1-13 Bazooka Jarod

1-13 Bazooka Jarod

Bazooka Jarod

Great. Now Jarod is Moses.

Miss Parker

Bazooka Jarod

Great. Now Jarod is Moses.

Miss Parker

Original air date: February 8, 1997

Written by: Juan Carlos Coto

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

While Jarod poses as a Navy Commander in order to investigate the death of a sailor on board the USS Monroe, Sydney delivers a warning to Miss Parker.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Bazooka Bubble Gum, Blowing Bubbles, Bazooka Joe Comics, REM

Jarod’s Occupations: Naval Commander, High School Guidance Counselor

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Forrester


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod goes undercover as a Naval commander to avenge the shipboard death of a young sailor.


As Miss Parker and Sydney check out Jarod’s last known job, as a sewer worker, they realize a manhole Jarod used is right in front of the orphanage where Miss Parker’s mother may have taken children rescued from the Centre.  Meanwhile, on the U.S.S. Monroe, Jarod, as a U.S. Navy commander, works with Captain Nagle and Commander Nashton to guide their crew through a tense encounter with a rogue Russian submarine.  The crew dodges the sub’s torpedoes, then scores a direct hit of their own.  But as the sub explodes on the radar screen, we learn the whole encounter is just a training exercise.  Later, Nagel says the crew still needs to improve its discipline, and Nashton leads the sailors on a rigorous run on a California beach.  During the exercise, tensions escalate when one of the sailors, Dana Knox, accuses another man, Mike Baker, of negligence in a recent incident that caused the death of a fellow crew member, Scott Seaver.  Later, Nashton tells Jarod that Seaver died during a leak of JX-5 gas in the ship’s pump room…and introduces Jarod to security officer Lieutenant Paula Pratt, who’s concerned about some gaps in Jarod’s personnel file.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker visits the orphanage, but learns all records from the 1960s were destroyed in a fire in 1970, the same year her mother was killed.  Back at the naval base, Jarod sees a teenage girl, Melina, running from a shore patrol officer after trying to hotwire an officer’s Jeep.  Melina says she is Lieutenant Pratt’s daughter, and that her father is a navigator on another ship that has been at sea for four months.  A bit later, Jarod visits the Monroe’s pump room, and finds Lieutenant Albert Danes doing some welding with an oxyacetylene torch.  Nagel and Nashton find Jarod there, and tell him Seaver died because some retrofit work he did in the pump room was shoddy. A bit later, Jarod watches as Baker, who was Seaver’s best friend, tearfully delivers Seaver’s footlocker to Seaver’s parents.

Later, Jarod answers a summons from Pratt, who tries to call the admiral who signed Jarod’s orders…but the admiral is on vacation and can’t be reached.  Just then, Melina barges in, angry that her mother hasn’t given her an answer about a concert she wants to go to.  That night, Miss Parker goes through files of missing children in the Dover Hall of Records, but finds a note from Jarod, saying, “Sorry, I was here first.”  Meanwhile, on a San Pedro street, Jarod sees Melina coming out of a tattoo parlor (where she has just received a tattoo of the letters “ILY”), and realizes she iss acting out to get her mother’s attention.  Jarod tells Melina that her mother really does love her, even if she is very busy, but Melina doesn’t buy it.  Later, Jarod breaks into Pratt’s office, and finds videotaped testimony from the investigation of Seaver’s death.  The next day, Jarod talks to Baker, who insists Seaver didn’t botch the retrofit.  Baker also says he was with Seaver during the gas leak, but while he escaped from the pump room, Nashton came in and sealed the hatch before Seaver could get out, too.  That night, Jarod watches the videos and sees Nashton testify that closing the hatch was necessary to save the ship, even though he knew Seaver would die…but Jarod knows he’s lying.

That night, Sydney goes to Miss Parker’s house and warns her that if she is not careful, she could end up like her mother.  Meanwhile, Jarod goes through photos from the Seaver investigation, and the next day, takes one of the pictures, showing the faulty weld Seaver supposedly made, to Danes.  Jarod points out that the picture shows an oxyacetylene weld, when Seaver was only rated for gas tungsten welding, and says he has realized Nashton must have ordered Danes to frame Seaver.  Danes finally admits this, saying Nashton was trying to preserve his own career, which could have ended if the ship had been put in mothballs for the more extensive repairs it really needed.  That night, Jarod finds Melina in San Pedro again, and although she says she’s not going home, she admits to Jarod that she really misses her father (the “ILY” in her tattoo was his abbreviation for “I love you”), and Jarod comforts her as she cries.  Later, Jarod drives Melina home, and her mother welcomes her back and thanks Jarod for his help.  The next morning, Baker tells Jarod that he is resigning, but Jarod asks him if this is what Seaver would have wanted.  Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Sydney and Miss Parker learn, thanks to Lieutenant Pratt’s inquiries, that Jarod is on the Monroe.

A few hours later, on the Monroe, Jarod takes Nashton to the pump room, and asks him to test the JX-5 gas valve.  Nashton goes down the hatch and turns the handle, but as the gas begins to flow, Jarod locks him in, just as he did to Seaver.  And as Nashton starts to panic, Jarod gets him to admit what he did, and broadcasts Nashton’s confession on the ship’s PA system.  A few minutes later, as Nashton is led off in handcuffs, Pratt, Sydney and Miss Parker arrive.  But just as Miss Parker gets a glimpse of Jarod, he drives away.  Later, Pratt finds a note from Jarod, containing the concert tickets Melina wanted…Melina finally gets a note from her father…and we see Jarod, riding a camel in a vast desert, as far away from the ocean as he can get.

1-01 Pilot

Bazooka Jarod Transcript


Young Parker   Mama! Mama!
Young Jarod   They’re trying to hurt her!
Sydney   Stay here Jarod.
Young Parker   Mama, no! NO! No! Mama!
Miss Parker   What?
Sydney   We’ve got a hit.
    Main Sewer Line Dover, Delaware
Mr McElroy   Jarod’s the finest sewer rat I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I’ve never seen someone so excited about excrement in my life. A real aficionado.
Miss Parker   How charming.
Sydney   How long was Jarod here?
Mr McElroy   Couple of weeks. That’s all it took him to figure it out.
Miss Parker   Figure what out?
Mr McElroy   That we were digging into an aquifer. If we had hit that thing, it would have flushed 45 members of the International Brotherhood of Sewage Workers right into the jaws of oblivion. Just like that Egyptian army in the Ten Commandments. Whoosh!
Miss Parker   Great. Now Jarod is Moses.
Mr McElroy   Moses?
Sydney   Charlton Heston.
Mr McElroy   Right.
Sydney   Thanks.
Miss Parker   Mr McElroy, this is where Jarod always emerged?
Mr McElroy   Right in this spot. Something special about it, but he wouldn’t tell me. Said he had to ship out.
    USS Monroe, somewhere in the Pacific
Baker   cd Forrester, we have a situation here.
Jarod   Report.
Comm Officer   Bogey sir. Victor-class submarine, bearing one four eight.
Jarod   And closing. This could be the rogue we’re looking for. Relax sailor, this is the fun part.
Comm Officer   Why does the fun part have to happen on my watch?
Jarod   Alert the XO and the captain.
Baker   Aye, aye, sir.
Jarod   We’ve got a fight on our hands.
Sailor   As you were.
Jarod   Captain Nagel. Commander Nashton. It’s the Rostov sir. After she deployed from Odessa the Uzbeki captain declared independence from the Black Sea Fleet. He’s rogue.
Nashton   With a hip pocket full of nuclear warheads.
Jarod   And judging from the intel file, her first strike target… is Los Angeles.
Comm Officer   Something’s up sirs.
Marcus   They’ve opened the VLS doors.
Jarod   Those SLBM’s will be ready to fire in approximately two minutes.
Comm Officer   Torpedoes in the water, bearing one three seven and one four two.
Captain Nagel   Ready torpedo decoy.
Jarod   Ready decoy.
Baker   Ready decoy, aye. Something’s wrong with this relay sir.
Jarod   What’s the problem Baker?
Baker   Ahhh!
Marcus   We’ve lost the decoy signal.
Captain Nagel   Gentlemen, we got a torpedo on our ass.
Comm Officer   Torpedoes closing, 300 yards.
Marcus   The decoy signal’s still dead sir.
Comm Officer   200 yards.
Marcus   Ninety seconds SLBM launch. Come on Baker.
Baker   Got it, decoy’s online sir.
Comm Officer   Torpedo number one jut took the bait. Number two is closing. It’s a miss.
Marcus   Rostov’s VLS system is still ready.
Jarod   Those nukes fly in one minute, sir.
Captain Nagel   Forty degrees starboard.
Sailor   Forty degrees starboard.
Captain Nagel   Steady on course… zero nine zero.
Sailor   Zero nine zero.
Nashton   Sir, I suggest we fire both torpedoes now, while he’s still in range.
Jarod   Sir. I recommend that we fire one now that we veer approximately 30 degrees starboard and then fire torpedo two.
Nashton   Veer? Why don’t we just…
Captain Nagel   Fire torpedo one.
Marcus   Fire one, Aye. Torpedo away.
Jarod   Thirty seconds until warhead launch.
Captain Nagel   Veer 30 degrees starboard.
Jarod   Right full rudder. Steady course one two zero.
Sailor   Right full rudder, one two zero. Aye.
Marcus   One is a miss sir.
Captain Nagel   Fire two.
Marcus   Fire two. Aye. Torpedo away.
Jarod   Twenty seconds until warhead launch.
Marcus   Those birds are hot.
Jarod   Ten seconds until warhead launch.
Marcus   Number two is a direct hit. She’s going down.
Captain Drucker   This is Captain Drucker of the Harrison. You’ve blown us out of water, you crazy Yankee pig.
Nashton   Acknowledged. Always a pleasure to run a simulation with you, Ted.
Captain Drucker   Never a cold war when you need one. Harrison out.
Captain Nagel   You’ve got nothing to smile about. Another three seconds… and LA’s a parking lot.
Marcus   Way to go Baker.
    US Naval Station Long Beach, California
Captain Nagel   Lieutenant Commander Forrester this crew is loose. The Monroe is a team, like links in a chain. If one of those links breaks under stress we slip that much closer to disaster. In one week we hit the big blue. It is imperative that your response times improve. After what happened on our last tour, I want this ship running like a damn Swiss watch.
Nashton   Alright. You just traded your day off for a rid on my personal highway to hell. Left, left, left! Come on people! It’s a highway to hell. We love it! Come on! Having fun yet?
Crew   Yes sir!
Nashton   Come on people! Do you love it?
Crew   Yes sir!
Nashton   I can’t hear you!
Crew   Yes sir!
Nashton   Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go. Come on. What are you waiting for? Let’s go. Move it. Move it out. Move it out. Move it out.
Jarod   Move it out! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!
Marcus   I didn’t really want a day off. Did you Baker?
Baker   What?
Marcus   You can’t even handle a little circuit flare-up? I mean, if something goes wrong this tour, you’re gonna screw up on us like you did in the pump room with Seaver?
Knox   Seaver was a dumbass.
Marcus   Hey, get him! Get him!
Jarod   Break it up! Get up! Break it up! Knox! Marcus! Baker, you’ve got the highest rank here. If I even catch you looking at these sailors the wrong way I’m gonna have you in the scullery every day for a week! Understood, sailor?
Baker   Yes, sir!
Jarod   Fall out!
Sailor   Alright! Move out.
Baker   Sir.
Nashton   Well, you handled that little situation well. Just as well as manoeuvres this morning.
Jarod   Sir, I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to step out of line.
Nashton   Oh, yes, you did. You’re just lucky that you made the right call.
Jarod   I guess. Nagel seemed pretty steamed about the last tour.
Nashton   Yeah, well, that’s the only chink in his armour. We lost a sailor. There was a gas lead in the pump room.
Jarod   A gas leak?
Nashton   Yeah. JX-5.
Jarod   Whoa. A roomful of that could’ve set off the entire ship.
Nashton   Whoo. Tell me about it. I had the deck that night. It’s pretty intense. It’s not something I want to live through again. Hey, tell me something, will ya? How did you know that the Harrison was gonna cut and run?
Jarod   “Bulldog” Ted Drucker was at the conn. It’s his favourite evasive technique.
Nashton   Oh, you served with him?
Paula Pratt   Actually, Jarod’s from the Grant, sir. Lieutenant Paula Pratt.
Jarod   At ease. Security officer. Lieutenant Commander Jarod Forrester.
Paula Pratt   Yes, I just ran the required checks on your file. Your dates on the Grant don’t jibe with the Bureau of Personnel.
Nashton   So wy don’t you call the Grant and have ’em clear it up?
Paula Pratt   I will. As soon as she gets back from a silent escort in Antarctica. Next month. Come see me at PSD tomorrow.
Nashton   That woman needs a hobby.
Jarod   She reminds me of someone I used to know.
    Miss Parker’s House
Miss Parker   Go through the box from Jarod’s last lair. Call me with solid leads.
Sydney (on phone)   Where will you be Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   Out.
    South Delaware Children’s Home Dover, Delaware
Miss Parker   Well, there must be something you can tell me about my mother.
Orphanage Director   It’s been nearly 30 years, but I remember how much she loved the children here.
Miss Parker   I have reason to believe that she might have rescued some of them.
Orphanage Director   Rescued?
Miss Parker   It’s a long story. Did she… did she bring any children here?
Orphanage Director   No. We’ve always gotten our children the usual way, orphans, runaways, victims of child abuse. I’m afraid I wouldn’t know where to begin.
Miss Parker   I might.
Orphanage Director   I’m sorry. None of them ring a bell.
Miss Parker   That’s okay. You’ve been… you’ve been very helpful.
Orphanage Director   Who is this Jarod you’re asking about?
Miss Parker   An associate. I thought maybe he might have visited you.
Orphanage Director   No. It’s not a dead end, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Well, the person who gave this to me is the master of the dead end.
Orphanage Director   You could match these with our files, but you’d have to go down to the Hall of Records. All of these kids are pre-1970. Our files were destroyed in a fire that year.
Miss Parker   You had a fire in 1970?
Orphanage Director   Yes.
Miss Parker   April.
Orphanage Director   How did you know?
Miss Parker   That’s when my mother died.
    USS Monroe
Jarod   At ease.
Sailor   Good afternoon sir.
Jarod   Good afternoon.
Sailor   Just want to welcome you to the Monroe.
Jarod   At ease.
Sailor   Uh Bazooka. From my personal stash.
Jarod   This is interesting. Bubble gum named after a weapon.
Sailor   Well, it’s bee around a while.
Jarod   It’s very good. And it comes with its own personal story. Very clever. Well, thank you very much. As you were.
Melina   Get away from me! Leave me alone! I said get.. get away from me! Stop it!
Jarod   Are you going someplace?
Melina   Look, there’s two men chasing me. I think they’re some kind of perverts. You really gotta help me. That’s them!
Security Officer   Commander.
Jarod   Is there some kind of problem, Sergeant?
Security Officer 2   Yes sir. We caught this bug trying to hot-wire an ensign’s jeep.
Melina   Oh, that’s a great big lie. Beside, I didn’t even know the jeep belonged to the ensign.
Security Officer 2   It’s the third time this week we’ve had a run-in with this desperado,
Jarod   I see. I think I can handle it from here. My name’s Jarod.
Melina   Melina Pratt.
Jarod   Pratt? As in Security Officer Pratt?
Melina   As in her daughter. You’re gonna tell her about this, aren’t you?
Jarod   What about your father?
Melina   He’s the navigator on the Farragut.
Jarod   That’s on the Indian Ocean, on patrol?
Melina   Yeah. He’s been gone for about four months now.
Jarod   Four and a half. Must be pretty tough on you and your mother, your father being gone that long.
Melina   My mom just works more. To me, it’s no biggie.
Jarod   So your dad is gone, and your mom works all day. From what I understand, a teenager lives for that kind of freedom. Is that true?
Melina   If you’re so interested in teenagers, maybe you should become a school counsellor.
Jarod   I already tried that once. I mean, the hours were great, but… the food was terrible.
Melina   So, are you gonna tell my mom about this jeep thing or not?
Jarod   Melina.
Melina   What?
Jarod   Next time you go to so much trouble to get into trouble, hot-wire and admiral’s jeep.
PA   Communications watch officer and DDO please report to the quarterdeck. Comm watch officer and DDO, report to the quarterdeck.
Jarod   That’s nice work… for an oxyacetylene weld.
Danes   It’s old-school, I know, but it holds tighter than any of that newfangled stuff. Snipes are always getting on me. Danes, weld this, gas tungsten that. Got no respect for the old ways, you know.
Jarod   I guess not. Excuse me.
Captain Nagel   Problem, Jarod? As you were.
Jarod   Petty Officer Mike Baker. I pulled him out of a fight a couple of days ago. I have a good mind to go up there…
Captain Nagel   Whoa, whoa. I know that you’re eager to crack skulls, but, uh, don’t start on Baker. He lost his best friend in our last tour.
Nashton   Scott Seaver. I told you about it, Jarod. The, uh, JX-5 leak in the pump room.
Jarod   Oh, yes. Right.
Captain Nagel   Seaver botched the retrofit.
Nashton   Which gave the board of inquiry an excuse to try to mothball the ship again. Damn leeches came in here. They went over every piece of paperwork, every inspection record, tried to haul her out of the water. Finally, it took seven admirals to decide the problem was Seaver’s shoddy work.
Jarod   I see. Well, I guess I’ll ease off Baker then.
Captain Nagel   He does know that he’s on this ship for the next six months.
Jarod   Where his best friend died.
    Jarod Simming
Seaver’s Voice   Oh, my God! Baker, help me!
Danes   Surprise inspection, or are you stealing stock tips?
Jarod   I was just getting to know the territory. You play the stock market.
Danes   Hey, you want to put a kid through college on my salary, you gotta take some chances. Actually, my son picks out all my stocks. He wants to see his tuition coming, he better pick ’em right.
Jarod   Is he a business major?
Danes   He’s a tight end. Got a good brain. Average hands. No scholarship. But I’ll be damned he’s gonna spend his whole life sweating in a hole like this. You sure this ain’ t no inspection?
Jarod   Promise.
Danes   Good. I mean, nothing personal sire, but, uh… I’ve been turning wrenches down here since you and most of this crew were playing kick the can.
Jarod   And what can was I kicking?
Danes   All I’m saying is, uh, you don’t need to go wasting your time checking up on Lieutenant Albert Danes.
Jarod   As you were.
Danes   Thank you, sir. Thank you.
    Personnel Support Detachment, Long Beach
Jarod   They’re very funny.
Paula Pratt   They still make those?
Jarod   Yeah. But what I don’t understand is why does he wear the eye patch?
Paula Pratt   Matters of cosmic importance I’m not prepared to address.
Jarod   Huh.
Paula Pratt   I wanted you here when I call Admiral Mason. You remember Admiral Mason. He signed your recommendation.
Jarod   How could I forget?
Secretary   Admiral Mason’s office.
Paula Pratt   Lieutenant Paula Pratt calling from Long Beach Naval Station.
Secretary   I’m sorry. The admiral is on his annual fishing trip to Bimini.
Paula Pratt   It’s nice somebody has time for a vacation. How long will he be gone?
Secretary   Two weeks. And he left strict orders not to be disturbed… unless, of course, it’s urgent.
Paula Pratt   I’ll call back.
Jarod   Bummer.
Paula Pratt   Bummer?
Woman   Melina, she’s busy
Jarod   That’s what Joe would say.
Melina   I don’t care how buSy she is. I need to see her.
Paula Pratt   Melina, I’m in a meeting.
Melina   I know. But I can’t even get an appointment, and I need to know today if I can go see REM.
Jarod   Rapid eye movements?
Melina   No, it’s a band.
Jarod   Oh.
Melina   Tickets go on sale in an hour.
Paula Pratt   I told you. I don’t want you going alone.
Melina   I won’t be alone, Mom. There’ll be 40,000 other people there.
Paula Pratt   I am buSy We will talk about this later.
Melina   Yeah, what else is new?
Paula Pratt   My daughter.
    Dover City Hall, Missing Children’s Archive
Guy   Yo, what’s up? Why won’t you talk to me?
Jarod   How’d your tattoo come out?
Melina   What are you, stalking me?
Jarod   Not exactly. This police officer stopped by and, uh… left you this parking ticket.
Melina   Great. My mom’s gonna go ballistic when she sees this.
Jarod   Not to mention when she finds out you stole her car. But having her go ballistic… that’s the general idea, isn’t it?
Melina   Come on. You can do it. Try again. Wrap it around your tongue and… blow.
Jarod   Yes.
Melina   I can’t believe no one taught you how to blow bubble gum.
Jarod   I had a lonely childhood.
Melina   Yeah, join the club.
Jarod   I.L.Y. Is that another band?
Melina   No, just three letters I want to remember. That’s all.
Jarod   What are your parents going to say?
Melina   I don’t care. My mom hates me, and my dad’s never around.
Jarod   Your mom does not hate you. Parents love their children.
Melina   Oh, what sitcom are you living in?
    Jarod listening to Seaver Investigation
Man   In conclusion victim seaver expired after inhaling the JX-5 toxic gas from the ship’s coolant system Ice crystals formed in the lungs within 30 seconds, resulting in asphyxiation. Furthermore, additional trauma
    Baker Flashback
Seaver   Baker! Baker! Oh, my God!
Jarod   Can’t sleep?
Baker   Sir.
Jarod   At ease, sailor. Sit down. I have nightmares too. About family I’ve never seen, best friends I’ve lost.
Baker   Scott Seaver did not botch that retrofit sir. And just because some big panel of admirals says so…
Jarod   Doesn’t mean it’s true.
Baker   Right. Scott was edgy… the whole week before it happened. I think he knew there was something wrong with the Monroe… but he never would have let us deploy like that. Look… you don’t gotta worry about me getting tanked or getting into fights anymore, sir.
Jarod   What are you talking about?
Baker   I’m gonna talk to Lieutenant Pratt. I’m out of here.
Jarod   You’re going to resign. You think that’s going to solve anything?
Baker   I watched him die, sir. You know, uh, it hit us out of nowhere. The pipe burst, and the whole place was filling up with JX-5. Scott told me to get out of there. He said he could handle it. I could’ve saved him. But then Nashton sealed the hatch.
Jarod   Nashton.
Baker   I could see Scott… through the portal. The gas was starting to get to him. Well, first it makes you crazy. Fills up your lungs and freezes ’em. He couldn’t breathe.
Jarod   Wait. The XO was on deck that night. Now, why would Nashton come down here to seal the hatch?
Baker   He said the whole ship could’ve blown. He said he had to seal the hatch. Some best friend I turned out to be, huh? He didn’t have to die, sir. I should’ve stayed. It should’ve been me that died.
Jarod   It wasn’t your fault.
    Video Recording of USN Investigation
Nashton   There’s been a lot of talk about decommissioning her, but I’m here to tell you gentlemen that the USS Monroe is a long way from mothballs. This accident… this tragedy… happened because of substandard work by a young engineer named Scott Seaver.
Man   You believe that sealing that room was the correct course of action?
Nashton   JX-5 gas might have seeped to the rest of the ship. She was a powder keg, ready to blow. If I had the time to pull him out, I would have done so. As ranking officers, these are the kinds of calls that we’re expected to make. It’s one of the demons we have to live with. I did it to save the ship.
Jarod   You did it to save your job.
    Miss Parker’s House
Sydney   The door was open.
Miss Parker   Making house calls now, Syd?
Sydney   Where were you today?
Miss Parker   Last time I checked, that was a Raines question.
Sydney   What kind of game are you playing with Jarod?
Miss Parker   Game?
Sydney   Hall of Records. You’re starting to ask questions. The way your mother did. Her final session with me, before she got on the elevator… she was looking for answers.
Miss Parker   She didn’t have the means to find them. I do.
Sydney   Then you’ll end up like her.
Miss Parker   Is that a threat?
Sydney   A warning… from a friend.
Jarod   Mail call. These seem to have slipped through the cracks.
Danes   Hey, personal delivery from the ops officer. Thanks. Letter from my kid at college. Gonna be an engineer.
Jarod   Oh yeah? Cornell. Must be expensive.
Danes   How’d you know he was going there?
Jarod   Interesting. This is an oxyacetylene weld. Now, Scott Seaver… he was only rated for gas tungsten welding. If those admirals had known what to look for, they would have known that Seaver didn’t botch the retrofit. Nashton forced you to do the work after it ruptured and make it look like Seaver botched it.
Danes   Come on, that’s crazy.
Jarod   Tell that to Scott Seaver. I spoke to his best friend. He said Seaver was nervous the whole week before the deploy. He knew something was wrong, didn’t he?
Danes   With all due respect sir. You’ve lost it.
Jarod   Did Nashton threaten your career, or did he threaten your son’s education?
Danes   What’s the difference? Nashton said he was gonna turn the investigating panel on me. I’d have been kicked out on my ass. No pension, no nothing. And he forced Seaver and me to sign off on that inspection report even though the JX-5 line needed work. Brass never knew.
Jarod   And the extra work would have delay deployment. Or worse, put the Monroe in mothballs. No more Monroe… no more career for Nashton. So a 20 year old kid chokes to death. It could have been your shift.
Danes   Oh, come on. Nashton tried to save that poor kid. The pump room was gonna blow. There was no time.
Jarod   There was plenty of time, but Seaver knew the truth. Nashton made sure he died with it.
Jarod   Your mom’s going to miss you.
Melina   Yeah, well, you can’t miss something that’s not there to begin with. I’m not going back there… ever.
Jarod   Okay. You feel like you’re not very important, don’t you? You feel like you were forgotten… but you haven’t been.
Melina   Yeah, what do you know about it?
Jarod   I don’t even know who my parents are. I don’t know if they gave up up or I was taken from them. But I know they’re still out there. Somewhere. I know they love me. Deep down inside, I know they love me. Just like deep down inside you know your parents love you.
Melina   My mom just buries herself in work every time my dad’s out to sea.
Jarod   Your mom is responsible for a lot of people’s lives. Maybe in all that, she overlooks the life that’s most important to her, but I know… she loves you very much.
Melina   I really miss my dad. I love you. I.L.Y. My dad used to put it all on the satellite communications he’d send us from the subs. You know, they only give you, like, 40 words to say everything you can to each other, so you gotta abbreviate. I just wish he was here to say it in person.
Jarod   Shh, shh, shh. Shh.
Melina   Sorry Mama.
Paula Pratt   I’m sorry too, honey. We’ll talk inside.
Melina   I’m sorry.
Paula Pratt   It’s okay.
Jarod   You have a great kid.
Paula Pratt   Yeah. I think I should tell her that a little more often. Thanks.
Jarod   Are you sure that resigning is the right thing to do?
Baker   Made up my mind, sir.
Jarod   Did I say “at ease,” sailor?
Baker   No, sir!
Jarod   Are you sure it’s the right thing to do, sailor?
Baker   Yes, sir!
Jarod   Is that what Scott Seaver would have wanted? Hope to see you on board, sailor.
Young Jarod   What’s that Sydney?
Sydney   I don’t know.
Young Parker   No! No! No.
Young Jarod   They’re trying to hurt her.
Sydney   Stay here, Jarod.
Young Parker   NO!
Sweeper   Get her on the elevator! Get the kid out of here!
Young Jarod   Stop!
Miss Parker   What?
Sydney   Jarod has them, doesn’t he?
Miss Parker   Has what?
Sydney   The answers you’re looking for.
Miss Parker   When I catch him, I’ll just have to find out.
Sydney   You may have that chance. Commander Jarod Forrester is currently serving aboard the destroyer USS Monroe. One of Broots’ routine scans caught it. However, Naval Intelligence may already be onto him.
Miss Parker   Naval Intelligence?
Sydney   That’s correct.
Miss Parker   Have my father call the secretary.
Sydney   Yes, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Mmm.
Young Parker   Mama!
Sydney   No. Keep her back. Go back.
Young Jarod   Leave me alone!
Young Parker   Mama!
Jarod   Yes, I’d like to purchase some tickets, please.
Paula Pratt   From the secretary. I’m impressed.
Miss Parker   You should be.
Nashton   Hell of a day for a deployment. What’s the good word?
Jarod   Surprise. Your knack for discipline has inspired me. I put together one last surprise drill before we deploy. Here, crank it to maximum.
Nashton   The JX-5 main? That’ll overload the system
Jarod   Oh, relax. I’ve shut off the pressure. Only the alarm will sound. Think of it as my personal highway to hell.
Paula Pratt   What’s Jarod wanted for?
Miss Parker   You name it, he’s done it.
Jarod   After you.
Nashton   Pressure’s building up. Hey, where the hell is everybody.
Jarod   They’re in the mess. Which is sort of what you’re in now.
Nashton   Hey, o-open the hatch! Forrester! Open the hatch! Now!
Jarod   Are you starting to feel out of it? Are you starting to feel disoriented?
Nashton   Open the hatch!
Jarod   I can’t do that. It could blow the whole ship up. You’re just going to have to die… to save everybody else. Just like Scott Seaver did. It’s a horrible way to die. Your lungs, they fill up with toxic ice and then they freeze. No matter how hard you try you won’t be able to breathe. But this is just a judgment call I’m going to have to make. Think of it as just another demon you have to deal with when you’re an officer. Huh, Nashton?
Nashton   Open the hatch! That’s an order, Commander!
Jarod   That’s an order I can’t really follow. You see… I’m not an officer on this ship. Think of me as Naval Intelligence.
Nashton   You don’t have anything on me!
Jarod   I know that you forced Danes to tamper with the evidence after the accident to ruin Scott Seaver’s name. You had to preserver the Monroe to save your career so you let a 20 year old kid die! Didn’t you, Nashton? Didn’t you? Didn’t you? Didn’t you?
Nashton   Yes, yes. God, I’m sorry. I let him die.
Jarod   Now, did you really think that I would put this ship into danger? That was just laughing gas. So try to laugh a little. Take him straight to Captain Nagel. And that’s an order.
Baker   Yes, sir. Dismissed.
Paula Pratt   Sir, you have a man impersonating and officer on this ship.
Captain Nagel   I know that. At ease, Lieutenant. There he is.
Paula Pratt   We were talking about Commander Forrester.
Captain Nagel   Jarod?
Paula Pratt   Yes.
Captain Nagel   Jarod is Naval Intelligence. I plan to see to it he gets a medal.
Miss Parker   Where is he?
Captain Nagel   Well, he was just ordered back to Norfolk by the secretary no less. If you hurry, you might still catch him.
Jarod   The nearest ocean is 1,756 miles from here. That’s just the way I like it.

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