1.21 Dragon House

1.21 Dragon House

Dragon House

They said Jarod was dead. Now I decide who lives or dies.


Dragon House

They said Jarod was dead. Now I decide who lives or dies.


Original air date: May 17, 1997

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod is shocked to learn the truth concerning another boy who was at the Centre, and Miss Parker continues delving into the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Highlights Magazine, Kyle is his brother

Jarod’s Occupations: Orthodontist, FBI Agent

Jarod’s Aliases: Dr. Jarod, Jarod Ness


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod tries to find an escaped convict… whom he recognizes as his old friend from the Centre.


When Jarod sees a TV news story about an escaped convict, he sees a distinctive scar on the man’s hand and flashes back to a Sim in which Mr. Raines tricked him into burning the hand of another boy, Kyle.  A bit later, Jarod, pretending to be a psychologist, visits the prison and, in the escapee’s cell, finds a blue notebook filled with the phrase, “I decide who lives or dies” and a photo of a farm…while a guard tells him that the escapee’s doctor, who breathes with an oxygen tank, visits frequently.  Meanwhile, at the Centre, Sydney gives Jarod’s red notebooks to Angelo, hoping he can absorb enough of Jarod’s thoughts to find him.  A bit later, a woman named Harriet Tashman is abducted, and a team of F.B.I. agents, led by a man named Korkos, but also including Jarod, investigates.  As they search the apartment, Jarod finds a Bible with a marker from the St. Catherine of the Hills convent, then learns the escapee was sent to prison for abducting Harriet 10 years earlier…and that another F.B.I. agent visited Harriet morning.  Then we see that “agent”—the escapee—dump his uniform in a trash can and get into a cab.  Back at the Centre, as Angelo reads more notebooks, he suddenly becomes upset, grabs Miss Parker and starts choking her.  And as Sydney pulls Angelo away, Broots sees the notebook that set Angelo off was blue, not red.  Meanwhile, at the F.B.I., Jarod watches old news tapes about Harriet’s first abduction…and is shocked to see his mother in one of the tapes.

A bit later, Jarod finds the farm shown in the escapee’s picture, and learns it belongs to Harriet Tashman.  Jarod shows the photo of his mother to the caretaker, who says she and her husband used to live in an apartment over the barn.  Before he can go in, however, Jarod is summoned back to the F.B.I., where Korkos says a cab driver was found in shock after an encounter with the escapee, who tied him up and left him on a train track, repeating, “I decide who lives or dies.”  Back at the Sim Lab, Sydney says the blue notebook Angelo reacted to belonged to another Centre subject—Kyle—who was supervised by Dr. Raines but was also released years before the date on the notebook.  Broots says Kyle must have been held secretly after his release, and Miss Parker realizes he was probably kept in the secret sub-level, SL27.  The three of them descend to SL27, and find the cell where Kyle was kept, which has huge gouges in the door, as if the boy had tried to claw his way out.  Down the hall, Broots finds the charred remains of an early supercomputer, which Raines used to store data on Kyle. Meanwhile, Jarod watches old DSAs, which show him and Kyle discovering that neither knows his own history.  Back at the Centre, Broots reconstructs one of the DSAs from the supercomputer, which shows Raines putting Kyle through a Sim in which he pretends to be James Earl Ray, preparing to assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr.  Sydney is horrified, and realizes Raines actually achieved his long-time goal of creating a psychopath through the Sim process.

A bit later, Jarod watches another DSA, in which he admires a medal Kyle wore around his neck…and then shows Kyle how to make origami birds.  The boys also realize their rooms are next to each other, and figure out how to communicate using a wire that runs through a common air duct.  Back at the Centre, Sydney confronts Raines about Kyle, while at the F.B.I., Korkos puts out a shoot-to-kill order on the escapee.  Back at the Centre, Broots watches TV and is interrupted by Angelo, who becomes fascinated by a story about the escapee and writes “SL27” on the screen…leading Broots to realize that the escapee is Kyle.  Meanwhile, Jarod returns to Harriet’s farm, and explores the barn apartment.  There, he finds another Bible with a St. Catherine’s marker in it…and also learns his parents had a baby while living there.  Back at the Centre, Broots recovers another old DSA from the supercomputer, which shows Raines teaching Kyle to shoot at a life-size cutout of Catherine Parker.  Meanwhile, Jarod goes to St. Catherine’s convent, and arrives just in time to see a man in a monk’s cowl—Kyle—grab Harriet, push her into a car, and drive away, leaving a blue notebook behind.

Later, Miss Parker tells her father about Raines and Kyle, but stops short of saying she suspects Raines trained Kyle to kill her mother.  Back in his lair, Jarod calls Sydney and asks him about the Dragon House, which Kyle mentioned.  Sydney says he will check on it, then asks Broots to hack into Mr. Raines’ computer.  Meanwhile, Jarod makes a quick trip to Boson, pretends to be Kyle robbing an ATM, and sends the F.B.I. off on a wild goose chase.  A bit later, Sydney calls Jarod and says the Dragon House is in New Jersey, but warns Jarod he will be followed if he goes there.  Later, at the Dragon House, Kyle prepares to torture Harriet to find out where his parents are, but then Jarod arrives…and so does Mr. Raines.  Raines’ sweepers chase Jarod, Harriet and Kyle, and Jarod and Kyle draw guns on each other.  Just then, however, Sydney and Miss Parker arrive, and Harriet bats Jarod’s gun away.  The sweepers go after Kyle, while Jarod and Harriet jump in a car.  And as they drive away, Jarod asks why Harriet didn’t let him kill Kyle…and she states that he is Jarod’s brother.

1.21 Dragon House

Dragon House Transcript


Guard   You got my radio or what?
 Guard 2   You know the drill.
Guard   Better tighten them shackles.
Guard 2   Houdini couldn’t get out of these.
Guard   Tighten ’em.
Guard 2   Why? This convict’s not playing with a full deck?
Guard   Deck and a half, brother. All wild cards. Bit a guard’s nose off once. Said he didn’t like the way the guard used it to look down on him.
Guard 2   A little reeducation will change his diet. Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered. Hey, hey.
Guard   Like I said. Wild cards.
Guard 2   That’s a taste of your future. Come on.
    Orthodontist Clinic
Jarod   Now, remember, always irrigate your gums.
Peter   I aqua-flush every night.
Jarod   Good. What about your brother?
Peter   He doesn’t even floss. Ike, can I have my sucker, please? Thank you. We try with him, Dr Jarod, but I guess Ike will always be a Goofus.
Jarod   A Goofus?
Peter   And Gallant. It’s all in here.
Jarod   “Goofus leaves his room a mess. Gallant makes his bed every day.” A morality lesson in a children’s comic book. Fascinating. I’ll have to read these.
News Reporter on TV   The convicts took control of the transport van. Moments ago, I spoke with the prison guards lucky to have survived.
Guard 2 on TV   All of a sudden, he was in the cab. Thought he was gonna kill us right there.
Peter   Cool.
Guard 2 on TV   He kept smiling at us like he was having funmessing with our minds. He locked us in the back ofthe van, drove into the pond. Only an inch of air to breathe. I thought I was gonna die.
Reporter   The F.B.I. Task Force, led by Special Agent Korkos is on the trail of this criminal, known only as John Doe. The escapee is 6’1″, 175 pounds and has a distinctive burn mark on his right hand. We’ll have more on this breaking story as information becomes available.
Ike   Cool
Peter   He’s incorrigible, Dr Jarod. Dr Jarod?
    DSA: 8/17/68
Young Jarod   You have to talk.
Young Kyle   No.
Young Jarod   Why? The anticipation of pain is clearly more effective than the pain itself. He’s almost at the brink.
Raines   Don’t argue with me, just do it.
Young Jarod   But…
Raines   Just do it.
Young Kyle   Ow! You burnt my hand!
Young Jarod   It was real, Sydney.
Sydney   You bastard!
Raines   Sweepers.
Sydney   Get to the infirmary now.
Young Jarod   Kyle, I’m sorry! I would never hurt you. Kyle, I would never hurt you. I would never hurt you. Kyle.
Jarod   I’d never hurt you.
Jarod   In all the time that he’s been here, did you interact with him?
Guard   Oh, yeah, we interacted, but it wasn’t always him.He always thought he was somebody different every time you see him. Could talk with a doctor, astronaut, anything. Yeah, so what do you criminal psychologists call that anyway? Yeah, so what do you criminal psychologists call that anyway? Multiple personalities?
Jarod   Something like that.
Guard   Weird too, man. I mean, this guy spends 10 years in stir and nobody could figure out who he was, where he come from.
Jarod   Is that why you called him “John Doe”?
Guard   Yeah. I actually believe this guydidn’t know who he was either. He used to tell me there was voices speakingto him in his head all the time. In this guy’s case, them voices were really there.And when those voices told him he wassomebody different, he made you believe it too.
Jarod   Really?
Guard   I remember one time I played along with him.He told me he was an I.R.S. investigator. So I let him do my taxes. The guy got me a $4,000 refund. Hey. I always wondered where he kept that thing. He used to sit there, scribbling in that thing like a madman every time his doctor left. What’s it say?
Jarod   That he’s dangerous. What was his doctor’s name?
Guard   I called him “Dr. Wheezy.” Not polite I know,but hey, the guy, he breathed funny. I guess anybody would, dragging aroundhis own oxygen tank though, huh?
    The Centre
Sydney   We’re giving Angelo every red notebook Jarod ever made.
Miss Parker   Now tell me again: Exactly what’s Buzz Boy going to do with them?
Broots   The theory is that since Angelo can absorb all the personality data given to him maybe, just maybe, he might be able to determine where Jarod is emotionally and physically.
Miss Parker   Well, then, let’s see what the potato head can do.
Broots   Okay.
Raines   Put it down, Angelo. Put him back in his space.
Miss Parker   I have authorisation to use him.
Raines   No one below me can authorise his use.
Miss Parker   My father isn’t below you. This better work.
Broots   Well, I know if it doesn’t, my butt’s on the line.
Miss Parker   Mmm, wrong piece of anatomy.
    Harriet Tashman’s House
Harriet   Hello. This is Harriet.
    Later, house is now a crime scene
Korkos   Somebody open a window. It stinks in here. Do we have point of origin on that phone call yet?
Agent   A friend called to warn Harriet Tashman about the escaped John Doe. They traced the call at local headquarters when I got there.
Jarod   Special Agent Jarod Ness. I was sent by Washington.
Korkos   Ness?
Jarod   No relation.
Korkos   Well, welcome aboard. We need all the help we can get on this one. The escapee is a John Doe. In the 10 years since his arrest, we couldn’t find anything about him. No priors. No fingerprint matches, D.N.A., nothing. Like he fell from the sky. He was convicted of a string of violent felonies on a cross-country binge that ended in the kidnapping of one Harriet Tashman whose spilled soup you happen to be standing in. All of those victims shared one common denominator. They were all terrified. This sick puppy relishes psychological torture. Doe stalked Miss Tashman for two days before he grabbed her at gunpoint and forced her to drive him away. Miss Tashman had the presence of mind to crash the car into an embankment injuring herself and John Doe, but thereby escaping whatever fate he had in store for her. That was 10 years ago.
Jarod   And you think he’s after her again?
Korkos   It’s speculation on my part, but all of those actions prior to her kidnap were random. He came here for her, and, clearly, he was taking her somewhere.
Are we sure he was after her? He was before, and by the look of how quickly she left he must be again.
Jenkins   Aren’t you guys done yet?
Korkos   Who are you?
Jenkins   Jenkins. I’m the manager of this place.
Korkos   Ness, take Mr. Jenkins’s statement.
Jenkins   Oh, come on. I gave a statement to the first guy.
Jarod   The first guy?
Jenkins   The F.B.I. agent who was here this morning.
Cab Driver   Yeah, yeah. Where to?
Kyle   Ahh…Perfect day like this, I’ll tell you when to stop.
Cab Driver   Hey, hey, hey, hey. No smoking.
Kyle   You mean me?
Cab Driver   No. I mean the invisible guy next to you. Yeah, you. Put it out.
Kyle   But I just lit it.
Cab Driver   Put it out.
Kyle   Whatever you say.
    The Centre
Sydney   Calm down, Miss Parker. You’ve got to have patience.
Miss Parker   Patience? Don’t talk to me about patience. What I need is a cattle prod. Maybe that’ll jump-start the little lab rat. He hasn’t blinked, smiled, moved, nothing.
Sydney   Angelo is absorbing his way through the notebooks chronologically. Right now, he’s in the mid-’70s. I believe I saw him squint around 1969.
Broots   After looking at the notebook on Marilyn Monroe, I think he giggled.
Miss Parker   I should never have put myself on the line for you two. This is a waste of time, Syd.
    Angelo leaps through the glass wall to attack Miss Parker
Broots   Angelo, no.
Sydney   Sam, help!
Broots   Let go of her, Angelo. Angelo, let go. Sweepers, help.! Angelo, let go!
Sydney   Miss Parker, you okay?
Broots   You okay?
Miss Parker   What the hell was that?
Sydney   A violent reaction to whatever was in the red notebook.
Broots   It’s not red. The notebook he was absorbing, it’s blue.
    FBI Headquarters, Albany, New York
Reporter on Video   Residents were stunned by the attack on Harriet Tashman, a former nun. Tashman’s injuries were minor and sources report that she does not want to press charges. At the moment, a spokesperson for the police is telling us that they are considering this case closed.
Jarod   Oh, my God. Mom.
    The Centre, Mr Parker’s Office
Miss Parker   He scared me.
Mr Parker   I’m glad he didn’t hurt you. Angelo has always been a mystery.
Miss Parker   Something on your mind?
Mr Parker   Mr. Raines was upset that I gave you access to Angelo.
Miss Parker   Boohoo for Dracula.
Mr Parker   Angelo is his project. Apparently, Raines has been worried about him becoming violent.
Miss Parker   The guy is a marshmallow.
Mr Parker   Still, he attacked you. That justifies Raines’s fear and concern for you.
Miss Parker   Concern? Daddy, you may not want to hear this,but I think he’s working behind your back.
Mr Parker   He would not defy me.
Miss Parker   I’m sorry. Daddy, I know that that tone is inappropriate.
Mr Parker   No, no, no. You may be right. I’ve never doubted Raines’ dedication, but he’s been different. Ever since Jarod’s… been out, I… I’ve wondered if there was something.
Miss Parker   Trust me, Daddy. There is.
Mr Parker   Do you have anything tangible?
Miss Parker   No.
Mr Parker   If you should find something real, something I could trust…
Miss Parker   I’ll bring it to your attention immediately.
    Harriet Tashman Farm
Caretaker   My grandpa was the caretaker here before me. Miss Harriet, she’s the woman who owns this place gave me the job after Grandpa died. She sends me money in the mail to keep it looking pretty for her. Funny, huh?
Jarod   Funny?
Caretaker   Â Well, that she wants it kept looking so pretty. She ain’t been herein 10 years or more.
Jarod   Do you know where she is? How to reach her?
Caretaker   No. I haven’t talked with her or anything .Sometimes… Sometimes I wonder if it’s really her that sends the money.
Jarod   Have you ever seen this woman before?
Caretaker   I have to go.
Jarod   Joe Bill, please. This is my mother. I don’t know where she is.
Caretaker   Never knew my mama. All there ever waswas me and Grandpa. He says we’re not supposed to talk about them. That they don’t live here.
Jarod   They lived here?
Caretaker   Over the barn. Almost never came out.Always alone. She had red hair and he made planes out of wood. Always planes. When I was little, Miss Harriet,she taught me how to read good… gooder. These people always seemed like that book about the little girlwho lived in the attic. Her name was Anne.
Jarod   Anne Frank? The family that was hiding from the Nazis.
Caretaker   Hiding. Hiding. They left right after Miss Harriet got took. Maybe it’s them that sends the money, huh?
Jarod   Joe Bill, do you know where they went?
Caretaker   Just went. They left some stuff.
Jarod   Yes.
Agent Meadow on phone   This is Agent Meadow. We got a lead on Doe. Korkos wants everyonehere now. Ness. Ness?
Jarod   I’m on my way. I’ll be back.
    FBI Headquarters
Korkos   Cabbie’s in County General psych ward. No injuries, but massive shock. Doc says he was literally scared nearly to death.
Jarod   What happened?
Korkos   He was tied into his seat. Mouth taped shut. Eyes taped open.
Jarod   Like he wanted him to watch something.
Korkos   His fate. Doe parked his cab on topof some railroad tracks facing a tunnel.
Jarod   Did the cabbie give us any leads?
Korkos   It’s hard to talk after some psycho’s put his cigarette out on your tongue. But he did say something about Doerepeating, “I decide who lives or dies.” All the more reason for us to find him before he finds Harriet Tashman if he hasn’t already.
    The Centre
Sydney   This blue notebook belonged to another subject. His name’s Kyle, and he was part of the Pretender program here years ago under the direction of then Dr. Raines.
Miss Parker   I guess it only makes sense that you’d have more than one freak in your farm system. What makes Kyle so special?
Sydney   The fact that he was officially released from the Centre before the date on the blue notebook.
Broots   Are you saying that Raines kept Kyle for his own project? Where?
Miss Parker   SL 27.
    SL 27
Broots   I rerouted the security system so if anyone has this place monitored, it should be all right for about 30 minutes or so.
Miss Parker   Look, since we don’t have much time why don’t you keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.
Broots   Fine with me. I don’t wanna be down here in the first place.
Sydney   Over here.
Miss Parker   My God. Somebody was forced to live here.
Sydney   And from the look of these striations he spent a great deal of time trying to claw his way out of here.
Broots   Sydney. Miss Parker.
Sydney   Broots, where are you?
Broots   Down here. Down the hall.
Miss Parker   What is it?
Broots   It’s a Brainchild. One of the first generation of super computers.
Miss Parker   Raines’s Brainchild. This is what he used to record his work down here.
Sydney   I had a computer like this in my early years with Jarod. And this was what we stored his SIM’s on before transferring them to DSA. Pretty useless now.
Broots   Unless… those analogs were backed up.
Miss Parker   In there? How?
Broots   Some of these systems had primitive hard-drive memories. Computer club in college.
Miss Parker   Do whatever it is you have to do. If it’s in there, I want it out. Call me when you have it.
Broots   Whoa, whoa. Whoa. You want me to stay down here? Alone?
Miss Parker   You still have 20 minutes.
    Jarod’s Lair
    DSA 6/7/68
Raines   Come on, Sydney.
Young Jarod   Hi, Kyle. It’s me, Jarod. Remember?
Young Kyle   We’re not supposed to talk.
Young Jarod   Where are you from?
Young Kyle   I don’t know.
Jarod   Me neither. I only remember here. Do you know who you are? Do you know who you are?
    The Centre
Miss Parker   What did you find?
Broots   Ten million bits of information. A lot of it’s about Kyle. My machines are sorting it out now but I did manage to transfer one SIM onto a DSA format.
Miss Parker   What’s on it?
    DSA Kyle 9/12/68
Young Kyle   It’s hot. I’m tired. I’ve been in Memphis for three days. Can’t sleep. There’s too many peopleoutside this motel. I’m getting ready. I’m gonna make history. I’m gonna close a bleeding wound.
Raines   You don’t think Dr. King is a good man.
Young Kyle   No. He’s dividing our country. We had laws, and we had order. King doesn’t obey, and now Americans, they’re afraid.
Raines   Maybe it’s you who’s afraid.
Young Kyle   No. He’s the menace. Kennedy gave in to him, and Hoover can’t stop him. It ends now. He has to die.
Raines   Now, who are you to make that judgment?
Young Kyle   I decide who lives or dies. I decide who lives or dies.
Sydney   My God! He did it.
Miss Parker   Did what?
Sydney   Raines. He always wanted to do this experiment with one of the Pretenders. He thought that if he could feed him enough negative reinforcement he could strip them of their morality. And he could, uh, create a sociopath.
Young Kyle   I decide who lives or dies. I decide who lives or dies.
    DSA 8/10/68
Sydney   Your ship was spying in our waters. We demand you sign the admission of aggression.
Young Jarod   We’d rather die.
Raines   What about you, Lieutenant?
Young Kyle   Well…maybe Jarod’s right.
Raines   Damn it! That’s it.
Sydney   What are you doing?
Raines   I never should’ve allowed it. We’re aborting.
Sydney   Dr. Raines. Dr. Raines.
Young Jarod   A Flying Cross. Did they give this to you?
Young Kyle   No. I’ve just always had it.
Young Jarod   Dr. Raines let you keep it?
Young Kyle   Dr. Raines is my friend.
Young Jarod   It’s origami. I’ll teach you how to make it sometime. Where do they keep you?
Young Kyle   They take me down an elevator. I’m not sure where,but there’s sounds in the ceiling.
Young Jarod   From the air vents. I hear those sounds too. We must be close to each other. The speaker they use to talk to us, is there a wire leading from it?
Young Kyle   Yeah. Why?
Young Jarod   I think I know how we can talk… without them hearing us.
Sydney   What did you do with Kyle?
Raines   Don’t commit political suicide over ancient history.
Sydney   You ignored a Tower directive when you kept Kyle here after his release date.
Raines   If I were you, I’d stop dwelling on the past. Jarod is your only lifeline in this place and the longer he’s out there, the weaker your influence on him becomes.
Sydney   On my grave, Raines, if Kyle is alive, I’ll find him.
    FBI Headquarters
Korkos   That son of a bitch could be anywhere. All right. Here’s a profile our “psychological geniuses” have put out on John Doe. In a nutshell, it says he’s a time bomb waiting to detonate. Welcome to the party. From here on out I’m ordering a PAC on up to a 2-1-11.
Jarod   A shoot to kill order? Sir, I admit John Doe is unpredictable,but he’s never killed anybody.
Korkos   Spoken like a true Clinton-era recruit. We’re talking about a head case who put a cigarette out on a man’s tongue.
That sound like somebody you wanna try and reason with?
    The Centre

About another half hour

I’ll have the next SL 27 sim ready to… Sydney? Miss Parker?

TV   Hey, kids, it’s time for Uncle Buddy’s cartoon extravaganza.
Broots   God I love this show.
TV   Fasten your funny bones and we’ll be right back. Now a news update from the Channel 3 news centre and our anchorperson Wendy Barrett.
Barrett on TV   While the F.B.I. continues its dogged investigation of the recent prison escapee, agency authorities admit that in their attempt to locate and apprehend.they are rapidly running out of leads known only as John Doe…
Broots   Angelo! What are you doing out here?
Barrett on TV   Agent Korkos is appealing to the public for any information that may lead to Doe’s arrest and a reward is being offered. As you may recall, Doe is
Broots   Wait a minute. Wait, wait. I didn’t know… I didn’t mean anything. Wait a minute. No, no. Wait. Wait. I didn’t… I didn’t mean… SL 27?
SL 27?
Miss Parker   And Jell-O Brains told you this?
Broots   Not with words but there’s no doubt what he was saying. John Doe is Kyle.
    Tashman Farm
Caretaker   They lived up there. Not so clean. I haven’t never been up here. Not allowed.
Jarod   So everything’s just the way it was when they left?
Caretaker   Think so. Man made one for me one Christmas. I liked it.
Jarod   There was a baby here.
Caretaker   Used to hear it cry. Never saw it. Wasn’t allowed up here.
Jarod   What is it?
Caretaker   My compost pile. Eyes watching me from up here. Little eyes. Staring. Scared me. Never saw the baby, but the baby saw me.
Jarod   “And under the hand of God. Ye little children shall never be lost.”
    The Centre
Broots   You’re not gonna believe what’s on this disc Sydney.
Sydney   Show me, show me.
Broots   I’m glad you’re alone.
Miss Parker   Why?
Broots   Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Well, I’m not Scooby Doo. What’s the problem Broots?
Broots   Miss Parker. I know you don’t respect me but I just don’t think you should watch this disc.
Miss Parker   Play the damn disc.
    DSA Kyle 2/13/70
Raines   Hate dictates reality. The sooner you embrace it and focus it upon your enemy the sooner total control will be realized.
Young Kyle   It’s more than just a word. Hate is a feeling. I have it in here.
Raines   Very good, Kyle. Feel it grow. Let it grow. Tomorrow I’ll take you to the Jersey Shore, to the Dragon House. You like the Dragon House, don’t you?
Young Kyle   I feel safe there.
Raines   And you always will.
Miss Parker   He was teaching him to hate my mother. To shoot my mother.
Broots   I’m sorry, Miss Parker.
Sydney   This explains Angelo’s sudden attack on you.He was just simulating Kyle’s intense feelings of hatred for your mother.
Miss Parker   I have to tell my father about this.
Sydney   If he doesn’t already know. This is the Centre.
Miss Parker   We’re talking about my mother’s death.
Sydney   All I am saying is we must be cautious. All three of us. Everything we have learned can be traced back to SL 27. If anyone figures that out, well. Only your heart, Parker, can measure the degree to which you should trust your father. Just be careful.
Broots   I’m sorry you had to see this.
Miss Parker   Broots, I do respect you.
    St Catherine of the Hills Convent
Nun   I’m very pleased with that.
Child   Oh, thank you.
Monk   Hi.
Harriet   Help! Help!
Jarod   Harriet! “I decide who lives or dies.”
    The Centre, Mr Parker;s Office
Miss Parker   It’s a rough report. You said that if I learned anything, I should bring it to you?
Mr Parker   Mmm.
Miss Parker   I’m figuring Kyle was kept here at least 10 years after the scheduled release.
Mr Parker   Where did these experiments take place?
Miss Parker   I’m not sure.
Mr Parker   Exactly how did you uh learn about Raines?
Miss Parker   I’m S.I.S., Daddy. You taught me well.
Mr Parker   You have proof to back this up?
Miss Parker   I’d hoped that it would be enough I were your daughter.
Mr Parker   Of course. But I have people to answer to. I need tangibles.
Miss Parker   I have a source. Can we just leave it at that?
Mr Parker   I should’ve known. Another garden path obscured by Jarod’s weeds.
Miss Parker   Jarod had absolutely nothing to do with me learning about this.
Mr Parker   This report says that, um, Raines taught Kyle things. What-What things?
Miss Parker   To hate. To kill.
Mr Parker   Kill? Who?
Miss Parker   I’m not sure… yet. Did you know what Raines was doing?
Mr Parker   Would I have allowed him to continue if I did? There was a time when I knew everything that went on here. Maybe my time has passed.
Miss Parker   I’m sorry, Daddy. Let me run with this. Please. And I will bring you back the best tangible evidence that there is.
Mr Parker   What?
Miss Parker   Kyle.
    Jarod’s Flashback
Young Jarod   Can you hear me? Where are you?
Young Kyle   Three doors down from the corridor. Where are you?
Young Jarod   Four. I’m right next to you. Did you hear that?
Young Kyle   Yes. Maybe they know. Do you think they know we’re talking?
Young Jarod   Someone does.
    Jarod’s Lair/The Centre
Sydney on the phone   This is Sydney.
Jarod   Tell me about the Dragon House. Was it some kind of ad hoc torture chamber? A Centre asylum? A safe house?
Sydney   This is about Kyle, isn’t it?
Jarod   Kyle is out there. Was he sent to kill my parents?
Sydney   My God, Jarod! I don’t know. I swear it. I’ll find answers.
Jarod   Quickly, Sydney. Please.
Broots   Sydney
Sydney   Broots, I need you to do something for me.
Broots   Sure, what?
Sydney   Â Hack into Mr. Raines’s computer.
    Jarod’s Lair
Jarod   Hey, Peter. This is Dr. Jarod. How are your gums?
Peter   They’re pink.
Jarod   Listen, I was wondering…
Peter   I’d be happy to do you a favour.
Jarod   New England Air? I’d like to book a round-trip shuttle to Boston, please.
    FBI Headquarters
Korkos   All right. Gather around, people. We finally got something. A phone tip. Witness saw John Doe try to pry open an A.T.M. machine in Boston.
Jarod   A tip from whom?
Korkos   Some kid named Goofinski. We got the surveillance right here.
Jarod   How do you know it’s him?
Korkos   Look. Look at that scar, Ness. That’s him. All right. Foster, Caine, Charles. We’re going to Boston. I’m checking this out personally.
Jarod   What about me? I want in.
Korkos   Last thing I need is an agent with a cold trigger finger when I tell this crackpot to put his cigarette out.
Jarod   Oh, come on.
Korkos   End of discussion. You’re an 18-11 on this one, Ness.
Jarod   Oh, great. Desk duty.
    The Centre
Sydney   The Dragon House is located in a place called Delphi Shores, New Jersey.
Jarod   Thank you, Sydney.
Sydney   Chances are Raines will be zeroing in on the Dragon House too. As you know, I have no choice but to give Miss Parker the same information. Go there and you won’t be alone.
Jarod   Loneliness is something I left at the Centre.
Sydney   One last thing, Jarod. If you find Kyle you have to know he’s not the person you once knew.
Jarod   Neither am I.
    The Dragon House, Delphi Shores, New Jersey
Harriet   No.
Kyle   Tell me where they are.
Harriet   I can’t.
Kyle   I heard once that the anticipation of pain is far more effective than pain itself. Now we’re gonna find out.
Jarod   My name is Jarod. I’m here to help you.
Kyle   You’re late. She’s with me.
Raines   I love a class reunion.
Jarod   Mr. Raines.
Raines   I knew I never should’ve let you two get together. Boys, let’s go.
Jarod   I’m not going anywhere with you.
Kyle   Neither am I.
Raines   Get ’em!
Jarod   Kyle, you know me. I’m Jarod.
Kyle   They said Jarod was dead. Now I decide who lives or dies.
Jarod   Not this time.
Miss Parker   I hit the Lotto!
Harriet   Jarod, no!
Miss Parker   Jarod!
Sydney   Which one? Which one?
Miss Parker   Get Kyle!
Jarod   Get in. You could’ve gotten us both killed. Why did you stop me from shooting him?
Harriet   I stopped you because Kyle is your brother.

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