3-06 Parole

3-06 Parole


Jarod? Didn’t I teach you how to tie a tie?



Jarod? Didn’t I teach you how to tie a tie?


Original air date: November 21, 1998Written by: Tommy ThompsonDirected by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod impersonates an ex-con to expose a crooked parole officer who forces newly released convicts to do illegal jobs for him or face being sent back to prison.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Tattoos, Strip Clubs, Kiwi Papaya JuiceJarod’s Occupations: Ex-con/Parolee

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Barker


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod impersonates an ex-con in an effort to trap a crooked parole officer.J


Inside a low-rent apartment building in San Diego, California, Jarod forges police reports and court documents.  He then doctors some photographs, making it appear as if he is the close friend of a prison convict named Robert “Bobby” Harmon.  Later, Jarod is approached by Jack Brevins, whose pride and joy in life are his two vicious Rotweillers, Big Daddy and Junior.  Brevins identifies himself as Jarod’s parole officer.  Brevins lets it be known that he has tremendous power over Jarod; with one phone call, Brevins can have the ex-con wearing a prison uniform once more.  Before Brevins leaves, he hands Jarod a packet of heroin.

Jarod makes his way to a hospital, where he rendezvous with Sydney.  At first, Sydney is confused about the meeting, unsure of its purpose.  But moments later, Michelle and Nicholas exit a taxi and make their way inside the hospital.  Jarod then disappears once more.

Jarod discovers Sandi Kingman, a very attractive young woman, showering in his low-rent apartment.  Sandi explains that she was sent by Brevins as a “house-warming gift.”  At first, Jarod attempts to persuade Sandi to leave.  But she fears retribution from Brevins should she disobey his orders.  Jarod allows her to stay.  It soon becomes apparent that Sandi has a thirst for Kiwi-Papaya fruit juice.

Jarod and Sandi make their way to a city park.  There, Jarod encounters Lupe Harmon and her twin five-year-old boys.  During their conversation, Jarod lets it be known that the boys resemble their father.  Lupe is taken aback.  Jarod then shows Lupe a doctored photograph, which depicts Bobby Harmon and himself inside the penitentiary, allegedly as cell mates.  He and Lupe discuss Bobby’s untimely death, which supposedly happened when a robbery went wrong.

Jarod meets with Brevins inside his office.  Brevins tells him that no opportunities exist for ex-cons with a history of violence.  He then hands Jarod an address for a strip club, and instructs him to meet him there that evening.  He also tells him to stay away from Lupe.  Jarod is surprised that Brevins knew of his encounter with Lupe.  Back at the lair, Jarod asks Sandi if she knew Bobby.  She claims that she did not.  That afternoon, Jarod trails Sandi from afar.  He follows her to a convalescent home, where Sandi tends to a young man confined to a wheelchair.

Sydney follows Michelle to the hospital chapel.  Michelle tells him that her husband is dying, and that their son, Nicholas, has become overwhelmed with anger.  Later, Sydney approaches Michelle’s husband, George, in his hospital room.  Sydney tells him that Nicholas is unaware that he (Sydney) is his real father.  George makes Sydney promise that he will care for their son.  Unbeknownst to either man, Nicholas overhears their conversation.

As instructed, Jarod meets Brevins and another man, Pat Rush, at the strip club.  Brevins introduces Pat as Jarod’s new partner.  During their conversation, Brevins outlines pulling off a home invasion robbery in nearby Meadow Hills.  When Brevins leaves to take a phone call, Pat tells Jarod that Brevins had Bobby Harmon executed when he threatened to expose his operation (having career criminals do his bidding).

Sydney approaches Nicholas.  He tells the young man that, just before he was born, some very dangerous people made threats against his life.  Michelle then left him…without informing him about her pregnancy.  Sydney urges him not to throw away his relationship to George, who, although he may not be his real father, loves him with all his heart nonetheless.

Brevins finishes the final details in the home invasion robbery.  He tells Jarod and Pat to cut the power in the victims’ house, then make off with the hundred thousand dollars in cash they keep on hand.  Later, Jarod approaches Lupe outside her home, where they discuss Bobby’s death.  Lupe asks Jarod if he would care for a glass of Kiwi-Papaya juice.  Jarod freezes.  Lupe then explains that the drink was her husband’s favorite.

An angered Jarod returns to the lair and confronts Sandi.  She eventually admits that she did know Bobby, and that they were friends.  She also insists she never mentioned Bobby’s plan to notify police about Blevins to anyone… except Pat Rush.  Moments later, Sandi explains that the young man in the wheelchair is her brother, Michael.  Six months earlier, Sandi had been driving Michael in her automobile when a car ran a red light.  Michael was badly injured, and ever since, she has needed three thousand dollars a month to pay for Michael’s medical bills at a private hospital (hence her association with Brevins).

Michelle and Nicholas say their final goodbyes as George slips in and out of consciousness.

Jarod and Pat cut the power to a quiet suburban house.  But it turns out that the home belongs to Jack Brevins, not the couple with the hundred thousand dollars.  Brevins is blindfolded and tied to a chair.  Pat reacts with confusion when Jarod mentions Bobby Harmon.  Jarod assures him that he will go to jail for aiding and abetting in Harmon’s murder.  He then knocks Pat unconscious using the butt of a shotgun.  Brevins refuses to cooperate when Jarod asks him if he participated in Harmon’s murder.  Using an elaborate set-up, Jarod makes it seem as if he shot and killed one of Brevins’ prize Rotweillers.  Before Jarod carries out the second “execution,” Brevins admits he did kill Harmon, and then made it look like a robbery gone bad.  When his blindfold is removed, Brevins realizes that Sandi and Lupe recorded his confession on videotape.  Jarod then shows Brevins that his dogs are unharmed.

3-06 Parole



Broots   I don’t understand Sydney. Why are these guys hitting each other?
Sydney   FES Broots.
Broots   FES?
Sydney   Forced external stimulus. I’m studying the way twins react to identically applied aggression.
Broots   It looks to me like they’re just beating the bejesus out of each other.
Sydney   Did you need something Broots?
Broots   Oh yeah, I ah. This came for you. It looks kind of important. Your immediate attention is needed.
Sydney   In Jarod’s handwriting. You’ve never seen this.
Broots   Seen what? Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, yee!
Foreman   Hey! Barker. You got a visitor.
Jarod   What?
Foreman   You got company. There’s a guy out front who wants to see ya.
Jarod   A guy?
Foreman   Yeah, with the dogs.
Jarod   Dogs?
Jack   That’s it, take it. Come on, come on. Do you like dogs Mr Barker?
Jarod   Not as much as you do.
Jack   Roman fighting Rottweilers. They’re pound for pound the most perfect a killing machine on four legs huh? Give me a dog over a person any day. Oh, Jack Brevins. I’m your PO. Parole officer.
Jarod   We weren’t supposed to meet until next week.
Jack   Yeah I know but I was in the neighbourhood. Big Daddy here needed to be wormed. Big Daddy needed to be wormed didn’t you sweetie? Yeah, so how are you getting on?
Jarod   Fine.
Jack   No problems with the job?
Jarod   It’s a little slice of heaven.
Jack   That’s funny. You’re a funny guy.
Jarod   I gotta get back to work.
Jack   Ah. Let’s take a walk.
Jarod   It’s not my break yet.
Jack   Hey! It’s okay.
Jack   You know, a lot of guys have trouble adjusting to freedom after being locked up. You were up for what? Six and change?
Jarod   Mr Brevins…
Jack   Jack.
Jarod   Look I appreciate all the personal attention, Jack, but I have to get back to work. Can’t afford to lose this job. I don’t want to end back in prison now do I?
Jack   You don’t know how it works do you? You behave yourself, do as exactly what you’re told and everything is gravy. You get an attitude you disrupt the program, I pick up the phone and you got a number on your back before breakfast. We’ll continue this later. Oh hey! I read your file. Consider that an advance. That’s good stuff, none of that jailhouse crap you used to shoot. I’ll be in touch. Come on baby, let’s go, let’s go for a ride. Come on. Yes. Yes. We’re going for a ride in the car. We love the car, yeah.
Jarod   I hope you came alone.
Sydney   I believe you’re safe, for the moment.
Jarod   You look good Sydney.
Sydney   You too. And I like the art work.
Jarod   Just trying to blend in.
Sydney   Are you going to tell me why I’m here or is this some kind of game we’re playing?
Jarod   Oh it’s no game, especially to them.
Sydney   Michelle. Am I his father?
Michelle   Sydney. Nicholas doesn’t know he’s your son.
Sydney   I don’t understand. Why did you….
Jarod   What the… ? Who are…. ? You’re . . .
Sandi   The word is…. naked. I bought groceries. I hope you like sugar.
Jarod   Who are you?
Sandi   Sandi, with an I.
Jarod   How did you get in here?
Sandi   Desk clerk. He’s a friend of Jack’s.
Jarod   Jack Brevins?
Sandi   Is there another? Do you want something to drink? I’ve got kiwi papaya juice. A friend turned me on to it. It’s fantastic. In fact, it’s fantastically fantastic. So, you got an awesome view.
Jarod   It’s a lumber yard.
Sandi   Well they used to be trees so that almost makes it a forest.
Jarod   You said that Jack sent you?
Sandi   Hmm. Like a house warming gift. He said to think of me as a living, breathing welcome mat.
Jarod   There is no way this is going to happen.
Sandi   What are you doing?
Jarod   Look I’m really exhausted. I’ve had a really long day.
Sandi   I can’t go. See if you send me away Jack’ll think I pissed you off and Jack can get really nasty when he doesn’t get what he wants. Hey, pretty lady. Who is she?
Jarod   She’s my mother.
Sandi   No really? Oh, that’s so sweet. God I’ve haven’t seen my mom in nearly, uh, two years. So what were you in prison for?
Jarod   Does it matter?
Sandi   Well a girl likes to know who she’s drinking with. I mean, you didn’t kill somebody did you?
Jarod   Okay I can drop you off on my way downtown or I can call you a cab. Those are your choices.
Sandi   Or I could go with you?
Jarod   Are you in some kind of trouble?
Sandi   Well that depends.
Jarod   That depends on what?
Sandi   On you. We should get more of this kiwi juice. It’s a passion fruit.
Nurse   Can I help you?
Sydney   Oh, I’m Doctor Sydney. I was called in to consult on the Stamatis case.
Nurse   I wasn’t told about any consultation.
Sydney   Well there must have been some kind of clerical error, Nurse Roberts. I’ve travelled a long way and I’m tired. Now we can get on with this or we can take it up with your supervisor. It’s up to you.
Nurse   That’s Mr Stamatis’ room.
Sydney   Oh nurse, how’s he doing?
Nurse   Considering he may only have hours to live, he and Mrs Stamatis are doing fine.
Sydney   Thank you.
Sandi   I think it’s sad when things change. I used to come here when I was a kid. There was this gigantic slide. It must have been fifty, sixty feet high.
Jarod   Kind of like this monster?
Sandi   But… It was so much bigger.
Jarod   Maybe because you were a little peanut back then. Uh, excuse me. I’ll be right back.
Lupe   Don’t eat the sand, baby.
Jarod   It’s almost like looking into a mirror.
Lupe   Yes it is.
Jarod   Do you mind if I sit down?
Lupe   It’s a public park.
Jarod   I used to wonder what it would be like to grow up so close to somebody to have a bond like that that could never be broken.
Lupe   You sound like a man who misses his family.
Jarod   Is it that obvious?
Lupe   Some people wear their lives in their eyes, and some on their skin. How long you been out of prison?
Jarod   Almost a week.
Lupe   I wish you luck. Come on boys. Mama’s got to get home and get supper started.
Jarod   They look just like their father.
Lupe   What did you say? Who are you?
Jarod   My name is Jarod. Bobby, your husband, and I, we were in the same cell block at Mayfield Pen. This picture it was taken three days before he was released. Lupe I don’t mean to upset you. I know it’s only been a few weeks since Bobby was … was killed.
Lupe   Bobby had so much going for him when he got out of prison. The boys, a good job, me. It doesn’t make any sense. He wasn’t a violent man. It doesn’t make any sense.
Jarod   I know. That’s why I’m here.
Jack   No you listen to me. You miss one more appointment at this office I’m going to slap a warrant on your ass so fast that you won’t know what hit you. Yeah right, right. You’re a not as stupid as you look. Eight tonight. So, how’s freedom treating you on this fine morning Jarod?
Jarod   It takes a little gettin’ used to.
Jack   It’s a big world it’s full of surprises.
Jarod   Kind of like the surprise I found in my shower yesterday?
Jack   She didn’t give you any lip did she?
Jarod   No. Just wasn’t expecting guests that’s all.
Jack   It’s like riding a bicycle. You know how to ride a bicycle, don’t you? You get on, and just…
Jarod   Now that’s funny. You know what else is funny? Here I am fresh out of prison and already my parole officer he’s supplied me with enough smack to kill a horse, and a female who may or may not be underage. Now if the intention is to ease the inmate back into society this seems a little bit rushed.
Jack   Well I didn’t expect you to shoot the entire bag in one sitting. As for the bimbo, she’s twenty-two going on fifty. Come on. Sit down. I just like my people to be relaxed when they work.
Jarod   And by work you don’t mean the metal shop, I assume.
Jack   Jarod Barker. Arrested at age fourteen for petty larceny. Spent six months in the Greenly youth camp. Three convictions for narcotics and weapons charges, two aggravated assault convictions and a handful of parole violations.
Jarod   I won a spelling bee once when I was seven.
Jack   You know how many opportunities are out there for an ex-con with a history of violence? Zero. Nada. Life as you know it, is over. Be at this address tonight at 10pm. Oh, and Jarod, one more thing. Stay away from Lupe Harmon.
Jarod   How did you know that I talked to Lupe?
Jack   It’s my job to know what you do. You did time with her husband up at Mayfield. What’s his name? What was his name?
Jarod   Bobby.
Jack   Right. Bobby. Terrible situation.
Jarod   He was one of your guys wasn’t he?
Jack   You just stay away from the widow. She can only cause you trouble.
Jarod   You’re the boss, right?
Sydney   May I join you?
Michelle   Sydney. What are you doing here?
Sydney   I thought you might need a friend.
Michelle   I like it here, especially in the morning when everything still seems possible. Sorry.
Sydney   It’s all right.
Michelle   Thankyou. He’s only fifty-four years old, Sydney. It’s not fair.
Sydney   No it’s not.
Michelle   How did you know that George was here?
Sydney   An old friend sent me a message. Michelle if you want someone to talk to, someone to hold on to, I’m here. What is it?
Michelle   It’s Nicholas. He’s not handling this very well. He’s so, so angry.
Sydney   It’s painful to lose someone you love.
Michelle   He still doesn’t know that you’re his real father.
Sydney   It’s not important now.
Michelle   My husband is dying Sydney. Would you pray with me?
Sydney   Of course I will.
Sandi   I started dancing when I was 17.
Jarod   Were you with the ballet?
Sandi   Yeah right. Cleared 400 a week and that was just working topless.
Jarod   Topless?
Sandi   What? You’ve never been in a strip joint before? Naked women flinging around metal poles, strange men cramming sweaty wads of money into strange women’s panties.
Jarod   I would remember something like that. Did you tell Jack that we took a walk in the park?
Sandi   I might have mentioned it. What you working on?
Jarod   I’m trying to figure out why a man with a wife, two kids and a future would throw it all away for two hundred and fifty six bucks. Did you know Bobby Harmon?
Sandi   No. That’s terrible. You know I read that he had small children.
Jarod   Twin boys, five years old.
Sandi   I gotta go. Hey Jarod. I only danced for a couple of months and I never, you know, for money. I just don’t want you to think that I was that kinda girl.
Jarod   What kind of girl is that?
Sydney   Dr Stamatis, my name is Sydney.
George   I know who you are.
Sydney   I have had this conversation in my mind a hundred times. I want you to know that I have the highest regard for you and your relationship with Michelle and Nicholas.
George   Do you still love her? You don’t need to answer. I see it in your eyes. Oh, thank you. Nicholas doesn’t know that you are his real father.
Sydney   No.
George   I want you to tell him after… I want you to take care of my son Sydney….
Sydney   We don’t have to….
George   Promise. Promise.
Sydney   I promise.
George   Nicholas. Oh!
Sydney   Nicholas. Nicholas.
Jack   Hey Jarod. Right on time. You didn’t have any trouble findin’ the place, did you?
Jarod   It’s amazing you tell the cab driver where to go and he gets you there.
Jack   Ain’t it though. I’d like to introduce you to your new partner. Pat Rush. Jarod Barker.
Pat   Jack said you did time at Mayfield.
Jarod   Six years, eight months, and three
Pat   I did a two spot there. I don’t remember your face.
Jarod   That’s because I like to hang by myself.
Pat   That’s cool.
Jack   If you dogs are through sniffing each other I’d like to get down to business. My source informs that there is a very accessible situation out in Meadow Hills.
Pat   That’s a new development out near the lake.
Jack   Houses start at half a million. Gentlemen it’s rotting on the vine. All we have to do is go out there and pick it.
Pat   I don’t know.
Jack   What did you say?
Pat   I gotta bad feeling that’s all.
Jack   Son, you don’t know what feeling bad is really all about.
Bartender   Yo, Jack. Phone call.
Jack   Take a message.
Bartender   It’s the Mexican.
Jack   You boys have a beer and when I get back I’ll tell you all about Myra and Stanley Bellows.
Pat   Guy’s is certifiable. Word is he’s been running this home invasion scam for almost five years.
Jarod   Word is?
Pat   A guy who knows a guy.
Jarod   Well someone should stop him.
Pat   One phone call from Brevins and we’re both back inside. Don’t even think about running to the cops unless you want to end up like that Harmon dude.
Jarod   Bobby Harmon?
Pat   He wasn’t blown away by accident. My guy says that Harmon was about to go to the DA, drop Brevin’s whole operation on the table when he got it.
Jarod   That’s quite a little scam he’s got going. Career criminals do his dirty work and if we refuse, well, he violates our parole and doubles our time.
Pat   Not to mention his frickin’ dogs. Man loves those frickin’ dogs.
Jarod   How did he know that Bobby Harmon was going to turn him in?
Pat   Have you made one move since you’ve been out that he didn’t know about?
Nicholas   How’d you find me?
Sydney   Your father said you might come here.
Nicholas   Hah. My father, that’s a laugh.
Sydney   This will be hard for you to understand and you have every right to be angry. But there were reasons.
Nicholas   Reasons? What reasons could there be for hiding the truth from someone, about who they are and where they came from?
Sydney   Just before you were born I was involved with some people, very dangerous people, who made threats against my life. To protect me, your mother left me without telling me about you.
Nicholas   Did you look for me?
Sydney   I told you. I didn’t know you’d been born.
Nicholas   And now I don’t have a father, or a family or a life.
Sydney   Nicholas. It isn’t true. You have a wonderful mother and a father who loves you.
Nicholas   He’s not my father.
Sydney   You’re wrong Nicholas. Being a father is more than giving life. It’s being there in the middle of the night when you’re sick, or afraid or alone. And it’s teaching you how to ride a bike, how to catch a fish, how to tie a tie. Being a parent isn’t about the big moments. It’s about the little ones.
Nicholas   Have you ever felt those things for anyone?
Sydney   There was someone. A child. Your father loves you very much. As much as if he had given you life. Don’t throw that away.
Nicholas   Why are you here?
Sydney   After everything is said and done, maybe, you and I can be friends. Hello? Is someone there?
Jack   The key is to convince these people that you are serious. That you will kill them, if they do not do exactly what you want them to do.
Jarod   What about Bobby Harmon?
Jack   What about it?
Jarod   Look I don’t want to end up dead on someone’s living room floor because you forgot something.
Jack   Harmon was a mistake. End of story.
Pat   How much money did you say these people keep in the house?
Jack   Could be north of a hundred thousand dollars. Apparently the old gentleman does not trust banks. Just make sure you kill this power box before you enter the house. That disables the flood lights, the security system. It will keep the rent-a-cops off your tail.
Jarod   And what do we do when we are finished?
Jack   You stop by my place and we split up the money. We go in twelve hours. Everybody ready?
Jarod   Ready.
Jarod   They say that it takes the patience of a saint to tend to a prosperous garden.
Lupe   You know about flowers?
Jarod   I know about patience.
Lupe   I used to send Bobby a single red rose every Friday.
Jarod   He used to put them in the window of his cell. He said they made him feel like there was something worth living for.
Lupe   You know, Bobby wrote me twice a week. He never mentioned anyone named Jarod.
Jarod   Oh yeah, he probably wouldn’t. I was transferred to Bobby’s cell block three weeks before he was released. So, you know, he probably had other things on his mind.
Lupe   Come here baby.
Jarod   You have great kids.
Lupe   In the park, you said you come here for a reason?
Jarod   I think Bobby was set up.
Lupe   Set up? Why would anyone want to hurt my husband?
Jarod   That’s what I m trying to find out.
Lupe   Oh, where are my manners? Ah. Please can I get you something to drink?
Jarod   That would be very nice.
Lupe   It would have to be water or Kiwi juice.
Jarod   Kiwi juice?
Lupe   Yeah, kiwi papaya. It was Bobby’s favourite. There must be a dozen bottles left in the refrigerator.
Jarod   Busy day?
Sandi   Oh God, Jarod. I didn’t see you standing there.
Jarod   That’s surprising. I thought you were keeping a close eye on me.
Sandi   I bought some steaks and a bottle of wine. I thought maybe we could go up on the roof and have ourselves a cook out.
Jarod   You knew Bobby Harmon.
Sandi   Jarod I…
Jarod   Please don’t lie to me.
Sandi   I knew Bobby.
Jarod   Why didn’t you tell me?
Sandi   I was scared. I mean, Bobby and me were friends. No it wasn’t like that. He loved his wife and his kids.
Jarod   You told Brevins that Bobby was going to turn him into the police.
Sandi   No. No, I never mentioned that to anybody, except for….
Jarod   Except for who?
Sandi   Pat Rush.
Jarod   And what about me? What’s the deal with me?
Sandi   Jack wanted me to get close. Jarod I had no choice.
Jarod   This has something to do with that guy that I saw you talking to at the convalescent home.
Sandi   You followed me?
Jarod   Who was he? Just another sucker or maybe a former client that you took pity on?
Sandi   He’s my little brother.
Sandi   His name is Michael. The doctors say that he will never be any better than he is now. It was raining and Michael had invited me to dinner and the movies. He loves the movies. I ah, never saw the other car run the light.
Jarod   Is that why your mother won’t speak to you?
Sandi   I was his big sister, you know. I’m supposed to be looking out for him. I thought that paying for Michael’s medical care might turn things around and make her understand that it was an accident.
Jarod   Private hospitals are expensive.
Sandi   Three thousand dollars a month.
Jarod   That’s how you got involved with Brevins? You needed the money to take care of your little brother.
Sandi   He had nothing to do with what happened to Bobby. I swear. After Bobby was killed I got scared and I was going to go to the police. But Jack threatened to hurt Michael. I didn’t know what else to do.
Jarod   Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. I promise.
Jarod   You down for this?
Pat   Cut the power, bust open the side door, wait for you to come through the front.
Jarod   Everything by the numbers.
Pat   By the numbers.
Jarod   You don’t seem convinced.
Pat   If we screw this up we’re both dead men.
Jarod   Well we’d better not screw it up then.
TV   Notify all cars in the area of Fourth and Grove. Bank robbery, First National.
Jack   Ahhhh, grrr.
Jarod   Oh Jack. Wake up!
Jack   What?
Jarod   It is okay if I still call you Jack, right?
Jack   Barker? Is that you Barker? You stinking punk. I’m going to burn you for this.
Pat   I told you this was going to blow up in our faces.
Jack   Rush? Is that you kid? Hey kid listen to me. You’re making a life decision here. Make a right one.
Pat   Look let’s split, right now.
Jarod   Will you chill out. Like you said he’s been doing this home invasion thing for the last five years, right.
Pat   So what?
Jarod   So what? Open your eyes dumb ass. Look around. There’s more loot here than when we are ever going to find in some cul-de-sac in the suburbs? Ain’t that right Jack?
Jack   You clowns are robbing me? That’s what this is all about? You’re robbing me?
Jarod   It stings don’t it Jack. Just like it must have stung… Bobby Harmon. When you killed him.
Pat   Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are you talking about Harmon? Let’s just do this and get out of here.
Jarod   A little change of plans Pat.
Pat   What are you talking about?
Jarod   You see I’m not exactly who I pretend to be. The truth is I’ve never been arrested before, but you will be. I’ll make sure that they put you away for aiding and abetting in the murder of Bobby Harmon.
Jack   Kill him Pat.
Pat   Who are you?
Jarod   I’m still trying to figure that one out. But as for you it’s over.
Pat   I don’t think so.
Jarod   Are you going to shoot me?
Pat   I’ll do it, I swear.
Jarod   Go ahead.
Jack   Do it!
Pat   Back off Barker!
Jarod   It was a pleasure doing business with you. Well it looks like it’s just you and me Jack.
Jack   What do want from me?
Jarod   Did you kill Bobby Harmon?
Jack   You’re going to rot in prison Barker.
Jarod   Answer my question.
Jack   Go to hell!
Jarod   Okay fine. I’m just going to have to take it up with your four-legged friends in the next room.
Jack   Hey what are you doing?
Jarod   Let’s just see how much you really love those little guys. Actually I’ll start with the little one.
Jack   Junior? Hey Barker what the hell are you doing? Barker don’t hurt that dog.
Jarod   Junior. Junior!
Jack   You son of a bitch. You killed my dog?
Jarod   Well are you ready to answer my question now Jack?
Jack   Look, you leave Big Daddy alone, huh?
Jarod   Well, Big Daddy’s going to fry unless you answer my question.
Jack   You hurt that dog man, I will cut your heart out.
Jarod   Oh alright Jack. Have it your way.
Jack   No. Barker. Barker.
Jarod   Alright Big Daddy, you’re up.
Jack   No. Wait Barker. Alright. I did it. I did it!
Jarod   You did what? You did what!?
Jack   You son of a bitch. You killed my dog?
Jarod   Well are you ready to answer my question now Jack?
Jack   Look, you leave Big Daddy alone, huh?
Jarod   Well, Big Daddy’s going to fry unless you answer my question.
Jack   You hurt that dog man, I will cut your heart out.
Jarod   Oh alright Jack. Have it your way.
Jack   No. Barker. Barker.
Jarod   Alright Big Daddy, you’re up.
Jack   No. Wait Barker. Alright. I did it. I did it!
Jarod   You did what? You did what!?
Jack   I killed Bobby Harmon. I made it look like it was a robbery.
Jarod   And how many home invasion robberies using parolees were you involved with? How many?
Jack   Uh, ten, twelve. Come on take this blindfold off me, will you man?
Jarod   Sure thing Jack.
Jack   What the hell? Hey? I heard my dogs. I heard you shoot?
Jarod   What this? Neat trick huh? Oh, one other thing. Look at this. Merry Christmas, Jack.
Jack   Oh. Oh. I’ll get you! Barker! Damn you! Barker!
Nurse   Pardon me, Mrs Stamatis but the Doctor thinks you should say goodbye now.
Michelle   I don’t think I can do this.
Sydney   I can go in with you.
Michelle   No. No, I… I need to be alone with him. But Nicholas should be here. He needs to say goodbye to him. Hi!
George   Hey!
Michelle   Hey!
George   It’s alright. Don’t be afraid. I’m not.
Michelle   I love you, so much.
George   Always.
Michelle   It just doesn’t seem fair. We have so much to do. We have so much more to share.
George   Shh. We will be together again, I know it. Come here. Come here. Oh my baby. Where’s Nick huh?
Nicholas   Sorry I’m late. I’m here Dad. I’m here.
George   Hey buddy. Hey.
Michelle   Thank you will just never be enough.
Sydney   I’m glad that I was of some comfort to you. What now?
Michelle   Well I go home and try to get on with the rest of my life.
Sydney   A good life.
Michelle   Goodbye Sydney.
Sydney   Until we meet again.
Nicholas   I never thought that I could feel more alone than I did when I heard that my father was dying. I was wrong.
Sydney   Time’s a great healer.
Nicholas   Time. Is that how you got over losing your family?
Sydney   I will never get over that, not as long as I live.
Nicholas   My office number at the university if you ever, ever want to talk.
Sydney   Who shall I say I am if your assistant asks?
Nicholas   You could say that you are my friend.
Jarod   That’s a pretty good start.
Sydney   Well, a man can’t ask for more than an opportunity. And I owe any chance that I have of knowing my son to you Jarod.
Jarod   Well everyone deserves to have a family.
Sydney   Jarod? Didn’t I teach you how to tie a tie?
Jarod   Yes. Yes you did.

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