2-09 FX

2-09 FX


Ah. You know the dance Miss Parker. You help me with one of my secrets, I help you with one of yours.



Ah. You know the dance Miss Parker. You help me with one of my secrets, I help you with one of yours.


Original air date: January 17, 1998

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Vern Gillum

Jarod takes a job as a special effects coordinator, while Miss Parker begins an investigation after receiving a videotape in which her mother is searching for Jarod and a boy named Timmy.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Model Cars, B-Horror Movies, Talking Frogs, Homemade Napalm

Jarod’s Occupations: Special Effects Coordinator/Stuntman

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Lugosi


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod impersonates a special-effects coordinator after a stunt man is seriously injured during the filming of a television commercial.


Jarod is pursued by two heavily-armed men who appear to be Sweepers.  He takes refuge inside an abandoned bus, only to realize it has no exit.  One of his pursuers tosses a firebomb inside the vehicle.  It explodes, engulfing Jarod in flames.

In actuality, however, the two men are actors working on a movie set.  A stunt crew quickly extinguishes Jarod, and he is approached by Brynne McClaine, a sexy advertising representative who is in the midst of producing a Super Bowl campaign for a new brand of beer.  Jarod had sent Brynne his resume in hopes of landing a job.  Later, Jarod reviews a videotape of a story from a news magazine show.  The piece focuses on stuntman Dave Dugger, who was severely burned during the filming of a Super Bowl commercial after he attempted to drive a car through an exploding mock-up wall.  The stunt was masterminded by Dugger’s longtime effects coordinator and childhood friend, Mickey Clausen, but he is uncertain what went awry.

Miss Parker returns home one evening to discover a special-effects creature, which Jarod had referred to as “Igor,” beneath the covers of her bed.  Eventually, Parker discovers a videotape hidden inside the figure.

Brynne hires Jarod to perform the stunt in the beer commercial.  On the set, Jarod meets the overweight beer company representative, Julius Connelly; special effects assistant Ray Slater; and the director, Ian Tottenham, an Englishman.  After the meeting, Jarod notes an Alcoholics Anonymous chip hanging around Ray’s neck.  Ray credits Dave Dugger, his sponsor, for his sobriety.  He also tells Jarod about his suspicions regarding Mickey Clausen.  Ray suspects Clausen sacrificed Dugger’s safety to achieve a flashy effect.  Later, Jarod studies a videotape containing footage of the accident.  He realizes two explosions—a second originating inside the stunt car—went off during filming, instead of just one.

During the shoot, the director pressures Jarod for a spectacular fire to go off on the feet of two actors.  Ray pulls Jarod aside and shows him home-made napalm, the perfect solution for the gag.  Ray explains that Mickey showed him the formula for concocting the napalm.  Later, Jarod examines the burned-out Cadillac, and finds a jelly-like substance on the radiator.  He then finds a bottle of hard liquor in Ray’s trailer.

The hidden videotape turns out to be security footage recorded the day before Miss Parker’s mother was killed.  On the tape, Catherine speaks with a “Mr. Igor,” whose face is obscured by darkness.  Igor gives Catherine the location where she can find Jarod and another boy named Timmy (the victim of Raines’ experiments).  Parker, Sydney and Broots find the old room where Timmy was held captive—and an archaic electric chair within.  The threesome bring Angelo, the empath, into the room, hoping he can shed some light on what happened to Timmy.  Angelo feels enormous pain, then melts emotionally as he slides down a wall.  He says repeatedly, “no more Timmy.”

Jarod telephones Ray with word that Dave Dugger regained consciousness.  Ray pays Dugger, his face heavily bandaged, a visit at the hospital.  Dugger smells liquor on his friend’s breath.  He accuses him of falling off the wagon because of guilt about the accident.  A tearful Ray confesses that Mickey refused to rig the big explosion.  Brynne then approached him about the effect, promising a big future in return.  When the accident occurred, Ray realized Brynne had taken it upon herself to place napalm inside the radiator.  The bandaged patient then begins removing the wrappings…revealing Jarod underneath.

Jarod dons safety gear and traps Brynne inside the passenger seat of the stunt car.  He tells her he has covered the radiator with napalm…just as she had done to Dave Dugger.  He recreates the crash into the wall, only this time, beer comes gushing out of crash barrels, soaking Brynne.  Brynne’s confession regarding her involvement in the incident is recorded via a hidden camera.

Broots retrieves a DSA from Raines’ private files.  On the recording, a young Raines tells Catherine that Timmy, who stares off into space catatonically (the result of the experiments), will from now on be referred to as Angelo.

2-09 FX

FX Transcript


Miss Parker   I understand the pressure you’re under. I do. Daddy, Daddy! I know how patient you have been with my handling of Jarod, but… No more excuses. I… wasn’t finished. Mmm. What?
Igor   I thought you came here to kill me.
Frankenstein   That’s a fine story. Who are you?
Igor   My name is Igor. Let me go Frankenstein.
Frankenstein   I’m gonna….
Miss Parker   Beautiful. Beautiful.
Broots   People thing spontaneous combustion is a myth. I don’t. I wouldn’t be caught dead with a book of matches in my pocket. Hey look at this. Huh?
Miss Parker   Focus.
Sydney   There must be a connection between “Ring a bell?” and that Frankenstein movie.
Broots   Do you remember any of the dialogue?
Miss Parker   Something like, um. Who are you? My name is Igor.
Broots   Hey! Son of Frankenstein. Basil Rathbone goes back to his dad’s castel and meets Igor, Bela Lugosi and they bring the monster back to life. It’s not as cheesy as the James Whale movies, but it’s definitely got cheddar.
Miss Parker   Oh, you are a lonely man, aren’t you?
Broots   Look! It’s an angel with a broken wing.
Sydney   Perhaps Jarod perceives himself as a fallen angel?
Miss Parker   Or he simply forgot to put the ‘Caution – fragile’ tags on the box.
Broots   Hey, look. ‘Igor knows the secret?’ What secret?
Sydney   In the Centre, throw a rock, you’ll hit one.
Miss Parker   I’m calling Bjorn and getting shiatsued. Broots, watch Son of Frankenstein angina. See if it leads us to Wonder Boy. With half our Sweepers out there looking for him, we’re gonna find him. And when we do… I’ve got a little spontaneous combustion of my own in mind.
Man   That’s him! Get him! I’ll get him out.
Man 2   Come on! Get in!
Director   And cut.
Applauders   Ho ho! Whooo! Yeah! Yeah baby! Awesome!
Director   Beautiful work Jarod.
Jarod   That is what I get paid for.
Director   All right.
Brynne McLain   Jarod. When they said you were the hottest new special effects coordinator in town, I didn’t realise they meant literally.
Jarod   Brynne McLain. Thank you for coming.
Brynne McLain   Well, it isn’t every day I get invited to a live-action resume. It’s a clever idea. Really sings. Although I am wondering why a special effects coordinator would actually do that fire stunt himself.
Jarod   No one pulls a stunt I’ve designed unless I’ve tried it myself.
Brynne McLain   Noble.
Jarod   Smart. Considering the accident on the Blaster Beer set last week, I figure a effects coordinator with a little ‘smart’ is exactly what you need.
Brynne McLain   Producing a Super Sunday campaign fro a new beer could make or break the agency. That accident put it all in jeopardy.
Jarod   Which is why I wanted you to see you for yourself how my effects… sing.
Brynne McLain   They’d better. With commercial time at a million-three per 30, I need Pavarotti.
Miss Parker   Twitch, and I’ll be washing grey matter off the walls. What!
Jarod   And how is Igor?
Miss Parker   He’d better not snore.
Jarod   Oh, it’s not the noise he makes that keeps you up. It’s those sharp toenails.
Miss Parker   It’s all funny Jarod. Wanna tell me what it means?
Jarod   Ask Igor.
Miss Parker   Right. He knows the secret. Can we do this cryptic dance another time?
Jarod   Sure, if you tell me the secret of who I am.
Miss Parker   You know I can’t help you with that one.
Jarod   Well, then I can’t help you with this one. But I have a gut feeling you’ll figure it all out.
Miss Parker   What are you looking at?
    TV Footage
Anchorman   And now we cut to Marianne Bosha live at the scene.
Marianne Bosha   Friendship and fire, as tragedy strikes during the filming of a Blaster Beer commercial. Stuntman Dave Dugger was hospitalised with severe burns and head trauma while attempting to drive this Cadillac through that exploding billboard. Although a small explosion was planned witnessed described the one that occurred as ‘massive’.
Brynne McLain   Well, our thoughts and prayers at Geary-Hawkins-Leavitt as well as Blaster Brewery, the makers Blaster Beer, are with Dave Dugger and the Dugger family. We all wish Dave a speedy recovery. In the meantime, we’ve launched an internal investigation to make sure we get to the bottom of what caused this tragic accident.
Marianne Bosha   Adding irony to pain, the stunt was masterminded by Dugger’s long time effects coordinator and childhood friend Mickey Clausen.
Mickey Clausen   Dave and I have done similar stunts a hundred times. I, I, uh… I, I don’t know what went wrong. Ah, Dave’s my best friend. Excuse me.
Marianne Bosha   Dave Dugger remains hospitalised in the intensive care unit of Queen of Hope Hospital. his prognosis remains uncertain.
Connelly   We’ve spent a lot of time and expense on this campaign Jarod. Blaster Brewery is spending millions to launch this new beer.
Brynne McLain   That’s why I hired Jarod, Mr Connelly. He will make your beer blast through America’s TV on Super Sunday.
Connelly   I like the sound of that.
Jarod   Let me show you what we have in mind. Ah, you remember Ray Ray Slater? He’s my assistant.
Ray Slater   I was Mickey Clausen’s assistant.
Jarod   We’ve redesigned the stunt so that the blast trajectory blows over the car. It’ll be a safer, yet larger,
Brynne McLain   It’ll be a shot to die for.
Connelly   Jarod, you’ll have to share your brainstorms with our director. Uh, Ian? Ian.
Ian   Yes?
Brynne McLain   Ian Tottenham, this is Jarod Lugosi, our new special effects coordinator.
Jarod   Hello.
Ian   Jarod, we’ve all seen explosions. But we need the audience to feel the explosion, touch it, taste it, cry for
it. Excuse me.
Jarod   Cry for it?
Brynne McLain   He’s pompous and insecure, but he won a Clio for directing my Mighty Stick Glue spot.
Jarod   Sounds riveting.
Connelly   So, uh, you up to speed on our campaign concept?
Jarod   Well, I’ve never actually seen any of the commercials.
Connelly   Show him the spots.
Brynne McLain   The campaign concept revolves around two young guys…
Connelly   Shawn and Joey…
Brynne McLain   … Who find tickets to the big
Connelly   … In a case of Blaster Beer.
Brynne McLain   So now they’re driving across America…
Connelly   In the Blastermobile….
Brynne McLain   … To make it in time for kick off.
Connelly   … But they keep getting lost.
Brynne McLain   In our first spot they wind up in Louisiana.
Connelly   Until and old Cajun guy tells them to go west. So they blast off…
Brynne McLain   … And they end up here.
Shawn   Whoa!
Joey   Check it out dude. Polar bears, penguins. Santa Claus. Dude, I don’t think this is California.
Shawn   No man. This is Green Bay. Let’s book.
Connelly   Now, doesn’t that beat talking frogs?
Jarod   Hmm. So, who are these talking frogs?
Connelly   Uh, last year’s big commercial.
Brynne McLain   Well, this year it’ll be all Shawn and Joey who, in our last spot finally make it to California. But they….
Connelly   … They’ve used so much Blasterpower you see…
Brynne McLain   … They end up overshooting San Diego and wind up through a billboard on a beach in Tijuana.
Connelly   Isn’t that great?
Jarod   So, let me get this straight. There are people out there who will buy your beer based upon two guys who are not only too ignorant to read a map, but simpleminded enough to drive through and exploding billboard.
Connelly   That’s our target market.
Brynne McLain   Jarod, we’ve got three days to finish the spot and make our airdate. Can you make it sing?
Jarod   Like Pavarotti.
Broots   Well, it needs a remote control to do whatever it is it does, and I cant find it.
Sydney   I’m sure its whereabouts lie within the clues he’s given us.
Miss Parker   Come on Igor. Do something. Catch on fire, ring a bell. Help me. Syd, give me your cell phone.
Broots   An audio sensory triggering mechanism.
Miss Parker   Just like the spontaneous combustion that blew open that crate in my office. Jarod’s annoying, but he’s clever. Any day now Brootsie.
Broots   Don’t want him to take my fingers off.
Miss Parker   Give it to me.
Igor   My name is Igor. Ring a bell? Igor knows the secret. Igor knows the secret. Igor knows, Igor knows the secret.
Miss Parker   That’s it? Another dead end?
Igor   You look just like her. You look just like her.
Broots   Just, just like who?
Sydney   Your mother. Igor knows the secret about your mother.
Miss Parker   Cancel clever. Jarod’s just annoying. Broots, I want you searching the mainframe, DSA’s, anything else you can thing of. Sydney, check your files. Any reference to Igor, a name, an anagram, an acronym, whatever. Okay Jarod. You’ve got my attention.
Ray Slater   You think we’re going to need stuntmen for the shoe gag?
Jarod   Not if we coat their socks with Zell Gel. We can put rubber cement on the shoes. Huh. I thought toys came pre-assembled.
Ray Slater   It’s a model kit. Didn’t you ever build models when you were a kid?
Jarod   Well, I built the Empire State Building once. And I carved a design fro what later became the AMC Pacer out of a bar of soap. Wasn’t my best work. How long have you been in the program? Your sobriety chip.
Ray Slater   I’ve been sober.. five years and some change.
Jarod   That’s great.
Ray Slater   Dave Dugger sponsored me into the program.
Jarod   He was the stuntman that was burned.
Ray Slater   Yeah. Dave’s the reason I’m sober today. Hell, he’s the reason I’m alive.
Jarod   Sounds like a good friend to have. Is that what I think it is?
Ray Slater   She was a beaut before the fire. That’s what happens when you go heavy on the potassium chlorate.
Jarod   Is that what Brynne’s investigation concluded?
Ray Slater   They know Mickey Clausen screwed up. Case closed.
Jarod   I just find it hard to understand how he could screw up so badly. I mean, any effects coordinator knows how reactive PC is.
Ray Slater   That’s show biz. You wanna keep the good rep, you gotta produce the flashy effects.
Jarod   So you think that Mickey put his best friend in harm’s way to enhance his reputation?
Ray Slater   As much as I hate to say it, that’s exactly how I see it.
Jarod   Hallie Tosis.
Mickey Clausen   Excuse me?
Jarod   The creature from Death Breath. Now that is destined to become a classic among special effect aficionados.
Mickey Clausen   Do I know you?
Jarod   I’m Jarod Lugosi. I was wondering if I might pick your brain for a minute.
Mickey Clausen   Yeah, this is a first. Guy who replaces me on a job comes to ask me for some pointers.
Jarod   Well, always learn from the best. Hmm. Those your folks?
Mickey Clausen   Those are Dave Dugger’s parents.
Jarod   You and Dave were really close huh?
Mickey Clausen   Yeah, like brothers. His folks practically raised me. But my days in the Dugger family are over.
Jarod   Because of the accident?
Mickey Clausen   I must have miscalculated the amount of oxidiser.
Jarod   Is that what you think happened?
Mickey Clausen   Well, cars don’t blow up by themselves.
Jarod   Were you able to detect anything when you watched the dailies?
Mickey Clausen   Cant watch ’em. Here. Why don’t you take ’em? Can’t see on tape what I see in my nightmares. I just wish it were me in that car.
Jarod   Have you seen Dave or his parents since the accident?
Mickey Clausen   I cant face him. I cant face his folks. Not after this.
Jarod   If you don’t go to the hospital, they’ll never know how you feel. Don’t lose the people that you love.
Ray Slater   Guy, you ready? Have a good ride. Let’s go!
Mickey Clausen   How, how’d that happen? How’d it happen? Get him outta there!
Dave Dugger   Help me! Help me!
Brynne McLain   Oh no!
Mickey Clausen   How’d this happen, Get him outta there!
Jarod   There wasn’t one explosion. There were two.
Igor   You look just like her. Igor knows the secret. My name is I…. My name… My name is…. My name is Igor
Sydney   What is wrong with Igor Broots?
Broots   I don’t know, I don’t know.
Miss Parker   Forget Igor. What do you mean you didn’t find anything?
Broots   I searched the mainframe and checked all the DSA logs. There’s no acronyms, no anagrams, no nothing on
Sydney   And I went through my files without finding anything pertaining to anyone by that name.
Igor   Igor know, Igor knows the secret… Figure it out.
Miss Parker   Shut that thing up, or I swear to God, I’ll shoot it.
Broots   Without a schematic I…
Sydney   Miss Parker!
Igor   Got…. a… gut…. feeling…
Miss Parker   Gut feeling.
Broots   Wait, wait, what are you doing?
Miss Parker   Had a gut feeling.
PA   Dr Miller to Cardiology. Dr Miller to Cardiology, stat.
Mrs Dugger   Dear what…
Mickey Clausen   Hi, uh…. I’m so sorry. I never meant….
Jarod   Mickey.
Jarod   Now, the gag will look something like this.
Ian   That’s it? I’ve seen bigger rug burns. Those sneakers were supposed to have stepped in rocket fuel.
Jarod   Maybe we should have used some more rubber cement.
Brynne McLain   Just make it big!
Connelly   But not too big. We got millions of dollars invested in Joey and Shawn.
Shawn   You should fork over some dough for a stunt double.
Ian   I suppose we could soak them in petrol.
Shawn   Okay, first of all Ian, it’s not called petrol. Maybe in your country they call it petrol but over here in America, we call it gas. And second of all, have you been sniffing some?
Brynne McLain   Okay people.
Jarod   He’s right. Gasoline is way too volatile.
Ian   Safety doesn’t sell beer. Flash does.
Brynne McLain   I got a day and a half left on this shoot. Jarod work with me here.
Ray Slater   I got an idea Jarod.
Ray Slater   Napalm.
Jarod   Napalm?
Ray Slater   Mm-hmm.
Jarod   Where did you get it?
Ray Slater   I made it.
Jarod   You make your own napalm?
Ray Slater   Mickey taught me how. With the right balance, you can create a massive explosion on a controlled burn. It’s perfect for the shoe gag.
Jarod   You might have a future in this business.
Broots   The tape from inside Igor is a security record of Sublevel 27.
Miss Parker   So that’s what it looked like before it burned.
Sydney   April 12, 1970. The day before your mother died.
Miss Parker   Mom.
Catherine   Mr Fenigor.
Broots   Mr Fenigor? Fen…
Miss Parker   Igor. Can you recognise him?
Sydney   Too damned dark.
Catherine   Did you find out where they’re keeping Timmy?
Mr Fenigor   He’s in room 155.
Catherine   I’ve got to get Jarod and Timmy out of here tonight. I have a gut feeling something’s going to happen. Confiscate all surveillance data, especially the camera records of us now. I cant have the wrong people finding out about this.
Mr Fenigor   I’ll take care of it.
Catherine   The children’s lives depend on us.
Broots   Who the hell is Timmy?
Miss Parker   Somebody Mr Igor was trying to help my mother rescue.
Sydney   Along with Jarod.
Miss Parker   Syd, do you remember a Timmy?
Raines   Let’s move along, I want some more cooperation from you next time.
Young Jarod   Who is that?
Sydney   Shh.
Timmy   When can I go home Dr Raines?
Raines   In good time Timmy.
Young Jarod   He’s crying, Sydney. He’s scared. I wanna talk to him.
Sydney   No Jarod. Come on.
Sydney   He was one of Raines’ projects.
Miss Parker   And if this was going on in SL
Sydney   Timmy must have been… one of Raines’ experiments.
Miss Parker   Broots, run Fenigor. I need to know who he is. And Sydney, you go through your files too, searching for anything on Timmy. We’re going to find Room 155.
Broots   What? Y.. you mean, in SL 27? Again?
Miss Parker   My mother wasn’t afraid to go down there. Are you?
Broots   Hell yeah! That’s Raines’ secret sublevel. If… if he finds out we’ve been down there, he… he’ll have us killed.
Miss Parker   Then make sure he doesn’t find out.
Jarod   Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
Jarod   Shut up.
slaters Voice   I’ve been sober five years and some change.
Broots   There was absolutely nothing on Fenigor.
Sydney   And the only sign of Timmy staying in the Centre is a simple discharge order signed by, then, Dr Raines, dated April 14, 1970.
Miss Parker   The day after my mother was killed. How coincidental.
Broots   Hey look. Geez! How long has the Centre been doing stuff down here?
Miss Parker   Are you gonna browse, or are you gonna help us find Room 155? Sydney, what else did Timmy’s records reveal?
Sydney   Very little. No last name, no forwarding address. Common for a routine discharge.
Miss Parker   Well, if it was so routine, then why was my mother so intent on rescuing him?
Broots   Like the creature said, Igor knows the secret.
Miss Parker   The secret as to what got my mother killed, maybe even who murdered her.
Sydney   Easy Parker. One step at a time. The information you’re talking about could get us all killed.
Broots   Miss Parker. What the hell? What is that?
Sydney   It’s a neuro-electric chair.
Broots   For a kid? I think I’m gonna hurl.
Sydney   I remember rumours about clandestine experiments involving brain wave manipulation .
Miss Parker   No wonder my mother was trying to save Timmy, save all the children. This is unbelievable.
Broots   Hey, you guys. Let’s get out of here. This place, this place was trashed in the fire. We’ll never know for sure what happened to Timmy.
Sydney   Maybe, maybe not.
Miss Parker   What are you thinking Einstein?
Sydney   Let’s bring in Angelo. Maybe he can empath what happened down here.
Jarod   What are you doing? You can’t sell off your business. This is your life’s work.
Mickey Clausen   Tell that to Dave Dugger and his parents.
Jarod   Mickey, they are just trying to come to terms with what happened.
Mickey Clausen   Hollywood has come to terms with what happened. There’s not a stuntman in this town who will work with me
Jarod   I can’t believe that. Everybody in town knows how wonderful you are at your job.
Mickey Clausen   You’re only as good as your last project. It’s over Jarod.
Jarod   All right, I’ll buy it all.
Mickey Clausen   Excuse me?
Jarod   I’ll buy everything. Mr Formaldehyde, uh, the lipstick camera you used in Charlie Cyclops, the bust that you created all those wonderfully grotesque figures with.
Mickey Clausen   This one is not for sale. All right? This is Dave Dugger. We made this bust on our first gig together. He uh… This is a face I’ll always remember. I don’t know what I’m gonna do Jarod. I just… What am I gonna do?
Miss Parker   What is the matter with him? I’ve never seen him like this before.
Sydney   He’s an empath. Perhaps he’s confronting some negative associations he has with SL 27.
Broots   Him and me both.
Sydney   Oh, maybe this was not a good idea.
Miss Parker   Well, if he can tell us something, it’s a good idea. Get him in here!
Angelo   I can’t.
Broots   Come on Angelo. It’s going to be all right.
Miss Parker   Angelo, tell me what happened here.
Sydney   It’s dangerous for Angelo.
Miss Parker   What happened here? Tell me about…
Sydney   Miss Parker! Please!
Miss Parker   Tell me about Timmy!
Angelo   Timmy! Timmy! No more Timmy.
Sydney   Angelo, Angelo.
Angelo   No more Timmy.
Sydney   Come back Angelo.
Angelo   No more Timmy.
Ray Slater   Yeah?
Jarod   Ray, it’s Jarod. You working late?
Ray Slater   Just cleaning up some odds and ends.
Jarod   I’ve got some good news. I just came from the hospital. Dave Dugger regained consciousness. He’s asking for you. Ray, are you there?
Ray Slater   Yeah, that’s… that’s, that’s great news Jarod. I’m on my way.
Broots   Is he okay?
Sydney   Angelo, can you hear me? Angelo. Can you speak?
Miss Parker   I’m sorry Angelo. Please… talk to me. What you know may help me discover who killed my mother. Angelo.
Sydney   Look, I know how much this information means to you but down here, we’ve hit a dead end.
Miss Parker   Dead ends are not an option Sydney. Somewhere in this hellhole are the answers about Timmy and Igor and the truth about what happened to my mother. Maybe it’s time to take a look into Raines’ private DSA files.
Ray Slater   Hey, Dave. You awake?
Jarod (pretending to be Dave Dugger)   Come closer. Hard to talk.
Ray Slater   How you doin’?
Jarod   Looks like I’ll be missing the prom.
Ray Slater   I’m sorry.
Jarod   Hey. Don’t get all soft on me Ray. N… not after how Mickey left me. I need my real friends to be strong. You’re the only real friend I have left.
Ray Slater   Oh God.
Jarod   What’s the matter buddy? Your hands are shaking.
Ray Slater   Um… I started drinking again Dave.
Jarod   Why?
Ray Slater   It’s the guilt.
Jarod   About what?
Ray Slater   About doing this to you.
Jarod   I don’t understand.
Ray Slater   Mickey didn’t do this to you. He was looking out for you. But Brynne, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. One day, she’s talking to me about explosions. And I told her about the napalm and gave her a little demonstration. When the explosion happened, I know she’d stolen some and put it on the radiator. I confronted her about it, and she threatened to involve me if I talked. With my background Dave, who’s gonna believe me? My career, my family, my life would have been over. So… I sold you and Mickey out to save myself. Oh God. I’m sorry Dave. I’m so sorry.
Jarod   It’s okay Ray. The first step towards forgiveness is telling the truth.
Jarod   Hello, Brynne? It’s Jarod. I’ve made an explosive breakthrough and I’d like you to be the first to see it. Could you come by the set before crew call tomorrow? Wonderful.
Brynne McLain   Jarod. You should know I make it a practice never to get intimate with any of the men I work with.
Jarod   Well, lucky for us, the job ends today. While we’re still working I gotta tell you I put so much napalm on that billboard when this Caddy hits it, it’s gonna explode like Baghdad during the Gulf War. Watch. Hey Brynne, why don’t we take the Caddy for a little spin before we turn it into scrap metal?
Brynne McLain   Okay. Thank you sir.
Jarod   Buckle up.
Brynne McLain   Did you have someplace special in mind?
Jarod   Actually I thought I would drive you into that billboard.
Brynne McLain   What?
Jarod   Don’t worry, I’ve set it up to be every bit as safe as you set it up for Dave Dugger. I even smeared Ray’s homemade napalm all over the radiator, just like you did to Dave.
Brynne McLain   I’m outta here.
Jarod   Oh, there’s no point in struggling. You know how strong Mighty Stick Glue is. You created the commercial for it.
Brynne McLain   Are you insane?
Jarod   People thought I was when I set myself on fire. But I did remember to put on the suit and coat myself with Zell Gel so I should be just fine. I’m sure Dave Dugger would have taken the same precautions. But how was he supposed to know you rigged another explosion for inside of the car?
Brynne McLain   I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Jarod   Hmmm, well maybe a little third-degree burn will help jar your memory.
Brynne McLain   Jarod.
Jarod   Oh come on Brynne. It will be a shot to die for, remember?
Brynne McLain   Jarod please.
Jarod   Why would you put napalm on the radiator? The bigger the explosion, the better the commercial? You tell me something, what demographic says that beer sales are more important than a man’s life?
Brynne McLain   If the commercial hadn’t been right, I’d have lost the account.
Jarod   What about what Mickey Clausen lost? What about Dave Dugger? They lost everything. The only thing you could’ve lost was just a job.
Brynne McLain   Just a job? I worked my ass off to get where I am, into boy’s clubs and through glass ceilings and I am not about to lose it all because some flunky special effects guy was too soft to do the job we paid him for.
Jarod   You know something Brynne? I don’t think your ad agency is going to be giving you a corner office after all this. But look on the bright side, maybe you have a career ahead of you, in stunt work.
Brynne McLain   Jarod. Jarod? Jarod! No Jarod!
Jarod   Ka-boom. Did the camera record all that Mickey?
Mickey Clausen   We got it in one.
Jarod   That’s a wrap.
Broots   I found Timmy in Raines’ archives.
Miss Parker   Run it.
Raines   Mrs Parker, what are you doing here?
Catherine   I came by to visit with Timmy.
Raines   I don’t think that’s a good idea.
Catherine   Well, Dr Raines, my husband thinks it’s important I visit with all the children.
Raines   Wait here.
Catherine   Hi. Timmy, my name is Catherine. How you doing?
Timmy   I miss my mom and dad.
Catherine   Oh, I know you do honey.
Raines   Come on, Timmy.
Miss Parker   That’s it?
Broots   Well, there’s another one dated the following day.
Catherine   No! No! Timmy!
Raines   You shouldn’t have come in here!
Catherine   My God! Raines, what have you don’t
to that little boy?
Raines   It was an experiment.
Catherine   My husband won’t stand for this!
Raines   You don’t know your husband as well as you think you do. MY advice is to remain quiet about this if you know what’s best for you.
Catherine   Timmy? Ohh! Raines, what are you gonna do with Timmy now?
Raines   There is no Timmy anymore. From now on, he’s to be called… Angelo.
Broots   T… Timmy is Angelo? What did Raines do to him?
Sydney   Somehow his emotions, his ability to relate to the physical world were driven inward, and gave Angelo his unique gift.
Miss Parker   But took away his life.
Broots   Were you involved in this?
Sydney   Had I known about this I would have done everything in my power to stop it.
Miss Parker   And ended up dead, just like my mother.
Dave Dugger   He actually sold you all his FX stuff?
Mickey Clausen   Yeah, I know. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to sell it back.
Jarod   For the right price.
Dave Dugger   Well, charge him double. He has it coming to him if he thinks he did this to me.
Mickey Clausen   Thanks a lot Jarod.
Mrs Dugger   Hi Mickey.
Mr Dugger   Mickey.
Angelo   Timmy’s gone.
Young Jarod   White choosing the Samisch Variation to answer the black’s Nimzo-Indian Defence.
Sydney   Very good Jarod.
Jarod   Who are you Mr Igor?
Young Jarod   Sydney, when do I get to meet that other boy?
Sydney   He’s gone.
Young Jarod   What do you mean gone?
Sydney   I received a copy of the paperwork today. Dr Raines released him.
Young Jarod   Did he do something wrong?
Sydney   He wasn’t special.
Jarod   You were special Timmy.
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   How are you coming with my gut feeling?
Miss Parker   You need to ask? Why the game with the creature? Why not just tell me?
Jarod   Sometimes the destination isn’t as important as the journey.
Miss Parker   Well, where on your journey did you find that surveillance tape?
Jarod   In one of your mother’s safe deposit boxes.
Miss Parker   Like her wedding ring and medical file?
Jarod   Oh, you’d be surprised what one could find in there.
Miss Parker   Jarod.
Jarod   Ah. You know the dance Miss Parker. You help me with one of my secrets, I help you with one of yours.
Miss Parker   We weren’t able to find anything about Igor or Fenigor. I don’t know if he was my mother’s ally or betrayer.
Jarod   Well, keep searching. Igor… he holds the secrets to both our pasts.
Miss Parker   What makes you so sure?
Jarod   Call it… a gut feeling

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