2-17 Crash

2-17 Crash


I’ll get Lyle’s body exhumed. You do the DNA tests.

Miss Parker


I’ll get Lyle’s body exhumed. You do the DNA tests.

Miss Parker

Original air date: April 11, 1998

Written by: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson

Directed by: Scott Lautanen

While Jarod investigates an airliner crash, Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots attend ahigh school reunion where they make a shocking discovery about the mysterious Mr Lyle.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Lyle’s Past

Jarod’s Occupations: NTSB Investigator

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod investigates an airliner crash. Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots learn more about Mr. Lyle.


While waiting to board an airplane headed for San Diego, Jarod befriends Daniel Falk, an amiable All-American eighteen-year-old who is about to begin his freshman year at college.  When Daniel laments that he has been bumped from the flight, and will miss registration as a result, Jarod offers him his seat aboard the plane.  Daniel hugs the stranger and disappears down the ramp.

Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney puzzle over a new delivery from Jarod.  The packages consist of three half-length high school lockers, each of which contains 1983 yearbooks for Douglas High School in Nebraska.  Inside the yearbooks are tickets for the high school reunion, along with name tags.  The threesome realize Jarod expects them to attend.  They also conclude that he also believes they are somehow in danger.

Falk’s plane to San Diego crashes.  When Jarod realizes Falk was amongst the fatalities, he assumes the identity of an NTSB investigator.  He meets with two other colleagues, Clark Thomas and Diane Post, who set about sifting through the evidence in an effort to determine what caused the plane to fall from the sky.  Both pilots survived the incident, as did the airplane’s flight recorder.  Jarod tells Thomas and Post he wishes to be present when the recorder is opened.  Later, at a hospital, the threesome watch as reporters swarm Don Larson, Airista Air’s CEO, and his wheelchair-bound son, Brandon.  Brandon was one of two pilots who survived the crash.  The threesome then interview Angela Wiley, the second pilot.  But Wiley suffered a head injury, and cannot recall details of the incident.

At the high school reunion, a disgruntled Miss Parker aims her barbed tongue at the various “hayseeds” she encounters.  Later, the threesome receive another clue from Jarod.  It focuses their attention on those listed in the yearbook  as “camera shy.”  Before the evening ends, there is a tribute to two graduates who have died.  Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots realize that one of them, a man named Bobby Bowman, is, in fact, Mr. Lyle.  Coroner records indicate Bobby was murdered by his own father sixteen years earlier.  Sydney realizes Mr. Lyle, aka Bobby Bowman, faked his own murder and framed his father.  “Bobby’s” headless corpse was discovered in the bed of his father’s pickup truck.

Jarod realizes Thomas and Post opened the airplane’s flight data recorder on their own.  Evidence indicates the craft’s wing flaps were set at the wrong angle for a landing.  Since the cockpit voice recorder apparently malfunctioned, the threesome must determine which pilot is to blame.  Later, Jarod and Post interview Brandon.  Sweating profusely, he alleges that Wiley set the wing flaps.  But Jarod is deeply suspicious.  Using a computer, he determines that the voice recorder was intentionally demagnetized by persons unknown.  He later realizes that Thomas and Don Larson have conspired to keep Brandon, who had been using unauthorized prescription drugs, from taking blame for the crash.  Jarod approaches Larson with his findings, baiting him.

Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots interview Mrs. Bowman, Bobby’s mother.  It becomes quickly evident that Mrs. Bowman is “clearly daft.”  But she does reveal that one of Bobby’s closest friends, Jimmy Radloff, disappeared during a hiking trip.  Miss Parker realizes Lyle used Jimmy’s body to fake his death.  Later, the threesome interview Lyle’s father, Mr. Bowman, in his prison cell.  Mr. Bowman maintains his innocence.  He believes his son was killed by a counselor from an adoption agency.

Meanwhile, Jarod uses his computer to recover information from the cockpit recorder.  It clearly proves that Brandon was in error when he set the flaps.  Jarod confronts Brandon with the truth—and reveals that Angela Wiley is thinking of ending her own life because of the guilt.

Jarod tricks Thomas and Don Larson into boarding a plane with him, claiming there is new evidence about what caused the crash.  During the flight, Jarod suddenly bails out and parachutes to safety.  Thomas and Larson are horrified by the sight of a large mountain looming in the distance.  Using his radio, Jarod tells the pair he will save them if they admit to wrongdoing.  Thomas and Larson confess to their crime, and shortly thereafter, Jarod tells them about a toggle switch located under their seat.  Thomas pushes the switch and the airplane regains altitude.  The pair are later arrested.

Back at the Centre, Sydney concludes that Jarod sent the group to the high school reunion for one purpose: If Lyle was clever enough to fake his own death as a teenager, he is capable of doing so again.  A few moments later, Broots discovers files indicating the Centre adopted Lyle as a teenager.

2-17 Crash

Crash Transcript


PA   Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience during the delay. We’ll now begin boarding Airista Airplane 105 to San Diego.
Daniel   Oh man!
Jarod   Is there a problem?
Daniel   I got bumped.
Jarod   I’m sure it wa an accident. With this many people there’s bound to be unintended physical contact.
Daniel   No, I got bumped from the flight. They overbooked it.
Jarod   Oh.
Daniel   I’m gonna miss registration. You know how many incoming freshman there are at San Diego? Next flight leaves in five hours. By then, all the classes I need will be closed.
Jarod   Here, take my seat.
Daniel   No, no.
Jarod   Look, I’m not in a hurry. It’s not like anybody’s chasing me… today. Take it.
Daniel   Oh man, are you sure?
Jarod   I’m positive.
Daniel   Thanks.
Jarod   It’s been a real pleasure talking to you these last few hours. You have a bright future ahead of you, Daniel, good luck.
Daniel   Thanks Jarod, I hope you find your family.
Jarod   Thank you.
Daniel   Thanks Jarod, you really saved my life.
Sydney   What happened to your finger?
Miss Parker   Broke it mud wrestling. What’d you do last night?
Sydney   Sorry I asked.
Miss Parker   Yeah.
Sydney   Everything alright? Mr Lyle’s personnel file?
Miss Parker   My father wants a list of anyone who might be Lyle’s ally.
Sydney   Hmmm.
Miss Parker   Ever since Lyle’s death my father has been lobbying the Triumvirate to take over his position. But he’s running into roadblocks.
Sydney   Well, the allies of Mr Lyle know that your father opposed him. The fact that you killed him only increases their resistance to his promotion.
Miss Parker   Even dead, Lyle’s a pain in the ass.
Broots   Something was… Excuse me. Something was just delivered I think you’ll want to see. This way.
Sydney   Lockers?
Miss Parker   Where the hell did these come from?
Broots   Jarod sent them.
Miss Parker   Class of 1983, Douglas High School. Townsend Nebraska.
Broots   Why would Jarod send us yearbooks?
Sydney   Page 2.
Broots   There’s a name tag in my book. Who’s Ricky Sanders?
Sydney   Professor Tom Grier.
Miss Parker   Oh, God.
Broots   Who’d you get?
Miss Parker   Mrs Ricky San… Sanders.
Sydney   I always thought you’d make a nice couple.
Miss Parker   Yeah, when monkeys fly.
Sydney   Jarod’s expecting us to attend this reunion Mrs Sanders.
Miss Parker   Brilliant insight Syd. But then he did make you the professor.
Broots   Look at this.
Miss Parker   Always stay the way you are, unless you want to survive.
Sydney   That’s Jarod telling us we’re in danger.
Miss Parker   Broots, run a check on all the hayseeds in this book. Till I have more information, I’m not traipsing off to Armpit, Oklahoma.
Broots   It’s Nebraska.
Miss Parker   Hell is hell Broots
Woman   No, oh, God. No, oh no.
Jarod   What’s going on?
Assistant   Flight 105 has crashed near San Diego.
Jarod   What?
Assistant   There were fatalities.
Daniel   Thanks Jarod, you really saved my life. Saved my life, saved my life.
Jarod   Th-there, there was a, a young man on board, I, I gave him my seat. His name is Daniel Falk.
Assistant   I’m sorry sir. I just cant give out…
Jarod   Please!
Assistant   Daniel Falk’s body was positively identified at the scene. I, I’m sorry.
Daniel   Thanks Jarod, you really saved my life.
Clark Thomas   Thankfully, the fuselage stayed intact. Kept the body count down.
Jarod   Clark Thomas. Jarod Lindsay. I’m here to help with the investigation.
Clark Thomas   I cant get paper clips I requested. But an investigator I don’t need, that they send me.
Jarod   If you’d like, I could get washington on the phone and you could tell them yourself what incompetent managers they are.
Diane Post   Diane Post. I prefer able bodies to paper clips. Welcome.
Clark Thomas   We just got these surveillance photos from the crash scene.
Jarod   Any signs of mechanical problems?
Diane Post   No. The plane passed FAA inspection last week. We’re focusing on pilot error.
Jarod   Both pilots survived.
Clark Thomas   They’ve been airlifted to Centennial Memorial.
Jarod   Flight recorder?
Clark Thomas   Recovered and en route.
Jarod   I want to be there when it’s opened.
Broots   Do I look anything like this Ricky Sanders guy?
Miss Parker   If you swallowed a blimp.
Broots   How does Jarod expect me to fool anyone into believing that I’m him?
Miss Parker   Just tell them that you shacked up with Jenny Craig before you married me.
Broots   It would explain the hair.
Miss Parker   It’s a high school reunion, Broots The only thing more pervasive than love handles will be the smell of Rogaine. And what about Mrs Porky Pig?
Broots   Oh, no photo. You’re not alumni. Apparently Ricky met his wife overseas. They both worked as missionaries at a Catholic charity in Africa.
Miss Parker   This amuses you.
Sydney   That Jarod wants people to believe that you’re a missionary? Broots, did you find anything about Professor Tom Grier?
Broots   He was only at the school for one semester in ’83. He taught obscure languages. He died in Hawaii two years ago. The rest of the class is business as usual.
Miss Parker   On the last page here, there is a list of people under the words ‘camera shy.’
Broots   Oh yeah, they didn’t have their photo taken. I tracked them down, there’s n-nothing special. Except, oh, they’re, well, two are dead.
Miss Parker   No deader than Townsend, Nebraska. Call the hotel and book us some rooms for this shindig.
Broots   Oh, uh, Jarod already did. They’re uh, non-smoking rooms.
Miss Parker   Perfect.
Reporters   Do you have anything to say to the families of the victims?
Mr Larson   My heart goes out to everyone involved. As a father who almost lost his son, I certainly share their pain.
Reporters   Will you tell us what happened?
Mr Larson   Ah, he’s not allowed to issue a statement until he talks to the NTSB.
Brandon   But I would like to offer my prayers to those who lost loved ones.
Mr Larson   Excuse us please, uh, I just want to make sure my son gets a little rest, okay? Thank you, thank you very much.
Clark Thomas   First things first. Let’s see what the pilot has to say.
Jarod   She suffered blunt trauma to the temporal lobe, which affects memory acquisition. Her chances of ever recalling details of the crash are extremely slim.
Clark Thomas   So, there’s really nothing you can tell us?
Angela Wiley   Like I said, I can remember being on the approach to San Diego. And I can remember the screams. But besides that… I’m sorry.
Clark Thomas   Thanks for your time, Ms Wiley. We’ll be in touch.
Jarod   I’ll be outside in one second. Are you going to be alright?
Angela Wiley   It’s like somebody painted my mind black. When I think about my passengers…. maybe it’s better that I can’t remember.
Daniel   I want to make a difference with my life. I read this quote once. “We have but a rich moment in time.” It made me realise that we’re only here for so long.
Angela Wiley   Eleven people died. But I lived. What makes me so special?
Angela Wiley voice   I can remember being on the approach to San Diego. And I can remembrer the screams. Eleven people died. But I lived. What makes me so special?
Broots   Can you believe how friendly Nebraskans are?
Miss Parker   THis isn’t Nebraska Broots It’s a halfway house for Hee Haw rejects.
Man   Ricky? Ricky is that you? My, you have changed. You lost a ton, son. And uh, this must be… Oh.
Miss Parker   Nobody you’d want to know.
Wife   Well, maybe we’ll see you and the missus later, at the hay ride.
Broots   Yeah, at the hay ride, okay. Way to blend in.
Sydney   All set. Now this is mine, and 305 is for you two.
Miss Parker   You two?
Sydney   Small town Mrs Sanders. The last thing we want is for people to wonder why you’re not staying with your husband.
Miss Parker   There’d better be booze in the courtesy bar, or someone’s gonna pay.
Jarod   Hey! I thought we agreed that I would be here when we opened these boxes
Clark Thomas   We couldn’t locate you. And time isn’t something we have a lot of around here.
Diane Post   Evidence from the flight data recorder indicates the elevators were set at the wrong angle for landing.
Clark Thomas   Given the flight’s reduced speed on descent, failure of the elevators to provide proper lift led directly to the crash.
Jarod   Who set the elevators?
Diane Post   We don’t know.
Jarod   The cockpit recorder is still on lock.
Clark Thomas   Malfunction. Never started recording on takeoff.
Jarod   I’ve never heard of this happening before.
Clark Thomas   It’s rare, but not without precedent. Hell, it happened on a flight I piloted once. At least with no mechanical malfunction we can focus on pilot error.
Diane Post   Which leaves the question…
Jarod   Which pilot?
Daniel   My dad taught me how to play. Didn’t you ever play basketball with your dad? I just want to make my parents proud.
Jarod   You did Daniel. You did.
Brandon   I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to climb into a cockpit again.
Mr Larson   You’ll get no argument from me. You’re gonna be far too busy at Airista. Brandon is one day going to take over the organisation. The sooner I get him behind a desk, the better.
Diane Post   Mr Larson, we need to question Brandon alone
Mr Larson   Well, I’m not here as the head of an airline, I’m here as Brandon’s father.
Jarod   We appreciate that sir, but this is standard procedure.
Mr Larson   Fine. Uh, if you need me, I’ll be in the waiting room.
PA   Dr Christopher to Radiation Therapy. Dr Christopher to Radiation Therapy.
Jarod   Brandon, the voice recorder on your flight malfunctioned. We have no record of what happened in the cockpit. Ms Wiley suffered a head trauma. Therefore, your memory of the event is critical.
Diane Post   We’d like you to carefully take us through the last few minutes before the crash.
Brandon   We’d just received final approach instructions. I was focused on my checklist. Everything seemed calm. Then all of a sudden we stalled. Angela was yelling about the mountain. I looked out my window just to see the wing slashing through trees.
Jarod   You seem to be very warm. Would you like some water?
Brandon   No. Um… No, it’s these painkillers. Made me a little feverish. Hmmm. Anyway, I can only guess some of our gauges malfunctioned.
Diane Post   According to the flight data recorder, all the systems were working fine. It indicated the elevators were set at zero instead of 20 degrees. That’s why the plane stalled on its descent.
Brandon Larson   Oh, God.
Jarod   What is it? Is there something on your mind?
Brandon Larson   This is really hard, Angela’s a good friend. We’ve logged over half a million miles together.
Diane Post   But?
Brandon Larson   When I called out, elevators 20 degrees, on the checklist, angela’s gave me a positive. I guess she just wasn’t paying attention.
Diane Post   Look Jarod, it was pilot error. And the pilot’s name is angela’s wy.
Jarod   Maybe.
Diane Post   The guy told us exactly what happened. What more do you need?
Jarod   He said he was on painkillers. Principle actions of those compounds are analgesia and sedation. It wouldn’t cause a fever.
Diane Post   Isn’t it possible the guy’s just a nervous wreck? Pilots are human. If I’d just been in a plane crash, and had to turn in my friend, I’d be sweating too.
Jarod   Is that what you really believe Diane?
PA   Nurse Blank to Delivery Suite 3. Nurse Blank to Delivery Suite 3.
Broots   You know, Miss Parker, if you looked at this like a mini vacation from the Centre, you might actually enjoy yourself.
Miss Parker   These people are dead from the neck up and don’t even know it.
Broots   Why? Because that couple in the lobby have been married for 14 years and they go to church on Sunday, and they coach Little League? Hmm, I wish my ex-wife and I had been that lucky.
Miss Parker   Just how hard did you fall on your head when you fell off the turnip truck?
Broots   Oh, okay. And what’s so great about your life? You’re forced to stay at the Centre till you catch a guy they stole from his parents. You’re haunted by the… by the murder of your, your mother. Competing for your father’s attention with a bald-headed lunatic who drags around an oxygen tank…
Miss Parker   Careful!
Broots   Well, I’m just sayin’. I’d take a Sunday sermon and a Little League game any day of the week over that. Hi.
Sydney   Jarod sent us another year book, marking down the page that lists the students who were absent for the graduation picture.
Broots   Not every picture tells a story. What does that mean?
Miss Parker   He wants us to focus on the camera shy. Coming, dear?
PA   Dr Cruce to room 208.
Diane Post   The blood tests on you and Brandon Larson were negative, so there won’t be any felony charges. But…
Clark Thomas   You will be charges with negligence. I suggest you contact the pilot’s union and arrange for legal counsel.
Angela Wiley   Oh, my God.
Jarod   Angela’s, the voice recorder malfunctioned. The only thing we have to go on is Brandon’s testimony. If there’s anything at all that you can remember.
Angela Wiley   I cant remember anything.
Jarod   The voice recorder didn’t malfunction. The imprint cylinder was demagnetised.
Woman   Hi, how you doing? Hey.
Sydney   Any luck with the camera shy?
Miss Parker   Found two. Both up for village idiot of the year. You?
Sydney   I met one. Farmer’s wife, seven kids, wallet full of pictures.
Man   Oh yeah. ANd guess who he’s married to? Xena. What’s your secret? Hmmm?
Broots   Well, uh… Hey, you gotta ask?
wife   I’ve never met a missionary before.
Miss Parker   Oh, there’s a shocker.
Wife   And Ricky. Who ever thought he’d become a man of God? You know, he and I dated a few times. Has he ever mentioned me?
Miss Parker   He often reminisces about playing tonsil hockey with you in the barn after the Saturday night hootenanny.
MC   Uh, ladies, ladies and gentlemen, before we come to the end of this wonderful evening, I’d like to take a moment to remember a couple of students who are no longer with us because the Lord has seen fit to call them on home. The first is Diane Hydra.
Miss Parker   Oh, God. It’s almost over.
Sydney   And we’re no closer to knowing why Jarod sent us here then when we started.
MC   … Some of you may remember, died tragically in his senior year. So we don’t have a graduation photo of Bobby Bowman, but we were able to enlarge a picture from a group shot of the Farmers of Tomorrow Club.
Miss Parker   I’m out of here.
Broots   Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Oh, my God.
Sydney   The resemblance is unmistakable.
Broots   Bobby Bowman is Mr Lyle?
Jarod   Are you sure this is Brandon Larson Larson’s file?
Pathologist   This lab has zero tolerance for error. The stakes are too high.
Jarod   Something doesn’t make sense. On Brandon Larson Larson’s last FAA physical, his macrocytic blood count was 10. But on these tests you took after the crash, the count is 15. I thought macrocytic blood counts never vary.
Pathologist   They don’t
Jarod   Who brought in the blood samples?
Pathologist   Your chief investigator, Clark Thomas.
Clark Thomas   Don’t let Jarod’s speculation confuse you.
Diane Post   But what about Brandon Larson’s sweating? He said painkillers wouldn’t do that.
Clark Thomas   Diane, listen. The evidence is very clear. Just have that report ready to go in the morning.
Daniel   One recruiter tried to give me an illegal payoff. But my dad always taught me you can never go wrong, doin’ the right thing. I turned him down.
Jarod   What did your dad teach you, Clark?
Daniel   You saved my life. You saved my life. You saved my life. You saved my life. You saved my life. Thanks Jarod. You really saved my life.
Sydney   Sydney
Jarod   A young man died because of me. I gave him my seat on an airplane. The plane crashed.
Sydney   I’m sorry. Jarod, we all want to believe that we can control the events in life. But that’s only an illusion.
Jarod   He had everything to live for. A family. Future. Now he’s gone, and I’m still here.
Sydney   I’m afraid you and I could spent the rest of this lifetime debating fate, Jarod.
Jarod   Lifetime? Is that how long this will hurt?
Sydney   Anything?
Broots   I found a police file on Bobby Bowman. According to the Omaha coroner’s, uh, records, uh….
Miss Parker   Up here, Broots
Broots   Um, the Omaha coroner report, Bobby Bowman was, um, murdered 16 years ago.
Sydney   Hmm.
Broots   By his father.
Sydney   Mr Lyle, Bobby Bowman, that is… Faked his own death and framed his father?
Miss Parker   And I thought my family was screwed up.
Broots   Bowman’s body was found headless in the bed of his father’s pick up truck. But the body was so decomposed that they couldn’t get a proper ID.
Sydney   Headless, can’t trace dental records. And of course decomposition would make fingerprint identification impossible.
Broots   So, if the body was not Mr Lyle’s, then… whose body was it?
Sydney   Hmmm.
Miss Parker   Broots, get back to Blue Cove. See what you can find on Lyle’s early years at the Centre.
Sydney   And us?
Miss Parker   You and I are gonna pay a visit to Mammy Yokum.
Mrs Bowman   Bobby was adopted you know. Oh, he was a good little boy, for the most part. And then when he was oh, around 15 or so, something just seemed to snap. Okay boys! Come and get it! One day, he was sweet as sugar, the next, mean as a snake. Violent too. Well, after a while, my husband just couldn’t deal with it. He felt that Bobby needed discipline, so he started lockin’ him in the shed out back. Well, I thought that was a little harsh. But as my husband said, the roof didn’t leak and there was no vermin in it. You two dogs stop that barkin’ and get in here!
Sydney   This a friend of Bobby’s?
Mrs Bowman   Uh, Jimmy Radloff. But he died.
Sydney   Hmmm.
Mrs Bowman   That was a sad day for Bobby.
Sydney   How did Jimmy die?
Mrs Bowman   Well, Bobby and Jimmy went hiking one day and they got separated and only Bobby came home. Jimmy just disappeared without a trace. Well, they looked all over for him, but they never found his body. I’ve had enough! Hey! You don’t stop your howling and get your tired…
Miss Parker   Now we know whose body Lyle used to frame his death.
Sydney   Hmmmm.
Mrs Bowman   Personally, I feel that Jimmy Radloff ran away. He came from a terrible family. His father was a drunk and his mother, well… Lyle and I always thought she was daffy as a loon.
Sydney   Lyle?
Mrs Bowman   Oh, that’s my husband’s name. Although he insisted Bobby call him Mister. Hmmm.
Jarod   Angela? They told me at the hospital you’d been released. I…. May I come in? It’s kind of dark in here, don’t you think? That’s not the answer.
Angela Wiley   All I ever wanted to do was be a pilot.
Jarod   They were preliminary findings. Nothing’s been decided.
Angela Wiley   No, they already told me to get an attorney.
Jarod   That’s standard procedure.
Angela Wiley   There’ll be civil suits. I can’t face those families.
Jarod   Listen to me. I don’t believe that the crash was your fault.
Angela Wiley   Based on what?
Jarod   Those people who’s had their lives taken from them, they had no choice. Don’t dishonour their memory by taking your own. Give me the chance to prove your innocence.
Mrs Bowman   Once Jimmy Radloff disappeared, well, Bobby really got bad. There was no controllin’ him, except lock him in the shed. He hit his father with a shovel once. I’m pretty sure that was the straw that pushed Lyle to kill Bobby.
Miss Parker   And cut off his head?
Mrs Bowman   Well, I did think that was a bit extreme.
Miss Parker   Where is your husband now?
Mrs Bowman   Solitary confinement. Topeka Penitentiary. Lyle rubs people the wrong way. Well, I’d best get supper on.
Sydney   The shed measures eight by ten. The same as a prison cell.
Miss Parker   If my father had locked me in a hole like this, I wouldn’t have framed him, I would have killed him.
Sydney   Clearly, Mr Lyle was driven to inflict slower punishment.
Miss Parker   Unfortunately, he didn’t confine his need to just his father.
Jarod   I am sorry to bother you sir, but I received a rather disturbing tip, that your son was using prescription drugs not on the FAA authorised list.
Mr Larson   That’s ridiculous.
Jarod   Well, maybe so. But accusations this serious are going to require an investigation.
Mr Larson   I assure you if my son had done anything that foolish, I would know about it. You have any idea how many flight jockeys are buckin’ for a seat in the cockpit of a major carrier? I know some who would have no trouble lying to get a pilot grounded and open up a slot.
Jarod   I’m sure that’s true.
Mr Larson   Why would he jeapordise his future by taking unauthorised drugs? Besides, I wouldn’t allow him to.
Jarod   I have no choice in this matter. You always have a choice.
Mr Larson   Tell that to the victims of Flight 105.
Clark Thomas   Clark Thomas.
Mr Larson   Jarod Lindsay was just here. He said he’s going forward with an investigation into rumours that my son is using unauthorised prescription drugs.
Clark Thomas   Where’d he hear that?
Mr Larson   I don’t know, and it does tn matter. What does matter, is the fact that you promised to head this thing off. Agreed?
Clark Thomas   Yes sir.
Mr Larson   Then get on it.
Daniel   My girlfriend gave me this. I think she’s afraid I’m gonna forget her. You know it’s nice knowin’ you have someone who cares so much about you, besides your folks. You know what I mean?
Jarod   Yeah.
    Flight Recorder
Angela Wiley   We’re on our final approach.
Brandon Larson   Got it.
Angela Wiley   Our elevator’s at zero egress. I told you to pull two notches! We are not gonna clear that ridge! Pull up! Pull up!
Brandon Larson   I’m sorry Angela! I’m sorry! Oh, my God! No!
Angela Wiley   I told you to pull two notches! We are not gonna clear that ridge! Pull up! Pull up! Our elevator’s at zero egress. I told you to pull two notches! We are not gonna clear that ridge! Pull up! Pull up!
Brandon Larson   I’m sorry Angela! I’m sorry! Oh, my God! No!
Angela Wiley   Our elevator’s at zero egress. I told you to pull two notches! We are not…
Brandon Larson   This your idea of a sick joke?
Jarod   No. My idea of a sick joke is lying to protect your career while you destroy Angela Wiley’s.
Brandon Larson   You’re crazy.
Jarod   Am I? She didn’t cause the crash, you did. It wasn’t your blood that Clark Thomas took to the lab. You were flying alright. On what? Speed? Methamphetamines to sharpen your senses? Is that why you’re sweating so badly?
Brandon Larson   That’s not true.
Jarod   Did you know that angela’s was thinking of taking her own life, because she couldn’t deal with the guilt of killing 11 people? Shall we let her? Round it up to a nice even dozen? All because of you. All so you can take your position at Airista and make your father happy.
Brandon Larson   There’s no room for error with my father’s You have to be perfect.
Jarod   And if you’re not, he just bribes Clark Thomas to fix it, right?
Brandon Larson   He found out about my drug intake after the crash and he swooped in with spin control like he controls everything else. He picked my schools, my girlfriends, my career.
Jarod   So how much worse does it have to get before you say no?
Brandon Larson   You don’t understand. Nobody says no to my father. Not me, not Clark Thomas. No one.
Jarod   Don’t you think it’s time that someone did?
Miss Parker   So, Mr Bowman, tell us about your son, Bobby.
Lyle Bowman   Bobby. I hated the little bastard. But I didn’t kill him.
Miss Parker   Who did?
Lyle Bowman   Now, if I knew that, I wouldn’t be here, would I? If I had to bet, I’d say it was probably that counsellor that started coming around when Bobby was 15 or so. From the adoption agency. Said he was checking up to see how Bobby was getting along. Well Bobby was getting along fine till he showed up. Started spending time together. Too much time.
Miss Parker   Do you remember anything about this counsellor?
Lyle Bowman   Well, my lawyer tried to find him right after I was arrested.
Miss Parker   But he never worked for the adoption agency.
Lyle Bowman   How’d you know?
Sydney   These padlock cutouts on the wall. What do they signify Mr bowman?
Lyle Bowman   Ah, somebody’s idea of a sick joke. They’ve been showing up once a month ever since I got here. I use ’em to keep track of time. Except for last month, when they stopped comin’.
Miss Parker   That’s because Mr Lyle is dead.
Jarod   Diane. I want you to hear something.
Jarod   Clark, it’s Jarod. There’s something I want to see you about.
Mr Larson   A jump plane? At least you could take me up in a plane with a door.
Clark Thomas   What are you doin’ here?
Mr Larson   Lindsay called. Said he’d found something at the crash site you wanted me to see.
Jarod   Oh goo. Everyone is here. Shall we?
Clark Thomas   Look, I’m, I’m sorry Mr Larson. There’s been a misunderstanding.
Jarod   Oh, there’s been no misunderstanding. I’ve uncovered some new evidence about what caused the crash.
Mr Larson   What kind of new evidence?
Jarod   The kind you have to see to believe. Gentlemen?
Clark Thomas   Why are we so low?
Jarod   Better to simulate the descent of Flight 105. Hey, will you take over for a minute? I have to go in the back. WHy don’t you take my seat? You’ll get a better view.
Mr Larson   What new evidence could he have found?
Clark Thomas   There was nothing left on that mountain that hasn’t already been examined.
Mr Larson   All right, what the hell is this all about? Jarod?
Clark Thomas   Jarod. He jumped.
Mr Larson   What the hell is going on here? Pull up, get altitude.
Clark Thomas   I can’t, it’s jammed. Hydraulics are locked.
Jarod   Problem boys? Well, now you know how Angela Wiley felt when she realised she was going to crash. Now there is a way for you to survive. But it comes with a price.
Mr Larson   What do you want?
Jarod   The truth. About how you bribed Clark Thomas to cover for the fact that it was really your son that caused the crash of Flight 105. Speechless huh? Careful, the voice recorder is taking down everything you say. Only Clark wont be able to demagnetise the voice cylinder.
Clark Thomas   Seventy seconds to impact.
Jarod   After they find what’s left of the plane they’ll do toxicology tests on your bodies. Anything you’ve got to hide Mr larson? Oh, that’s too bad. Because Clark wont be around to tamper with the blood tests.
Clark Thomas   Fifty seconds. Damn it Jarod! Okay! I did it! I took a bribe. Now unlock those flaps!
Jarod   What about you Mr Larson?
Clark Thomas   Larson, tell him, damn it!
Jarod   Is your reputation more important to you than your life?
Clark Thomas   Larson! We’re gonna crash! Tell him!
Mr Larson   Alright, it’s true! I bribed Clark Thomas to protect my son.
Jarod   Clark, there’s a toggle switch underneath your seat. Push it backward. That was close. Just so you know, there’s only enough gas in your tank to get you back to San Diego. Oh, and by the way, there’s a police car waiting for you when you get there.
Miss Parker   I’m not buying your theory about Mr Lyle Syd.
Sydney   Please, Miss Parker, listen. All I’m saying is if Lyle was able to fake his death as a teenager, well, perhaps he’s done it again. And that’s what Jarod has been trying to tell us all this time. That Lyle is alive.
Miss Parker   I shot the son of a bitch myself, Sydney I saw him fall into the river. You and I were there when they dragged his body from the water.
Sydney   A headless body.
Miss Parker   So?
Sydney   Exactly the way he faked his death the last time.
Miss Parker   There is no last time! The man is dead.
Sydney   Hmmm.
Broots   There is nothing on Lyle, except for date of employment and date of termination. But I did find this under the name of Bobby Bowman. It’s a copy of adoption papers giving custody of Bob… Mr Lyle, to the Bowmans.
Miss Parker   There’s only one reason the Centre would have records of Lyle’s adoption.
Sydney   They arranged it.
Miss Parker   I’ll get Lyle’s body exhumed. You do the DNA tests.
Broots   Oh no, no. You, you can’t. The Centre had Lyle’s body cremated.
Angela Wiley   Thank you Jarod. You saved my life.
Mrs Falk   Can I help you? Oh, Daniel.
Jarod   My name is Jarod. I met Daniel while we were waiting for the plane. It was overbooked, and he was going to get bumped. He… he was worried about missing his registration.
Mrs Falk   I don’t understand.
Jarod   I gave your son my seat on the flight. I am so sorry. I just thought you’d… I should probably go.
Mrs Falk   No wait, Jarod? Pleas, w-would you, um, would you come inside… and tells us about your time with our son?
Daniel   Thanks Jarod, you really saved my life.

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