1-06 To Protect And Serve

1-06 To Protect And Serve

To Protect And Serve

I won’t give up Sydney, I’ll never give up.


To Protect And Serve

I won’t give up Sydney, I’ll never give up.


Original air date: November 9, 1996

Written by: Tommy Thompson

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

Jarod becomes a police officer in Miami Beach in order to solve the death of a security guard who was killed by two local policemen during a jewellery heist.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Donuts, Donut holes

Jarod’s Occupations: Motorcycle Cop, Canadian Mounty

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Starr  


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod assumes the role of police officer as he probes the death of a security guard recently reunited with his father.


In flashback, inside a simulation lab, Young Sydney asks Young Jarod to examine a photograph of a soldier in Southeast Asia.  Sydney explains that the people who love the soldier want to know if he’s still alive.  Young Jarod compares the situation to his own parents.

In Cedar Point, North Carolina, at a suburban shooting range, Miss Parker speaks with a range manager, who points out that in less than 24 hours, Jarod went from a complete neophyte to an expert marksman.  For reasons unknown, Jarod shot out the numbers “10-19” on all the bulls-eye targets. Meanwhile, in Miami Beach, Jarod, now a police officer, gives a motorist a ticket for speeding.

At the police station, Jarod meets Officers Bishop and Meyers.  A desk sergeant explains to the pair that Jarod recently transferred to the precinct from Chicago.  The conversation comes to an abrupt end when Karen Swindell, from the Internal Affairs division, reminds the pair they are late for a meeting with her.

While on street patrol, Jarod befriends Mildred Reynolds, an elderly motorcyclist with bad vision who ran a red light.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker and Sydney make their way to Jarod’s old lair at a motor lodge.  They find a copy of Criminology and Law Enforcement Procedure inside his room.  Shortly thereafter, Sheriff Stanton arrives at the scene and places Miss Parker under arrest for carrying a concealed weapon.

Inside a Cuban bakery, Jarod quizzes a store clerk, Sanchez, about all things doughnuts.  Sanchez turns her attention to Mr. Kembrook, who lost his son, Marvin, during a shootout with police.  According to news reports, Marvin, who worked as a security guard, was killed as he was attempting to rob the jewelry store where he worked.  Sanchez explains that the Kembrooks gave up Marvin for adoption when he was an infant.  After Mrs. Kembrook died, her husband began a search for his son.

Miss Parker learns that Stanton stopped her when he received an anonymous tip about her weapon.  Later, Sydney hires a washed-up attorney, Henry J. Munroe, to win Parker’s release from jail.

Jarod approaches Susan Granger, who runs a missing persons agency and helped Kembrook find his son.  He tells her about his quest to find his parents.  The only information he is able to provide is a photograph of his mother…and the fact that his father was an aviator.  Jarod warns that he has only 72 hours to find his parents.

Jarod befriends Swindell by claiming is he putting in for a transfer to Internal Affairs.  He reviews the field report detailing the events that led to Marvin Kembrook’s death.  According to the report, Bishop and Meyers were responding to a robbery report when they encountered Kembrook and his accomplice.  Supposedly, the accomplice shot and killed Kembrook, then made a getaway.  But Internal Affairs was highly suspicious, as there was no evidence of the alleged accomplice.  Swindell points out that the only hard evidence remaining is the slug removed from Kembrook’s chest.  If the weapon that fired the bullet can be located, the killer’s identity will be revealed.

Jarod deliberately allows Bishop access to his transfer papers.  He then arranges to have lunch with Bishop and Meyers the following day.  Later, When Mildred gets into yet another accident, Jarod takes her to an optometrist for eyeglasses.

During lunch, Meyers reveals that he examined Jarod’s “file” and discovered that he had been investigated for taking payoffs from criminals.  Meyers and Bishop offer Jarod the opportunity to join them on their criminal escapades.  When Jarod attempts to pay for lunch with his credit card, only to be told by the waiter that the card was declined, the invitation is seemingly all the more attractive.

Granger informs Jarod that someone operating out of Delaware picked up the global photograph scan of Jarod’s mother sent out on the Internet.  The party refuses send out any additional information over open phone lines and is, instead, sending it via special courier.  Jarod tells Granger to proceed.  Meanwhile, back at the Center, a technician alerts Broots that someone inside the agency made contact with the missing person’s agency in Miami.  But that person’s identity is unknown.

When Bishop and Meyers reveal more details about their upcoming heist, Jarod questions them about the Kembrook shooting.  Bishop explains that he carries an unregistered gun in an ankle holster, which he used to shoot Kembrook while he and Meyers were robbing the jewelry store.  Afterward, he hid the gun in the trunk of his car, thereby evading the Internal Affairs’ ballistic tests.

Miss Parker is released from jail.  As she leaves, she receives word that Broots has pinpointed “the target.”  Jarod shows up at Granger’s office to pick up the courier envelope.  But before he can open it, Parker and Sydney arrive.  As Jarod escapes, Parker opens fire, shooting the envelope from his hand.

As Bishop, Meyers and Jarod break into the jewelry store, Jarod announces that the pair are under arrest for Marvin’s murder.  Bishop pulls out his ankle weapon and opens fire, hitting Jarod in the chest.  He then instructs Meyers to contact the station house and report that Jarod was gunned down while trying to prevent a robbery.  But when Swindell arrives at the scene, Jarod’s body is missing…and in its place is a bulletproof vest.  Swindell then asks for the keys to the trunk of Bishop’s car (so she can retrieve the weapon used to shoot Jarod and Marvin).  Later, Jarod contacts the Centre and tells Sydney that “10-19” is what he made him.  Later, Jarod becomes a Mountie.

1-06 To Protect And Serve

To Protect And Serve Transcript


  DSA 7th Sep ’74 
Young Jarod   Why am I here Sydney?
Sydney   I want you examine some photographs.
Young Jarod   Is he a warrior?
Sydney   Yes. He’s a soldier in South East Asia.
Young Jarod   Why do I have to look at it?
Sydney   There are people who believe that this photograph was manufactured, created. I want to know what you think.
Young Jarod   He’s afraid, sad.
Sydney   He’s missing and the people who love him want to know if he’s still alive.
Young Jarod   Like my parents?
    Cedar Point, North Carolina
Man   Why you so interested in Mr Starr?
Miss Parker   It’s a family matter.
Sydney   Could you describe his manner, his mood? You know.
Man   Uhh…I’ll tell you that ol’ boy was multi-faceted. He walked in here and he didn’t know a pickle barrel from a gun barrel. And in less than 24 hours… he’s doing this. 10:19. They’re all like this. Damned if I know what it means. And then there were the slugs.
Miss Parker   What about the slugs?
Man   He paid extra to come in after hours and dig ’em out of the back wall. Said he wanted to study ’em. He was real big on studying things. Like I say, this old boy was multi…
Miss Parker   Multi-faceted. Did he happen to say where he was going?
Man   He was staying at the lodge up near the highway. You might check there.
Miss Parker   Thank you.
Man   Sure enough.
Sydney   Can I?
Man   Free country. Oh hey! When you find him you can give him his toy.
Miss Parker   His toy?
Man   Yeah. When he was through shooting he’d run that all around the place. That ol’ boy was just a big kid, that’s all. Funny hey?
Miss Parker   Hysterical.
    Streets in Miami
Driver   Was I going too fast when I passed that truck?
Jarod   No sir. When you passed me.
    Miami Beach, Florida: Police Department
Criminal   I want my lawyer. I got rights.
Meyers   You better relax you hear me?
Bishop   Shut up and don’t move.
Meyers   You want a beer or a cappuccino or something?
Criminal   Ha Ha.
Bishop   Let’s see what we got here. Oh boy, a bona fide three time loser, Frankie. We know what that means don’t we?
Meyers   Automatic jail time isn’t it?
Bishop   Congratulations. Well it does seem a little harsh considering that you got only what? Six dollars and… thirty-seven cents off a lady.
Meyers   You almost got away with it too.
Bishop   You are what we call a top notch criminal. Where’s my coffee Frank?
Meyers   Run you little puke.
Criminal   Ow!!!
Meyers   Man! Maybe I should have got him a decafe.
Jarod   That looked like it hurt.
Bishop   See what happens when you act like an idiot. Put the track star in his cage.
Meyers   Looks like he ripped that pretty shirt of his.
Bishop   Slick move. Carl Bishop.
Meyers   How you doin’? Frank Meyers.
Jarod   Jarod Starr. Two r’s.
Meyers   Oh yeah, like Ringo.
Jarod   Who’s Ringo?
Bishop   That’s funny. How come I haven’t seen you round here before?
Desk Sergeant   He just transferred in from Chicago. You’re late again today Starr and I’m still waiting on those transfer papers.
Jarod   I was just coming to talk to you about that Ma’am…
Swindell   Bishop, Meyers. You were due in my office a half-hour ago.
Bishop   Yeah, well, we’ve been kinda busy.
Swindell   I want you both inside now.
Meyers   Come on detective, give us a break. We’ve gone over this already.
Swindell   Now.
Meyers   That woman needs a hobby.
Bishop   She’s just doing her job Frank. See you later Chicago.
Jarod   Look forward to it.
Meyers   Yeah nice to meet you.
Jarod   Did I miss something?
Desk Sergeant   Typical IA broad.
Jarod   She’s internal affairs?
Desk Sergeant   Detective Karen Swindell. Don’t get any ideas Romeo – she’s the original ice princess. You were saying about transfer papers?
Jarod   Oh come on Sarge you know how it is with red tape, they should be along any day now.
Desk Sergeant   Well until I get the rest of your documentation you’re going to be riding a desk instead of a bike. You don’t want me to start thinking you’re up to something do you?
Jarod   Me? Sarge. I’m clean as a whistle.
Desk Sergeant   Get back to work.
    Street Patrol
Millie   Can I help you officer?
Jarod   Ma’am, did you by any chance happen to notice the colour…
Millie   Whoa! Is that a twin cam?
Jarod   Excuse me?
Millie   You guys bore out the cylinder heads don’t ya? Oh I’d love to soup up my honeypot.
Jarod   Your honeypot?
Millie   My hog! I was going to blow out the headers and open up the cylinder block but my social security cheque was late.
Bikies   Hey Mill, you’re looking good!
Millie   Ride… You devils!!! I rode with those dudes in Jacksonville.
Jarod   Ma’am.
Millie   Mildred Reynolds. My friends call me Millie.
Jarod   Millie, did you happen to notice the colour of the light back there in the intersection?
Millie   What light?
    Hound Dog Haven
Miss Parker   Wonder Boy checked out of this dirt water town three days ago. That’s all he left behind. Where’s the driver?
Sydney   Using the facility.
Miss Parker   Guy has the bladder of a squirrel. Hmm. What now?
Sheriff   Afternoon missy.
Miss Parker   Sheriff.
Sheriff   Would you mind taking off your jacket.
Miss Parker   Excuse me.
Sheriff   Oh it’s nothing personal I’d just like you to take off your jacket please.
Miss Parker   I will not.
Sheriff   Please.
Miss Parker   You are fired! I want you to know I’ve seen “Deliverance”.
Sheriff   You wanna give me one of these? Oh! That’s good enough. My my. Guess you can put some cuffs on this young lady. Ma’am you are under arrest for violation of Criminal code 369.7.
Miss Parker   And what the hell is that?
Sydney   Carrying a concealed weapon. It says so right here in the book. Hilighted in yellow.
Sheriff   I guess you’ll be going with me.
Miss Parker   Jarod.
    Miami: Donut shop
Jarod   So let me get this straight. This … starts out as a part of this, but then you punch it out and then you sell it as a separate product?
Waitress   I think you got it. Donut. Donut hole.
Jarod   I don’t mean to belabour a point, but if the hole is here, why do you call this the hole?
Waitress   The truth is I’ve always wondered that myself, but don’t tell my boss… I wouldn’t want him to think I don’t know the business.
Jarod   I promise. Um, I’ll have another one please.
Waitress   On the house.
Jarod   If you don’t mind I’d rather eat it here.
Waitress   Good morning Mr Kembrook.
Jarod   He seems very sad.
Waitress   Poor man, he hasn’t been the same since Marvin was killed.
Jarod   Marvin?
Waitress   His son. He was a guard at the Boswell Jewellers. About a month ago he was shot trying to rob it.
Jarod   Sounds like you know the family pretty well.
Waitress   Since I was born. Mr Kembrook anyway.
Jarod   I’m afraid you’ve lost me.
Waitress   The Kembrooks gave Marvin up for adoption when he was just a baby. A few years after Mrs Kembrook died Mr Kembrook started searching for his son. Found him, six months ago.
Jarod   He must have been very happy.
Waitress   Oh they both were. It turns out Marvin was looking for his parents the whole time too. Can you imagine meeting your own parents for the first time when you’re a grown adult?
Jarod   I guess it would be pretty emotional.
Waitress   Oh yeah. Even after all those years they still loved each other.
Jarod   What makes you so sure?
Waitress   Because they were blood and there’s nothing stronger than that.
    Susan Granger’s Office
Susan   Mrs Morgan we may have a sighting on your daughter. Our people are flying to New York as we speak. And If all goes well you should have your arms around Catherine by tomorrow night. Thank you. God bless you too.
Jarod   I don’t know who I am.
    Jail Cell
Miss Parker   You arrested me because of an anonymous phone call?!
Sheriff   Uh huh.
Miss Parker   Do you mind telling me how you knew that this person was telling the truth?
Sheriff   He sounded honest.
Miss Parker   It’s official – I’m in hell.
Sheriff   Now, now Darling, you did have that concealed weapon on you and you’ll be able to post bail just as soon as Judge Hargreave gets back from that bass tournament and we sign ourselves some papers.
Miss Parker   When exactly is that?
Sheriff   The day after tomorrow.
Sydney   The entire legal staff of the Centre is on their annual retreat in the South of France. So it will be at least seventy-two hours before we can even reach a lawyer.
Miss Parker   He knew that. Dammit Sydney he’s up to something and he needs me out of the way for three days.
Sydney   10:19 – it could be a time reference.
Miss Parker   Forget that! Just get me a lawyer. Any lawyer.
    Susan Granger’s Office
Susan   Most missing person cases fall into one of three categories: Abductions, runaways and abandonment.
Jarod   I’m looking for my parents.
Susan   What makes you think I can help?
Jarod   I read in the paper that you helped reunite a father and his son after twenty-five years.
Susan   Friendly warning, they don’t all turn out that way. There’s a risk a person takes when they search for their past. It’s not always what they hope for.
Jarod   I’d be willing to risk anything for the chance to find out.
Susan   Are they still alive?
Sydney   Jarod is he still alive?
Young Jarod   The eyes.
Sydney   What about the eyes?
Young Jarod   He wants to cry but he can’t.
Sydney   Why not?
Young Jarod   He feels alone, forgotten. He just doesn’t care any more.
Sydney   Care about who?
Young Jarod   Himself. He’s given up. I won’t give up Sydney, I’ll never give up.
Susan   Officer Starr. Jarod.
Jarod   Hmm?
Susan   I was wondering if you knew if your parents were still alive?
Jarod   I don’t know. I was never told the truth.
Susan   Well why not use the police database to initiate a search?
Jarod   I can’t. Look this is probably going to be hard to understand but I don’t have much time. Seventy-two hours.
Susan   Without a name…
Jarod   I have a picture. It’s my mother. At least that’s what I was told. And my father might have been an aviator.
Susan   In the Service?
Jarod   I don’t know.
Susan   I’ll see what I can do.
Jarod   Thank you.
Susan   Officer Starr. There’s a group of people like yourself. There’s a meeting here tomorrow night, if you’re interested. Sometimes it helps just to know that you’re not alone.
    Jail Cell
Sydney   Miss Parker you wanted a lawyer. Henry?
Miss Parker   Tell me you’re kidding?
Henry J Munroe   Henry J Munroe, Esquire. Finest attorney in Cedar Point. Truth be known, the only attorney in Cedar Point.
Miss Parker   He knew this.
    Miami Police Department
Desk Sergeant   Ma’am there is nothing I can do.
Millie   You don’t understand. This is a death sentence for me.
Jarod   Millie?
Millie   Finally someone with half a brain in their head.
Desk Sergeant   You know this woman?
Jarod   We’ve met. What’s the problem?
Millie   I um, I accidentally side swiped the meat wagon down on Biscayne Boulevard, and now they want to put me in cement boots and dump me into the causeway.
Desk Sergeant   She ran an empty county ambulance off the road and we’re suspending her driver’s licence.
Jarod   Can you give us a moment please?
Desk Sergeant   Be my guest.
Millie   I wouldn’t trust that woman as far as I could throw her.
Jarod   Millie this is very serious. What if that ambulance was carrying somebody to the hospital?
Millie   Geez, I don’t want to hurt anybody. Look my uh… My husband’s dead and my kids are all gone, they’re on their own. I’m seventy-three years old and … I’m alone. You take my bike, you take my independence. You take that you might as well bury me ’cause I’ll… I’ll be dead.
    Jewellery Store
Assistant   Lovely. Ruby, emerald and sapphire trio bordered by diamonds.
Jarod   How much is it?
Assistant   Only $4000.
Jarod   Hmm. That’s not enough.
Assistant   Well I do have this brilliant Princess cut diamond, with a trillion on either side for $5000.
Jarod   With tax that would be $5328. That’s perfect. I’ll take it.
Assistant   You do realise this purchase is going to max out your credit card?
Jarod   That’s the idea.
    Jarod’s Lair
TV   An odyssey of searching for the past came to a dramatic and emotional conclusion earlier this morning as Harold Kembrook nervously waited for the doors of the taxi to open and deliver his son, given up for adoption some twenty-five years earlier. As fate would have it his son, Marvin Kembrook has spent the last 11 years on the very same hunt for his true identity. Also on hand to witness the emotional reunion was Susan Granger, the woman instrumental in bringing the two men together. Father and…
Jarod   Just a second.
Delivery Boy   Starr?
Jarod   That’s me.
Delivery Boy   You ordered the donuts?
Jarod   Raspberry Supremes?
Delivery Boy   Whatever.
Jarod   Hmm. This should cover it.
Delivery Boy   Hey! Um, I’m going to go out on a real limb here and guess that you’re a big donut fan?
Jarod   They’re very good.
Delivery Boy   What are you like, a cop?
Jarod   How did you know?
Delivery Boy   Funny.
    Miami Police Department
Jarod   Detective Swindell? I hope you don’t mind if I skip the birthday song, I never actually learned the lyrics.
Swindell   You read my file. That’s my job.
Jarod   That’s a Bavarian Cream. I was thinking about getting you a raspberry Supreme but somebody ate the last one. This one’s very good.
Swindell   Most field officers don’t socialise with IA.
Jarod   The truth is I’m thinking about putting up for transfer to Internal Affairs. The examination requires that the applicant break down an actual case file…
Swindell   And you want my help.
Jarod   I heard you were very thorough.
Swindell   Do you have any particular case in mind?
Jarod   Yes I do. Are you going to eat that? According to the field report Bishop and Meyers responded to a robbery call at the Jewellery store. When they get there a security guard, Marvin Kembrook, is robbing the place with an accomplice. So this accomplice shoots Kembrook and then he gets away. Now this sounds more like an unsolved homicide than an IA investigation.
Swindell   Forensics went over that store with a fine tooth comb. They didn’t find a print, a fibre, nothing.
Jarod   So this accomplice was efficient.
Swindell   Jarod if you’re ever going to make it in IA you have to realise that part of the job is to get inside the heads of the people involved in the case. Marvin Kembrook spent most of his life in foster homes. When he was eighteen he joined the marines. I looked up his military file; he tested in the lowest five percent of his unit, spent ten years in uniform and never busted corporal.
Jarod   Not exactly a criminal master mind.
Swindell   We’re talking about a young man who just found out who he was, where he came from. He had two thousand dollars in his bank account, his bills were paid. Are you going to tell me he’d throw all that away for a fast score?
Jarod   So if you don’t think that Kembrook was involved, and the accomplice was fictitious who did it?
Swindell   There was one piece of hard evidence left at the scene: the slug they dug out of Marvin Kembrook’s chest. Find the gun that fired that bullet and you’ve found the real killer.
    Locker Room
Jarod   Oh man!
Bishop   Late again huh?
Jarod   Yeah the desk Sergeant is going to have my butt in a sling if she catches me. Will you do me a favour?
Bishop   What’s that?
Jarod   My transfer papers got sent to my house by mistake. Would you give them to her… after I’m gone?
Bishop   No problem.
Jarod   Thanks. Hey listen, you know I’m kind of new around here and I don’t know many people I was thinking maybe I could take you and your partner to lunch one day, my treat.
Bishop   Yeah sure. What about tomorrow?
Jarod   Great, I’ll look forward to it.
Meyers   Hey partner, how’s it going?
Bishop   Read this. I think we found the guy we’ve been looking for.
Meyers   Yeah?
    Susan Granger’s Office
Elsie   … eleven years since my son disappeared and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think I see him… standing on a street corner, or passing by on a city bus. My friends say “Elsie you should let it go” but I mean how do you deny yourself? How do you just walk away from your life?
Mr Kembrook   You don’t. We’ve been coming here for more years than I want to remember, more years than any of us want to admit. You people know my story, what happened to my son and I want to tell you that you should never give up. Never stop looking for the people that you love because it’s worth it. Even if it’s just a moment. Now we sit here and we talk about how much we miss them and how much we love them and in the end I think it’s… I think it’s the little things that we miss the most. The way we see ourselves in our children. The way… the way he sat in a chair, his laugh. The way he stirred his coffee. Never give up. Ever.
    Street Patrol
Millie   Pint sized moron. Nerd!
Young Guy   Nerd?
Millie   You weren’t looking where you were going!
Young Guy   I wasn’t going anywhere.
Millie   You don’t have to yell I’m not deaf.
Young Guy   No you’re blind Lady! You gotta take some…
Jarod   Whoa what seems to be the trouble here?
Young Guy   Evil Kinevil here almost cut me in half with her tricycle.
Jarod   Okay okay okay! That is enough! That is enough! You stay here. You, come with me. Is that it?
Young Guy   Yeah.
Jarod   It’s nothing that a little sandpaper and a little touch-up paint won’t cure. You do have insurance?
Young Guy   Yeah, but I’m not going to let that old bag get away. She almost wasted me man!
Jarod   What have we here? An expired licence place. That’s gonna cost you about hundred bucks in fines. And I could of course search your van.
Young Guy   Sandpaper and touch up paint?
Jarod   Hhn mnnn. Have a nice day. And you young lady, you’re coming with me.
Millie   Where?
Jarod   There.
Meyers   So what did your wife do next?
Jarod   She walks in, she packs her bag, and then she splits.
Meyers   Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.
Jarod   Now why would I make up a story like that?
Meyers   They are so unbelievable.
Jarod   It’s incredible and the next time I talked to her it was in some lawyer’s office at a hundred bucks an hour.
Bishop   Sounds like my last wife.
Jarod   Marriage number three?
Bishop   No, four.
Jarod   Four? Please, what have you got like a thousand kids?
Bishop   No, six. Six real good kids.
Meyers   Yeah and they all look like him.
Bishop   Shut up Frank.
Jarod   It must be tough making ends meet with all those obligations.
Bishop   I make sure everybody is well taken care of.
Jarod   Still you know, there’s got to be a better way.
Bishop   What, like Chicago?
Jarod   Chicago?
Meyers   Yeah we know about the investigation. About the payoff money you were collecting from the dealers on the south side.
Jarod   You read my file.
Bishop   New guy comes in we check him out. You’d do the same thing.
Jarod   You had no right to read my file. Besides they never proved anything.
Bishop   It proves that you can cover your tracks. Take it easy. Frank and I do the job but we’re always looking for new opportunities, isn’t that right Frank?
Meyers   That’s right.
Bishop   It takes a special kind of cop to do what we do. We think you’re that cop.
Waiter   I’m sorry sir. Your credit card came back invalid.
Jarod   That’s impossible . Try running it through the right way.
Waiter   I know how to do my job. I tried it three times, okay?
Jarod   There is some mistake obviously; I always pay off my credit card.
Waiter   There is no mistake.
Bishop   Well Frank it looks like we’re going to have to bail this deadbeat out before he pulls his gun and tries to shoot his way out of here.
Waiter   Thanks.
Bishop   Look, I got to take my kid to Little League practice. Why don’t you drop by the park in a couple of hours? We’ll talk about it then okay?
Jarod   I’ll think about it.
Bishop   Yeah you do that. Got a little something right here. Thanks for lunch.
    Jarod’s Lair
Susan   We got a red flag on your mother’s photo, some place in Delaware.
Jarod   Delaware?
Susan   Mean anything to you?
Jarod   It used to.
Susan   Well someone picked up the global scan on the net that we sent out and we got an anonymous phone call. Whoever it was recognised the woman in the picture and has a name, but they’re adamant about not sending anything over the computer system or the phone lines. I mean it seems strange. Do you want to go forward with this?
Jarod   Yes.
Susan   Okay. They’re spending the information by special courier. I’ll call you the second it gets here.
    The Centre
Tech   We’ve found Jarod.
Broots   Where?
Tech   A missing person’s agency in Miami. But we’ve also monitored a response signal emanating from inside the Centre.
Broots   Someone on the inside made contact with this agency? Well what kind of information was breached?
Tech   We’re not, we’re not sure.
Broots   Has anyone alerted Miss Parker?
Tech   We thought you’d want to.
Broots   I’d rather stick my head in a bear trap.
Bishop   Yeah!
Jarod   How many of these jobs have you pulled?
Bishop   What difference does it make Jarod, we’re throwing you a rope. The question is are you smart enough to grab it?
Jarod   Why do you need a third guy?
Bishop   Because we had problems the last time round. We need a third guy to plug up the leak.
Jarod   How does it work?
Meyers   Ah, we use security codes to access the stores.
Bishop   Low risk. High reward.
Meyers   Oh yeah.
Jarod   What if something goes wrong?
Bishop   It won’t.
Jarod   Humour me. What if somebody walks in?
Meyers   We’re in blue, we’re the good guys. They’re not going to suspect us of a crime. Hell they think we’re responding to ’em.
Jarod   What if they pull a gun?
Bishop   Then we take ’em down and we’re free. I mean, we just make it look like we stopped a robbery in progress.
Jarod   Is that what happened with Marvin Kembrook?
Meyers   What do you know about that?
Jarod   Come on. I read your files too. What I don’t understand is… how did you tamper with the ballistic report?
Meyers   What?
Jarod   They never made a match to the weapon that killed Kembrook. Internal Affairs always checks the weapons of the first officers that arrive at the scene of a homicide.
Bishop   I think I was wrong about you Jarod. Let’s go Frank.
Jarod   Whoa whoa whoa! Wait a minute. You’re asking me to risk everything. All I’m asking is if something goes wrong do I have a way out?
Bishop   Throw away. Ankle holster. Unregistered. If something goes down we use it, put it in the trunk of my car and wait for the heat to blow over.
Meyers   Look are you in or what?
Jarod   I’m in.
Meyers   Okay.
Bishop   I’m glad you’re on the team Starr but if you cross me I’ll put a bullet in your heart.
Kids   Dad! Dad!
Bishop   Let’s go Tommy. That a boy. Want an ice cream?
Tommy   Yeah!
    Jail Cell
Miss Parker   I plan on suing this entire dirtwater town for every penny it’s worth.
Henry   My card.
Sheriff   Denton.
Miss Parker   Let’s get out of here.
Sheriff   Oh Miss Parker do you know a man by the name of Broots?
Miss Parker   Take a message.
Sheriff   He says he’s located the target!
Jarod   Gracias
Mr Kembrook   The way he stirred his coffee.
Jarod   Mum? Starr here.
Susan (phone)   It’s Susan Granger. Your envelope is here.
Jarod   I’m on my way.
    Car: en route
Miss Parker   You know Syd, I ought to hand it to him. He almost kept me out of the picture long enough.
Sydney   He wants to know the truth.
Miss Parker   He can’t and you know it.
Sydney   Hmmm. It’s only because of his heart.
Miss Parker   What?
Sydney   That we are this close Miss Parker. Jarod knew that if sent that photograph on line we’d find him. He’s willing to risk everything for an identity, for a life.
Miss Parker   That’s what I’m counting on.
    Susan Granger’s Office
Susan   I thought you should be the one to open it.
Jarod   I’m so nervous.
Susan   It isn’t every day you find out who you are. What’s going on? Who are you people?
Miss Parker   Where is he? I won’t ask again. Sam. Sam, he’s going for the roof! Parker: Stop! Or I swear, I’ll shoot you in the back! Jarod! Sam, Get him. You sent this didn’t you?
Sydney   I was with you Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   So close and yet so far.
    Pretend Preparations
    Jarod’s Lair
Jarod   Hi. This is officer Starr. I was wondering if you could do me a favour?
    Jewellery Store
Bishop   All right we have fifteen minutes before the security car comes back around. You’ve got the alarm code right Frank?
Meyers   Yeah I’ll shut off the juice and then clip the video lines to the surveillance cameras.
Bishop   Good now once we’re inside, Frank’s going to go to the manager’s office and get the gems. You hit the gold cases and I’ll keep an eye on the front door.
Jarod   What if the security guard is early?
Bishop   He won’t be.
Jarod   What if you’re wrong?
Bishop   If I’m wrong they’re dead. Now the clock is running gentlemen, let’s do this thing. Alright guys, let’s do this. Frank you’re alright?
Meyers   I’ve got the manager’s office.
Bishop   Starr. Coins, rings and chains alright? Stay away from the stupid costume crap. Do it. What are you doing?
Jarod   I was just wondering how Marvin Kembrook felt the night he died.
Bishop   Alright, alright. We’ll talk about that later okay?
Jarod   He answers an alarm. His heart is pounding at the potential danger. He is afraid, with good reason. He just got his life back. He’d just figured out who he was. He had just rediscovered his family. Imagine his relief when he gets here and he finds two police officers on the scene. The good guys. His relief didn’t last very long did it? You’re under arrest for the murder of Marvin Kembrook.
Bishop   But I don’t want to be arrested.
Jarod   You’re going to jail. You and Meyers.
Bishop   Alright Starr. I’m going to put the gun down.
Meyers   Hey! What the hell is going on?
Bishop   Sorry about that Jarod. I don’t do jail. Too many mouths to feed.
Meyers   Oh my god.
Bishop   Call it in Frank.
Meyers   What am I supposed to tell ’em?
Bishop   Tell them the truth. Tell them that one of our finest was gunned down trying to prevent a robbery.
Bishop   We turned up the alley here and we saw somebody running out the back door. Frank and I went inside and identified ourselves as officers of the law. The place was empty except for the body.
Swindell   The body?
Bishop   Officer Starr. Apparently he was the first one on the scene. We came back outside and searched the adjacent area but the shooter was long gone.
Swindell   Is that the way it happened? Meyers, is that the way it happened?
Meyers   Yeah. Yeah,that’s how it happened.
Swindell   Show me.
Bishop   Yes Ma’am. Inside.
Swindell   Let’s get the lab boys down here to check out that slug.
Officer   Right away detective.
Swindell   Care to revise your story Officer Bishop?
Bishop   The body was lying right here, I swear, I saw it myself.
Swindell   Keys.
Bishop   Keys?
Swindell   To have a look in the trunk of your car.
Jarod   Let’s roll!
Millie   Hold on tight. I’m legal!
Swindell   You’re under arrest for the murder of Marvin Kembrook. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak with an attorney . . .
    The Centre
Sydney   Jarod was in your sights, you could have killed him. What made you change your mind?
Miss Parker   I just missed Sydney. No more, no less.
Sydney   Hello. Jarod!
Jarod (on phone)   I told you when I was 11 years old that I would never give up, and I never will.
Sydney   I know you won’t Jarod. Miss Parker won’t either.
Jarod   Goodbye Sydney.
Sydney   Hold it. Just tell me one thing Jarod, what do the numbers mean?
Jarod   What?
Sydney   10:19.
Jarod   It’s who I am Sydney. It’s what you made me.
Sydney   Where will he go now?
Miss Parker   South.
Sydney   What makes you so sure?
Miss Parker   Instinct.

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