3-20 Qallupilluit

3-20 Qallupilluit


Let’s just say I’m versatile.



Let’s just say I’m versatile.


Original air date: May 22, 1999

Written by: Mark M. Dodson

Directed by: Rodney Charters

Jarod heads to the Centre’s remote artic research station after learning that his father broke through the station’s security.

Jarod’s Discoveries:

Jarod’s Occupations: Climatologist

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Meade


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod searches for his father at a remote arctic research station.


Raines, Lyle and Brigitte burst into Mr. Parker’s office and spoil his planned lunch with his daughter.  After Miss Parker leaves, the three tell Mr. Parker that there has been a breach of security at their arctic research facility on Ellesmere Island.  The station has been compromised by Major Charles, Jarod’s father.  This is of great interest to Jarod—who has been observing the entire exchange on a video monitor.

A helicopter pilot brings Jarod to Ellesmere Island, telling him that the research station has been cursed ever since its original eight member team froze to death.  Their bodies were not discovered for over twenty years.

Smitty, the station’s radio operator, gruffly welcomes Jarod, who is using the cover of a climatologist, there to monitor weather patterns.  They are interrupted by Manuel, a geology tech, who breaks off a soda bottle and uses it to threaten Smitty into calling back the helicopter.  Jarod persuades him to drop the weapon by promising to get him out of the station as soon as possible.  Smitty tells Jarod that Manuel is afraid of a local legend, the Qallupilluit.

Jarod is brought to see Captain Russ Osborne, who is in charge of the station.  They meet in Dr. Raymond Moore’s office and discuss Jarod’s reason for being there while Doc stitches up Manuel’s hand.  Jarod then meets Joe Taylor, an equipment technician, and Beth Wright, who is working on her doctoral thesis in psychology.  Whenever Jarod mentions visitors to any of them, they grow uneasy.

Mr. Lyle tells Mr. Parker that Major Charles was at the research station three weeks earlier and has accessed the entire file for “The Project.”  Now, Jarod is also there.  Mr. Raines has given orders to their operative at the station on how to handle Jarod.  Meanwhile, on Ellesmere Island, Smitty greets a familiar face while he works.  Turning his back, Smitty is struck in the head by a wrench wielded by his associate, who proceeds to pour out cleaning solvent and start a fire.

Hearing an alarm, the others come running and put out the fire.  They find Smitty dead; Jarod notes that his head wound seems very severe for having hit his head accidentally.  With the radio equipment all destroyed in the fire, they are unable to contact the outside world.  Manuel thinks the Qallupilluit is going to get them.

Broots and Sydney tell Miss Parker what Raines and Lyle discovered about Major Charles and his compromise of the secret Centre research site.  Miss Parker reminds them that she considers Jarod’s father responsible for her mother’s death and she plans a trip to the arctic station.

Doc’s autopsy shows Smitty’s death to be accidental. Manuel tells Jarod that the Qallupilluit is an evil creature that lives in ice cracks and kills anyone who gets too close.  Seeking treatment for his injured hand, Manuel finds Doc’s office in disarray and a trail of blood leading to the incinerator, where a human skull lies in the flames.  Manuel tells the others that he and the Captain saw a man come with the Inuits a couple of weeks earlier and no one saw him leave.

Joe Taylor and an unseen figure meet in the mechanical room.  As Joe says that their plan could be disrupted by Jarod, the figure strikes him heavily with a club.

Beth and Jarod begin to trust each other.  She tells him that she saw the Captain give his father a package.  Doc apparently knew Major Charles as well, since he warned the Captain that Charles was dangerous.  Just then, the power goes out and the emergency lights come on.  Beth and Jarod rush to the mechanical room, where they find Taylor rigid against the generator, with voltage surging through his dead body.

Distrust running rampant, the Captain shoots Manuel in the shoulder and prepares to lock everyone in the storage room, where they find dynamite missing.  Jarod convinces the Captain to let him perform an autopsy on Smitty.  It reveals his death was no accident.  A search of Doc’s office turns up a missing skull, indicating that Doc faked his own death and killed the others.

The Captain reveals to Jarod that he and his friend, Major Charles, searched together for Jarod over many years.  Recently, Jarod’s father contacted the Captain and told him about the Centre project.  Together, they planned to expose it and reunite the Major with his family.  The group discovers the existence of equipment used to map human DNA.  Doc suddenly appears.  He tells Jarod that his father has already escaped, but they will not, since the station is set to blow up in three minutes.  Doc and the Captain shoot each other.  Before the Captain dies, he tells Jarod that his father is staying with the Captain’s daughter at the Inuit camp.  They can be contacted by the radio in his possession.

A massive explosion erupts and the research station is destroyed.  Jarod, Beth and Manuel ride off into the arctic night on an Inuit dog sled.  To Be Continued…

3-20 Qallupilluit

Qallupilluit Transcript


Miss Parker   You wanted to see me?
Mr Parker   Angel. Shut the door please. Yeah. I thought maybe we could, uh, have lunch together.
Miss Parker   Is something wrong?
Mr Parker   Why does something have to be wrong when a father asks his daughter to lunch?
Miss Parker   It doesn’t. It’s just… I’m sorry Daddy. I didn’t mean it that way.
Mr Parker   Oh, that’s all right. I probably deserved it. I just thought we could sit down and … talk for a while. God knows you’ve been through a lot, huh?
Miss Parker   I would love to have lunch with you.
Mr Parker   Good good.
Raines   We need to speak with you alone.
Mr Parker   Not now Raines. It’ll have to wait.
Raines   It can’t.
Brigitte   Sweetheart.
Mr Parker   Ohhh, oooh.
Miss Parker   That’s okay Daddy. I seem to have lost my appetite anyway.
Mr Parker   I’m sorry Angel. We’ll try another time. Hmmn?
Raines   I’ve just received a priority-one intercept from Ellesmere Island.
Mr Parker   Our research facility?
Lyle   There’s been a breach in security.
Brigitte   Someone has compromised the Alpha Project.
Raines   It appears to be Major Charles.
Mr Parker   Jarod’s father? Jarod’s father was at Ellesmere?
Lyle   Was and still could be.
Mr Parker   Raines, I thought you made an aching void out of the good major a long time ago!
Raines   So did I.
Mr Parker   God, if the Triumvirate hears about this.
Raines   We must proceed with caution, but without delay.
Mr Parker   Find out everything you can about Major Charles and this breach.
Mr Parker   Raines, I thought you made an aching void out of the good major a long time ago!
Raines   So did I.
Mr Parker   God, if the Triumvirate hears about this.
Raines   We must proceed with caution, but without delay.
Mr Parker   Find out everything you can about Major Charles and this breach. No matter what it takes, no one is to know what went on there.
Mr Parker   Jarod’s father was at Ellesmere?
Lyle   Was and still could be.
Smitty   Repeat, 25-Bravo-Tango.
Radio   You heard me. I’m droppin’ off another addition to your little Arctic oasis.
Smitty   Check again sport. We’re not scheduled for any new arrivals until the spring.
Radio   My orders say you’re gettin’ a new scientist now. You got a problem, you take it up with someone who cares I’m out of here.  Two hours of daylight’s about up, and one hell of a front’s headin’ in.
Smitty   Waah, waah, waah. Captain we got company.
Chopper Pilot   This place has quite a history. It’s built on top of the original station from 1920. That first team, all eight of ’em, found ’em froze to death a year later. Didn’t even get the bodies out until the ’40s. It’s been cursed here ever since.
Jarod   Let’s just say I have my reasons for being here. See this photograph? I realise it’s old, but I have reason to believe that this man was here recently. Did you bring him?
Chopper Pilot   Not me. You’re the only person I’ve seen crazy enough to come up here in months. The end of the road.
Jarod   Maybe you should come in until this blows over. It’s getting worse.
Chopper Pilot   I’d rather take my chances out here in this weather than inside of that place. Good luck.
Jarod   Thanks.
Smitty   Hey! Close the freakin’ door! It’s 40 below out there!
Jarod   It’s actually 85 below with wind chill, but who’s counting? Hi, my name is Jarod, Jarod Meade. You must be the welcoming committee.
Smitty   No, I’m Smitty, I run the comm. What the hell are you doin’ here?
Jarod   I’m a climatologist with Earthwatch. I’m here to monitor weather systems.
Smitty   Oh, uh, like the El Nino thing?
Jarod   Something like that.
Manny   The chopper didn’t leave did it?
Smitty   Hold on! Slow down man! Ain’t nobody goin’ anywhere today. The chopper’s already gone.
Manny   No! I gotta get out of here before….
Smitty   Hey, you’re gonna freeze to death if you go out there pal.
Manny   All right, uh, get on the radio and call the chopper back.
Smitty   I’m not gonna do that Manny.
Manny   Eh… You… you get on that radio and you call that chopper back! Now!
Smitty   I couldn’t if I wanted to man. There’s a storm comin’ in. There aren’t gonna be no choppers for days.
Manny   You’re lying!
Jarod   He’s telling you the truth. The chopper can’t come back now.
Manny   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   My name is Jarod. I can’t get you out now, but I’ll do whatever it takes to get you out as soon as possible.
Manny   You can do it?
Jarod   Put the bottle down.
Manny   Yeah. Uh, I don’t want to hurt no one, you know? I just, uh… I just cant stay here. I… I gotta get out of here.
Smitty   It’ll be okay Manny.
Jarod   Your hand is bleeding. Is there a doctor here?
Manny   Yeah. Um, I… I’m sorry, you know? I just, uh… gotta get out of here before the Qallupilluit gets me. Yeah.
Manny   Did he cut me?
Jarod   I think you’re going to be okay.
Smitty   Thanks man. You can hang your parka on a… on a hook there.
Jarod   Thanks, Qallupilluit?
Smitty   Yeah. It’s about a local legend or somethin’ up here. See Manny’s a geology tech. He’s really a nice guy but I think he’s been blastin’ a little too much dynamite lately. I mean he… he talks kinda crazy sometimes, but, uh… I’ve never seen him that cranked up. Well, when you’re done here, I’ll show you the rest of the freak show.
Sydney   Now, what letters make a cook dishonest? Yes?
Twins Subjects   R, put the R after C and cook becomes crook.
Sydney   Very good, and um… how do you make mice cold?
Miss Parker   You know, sometimes you two really scare me.
Sydney   We’re studying the effects of aging on memory processing and retrieval.
Broots   Using identical twins as controls.
Miss Parker   Would it be possible for the both of you to stop playing Mr Wizard long enough for me to ask a question?
Broots   Sure.
Sydney   Absolutely.
Miss Parker   Something’s going on with Mr Raines.
Sydney   When isn’t there?
Miss Parker   He slithered into my father’s office with Lyle and the troll. Practically threw me out.
Broots   Oh, that must have been because of that priority one intercept that Raines received.
Miss Parker   What intercept?
Broots   I….I didn’t tell you?
Miss Parker   What? If Dr Freud can spare you from this sideshow. I want you to find out what the other one’s about.
Sydney   Uhhh… about those mice…..
Smitty   You know, the first thing you learn is bein’ on top of the world is the last place you want to be. Oh Captain! Captain this is, uh, Jarod Meade. He’s doin’, uh, hole-in-the-ozone research.
Captain Osborne   Put that damn thing out will ya? Jarod.
Jarod   Hi, how are you?
Captain Osborne   Did I stutter Smitty? Put it out. Seeing as how I’m in charge, you want to explain how I haven’t heard anything about this?
Jarod   You receive scientists from a variety of institutes. I imagine that the lines of communication get crossed from time to time.
Captain Osborne   As I learned in the military…
Smitty   Crossed communications get people killed. Well, you say it all the time.
Captain Osborne   What I have here Jarod, is people who track glacial flow, monitor ocean temperatures and take core samples. What I don’t have is any orders for some Weather Channel veejay.
Jarod   My authorisation papers. I’m here to evaluate the effects of ozone depletions for a congressional study.
Captain Osborne   Senator Bruckmeyer himself?
Jarod   Yes sir.
Captain Osborne   Well, I’m gonna check this out. Smitty, for now, put him in the, uh, guest quarters.
Manny   Thanks Doc.
Smitty   This way Ozone.
Doc   You might want to wait a few days before you go blasting any new holes outside. Here, keep that wrapped.
Jarod   How’s your hand?
Manny   A little sore.
Jarod   Hello, my name is Jarod.
Doc   Raymond Moore. The guys call me Doc.
Jarod   It’s a pleasure Doc.
Doc   I gotta admit, we’re all a little surprised to see you here.
Jarod   By the looks on everyone’s face, you don’t get too many visitors around here.
Doc   Tour of duty’s 12 months. I’m the only one here on permanent assignment. I’m not sure if that makes me dedicated or crazy.
Jarod   Hmm.
Smitty   Hey, hey Doc, I gotta show him where he’s staying. Come on.
Jarod   Nice to meet you Doc.
Smitty   You know you gotta excuse our mess.
Joe   You know what? You can just kiss my butt all right? Lady you are so full of it. You know what? I am not a lab rat and I am sick and tired of you pickin’ my brain. So from now on, you know what you do? Stay the hell away from me.
Beth   Joe, look it….
Joe   It’s Joe Taylor, all right? Can you say that? Tay-lor!
Beth   Whatever.
Joe   Exactly.
Smitty   What, Beth givin’ you a hard time again?
Joe   Man, as long as she’s breathin’, all right? Yo, so you must be the new, uh, El Nino guy?
Jarod   Wha…
Joe   Yeah.
Jarod   Yeah, how .. how… how did you know?
Joe   Word travels fast in the igloo, you know with the echo and all. Excuse me ladies, I got a generator to check.
Smitty   You weren’t asking Joe Taylor about his feelings again were ya?
Beth   The problem is none of you guys have any.
Smitty   Ah cute. Beth’s up here in the freezer doin’ her doctoral thesis in pysch.
Jarod   Oh, uh, I have a, uh…. friend of mine who’s a psychiatrist.
Beth   Lucky you. You’ll need one after you’ve been up here for a while.
Jarod   What’s she studying?
Smitty   Us. She’s into the cabin fever BS, you know like why people in Minnesota, they, they start blowin’ their brains out and killin’ each other when they get snowed in.
Jarod   Has something like that happened here? Is that why she came?
Smitty   Uh, I… you know, I… I…. I don’t … she’s got some fat grant from some outfit in Delaware.
Jarod   The Centre.
Smitty   Uh, hey, you know, maybe. I don’t know. I… I’m… I’m just the radio geek. Well, here we are, the guest quarters. Well, uh, it ain’t exactly the Westin, but, uh, the toilet flushes… most of the time.
Jarod   No wonder you don’t get many visitors.
Smitty   Well, make yourself at home, I gotta get back to station.
Jarod   Seems like everyone around here’s a little sensitive about that subject, visitors I mean.
Smitty   Well, like Doc said, uh, we don’t get no new blood.
Jarod   No one? Has this man been here?
Smitty   You figure out a way to get me south of the 50th parallel, maybe I’ll tell you about all the weird stuff that goes on around here.
Raines   Yes? What? Are you sure it’s Jarod? No, on the contrary. This can work to our advantage. I’ll tell you when and how to proceed. Oh! That’s it, that’s the spot Harry.
Mr Parker   Raines, I thought you made an aching void out of the good major a long time ago!
Raines   So did I.
Mr Parker   God, if the Triumvirate hears about this.
Raines   We must proceed with caution, but without delay.
Mr Parker   Find out everything you can about Major Charles and this breach.
Jarod   What did you find? Are you still here?
Beth   Hey! What do you think you’re doing?
Jarod   I was just checking on the weather. Hope you don’t mind.
Beth   Well, I mind if you’re using my computer.
Jarod   Well, my terminal hasn’t been set up yet, so I thought we could share.
Beth   Uh, I don’t ‘share.’
Jarod   You don’t smile much either do you? As a matter of fact, no one smiles much around here.
Beth   Oh please.
Jarod   You know, even for a psychologist, it must be difficult to figure out who has cabin fever and who doesn’t.
Beth   What’s that supposed to mean?
Jarod   We all share the same cabin.
Lyle   Major Charles arrived at the station three weeks ago.
Mr Parker   Is he still there?
Brigitte   We’re not sure.
Mr Parker   What about the project?
Raines   The entire file has been accessed. We must assume he knows everything. There’s something else.
Mr Parker   What?
Woman   Right this way.
Raines   Jarod has appeared, and he’s still there.
Mr Parker   Jarod? Well get a Sweeper team up there right now!
Lyle   We’ve been trying, the weather won’t cooperate.
Mr Parker   What about our inside… What about our inside people. Are they up to speed on this?
Raines   Totally, I’ve issued specific orders on how to handle everything, including Jarod. We’re covering all of our tracks.
Brigitte   We’re just waiting to see what Major Charles’ next move is.
Mr Parker   In other words, we’re a day late and a dollar short.
Brigitte   As usual.
Smitty   Hey! What are you doin’ down here this time of night?
Captain Osborne   Hey! Smitty! Ahhh! Get the lights, get Doc!
Doc   Move over!
Jarod   There’s no pulse.
Doc   Smitty’s dead. Must have blacked out from smoke or solvent fumes.
Captain Osborne   Must’ve fallen, hit his head on the table corner, knocked himself out, died of smoke inhalation.
Jarod   That’s a hell of a head injury for a table corner.
Captain Osborne   Doc, listen. I’ll feel better if you get Smitty down to the infirmary, give his body a closer look, all right?
Doc   I’m not a pathologist, but I’ll see what I can find out.
Captain Osborne   I gotta call this in.
Joe   Don’t even bother, this thing is busted.
Captain Osborne   That’s not good.
Beth   Oh my God! Is he dead? We have to notify the authorities and… and his family.
Captain Osborne   We can’t. The radio’s completely shot.
Joe   We have no communication with the outside world.
Manny   Yeah, so no one can hear us scream for help.
Captain Osborne   Hey Manny.
Manny   I told you. The Qallupilluit’s gonna get us! It’s gonna get us all!
Joe   Trapped in a storm, people are dying, no way out. This is like a dream come true for you isn’t it?
Broots   You’re never in your wildest dreams gonna believe this. The intercept Raines receive concerns a compromise of a secret Centre research site.
Miss Parker   Why, let me guess, Jarod?
Broots   No, Jarod’s father.
Miss Parker   Major Charles? Where?
Broots   Well, uh… I don’t know where and I don’t… I don’t know…. uh, what the project is yet.
Miss Parker   Broots, I think you know how important this is to me.
Broots   I do, and I’m going back to work right now.
Sydney   I know you believe that Jarod’s father may be responsible for your mother’s death…
Miss Parker   Is responsible for my mother’s death, a score I intend to settle.
Sydney   Don’t let your desire for revenge cloud your judgement Parker. If we ever find Major Charles…. he’ll be much more valuable to us alive…. than he would be dead.
Doc   I didn’t hear you come in.
Jarod   I came to offer my assistance with Smitty’s autopsy… but I guess I’m too late.
Doc   I thought you were a weatherman, not a coroner.
Jarod   Let’s just say I’m versatile.
Doc   Someone with more pathology experience should examine the body when we get him out of here. For now I’m confident I’ve been able to establish the cause of death.
Captain Osborne   What’d you find out?
Doc   No surprises, mild concussion, no other signs of injury. Cause of death, accidental, due to smoke inhalation.
Jarod   Accidental?
Doc   It better be, if it wasn’t, then one of us did it.
Captain Osborne   Jarod, lets talk.
Jarod   In a minute.
Captain Osborne   Jarod, right now! You mind tellin’ me what that was back there?
Jarod   Smitty’s death was not accidental.
Captain Osborne   Listen pal, this place breeds cabin fever and paranoia. If the Doc says it was an accident, then it was. Case closed.
Jarod   There’s more going on here than cabin fever, and Smitty knew it. There’s something very wrong here. I can feel it and so do you.
Captain Osborne   If there’s something goin’ on here, that just makes the stress on the men that much worse. It’s my job to keep this place from fallin’ apart.
Jarod   Someone will come for us.
Captain Osborne   You taken a look out there lately? it’ll be days. Not even those crazy Inuits and their dog sleds go out in weather like this. Until then, we are stranded. I don’t need any loose talk makin’ things worse. You understand?
Doc   You scared the hell out of me.
Jarod   You mind if I join you? Is that yours?
Manny   My son.
Jarod   He’s cute. You must be very proud.
Manny   I never even seen him. My wife found out she was pregnant just after I shipped up here. Got two months left on my contract. They wont let me go home. I’m never gonna see him.
Jarod   Of course you will. You’ll be going home soon.
Manny   No, I’m not. No one’s goin’ home alive.
Jarod   Manny. Manny! Manny. What’s Qallupilluit?
Manny   An old Inuit story about an evil creature that lives in the ice cracks. It kills those that get too close.
Jarod   Smitty said there was a stranger here. Did you see anybody?
Manny   The Qallupilluit is here. It’s under the station. I hear him sometimes at night.
Jarod   Where under the station?
Manny   I don’t know! I hear him from my bunk, he’s in the floor, the walls, everywhere.
Jarod   This man was here, have you seen him?
Manny   I want to see my son and my wife! You promised you’d get me out of here!
Joe   Manny, Manny! Hey, hey hey! Come on Manny, you all right? You okay, look….. Why don’t you go to the Doc and have him take a look at that, okay? Go ahead.
Joe   You know, Manny’s goin’ through a lot of stress right now. He doesn’t need you makin’ it worse, okay?
Jarod   What’s he so stressed out about?
Joe   It’s none of your business. You know, I really don’t know who you are. But ever since you showed up here, things have been going from bad to worse. So why don’t you just…. Manny what? What? What? What? Talk to me man!
Manny   It got… it got….it got Doc! The Qallupiluit! It got Doc!
Jarod   Get the captain. Come on! Doc! Doc.
Captain Osborne   The incinerator!
Jarod   Doc’s death was no accident.
Captain Osborne   You implyin’ that one of us is a killer?
Beth   I warned you the men were experiencing disturbing levels of isolation stress and that they were at the breaking point!
Manny   You got something to say? Say it, all right? It wasn’t me!
Beth   Then why did you decide to go to the infirmary when you did?
Manny   I tore my stitches!
Beth   When? When you were struggling with Doc, or when you threw him in the incinerator?
Manny   What? Wait a minute! I know what you’re doin’! You put things in people’s minds that don’t even belong there. Don’t walk away from me!
Beth   Get away from me! Back off Joe!
Joe   Where were you when we found Doc!
Jarod   Everybody calm down!
Joe   What did you say? What about you? Maybe this is all of your doing huh?
Jarod   Maybe it wasn’t any one of us. Maybe there’s someone here with us.
Joe   What, like Manny’s Qallupilluit?
Manny   No, he’s right man. I seen someone. A man comin’ and goin’ with the Inuits. He was with them a couple of weeks ago. Joe saw him too.
Joe   No, no I didn’t.
Manny   Joe, Joe, you saw him. You were with me man.
Captain Osborne   Joe Taylor, talk to us.
Joe   I caught a glimpse of him when they were deliverin’ the supplies.
Jarod   Did anybody see him leave?
Captain Osborne   Joe Taylor, check the generator, then bolt the door to the mechanical room. We lose power in a storm like this, it’s a death sentence for all of us. Manny, salvage whatever you can from the infirmary. We may need it before this is over. When you guys are finished, you come back here. We’re gonna stay together till we get some help from the outside.
Beth   If outside help arrives.
Manny   Shut up!
Joe   Tell me something, why are you the one that gets to keep the gun?
Captain Osborne   ‘Cause I am the one with the gun. Now do what I told ya.
Manny   Come on man. Come on.
Captain Osborne   I have no idea what the hell’s goin’ on around here, but I sure in hell am gonna find out.
Mr Parker   Find out everything you can about Major Charles and this breach.
Miss Parker   Where did you get this?
Broots   Someone from within the Centre e-mailed a video of your father’s office to an off-site location. All I had to do was retrieve the original feed.
Miss Parker   That’s why they mad me leave. Good work Broots. Who sent it?
Broots   Well, it’s hard to say. But I know who it was sent to.
Miss Parker   Jarod?
Broots   Yeah, from what I can tell, Major Charles found out about something called the Alpha Project.
Miss Parker   Never heard of it.
Sydney   Neither have we.
Broots   Well, whatever it is, it’s being run from an Arctic research station funded by the Centre.
Sydney   Obviously Major Charles was there, may still be.
Miss Parker   Cinch up your long johns boys. We’re heading north. Gonna heat things up a little bit.
Joe   So everything is goin’ like you planned. Except for that guy, Jarod, man. He’s gonna be a problem. So what do you want to do next?
Mr Parker   Angel, about yesterday, I… Wh.. what are you doing? Isn’t that the gun that, uh…. when your mother was, uh…
Miss Parker   Are you here for lunch Daddy?
Mr Parker   S…Something bothering you?
Miss Parker   Yeah. Major Charles. Why didn’t you tell me about this?
Mr Parker   Well, you’ve been through enough. I… I just didn’t want to see you like this.
Miss Parker   I’m going to Ellesmere Daddy.
Mr Parker   We don’t even know whether Major Charles is still there.
Miss Parker   What are you really afraid of? That I may find Major Charles, or what drove him there?
Beth   Ahhhh!
Jarod   It’s just me. It’s just me.
Beth   What are you doing?
Jarod   All right, just calm down. I’m not the killer and I don’t think you are. Could we just talk?
Beth   No. Wait, wait, please don’t go. I’m sorry. I’m… please sit down. I just… I just think I’m losing it.
Jarod   What do you really think’s going on around here?
Beth   I cant explain it. It’s like there’s something insidious growing here, something that’s destroying us all.
Jarod   Like what?
Beth   Call it insanity…. or whatever you want. It’s the same thing. You can see it in the eyes of the men. It’s the capacity for evil that lies dormant in all of us, only something here is bringing it to life.
Jarod   The visitor, the person who Manny saw. Was it this man?
Beth   Yeah, that’s the guy. It’s a younger version of him, but that’s the guy. I saw him talking to the captain, and the captain gave him a package.
Jarod   Beth, do you think he could still be here? Do you think this is the man who killed Doc and Smitty?
Beth   It’s possible. I heard Doc tell the captain that he was dangerous and capable of doing anything, which is why I came to get the knife. I don’t trust anyone, except maybe you. Maybe.
Jarod   The generator.
Beth   Oh my God. Oh my God! Joe! Joe!
Jarod   Don’t touch him. He’s dead.
Manny   No man no! Joe, come on, get up man! Stop playing around man! Get up! You did this.
Captain Osborne   Manny, come on now.
Manny   First you killed Smitty, they you burned up Doc.
Captain Osborne   Manny, stop it right there.
Manny   Then you sent Joe Taylor in here to check on the generator.
Captain Osborne   Manny. Please don’t make me do this.
Manny   I’m not waitin’ around to be next!
Jarod   Captain no!
Captain Osborne   Crazy bastard, you forced me to do that!
Beth   You didn’t have to shoot him! God Manny, are you okay? We’re gonna take you to the infirmary.  This’ll stop the bleeding.
Jarod   It’s just a flesh wound He needs medical attention. Is that right?
Beth   What are you doing?
Captain Osborne   I know I’m not the killer.
Beth   Jarod was with me when the power went out. It couldn’t be either one of us.
Captain Osborne   Then maybe the both of you did it.
Jarod   Maybe its none of us. If you let me take a look at Smitty’s body, maybe I can tell you who the killer is.
Captain Osborne   The only thing you’re gonna take a look at is the inside of that storage locker, where I’m gonna put you until I figure out what to do. Now get him up!
Manny   If you put us in there, man, ’cause I’m gonna kill you.
Captain Osborne   Now!
Manny   Worse than the Qallupilluit will ever get you, man. I’m comin after you Captain!
Captain Osborne   Let’s go, let’s go!
Manny   Coming after you man!
Captain Osborne   Let’s go people! Move!
Beth   All right!
Manny   It’s gonna get you good!
Captain Osborne   Manny, shut up! Wait a minute, we’ve got a problem. I was here right before the power went out, I know I locked this door.
Beth   What is it?
Captain Osborne   Dynamite’s missing. So either the two of you are lying, or we are not alone.
Manny   Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom com, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Beth   That should do for now.
Manny   Thanks.
Captain Osborne   Both the generators are blown, we’re gonna need these coats. Manny, we’re gonna get out of here now. What did you find?
Jarod   Your Qallupilluit.
Captain Osborne   What do you mean?
Jarod   If you want to find the killer, we have to find a dead man.
Broots   Wow! Sydney look at those clouds.
Sydney   It’s an Arctic front.
Broots   I’ve never seen anything like that. Miss Parker, take a look.
Miss Parker   I’ll catch it in National Geographic. How much longer?
Pilot   Looks like I’m gonna have to put down for a few hours at a Canadian air base. Weather’s still too rough to get any closer…
Miss Parker   Great.
Sydney   If we can’t get in, they can’t get out.
Beth   I don’t understand, what dead man?
Jarod   There’s no sign of searing or smoke in his lungs. He was dead before the fire because of the blow to his head.
Captain Osborne   Why would Doc lie?
Jarod   The scalpel that we all assumed killed Doc is covered with O positive blood. But according to his chart, Doc’s blood type was B negative.
Manny   W… we saw the skeleton in the incinerator.
Jarod   Remember your laboratory skeleton? It’s missing.
Captain Osborne   Doc killed Smitty?
Beth   And faked his own death? But someone had to have helped him.
Jarod   Joe Taylor, he was probably helping Doc all along. When Doc faked his own death, he had to kill Joe Taylor to cover his tracks.
Manny   Doc is still here doin all this? Why?
Jarod   Maybe we should ask the captain.
Captain Osborne   What?
Jarod   You know more about what’s going on in this place than you’re letting on.
Beth   I knew you were part of this.
Jarod   He’s not, but he knew who the visitor was, and why he was here. It was you that Major Charles came to see in the first place.
Captain Osborne   What do you know about Major Charles?
Jarod   He’s my father.
Pilot   Sorry guys, it’s still going to be 24 hours before we can get a chopper in there.
Sydney   Thank you captain.
Broots   Are you okay?
Miss Parker   I’m fine.
Sydney   Are you prepared for what or who we may find out there?
Miss Parker   I’m not sure. This is…. surreal. So much of my life… my mother’s death, the Centre, Jarod…. all leading to this moment. There’s a sense of something… ominous waiting for us.
Broots   Overwhelming sense of impending doom?
Miss Parker   What?
Miss Parker   Nothing.
Captain Osborne   I just hope we’re not too late.
Captain Osborne   Your father and I served together in the air force. Circle of Fire Unit. My wife and I were very close to him and to your mom. We helped him search for you for years. Several years after your disappearance, I heard that the major had been murdered. A little over a year ago, your father contacted me.
Jarod   Why?
Captain Osborne   To tell me what the Centre had done to him and to his family. You see Jarod, he never stopped searching’ for you. Then he found out what the Centre was workin’ on here under cover of this research facility.
Jarod   And he asked for your help.
Captain Osborne   And I agreed. The idea was to expose the plan and then hopefully reunite him with his family, with you.
Jarod   My guess is there is another research facility on-site, probably somewhere near.
Captain Osborne   It took me a little over 8 months to come to the same conclusion. It’s right down here.
Beth   This must be what’s left of the original station from the ’20s.
Captain Osborne   With a slight modification, its own independent power source. I finally found this place several weeks ago. I was able to get the evidence your father was lookin’ for.
Beth   Evidence of what?
Captain Osborne   What they were actually researching here.
Jarod   This equipment, it was used for amino-acid sequencing.
Manny   Why would they need that here?
Jarod   They were doing genetic research. Amino-acids are sequenced in an infinite number of patterns, which I turn, from the basic building blocks for all life. DNA.
Captain Osborne   In this case human DNA.
Jarod   Dr Moore was working on the Human Genome Project.
Captain Osborne   More than working. Dr Moore was a brilliant geneticist. He had completed mapping the human genome years ago.
Beth   While the rest of science attempts what he’s already achieved.
Manny   What’s a genome?
Jarod   A genetic blueprint for human life.
Manny   You mean he figured out God’s cookbook for human beings?
Jarod   Exactly.
Beth   But why hide such a significant discovery? Unleashing the secrets could be used to benefit mankind.
Jarod   Or unleash a Qallupilluit. What was the Centre planning on doing with this research?
Captain Osborne   I.. I don’t know. Your father discovered their secret. They’re using this research to create a…..
Doc   I knew when we met you weren’t here to watch the weather.
Jarod   What have you done with my father?
Doc   Unfortunately, nothing. He found what he came for and left before I was able to stop him. If your father hadn’t come, none of this would be necessary.
Manny   You mean, killing everybody, you crazy son of a bitch?
Doc   Yes, Manuel.
Beth   You took the dynamite.
Doc   No one can ever know what happened here. There’s a timer set to detonate in three minutes, but….. you needn’t fear that blast.
Jarod   Beth look out! You okay?
Manny   He’s dead.
Jarod   Captain. I’m going to get you out of here.
Captain Osborne   There’s no time. You have to get Beth and Manny out of here before it blows. Use this, my friends at the Inuit camp monitor the same band. They’ll help you like they helped your father.
Jarod   My father?
Captain Osborne   I sent him to my daughter’s, you’ll find him there. Oh, oh God. Give her this. Tell my daughter I love her.
Jarod   I will, I promise you. Captain, what was it that my father found here?
Captain Osborne   It wasn’t just… any human genome they were working on. It was yours.
Jarod   Captain. Captain!
Beth   We have to go now.
Manny   Come on man. She’s right, we gotta go.
Beth   Jarod, come on! Jarod now!
Manny   Come on!

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