2-21 Bloodlines

2-21 Bloodlines


Broots. Last time I saw that look, Bambi’s mother was in my crosshairs.

Miss Parker


Broots. Last time I saw that look, Bambi’s mother was in my crosshairs.

Miss Parker

Original air date: May 16, 1998

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Part 1 – Jarod discovers something in a person’s genes can predispose them to be a Pretender, and tries to prevent Mr. Raines from taking a boy to be trained to replace him. Sydney devises a treatment for Angelo that returns his mind, but removes his empathy/Pretender abilities.

Jarod’s Discoveries: The Pledge of Allegiance , A drug to cure Angelo, Identity of a newly identified Pretender

Jarod’s Occupations: Fertility Specialist, Substitute Teacher

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Spock, Jarod Kotter


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod realizes the Centre intends to create another Pretender. Miss Parker discovers she may have a twin brother.


Miss Parker experiences a disturbing dream in which she recalls Fenigor’s last words, “Prodigy—the red files” (see previous episode).  During the same dream, Fenigor gives Jarod an envelope and tells him, “This is where you came from.”  Moments later, Jarod awakens in his bed, having experienced the same nightmare.  He pours out the contents of the envelope given to him by Fenigor.  Inside is a business card from the NuGenesis Family Group, a key, and a telex containing the words “the boy.”  Later, Jarod visits the address listed on the telex.  He speaks with a Realtor, who tells him a couple and their young son lived in the (now burned to the ground) house some thirty years ago.  Shortly thereafter, Jarod takes a job with the NuGenesis Group, a fertility clinic, as the head of inseminology.  His co-workers at the thirty-year-old facility include Dr. Nicholas Haring and Dr. Cynthia Dewitt.  Jarod’s first patients are the Brewsters, who have been trying to conceive for years.

Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Broots realizes Mr. Raines is clearing out of his office.  Gathering courage, Broots sneaks inside Raines’ office and makes off with a photograph of 25 third graders.  In the meantime, Sydney begins injecting Angelo with isotopes in an effort to “unscramble” his mind.  Slowly, the therapy begins producing results, and Angelo behaves in a lucid manner.  Miss Parker realizes that somewhere in Angelo’s brain lies the secret to what happened to her mother.  Later, Angelo e-mails Jarod a copy of the photograph.  Putting the pieces together, Jarod realizes that the Centre intends to create another Pretender.

Jarod receives some unexpected help from Thomas, a janitor at NuGenesis.  Using the key given him by Fenigor, Jarod recovers eight Red Files from a safe, along with some Super-8 film.  Thomas recounts how Jarod’s parents had gone to the fertility clinic thirty years ago in an attempt to conceive.  At the time, however, the clinic handled both reproduction and adoption… placing Jarod’s true parentage in doubt.  Thomas also recognizes a mascot in the photograph of the 25 students, and identifies the school as a local elementary.

Broots discovers the existence of a security video that captured Miss Parker’s birth.  As the threesome watch a monitor, Catherine Parker gives birth to her daughter, under the watchful eye of then-doctor Mr. Raines.  Miss Parker is thrown for a loop when a twin brother is also delivered…one Mr. Raines declares as stillborn.  Suddenly, the recording phases out, as if having been erased.  Later, Mr. Raines tells his daughter that the stillborn child is buried in a small plot on Centre grounds.

Thomas gives Jarod the address of a nearby lodge where his parents stayed while they were attempting to conceive.  There, Jarod meets Louis Rue, who shows him the cottage his parents rented.  Jarod decides to make the cottage his new lair.  Later, Jarod assumes the identity of a substitute school teacher.  By assessing medical files, he identifies three students as patients of Dr. Haring (from the fertility clinic).  One of the children, Jarod concludes, has the makings of a new Pretender.  He arranges a set of genius blocks in front of the children and asks them to solve the formula.  Jarod is temporarily distracted and, when he returns to the classroom, he finds the blocks assembled to perfection.  The children laugh and point to one another when Jarod asks them to identify the student who arranged the blocks.

Angelo escapes from the Centre.  Sydney tells his colleagues that if Angelo misses one injection treatment, he will permanently revert to his old self.  Angelo makes his way to Jarod’s cottage, where he realizes his empathy powers are deteriorating as he recovers his mental faculties.  Meanwhile, Mr. Raines arranges for Mr. Lyle to abduct the new Pretender.  Broots performs further spying and accesses Raines’ private surveillance files.  He discovers the rest of the surveillance video contained within.  As Miss Parker watches the remainder of the video, she realizes her twin did, in fact, survive.  Raines ordered that the child be transferred to the NuGenesis clinic.

With Thomas’ help, Jarod accesses blood samples of the three children from the elementary school.  When the Brewsters are still unable to conceive, Jarod tricks Haring into ordering lab tests on the three blood samples, claiming they are excellent egg donor candidates.    Later, Dewitt informs Jarod that one of the blood samples is perfect for a special project she is heading.  Jarod realizes (through the blood work) that a young student named Davy Simpkins is the prodigy—the new Pretender.  Jarod races to the boy’s home, where he is greeted by Mrs. Watanabe.  She explains that she and her husband are foster parents.  Watanabe also reveals that a man (Gar), whom she believed was from Child Placement, transported the child to the county airstrip.  Jarod and Angelo race to the airstrip, only to see the small plane—with Davy and Gar on board—taking off.

2-21-22 Bloodlines

Bloodlines Transcript


Cleaner   Now, what the hell is this?
Cleaner 2   Looks like one of them medical beds, you know, for havin’ babies.
Cleaner   With shackles?
Miss Parker   Mr Fenigor, tell me who killed my mother.
Fenigor   The answer is in the red files.
Miss Parker   Red files?
Fenigor   Prodigy red files.
Jarod   What secrets are in this envelope?
Fenigor   This is where you came from. Prodigy, this is where you came from. Came from, came from
Realtor   As much as I’d like to make a sale, I have to admit, it is kinda spooky.
Jarod   Tell me about the fire.
Realtor   A family lived here at the time, a mother a father and a young son. The whole story was a tragedy. Rumour has it that the boy was stolen and the parents disappeared the night the house burned.
Jarod   Do you know where they went?
Realtor   They were renters. Property changed hands right after the fire. It’s now owned by an outfit out of Blue Cove, Delaware. Look, I’m late for work. I’d be glad to give ’em a call if you’d like to make an offer.
Jarod   No thank you, I’m late for work myself.
Dr Haring   Harvard Med, Johns Hopkins. From a medical standpoint, I’d be foolish not to hire you as head of Inseminology. Business standpoint? I think a doctor named Spock on staff could be worth a million bucks.
Jarod   Well I’m glad to be part of the NuGenesis family.
Dr Haring   Family is what this fertility clinic is all about. You might say it’s our job to make the future.
Woman   Dr Haring, do you have a moment?
Miss Parker   Mr Fenigor. I cant eat, I cant sleep. Please tell me who killed my mother. What did you mean by Prodigy? What answers are in the red files? Please help me.
Nurse   Miss Parker, you’re not supposed to be here. No one is.
Miss Parker   Has he talked?
Nurse   He hasn’t spoken a word since they brought him in. Opinion around here is that he never will.
Mrs Brewster   Well, we’ve tried in vitro, GIFT, ZIFT. We’ve literally gone around the world trying to get pregnant.
Mr Brewster   But NuGenesis has shown us they’re the only fertility clinic that seems to really care.
Dr DeWitt   Always will.
Dr Haring   NuGenesis prides itself on being on the cutting edge of reproductive technology. And I’m proud to say that Jarod here is on the cutting edge of all of them.
Mr Brewster   Can you help us?
Jarod   Any couple with as much love to give as you two obviously have deserve to have a child.
Mrs Brewster   Thank you.
Dr Haring   Dr DeWitt will be sharing duties as well. Anything you need, they’re here for you.
Dr DeWitt   A patient’s mental attitude is sometimes more important than his or her physical condition.
Jarod   If the mind has faith, then the body will follow.
Dr Haring   And it’s up to us to make sure our patients keep their faith so our science can to its job. Jeremy, run these and get the results back to Doctor Spock, stat.
Jeremy   Spock? Funny.
Dr DeWitt   For over thirty years, we’ve helped couples like the Brewsters realise the fruits of parenthood.
Jarod   Thirty years, long before you were born.
Dr DeWitt   I like this guy.
Dr Haring   My brother Boris would have liked him too.
Dr DeWitt   My father.
Dr Haring   And as he always said, get busy.
Dr DeWitt   Well, I, I’ve gotta go.
Jarod   I’ll catch  up with you later.
Fenigor   Red files. This is where you came from.
Broots   Uh, any word out of Fenigor?
Miss Parker   He’s still unconscious. You look like you need to change your Pamper.
Broots   Uh, something, uh weird is going on with Mr Raines.
Miss Parker   Everything going on with that half-burnt wheezing ghoul is weird.
Broots   No, he’s packing up his office… to go.
Miss Parker   Well, find out where. And while you’re at it, find out what Prodigy means.
Broots   Oh, well, tha…that’s easy. A prodigy is someone extraordinary. A very talented child…
Miss Parker   I know what it means to Webster’s. I want to know what it means to the Centre.
Broots   Okay.
Miss Parker   So you and Sydney find out everything you can about Prodigy and something called the red files.
Broots   Okay, well, I’ll do what I can, but Sydney’s occupied.
Miss Parker   Doing what?
Miss Parker   Stirring Soup Head’s grey matter?
Sydney   I’m putting him through an experimental neuro-stimulation therapy that hopefully will unscramble Angelo’s mind.
Broots   Wow.
Miss Parker   Good luck pulling Jell-O Brains out of the deep freeze.
Sydney   Let’s go back to work Angelo.
Jeremy   What are you doing?
Jarod   Uh, a new blood workup on the Brewsters. I want to cross-check it with our old records.
Jeremy   I’m afraid you’re not allowed in here.
Dr DeWitt   Jeremy’s a pit bull for protocol. Hell, even I’m not allowed back here. Uncle Nicholas’ policy.
Jarod   I’m sorry.
Dr DeWitt   Infertility is a sensitive, personal issue. One reason NuGenesis has been so successful is because of trust and confidentiality. We don’t even use patient’s names. Only code numbers. Jeremy will get you anything you need.
Jarod   Thank you.
Dr DeWitt   Good night Jarod.
Jarod   Good night.
Sydney   Only four more treatments left my friend. Hope it works.
Angelo   Thank you Sydney.
Woman   It’s just gonna sting for a second. Hold it still. Keep your finger still.
Child   Ow!
Young Jarod   Ouch.
Dr Haring   Good morning ladies.
Ed   Gotta have a special pass to go up that way.
Jarod   A pass?
Ed   That’s corridor 7. You’re not allowed.
Jarod   Hmmm. I’m finding that there’s many places I’m not allowed around here.
Broots   Oh my God.
Raines   Make sure all of these boxes are out of my office tonight.
Willie   Right.
Raines   I’ll meet you later.
Sydney   Hello Jarod, my name is Sydney. I’ll be taking care of you for a while.
Young Jarod   Why? Where are my mom and dad?
Sydney   Here’s a fresh bandage.
Young Jarod   Why? Where are my mom and dad? Mom and dad. Mom and dad. Mom and dad.
Girl   Ow!
Young Jarod   Ouch!
Man   I’d like you to solve a problem for me.
Miss Parker   If he starts singin’ “the rain in Spain,” I’m gonna pass out.
Sydney   Angelo’s mind is working again. We’re restoring the neuro-pathways of his memory. You know that serotonin isotope? It seems to regenerate deadened pathways. However, if he doesn’t get the entire dosage, he’ll regress permanently.
Miss Parker   I’m impressed Einstein but my gut tells me that Jarod had something to do with this.
Sydney   Jarod wanted to know what could be discovered if Angelo’s mind returned. The potential is unlimited. I believe he can even play the piano.
Angelo   Music.
Broots   What’s going on?
Miss Parker   Cousin It woke up and remembered he was Liberace.
Sydney   He must have learned to play that as a child. Information his mind has been absorbing for a lifetime is starting to reemerge.
Broots   This is the icing on a very freaky cake.
Miss Parker   What are you babbling about?
Broots   I found this in Raines’ office. He had 20 more in a file on his desk. A desk, which incidentally, I hid under for over an hour. Hiding was bad enough, but I had to watch while Raines did, you know, personal stuff.
Sydney   What could have been so awful?
Broots   He, uh, he changed his pants.
Miss Parker   Oh, thanks for that.
Sydney   Why is Raines packing and moving?
Miss Parker   And why does the freak have 20 photographs of the same school children?
Angelo   Red files. He cant be doing it again, not again!
Sydney   Angelo? Easy, Angelo.
Miss Parker   He said red files.
Broots   Then if.. if he’s getting hismemory back, he… he must know something about them.
Miss Parker   If that’s true, then somewhere in that demented mind he might know who killed my mother.
Broots   Miss Parker.
Computer   You have mail.
Fenigor   This is where you came from. Red files.
Realtor   Rumour has it that the boy was stolen.
Young Jarod   Where are my mom and dad?
Jarod   Oh my God, they’re doing it again. They’re going to take another child. The Centre’s going to make another Pretender.
Jarod   I thought the Pretender program was discontinued years ago Sydney.
Sydney   Calm down Jarod, calm down.
Jarod   They stole me from my parents and now they’re trying to steal another child, aren’t they?
Sydney   I’m not sure, but recent events make me feel you may be right, yes.
Jarod   And what are you going to do this time? Are you just going to sit by and let it happen again?
Sydney   Jarod, please. I think Angelo may hold some answers.
Jarod   Are the treatments working?
Sydney   Yes. He saw something that seemed to trigger a bad memory.
Jarod   I know how he feels.
Broots   He’s over here.
Sydney   Angelo.
mo   What’s wrong with him?
Sydney   Angelo needs to receive his treatment at specifically timed intervals. Come now friend.
Angelo   Answers below.
Miss Parker   What is Prodigy Angelo?
Angelo   Answers below.
Broots   He’s pointing to the floor below us, Sublevel 27. Inception.
Miss Parker   Another birthing table.
Sydney   It’s a delivery room.
Miss Parker   Oh my God, they’re recreating this place.
Broots   What? Oh, come on, let’s get out of here.
Miss Parker   Broots.
Angelo   Answers here.
Miss Parker   Find the security camera archives that belong to this room. Anything and everything.
Broots   Yes ma’am.
Angelo   Answers.
Miss Parker   Syd, give Angelo his next treatment. Find out what else is in his head. He may be the treasure trove I’ve been looking for.
Sydney   My name is Sydney, I’ll be taking care of you for a while.
Young Jarod   Why? Where are my mom and dad?
Ed   If you’re lookin’ for information, the way you’re goin’ about it, you’re gonna get caught. If you want help, I’ll help you.
Jarod   Why should I trust you?
Ed   Because your mother did.
Ed   I’ve polished floors in this place for over 30 years. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. Their hearts in their hands filled with love they wanted to share with a child. Your parents were like that.
Jarod   How did you know them?
Ed   They were here over six months tryin’ for a baby. Your mother treated me with respect. I saw her a year or so later. I’ll never forget the gleam she had in her eyes when she showed me her baby boy. Same gleam that’s in yours. That’s what hurts so much.
Jarod   Hurts?
Ed   I saw them a few years later. She was scared, on the run. Somebody had stolen her boy. My guess is that was you.
Jarod   I’ve been searching for them.
Ed   Part of your pain is because of me. See I told Dr Boris what she said. There was a lot of weird stuff goin’ on in Corridor 7 back then with kids. Testing and stuff. Dr Boris paid me to forget about it. The weird stuff stopped, Dr Boris died and everything went away.
Jarod   Until what?
Ed   A while back, it started up again. Kids, testing. And then you showed up.
Jarod   Do you recognise any of these children?
Ed   It’s a local elementary school.
Jarod   One of these children is going to be taken just like I was. I may need your help to stop it.
Ed   I owe you that much. And your mother.
Jarod   Thank you.
Angelo   There is no Timmy. From now on, his name be Angelo.
Miss Parker   He’s remembering what Raines told my mother after he fried his brain.
Sydney   I’m afraid he’s remembering too quickly.
Miss Parker   Well, cut his dosage or something. I don’t want him to pop before he can answer my questions.
Sydney   It cant be done. The treatment is given in specific stages that cant be interrupted. Any break in the schedule means the new pathways in his system will atrophy.
Miss Parker   And if they do?
Sydney   Angelo will regress to his previous self. Permanently. Angelo?
Miss Parker   There is no more Timmy. From now on, he shall be known as Angelo.
Willie   Get me Mr Raines.
Ed   I stored Dr Boris’ stuff down here Jarod. If he kept the red files anywhere, there’s only one place it would be. You ain’t are you?
Jarod   Maybe today, I don’t have to be.
Ed   Did you find something?
Jarod   Yes, me. And the red files.
Ed   What’s it say in there about you?
Jarod   It’s all impersonal. Blood type, blood scans, height, weight. It’s all medical. Except for one thing. Destination.
Ed   Destination?
Jarod   It’s blacked out.
    Film Footage
Man   I’d like you to solve a problem for me.
Jarod   I was here.
Young Jarod   Pi times the square root of 931 divided by the radius of the circle.
Man   Very good Jarod, you’re very special.
Young Jarod   Where are my mom and dad?
Broots   You wont believe what I found.
Miss Parker   What?
Broots   Security videos logged into the mainframe that corresponds with the inception room.
Miss Parker   And?
Broots   A visual record classified under “Catherine Parker.”
Miss Parker   What?
Broots   It’s from the day you were born.
Raines   Keep pushing.
Sydney   It’s your birth.
Miss Parker   Ew! This is too weird.
Broots   Oh well, it’s just beginning.
Raines   Here it comes, here it comes.
Miss Parker   Is that…
Sydney   The then Dr Raines.
Miss Parker   Raines delivered me?
Broots   Spanks your bottom in a second.
Miss Parker   I’m going to puke.
Raines   It’s a girl.
Miss Parker   I can’t believe he saw me nude.
Raines   Okay Catherine, the next one is coming and coming quick.
Miss Parker   Next one? Sydney what’s going on?
Sydney   It appears you didn’t arrive alone.
Raines   There’s trouble with the boy. Nurse!
Miss Parker   Syd?
Catherine   What’s wrong with him? Tell me what’s wrong with him.
Miss Parker   What else is on that?
Broots   The tape ends there. Either cut off or edited.
Miss Parker   Or erased, so no one would find out the truth. I had a brother.
Jarod   I feel like I’ve found the treasure chest and inside there’s only dust.
Ed   Well, sometimes answers lead to more questions. But for what it’s worth I do remember what your parent’s first names were.
Jarod   Margaret and Charles.
Ed   Yeah. Which is still not to say they were your biological parents.
Jarod   What do you mean?
Ed   Back in those days this was also an adoption agency, not just a reproduction centre. Dr Boris headed up adoptions and Dr Nicholas ran conceptions.
Jarod   Another dead end.
Ed   Maybe not.
Jarod   Oakview 555 6507.
Ed   The old Oakview Lodge near Stone Mountain. Your parents used to stay there when they were here. Could be treasure, could be dust.
Mr Parker   Yes, just let me know when it’s done will you? I don’t want any excuses. And… Angel.
Miss Parker   That thing have a stop button?
Mr Parker   Ah, oh. Indulge me my parental pride but you do look exquisite sitting there. Someday you will, permanently. Parents always wants what’s best for their children. Of course, you’ll know that feeling…
Miss Parker   How dare you.
Mr Parker   What?
Miss Parker   Why didn’t you tell me I had a twin?
Mr Parker   We…. your mother and I… wanted to spare you unnecessary pain. I was away when you were both born. He died before he ever lived. We buried him, but not the pain.
Miss Parker   Pain or not, I have a right to know I had a brother.
Mr Parker   Angel.
Miss Parker   No daddy.
Mr Parker   Parents make mistakes too. He’s in a small plot here on the Centre grounds. Area 66, I can take you there.
Miss Parker   No, I’d,… I’d rather find it myself.
Louis   You take one more step, I’m gonna blow your head off.
Jarod   I would settle for a no vacancy sign.
Louis   I’m so sorry. It’s just that we’ve had a scad of burglaries around here lately. What with the hour and all, I just didn’t think anybody was gonna be checking in.
Jarod   Are you the owner?
Loius   Yeah, Louis “King” Rue. Innkeeper to the stars. Well, you can name your pleasure. I got mountain view, lake view. I even got one room my old man used to tell people Jeff Davis slept in.
Jarod   Did you grow up here?
Loius   I grew old, never up.
Jarod   Loius, do you recognise this woman?
Loius   Oh my lord, you must be Baby Jarod. I’ll never forget the winter I met your parents. You know that lake view I mentioned? Well that thing froze over, and I went out on it. Broke through, your dad rushed in and saved my hide.
Jarod   What is it?
Loius   Well, it’s funny. You don’t look like either one of your folks. This cottage right here was theirs. Let’s go take a look. Well, this is it. Hope that light’s workin’. Well, it’s uh…. it’s not much, but your dad loved the view… Major Charles. That’s what I called your dad on account of his air force uniform.
Jarod   Air force.
Loius   Yeah, he was a pilot. He and your mom used to set out on this porch watch the sun rise every morning. They really loved each other.
Jarod   Loius?
Loius   Yeah.
Jarod   I would like to stay here for a little while if you don’t mind.
Loius   Make yourself at home. Hell, you’re sort of family.
Jarod   Good morning class, my name is Jar… uh Mr Kotter and I will be your substitute teacher for Miss Markam today. Well the first order of business is we will divide up into small groups and we will… Yes Ari.
Ari   We always start with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Jarod   Yes, I… I’ve heard of that. Uh…. why don’t you lead us off today?
Class   I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
Jarod   That’s it? That’s… that’s it. Okay, now we are going to divide up into groups. As I call your name, please move to the table I assign you. Table number one, Albert Williams, Ari Thompson and Davy Simpkins. Table two….
Jarod   Tyrannosaurus Rex, very good. I would like you to solve this problem for me.
Davy   Cant we just cut out dinosaurs like the other kids?
Jarod   Class, uh, work quietly for a moment. I’ll be right back.
Miss Parker   Where is Angelo?
Sydney   He has escaped from the Centre. “In finding Timmy, you set Angelo free.”
Broots   Ohh.
Sydney   “Thank you Sydney.”
Broots   That’s… that’s beautiful. Isn’t it?
Miss Parker   I hope you’re proud of yourself Syd. Great! While Algernon is out there picking flowers and you two ponder your navels, I’m left with bubkes. And you just wait till Raines finds out.
Broots   Well, does… does Angelo know how to take the serum?
Sydney   I hope so, he has three treatments left. He misses one and he’ll regress to old Angelo. Permanently.
Miss Parker   And what he knows will be lost forever.
Kid   Thank you daddy. Bye.
Young Jarod   Pi times the square root of 931 divided by the radius of the circle.
Jarod   Which one of you did this?
Ari   He did it.
Davy   Aw, you’re lyin’.
Raines   Seven red files. These were just found by a sweeper team in Angelo’s space.
Mr Parker   Angelo?
Raines   We’re still searching. You know the ramifications if this information ever got out. I want your blessing to accelerate Prodigy to ensure it’s success.
Mr Parker   Get the new one now.
Raines   Go, bring us the child.
Jarod   Loius? Angelo! Angelo.
Angelo   I got here as quick as I could.
Jarod   It’s so good to see you, the real you.
Angelo   It’s good to be me. Thank you Jarod.
Jarod   It’s a big world out here. My parents stayed in this room a long time ago. Now it feels like it’s me I’m searching for.
Angelo   Wonder if I’ll ever know my parents.
Jarod   You’re in the red files too. There are answers Angelo. We just have to find them.
Angelo   This is Timmy now.
Jarod   What is it?
Angelo   I heard that your brother died. It feels sad to know that.
Jarod   Yes it does. It feels… it feels sad. These blocks… they were used by the child that the Centre wants. If you could just feel something that would tell us who it is.
Angelo   Um…. Timmy feels nothing.
Jarod   No, Angelo did.
Angelo   Time for my treatment.
Young Jarod   Ouch!
Sydney   You’re a very special little boy Jarod.
Fenigor   Red files.
Miss Parker   Red files?
Fenigor   Red files.
Girl   Ow!
Fenigor   Prodigy, this is where you came from.
Jarod   We’re all special because of what’s in our blood.
Ed   Three colour coded samples as requested. Albert Williams, Ari Thompson, Davy Simpkins. All three have blood samples on file.
Jarod   How did you get past Jeremy?
Ed   Nothing as invisible as a man with a mop. What are you going to do with ’em?
Jarod   Chum the waters… and wait till the sharks come.
Jarod   I’m sorry.
Dr DeWitt   Come on, let’s go to your room.
Mrs Brewster   Okay.
Mr Brewster   I don’t know how much more disappointment she can take.
Jarod   How are you holding up?
Mr Brewster   First time we started talking about adoption. The process takes forever. We just want a chance to raise a child.
Jarod   I’m sure you’ll get that chance.
Dr Haring   Morning Jarod.
Jarod   Good morning Dr Haring.
Dr Haring   I take it the Brewsters aren’t pregnant?
Jarod   No, not yet. Although I have found three excellent egg donor candidates.
Dr Haring   Has the lab analyses these yet?
Jarod   Not yet, but considering Mrs Brewster’s cycle, I’d like to get on it right away.
Dr Haring   Jeremy. I want a complete workup on these immediately.
Jeremy   So it shall be written, so it shall be done.
Dr Haring   Let’s hope we find what we’re looking for.
Jarod   Yes, let’s.
Jeremy   Doctor, there’s something you should see.
Miss Parker   Tell me you found Angelo.
Broots   No, uh, but I found something else. I think maybe Sydney should show it to you. I… I… I’ll just take a little break.
Miss Parker   Broots. Last time I saw that look, Bambi’s mother was in my crosshairs.
Broots   Well, I’ve been hitting dead ends on this birthing thing so this morning I helped myself to Raines’ moving boxes, wherein I found some personal surveillance files.
Miss Parker   Twice in three days.
Sydney   Broots found something you need to see Miss Parker. Sit down.
Miss Parker   I’ll stand.
Broots   Uh, it’s more of your birthing record.
Catherine   What’s wrong with him?
Raines   I’m sorry Catherine, your second child is stillborn. Standard postnatal procedure for the baby girl and sedation for Catherine in Recovery.
Nurse   Yes doctor.
Miss Parker   Oh my God, he was alive
Raines   The male baby’s ready for transportation to NuGenesis.
Broots   What’s NuGenesis?
Raines   Yes.
Miss Parker   I have a brother out there.
Dr DeWitt   Jarod!
Jarod   Is something wrong?
Dr DeWitt   I found these lab results in the donor bin. Three blood samples. I need to contact one of them right away.
Jarod   Did you find a perfect donor?
Dr DeWitt   Well, unfortunately not for the Brewsters. But it is a perfect match for a special project I’m heading up. What Dr Haring doesn’t know right? Um anyway, the sooner you can get me the contact number on this subject, the better.
Jarod   I’ll do my best.
Dr DeWitt   Thanks.
Jarod   Davy Simpkins.
and   Is this Davy’s house?
Jarod   Well, it’s the right address anyway. Hello, I’m sorry to bother you. My name is Jarod Spock, and I’m looking for Davy Simpkins.
Mrs Watanabe   You just missed him.
Jarod   He does live here?
Mrs Watanabe   Did, we’re Davy’s foster parents. Or we were. They found him a permanent home. He just left.
Jarod   They?
Mrs Watanabe   The man from Child Placement, Davy called him the Snowman.
Jarod   Snowman?
Mrs Watanabe   Because of his hair. It was solid white.
Jarod   Raines’ cleaner Gar.
Mrs Watanabe   Is something wrong.
Jarod   Did he tell you where he was taking Davy?
Mrs Watanabe   I assume to the county airstrip.

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