decent human beings? You’ve got three seconds bitch or I take you where you sit.
Jarod   Hey! I believe this is the ladies room. Ow! You can come out now.
Rachel   Is he dead?
Jarod   I don’t think so.
Rachel   Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?
Jarod   Helped you?
Rachel   Mind your own business. You could get somebody killed.
Broots   We are pleased to announce our engagement. Join us in celebrating our newfound bliss. Oh excuse me but this is whacked with a capital Y.
Brigitte   Boys.
Sydney   It is the Centre. Strange bedfellows, for richer or poorer.
Miss Parker   Anything new from the bus station?
Broots   Uh… We’re still running the information.
Miss Parker   Jarod was all over those surveillance cameras and he never got on a bus.
Broots   Yeah, right. Well, no, I have a team on top of it. Um. Miss Parker. I was wondering if maybe I could get out of here. I uh, have a date tonight.
Miss Parker   A date?
Broots   Yeah, Charlene Reynolds. She works over in Accounting. I… She’s very nice actually. Except for the tooth.
Sydney   I also have plans.
Miss Parker   Another trip to the Chuckle Hut?
Sydney   Mary Winfield. She’s giving a reading from her new book of poetry.
Miss Parker   Sounds like a hoot.
Broots   What are you doing tonight Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   Good night.
Answering Machine   Hi! This is Rachel. The kids and I can’t come to the phone right now. Leave a message and we’ll call you right back. Right gang?  Th.. th… that’s all folks!
Rachel   Are you stupid? Did you forget what I told you?
Jarod   Funny. It’s all coming back to me now.
Rachel   Turn around. Slowly! What are you doing in my house?
Jarod   I got your address…
Rachel   That hand disappears, so do you.
Jarod   My pocket.
Rachel   Where did you get this?
Jarod   Off your friend at the bus station.
Rachel   Did the company send you?
Jarod   The bus company?
Rachel   You want to play games I’m gonna shoot you right here.
Jarod   In front of your children? You have a beautiful family. Where are they?
Rachel   Yes? I wasn’t running. I wouldn’t. You’re telling me he’s not one of yours? No. No. I understand. I said I understand. Please tell me what’s going on? Rock Creek Park, 10am. Oh yes I will. I’ll be there. What’s your name?
Jarod   Jarod.
Rachel   Turn around Jarod.
Jarod   I’d really rather not.
Rachel   Turn around. Have you ever felt completely alone like you’re in a dark room and you can’t find the door?
Jarod   My whole life.
Rachel   That’s what they’ve done to me. They’ve taken away the light. I’m sorry. What am I gonna do?
Miss Parker   What the hell? What do you two want?
Lyle   Think of me as the United Nations holding Peace Talks to avoid a full scale war.
Miss Parker   Don’t worry I would never attack an unarmed person.
Brigitte   You know better than that. Besides I think, baby sister and I can reach an accord on our own, can’t we, luv?
Miss Parker   We can die trying.
Lyle   Thought you quit?
Miss Parker   Actually, I was just about to clean out my desk which is what I would like to get back to if you two don’t mind.
Lyle   You really should get a personal life.
Brigitte   Your father and I have a very special relationship. Someday, I hope you find the happiness that we share.
Miss Parker   How could you let this happen?
Lyle   Hey, it’s just as strange for me as it is for you that our father is marrying Brigitte. Hell I slept with her myself. Look just because you haven’t found happiness… that doesn’t mean that you should deny it to those around you.
Jarod    Ow! Hmm! Ow! Damn!
Man   Hot dogs and pretzels here. Get your hotdogs and pretzels.
Rachel   That bruise looks painful.
Goon   Where’s your hero?
Rachel   What do you want?
Goon   Take the case under the bench.
Rachel   What’s in it?
Goon   Shut up! There’s a room waiting for you at the Chester Hotel, the reservations under the name Andrews. Take the case and wait there.
Rachel   I’ve done everything you’ve asked. Can I at least just see them?
Goon   If it were my call, I’d shoot you in the head right here. I’ll stay in touch.
Thomas   Will she or won’t she? Only her cardiologist knows for sure. You should probably stock up on red meat and doughnuts while you’re at it. I mean, why waste a perfectly good heart attack?
Miss Parker   Have we met?
Thomas   Thomas Gates. Friends call me Tommy. So what do your friends call you?
Miss Parker   I don’t have any friends.
Thomas   Oh. Two years, three months, twenty-one days.
Miss Parker   What?
Thomas   That’s how long it’s been since I’ve had a cigarette. How about you?
Miss Parker   I’ve stopped counting. Damn it!
Thomas   Do you believe in fate?
Miss Parker   Oh please!
Thomas   Come on! A sensible ex-smoker risks her hard-earned two and a quarter to rejoin the nicotine club. A vending machine malfunctions giving a stranger in- in jeans and a Pendleton time to convince her that she doesn’t really want to belong to that club. Fate.
Rachel   Huh!
Jarod   Now why would someone run away from the people they love?
Rachel   Who are you?
Jarod   Someone who’s trying to help you find your light again. And what were you planning to do with this?
Rachel   Get my children back.
Rachel   It was called the M2 project. I was twenty-two when they recruited me from the University of Virginia.
Jarod   They? Meaning the Company.
Rachel   The Company.
Jarod   Why was the CIA interested in college students?
Rachel   We were computer analysts, tops of the class. They took us and trained us in the creation of covert simulations.
Jarod   Simulations?
Rachel   Hypothetical scenarios, kidnapping, sabotage, assassination. They told us the files were being created for training situations.
Jarod   How many people were involved in this M2?
Rachel   Five including me. We all had military backgrounds. I was ROTC.
Jarod   So you can obviously handle a fire arm.
Rachel   My father was a champion target shooter. I was a better shot than him. I started reading stories in the newspaper of bombings, terrorist assaults, political murders and I recognised them from files that we’d thought up. You have no idea what it’s like to know that people are dying from something you thought up.
Jarod   To have so much innocent blood on your hands. I understand.
Rachel   I begged for a transfer and Renfro looked at me like I’d asked him to give up a kidney.
Jarod   Renfro?
Rachel   Alex E. The man in charge of M2.
Jarod   So what happened?
Rachel   I started to ingest small amounts of poison, commercial pesticides, and after a month of throwing up on my desk, Renfro actually signed the transfer papers himself.
Jarod   Where’s your husband?
Rachel   He walked out on us after Zach was born.
Jarod   So after ten years with no contact with anyone at M2, out of nowhere, they take your children?
Rachel   It was ten days ago. I was finishing the dishes. Melinda and Zachary were at the table drawing pictures. I heard a knock at the front door. Not unusual. We get salespeople in our area all the time. Then Maggie, our dog started barking in the back yard. When I heard the knocking again I asked the kids to check on her and I went to answer the door. When I opened it and there was no one there my heart stopped instantly. I knew that something was wrong. I went running to the back of the house and the kids were gone. I got a call a few minutes later. I didn’t recognise the voice but the message was certainly clear. I do exactly what they say or they kill my children. I don’t know who they want me to shoot.
Jarod   They’ll tell you when they’re ready.
Thomas   I think the guy’s in the bathroom. Too much Applejack. Here, let me get that for you.
Miss Parker   I can do it myself. Thank you.
Thomas   So, you live up on Bryer, don’t you?
Miss Parker   Careful. They have stalking laws in this state.
Thomas   I’m restoring a split level just north of you.
Miss Parker   That dump on the hill?
Thomas   There’s nothing quite like discovering a 17th century hardwood floor under a sheet of lime green linoleum.
Miss Parker   I can only imagine.
Thomas   Don’t you have any passions Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   You know my name.
Thomas   People talk.
Miss Parker   “Gates Restoration. Where everything old is new again.”
Thomas   I wrote that myself.
Miss Parker   Move over Hemmingway.
Thomas   Well… you have yourself a nice day Miss Parker. I have a feeling you deserve one.
Broots   So the the camel says, hump her, but I don’t even know her. Hump her? It’s a.. it’s a good joke.
Miss Parker   Broots I need your help.
Broots   That joke always kills.
Miss Parker   Focus, Shecky.
Broots   Okay.
Miss Parker   Thomas Michael Gates.
Broots   Yeah?
Miss Parker   I want you to run him through the system, personal history, family background, the whole nine yards. And I want this information delivered to my office ASAP.
Broots   All right. Who is he?
Miss Parker   The quicker the better.
Broots   Miss Parker did you hear the one about the coyote, the uh jackal and the one eyed armadillo? Oh well.
Jarod   Rachel, I downloaded this picture from the Federal Archives. Do you recognise anyone?
Rachel   That’s Alex Renfro.
Jarod   Hmm.
Rachel   What?
Jarod   I ran a background check on him. He’s suspected in at least half a dozen political assassinations and the FBI had him on their internal top ten list.
Rachel   Why had?
Jarod   Alex Renfro died in a bus crash in Honduras in 1995. I also ran a background check on all the other M2 members. Each one of them is dead along with their families. Each death ruled accidental.
Rachel   Oh my God.
Jarod   Each M2 death was preceded within forty-eight hours by a political assassination.
Rachel   He’s doing the same thing to me.
Jarod   After you do this job, they’re going to kill you and your family.
Jarod   Alright. Let’s go over this one more time. We know that Renfro and the other members of M2 unit are dead. But was there anyone else that you can think of that somehow might have been involved?
Rachel   Nobody.
Jarod   Think hard.
Rachel   Don’t you think I have? Do you have any idea what a nightmare my life has become? Ten days ago I was planning PTA meetings and baking cookies for a bake sale. Now I’m sitting here and waiting for someone to tell me who I’m supposed to kill.
Jarod   I’m sorry. Maybe we should take a little break.
Rachel   Who are you?
Jarod   What do you mean?
Rachel   You- you rescue me in a bathroom like some phantom out of the night. You access classified files like it’s nothing and you seem to feel what I feel even before I feel it. Who are you?
Jarod   I’m just a guy waiting for a bus.
Goon   I’m standing out here like an idiot pizza boy.
Rachel   I was in the bathroom. I’m sorry.
Goon   You’ve the place very homey. Not much of a view.
Rachel   I hadn’t noticed.
Goon   Ooh relax. You look guilty and you haven’t even killed anybody yet.
Rachel   What’s this?
Goon   Open it.
Rachel   Where are you going?
Goon   The bathroom. Do you mind? Senator Sanford Reest. He’s giving a speech at Slayton Hall tonight. He’s arriving there for a rehearsal in exactly one hour.
Rachel   What am I supposed to do?
Goon   We’ve arranged access through a side service door. As Reest finishes the rehearsal you will shoot him once through the forehead. Nice towels.
Rachel   Why?
Goon   Don’t mess up … Mom.
Thomas   Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow. We’re going to have to stop meeting like this. People will start to talk.
Miss Parker   Well, people talk. I don’t usually pay much attention to them myself.
Thomas   That’s good advice. So it looks like we’re going to have a full moon tonight.
Miss Parker   I hear that happens almost monthly.
Thomas   Right. Right. Look I know this is a little abrupt, but uh, I was going to take a drive out to the bluffs and try out my new telescope. Would you like to join me? Was that the worst pick up line in the history of pick up lines? So, so you.. you want to come?
Miss Parker   Do I look like a hanging out in the woods kind of gal to you?
Thomas   Well uh, not in those shoes, no, but uh, you can never tell when people are ready to dive into a new experience. Know what I mean?
Brigitte   Sorry to disturb you Miss Parker, but there’s been a bit of an emergency.
Miss Parker   What kind of emergency?
Brigitte   The personal kind. I’ll see you back at the office.
Thomas   Room-mate?
Miss Parker   I have to go. I’m sorry but this was a big mistake.
Thomas   Look I’ll be up by Old Bridge Road if you change your mind.
Miss Parker   I won’t.
Thomas   Got to kick off those shoes one day, Parker.
Jarod   I would suggest a second and third scenario. Automatic weapon fire from behind the building over here and a staged auto accident here. That would leave the transport…
Jarod   You’ll never guess who I just ran into. What are you doing?
Rachel   Who do you work for? The CIA? The NSA? Who?
Jarod   This isn’t what it looks like.
Rachel   Good because it looks like you’ve been involved in some pretty ugly stuff.
Jarod   Rachel I can explain…
Rachel   I trusted you. I trusted you with the lives of my children.
Jarod   Alex Renfro is alive. I just saw him outside of this hotel. My guess is that he’s behind everything that’s happening to you.
Rachel   Get in the closet.
Jarod   You know what he’s going to do to you after this is over.
Rachel   I’m going to talk to him. Get in!
Jarod   I can help you.
Rachel   I’m going to talk to him. Get in! Don’t make me chose between you and my children.
Jarod   You’re making a mistake.
Rachel   My mistake.
Jarod   Rachel, listen to me! Oh! Damn it!
Miss Parker   What do you think you were doing out there?
Brigitte   My job.
Miss Parker   By spying on me.
Brigitte   By following orders. I have to admit Thomas is cute if you like that blue collar, dirt under the finger nails, butt crack, refrigerator repairman type.
Miss Parker   Why are you still involved in my life?
Brigitte   Your father and I love you very much. We only want what’s best for you.
Miss Parker   Daddy ordered this?
Brigitte   You don’t know a thing about this man. He could be a security risk not to mention a sexual deviant.
Miss Parker   He’s a carpenter.
Brigitte   So he says. Now the point is you are not to have further contact with him until a complete background check is finished.
Miss Parker   Mmm. Was that an order?
Brigitte   From the highest level. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re like them because you’re not. Never forget where you’ve come from Miss Parker. Ever.
Miss Parker   Okay.
Jarod   Excuse me.
Tech   What the hell are you doing here?
Jarod   Is there anything else above the control booth? I’m with security.
Tech   Uh, uh… nothin’ but the catwalk.
Jarod   How do I get up there?
Tech   That way. Ah, Joe, bring the houselights down to a quarter.
Rachel   God, please forgive me.
Jarod   Rachel, don’t do this.
Rachel   Stop. Stop!
Jarod   You asked me once if I knew what it felt like to have innocent blood on my hands. I do. I try to run from it. I spend every day of my life trying to make up for it.
Rachel   I’m afraid.
Jarod   I know you are but if you pull that trigger, if you kill this man, there’ll be no life left for you or your children.
Rachel   I don’t want to kill anybody. I have to.
Jarod   If there is a way to save your children, I’ll find it or I’ll die trying. I promise you that. Please, put down the rifle.
Rachel   You just saved his life. I just killed my children.
Agent   All units, Eagle 2 is on the go.
Agent 2   This is Columbia 5, copy that. Standing by.
Agent   Secure parking lot.
Rachel   Where are we going?
Jarod   I don’t know yet.
Rachel   What do you mean, you don’t know? Hello.
Renfro   I am disappointed in you Rachel.
Rachel   Renfro.
Renfro   Still quite the little problem solver aren’t you? Except you’ve created a sizeable dilemma for your children. Why didn’t you just do as you were told?
Rachel   Please don’t hurt them.
Renfro   That’s out of my control now.
Rachel   I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything.
Jarod   Listen to me, Renfro. There’s a new player at the table.
Renfro   The White Knight from the bus station.
Jarod   I know that you were behind the M2 killings and I know you faked your own death to avert an FBI manhunt.
Renfro   Is this the best hand you have?
Jarod   I have a video tape of you taken this afternoon outside the Chester Hotel. I have Rachel, your last witness. So unless you return the children unharmed I am going to put in a call to the FBI and tell them that you are very much alive. There won’t be a hole on this planet deep enough for you to crawl into. You have thirty seconds to make up your mind.
Rachel   What are you doing? Are you insane?
Jarod   He’ll call back.
Rachel   What if he doesn’t call back? These are my children.
Jarod   Come on.
Rachel   You have more innocent blood on your hands.
Jarod   Speak to me.
Goon   What’s the play?
Renfro   With this guy, cautious. We meet Rachel, the White Knight. Exchange the kids for the tapes. Then we follow them home and you kill them.
Renfro   Rachel. It’s been a long time. You look good.
Rachel   Where are my children?
Renfro   Close. Very close.
Jarod   The tape we talked about. Now, where are the children?
Renfro   What’s to keep you from going to the authorities after I turn them over?
Rachel   I don’t care what happens to you Renfro. I want my family.
Renfro   I believe you.
Rachel   Oh.
Kids   Mommy. Mommy.
Rachel   Oh come here!
Kids   I love you!
Rachel   Oh my God!
Renfro   Our business appears to be done.
Jarod   Be sure to check the tape. I wouldn’t want you to feel cheated.
Goon   I won’t forget this.
Rachel   How are you baby?
Jarod   Before we get on with the rest of the show I wanted to congratulate you on your masterful hand of poker. Your use of low profile assassins, your own fake death to sever any connections to the killings and your elimination of all witnesses and their immediate family. Now I realised that there was no way that you would allow Rachel and the children to just walk away even after you got what you wanted. Like I said before there’s a new player at the table, and I’m afraid you’re not going to like the hand you were just dealt. Go ahead open the envelope.
Goon   Aces and eights.
Renfro   Dead man’s hand.
Jarod   Which is exactly what you are.
Renfro   Oh God!
FBI   Get out of the car. Let me see your hands. Get ’em up. Get ’em up in the air. Now! Move! Put your hands on the roof of the car.
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   It’s midnight Miss Parker. What a shock to find you still at the office.
Miss Parker   I was just on my way out.
Jarod   I met a woman who reminds me of you. She was smart, compassionate, and tortured.
Miss Parker   Is that what I am?
Jarod   Like you she was a prisoner of her past, of  people who wanted to control her future. Instead of fighting back she almost let them destroy her.
Miss Parker   Doesn’t sound like a happy ending.
Jarod   Oh, it all worked out in the end. I hope the same thing happens for you.
Miss Parker   Meaning?
Jarod   Trust your heart Miss Parker. Don’t let them take away your happiness.
Thomas   I didn’t think you’d come.
Miss Parker   Tell me about yourself.
Thomas   What do you want to know?
Miss Parker   Everything.

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