2-20 Bank

2-20 Bank


Patience has never been on of your virtues has it, Miss Parker?



Patience has never been on of your virtues has it, Miss Parker?


Original air date: May 9, 1998

Written by: Harry Dunn

Directed by: Michael Lange

When Jarod helps arrange a meeting between Miss Parker and a man who knew her mother, he discovers that this is the same man who stole him from his parent’s home.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Mr. Fenigor

Jarod’s Occupations: None

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod and Miss Parker are held hostage in a bank robbery—along with a man who holds a key to both their pasts.


Miss Parker receives an envelope containing an old letter from her late mother, and a message summoning her to a local bank.  At the bank, Jarod appears and hands Miss Parker three more letters from her mother.  Then, he points to a 50ish man, whom Miss Parker recognizes as Mr. Fenigor, the man who helped Catherine Parker rescue children from the Centre.  Before the two of them can approach Fenigor, however, two men, Clavell and Jude Dane, announce they are robbing the bank.

Assistant Manager Frank Isaac presses an alarm button.  A nervous young bank guard confronts the robbers, but Clavell shoots and kills him.  As a SWAT team mobilizes outside, and Clavell collects valuables from the hostages inside, Fenigor recognizes Miss Parker.  Jarod tells Miss Parker that he found the letters from her mother in a safe at her father’s house.  Meanwhile, at the Centre, Broots and Sydney view a news bulletin about the robbery on TV, and see Clavell holding Jarod at gunpoint.  Mr. Parker and Mr. Raines also see the broadcast and order Willie to round up his Sweeper team.

Back at the bank, Miss Parker reads the letters from Catherine, who talks about her plans to rescue Jarod from the Centre.  Jarod scans historical photos of the bank, noting the building’s raised foundation.  Clavell asks for the combination to the bank vault.  When Isaac says he doesn’t have it, Jarod volunteers to pick the lock.  As he works, he tells Clavell there may be a safe escape route under the building.  Later, as Clavell robs the vault, Jarod approaches Fenigor and begs to be told who his parents were.  But Clavell sees them talking and shoots Fenigor.

Using soap, towels, duct tape and a plastic bag, Jarod seals off Fenigor’s wounds so he can breathe.  As Isaac squabbles with his 15-year-old daughter, Kaley, Jarod suggests to Miss Parker that father/daughter relationships are difficult.  Then, gently, he breaks the news that it may have been Mr. Parker who killed Catherine.

As Clavell herds the hostages into the bank vault, a teller informs Jarod that Fenigor makes regular deposits of checks from the Centre.  Outside, Sydney and Broots arrive.  So do the Sweepers.  Broots sees a Sweeper kill a SWAT officer and don the man’s uniform.  Sydney reveals he, too, has a gun, and vows to stop the Sweeper before he can kill Jarod.

Back inside, Fenigor regains consciousness.  He admits to Jarod that he was the one who stole him from his parents.  He hands Jarod the key to a safe deposit box.  Miss Parker demands to know who killed her mother, but Fenigor’s lungs start to fill with fluid and he cannot talk.  Miss Parker begs Jude for a plastic bottle to use in draining Fenigor’s lungs.  When Jude brings it, she grabs him and takes his gun.  But then Clavell appears, holding Isaac at gunpoint.  Miss Parker backs down and hands over Jude’s gun.

Outside, as Sydney searches for the sniper, Willie grabs Sydney and tosses his gun into a dumpster.  Broots retrieves the gun as Willie delivers Sydney to Mr. Raines in a nearby limousine.  Back inside, Miss Parker helps Kaley negotiate a truce with her father.  Jarod praises Miss Parker’s efforts.  As Clavell and Jude cut through the basement floor to get to the subterranean passage, Broots searches for the sniper, and Jarod opens Fenigor’s safe deposit box.  Papers inside reveal the source of Fenigor’s income:  Mr. Parker.  He also finds an envelope with Jarod’s name on it that contains a key, a telex with a Michigan address and a business card for the “Chrysalis Family Group.”  Fenigor promises to tell Jarod what it all means if he will get him out of the bank.

Jarod hides an exploding dye pack in a chocolate Easter egg and offers it to Jude, who has been complaining of hunger.  As Jude takes the egg, the dye and tear gas explode in his face.  Jarod and Miss Parker disarm the robbers and the hostages flee.  As Fenigor is loaded into an ambulance, he tells Miss Parker that her father has been paying him to protect her.  Then Jarod comes out of the bank and the sniper takes aim.  Broots aims at the sniper, but the sniper sees him and shoots at him.  Miss Parker makes one last attempt to talk to Fenigor.  As he says something about “Prodigy—the Red Files,” the sniper shoots him in the shoulder.  In the confusion that follows, Sydney finds Miss Parker, but Jarod disappears.  That night, Mr. Parker visits his daughter.  When he asks about the robbery, she denies any knowledge of Fenigor.  Later, Jarod calls and assures Miss Parker that they will have some answers soon.

2-20 Bank

Bank Transcript


Miss Parker   I want a list of people who were on that bus with Jarod.
Broots   The, uh, bus company says they cant disclose passenger identification.
Miss Parker   The bus company says. You are truly pitiful.
Broots   Well, yeah, they have certain privacy regulations. THere’s a certain protocol that we have to follow.
Miss Parker   Daddy.
Broots   Daddy?
Mr Parker   Well, are you gonna invite me in?
Broots   Hello?
Miss Parker   Of course.
Broots   Hello? Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   Come in.
Mr Parker   Hmmm. I like what you’ve done with the place. Your mother’d love it. Oh, now that is special. Is that new?
Miss Parker   It was a gift… when I graduated college, from you.
Mr Parker   You remembered. Hmmm. Why, you were 10 years old. You’d just come home from your first piano recital. What was the name of that piece you played? Fur Elise?
Miss Parker   Bach’s Minuet in G. Daddy wa ht are you….
Mr Parker   Oh, she was so beautiful, like you. I wish people would remember your mother the way she really was. They always taint her memory with lies.
Miss Parker   Lies?
Mr Parker   Yeah, the kind Jarod perpetuates about her, about me.
Miss Parker   The truth about Mom is in my heart. Nothing can change that. Daddy… why are you here?
Mr Parker   Oh, bad dream, I was awake all night. I just, uh, want to make sure you’re all right. Bach’s Minuet in G. I would love to hear you play that again.
Sydney   You sure it was her father?
Broots   Yeah. Strange that Mr Parker would go back to that house after all these years…. typically unpredictable.
Miss Parker   Working hard I see.
Broots   Miss Parker. Oh, this came for you.
Sydney   I hear your father came to visit. Would you like to talk about it?
Miss Parker   Does it look like I want to talk about it?
Sydney   Mn-mmm.
Miss Parker   Dover Town Bank? Jarod.
Sydney   A letter from your mother?
Catherine   March Jude0, 1970. I’m counting the days until our trip to Europe. How excited I am at the prospect of showing you the world. For now though, my friend and I must amend some of the ugliness that exists around us. But I promise you and I will put all of this behind us on April 14. All my love Mom.
Miss Parker   April 14th, the day after Mom died.
Sydney   Miss Parker?
    Dover Town Bank
Teller   Next in line please.
Man   It’s over there, that table there.
Teller Jude   The loan desk is over there sir.
Harold Rosen   Oh, hello. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Harold Rosen. Can I interest you in one of our Easter annuities of IRA accounts?
Miss Parker   Back off Bugs. Excuse me, I’m expecting a package, a letter or something left for me. The name is Parker
    Dad. Mom sent me here to get the child support. She said not to leave until you pay.
Frank Isaac   One of the tellers can assist you.
Harold Rosen   Easter annuity? Guess not.
Teller   Ma’am, I have customers ahead of you. If you’ll please wait in line
Jarod   Patience has never been on of your virtues has it, Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   You got quite a set showing up here.
Jarod   Well, even you wouldn’t pull a gun in a bank.
Miss Parker   Where did you find that letter?
Jarod   In the last place you’d expect. Would you… care to read more?
Miss Parker   You son of a bitch. You could have just sent these. Why drag me down here?
Jarod   So you wouldn’t miss… him.
Teller   Good morning mr Fenigor.
Catherine   Mr Fenigor, I’ve got to get Jarod and Timmy out of here tonight.
Miss Parker   Fenigor? The man who helped my mother rescue the children at the Centre?
Jarod   The man who helped your mother try to save me. He’s a regular. Comes here every Friday morning. He’s been doing it for years.
Catherine’s voice   My friend and I must amend some of the ugliness that exists around us.
Miss Parker   He may know who killed my mother.
Jarod   Who my parents are. The secrets to both our pasts.
Clave   Everybody sit tight! This is a robbery!
Jude   Move down! Let’s go! Move down!
Clave   You move, you die. Are we clear?
Jude   Move down! Move down! Let’s go! Shut up!
Clave   I find one exploding dye pack, somebody’s not going home for lunch. You got that?
Jarod   What the hell are you doing?
Miss Parker   Ending this thing.
Jarod   By getting everybody killed? The sooner they get their money and leave, the sooner we get answers from Fenigor.
Clave   Listen to me people. Nobody speaks, nobody moves, nobody gets hurt. Come on, come on.
Jude   Shut up!
Clave   Everybody keep their hands where I can see them.
Kaley   Dad don’t!
Jude   Alarm!
Clave   Frank K Isaac, Assistant Manager.
Frank Isaac   I have a family.
Clave   I bet you do.
Security   Put the gun down and turn around. I can’t allow you to walk out of here.
Clave   We got ourselves a problem then, don’t we?
Jude   Clave…
Clave   Shut up. Now I-I’m gonna count to three. You’re gonna lay that piece down onto the floor. One… two… Get back. Now! What the hell are you looking at? Check the front door. Get down. Now! You got something to say sister?
Miss Parker   Nothing you want to hear.
Clave   Keep it that way. All right, everybody up. Move over here. Come on.
Jarod   It’s not too late to stop this.
Clave   Tell him that. Now shut up and move.
Lt Row   This is Lieutenant Row. I want SWAT snipers deployed to all buildings across the street surrounding the bank.
Radio   Roger that Lieutenant. Sniper teams deployed and in position in three minutes.
Police   Okay, give me an open line into the bank. Get those people back.
Clave   Let’s go, move it! Come on. Everyone in. Everybody down behind the manager’s desk. Now! Move! Get down! If you move, you’re dead. We want your valuables, watches, rings, wallets. Whatever you got, give it up.
Jude   And your wallet, in the sack.
Clave   Hurry up.
Jude   That means you too lady. Come on.
Jarod   Looks like he’s just seen a ghost.
Miss Parker   He has and I intend to rattle some bones as soon as I can get to him. How is it that this guy was still alive and I didn’t know about it?
Jarod   Well, I guess that Daddy keeps some secrets from you. Did he tell you about those letters?
Miss Parker   I’m sure he didn’t know about them.
Jarod   Well, that would be a stretch, considering that I stole them from his strongbox. I’m afraid I woke him up.
Miss Parker   When?
Jarod   Last night.
Miss Parker   Why are you here?
Mr Parker   Oh, bad dream, I was awake all night.
Jarod   You’d think a man with as much to lose as your father would have a better home security system.
Miss Parker   You’re lying.
Jarod   Ask him about that little gift I left for him.
Raines   Are you sure it was Jarod?
Mr Parker   Took some of Catherine’s things and seams of mine and he left this behind.
Raines   Jarod is rubbing our noses in it.
Clave   Whose phone is that?
Broots   Hello, hello? Hello? Miss Parker? Hello?
Clave   Give it.
Broots   miss parker? miss parker? It’s Broots. It’s Broots. Can you hear me? Hello? Hello?
Jude   Watches and wallets, come on everybody. Give it up. Put it in the bag.
Clave   Jude! You weren’t gonna shoot my little brother were you, lady?
Miss Parker   I’ll leave the executions to you.
Clave   Throw something over him.
Miss Parker   Out of sight, out of mind, huh?
Jarod   Hey! Leave her alone.
Clave   All right. All right, get up.
Jarod   What?
Clave   Get up!
Jude   What are you doin’ Clavell?
Clave   Gettin’ us out of here. Come on. Come on!
TV Reporter   Two armed robbers have entered the Dover Town Bank. We do know gunshots have been fired and hostages have been taken.
Broots   Huh. Well, she, she never hung up her phone, so I was able to triangulate the signal. And ahh, called the Dover police and they told me about the robbery. And then I… I called Mr Parker’s office, but uh, nobody’s gotten back to me.
Sydney   We need to go to Dover.
Broots   Without a directive from upstairs? Sydney, forget it.
Sydney   Miss Parker is not just a colleague Broots. She’s a friend.
TV Reporter   Just a minute, a situation is developing. One of the robbery suspects is emerging from the bank with a hostage at gunpoint.
Broots   Sydney, is that who I think it is?
Clave   I want a helicopter to the airport, and I want a plane waitin’ on the runway.
Broots   Oh boy.
Clave   You got one hour to set it up, or people start to die.
Raines   Where is this?
Gar   Dover.
Miss Parker   Dover Town Bank?
Raines   Round up your group.
Catherine’s Voice   April 13, 2am. We failed to rescue Timmy.
Catherine   No!
Catherine’s Voice   Raines had already destroyed that sweet little boy.
Catherine   Raines, what are you gonna do with tm now?
Raines   There is no Timmy anymore.
Catherine’s Voice   They’ll call him Angelo now. We’re planning to rescue Jarod tonight. Then tomorrow, you and I will be on our way to a better place. All my love, Mom.
Clave   Going somewhere?
Miss Parker   Apparently not.
Frank Isaac   There’s no smoking here.
Miss Parker   Call a cop.
Clave   I need the key to the outer vault door.
Kaley   Dad, give it to him.
Clave   Dad? This your daughter Frank?
Frank Isaac   You stay away from her.
Clave   Okay, Dad. She sure is a peach though.
Frank Isaac   Your mother should be shot for sending you here.
Kaley   If you cared about me, she wouldn’t have asked me to do this.
Frank Isaac   That’s what she said, I don’t care about you? She’s telling you lies.
Mr Parker   Lies, the kind Jarod perpetuates about her, about me.
Jarod   Parents lying to their children. Now where have I heard that one before.
Miss Parker   My father had his reasons for keeping those letters from me.
Jarod   Like he had his reasons for saying your mother’s death was a… suicide? But if you really believe that, why are you so hell-bent on finding out what Mr Fenigor has to say?
Clave   Combo to the vault cage.
Frank Isaac   Only the senior manager has it. He’s not in today.
Clave   How you doin’ sweetie?
Miss Parker   Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size?
Clave   Why don’t I put a bullet through your brain?
Jarod   I can open the vault.
Clave   What are you, some kind of handyman?
Jarod   Just versatile. You know, there’s another way out of here, one with less bloodshed, specifically yours.
Clave   What are you talking about?
Jarod   There’s a vent that leads down to a main sewer line. It leads right out of here.
Clave   And how do you know that?
Jarod   I studies the blueprints before I came in here. You’re not the only one who’s on the run.
Clave   So you’re a handyman and a fugitive architect. You are versatile. Now open it. That’s very good. Let’s go.
Jude   Tell the cops to bring us something to eat. I’m starving.
Clave   You’re always starvin’. Get in there. Give me a bag. Keep an eye out.
Jarod   Mr Fenigor, my name is Jarod. Do you remember me?
Fenigor   Should I?
Jarod   I was one of the children that you and Catherine parker tried to rescue from the Centre. You tried to help me once. Please… help me now.
Fenigor   I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Jarod   You are the only person who can help me find out who my parents are. Look, you are being held against your will. You feel trapped and you feel terrified. I lived my entire life that way. Please…. help me.
Fenigor   You and her together?
Jarod   It’s complicated.
Fenigor   You don’t know what you’re asking of me.
Jarod   I am asking you to honour Catherine Parker’s memory. Please tell me who my parents are. Help me find out who I am.
Fenigor   I can’t.
Jarod   Please.
Fenigor   I cant. I’m sorry, I just cant.
Jarod   Mr Fenigor! No!
Jarod   No!
Clave   Hey!
Jarod   I have to help him.
Clave   I didn’t shoot him so he could be helped.
Jude   Clave.
Clave   Not now Jude.
Jude   Hey. Hey hey!
Jarod   It’s one thing to defend yourself against an armed bank guard. It’s another thing to shoot an innocent man in the back. If this man dies, so do you, in the electric chair.
Man   Is he alive?
Harold Rosen   I don’t know.
Jarod   The bullet punctured his lung. He’s drawing in air from the exit wound. I need hand towels and I need some soap.
Woman   In the bathroom.
TV Reporter   Details at this time are sketchy. However, another shot was just heard from inside the bank. I’m going to make my way to the SWAT commander now for confirmation.
Miss Parker   Don’t you die on me.
Jarod   I need a plastic bag, and I need some tape.
Harold Rosen   I’ve got a bag.
Jarod   I have to seal the wound, or he wont be able to breathe. Cut off strips about this long. Apply constant pressure to the wound like this. I have to get him to a hospital.
Clave   Nobody goes anywhere.
Jude   Maybe we should do it. It’s just one guy.
Clave   Nobody goes anywhere!
Jarod   Find me something to elevate his legs. He’s diaphoretic. His pulse is thready and he’s bleeding internally. I can stabilise him for a while but he needs to get into surgery.
Miss Parker   What the hell am I doing here?
Jarod   How does it feel to be the prey instead of the predator?
Miss Parker   Well, you wouldn’t be the prey if you’d get back to the Centre where you belong. Oh nice!
Jarod   Fitting. You are so willing to ruin my life. Is your father’s validation that important to you?
TV Reporter   I’m standing here with Kristi Isaac, whose daughter is Kaley is a hostage inside the bank. Kristi?
Kristi Isaac   Please don’t hurt my daughter. She’s all I have.
Kaley   Mom?
Kristi Isaac   Kaley, Kaley. I love you. Frank, please take care of her.
Jarod   It’s difficult for little girls to figure out their fathers, isn’t it?
Miss Parker   Your point?
Jarod   You give your loyalties to a man who fills your head with lies. Lies about those letters, lies about Fenigor.
Miss Parker   And I suppose my loyalty should go out to you?
Jarod   What would you do if Fenigor confessed that it was your father who killed you mother?
Miss Parker   He didn’t! He loved her.
Jarod   You are so sure of that aren’t you, Miss Parker?
TV Reporter   It appears that the police seem to be mobilising for a possible assault on the bank.
Clave   Everybody into the vault! Let’s go!
Teller   How’s he doing?
Jarod   He’s stable… for now.
Miss Parker   How well do you know him?
Teller   Comes in every Friday to pull cash out of his trust account.
Jarod   Does he ever come in to make deposits?
Teller   His account is funded by an outside source, some company from Blue Cove.
Miss Parker   So the Centre is paying Fenigor to keep quiet. The question is who?
Jarod   And quiet about what?
Sydney   Over here Broots. Anything?
Broots   No. Uh, police, locals, no one I recognise.
Sydney   Maybe we’re the only ones who know that Jarod is here.
Broots   Think again. It’s Gar and another of Raines’ guys.
Sydney   They’re not the only ones. There’s Sam.
Broots   This place is crawling with Sweepers.
Sydney   We need to figure out what Raines is up to. I’ll follow Sam. You follow the others.
Broots   Wait, wait, wait, wait! Sydney! Oh God, what am I doing here? I must be out of my mind.
Harold Rosen   What are they doing?
Jarod   Working on escape plan B.
Catherine’s Voice   April 13, 7am. I have a bad feeling about the people surrounding me. If I can just get through this tonight, we’ll be on our way to a better place. All my love, Mom.
Jarod   I know it’s not easy reading those letters. Look, I broke into your father’s house, trying to find something abut my past, but instead, I found out about yours. Your mother deserved a better fate than what she got.
Miss Parker   You’re damn right she did. She used to send me letters on my birthday, holidays. I never knew about these. My father paid me a visit this morning, talking about how you taint the memory of my mother with lies.
Jarod   And you believed him.
Kaley   Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom.
Frank Isaac   Hold it.
Kaley   I can’t.
Frank Isaac   These men are crazy, I’m not gonna risk getting us both killed.
Miss Parker   Clave!
Frank Isaac   What are you doing?
Miss Parker   Your job. Clave! The kid has to use the bathroom, So do I.
Clave   Hold it.
Miss Parker   Hey, give us a break huh?
Clave   Jude!
Kaley   Thanks for what you did back there.
Miss Parker   When you gotta go, you gotta go.
Kaley   My dad says that he wants to take care of me, but … but then he lies to me.
Miss Parker   Daddy, why are you here?
Mr Parker   Oh, bad dream, I was awake all night.
Kaley   I don’t know what to believe.
Miss Parker   Believe what’s in your heart. Come on.
Fenigor   Jarod.
Jarod   mr Fenigor, you’ve been shot. Don’t try to move.
Fenigor   You, you saved my life.
Jarod   I did what was needed to be done.
Fenigor   Jarod, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I took you from your family. I do want to let you know how… how sorry I am.
Jarod   mr Fenigor, please… tell me who my parents are.
Miss Parker   Is that the key to his safe deposit box? There might be something about my mother in there.
Jarod   If there is, you’ll get it. Miss Parker, I brought you this far, I’m not gonna shut you out now.
Miss Parker   Fenigor, my mother called you her friend. You owe her. You owe the both of us the truth. Who killed my mother? Who killed my mother?
Jarod   Miss Parker, please! He can barely breathe.
Miss Parker   Who’s paying you off to keep it a secret? What’s happening to him?
Jarod   There must be blood around his lungs. I need some sort of tube to drain it out.
Kaley   I have a sports bottle on Daddy’s desk.
Miss Parker   Jude! Jude! Jude, the old man can’t breathe. We need the water bottle that’s on the manager’s desk.
Jarod   I don’t know.
Miss Parker   He’s gonna die if we don’t help him. I know you couldn’t do anything about that guard, but you can do something now.
Jarod   Just hang on. Come on.
Jude   Get back.
Miss Parker   Don’t move. Back off, or I drop little brother.
Clave   I’ve already shot two people, you think one more’s gonna make a difference?
Kaley   No! Please! Please don’t kill my father.
Clave   What’s it gonna be?
Broots   Mr Raines’ guy is in a SWAT uniform . He’s right up there.
Sydney   The target must be Jarod. We have to take care of this sniper before he shoots Jarod.
Broots   Well, well, don’t look at me. I cant even squash a bug Sydney.
Sydney   Then guard the alleyway. Don’t let anyone follow. Are you up to this Broots?
Broots   No, but it’s never stopped me before.
Gar   Sydney, mr Raines would like to see you. You wont be needing that.
Clave   What the hell where you doing in there?
Jude   She said the old guy needed help.
Clave   Help? I need help. You pull something like that again… you’re gonna end up just like the guard, brother or not.
Miss Parker   You okay?
Kaley   I wanna go home.
Miss Parker   Me too.
Frank Isaac   Get away from her.
Kaley   What? She tired to save us.
Frank Isaac   She could have gotten us all killed.
Miss Parker   It’s okay.
Kaley   No, it’s not.
Frank Isaac   You do as I say. I’m your father.
Kaley   Oh yeah? Since when? You know, you can keep your money. I cannot believe Mom thought it would make a difference if I came down here.
Frank Isaac   This is because of you.
Miss Parker   I can’t figure out if you’re ignorant or just stupid.
Frank Isaac   You listen to me.
Miss Parker   No, you listen to me! You think that little girl came down here today for money? There is something here a lot more important to her than cash and I … I feel real sorry for you if you’re too blind to see what that is
Jarod   Miss Parker reached out to help someone.
Miss Parker   Spare me.
Jarod   Your mother would be very proud of you.
Miss Parker   You put on quite a show today. Sydney taught you well.
Jarod   Sydney taught me to believe that you can be anything you wanna be.
Raines   You should have know better than to come here without a directive.
Sydney   You should know better than to defy Tower policy by having Jarod assassinated.
Raines   You’re in over your head Sydney. Shoot him if he tries to leave.
Frank Isaac   I’ve made some mistakes. I don’t want to lose you.
Miss Parker   mr Fenigor? You were my mother’s friend, her confidant. Please tell me who killed her. He’s not gonna tell me.
Jarod   Maybe he already has.
Sydney   Could you really do it Gar? Could you kill me if I stepped out of this car?
Gar   Yeah.
Cop   Move the car buddy.
Sydney   Thank you kindly Gar. Now do as the officer says, move the car.
Miss Parker   Fenigor’s deposit records. Transfer from a Centre bank in Bimini. $10000 a month. Every month for the last 28 years.
Jarod   Do you recognise the account number?
Miss Parker   No.
Jarod   It’s your father’s.
Miss Parker   How do you know?
Jarod   You’d be surprised what I know about him.
Miss Parker   That’s it?
Jarod   That’s it.
Miss Parker   What else does he know?
Jarod   Apparently everything. mr Fenigor, what secrets are in this envelope? What is it?
Fenigor   It’s about Prodigy. This is where you came from. Get me out of here and I’ll tell you everything, both of you.
Miss Parker   What are you going to do with that dye pack?
Clave   Well?
Jude   Handyman was right. There’s an access entry to the main sewer line.
Clave   We’re gonna get out of here, little brother. Come on.
Clave   This is your lucky day, people. Thanks to Jarod’s brilliant escape plan, none of you will have to die today. In spite of everything… It’s ben a real gas.
Jarod   Well, at least we won’t starve.
Jude   Give me that one.
Jarod   What?
Jude   Give it.
Clave   Come on Jude! Jude, what the hell you doin’?
Miss Parker   Everybody out! Help me with the old man. Be careful with him. Out out! Hurry!
Miss Parker   Mind if I cut in?
Jarod   I don’t like being locked up in little rooms.
Miss Parker   This is mine.
Harold Rosen   Oh, thank you Jarod.
Miss Parker   Let’s get out of here.
TV Reporter   The crisis is over. The hostages are coming out of the bank now, and the paramedics have gone in.
Jarod   Move! Move! Come on.
Sydney   Jarod!
Miss Parker   mr Fenigor.
Sydney   Jarod!
Miss Parker   mr Fenigor, why is my father paying you? Is it about who killed my mother?
Sydney   Jarod!
Miss Parker   Answer me!
Fenigor   It’s in the Red Files.
Miss Parker   Red Files?
Fenigor   Prodigy red files.
Miss Parker   Prodigy.
Broots   Freeze!
SWAT   All units. Shooter, second story, 641 building across the street from the bank. Move.
Broots   Please!
Raines   You were right. Fenigor was in there.
Mr Parker   Did we get him?
Raines   Wounded. He’s in an ambulance. I’ll take care of the details.
Mr Parker   Do you think he told her anything?
Raines   Nothing that can’t be denied.
Sydney   You alright?
Miss Parker   Perfect.
Mr Parker   Where’s Jarod?
Miss Parker   He got away.
Mr Parker   Another failure.
Miss Parker   I’m fine Daddy.
Mr Parker   What?
Miss Parker   Maybe you’ll sleep better tonight.
Catherine’s Voice   March 20, 1970. I’m counting the days until our trip to Europe. How excited I am at the prospect of showing you the world. For now though, my friend and I must amend some of the ugliness that exists around us. But I promise, you and I will put all of this behind us on April 14. All my love, Mom.
Miss Parker   Daddy.
Mr Parker   Am I still welcome here?
Miss Parker   It’s late.
Mr Parker   Thank God you’re alright. Um… sorry I didn’t say that earlier.
Miss Parker   You didn’t have to come all the way out here to tell me that.
Mr Parker   Oh, yes, Angel, I did. See I wasn’t entirely forthcoming with you this morning.
Miss Parker   Oh?
Mr Parker   Truth is, somebody broke into my house last night.
Miss Parker   That’s terrible. I hope you didn’t lose anything valuable.
Mr Parker   Oh, nothing that can’t be replaced.
Miss Parker   I wish I’d known earlier. I could’ve asked Jarod if he had anything to do with it.
Mr Parker   Hmmm. Well, I wanted you to know. Can’t have secrets between family, now can we?
Miss Parker   Daddy.
Mr Parker   Mm-hmmm.
Miss Parker   How come that Centre sniper shot that old man outside the bank?
Mr Parker   Oh, tragic accident. Any idea who he was?
Miss Parker   Not a clue.
Mr Parker   Get some rest Angel. You sure earned it.
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   I never had a chance to say goodbye.
Miss Parker   How did you get away?
Jarod   Escape plan B, remember?
Miss Parker   The vent. How was it down there.
Jarod   Let’s just say I’m hoping my next pretend isn’t as a sewer worker. Did you talk to your father?
Miss Parker   He just left. He didn’t say it was you who broke into his home. Didn’t say it wasn’t either.
Jarod   Fenigor?
Miss Parker   I told him I didn’t know who he was.
Jarod   So you lied.
Miss Parker   Like father, like daughter. Jarod we were so close to finding the truth.
Jarod   You’ll figure it out… and so will I. The question is what becomes of us when we have all our answers?
Miss Parker   That is the question.
Fenigor’s voice   This is where you came from.

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