1-11 Bomb Squad

1-11 Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad

Oh spare me Sydney. All I know is that I’m fed up with always being a step behind him.

Miss Parker

Bomb Squad

Oh spare me Sydney. All I know is that I’m fed up with always being a step behind him.

Miss Parker

Original air date: January 18, 1997

Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Directed by: Terrence O’Hara

While Jarod joins the bomb squad and searches for a crazed bomber, the Centre’s Mr Raines is put in charge of searching for the person who is leaking information to Jarod.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Mr Potato Head

Jarod’s Occupations: Bomb Squad Officer, FBI Agent, Pyro-technician, Palm Reader, Physical Therapist

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Nobel, Jarod Webster


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod joins a bomb squad as he searches for a madman whose explosive device blinded a photographer. 


Inside the Centre, Mr. Raines instructs Angelo to use his unique powers to search the Internet for any signs of Jarod.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker and Sydney make their way to a fireworks stand, Jarod’s last known whereabouts.

Jarod, now a member of a bomb squad, and his partner, Daniel Carlson, set about defusing an explosive device, the handiwork of the Fax Bomber.  A note attached to the bomb reads, “Catch me if you can, you miscreants.”  As the detonator counts down, the two men race for cover…and the bomb detonates.

Bomb squad members convene with their team leader, Chomsky, and civil servant, Lamont.  During the discussion, Carlson reacts to some pain in his shoulder, which he blames on an injury he suffered while fighting in Grenada.  Later, inside his office, Chomsky distributes a computer-generated composite sketch of their suspect, which is based on incomplete information.  It is believed that the Fax Bomber is a left-handed, disgruntled city worker.  Jarod, however, suspects that the perpetrator is deliberately leading the investigation astray.  Later, Jarod convenes with Hutchison, who developed the composite sketch.  As they converse, Jarod takes an interest in Hutchison’s Mr. Potato Head figure.

Jarod and Carlson visit the home of Curtis Haring, a thirty-year-old man who lives in his mother’s basement and writes threatening letters to the utilities commission.  During the conversation, Curtis utters the word “miscreants.”  He refuses to cooperate with the investigation, telling the pair they will need a warrant.  Though Carlson believes Curtis is the bomber, Jarod is unconvinced, as Curtis continued authoring the letters during the bombing campaign.  Later, Jarod visits Rachel Newton at the Huron Institute for the Blind.  Rachel, a former photographer, lost her sight when one of the bombs detonated while she was on the rooftop of city hall.

Mr. Raines attempts to plug up an information leak emanating from within the Centre by forcing Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots to undergo special testing.  One by one, the threesome answer a technician’s questions.  Unbeknownst to the group, Angelo monitors their responses.  He tells Raines that Broots is the source of the leak.

Jarod gives Hutchison a photograph of his mother and asks him to age her electronically.  Later, Jarod and a very nervous Carlson are dispatched to a bus station to diffuse (what is believed to be) a bomb in a suitcase.  But the suitcase turns out to be harmless.

Jarod transforms an institute therapy room into a darkroom as part of simulation therapy.  He hopes the smells of the darkroom will stimulate Rachel’s memory, and perhaps allow her to remember the Fax Bomber’s face.  The experiment allows Rachel to realize she never saw the bomber’s face.  But she does remember a distinct scent: liquid heat (what athletes rub into sore muscles).  Jarod realizes that Carlson, who experiences muscle problems with his shoulder, is the bomber.

Jarod receives word that Carlson phoned in a report about the Fax Bomber having blown himself up.  When Jarod arrives at Curtis Haring’s house, Carlson claims that he returned in an attempt to get Curtis to talk.  Shortly thereafter, an explosive detonated.

Miss Parker and Sydney begin tailing Broots from afar.  They watch as he converses with a private investigator…and wonder if he has located Jarod on his own.  Parker and Sydney storm Broots’ apartment, only to discover that Broots hired the private investigator as part of a custody battle.  Broots warns the pair not to interfere with his struggle to keep his daughter.

Jarod approaches Chomsky about the explosion at Curtis Haring’s house.  He points out that several pieces of evidence do not add up, including the fact that Curtis is left-handed (it had earlier been established that the bomber is right-handed).  But Chomsky refuses to listen.

Jarod informs Carlson about another threat from the Fax Bomber.  Carlson insists it is a hoax, as the bomber, Curtis Haring, is in a hospital.  But Jarod prevails, and the two men make their way to an elevator which is rigged with an explosive device.  There, Jarod reveals that the bomb is connected to a barometric detonator.  When the elevator reaches an altitude of six or seven hundred feet, the bomb will go off.  Jarod then accuses Carlson of being the bomber and extricates himself from the elevator.  Carlson panics as the elevator climbs steadily upward, certain it will explode at any minute.  But when the elevator reaches its destination, an electronic voice says, “Kaboom!”  When the elevator doors open, Chomsky is waiting.  He places Carlson under arrest.

Jarod’s simulation helps bolster Rachel Newton’s confidence, and she ventures outdoors by herself.  Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Mr. Raines speaks with Mr. Parker by phone.  He promises he will find the source of the leak.  Unbeknownst to him, Angelo finds the aged photo of Jarod’s mother on the Internet…and keeps the discovery a secret.

1-11 Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad Transcript


Sydney   His name is Angelo. Think of him like a sponge, someone who can absorb the intellectual, emotional, even the physical traits of others. He will find Jarod for us.
Miss Parker   He better Sydney, he just better.
Raines   Yes, Mr Parker. He’s searching the internet for any signs of him now. We’ll find Jarod and whoever inside the Centre is helping him. Keep working Angelo. Keep working.
    Marlan Marcantel’s Cajun Fire, Kender Louisiana
Customer   Whoo-whee!
Marlan   You see? Get too close to that bad boy and you’ll be a-picking your node with your wrist. Now, you boys are 21, aren’t ya? That’s what I thought. Fill up their trunk Eugene. Now, were were we?
Miss Parker   You were telling us about Mr Nobel.
Marlan   Yeah, old Nobel was like a Picasso of gunpowder. He invented the Big Bertha you know.
Sydney   The Big Bertha?
Marlan   The mother of all Roman Candles. Three time-delayed sparkle explosions wrapped in a colour-spray smoke banger lined with quarter strands of TNT.
Sydney   Sounds impressive.
Marlan   Put on a New Year’s Eve show that put old Dickie Clark to shame. I don’t know where he went, just disappeared.
Miss Parker   Yes.
Sydney   Hmmm.
Miss Parker   He has a habit of doing that. Thank you. There is no way that Jarod could have know we were coming. Zero. Have you noticed that it never seems to work the other way, Syd?
Sydney   Maybe there is a reason.
    Coleman building, Detroit, Michigan 3:45am
Carlson   Stay frosty Nobel. It’s all being recorded for posterity. This way. The note that was faxed said we’d find the bomb over here.
Jarod   Carlson.
Carlson   Hello. Oh yeah.
Jarod   Bad Betty.
Carlson   Fax Bomber’s usual. Whoa, cowboy. Betty needs her beauty rest, or she’s a real witch to wake up next to. Tools.
Jarod   Whoa, I found something. Looks like a note.
Carlson   He always leaves one. What’s it say?
Jarod   Catch me if you can, you miscreants.
Carlson   Miscreants? What does that mean?
Jarod   It means get the hell outta here! Move! Move! Is it always like this?
Carlson   Welcome to the Bomb Squad, Jarod.
Chomsky   So, Nobel, now you know what a close encounter with the Fax Bomber feels like huh?
Jarod   Mm-hmmm.
Chomsky   Man, I wish I could have been here.
Jarod   Can’t imagine why sir. My ears are still ringing.
Carlson   Used to be some scumball went to make a bomb threat, they’d pick up the phone like a decent human being. Now what? They fax ’em in.
Jarod   Scumball?
Lamont   Sort of like a miscreant, only different.
Carlson   Someone mark the calendar, Lamont made a funny.
Jarod   Now, this bomber faxes in. That’s a unique MO. Must help him cover his tracks.
Chomsky   Well, this guy doesn’t need any help. We have run every piece of evidence he’s left behind through the best technology we have. DNA, hair samples, fibre, immpressionology. Guy leaves us nothing to follow. Nothing. We gotta catch a break sometime. So you, uh, you people, you stay here and keep after this. I’m gonna go lie to the press.
Latham   What’s the matter, Carlson? You catch a little more steel last night?
Carlson   Hey, Latham, why don’t you be a good civil servant? Get the two heroes some coffee.
Latham   He loves me.
Jarod   Did you have another bomb go off on you before?
Carlson   I got a little shrapnel in my shoulder during the war.
Latham   Hero here’s the only guy refers to Grenada as a war.
Carlson   I got the medals to prove it.
Latham   Come on, you know the only medals that count in your family are the ones your big brother won in ‘Nam.
Jarod   I heard that you brought the last two of the Fax Bomber’s devices in intact.
Carlson   I got lucky. Hey, don’t you worry about it, J. One day this Fax Bomber’s gonna slip up. When he does, we’re gonna be there to catch him.
Latham   I just hope the SOB blows himself up.
    Police Station
Chomsky   The detonator was connected to an accelerator. This is a dangerous new escalation for the Fax Bomber. Hand those out will you John? This is my psych profile of the bomber. It include a, uh, computer generated composite sketch based on some incomplete information.
Latham   He looks like my Uncle Fred.
Carlson   He looks like everyone’s Uncle Fred.
Chomsky   Based on his, uh, faxed threats and other data the bomber is a left-handed, disgruntled ex-city worker. The chances are he’s already expressed his discontent. We all know what that means.
Latham   Back to the crank files.
Chomsky   Excellent, Latham. Now I expect that all of you people will put in whatever overtime is necessary to screen those files and to interview every possible perp. Questions? No? Good. Go to work.
Jarod   Excuse me, Lieutenant Chomsky, do you have a moment?
Chomsky   Sure.
Jarod   I… I’ve ben going over your file on the Fax Bomber, and with all due respect sir…
Chomsky   You know, when people say, ‘all due respect,’ they generally don’t have it.
Jarod   Sir, it-it’s just that I think that your profile of the perp is exactly who he wants us to think he is. I think that his grudge against the city and everything else about him is a mislead.
Chomsky   Guy’s here a week, he’s already bucking for my bars.
Jarod   No sir, I just happen to have a different opinion.
Chomsky   Based on what?
Jarod   I know people.
Chomsky   I’m listening.
Jarod   The DNA and this impressionology all came up empty. He’s trying to lead us down a high-tech path, but I believe that we can snag him with a low-tech solution. He’s right handed, but he wants us to believe he’s a lefty. The verticals and the horizontals are all jagged which would indicate that he’s been writing with his subdominant hand.
Chomsky   You’re a graphologist?
Jarod   Uh, no, sire, but I was a palm reader once.
Chomsky   Shall I tell you about your future here?
Jarod   Sir, I believe that our bomber is a city employee who is not necessarily disgruntled. He’s enjoying watching us run around, almost as much as he enjoys setting off explosions.
Chomsky   If you want to suggest that, uh, this clown is some kind of a merry prankster, I recommend you talk with Rachel Newton. See, Rachel is gonna spend the next year of her life learning how to read Braille because of the Fax Bomber.
Jarod   I wasn’t trying to trivialise that sir.
Chomsky   No, no. I know you weren’t. You were just trying to make, uh, an impression, show off your erudite European upbringing.
Jarod   My what?
Chomsky   The cadence in your voice… you were raised by a French nanny. Well, could be Belgian, I suppose.
Jarod   How did you know that?
Chomsky   Oh, I know about people too.
    The Centre
Miss Parker   Damn it, Broots. You said we had him cornered.
Broots   But we did. I don’t know what happened.
Sydney   Jarod happened.
Miss Parker   Oh spare me Sydney. All I know is that I’m fed up with always being a step behind him.
Raines   So am I.
Broots   Uh, I, I gotta go.
Raines   Stay here, Mr Broots.
Miss Parker   What brings you down from the Tower sir?
Raines   Plumbing.
Miss Parker   Plumbing?
Raines   I’ve come to plug a leak.
    Police Station
Jarod   Hey.
Potato Head Man   Hey, what’s up, Nobel?
Jarod   The Fax Bomber, aka, Uncle Fred.
Potato Head Man   Okay, not my finest hour, but hey, nobody got a great look at this guy, so the sketch is, you know, sketchy.
Jarod   This is a fascinating machine.
Potato Head Man   Yeah, this here is a Decatronics Turbo Graphics II workstation. This little bad boy makes composites, puts disguises on portraits, ages missing kids, which is what I’m doing now.
Jarod   That’s incredible.
Potato Head Man   Some of my best work’s been on the back of milk cartons. Think of the DTG II as a sort of high-tech Mr Potato Head.
Jarod   Mister who?
Potato Head Man   Potato Head.
Jarod   Oh, now, this is interesting. You call him Mr Potato Head, yet his head is his whole body?
Potato Head Man   Yeah, cool huh?
Jarod   He comes with little interchangeable ears eyes and little hats.
Potato Head Man   Old Spud Man is the original master of disguise.
Jarod   You know, this would make a wonderful toy for children.
Carlson   Hey, Nobel, crank file just turned up a hot one. Let’s run.
Jarod   Hmmm.
    Curtis Residence
Mrs Haring   Oh God, what’d he do? Curtis! They finally came to arrest you! Curtis!!
Curtis   Busy, Ma!
Carlson   Mrs Haring, we’re not here to arrest your son.
Mrs Haring   I knew someday the cops would show up and take him away. Curtis!!!
Curtis   I said, get off my back!
Jarod   Ma’am, we just wanted to…
Mrs Haring   Thirty years old, and he still lives in my basement. Day in day out, writing his letters. I should’ve bought stock in Bic.
Curtis   Don’t say nothing Ma. This is all going on tape somewhere, I know it.
Mrs Haring   Listen to that. Do you know what it’s done to my social life, having him down there?
Curtis   You’re not gettin’ nuthin’ out of me.
Mrs Haring   I’m in the prime of my life. I should go out, get myself some nice shoes and find myself a man.
Curtis   Ma!
Jarod   Sir, did you write these letters to the utilities commission?
Curtis   And I’ll write a hundred more till they give me back my workman’s comp. I got an inoperable hernia working for this city and they threw me to the wolves. How did you get that letter? What’s your name?
Carlson   I’m Carlson, this is, uh, Nobel.
Curtis   Hold still man, I can’t see your badge number.
Mrs Haring   He don’t have no hernia, he just don’t wanna move out of the basement.
Curtis   Shut up Ma! You know how my legs tingle every time I sit for too long.
Mrs Haring   Yeah, and I know where you’re sittin!
Jarod   Sir, we’re not here to talk about your workman’s comp. We want to ask you some questions about your whereabouts.
Curtis   Hey, if you think you got something on me, you come back with a warrant. Till then, me and my mother’s got nothing to say to you miscreants.
Mrs Haring   I should have married a dentist. At least his teeth would be better.
Curtis   Ma!!
Carlson   This guy’s classic bomber material. Former city worker, domineering mother, basement workshop, a little anti-social behaviour.
Jarod   I’m not convinced.
Carlson   Huh?
Jarod   He’s written 253 letters to the city and counting. If he’s crossed the threshold into planting bombs don’t you think he would have given up the correspondence?
Carlson   Did you notice what he called us in there?
Jarod   Miscreants.
Carlson   Right, nobody uses that word except for that guy and…
Jarod   The Fax Bomber.
Carlson   I’m gonna get under this guy’s skin before he hurts someone else.
    Jarod’s Lair
Alarm Clock   Wake up! Wake up! Good morning!
    Huron River Institute For The Blind
Rachel   …five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Jarod   You can stop counting, you’re here.
Rachel   Oh. You must have stepped into the room. It’s 11 steps to the door.
Jarod   I did. That’s very good.
Rachel   It’s funny, Dr Jarod. I used to hate math in school. Now my entire life is basic arithmetic. Nine steps from my bed to the bathroom, 14 steps to the hallway, 7 steps to the chair.
Jarod   Just be happy it’s not long division. It’s a beautiful day. Why don’t we go outside?
Rachel   Oh, no. I… I… I think I’d rather stay here.
Jarod   Rachel, you have to go outside sometime.
Rachel   I was supposed to work in my studio, but it was such a nice day. I decided to go on the rooftop at city hall. That’s what happened the last time I went outside.
Jarod   You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But that is not your fault. You can’t stop living your life because of it.
Rachel   I hear he set off another bomb.
Jarod   Yes he did. Thankfully, nobody else was hurt.
Rachel   You know, when I had my eyes behind a camera I could see things no one else could. I could take a thousand shots and tell you which one was perfect before it was developed. I can remember details of nearly every picture I ever took. That’s ironic. They tell me he was there that day. That I must have seen the man who did this to me as he was setting his bomb. But as hard as I try, I can’t remember.
    The Centre
Miss Parker   I can’t believe they think one of us is leaking information to Jarod.
Broots   Oh, I wish I hadn’t eaten that poppy seed muffin.
Miss Parker   They’re giving us a polygraph, you idiot, not a urine test.
Broots   I thought it was both.
Sydney   It should be, for you.
Broots   What… what is that supposed to mean?
Miss Parker   You’re the one who handles the information around here.
Sydney   I’m sorry, I’m in a filthy mood. Let’s not accuse each other.
Miss Parker   Oh, that means a lot coming from Jarod’s teddy bear.
Man   Miss Parker. To calibrate the machine please answer the following question untruthfully. Are you Eleanor Roosevelt?
Miss Parker   Yes.
Man   Have you pursued Jarod to the best of your ability?
Miss Parker   Yes.
Raines   Become her Angelo. Tell me if she is lying.
Man   Did you willfully misfire your weapon when attempting to apprehend Jarod in Miami, Florida?
Miss Parker   What?
Man   Yes or no please.
Miss Parker   No.
Man   Smoking is not permitted during a polygraph. Have you received a personal message from Jarod?
Miss Parker   It was a bunny. Yes.
Man   Did you secretly contact Jarod via a secure internet connection?
Sydney   Yes.
Man   Did you attempt to provide him with classified information?
Sydney   Yes, but with a view to bringing him home.
Man   Have you ever secretly met with Jarod?
Sydney   Mm-mmmm. No.
Raines   Is he lying? Is he the one?
Man   Have you ever used a controlled substance?
Broots   No.
Man   Were you in the lab when information regarding Jarod’s origins was leaked?
Broots   Yes.
Man   Did you leak the information Jarod received via special courier in Miami, Florida?
Broots   No.
Man   Have you ever lied to the Centre?
Broots   No.
Raines   He’s the leak, isn’t he, Angelo?
    Bomb Forensics Lab
Chomsky   So, you’ve decided to put in a transfer to Forensics, hmmmm?
Jarod   I’ve just been sifting through all the Fax Bomber debris.
Chomsky   You went over three thousand pieces of evidence here?
Jarod   Three thousand and twenty-five. I’ve specifically been studying the wires.
Chomsky   No, no, no. The Feds, they covered every centimetre of that copper.
Jarod   I know, I’ve been studying the encasements. There’s no pattern. This guy is random except for the detonator connectors. He’s very sensitive about them. He wants to be sure. That’s why they all have exactly the same parallel cut pattern.
Chomsky   Come on. Exactly the same?
Jarod   Exactly. Notice the angle of the grooves on the parallels. Gives us something to run down wi ht the knife manufacturers. And the cut contours confirm that he’s…
Chomsky   Right handed.
Jarod   Yes sir.
Chomsky   Low-tech.
Jarod   Very.
Chomsky   Mmmm.
Jarod   Hello.
Potato Head Man   Hey.
Jarod   Hey, how’s the spud of a thousand faces?
Potato Head Man   Well, I only have a 13 piece set so, technically this one’s only got, uh…
Jarod   One hundred and seventy-nine. I have a project for you.
Potato Head Man   I’m up to my ears in milk cartons here.
Jarod   Well, this one’s very special to me. It’s my mother. I was wondering if you could age her 30 years. I want to see what she would look like. I’ll make it worth your while.
Potato Head Man   Hey, I’ll see what I can do.
Jarod   Thanks.
Potato Head Man   Alright.
    Bus Depot
Bus Driver   It’s right over the, under the bus. It’s right over the, under the bus.
Jarod   Did the threat come in by fax?
Bus Driver   It was more of a phone call.
Carlson   Alright, we’ll take it from here.
Bus Driver   Thanks. Hey, can you guys kinda hurry up? ‘Cause I got buses backing up on me here, man and I… Take as much time as you need then. Thanks.
Jarod   You okay?
Carlson   Yeah. Come on.
Jarod   Got a backache?
    Locker Room
Jarod   They told me we would have a lot of hoax calls I training but I never thought it would feel like this.
Carlson   Let go, J.
Jarod   That’s easy for you to say. It was pretty tense back there.
Carlson   Don’t worry about it.
Jarod   That’s nice work.
Carlson   Oh yeah. From my army days.
Jarod   Let me guess. You got drunk one night.
Carlson   Blitzed. My whole unit. After Grenada, they stationed us down at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico. I do not remember one that that happened that entire month, except for this needle artist.He was a shriveled up little Puerto Rican guy who had a hole-in-the-wall shop in old San Juan. He inked every single guy in the whole platoon…
Latham   The whole platoon. You know how many eagles this guy had to do in one night? Give us a break, will you Carlson? You partner with this guy too long, you know his old unit like it was your own family.
    Huron River Institute For The Blind
Rachel   What are you doing?
Jarod   I’m going to turn this space into a darkroom.
Rachel   I live in a darkroom
Jarod   Good. Because I need you to develop a roll of film for me.
Rachel   Oh, that smells familiar.
Jarod   I thought you’d remember it.
Rachel   Is this some kind of new therapy?
Jarod   Call it a simulation.
Rachel   Simulation?
Jarod   Mm-hmm. I’m going to create an environment with all the stimuli you need to recreate an event and for you to become someone.
Rachel   Who do you want me to become?
Jarod   Yourself.
Rachel   Oh! Oh, my camera. Oh, I haven’t touched this since the… well, since the day at city hall.
Jarod   Now I want you to develop that roll of film, the pictures you took that day.
Rachel   Oh, but there’s no film in it.
Jarod   I know. I want you to develop the pictures in your mind.
Rachel   I’m on the rooftop at city hall. Natural light is at its… its perfect angle. The building is closed, it’s Sunday. And I’m, uh, getting last minute shots for my gallery opening.
Jarod   Are you alone?
Rachel   I think. I… I don’t see anyone. I don’t… I don’t see anyone… but I feel a tingle on the back of my neck. I don’t see anyone, but I hear something.
Jarod   What do you hear?
Rachel   Footsteps, walking quickly away.
Jarod   But, uh, you don’t think anything about it because you have other pictures to take.
Rachel   It’s right before it happens.
Jarod   We can stop this if you want.
Rachel   No. I walk over to where the footsteps are coming from but he’s gone.
Jarod   Rachel, do you see the bomb?
Rachel   It’s only an instant before the flash
Jarod   Do you see him?
Rachel   No. But… I smell something. I smell…
Jarod   You smell him.
Rachel   It must be, um… I don’t… I don’t know what it is. It… it’s cologne. No, it-it’s um, medicine, menthol. What athletes put on sore muscles.
Jarod    Liquid heat. Thank you.
    Welding Shop
Jarod   Are you Steven Johnson?
Steven Johnson   Yeah.
Jarod   Special Agent, Jarod Webster.
Steven Johnson   FBI? What did I do?
Jarod   Nothing Mr Johnson. I’m just doing a security check on one of your old army buddies, Daniel Carlson. He put you down as a reference.
Steven Johnson   If you want to clear Carlson, you’re talking to the wong guy.
Jarod   Why’s that?
Steven Johnson   Carlson talks a good game, but the rest of the squad had to carry him every step of the way.
Jarod   Well, the way he puts it, you were in a very tight unit.
Steven Johnson   We’d probably have shot him ourselves if he hadn’t caught the shrapnel in the shoulder.
Jarod   He has the company tattoo on his forearm.
Steven Johnson   You don’t see any moronic little birds on me, do you? Hell, Carlson came in one day all drunk queer little bird on his arm, talking about how he wanted the red of us to get ’em. Guy’s a dangerous little wannabe. Hey, what’s the little weasel applying for, anyway?
Jarod   Bomb Squad.
Steven Johnson   God help us all.
    Police Station
Jarod   You paged me?
Potato Head Man   Oh, yeah, dud. Sorry Santa was a little late but, uh “Ho, ho ho.”
Jarod   She’s still beautiful.
Potato Head Man   Now, um, you said you’d make it worth my while.
Jarod   Patience, Mr Potato Head. Thank you.
Potato Head Man   Okay.
Latham   Jarod, the Fax Bomber just blew himself up.
Jarod   Where’s Carlson?
Latham   He phoned it in.
Mrs Haring   Let me through! Let through!
Jarod   Let her through, this is her house, this is her son. Let her through. Are you hurt?
Mrs Haring   I wasn’t home last night. I had a date. Curtis? Curtis, Mama’s here. Ma’s here, honey.
Curtis   I had a feeling about this guy. I came over here to see if I could get him to talk. He must have seen me coming because the whole place went up. It knocked me all the way to the end of the driveway.
Chomsky   It was a nice play Carlson. Get yourself cleaned up. You look like hell.
Carlson   Thank you sir.
    Blue Cove
Miss Parker   I should have known it was him.
Sydney   Another croissant, Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   Cold coffee’s plenty. He always seemed to be… a step ahead… and then suddenly, we were a step behind.
Sydney   Broots has the classic non confrontational personality. I doubt he would put himself in harm’s way.
Miss Parker   Where the hell is he going now?
Sydney   Private investigator? Could he have found Jarod?
Miss Parker   I don’t know. But somebody just put themselves in harm’s way.
    Police Station
Jarod   It doesn’t make sense. The same bomber, who was so intelligent he didn’t leave as much as a speck of DNA behind, accidentally blows himself up in his own mother’s house?
Chomsky   Don’t start with me Nobel.
Jarod   And why would he keep all of his bomb-making equipment in a box in the garage when he had his own basement workshop?
Chomsky   Maybe he was feeling the heat and was planning to make a move.
Jarod   I don’t think he’s our man.
Chomsky   Why? Is he left-handed?
Jarod   As a matter of fact, he is.
Chomsky   The issue of guilt is up to a jury. Our job, collect evidence.
    Argyle Tower
    Bomb Forensics Lab
Reporter   Now we have an exclusive with Officer Dan Carlson of the city Bomb Squad. So you defused his devices and brought him to justice. How does it feel to be the man who uncovered the Fax Bomber?
Carlson   I’m just glad this nightmare for the city is finally coming to an end.
Jarod   Not quite.
    Broots House
Miss Parker   Here.
Broots   What do you… what is this? What are you doing? Sweepers? In my house? That’s alright. That’s okay, it’s alright.
    The Centre
Miss Parker   He’s in the middle of the custody battle. The PI was trying to dig up something ont eh ex he could use in court.
Sydney   The plane ticket?
Miss Parker   Time for little Susie to fly home to Mommy.
Sydney   At least we’ve cleared him.
Miss Parker   Cleared him? He lied to the Centre. He never said anything about being married.
Sydney   He wanted his privacy. None of that justifies what we did.
Broots   You’re damn right.
Miss Parker   You’re late.
Broots   Well, I spent all morning on the phone with a lawyer. He dropped my case.
Sydney   Hmm.
Miss Parker   I’m sorry to hear that.
Broots   Mmm. Are you Miss Parker? Thanks to you, my daughter hasn’t stopped crying since last night. Tomorrow, I have to send her back to her mother, which is a place she doesn’t want to go.
Miss Parker   None of that has anything to do with the Centre.
Broots   I work here. I sold my soul to be in this place. I’m not selling her. So don’t mess with her, and don’t mess with me.
    Jarod’s Lair
Jarod   Hey Latham, what are you doing tonight?
    Bomb Squad HQ
Jarod   Hey, Carlson.
Carlson   What?
Jarod   You better take a look at this.
Carlson   What? Ugh. This is some kind of a hoax. Now we know that the Fax Bomber is in a hospital bed.
Jarod   Well, I guess he checked himself out. Let’s go.
Jarod   Main elevator banks?
Hotel Security   Right over there.
Jarod   Come on!
Carlson   Maybe we should wait for backup.
Jarod   And miss our chance to be heroes? Come on. Whoa, another Bad Betty.
Carlson   Oh, God. Let’s not rush into anything here?
Jarod   Oh look, he left a note.
Carlson   Careful, slow. This time it’s real. See?
Carlson   No!
Jarod   Forget it Carlson, this is the express. It wont stop for 60 floors. Oh-oh. Sixty floors if we’re lucky.
Carlson   What are you talking about?
Jarod   Barometric detonator. Designed to detonate at altitudes 600 or 700 feet. My guess is we’re good for 45, 50 floors, tops.
Carlson   We gotta get out of here!
Jarod   No, we’ve gotta defuse this bomb.
Carlson   No, there’s no time!
Jarod   Oh, there’s plenty of time. It should be easy for you. It’s just like all the other bombs you used to make.
Carlson   Huh?
Jarod   You know, the bombs you defused so you could be a hero just like your big brother was?
Carlson   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   Just your average, everyday miscreant. And someone who doesn’t think that Rachel Newton should have lost her eyesight so that you could be put in the limelight.
Carlson   Now, listen to me Jarod. I did not expect anybody to get hurt.
Jarod   Tell that to Curtis Haring. He was the guy you tried to blow up so you could cover your tracks.
Carlson   All right! That’s enough! Now, come on! Defuse this thing!
Jarod   Not so cool under pressure when it’s not your own bomb. But you see, people that plant bombs, they’re cowards at heart. And since I planted this one, I don’t want to stick around to watch it blow. Uh-oh. Twentieth floor. Better get to work. Hope you can figure out which wired to snip. Bye bye, hero.
Carlson   No, Jarod! Jarod!
Jarod   I guess that’s why they call it the express.
Bomb   10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Kaboom.
Chomsky   You’re under arrest Carlson.
Curtis   … that all of you at city hall will pay egregiously for what has happened to me…
Mrs Haring   Are you sure you want to say that?
Curtis   Say what?
Mrs Haring   Egregiously?
Curtis   Who’s writing this letter?
Mrs Haring   I was only making a suggestion.
Curtis   It’s my letter.
Mrs Haring   Alright, already. What do you want from me?
Curtis   Ma!
Mrs Haring   You don’t even know what it means.
Curtis   Do too!
Mrs Haring   Well, I can spell it.
Curtis   Just write it!
Mrs Haring   E-G-R…
Curtis   Get my dictionary.
Mrs Haring   I’m not going in that smelly basement.
Curtis   Ohhh! THere’s a fly on me.
Mrs Haring   Egregiously
Curtis   A fly on me. Ahhh!
    Huron River Institute For The Blind
Jarod   Morning May. Where’s Rachel?
May   There’s something you should see. Took her about half hour to get down there. But she got there, all by herself.
    The Centre
Raines   He’s still searching Mr Parker. But we will find the leak. I promise you that. Did you find something Angelo? Keep working. Keep working.

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