4-12 Lifeline

4-12 Lifeline


God forgives… I don’t.

Miss Parker


God forgives… I don’t.

Miss Parker

Original air date: February 19, 2000

Written by: Juan Carlos Coto

Directed by: Jon Koslowsky

Jarod hleps an undercover agent whose boss has put unreasonable demands on her and even cut her off from her family in his attempt to bring down the head of a gun/money laundering operation.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Karma

Jarod’s Occupations: Head of Security, Ex-cop, Bodyguard

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Grey


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod protects a female agent working undercover in a gun/money-laundering operation.


Jarod barges into an apartment where a nude female tenant sits in a yoga meditation position.  Unfazed by the intruder, the woman, Thea Thompkins, calmly puts on her robe.  Thea reads Jarod’s palm, revealing many past truths about Jarod.  She predicts that he is about to meet someone like him: a kindred spirit.

Valerie McGann rushes down the street trying to elude a mysterious man, Rick Alonzo.  Jarod watches from behind the large trashcan as Valerie quickly dashes into an alley, dons clothes of a bag lady and throws her purse into the trashcan.  Fooled by the disguise, Alonzo runs right by her.  Jarod tries unsuccessfully to make a connection with Valerie as she jumps into a taxi.  Moments later, Jarod pulls Valerie’s purse out of the trashcan and finds her license and a photo of Valerie, her eight-year-old daughter, Cassie, and Valerie’s father, Kenneth McGann.  Later that day, at Pritchard Gun Works, a now composed Valerie arrives at work with her boss and fiancé, Roland Pritchard.  Pritchard illegally launders cash through his ten gun shops.  He is also under suspicion by the ATF for the murder of a gun supplier, an ex-cop.  However, the murder weapon has eluded law enforcement.  For over a year, Valerie, an ATF undercover agent, has worked for Pritchard trying to secure enough evidence to put Pritchard away.  The ATF operation investigating Pritchard is called “Fat Cat.” Unfortunately, ATF agents like Alonzo have placed unreasonable demands on Valerie in this undercover job.  She can only see her eight-year-old daughter, who now lives with Valerie’s father, on clandestine visits.  When Pritchard developed a romantic interest in Valerie, the ATF told her to reciprocate his affections.

Jarod observes the arrival of Valerie and Pritchard from across the street.  Taking advantage of a weak link in Pritchard’s security team, Jarod trips the alarm of Pritchard’s car and promptly stuffs the late arriving security guard, Chuck, in the car’s trunk.  While Sam Morgan, Pritchard’s bodyguard, rushes outside to check out the tripped alarm, Jarod stealthily sneaks into the upstairs office to find Pritchard and Valerie.  Jarod convinces Pritchard that he is an employee of the security company Pritchard uses.  A wary Morgan confirms Jarod’s credentials.  Subsequently, Pritchard hires Jarod as Valerie’s security guard.

At the Centre, Miss Parker and her father watch Baby Parker struggle inside an incubator.  The newly born-again Raines makes an uninvited visit.  Miss Parker cannot contain her hostility.  Not only has she always maintained that Raines killed her mother, but she views his new-found incarnation as a disingenuous manipulation.  Raines is resurrecting an experimental toxin, veritas gas, developed and then shelved by the Centre in the 1980s.

As Jarod does a security check underneath Pritchard’s car, he overhears Valerie on her cell phone pleading with Agent Alonzo to let her see her daughter.  Suddenly, Jarod notices a car with a blonde, bearded man inside raising an automatic rifle.  Jarod jumps on Valerie from behind the car as the gunman sprays the area with gunfire.  Jarod and Valerie survive unscathed.  Later, Jarod confronts Valerie about the phone call with Alzono.  Jarod tells Valerie that he knows Alonzo is an agent for the ATF and asks if Alonzo is forcing her to testify against Pritchard.  Jarod wants to protect Valerie and get her daughter back.  Valerie pulls a gun on Jarod and says that she cannot trust him.  Jarod reveals that he knows about operation “Fat Cat” and Valerie’s role in it.  Valerie burst into tears and confides in Jarod.  According to Valerie, Alonzo stopped her visits with her daughter, because Alonzo thought that Pritchard was getting too close to the operation.  As a result, Alonzo moved her father and Cassie to a secret location.  Valerie states that Pritchard is meeting the “Fat Cat” in New Jersey in two days.  Valerie gives Jarod her heirloom ring to give to her daughter in case she does not survive.

Jarod confronts Alonzo about his unscrupulous tactics with Valerie.  Alonzo remains unrepentant, saying the extreme measures are necessary because of the scope of Pritchard’s operation.  Before the defiant Alonzo stomps off, Jarod slyly pickpockets his badge.  Later, Jarod approaches Kenneth McGann, Cassie’s grandfather.  Jarod shows Kenneth the badge he just swiped to assure him that he works with Valerie.  Jarod gives Kenneth the heirloom ring and tells Kenneth to keep it safe for Cassie.  Jarod promises both Cassie and Kenneth that they shall see Valerie in a few days.  Meanwhile, at the Centre, Miss Parker spots Raines holding an oxygen tank over the incubator.  She bursts into the room screaming, “He’s killing the baby!” Mr. Parker stops his daughter and assures her Raines is saving, not killing, the infant, and that a distilled version of the veritas gas will loosen the child’s congested lungs.  Incredulously, Miss Parker looks inside the incubator and sees that, indeed, the baby shows improvement.

Back at the gun shop, Pritchard tells Jarod that he discovered that Valerie is an agent for the ATF.  Unfortunately, Pritchard now also knows about Cassie.  Subsequently, Jarod tells Valerie that her cover has been blown.  Valerie confronts Pritchard and says she will do anything to help him get out of the country as long as he doesn’t hurt her daughter.  Jarod tries to talk Valerie out of helping Pritchard.  Pritchard shoots Jarod, and Jarod falls to the ground.  Hours later in a dark alley in Newark, New Jersey, Pritchard drags Valerie out of the car only to be met by Jarod.  Pritchard shoots Jarod again, but finally realizes that he is shooting blanks.  Jarod radios Agent Alonzo, who just nabbed “Fat Cat.”  Jarod tells Alonzo that he is leaving a package for him in an alley.  A cuffed, gagged Pritchard sits helplessly in the back of the car.  His incriminating gun, the one used to kill the supplier earlier in the year, lies on the hood.  As Jarod promised, Valerie makes it to Cassie’s choir performance with her proud grandfather watching.  After the performance, Valerie, Cassie, and Kenneth embrace as Jarod walks silently away.

4-12 Lifeline

Lifeline Transcript


Jarod   (Running with Miss Parker and Broots right behind him, he ducks into an apartment window and is shocked at what he sees) uhh..sorry..umm..pardon me..uhh..you’re naked.
Woman   You’re not.
Jarod   No.
Woman   So either you take yours off or I’ll put mine on.
Jarod   Uhh..these people are chasing me..I gotta go.
Woman   Woah, easy there mr. paintman. I was just recharging my core. It’s like time travel in the terminator you gotta be in your skin, it’s great for you karma.
Jarod   Karma? what’s karma?
Woman   Umm..every good deed comes back to you, it’s like a boomerang, except you don’t throw it.
Woman   (reads Jarod’s lifelines on his hand) your lifelines they say you’ve been alone, but there are all these families coming together
Jarod   Families? What families?
Woman   They’re looking for you and while you search for them, you bring other families together, keep doing what you’re doing, the good will come back!
Jarod   Thank you! now I really have to go!
Woman   Wait! your life line it said something else..you are going to meet someone just like you! a kindred spirit.
Jarod   A kindred spirit?
    A man chases a woman through the city as she dodges him frantically, as Jarod slips
out of his uniform, he watches the woman put on a disguise and sneak away, but drops her bag along the way
Jarod   (He watches as the woman gets into a taxi after dropping her bag) uhh miss you dropped your bag
    Jarod slips into the apartment building he’s standing in front of and goes into the woman’s apartment, it’s empty, he hides in another room as the man chasing the woman steps inside.
Man   Damn! (he realizes he’s been fooled and leaves the apartment)
Jarod   (He pulls out the woman’s bag and removes items from it, a photo, a drawing and a business card) Jenna..
    Scene opens on a Buick pulling up to “Pritchard Gun Works” Jarod watches from a distance
eating an ice cream cone
Sam   How was your breakfast Mr.Pritchard?
Roland   She makes some killer pancakes! My girl is a budding chef!
Jenna   Don’t thank me! Thank Bisquick!
Sam   Chuck, you’re in the back today.
    Jarod watches the video cameras and brings out a hammer as everyone near the car goes inside
Jenna   If anyone needs me, I’ll be putting out fires..
Roland   *loads up his gun from the safe* here we go..another day another dollar.
    Outside Jarod smashes in the back windshield of Pritchard’s Buick and the car alarm sounds, one of the men who works for him runs out to the car
Sam   Sounds like the Buick
Roland   Yeah does numb nuts know?!
    Both head outside as Jarod approaches the other man with a hammer and points out the man’s cigarette.
Jarod   Second hand smoke..it’s a killer.
    Inside the phone rings and Pritchard answers
Roland   Yeah babe.
Jenna   You better get in here.
    One of Pritchard’s men runs out cursing as he approaches the smashed car and runs back inside, as the man Jarod was speaking to previously is heard yelling from inside the trunk.
Roland   Sam..meet Jarod Grey
Jarod   You’re late.
Sam   What is this?
Roland   A test
Jenna   We’re paying for 4 star protection..the kind we’re not getting.
Sam   How did you beat the cameras?
Jarod   It was very difficult (he throws the hammer to Sam)
Jarod   Sorry about all the bells and whistles but the company likes to keep our men frosty..speaking of which, you might want to get your man out of the trunk, it’s getting a bit chilly out there.
Roland   Tell Chuck he’s the night watchman, he’s the new head of security, get him an advance.
Sam   Not right now..we have that..thing in New Brunswick (Jarod listens closely to this)
Roland   You wanna be the night watchman?
Sam   Welcome aboard
Roland   Jarod..you know Jenna
Jenna   You look so familiar
Jarod   I have one of those faces
    Back at the centre
Miss Parker   Is my little brother gonna be ok?
Sydney   His lungs were underdeveloped, but the oxygen should help.
    (just then Raines and his pet sweeper Willie enter the room)
Raines   That’s my boy..god’s greatest miracle *he makes cooing sounds to the baby* the real miracle would be for you and me in the shadow of new life to start anew..the good book saids turn the other cheek.
Miss Parker   I also remember an eye for an eye.
Sydney   (changes the subject) oh..Jarod sent a gift. (He hands her a card)
Miss Parker   Corinthians 15:25 Even a child is known by his doings, ring a bell there Johnny Dogma?
Raines   Of course,God bless you all.. we’re leaving now.
Sydney   (In the main lobby with Miss Parker and Broots) It’s wrong?”
Miss Parker   It’s not Corinthians..it’s Proverbs even Raines had no clue.
Broots   How would you know?
Miss Parker   Corinthians 15:25 (She hands the card to Sydney)
Sydney   for he must reign until he hath put all under his feet?
(they stop and watch Raines get on the elevator)
Miss Parker   The operative term being “Reign”
Broots   What do you think Jarod is trying to tell us?
Sydney   Raines is no convert..
Miss Parker   He actually asked me to forgive him..
Sydney   Maybe you’re right Raines hasn’t found god..
Miss Parker   Maybe he should’ve thought of that before he killed my mother.
she turns to broots find out what that son of a bitch is up to..
Broots   Ok
Miss Parker   (she holds up a bible as she meets Raines’ gaze and he smiles holding up a bible as well)
    Pritchard Gun Works
Sam   Hey look at the new guy hard at work, checked the company on you..
Jarod   Only customers get a background check..what did old Rudy have to say?
Sam   Well he said you were an ex cop..
Jarod   That’s right.. 6 years homicide I got tired of losing my calls to the courts
Roland   That’s why we gotta change the books, the more gun laws we can enforce and I’m the bad guy?
Sam   Why would a cop leave a fat pension to take a bullet for somebody?
Jarod   Why does a salesman need 2 bodyguards?
Roland   Well we all got enemies Jarod
Jarod   Maybe you should spread some better karma around
Roland   Karma?
Jarod   Yeah, it’s like a boomerang. Only you don’t throw it. Long day Mrs. Pritchard?
Jenna   Oh I’m not Mrs Pritchard yet, Roland’s got me on layaway.
Roland   We start making plans after Saturday
Jarod   The trip to New Brunswick?
Roland   Yeah..gotta see a friend so I want the buick swept tomorrow morning so I can take my best girl.
Jenna   You talkin’ about me or the rock?
Roland   Aren’t I lucky? all this and a sense of humor! she means everything to me, you
take a bullet for her before you even think about aking a bullet for me.
Jarod   Well I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that..
Jarod   (sweeps the vehicle, but notices a suspicious car with a disguised driver, slowly driving past the parking lot, he watches Jenna exit the building, talking quietly.)
Jenna   She’s my daughter Dennis..I have to see her.. she’s at St. Charles..I’m leaving! No! I’m leaving!
Jarod   Not without me I hope..
Jenna   Jarod..
Jarod   It’s only going to get worse after you’re married. He’s going to watch
you all the time, then after you have little ones..
Jenna   Oh we won’t be having children..Roland’s choice. He’s a good man.
Jarod   I never said he wasn’t.
Jenna   You thought it though..everyone does, it’s his business, but Roland’s made a good life for us, it’s like a happy ending, you do believe in happy endings, don’t you?
Jarod   (the suspicious car returns, this time pulling a gun and firing) Get down!! (the driver fires off 8 rounds and drives away)
Jarod   You ok?
Jenna   Yeah
Roland   (Police arrive) I’m suppose to know when you leave the building! (he thanks Jarod and shakes his hand as someone in the background is snapping photos)
Jarod   Do you have any ideas who did this?
Sam   I’d rather not know how they got so close..
Jenna   It was my fault..if I hadn’t..
Jarod   No..it was my fault, I went to get the car, I let my guard down..
Roland   You saved her life, that’s what matters..she’s gonna have my kids someday..
Dennis   (takes photos from the car, unseen)
Jarod   (pulls the photo of Jenna and her daughter and remembers the phone call he overhears)
Dennis   Who the hell are you pal?
Jarod   (at St. Charles Church, he watches from the 2nd floor balcony at the class below, he spots Jenna’s daughter and father, he looks at the drawing again, he notices Dennis walk into church and talk to Jenna’s father
Dennis   Your daughter and I have a deal, she better honor it if she knows what’s good for her and the kid. (Jarod seems confused now, what is really going on here?)
Jarod   (walks in on Roland and Jenna kissing) uhh..sorry to interrupt. I can come back another time.
Roland   No uhh..I have work to do.
Jarod   Great
Roland   Keep an eye on the prize will you?
Jarod   Sure, no problem.
Jenna   Oh..uhh thanks again for this morning we’re really getting our money’s worth
Jarod   You’re right, we have met (he hands her the drawing and a piece of paper)
Jenna   At my house.
Jarod   Agent Dennis Alonzo..he followed me to your daughters communion at St. Charles, he seems to be strong arming your father. Why? is he trying to get you to testify against your fiancee or something? Look..I can protect you and I can help you get your family back, but you’re going to have to trust me.
Jenna   You’re wrong Mr. Grey, I can’t trust anyone..you have no idea what you’re getting into.
Jarod   Operation Fatcat..Objective: secure evidence on Roland Pritchard, he owns 10 tristate gun shops, illegal money laundering, illegal files on — (Jenna cuts him off)
Jenna   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   I’m an ex-cop, I can help you get your daughter back.
Jenna   I’m gonna finish this assignment.. just tell me she’s ok.
Jarod   Jarod: assignment? wait a minute..you’re ATF oh my god..how long have you been undercover?
Jenna   12 months, 13 days
Jarod   12 months? you’ve been apart from your daughter for over a year?
Jenna   I miss my little girl
Miss Parker   (her and Broots stand outside a basketball court, the camera catches a foreign looking man playing ball with a group) This better be good.
Broots   Ok, the card Jarod sent, the numbers were code for Raines’ computer, everyday, Raines
has been meeting with that guy..
Miss Parker   Oh..my..god..Giuseppe?!
Broots   You know him?
Miss Parker   Junior year of high school..Rome..look at him!
Broots   You guys were like a thing or something?
Miss Parker   He was my date for the spring formal..he tried to get to third base in the front scene of his father’s ferrari..and broke his finger! boy he is still a biscuit.
Broots   You mean Biscotti don’t you?
Miss Parker   (approaches Giuseppe and waits to get his attention)
Giuseppe   Parker, is that you?
Miss Parker   Giuseppe
Giuseppe   You’re looking very well
Miss Parker   You too..very well.
Giuseppe   Give me a moment will you? (he puts his shirt back on revealing a priest’s collar
Miss Parker   How’s the finger?
Giuseppe   It’s still bent
Miss Parker   Yeah..I feel bad about that
Giuseppe   I’ve changed a lot since then
Miss Parker   (looks at his priest’s collar) yes you have!
Jenna   This all started when we traced some guns back to one of Roland’s shops, they’d been used in a school shooting, the operation was suppose to take 3 months tops..that snowballed into a year. I started out as Roland’s assistant then one day he asked me out ATF said it couldn’t hurt, a cup of coffee turns into an evening, Alonzo forced me to go with it, next thing I know, I’m wearing an engagement ring. Have you ever been undercover Jarod?
Jarod   Once or twice. (He pulls out the photo of Jenna and her daughter) She has your eyes.
Jenna   You’ve seen her?
Jarod   Yes, her and your father, they both look well..considering. How long has it been since you saw them?
Jenna   2 months..I use to go every week but uhh Alonzo put a stop to that. He said Roland was getting too close.
Jarod   And what about you? were you getting too close?
Jenna   You think I’m enjoying this!? Look, I know Cassie needs me, but I can’t walk. What if Roland finds out about her? her father is gone, she can’t lose another parent.
Jarod   Jen..just listen to me, keep your voice down I understand.
Jenna   They’ve moved Cass and my dad and Alonzo won’t let me see them, whatever it takes to get the fatcat.
Jarod   Don’t you have enough on Pritchard to put him away?
Jenna   Roland’s not the target..we still don’t know who all this money washing is for, we meet him in 2 days.
Jarod   The old friend in New Brunswick
Jenna   Do me a favor, (she hands Jarod a ring) keep this, it belonged to my mother, I want Cassie to have it, if things don’t work out.
Jarod   Everything will work out.
Jenna   And then what? I don’t know who I am anymore Jarod.
Miss Parker   People Change.. we use to call you Shifty G.. no wonder you’re Raines’ priest.
Giuseppe   Is this about William? of course..Jarod said you’d come.
Miss Parker   You know Jarod?
Giuseppe   Father Jarod is the bishop’s favorite envoy and Raines is studying to be a deacon.
Miss Parker   That’s why he’s meeting with you?
Giuseppe   No..daily confession, WIlliam lives with many demons, but he is also a child of god, he will be granted absolution, no matter what his sins.
Miss Parker   Including murder?
Giuseppe   He feels very bad about Catherine’s death, he regrets profoundly the pain it has caused her daughter.
> Miss Parker   What other lies did he tell you?
Giuseppe   I can’t betray what he told me in confession, however Jarod was curious about something Raines told his associate in the parking lot, something about the Veritas project.
Miss Parker   Veritas..truth..overheard in the parking lot, is that your way of betraying confession? I was wrong about you..you’re worse than Raines.
Giuseppe   So full of anger.
Miss Parker   That’s my religion.
Dennis   (outside Pritchard’s,taking photos, he is watching Jenna,Jarod, and Roland)
Jarod   Uhh..I’ll be right up, I gotta make a phonecall. (he places a call on the payphone to Alonzo)
So how do I look? (he glares at Alonzo)
Alonzo   So you’re an ex cop, detective jarod Grey, 6 years Baltimore PD. They give you some right to jeopardize my operation?
Jarod   Oh you’re doing a fine job of that on your own, I overheard Jenna yelling at you on her cellphone, you’re lucky it was me that overheard and not Pritchard.
Alonzo   Jen’s just a little afraid right now
Jarod   Well who wouldn’t be?! you’ve taken her family, you’re practically black mailing her, why don’t you admit it!? you’re in over your head.
Alonzo   You think I wanted this? these attacks on Pritchard are getting worse.
Jarod   I’ve noticed, who’s trying to kill him?
Alonzo   You tell me
Jarod   Look obviously you read my file and you know I’m a good cop, and I’m here to help, now who’s trying to kill him?
Alonzo   Best we can figure is it’s a client, Pritchard’s skimming money from the people he’s laundering from.
Jarod   So he’s more dangerous than I thought he was..
Alonzo   You have no idea
Jarod   What’s that suppose to mean?
Alonzo   Who the hell are you anyway?
Jarod   Someone who is trying to make sure Agent McGann doesn’t end up dead
Alonzo   About a year ago right after Jen starting working undercover for us here, we found one of Pritchard’s gun suppliers dead in the woods, double shots to the chest, word was he double crossed Pritchard, but we never found a weapon to match ballistics.
Jarod   So you weren’t able to pin the murder on Pritchard?
Alonzo   No
Jarod   And now you’re holding Agent McGann’s daughter
Alonzo   We’re not holding her..we’re protecting her.
Jarod   By making her mother stay with a killer?!
Alonzo   Jen maybe in deep, but she’s the best agent I know, 3 more days and she’ll get us what we need.
Jarod   Us? or you?
Jarod   (at St. Charles Church)excuse me, Mr. McGann Agent Jarod Grey..ATF. I came down to tell you that your daughter will be home soon.
Mr. McGann   Just in time for Cassie’s first communion right? I don’t believe ATF lies anymore.
Jarod   That’s no lie sir. I promise.
Mr. McGann   Cassie. Mr. Grey here works with your mother.
Cassie   My mommy catches bad guys.
Jarod   Yes Cassie she does, she asked me to come down here to tell you that she misses you very much and she’ll see you soon.
Cassie   I see her at night, in my dreams, but it’s not the same.
Jarod   Cassie, your mom asked me to give you this, she wants you to take very good care of it.
Mr. McGann   Look at that kiddo..that was your grandma’s ring.
Cassie   Mommy hasn’t come in a long time, does she not wanna see us?
Jarod   Of course she does Cassie, I’ll tell you what, you save a seat for her at your communion.
Mr. McGann   That’s a might big promise you’re making
Jarod   She’ll be here.
Jarod   (Pritchards store, Jarod watches the shooters, but notices a man carrying a second gun, he recognizes him as the shooter from the parking lot) Jenna! Pritchard! Get Down! (Jarod wrestles the man to the ground
Miss Parker   (at the centre sublevel, finds Raines soaking Willie’s feet in holy water)
strike me down now lord..
Raines   Willie.. (Willie gets up and leaves)
Miss Parker   The saint routine is wearing thin..don’t you think deacon?
Raines   You’ve been talking to my priest..please..sit. (Miss Parker takes a seat and crosses her legs) We’ve been down a dark road, you and me.Walking side by side, but at times there was only set, that was when I carried you.
Miss Parker   really? that’s when I thought you were off killing my mother.
Raines   Believe what you must believe Miss Parker. Find it in your heart to forgive me, it’ll give you inner peace.
Miss Parker   *answers the phone* what?!
Broots   Where are you?
Miss Parker   You wouldn’t believe me if I told you..
Broots   The Veritas thing Willie and Raines were talking about, it’s an experimental airborne toxin developed by the centre that was shelved, Raines is resurrecting it.
Miss Parker   So he can’t resist temptation.. (she hangs up and looks at Raines) you know the one about thou shall not covet?
Raines   Of course
Miss Parker   That’s a commandment you shouldn’t break..
Roland   Thanking you is getting to be a habit
Jarod   Just doing my job, what’s the word on the gunman?
Roland   I gotta go talk to the cops.
Jenna   Ok
Jarod   That look in your eyes, it’s genuine concern for him.Psychological assimilation, prolonged side effect of prolonged undercover work.
Jenna   You are an expert.
Jarod   Just don’t forget the man you’re engaged to is a killer
Jenna   Roland’s done a lot of terrible thing, but he’s not a killer.
Jarod   Alonzo didn’t tell you did he?
Jenna   Tell me what?
Jarod   He is unbelievable.
Jenna   Jarod?
Jarod   Alonzo left out a small detail, since he put that ring on your finger..Pritchard killed a gun supplier.
Jenna   What?
Jarod   Stay focused..or get out!!
Jenna   Ok, let’s just say he is a killer. that’s all the more reason for me to stay under, I don’t want anything to happen to my little girl. It’s just one more night, of course I don’t know where the meeting is in New Brunswick.
Jarod   Your fiancee keeps that a secret..but then I know where he keeps those.
Jarod   (breaks into Pritchard’s shop late at night, he opens the safe and finds a file, opening it.. he discovers something..) looks like your cover is blown Agent McGann..
Broots   This is what Raines has been up to, this is where Veritas was tested, in the early 80s.
Miss Parker   This is a dead end..I’m gonna track down Father Giuseppe and break his other 9 digits..it might be kinda fun actually!
Broots   More of that forbidden priest thing huh?
Miss Parker   Just open the door.
Broots   The door seems to be pressurized by something..I got it!(The door opens revealing a cage of dead  canaries) *coughing* I think there’s some kind of gas!! (He collapses as Miss P yells his name to make sure he’s still conscious) Canary! Canary in a coal mine! Canary!
Miss Parker   Canary in a coal mine? Broots I want you to find out what other ways this gas could be used.I’m gonna go find Father Giuseppe, have Sydney take a look at you.
Jarod   Why didn’t you tell her?
Alonzo   certain things are kept from an agent..
Jarod   Stop making excuses you crossed the line. The man is a killer!
Alonzo   The agent could be compromised!
Jarod   The agent was compromised!!
Alonzo   What?!
Jarod   I found Jenna’s personnel file in Pritchard’s gun safe!
Alonzo   Listen to me, we don’t make a move until Pritchard makes a move.
Jarod   What if he makes a move on jenna? are you prepared to dredge your agent up from the bottom of the Hudson?
Alonzo   She knows the risks
Jarod   What did you just say?!
Alonzo   It’s the job!
Jarod   Is making her daughter an orphan part of the job too?
Alonzo   We’ll watch Pritchard 24/7, he won’t take a dump without us knowing, he won’t do anything.
Jarod   You better pray that he doesn’t!
Alonzo   You’re the bodyguard, protect her!
Jarod   Those mandatory trigger locks..they’re a bitch aren’t they?
Roland   They’re not mandatory yet. I’ve got no illusions about what I do Jarod, let me tell you something, when some pissed off day trader decides to take an AK to his brokerage firm I’m not standin’ there handin’ him bullets either.
Jarod   But what if he needs some money laundered?
Roland   come again?
Jarod   I like to know who I’m protecting.
Roland   Sometimes knowledge is not power.
Jarod   Well in my case..it is.Jenna isn’t exactly who she saids she is.She’s ATF.
Roland   Who’ve you told about this?
Jarod   Nobody. Looks like now you’re going to need some help calling off your engagement. Let’s just say I have some experience in this arena.
Roland   No..I meant what I said, you take a bullet for her, Jen is my future.
Jarod   Are you tellin’ me you’re in love with her?
Roland   Let’s just say I’m in love with what she can give me..a get out of jail free card. So tonight when we’re safe, Jenna radios her boss, I give them the fat cat and we get a little beach house in a sexy, non-extradition country.
Jarod   If she follows the plan
Roland   She will
Jarod   A colt 1911 A, it can be very convincing.
Roland   But I got something better than that, Jen’s daughter..cute kid huh? Like I said Jarod, I got no illusions about what I do.
Giuseppe   You know how I stand on this.
Miss Parker   Raines told me what he’s doing with the Veritas gas He confessed!
Giuseppe   He said nothing about that.
Miss Parker   He’s a psychotic killer, and he’s up to something horrific.
Giuseppe   Do you define all men by their sins?
Miss Parker   Only the bad ones, only the ones who take a girl in the Basilica de Roma and cop a feel
Giuseppe   That isn’t true and you know it, this isn’t about two teenagers groping in a basilica. Besides it was you who came onto me.I rejected you and that pain of rejection still lives on inside of you.
Miss Parker   Not true!
Giuseppe   It is true, don’t you see Parker, you’ve rewritten history, created an enemy in your mind, because that’s what you needed to survive. Anger is your religion, and you need enemies like me and Mr.Raines to fuel that distorted faith.
Giuseppe   If thy brother trespasses against you, rebuke him. If he repents, forgive him.
Miss Parker   He killed my mother!
Giuseppe   If he trespassed against thee!
Miss Parker   He has presided over every pain in my life.
Giuseppe   Seven times a day–
Miss Parker   He’s a monster!!
Giuseppe   Thou shalt forgive him!!
Miss Parker   You are not his priest, you are his co-conspirator.
Giuseppe   Forgive yourself, Parker. If you don’t, you will surely be damned to a life of eternal suffering.
Miss Parker   God forgives..I don’t.
Jarod   You can’t put your faith in him!
Jenna   He wouldn’t hurt her. he wouldn’t!
Jarod   You can’t take that chance.
Jenna   I don’t have a choice, I have to go with him tonight.
Jarod   Jen- listen to me!
Jenna   No! I have to finish this and know that son of a bitch is behind bars It’s the only way that Cassie can be safe! you can’t talk me out of this.
Roland   Where’s Jarod?
Jenna   I sent him home.
Roland   Why?
Jenna   Rol..baby..I got a confession to make..
Jarod   Jen- you have to trust me..don’t do this
Roland   Alright..somebody tell me what the hell is going on
Jenna   I know that you know who I am.
Jarod   Don’t tell him anything.
Jenna   Stop! I’ll do what you ask.I’ll help you out of the country..just don’t hurt my daughter.
Jarod   Don’t go with him!
Roland   Shutup! you back off!
Jarod   No matter what he said you can’t believe him! he’s still going to kill your daughter!
Roland   I would never kill a little girl! *shoots Jarod*
Jenna   (watches Jarod collapse to the ground dramatically) Jarod! I’m sorry!
Roland   Get in the car. You know what? it’s funny. I actually did fall in love with you in a strange way. Then you had to tear my heart out. But I guess you made the right choice.
Jarod   Oh! she did! you missed me! you know I heard this song once that happiness was a warm gun..yes it is! you need a cooling down period!(Jarod fights Pritchard knocking him down)
Shooting an ex-cop, not a very smart idea..especially when he put blanks in your clip! You see, there’s this open case over at the ATF, something about a gun supplier shot to death out in the woods! they never could make a ballistics match. They never could find the killer..now they will.
Jenna   Wanna know something funny? I had feelings for you, but you had to go and threaten my little girl, bad decision.
Jarod   Karma..ain’t it a bitch?
Alonzo   This is Alonzo..over.
Jarod   Alonzo
Alonzo   Jarod you bastard, what have you done with Jenna?
Jarod   She’s safe and sound..did you ever get the fat cat?
Alonzo   Alonzo: we got him, but no Pritchard.
Jarod   We’ll check the third alley off of 18th street. oh and I uhh left a little present for you under your seat.
Broots   We tracked down some of the properties of the gas that Raines was developing.
Sydney   Veritas relaxes the lungs to the point where they can no longer take in oxygen. In small doses it’s not even lethal.
Miss Parker   I’m sure Raines skipped that part.
Broots   Weak lungs is one of the theories behind sudden infant death syndrome.
Miss Parker   Oh my god..the baby! (she runs for the baby and finds Raines giving the gas to the baby)
Stop! Get Away from him! I know what you’re up to with the Veritas!
Raines   I don’t think that you do. A diluted version of Veritas gas helped me loosen baby Parker’s
lungs. He’s free of this ball and chain. I wish I could say the same for myself.
Miss Parker   I saw the testing room
Raines   There are many villains in the Centre, Miss Parker. I know you need them to survive, but I can’t be your enemy anymore.
Cassie   (runs forward to her mom as Jarod watches from the above balcony.)
Mr. McGann   Look at your mother.
Cassie   You got the bad guy?
Jenna   We got him, now let’s go home.
Jarod   (Jarod sighs, watching a family reunited, pain yet happiness in his eyes evident)

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