3-02 Hope & Prey

3-02 Hope & Prey

Hope & Prey

I’ve known you since you were a little girl, Parker. You will never let this go.


Hope & Prey

I’ve known you since you were a little girl, Parker. You will never let this go.


Original air date: October 24, 1998

Written by: Juan Carlos Coto

Directed by: David Jackson

Jarod has to deal with a group of bounty hunters after he’s contacted by a wanted Native American activist who says Jarod’s father saved his life back in the 1970s.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Red Licorice, Pigs-in-a-blanket, His father’s dream catcher

Jarod’s Occupations: Bounty Hunter

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Green


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod assumes the identity of a bounty hunter as he assists a Native American man who possesses information about his father.

A determined Miss Parker vows to find out what happened to Fenigor, who claimed Jarod’s father killed Catherine Parker (see last year’s cliffhanger). Meanwhile, Mr. Lyle discovers that Jarod created his own website on the Internet.

Jarod drives his F-150 to a bar situated on tribal land. There he is approached by Mike Brodie, a Native American man. Mike contacted Jarod after viewing his website page. He hands Jarod a necklace called a dreamcatcher, which was crafted by Jarod’s father. He then shows Jarod a photo of himself as a little boy, standing next to Jarod’s father. Jarod notices that Mike is bleeding. Suddenly, a group of bounty hunters storm the bar. Mike manages to get away on his motorcycle.

Word of Fenigor’s demise reaches Lyle and Miss Parker. But Parker has lingering doubts. She instructs Broots to find a photograph of Fenigor’s corpse. It soon becomes apparent that a competition is developing between Parker and Mr. Lyle as to who will be the first to capture Jarod.

Jarod makes his way to Brodie’s home. There he discovers newspaper clippings featuring stories on Brodie’s work as a Native activist who protested a local mining company’s operation. His work is cut short when an attractive bounty hunter, Kim Hirsch, points a gun to his neck. Jarod convinces Kim that he, too, is a bounty hunter.

Jarod discovers that all bounty hunters must register their names with Vincent Lapahie, the tribal liaison. While registering his name at tribal headquarters, Jarod encounters Emery Berger, a local history buff. Emery opines that the local mining company might be out to eliminate Brodie, as he is the loudest of the protesters. While searching through Emery’s papers, Jarod discovers a photo of Brodie standing near a distinct rock formation near Dead Creek. Jarod drives to the location, where he finds Brodie amongst the rocks. Brodie tells Jarod that he has more information about his father. But before he can elaborate, Kim appears. During the confusion, Brodie escapes.

Broots’ attempts to trace Jarod’s website to its source leads to a dead end. But he does recover Fenigor’s bed sheet. Angelo takes the sheet and has several psychic visions. He gives Broots a series of numbers that correspond to the Centre’s archives. Parker instructs Broots to retrieve the appropriate receptacle. Their conversation is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Mr. Fenigor. Parker questions Fenigor, but it soon becomes apparent that his brain is “scrambled like an egg.” Meanwhile, Sydney slowly regains his eyesight.
Emery uncovers more newspaper articles on Brodie. It turns out that Jarod’s father helped save Brodie’s life in the mid-seventies, when Brodie became lost in the desert. Later, an injured Brodie locates Jarod at his motel. Brodie explains that he did not bomb the mining rig. He reveals that once he dies, his land reverts to the reservation. The conversation is interrupted when Kim enters the room, gun in hand. Jarod turns the tables and handcuffs Kim to his car. He and Brodie head off for the desert. There, Brodie tells Jarod how his father rescued him. So grateful was Brodie’s own father, that he sent Jarod’s father on a vision quest, during which time he spent three days inside a cave.

Broots retrieves the white archive receptacle. Miss Parker finds an old .45 inside…the same weapon Parker believes was used to kill her mother.

Jarod realizes that Vincent Lapahie stands to make a great deal of money once Brodie’s land is sold to the mining company. It turns out that Lapahie paid Brodie’s bail when he was arrested for his protest activities. This way, he insured that Brodie would be an active target for the bounty hunters.

Jarod tricks Lapahie into believing that all of his stock portfolio has been wiped out. He then takes potshots at Lapahie, extracting a confession (one that is recorded on audio tape). Later, Brodie brings Jarod to the cave where his father spent his vision quest. Jarod discovers a piece of cloth, resembling a patch, on the floor of the cave. It features an insignia resembling a ring of fire. Jarod then begins his own dream quest. During a dream, Jarod sees his father. Jarod’s father instructs him to “follow the circle.”

Miss Parker tells her father she has decided not to pursue a path of revenge…a journey that would have led her to Jarod’s father. Nonetheless, Miss Parker keeps the .45, vengeance in her eyes.

3-02 Hope & Prey

Hope & Prey Transcript


Jarod   Dad?
Young Jarod   Dad?
Jarod   Is that you? Noooooo! Noooo!
Young Jarod   Noooo!
Young Miss Parker   Mama!!!
Miss Parker   Mr Fenigor. Who killed my mother?
Fenigor   Jarod’s father.
Miss Parker   Daddy it’s the truth. Mother’s death was not what we thought. She was gunned down in this elevator by Jarod’s father.
Mr Parker   Fenigor told you this?
Miss Parker   He’s dying in the Centre infirmary. He has no reason to lie.
Mr Parker   He extorted a lot of money from this place.
Miss Parker   This place or you?
Mr Parker   I didn’t want him telling lies, about your mother.
Miss Parker   Are they lies?
Mr Parker   Ohh.
Lyle   Hope I’m, uh not interrupting.
Miss Parker   Keep hoping.
Mr Parker   Angel. Please. Your sister’s obsessed with finding Jarod’s father instead of the real target.
Lyle   Funny you should mention Jarod, Dad. He put this website on the net.
Mr Parker   Can we trace it?
Miss Parker   No. We’ve tried similar leads before.
Lyle   She’s right. It’s unlikely, but I’m working on it.
Mr Parker   All right, keep me informed
Miss Parker   Keep us both informed.
Lyle   Oh, of course. And while I’m tracking Jarod you’ll be… what… after his father?
Miss Parker   I find his father I find him.
Bartender   You gonna have somethin’?
Jarod   Actually I was supposed to be meet someone here.
Bartender   And I’m supposed to sell drinks.
Jarod   Alright. I’ll take anything cold.
Mike   Jarod?
Jarod   Mike Bodie?
Mike   Would have been here sooner except that I had to stop at my place and grab something. God, you remind me of him.
Jarod   My father?
Mike   Major Charles. That’s why I left the message on the website.
Jarod   You knew him? A dream catcher?
Mike   Your father made it. There’s a part of him in that. Now it’s a part of you.
Jarod   All I have is this. A reflection.
Mike   I can top that.
Jarod   Is this my father?
Mike   And me. Twenty years ago. I thought you should have it.
Jarod   You’ve been shot.
Mike   That’s what happens when someone’s trying to kill you.
Jarod   Who?
Mike   I’m sorry Jarod. I didn’t want it to come down like this.
Jarod   I can help you.
Mike   I’m the one that owes you.
Jarod   Mike!
Mike   I want to tell you everything about your father and his dream quest.
Jarod   Mike! Mike! Damn!
Miss Parker   What happened to Mr Fenigor?
Lyle   He’s assumed room temperature, in a manner of speaking.
Miss Parker   He’s dead?
Lyle   That’s what I’m told.
Miss Parker   What are you doing here?
Lyle   I wanted to hear to hear from Fenigor himself that Jarod’s father killed our mother.
Miss Parker   Daddy told you?
Lyle   Doesn’t matter. It’s too late now anyway. We’ll never know for sure.
Miss Parker   We will when I find Jarod’s father.
Lyle   Finding him it’s not about catching Jarod is it? What’s it about? Revenge?
Miss Parker   My mother deserves it.
Lyle   She was our mother. And what about our father. Have you thought what opening these old wounds might do to him. You know, the fact that you’re my sister doesn’t change one thing, you are beautiful when you’re angry.
Miss Parker   You’ve never seen me angry.
Jarod   Ow.
Bartender   Damn Bounty hunters! They think they’re playing cowboys and Indians.
Jarod   Bounty hunters?
Bartender   Yeah.
Jarod   What are they doing after Mike?
Bartender   Bail jumping is a kind of habit with Mike Bodie. Thinks he’s a modern day Crazy Horse. I just wish that he would stay on his own land instead of coming onto mine.

Mike   Hey hey! Hey, I’m unarmed. Wait! Don’t shoot! No, no no! That’s what happens when someone’s trying to kill you.
Kim   Hope you’re here to check the meter.
Jarod   Not today. Today, I’m just hunting a bounty, like you.
Kim   Is that right? What’s your name?
Jarod   Jarod … Green.
Kim   ID?
Jarod   The diploma’s out in the Jeep. Are you going to shoot me?
Kim   Not if you stay out of my way.
Jarod   Looks like he left in a mighty hurry.
Kim   Shotguns are a great motivator. They hit him over here. And then he jumped out that window.
Jarod   Seems you’ve done this before. You gotta a name to go with that shotgun?
Kim   Kim…. Peace.
Jarod   Mike Bodie some kind of activist?
Kim   Terrorist is more like it. Blew up a mining rig. That’s why he’s worth twenty K. My twenty K.
Jarod   Hmm! Twenty grand. Enough to share.
Kim   I don’t share bounties.
Jarod   How about coffee?
Kim   Where’d you say you were from?
Jarod   Delaware. Hmm. That’s a whole lot of hunters for one man.
Kim   Twenty grand brings out the best and the brightest.
Beers   Kimberley. Who’s your new friend?
Kim   More competition.
Jarod   Jarod Green.
Beers   Dennis Beers. Looks like we’re after the same Injun. May the best man win.
Kim   Bet you a hundred bucks one of those poor excuses shot up Mike’s place.
Jarod   Maybe they’re after a dead skip.
Kim   Why’d you think they’re trying to kill him?
Jarod   Well for starters the blood stains and the shotgun blasts.
Kim   Scare tactics. These guys are not in the killing business. Worse case Bodie’ll get roughed up.
Jarod   You didn’t rough me up.
Kim   I’m an old fashioned girl. Now you. You’re kind of a riddle. No handcuffs, no gun, your jeep’s a rental, and no wedding ring. I gotta hunch you don’t have a place to call home.
Jarod   Well,  I could say the same thing about you. Are you sure you won’t consider a team effort?
Kim   Thanks for the flapjacks Delaware.
Sydney   Broots?
Broots   How… how’d you know it was me?
Sydney   Too much Old Spice.
Broots   You won’t believe what I snagged.
Lyle   Well, don’t let me stop you.
Broots   Oh… oh you know that, uh, web site you wanted me to trace? Well, uh, you know, it’s untraceable. It appears that Jarod programmed it to jump to a different server every eighteen hours.
Lyle   So you haven’t found him?
Broots   No.
Miss Parker   Dead ends are Jarod’s specialty.
Lyle   Keep searching.
Broots   For a while I thought I was going to swallow my tongue. That’s all I could dig up on Fenigor. It’s a death certificate. They kept him alive for extra two days to harvest his organs. His kidneys are in Kansas, his liver’s in New York his spleen is in Spokane.
Miss Parker   Get me a picture.
Broots   Of his spleen?
Miss Parker   His corpse.
Sydney   You don’t believe the file.
Miss Parker   The only thing I believe is that if Lyle bring in Jarod instead of me Fenigor will not be the only supplier to the organ of the month club.
Sydney   Parker, are you sure this isn’t about a revenge against Jarod’s father.
Miss Parker   Find me the old man’s body before there’s another one.
Broots   Sydney what if Lyle finds Jarod before Miss Parker? What would happen then?
Sydney   To her?
Broots   No. To us!
Jarod   I’m a bounty hunter. Why do you need my name?
Vincent   The State may say you got jurisdiction but this is my neighbourhood. And you don’t operate on these lands without registering. I don’t appreciate no bounty hunter storming through here like a man with no name.
Jarod   So Bodie bombed the mining rig?
Vincent   Well, ACM’s have been makin’ copper digs just outside the Res. Mike didn’t want them near his property.
Jarod   His house, is not on the reservation?
Vincent   Just outside. His land was parceled to his ancestors a hundred years ago.
Jarod   I have a picture of Mike as a little boy. Do you recognise the man with him?
Vincent   You’re best to talk to Emery. He’s the history buff. Emery!
Emery   Yeah?
Vincent   You know this guy?
Emery   Mn-mmmm sorry.
Jarod   Thank you.
Emery   You’re not a bounty hunter. Mike’s dream catcher, you would have had to kill him to take it off his neck so he must have given it to you.
Jarod   You know Mike?
Emery   He’s part of my thesis on indigenous rights.
Jarod   Are you a descendant?
Emery   Not unless Tonto had a rabbi I don’t know about. Here, some of my research on Mike and ACM. It might help you to track him down.
Jarod   Do you think the company would try killing him?
Emery   Well, it would shut up their loudest protestor.
Jarod   Thank you very much.
Emery   Jarod, that picture? Who is the older guy?
Jarod   I’m pretty sure it’s my father.
Emery   Pretty sure?
Jarod   When I was a boy I… I was told that my parents were killed in a plane crash. It was a lie.
Emery   Man! Who’d make up a lie like that?
Sydney   The Centre has another project for you Jarod. This technique hasn’t been used for decades. How can you improve it?
Jarod   By factoring in tissue depth from living people I can create a face more accurately. By size and weight I… I would say it’s a man.
Sydney   Very good.
Jarod   Was he someone’s father?
Sydney   Jarod.
Jarod   Yesterday was a year Sydney, since the crash.
Sydney   Focus on the work. This technique is promising.
Jarod   I wish I could invent a way to bring him back.
Mike   I want to tell you everything about your father and his dream quest.
Mike   You’re a bounty hunter?
Jarod   Not any more. What happened at your
Mike   Guy came in blasting.
Jarod   Did you see him?
Mike   He must have been waiting for me. As soon as he started shooting I ran. But not before I grabbed that picture of your father. Ahh!
Jarod   That could be infected. I’m staying at a motel up the highway. Let’s get you there and I’ll fix you up.
Mike   It’s not right. I owe you.
Jarod   Why do you keep saying that?
Mike   Your father saved my life. I need to tell you about him and his dream quest. You want answers? Jarod, I’ve got ’em.
Jarod   Come on.
Kim   Freeze!
Jarod   Kim! NO!
Kim   Two words Jarod. Hand cuffs!
Jarod   You were so focused on the money you don’t even care that the man is injured.
Kim   He doesn’t look all that hurt to me.
Jarod   I think a bounty hunter is trying to kill him.
Kim   Tell it to the judge.
Jarod   If he lives that long.
Kim   Where’d you get that?
Jarod   Gift shop up the highway.
Jarod   After three years of searching I finally feel close.
Sydney   What about Fenigor’s last words? Your father may be a killer. Is that something you can accept?
Jarod   Unless it’s another Centre lie. Has any of your eyesight returned since the bombing?
Sydney   The infirmary says, uh, there’s no nerve damage but I still can’t see.
Jarod   Maybe you don’t want to. I don’t know who I am or where I came from or if my father murdered a woman in cold blood. But I’ll take what I can get. Truth isn’t easy but it’s real. It opens your eyes.
Miss Parker   I ask for Fenigor’s body and you bring me sheets?
Broots   It was either that or a bed pan.
Sydney   Perhaps Angelo’s empathic abilities can give us some direction.
Miss Parker   The blind leading the blind.
Angelo   Revenge bad. Revenge makes revenge, makes revenge.
Miss Parker   This isn’t about me.
Angelo   Mr F… Fenigor better now.
Miss Parker   Is he alive? Where is he?
Sydney   What’s going on Broots? What is Angelo up to?
Broots   Well he’s ah put the sheet over his head.
Sydney   Fenigor is a ghost!
Miss Parker   Ghosts aren’t alive Sydney.
Sydney   At the Centre they are and where do they live these days?
Miss Parker   Renewal Wing.
Angelo   CA543. CA543.
Broots   CA543.
Sydney   Thank you Angelo.
Vincent   Must be bounty hunter’s breakfast break.
Jarod   Man’s gotta eat Vincent.
Vincent   I never start a day without Pigs in a Blanket.
Jarod   Pigs in the who?
Vincent   Blanket.
Jarod   Have a nice day.
Vincent   The bar tender at Dunson’s told me Mike was there yesterday. Said a bounty hunter showed up and shot the place up.
Jarod   Is that so?
Vincent   Said that Mike was shot too.
Jarod   Really?
Vincent   I wouldn’t put it past you animals.
Jarod   From what I hear it’s the mining company that wants Mike dead.
Vincent   Well you just tell your friends this ain’t the wild west. That’s why I got paper work on you people.
Jarod   These are all the registered bounty hunters?
Emery   Yes. Please don’t tell Vincent about this. He’d kill me if.
Jarod   It’s between us.
Emery   Jarod I was thinking of that picture of your dad. I scoped out back issues of the tribal paper. This is from the mid-seventies. Mike was lost in the desert. So they mounted this huge rescue effort. The find was credited to an ex-air force major who volunteered for the search.
Jarod   Is his name in here anywhere?
Emery   No but he saved Mike’s life.
Jarod   Why are you doing this?
Emery   You know. Every man should know who his father is.
Sydney   Your facial reconstruction techniques are quite impressive, Jarod. What’s that?
Jarod   My father. I sculpted him too Sydney.
Sydney   He doesn’t have a face.
Jarod   I can’t see my father Sydney. I don’t know who he really is.
Miss Parker   Oh! You’re gonna to get shot creeping around like that.
Broots   Do you think I want to be down here? Angelo started mumbling something after you left. Something about CA543.
Miss Parker   Centre archives?
Broots   Yes it’s a reference number for an archive receptacle.
Man   Lost.
Broots   Nice pyjamas.
Miss Parker   If Angelo says there’s something in the Archives, go get it. Broots?
Fenigor   So nice to have visitors.
Miss Parker   Mr Fenigor.
Jarod   Dad?
Young Jarod   Dad?
Jarod   Is that you? Is that you?
Young Jarod   I can’t see my father Sydney. I don’t know who he really is.
Jarod   Noooooo!
Mike   You said motel by the highway. Hard man to find.
Jarod   Mike. Mike.
Miss Parker   Don’t you remember me?
Fenigor   Can’t say that I do.
Miss Parker   Mr Fenigor, My mother is Catherine Parker.
Fenigor   Who?
Miss Parker   You were helping her rescue children from the Centre.
Fenigor   Rescue? The Centre’s mission statement clearly says that our fellow man is our highest priority.
Miss Parker   Jarod’s father killed my mother, that’s what you said.
Fenigor   I don’t know any Jarod. Sorry. I hope you find what you’re looking for.
Broots   Somebody scrambled his brain.
Miss Parker   Like an egg.
Broots   Huh, why wouldn’t they just kill him? I mean, they did it to your….
Miss Parker   My mother?
Broots   Okay I…. it’s a really bad analogy but think about it. I mean why wouldn’t they just get rid of him?
Miss Parker   Maybe somebody wants me down here looking for Fenigor, running into dead ends.
Broots   Like Mr Lyle.
Miss Parker   It would give him a jump start on catching Jarod. Does he know about this archive receptacle?
Broots   No, Angelo only told me and Sydney.
Miss Parker   Find it, and bring it to me.
Jarod   Buckshot. You’re lucky.
Mike   I didn’t bomb that mining rig.
Jarod   Well why did you jump bail?
Mike   Do you know… do you know how many times ACM’s had me arrested? I always skip a court appearance just to get their jockeys in a bunch. Gotta be vocal, defend my land. I’m the last of my line Jarod. I die the tribe gets it. Cute. Why don’t you take me in? I’m a valuable warrior.
Jarod   I’ll take my past instead.
Kim   I knew that dream catcher looked familiar. I played a hunch Delaware. I figured that if I followed you instead of Mike he’d show up. Good hunch.
Jarod   You can’t just take him in.
Kim   Yes I can.
Jarod   No you can’t!
Kim   Oww. Owww.
Jarod   Two words. Hand Cuffs!
Mike   Every bounty hunter in the state will be after us now.
Jarod   I’m better when I’m hunted.
Kim   Hey! That’s my… car.
Miss Parker   Anything on the Jarod website front.
Lyle   Just that you were right. It was a dead end. Oh, if anything comes up you’ll be the first to know.
Miss Parker   I’m sure I will.
Lyle   Any luck on the revenge front?
Miss Parker   You too will be the first to know. Where’s Helen Keller? Physician heal thy self?
Sydney   Therapy Miss Parker. Face the truth about what you’ve done, in my case misguided vengeance, turn your eyes to something positive, something worth seeing.
Miss Parker   Does it work?
Sydney   You’re blurry. But you’re there.
Miss Parker   Do you think my revenge is misguided?
Sydney   If you have to ask, you’re answering your own question.
Miss Parker   No offence Syd, but you can’t see it from where I stand.
Sydney   But I don’t have to. I’ve known you since you were a little girl, Parker. You will never let this go. I want to help. Like him, you’re worth it.
Young Jarod   Where’s my Mum and Dad?
Mike   You’re a good man Jarod, just like your father.
Jarod   What was he like?
Mike   He would only say his name was Major Charles. But I gave him a better one. Soaring Eagle.
Jarod   Did he live around here?
Mike   No he trained at Clearview Airbase years before.
Jarod   So he knew the terrain.
Mike   Just like he knew about losing a son.
Jarod   I heard about the search for you when you were a boy.
Mike   I wanted to be a big warrior. Go on a quest. I wandered into the caves and broke my arm. Your dad lead the search for me. After five days they stopped looking. Your father …
Jarod   He wouldn’t give up. My father kept on searching.
Mike   Alone. He said it was like finding his own son. Like finding you. As a reward my father taught yours how to make his own dream catcher. Sent him to the caves on his own quest.
Jarod   Is the cave still out there?
Mike   Just like he left it. They say you can find things there, answers to questions that are in here. That’s what he did.
Jarod   Get down! Are you hit?
Mike   Yes, but I’m not bleeding.
Jarod   Rubber bullets.
Mike   That cowboy’s not so tough.
Jarod   Or he wasn’t hired to kill you.
Broots   I found it Miss Parker but I don’t know what it means. Why would they have an archive receptacle on your mom? I didn’t, I mean I couldn’t, I wouldn’t open it. Well it’s not my place. I’m leaving. Here I go.
Miss Parker   Broots?
Broots   Yeah?
Miss Parker   Thanks.
Young Miss Parker   Mama! Mama! Please no! Mama!
Jarod   If the bounty hunters don’t want you dead then somebody else does. The question is why. All of this land was sold to the mining company by the tribe?
Mike   Except for mine. They don’t own it.
Jarod   But if you die the tribe gets your land.
Emery   It doesn’t make sense.
Mike   If the tribe sells my land who would benefit?
Jarod   The man who makes it happen!
Mike   Vincent.
Jarod   As tribal liaison he arranges land buys for ACM. This is his stock portfolio. For every land deal he gets more stock options. He couldn’t sell your land and he can’t cash in the options until he completes the buy. I guess killing you is the only answer. The bounty hunters take the blame.
Mike   How much?
Jarod   Two hundred and fifty thousand.
Emery   Talk bout making a killing. Jarod!
Jarod   That’s a mighty big gun you got.
Vincent   Don’t leave home without it.
Jarod   I’ll have to remember that.
Jarod   Kim, it’s Delaware. I’ve got something to show you.
Vincent   Yeah?
Emery   I’ve got to talk to you Vincent.
Vincent   What the hell is it? I’m eating.
Emery   Sorry. Listen. I was working late and Mike Bodie showed up. He’s furious. He’s looking at maps and computer files and stuff.
Vincent   I’ll be right over.
Vincent   Damn it!
Jarod   Aw your money is all gone. You’d better call your broker.
Vincent   The man with no name.
Jarod   Were you expecting someone else? Mike Bodie, maybe? Well I’m just guessing of course. Taking a shot in the dark. How’s it feel, Vincent? To be unarmed?
Vincent   What the hell are you doing?
Jarod   I’m going huntin’.
Vincent   What about you? You’ve got the wrong bounty.
Jarod   Oh, you should know because you were a bounty hunter the night you tried to kill Mike Bodie.
Vincent   Mike jumped bail.
Jarod   On what charge? Blowing up an ACM rig? It was empty Vincent. And I’ll bet your stock options that you set the explosion yourself. You had to have Mike’s land and you knew he had a habit of jumping bail. So you tried to gun him down and you figured that the bounty hunters would take the blame. You sold out your own people.
Vincent   That’s right Jarod. And I blew up the rig. And I tried to kill Mike. And now you’re out of shells cowboy.
Jarod   And you’re out of luck.
Kim   Knew we’d make a great team.
Miss Parker   Whose gun is this Angelo?
Angelo   Circle, follow the circle.
Miss Parker   Follow the circle? But to where Angelo?
Sydney   Mr Lyle is on his way with your father.
Miss Parker   Sydney, you can see?
Sydney   Better, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Thanks for the heads-up. Daddy.
Mr Parker   Angel. Now listen about the other day…
Miss Parker   I have decided to take your advice and put mother’s death behind me. Let’s get Jarod not his father.
Lyle   I couldn’t have put it better myself.
Mr Parker   That’s what I call a family conference.
Lyle   I’m glad for you.
Miss Parker   It’s time to let the past be the past.
Angelo   Circle. Follow the circle.
Mike   To perform the dream quest you’ve got to go to a sacred place where all the questions inside your heart can be answered. This is where
your father went.
Jarod   Lead the way. I was told something about my father, something evil. What kind of man was he?
Mike   He saved my life. Your father’s. No one has been in this cave since he left.
Jarod   What are these?
Mike   Visions from your father’s quest. The eagle, it’s always above us, always searching. This eagle is searching for his son. Our symbol for eternity. He will never give up his search.
Jarod   These are my father’s dreams?
Mike   Or nightmares.
Jarod   Circle of fire. What do you think it means?
Mike   Ask him yourself. You’re on your own.
Jarod   Dad? Dad?
Young Jarod   Dad?
Jarod   Is that you? Is that you? I knew you’d never stop searching. There’s something I need to know. Did you kill Catherine Parker?
Major Charles   Follow the Circle, Jarod. Follow the circle.
Jarod   Dad did you kill Catherine Parker?
Major Charles   Follow the circle Jarod. Follow the Circle.
Mike   The Elders think that the patch was from your father’s squadron here at Clearview. Unfortunately they closed the base down over twenty years ago. Dead end.
Jarod   The story of my life. But you can’t have a dead end without a road. And thanks to you I have a new one to follow.
Mike   So what are you going to do?
Jarod   I’m going to follow the circle.
Mike   Hey when you find your Dad, tell him we’re even.
Angelo   Circle. Follow the Circle. Circle. Follow the Circle. Circle, the circle.

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