1-05 The Paper Clock

1-05 The Paper Clock

The Paper Clock

Dammit! Next time I’m just going to shoot the little pain in the ass.

Miss Parker

The Paper Clock

Dammit! Next time I’m just going to shoot the little pain in the ass.

Miss Parker

Original air date: November 2, 1996

Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Directed by:Gabrielle Beaumont

Jarod impersonates an attorney to not only free a janitor falsely accused of murder but to also expose the lawyer who protected the real killer.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Rubik’s Cube, Radio Shack, The Blues, Transvestites

Jarod’s Occupations: Lawyer, Rodeo Bullrider

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Holmes


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod impersonates an attorney to free a janitor imprisoned for a murder he did not commit.


When Jarod begins experiencing dreams about his mother, he telephones the Centre and asks to speak with Sydney.  Sydney instructs Broots not to inform Miss Parker about the development, preferring instead to leave her out of the loop.  When Sydney picks up the call, Jarod informs him that he discovered the wonders of Radio Shack…and easily foils Broots’ telephone trace.  As the conversation continues, Jarod demands to know the truth about his past.  The pair strike up a deal: Sydney will turn over a piece of Jarod’s past in exchange for the return of the digital simulations, or DSAs, that Jarod stole from the Centre, which contain the only existing record of over 25 years worth of research.

After Jarod finishes the call, he heads for a courthouse, where he assumes the identity of Attorney Jarod Holmes, a junior associate as Sloane and Associates.  He meets with Isaac Dexter, a transvestite who claims he was forced to defend himself when three men attempted to kill him.  Unless he can stage a successful defense, he faces a long prison sentence.  Later, Jarod meets with his new associates, Attorneys Benjamin Sloane and Bradley Dumont, who congratulate him on his victory in court.  Later, Jarod questions Dumont about the Marcus Whitaker trial, a case that Sloane lost years earlier.  Sloane appointed Dumont to head the appeal, something Jarod finds puzzling, as it could be handled by a first year law student.  Jarod convinces Dumont to allow him to author the appeal.

Sydney discusses the trade with Jarod with the Centre’s Director, who promises to discuss the proposal with the Tower.

Isaac is extremely grateful to Jarod for winning his case.  He offers his services as Jarod’s personal chauffeur.  Jarod accepts his offer and heads for the state prison, where he uses binoculars to survey the inmates.  He tells Isaac he is searching for a man named Marcus Whitaker.  Jarod also tells Isaac that despite his incarceration, Marcus never did anything to anyone.

The Director informs Miss Parker that the Tower approved Sydney’s deal.  Parker is incredulous, and promises to pursue the matter.  According to the Director, Miss Parker’s father cast the deciding vote.

Jarod views another of the DSAs.  In it, a Young Jarod tells Young Sydney that in his dream, his mother is hanging clothes to dry in a yard.  But he cannot see her face.  Afterward, Jarod views a videotape of a news broadcast focusing on the Marcus Whitaker case.  Whitaker, a janitor, was accused of murdering Audrey Price, whose body was discovered inside the West Los Angeles apartment where she lived.  Whitaker has a most unusual benefactor in the case: real estate magnate Michael Metzger, who owns the building where the murder occurred.  Later, Jarod shows up at a book signing, where he befriends author and lawyer Alan Edwards by telling him his name is John Coney, Jr.  Edwards, it turns out, attended Dartmouth College with “John’s” father.  Later, while conversing with Edwards, Jarod mentions the Whitaker case, which Edwards successfully prosecuted.  Edwards claims that Sloane never came up with a successful defense.  When Jarod mentions the existence of a shoe print that might have exonerated Whitaker, Edwards tells him it was somewhat stunning that Sloane, one of the best attorneys money can buy, overlooked such a crucial piece of evidence.

Jarod pays the slow-witted Whitaker a visit in jail.  As they converse, Whitaker shows him a clock made out of paper, something a pen pal taught him how to construct.  Later, Whitaker accounts for his whereabouts on the night of the murder.  He describes how he brought Price some flowers, as he had done every day.  But when he entered her apartment, he discovered her body on the floor.  Next to the body was an owl made of stone (something the police never recovered).  Whitaker also reveals that Metzger was Price’s boyfriend…which is news to Jarod.

When Jarod returns to his lair, he researches phone records and discovers that Metzger contacted Sloane on his boat shortly after the murder.  Jarod realizes that Sloane put Whitaker behind bars to keep the wealthy Metzger from going to jail.  Later, Sydney keeps his end of the agreement by sending Jarod a photograph of his mother.  Jarod promises to meet Sydney at a location they had agreed upon earlier.

Jarod informs Sloane that the court has accepted a motion to review new evidence in the Whitaker trial.  An outraged Sloane instructs his secretary, Annie, to find Dumont.  Unbeknownst to him, Isaac has taken Dumont out for a very long ride.  Later, Jarod pieces together audio recordings of Sloane’s voice, which he then uses to trick Annie into going to Sloane’s boat for purposes unknown.

When Sydney arrives in town, Miss Parker announces that the Centre double-crossed him, and she intends to make the rendezvous herself and take Jarod into custody.

In court, Jarod calls Sloane to the witness stand.  He has Sloane verify that he went to great lengths to establish that Metzger was a guest on his boat at the time of the murder.  Jarod then presents a record of Metzger’s phone call to the boat, an incriminating print from a deck shoe, and even the stone owl, stained with Price’s blood, which was retrieved from Sloane’s boat.  Ever since the murder, Sloane has used his knowledge of what really happened to blackmail Metzger.  Upon hearing the new evidence, Judge Patrick orders that Sloane be taken into custody and charged as an accessory to murder.  The judge also issues a bench warrant for Metzger’s arrest.  Whitaker is then set free.  Later, when Miss Parker arrives at the court house, Jarod slips away…without giving up the DSAs.  Later, Jarod rides a bull at a rodeo arena.

1-01 Pilot

The Paper Clock Transcript


    Dream Sequence
Margaret   Hi Jarod.
Jarod   Mom? What are you saying? I can’t hear you. Mom? Mom?
    The Centre
Broots   He’s been calling every two minutes like clockwork but he only wants to talk to you. Now here’s your extension okay. I’ll be right over here.
Sydney   What line is it?
Broots   Oh well, don’t you think we should wait for Miss Parker?
Sydney   We’ll do it without her.
Broots   Sydney she’s… she’s gonna kill me.
Sydney   What line?
Broots   Okay two, but keep him on as long as you can. I’ve already initiated the trace.
Sydney   Hello Jarod?
Jarod   I had the dream again.
Sydney   Are you alright?
Broots   Keep talking to him. We’ve almost got him.
Jarod   Tell Broots I discovered Radio Shack. Strange feeling homesick. I don’t know where home is.
Sydney   Your home is here Jarod. You were never meant for the outside world.
Jarod   Spare me the white leopard speech, Sydney. Somebody at the Centre knows who I am. I want the truth.
Sydney   I’m sure we can explore these questions if you’ll come back and resume our work.
Jarod   I wish I could believe you.
Sydney   What you believe or don’t believe is not the issue.
Jarod   What is?
Sydney   Those digital simulations you stole, they contain the only existing record of over twenty-five years of research. The Centre… I want them back.
Jarod   Well then perhaps they… you, will consider a trade. A piece of my past for a piece of yours. Get back to me Sydney. I’m running late.
Sydney   Late for what?
Jarod   Justice.
Isaac   Mr Holmes? Isaac.
Jarod   Mr… Dexter?
Isaac   Is something wrong?
Jarod   You’re a man.
Isaac   Last time I checked.
Jarod   But you dress like a woman?
Isaac   Didn’t anybody tell you?
Jarod   Ah, no.
Isaac   Listen, I know you don’t know me and I’ll admit I’m a little different. But if you don’t help me they’re gonna put me away faster than you can say Chanel Number 5. I didn’t do anything wrong. Those men were trying to kill me – I just defended myself. If you walk out on me I’m a dead man.
Jarod   Don’t worry, Mr… Dexter, I’ll stand up with you.
Isaac   Thank you. I knew you were a good man. I can see it in your eyes.
Jarod   Here, your mascara’s running.
Isaac   Thank you. So how long have you been a lawyer?
Jarod   About… seven minutes.
    Sloane And Associates Law Firm
Jarod   Hello.
Sloane   Jarod, please join us.
Dumont   We wanted to be the first to congratulate you on your victory in court this morning.
Jarod   It was beginner’s luck.
Dumont   We heard your client was quite a looker. Just how lucky did you get?
Sloane   Don’t let Bradley get under your skin. All junior Associates get thrown a ringer their first time out. There’s honour in keeping poor innocent men out of jail.
Dumont   Even if they do wear chiffon.
Annie   Excuse me Mr Dumont, Michael Metzger is waiting in reception.
Dumont   Thanks Annie. Thankfully, a client who is neither poor nor innocent.
Sloane   Speaking of the poor innocent masses, have you finished your brief on the Whittaker appeal?
Dumont   Ben I’m spending 70 hours a week on the Metzger merger. My plate is full.
Sloane   Dumont is a pit bull in the courts but sometimes forgets who signs his paychecks.
Dumont   Alright, I’ll take care of it. Oh uh, Jarod, in case you’re interested, um Collins Department Store is having a two-for-one sale in the lingerie section. See you Tiger.
Sloane   Jarod keep up the good work.
Jarod   I’ll do my best sir.
Sloane   Annie there’s something I want you to do.
Jarod   Pro bono?
Dumont   It was a joke.
Jarod   I understand that I wanted to ask you some questions about the Whittaker trial.
Dumont   Old man Sloane lost a murder defence a few years ago and I got stuck holding the bag.
Jarod   Why would Sloane tie up his best trial attorney writing an appeal that could be handled by a first year law student?
Dumont   The Whittaker case is a raw nerve with Sloane. He hates to lose.
Jarod   Let me write the appeal – you said your plate is full and I could use the practice.
Dumont   The old man would have my head if he finds out I dumped this on a junior associate.
Jarod   I can keep a secret if you can.
Dumont   Let’s talk.
Metzger   You find Dumont for me now or I’m going to find him myself.
Dumont   … based on my previous appeals, you keep me in the loop.
Jarod   You’re the boss.
Dumont   Not yet but I’m working on it. Mr Metzger. I just got off the phone with the judge. I think everything’s going to work out just the way you want it.
Metzger   Good.
Dumont   Have you lost weight?
    The Centre:Tower Office
Sydney   Madam Director all Jarod wants is some small piece of himself, of his past. I believe that if we can accept his trade off it would go a long way towards reestablishing the kind of trust I need to bring him back.
Director   What about SIS?
Sydney   Miss Parker believes she can pistol whip her way into any resolution, but I know Jarod. The harder we chase the harder he’ll run.
Director   I will discuss your proposal with The Tower but I make no promises.
    Sloane and Associates
Annie   Damn!
Jarod   The idea is to get all the same colours on the same side?
Annie   Where were you during the eighties?
Jarod   Oh I led a very isolated life. When did you quit smoking?
Annie   How did you know that?
Jarod   Oh, your trembling hands, the nicotine stains on your fingertips, irritability. You know you could try a simple Epsom salt bath. The salt it draws the tar and nicotine out of the bloodstream through the skin.
Annie   Oh, you’re a doctor and a lawyer?
Jarod   And I’m working on Indian Chief.
Sloane   Annie, would you please transcribe, proof and hand deliver these to my boat tonight?
Annie   Tonight? Oh no no no, Mr Sloane. I can’t because my daughter is having…
Sloane   Is a very lovely girl who knows how valuable her mother is to this firm. Annie’s the best Jarod.
Annie   Annie do this. Annie do that. I tell you it’s like being Sloane’s wife without the fringe benefits. Too bad pay checks are harder to quit than cigarettes. So, did you need something too?
Jarod   Actually Bradley Dumont asked me to go over an old case file. Marcus Whittaker?
Annie   Oh yeah. Mr Sloane had those files moved down to the basement. But I’m going to warn you it is impossible to find anything down there.
Jarod   Nothing’s impossible.
Isaac   Jarod!
Jarod   Isaac what are you doing here?
Isaac   I got to thinking how nice you were, how decent, and I wanted to repay your kindness.
Jarod   Repay?
Isaac   My Chariot.
Jarod   Isaac it’s beautiful.
Isaac   It will be more beautiful after thirty-seven payments – that’s when I plan to trade it in for a limousine. Actually I offer a very valuable service. You’d be surprised how many cab drivers won’t pick up a man in a dress.
Jarod   Really? Why?
Isaac   The truth is I’d like to offer my services as your personal chauffeur.
Jarod   No kidding? That’s great. Now are you sure you have a driver’s licence?
Isaac   Don’t worry boss, you’re in good hands. And I promise to be a perfect lady.
Man   Hey baby!
Isaac   Up yours pal!
    The Centre
Sydney   Very good.
Miss Parker   Sydney, a word? Do you want to tell me what’s going on?
Sydney   Nothing really. An alpha brain wave experiment. Quite promising actually.
Miss Parker   That’s not what I mean and you know it.
Sydney   You spoke to the Director?
Miss Parker   Answer the question.
Sydney   Jarod wants to make a deal.
Miss Parker   A deal?
Sydney   He wants to find out the truth, or part of it. It is the humane thing to do.
Miss Parker   You are out of line lecturing anybody about humanity. I’m not the one who kept Jarod locked up for thirty years. I’m killing your deal Sydney. And then I’m going to find Jarod and I’m going to end this thing once and for all.
    Outside a bookshop
Isaac   Everybody’s a critic.
Isaac   Doesn’t this music just give you chills up and down your spine?
Jarod   It’s very sad.
Isaac   It’s the Blues baby.
Jarod   The Blues? I like it.
Isaac   It’s about life. It’s about pain. It’s about truth.
Jarod   Truth is good.
Isaac   Yeah look at me for example. I come out here every day like a target. I say to the world Ha! This is me, take it or leave it.
Jarod   Can I ask you a question?
Isaac   Why do I dress like this?
Jarod   Well it does seem to draw attention.
Isaac   I don’t know why I do it. I just know it’s right for me. I mean I grew up like everybody else. I played football, dated a cheer leader, but I never felt complete until I found this. It hasn’t been easy.
Jarod   Why do it then?
Isaac   It’s who I am. People can’t go around acting like they’re something they aren’t . You do that long enough and pretty soon you can’t find yourself any more. Know what I mean?
Jarod   Yeah.
    California State Correctional Facility
Isaac   So who are we looking for?
Jarod   His name is Marcus Whittaker.
Isaac   A friend of yours?
Jarod   Not exactly.
Isaac   What’d he do?
Jarod   Nothing. Nothing at all.
    The Centre
Director   The Tower has considered all the variables and has decided to move forward with the deal.
Miss Parker   You can’t be serious?
Director   I think you know that I am.
Miss Parker   The Chairman is going to hear about this.
Director   Your father cast the deciding vote. The information Jarod requested will be on your desk within the hour. Use it wisely.
    Jarod’s Lair
    DSA: 3rd July, ’72
Sydney   You only have one shot at the terrorist Jarod.
Young Jarod   I had the dream again.
Sydney   It’s just a dream Jarod. Forget about it and concentrate.
Young Jarod   Is it possible to forget who you are and where you came from?
Sydney   Jarod, please.
Young Jarod   It’s just that in this dream I can’t see my mother’s face. She’s in the yard hanging the wash.
Sydney   One shot Jarod. Time’s running out. The hostages are counting on you.
Young Jarod   But I want to see her Sydney. I want to see my mother’s face.
Sydney   Finish the simulation and I’ll see to it that you do.
Young Jarod   Promise?
Sydney   Promise.
Young Jarod   Wait. I can’t complete the mission. I might hit a hostage. I might kill an innocent person.
Sydney   Sometimes Jarod one life must be sacrificed in order to save others.
    Video Tape
TV Announcer   Murder suspect Marcus Whittaker accused of beating Audrey Price to death in her apartment was arrested in the early morning hours in his janitor’s quarters of this west LA apartment building. Marcus Whittaker has an unusual benefactor in this case: His employer real estate magnate Michael Metzger whose company owns the building in which the murder took place.
    Outside the Apartment Block
Isaac   How long are we going to stay here? Hel…loooooo!
    Flashback to tape
Metzger   Marjorie Price’s death is a tragedy but Marcus Whittaker shouldn’t be forced to take the wrap for the sloppy handling of this investigation. I’m just grateful that Ben Sloane has agreed to represent Marcus.
Sloane   Mr Metzger was with me on my boat when word reached him that a murder had taken place on one of his properties. Naturally I offered my services.
Jarod   Isaac, let’s go shopping.
Isaac   Ooh! Now you’re talking my language.
    Shoe Store
Store Assistant   It’s creepy. He’s been doing that for almost an hour. Check out his girl friend.
Jarod   Are these all the boat shoes you have?
Store Assistant   Yes Sir.
Jarod   I’ll take them all.
Store Assistant   You want seven pairs of boat shoes?
Jarod   Mmm hmm.
Isaac   Do you carry these in a thirteen?
    Jarod’s Lair
Jarod   Well?
Boy   I did it, just like you said.
Jarod   And?
Boy   I dragged it around behind my bike.
Jarod   Excellent. Oh yes, right. Five dollars.
Boy   That’s right. I have friends, we could really mess up your car if you’re interested.
Jarod   I’ll let you know.
Boy   Cool!
    TV Interview
Edwards   Mr Whittaker is the only possible perpetrator. The defence has no relevant evidence to the contrary.
Jarod   You’re wrong Mr Edwards.
    Book Signing
Edwards   Thank you. Enjoy the book. My God, what did you do – drag this behind a car?
Jarod   Well actually I paid a kid to drag it behind his bike. Truthfully, it’s been like a Bible to me.
Edwards   Oh I’m flattered. Who should I make this out to?
Jarod   John Corey Junior.
Edwards   I knew a John Corey at Dartmouth. You’re not…
Jarod   Guilty. Dad’s been after me to look you up for years.
Edwards   So there’s your Father wearing nothing but a drunken grin running up and down the Durham Hallway shouting “Bonsai!”
Jarod   Dear old Dad.
Edwards   Yeah. I never saw a better litigator in my life.
Jarod   He said the same thing about you. I especially admired the way you brought down Ben Sloane a few years ago. The Whittaker trial.
Edwards   Oh. Sloane had no case.
Jarod   Really? What about the shoe print?
Edwards   How did you know about that?
Jarod   I did a paper, The People Versus Whittaker at UCLA. I read the case files.
Edwards   Five thousand pages?
Jarod   5612 to be exact.
Edwards   Michael Metzger buys Whittaker the most expensive lawyer in the city and the guy drops the ball. We couldn’t believe he missed it.
Jarod   So the DA knew about the print?
Edwards   We provided in Discovery. We kept waiting for Sloane to play the card, to create doubt, but it never came.
Jarod   And you never said anything.
Edwards   We had witnesses who said that Marcus Whittaker was obsessed with Audrey Price. His prints were all over the apartment. He was caught in the janitor’s quarters cleaning her blood off his clothes. Now, you don’t have to be Prouse to connect those dots.
Jarod   And you never found the murder weapon?
Edwards   Marcus Whittaker was guilty of murder. Ben Sloane was just guilty of being a bad lawyer.
    California State Correctional Facility
Marcus   Mr Sloane came to the police station. He was nice to me. He brought me a ham sandwich.
Jarod   What are you making?
Marcus   A paper clock. A pen pal taught me. They really work. They’d be better with note card but the paper the guards give me gets all soft.
Jarod   Would these do?
Marcus   Can I have them?
Jarod   Sure. Marcus I want to ask you some questions about your case.
Marcus   Mr Sloane is my lawyer.
Jarod   I know but I’m here to help him and you. Okay?
Marcus   Okay.
Jarod   Can you tell me why you ran away the night that Audrey Price was killed?
Marcus   I didn’t want to go to jail again.
Jarod   You had gotten into some trouble when you lived with your mother, is that correct?
Marcus   Some boys were making fun of her. I had to fight ‘em. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I had to go to live at Milton.
Jarod   The detention facility. Now I want to ask you about the night ofthe murder.
Marcus   I was bringing flowers to Miss Price like I did every day. I was finishing up late. She would always pay me an extra few dollars for them. But this time when I walked in I found her body on the floor.
Jarod   Marcus, Marcus, it’s okay. You don’t have to be afraid.
Marcus   She was all twisted up. Her face was covered with blood. The owl was sitting beside her.
Jarod   The owl?
Marcus   Made of rock. It was green. Miss Price had a whole family of them. She kept them on top of her coffee table. She looked so quiet, like she was sleeping, except for the blood.
Jarod   You liked her?
Marcus   She was nice to me. The other lawyer said I wanted to touch her but I just thought she was nice.
Jarod   Did you ever notice her having visitors? Boyfriends?
Marcus   Mr Metzger would come visit her at lunch time almost every day.
Jarod   Mr Metzger?
Marcus   Yeah! He had a cool black car. It had real shiny wheels on it and the top was gone.
Jarod   Marcus did you ever tell Mr Sloane or the police about Mr Metzger’s visits?
Marcus   Oh Mr Sloane said that I shouldn’t say nothing. It might not look good. Mr Sloane always looks out for me. They really work.
    Jarod’s Lair
Jarod   It’s 9:20 and Michael Metzger has just killed a woman – who does he call?
Sloane’s voice   You’ve reached Benjamin Sloane at the Marina. I wish I was on my boat right now but I’m probably in my office working to pay for it. Leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you.
    Isaac’s Taxi Outside a Restaurant
Isaac   I don’t understand. Why would a defence lawyer like Mr Sloane put a poor, innocent man in jail?
Jarod   To keep a rich, guilty one out.
    Jarod’s Lair: Dream
Margaret   Hi Jarod.
Jarod   Mom? Mom?
Jarod   Time’s up Sydney – I need an answer.
Sydney on phone   Miss Parker’s not happy. In fact she has removed herself from this case because the Centre has agreed to your request Jarod. Your information in return for the stolen disks.
Jarod   They said that?
Sydney   We, you and I, have guarantees from the Council Chairman and The Director. I’m sending it through now. I hope this is what you need Jarod.
Jarod   Is this her Sydney? Is this my mother?
Sydney   Yes it is.
Jarod   I’ll meet you at the place and time we agreed on earlier.
TV Announcer   Mr Sloane is it true that your client will not be testifying in his own defence?
Sloane   Mr Whittaker suffers from a severe learning disability. It was his feeling and mine that it was not in his best interests to take the stand.
TV Announcer   Well what is your assessment of the prosecution’s case so far?
Sloane   I think this deliberation doesn’t bode well for the prosecution. Especially in the light of the fact that they still haven’t produced the murder weapon. the murder weapon…the murder weapon… the murder weapon.
Jarod   I wonder why,
    Dumont’s Office
Jarod   Bradley. Would you check my brief for the Whittaker hearing? I worked from your old appeal and I made a few notes.
Dumont   You what?
Jarod   I went over the old case files. There are some areas that we should explore.
Dumont   No there aren’t. Copy my draft. Change the date, stamp my signature on it and get it to the court by five o’clock. If you can’t handle that I’ll hire a monkey who can.
Jarod   Sure thing Brad.
    Car park
Dumont   Dammit!
Isaac   Don’t fight it brother. At times like this a man’s gotta believe in fate. Bad luck meet good fortune. My chariot.
    California State Correctional Facility
Marcus   I got a letter from my mum. She’s really sick, she shouldn’t be alone.
Jarod   Don’t worry Marcus you’re going to see your mother again soon. I promise. But first we have to go to court one more time. Mr Sloane will be there too.
Marcus   What do I have to do?
Jarod   Trust me.
    Isaac’s Limousine
Isaac   So how was your lunch meeting?
Dumont   Extremely profitable. Arriving in this limo didn’t hurt negotiations either. Excuse me umm, sir. This isn’t the way back to the office.
Isaac   It’s such a fabulous day I thought we’d take a little ride.
Dumont   A ride? To..to where? Hey! What the?
    Sloane’s Office
Sloane   In the matter of Beaumont vs Markswatch . . . Jarod?
Jarod   I wanted to congratulate you on the Whittaker appeal. Dumont says that the new trial is a slam dunk.
Sloane   New trial?
Jarod   The court has accepted Dumont’s motion to present new evidence.
Sloane   Evidence?
Jarod   Yes, he’s confident that he’s going to have a warrant for the murder weapon by tomorrow. He didn’t tell you?
Sloane   Annie. Where’s Dumont?
Annie   He’s been out all afternoon.
Jarod   The last I heard he was having lunch with Ira Kline, the criminal attorney for the…
Sloane   I know who he is. Annie! Where the… Get a hold of… I want to know the hell where Dumont is!
    Isaac’s Limousine
Dumont   Hey Pal. This is kidnapping. I’m a very successful attorney you know.
Isaac   Ah ah ah! That’s gonna to cost you another hundred miles esquire.
    Sloane’s Boat
    Jarod’s Lair
Sloane’s voice   Mr Metzger was with me on my boat when word reached…
Jarod   Hello I would like to book a non-stop flight to Los Angeles.
Sloane’s voice   Tell the associates that this is top priority.
Jarod   Yes I would like the number for the Los Angeles Chronicle. The City desk please.
Sloane’s voice   Annie, there’s something I want you to do for me.
Jarod   Hello. Mr Sloane. Oh no sir. I was just listening to some very interesting old recordings. The hearing is tomorrow at nine a.m.? Ah, yes sir, but shouldn’t we wait for Mr Dumont? Yes sir, I understand. I will see you first thing tomorrow morning. Like clockwork.
Sloane’s voice   Annie, there’s something I want you to do for me. Sloane: Annie, top priority. There’s something I want you to do for me on my boat.
    Annie’s Office
Sloane’s voice   Annie, top priority. There’s something I want you to do for me on my boat.
Sloane   Just watch, listen and learn Jarod. You won’t see this kind of dismantling again soon.
Jarod   I’m looking forward to it, sir.
Sloane   What are the press doing here? There is nothing I can say at this point in time but I will say that there is going to be some surprises.
Miss Parker   The District Courthouse.
Sydney   What the hell?
Miss Parker   You didn’t seriously think that the Centre would cut a deal with Jarod? Double double cross Syd. Just get in.
Sloane   What the hell is he doing here?
Jarod   I invited him.
Judge   On the record in People versus Whittaker, the court hearing a defence motion to present new evidence. Mr Holmes.
Sloane   Your Honour, Mr Holmes is a junior associate in our firm. He doesn’t represent this particular client.
Jarod   In all due respect Your Honour, I wrote the motion and I did the research for this hearing. To assign it to another attorney is to deny Marcus Whittaker achance at fair representation.
Sloane   What the hell do you think you’re doing?
Jarod   Trying to get an innocent man a fair shot at justice.
Judge   That’s enough. Mr Whittaker, is there an attorney that you would like to represent you?
Marcus   Jarod.
Sloane   Your honour.
Judge   It’s over Mr Sloane. Call your first witness Mr Holmes.
Jarod   Your honour. The defence calls Benjamin Sloane. Mr Sloane, you represented Marcus Whittaker to the very best of your ability is that correct?
Sloane   Absolutely.
Jarod   And to the best of your knowledge nothing slipped through the cracks?
Sloane   There are no cracks at Sloane & Associates.
Jarod   Hmm. Would you explain your relationship with Michael Metzger?
Sloane   He’s a client.
Jarod   Were you aware that your client was carrying on an affair with Audrey Price at the time of the murder?
Sloane   Do you have any proof of that?
Jarod   Marcus Whittaker would gladly testify to it under oath.
Sloane   What’s your point Mr Holmes?
Jarod   You went through great pains to establish the fact that Michael Metzger was a guest on your boat at the time of the murder, is that correct?
Sloane   I wouldn’t call it great pains. He was there.
Jarod   Do you remember what time Audrey Price was killed?
Sloane   Between 9 and 9:15 if memory serves me.
Jarod   Interesting. Then maybe you could tell me why Mr Metzger made a cell phone call to your boat at 9.20 the very same night that he was with you.
Judge   May I see that Mr Holmes? Proceed.
Jarod   For the record. The DA has catalogued this photo as a partial shoe print from the murder scene. Mr Sloane would you explain to the court why the jury never saw this photograph?
Sloane   The police never made a positive match. It proves nothing.
Jarod   Well perhaps I could help the police out. It’s a size eleven deck shoe. You were on your boat that night, weren’t you Mr Sloane?
Sloane   So now I’m the killer?
Jarod   No, you were the janitor. We’ll get to the killer.
Sloane   Your Honour this is pointless harassment.
Judge   Mr Holmes.
Jarod   One moment please.
Annie   Is Mr Sloane on trial?
Jarod   Not officially. Not yet anyway. I love this part. A size eleven deck shoe from Mr Sloane’s closet.
Sloane   It proves nothing.
Jarod   No. But this certainly does. The murder weapon. Stained with the victim’s blood. Mr Sloane would you care to explain to the court what the long lost murder weapon was doing on your boat?
Sloane   This is ridiculous.
Jarod   I don’t think that Michael Metzger thinks so. You’ve been blackmailing him with this since the murder trial. Michael Metzger beat Audrey Price to death. And then he called upon Mr Sloane to clean up the mess. Only before you got there Mr Whittaker arrived. He found the victim. He panicked. He ran away. You allowed an innocent man to go to jail. If I’ve missed something, feel free to jump in.
Sloane   Your Honour there hasn’t been a piece of evidence presented here that a good defence attorney couldn’t shoot down.
Judge   Then I suggest you find a very good one. I’m ordering you into custody as an accessory to murder. I’m issuing a bench warrant for the arrest of Michael Metzger. Court adjourned.
Sloane   I don’t know what kind of law you’re practicing here.
Jarod   The kind of law that applies to millionaires too. Congratulations Marcus you’re a free man.
    Outside the Courtroom
Miss Parker   Go Sam! We’ll head him off downstairs.
Security Guard   Hey! Hold it right there!
Sam   You don’t understand. I have a permit to carry that.
Miss Parker   Excuse me. ‘scuse me! Out of my way!
Sydney   That way. Jarod!
Miss Parker   Dammit! Next time I’m just going to shoot the little pain in the ass.
Miss Parker   Get in the car.
    Holding Cell
Guard   Right this way Mr Metzger.
Metzger   I want to see my attorney, alright? I said I want to see my attorney!
Guard   You’re in luck.
    Outside Correctional Facility
Marcus   Mom! How did you get here?
Mrs Whittaker   A man sent me a ticket. What is it?
Marcus   A Paper clock. “Now you have all the time in the world. Cherish your freedom Marcus. Your pen pal, Jarod.”
Man   Hold onto it. Right there. You right?
Jarod   Eight seconds? That’s it? Eight seconds? Let it rip!

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