4-07 Wild Child

4-07 Wild Child

Wild Child

What if Mr. Cox really is the Grim Reaper?


Wild Child

What if Mr. Cox really is the Grim Reaper?


Original air date: December 11, 1999

Written by: Joel Metzger

Directed by: Michael J. Klick

Jarod encounters painful memories from his childhood when he tries to rescue a newly found ‘wild child’ whom research scientists have secretly used for their own experiments in the past.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Fishing

Jarod’s Occupations: Psychologist

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Bell


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod rescues a “wild child” from a research scientist who uses the young girl for an experiment.


On a fishing trip in the Utah wilderness, Jarod stumbles upon a terrifying scene.  He watches as a police officer drags a hissing, creature-like young girl into a cruiser.  Jarod picks up a tattered doll the girl dropped and hands it to the officer.  It turns out that a hunter found the girl living alone in the wilderness, scouring for food around a garbage can.  Jarod follows the girl to Wolverine Research Annex, a research lab headed by a Dr. George Wolverton.  Wolverton wrote a controversial book on the effects of isolation and deprivation on the human psyche.  Inside the facility, in an isolation cell, Dr. Anne Sulvane bandages the struggling girl’s battered ankle.  A flower–shaped pin on Anne’s lab coat entrances the girl.  Jarod, posing as a psychiatrist, observes the girl recoil at the sight of Wolverton and Bennett, who watch from an observation window.  Meanwhile, it is revealed that Miss Parker and her father are the apparent targets of an assassin.  The only lead rests in a “picture taking freak” who sends Miss Parker surveillance photos.

Back at the research center, Jarod complains to an unsympathetic Bennett about the insensitive treatment afforded the girl.  He finds an ally in Dr. Sulvane, who expresses concern over the girl’s deteriorating condition.  Wolverton and Bennett, however, see this “specimen” as the research opportunity of a lifetime.  Outside the research facility, Bennett and Wolverton field questions from eager reporters.  One especially vigilant reporter, Leslie Twain, keeps pressing for an evaluation of the girl’s emotional health.  Later, Twain slips into the facility and watches the young girl through the observation window.  Twain wants to get the girl’s picture on the press wires to see if her identity can be determined.  Unfortunately, Dr. Bennett appears and squashes a conversation between Jarod and Twain.  Suddenly, a crash from the observation room reveals the “wild child” has escaped.

With the tattered doll in hand, Jarod searches the research facility grounds on his own.  He finds the young girl in a tall tree and talks her out of the branches by using the doll.  Dr. Sulvane checks the girl’s physical condition and finds improvement.  Against Wolverton’s wishes, Jarod gives the “wild child” the name “Violet.”  As Jarod and Dr. Sulvane observe, Violet eats flowers and mouths her first distinguishable word: “Dahmah.”  Violet, hugging her doll, suddenly falls into a seizure.  Later, with Violet stable, Dr. Sulvane cannot explain how the girl contracted a strong strain of the flu inside her sterile room.  On a hunch, Jarod takes Sulvane to the lab to examine the tattered doll under a microscope.  Sulvane uncovers a cocktail of ten cold and flu strains on the doll.  Jarod and Sulvane deduce that someone intentionally contaminated the doll to make Violet sick.  Jarod knows they must get Violet out of the building.

Jarod, Violet, and Dr. Sulvane escape in a jeep and head up a mountain road.  Using a map, and his Pretender instincts, Jarod locates Violet’s “wilderness home.” Violet runs into the brush and up to a fissure carved into the rock.  Inside, Jarod finds battered suitcases and a photograph of a young couple with a two-year old girl holding a new doll.  Jarod shows Violet the family photo.  Violet smiles and says “DahMah.” Violet leads Jarod and Dr. Sulvane through the thick underbrush to rusted plane wreckage with two skeletons locked in a death embrace.  Violet puts her hand on one skeleton and says, “Dah,” and her hand on the other skeleton and says “Mah.” Cross necklaces adorn each skeleton’s neck.  Violet arranges her flowers in a cross shape and then puts her arms around Jarod for comfort.  Unfortunately, Jarod makes an another alarming discovery: cables for video equipment that wind to a carefully camouflaged dugout.

Inside the dugout, Jarod finds an old newspaper article about a family of three who disappeared during a plane flight.  He also finds crude sketches of Violet, and an envelope containing telephoto shots of Violet in the wilderness.  Again, Violet’s ordeal resurrects painful childhood memories for Jarod.

In an abandoned part of the Centre, Broots and Miss Parker plan to leave their collection of surveillance photos for Cox.  Parker believes Cox is behind the strange delivery of the photos and the intended “hit” on her father.  As Broots tries to open an ominous steel door, Cox opens the door from the other side.  Broots and Parker learn that Cox is a Centre assassin hired by Parker’s brother, Lyle.  Subsequently, Parker confronts her brother.  Lyle denies any such conspiracy.  Instead, Lyle counters that he met with their father, who told him to take the surveillance photos and leak them to the Triumvirate as a way of establishing Miss Parker’s alibi.  The mystery:  Why does Parker need an alibi?

Jarod returns to the research center and finds Twain still following Violet’s story.  Jarod tells Twain all the details regarding Violet’s odyssey in the wilderness.  Jarod feels Twain will do Violet’s story justice in the press.  One piece of the puzzle remains: evidence implicating Wolverton as the culprit.  Jarod shows Sulvane and Twain the evidence they need in videotapes he found in Wolverton’s office.  The video reveals a hooded Wolverton releasing Violet from an animal trap he himself had set.  Now, Jarod sets a trap for Wolverton.  Back at Jarod’s lair, Wolverton observes an unsuspecting Violet rolling in the grass in the backyard.  He approaches her, wearing latex gloves, and extends the ragged doll, now moldy from being infected with germs.  As Violet reaches for the doll, Jarod shoots Wolverton with a tranquilizer dart.  Wolverton awakens in the wilderness gorge, dirty, shoeless, and nearly naked.  Jarod prods a confession from Dr. Wolverton by threatening to abandon him in the wilderness.  Wolverton states that his renown scientific research stemmed from studying a terrified, orphaned Violet in the wilderness.  Twain waits with a Sheriff as a “wild man,” Dr. Wolverton, stumbles out of the woods.  Twain’s photograph of Wolverton’s snarling image hits the front page with the headline “Doctor Arrested For Abuse of Missing Girl.”

Having lost her own young son tragically, Dr. Sulvane enthusiastically signs court papers to become Violet’s legal guardian.  Jarod tearfully says his good-byes to Violet as she offers him a flower.

4-07 Wild Child

Wild Child Transcript


    The Centre Blue Cove, Delaware
Broots   Jarod sent these. From what I can tell, all taken within the last few weeks. There’s Portland, Houston, Lexington.
Parker   Someone’s been tracking us?
Sydney   Not us- You. Look. Feels like the hunter’s becoming the hunted.
Parker   What?
Jarod   Someone has eyes for you.
Parker   The question is, who?
Jarod   Sometimes the answer is the question.
Parker   Don’t get Kwai Chang on me, Jarod.
Jarod   Ooh, I love that guy, wandering the earth, helping people. Like I’m trying to help you and your father.
Parker   My father? Jarod.
    [Dial Tone]
Sydney   What did he mean, help your father?
Parker   Damn it.
Sydney   What is it, Parker?
Parker   My father is still in hiding but I received a cryptic e-mail from him this morning. Daddy told me not to trust anyone. There’s a Centre contract out on my father.
Broots   Well, then why-why did he follow you?
Parker   They probably think I’ll eventually lead them to the real target.
Hunter   Don’t anybody touch my cards, or it’ll get ugly!
Hunter’s Pals   Yeah, huh.
Hunter   And Harry cheats.
Pals   Yeah, yeah.
    [Barking Continues]
Hunter   Damn raccoons.
    [Footsteps Running]
    [Barking] [Growling]
Hunter   I got something for your garbage-eatin’ little ass.
    [Barking, Whining]
    Buck Ridge, Utah
Jarod   The fish is swimming along happily in its natural environment. You drop the hook in, you yank it out, you catch him. And then after all that, you release him?
Man   It’s really not that confusing.
    [Siren Wailing]
Jarod   Tell that to the fish.
Man   Hey, boy. What’s going on?
Boy   Hunters caught something freaky up in the mountains.
Man   Is that a boy or a girl?
Officer   Get away from the window.
Man   Look.
Man   What kind of creature is that anyway?
Officer   [Grunting] Come on now. Come on.
Woman   I think it’s a girl.
Officer   Don’t make it any harder than it has to be.
Woman   Oh, that poor thing.
Officer   Come on. Get in the car.
Officer   I’ll take that.
Boy (to Jarod)   You ever see anything like that before?
[Jarod flashback of his kidnapping]   [Jarod] [Mumbling][Screaming]
    [Siren Wailing]
    U.T.C. Behavioral Sciences Annex
Dr. Wolverton   Locate Dr. Bennett right away. Get a lab crew, linguist, pediatrician.
Assistant   I vote for a veterinarian.
Woman   The state is sending one of their people to observe.
Wolverton   A social worker?
Woman   Psychiatrist.
Wolverton   We don’t have much time.
Girl   [Gasps]
Assistant 2   Oh! Damn it!
Dr. Wolverton   Oh, stop her! Go! Go! Somebody stop her!
Girl   [Groans, Hits Ground]
Assistant   It’s like she’s never seen a window before.
Jarod   It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.
Dr. Anne Sulvane   It’s okay. I’m not gonna hurt you, honey. I’m just gonna clean this up.
Girl   [Whimperes]
Anne   How you feeling? Hmm? All right. I’m almost done.
Jarod   You’re making a big mistake dealing with her like this. She’s afraid to be touched.
Dr. Bennett   We’ll instruct our own staff, if you don’t mind, Doctor-
Jarod   Bell. Jarod Bell.
Wolverton   The state shrink from Provo. Your office contacted us about your arrival. This is Doctor Bennett.
Bennett   How do you do?
Jarod   Hello.
Wolverton   I’m Dr. Wolverton.
Jarod   I read your book, The Effects of Isolation and Deprivation on the Human Psyche. Your theories prompted a great deal of debate within the psychiatric community.
Wolverton   My writings are controversial because they push the envelope of psychosocial medicine.
Jarod   Well, it’s always difficult to break from the pack. Given her physical appearance and her lack of verbal skills, she must have been isolated at a very young age.
Wolverton   The question is, what made her suddenly decide to make contact.
Dr. Anne Sulvane   Everything’s gonna be okay.
Girl   [Whimpers]
Jarod   We show her kindness, we establish some kind of trust and she’ll begin to communicate in her own way.
Wolverton   We don’t have that kind of time. With no legal guardian we lose her to Social Services in 36 hours.
Jarod   You haven’t been able to find any family?
Bennett   No, the police are running her picture on the net. Until then, I suggest we take advantage of the time we have left with our one-of-a-kind specimen. Bring her out.
    The Centre
Sydney   We were looking for you.
Parker   Good news, I hope.
Broots   Well- [Clears Throat] The numbers on these photographs are Level One encryption codes used exclusively for Triumvirate communiques.
Parker   Mutumbo?
Broots   The assassin uploaded them through our satellites to Africa. I was able to isolate the killer’s designation. He calls himself “The Owl.” And according to personnel files, that designation is used by Mr. Cox.
Sydney   The Grim Reaper.
Parker   You can’t say Jarod didn’t warn us. [Laughs] Broots, I wanna know everything about our picture-taking freak.
Broots   Uh, Miss Parker, I ran Mr. Cox through the database. He came up empty. The guy is a blank slate. The only proof that we have that he exists is the fact that we’re looking at him.
Cox   Sweep his office.
Broots   He doesn’t have one. But get this. I- I talked to my friend Rory in Purchasing.
Sydney   The fellow with the artificial leg?
Broots   No, that’s Rudy in Public Information. Rory’s the one with the birthmark on his head shaped-
Parker   [Stomps]
Broots   Like Gumby. Okay. Anyway, Rory told me that Mr. Cox has been mail ordering surgical supplies and having them delivered at the Centre.
Parker   Track the deliveries.
Broots   I’m on it.
Sydney   What if Mr. Cox really is the Grim Reaper?
Parker   All the more reason to make sure he doesn’t find my father.
Sydney   Hmm.
    U.T.C. Behavioral Sciences Annex
Anne   Make sure to keep her room warm.
Assistant 2   Yes, ma’am.
Anne   Thank you.
Jarod   I hate to see her kept in this place.
Dr. Anne Sulvane   I’m Dr. Sulvane- Anne.
Jarod   Dr. Jarod Bell. I’m the state psych. She needs familiar surroundings. Plants, grass, sunshine.
Anne   Mm-hmm.
Bennett   I’m sorry. I’m afraid that’s not possible. We have to keep her environment sterile. If she’s been isolated her entire life, we don’t know what her immune system can handle.
Anne   Well, her vital signs are off the chart. B.P. is 200 over 120, pulse is 150. At least let me give her a mild sedative.
Bennett   No meds. And I want minimal interaction. We’re only here to observe.
Jarod   How do you expect to find out who she is if you don’t try to communicate with her?
Wolverton   She’s unable to communicate, Doctor. And the hard truth is, she’s not going to learn for a very long time.
Bennett   I agree with Dr. Wolverton. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study the very core of the human animal.
Jarod   Specimen, animal. How about human being?
    [Banging Continues]
Wolverton   If you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to go meet with the press.
    [Phone Ringing]
Anne   [Sighs]
Jarod   Are you okay?
Anne   [Sighs] I just can’t get past her eyes- how sad they look, how lost.
Jarod   You know, it only takes one person to make a difference.
Anne   Cardinal rule of traumatized patients, Dr. Bell: Do not invest emotionally.
Jarod   How come I don’t think you really believe that?
    [Banging Continues]
Jarod   Where did you come from, little girl?
Press   Doctor! Doctor!
Reporters   Is the little girl able to speak? Does she understand anything? How long has she been in the wilderness?
Bennett   First of all, we don’t have any answers as of yet. But this is the finest private research facility in the state. And we’ve assembled a team of specialists who are the best in their fields.
Reporters   Was there any sign of abuse? How is she holding up emotionally?
Wolverton   As Dr. Bennett said, we have an expert team working on the situation. Now, we’ll keep you updated as the situation warrants. No more questions. Thank you.
Bennett   No more questions. Thank you.
Reporter   Give us the answer to a simple question, Doctor.
Leslie Twain, Reporter   She’s pretty. Are you on Dr. Bennett’s team?
Jarod   Not exactly. Dr. Jarod Bell.
Leslie   Leslie Twain. I’m with the Salt Lake Chronicle. If you could just let me get a couple of pictures, a brief interview for my paper… I might be able to help you figure out who she is. My story would be syndicated all over the country and-
Bennett   Dr. Bell is not at liberty to give interviews. Rest assured, everything is under control.
    [Glass Shatters]
Bennett   I’m sorry, you’re gonna have to go join the others right now.
Jarod   What happened?
Bennett   Where the hell did she go? Where?
Wolverton   Did you check the main building?
Assistant 2   Top to bottom. She has to be somewhere on the grounds.
Wolverton   What about the press?
Ass. 2   We moved them in the commissary.
Jarod   Wait a minute. What are you planning on doing with that?
Bennett   It’s for her own safety.
Jarod   That weapon was not meant to be used on animals.
Bennett   The subject is in a total state of-
Jarod   The subject is a little girl who is scared out of her mind!
Wolverton   Please, Doctor. Let us do our work.
[Woman on P.A.]   Dr. Wilson, call extension 11. (repeats]
Anne   What now?
Jarod   We find her first. Come on. Here we go. Take my coat.
Anne   Okay.
Girl   [Gasps, Whimpers]
Jarod   It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. Here. Go ahead. Take her. Go ahead. [Slips] [Grunts]
Girl   [Laughs]
Jarod   You think that’s funny? I guess that is pretty funny. [Laughs]
Girl   [Laughs][Sighs]
Anne   She seems to be reacting to the change in her environment.
Jarod   Hmm.
Anne   Her vitals are stable. She’s breathing easier. So what did you say to her up in that tree?
Jarod   Nothing. We just laughed.
Wolverton   What are those plants doing in there? Her room was to be kept sterile.
Jarod   They can’t harm her.
Wolverton   This is too much interaction. The subject is too important.
Jarod   The subject? Why don’t we give her a name?
Wolverton   Assigning her a name is assigning her a personality. It could prejudice the results of the case study.
Jarod   Violet.
Anne   Violet. I like it.
Girl/ Violet   [Babbles]
Anne   She spoke.
Violet   [Babbling Continues]
Anne   Wh- What is she saying?
Wolverton   It’s mimicry. Random phonetics.
Jarod   No. She’s trying to tell us something.
Violet   [Babbling Continues]
Anne   What’s happening to her?
Jarod   She’s going into seizure. Help me hold her down.
Violet   [Groaning]
Jarod   My God, she’s burning up.
Anne   Dr. Bennett, I need my medical bag. Get my bag now!
Violet/Girl   [Gasps]
Woman on P.A.   Social Services, please call 571.
Jarod   Hey. You should go home and get some sleep.
Anne   Later.
Jarod   The results of the tests came back. It was a common flu strain. It went right through her defenses.
Anne   Well, she responded to the medication. It was scary to see her so helpless.
Jarod   Are you investing emotionally, Doctor?
Anne   [Laughs] I don’t understand it. Her room was sterile, the plants were indigenous and none of us exhibited symptoms of being sick. I don’t know where the virus came from.
Violet   [Grunting]
Anne   Oh, she wants her doll. It’s the only thing that calms her. What are you doing? This is a cocktail of cold and flu strains. There must be at least 10 separate viruses here.
Jarod   Or 12.
Anne   You think someone purposely infected this doll?
Jarod   Unless you believe that a dozen infectious viruses magically infested the same square inch of material.
Anne   Well, I don’t understand. Why?
Jarod   Someone close to the situation is afraid that Violet is going to begin to communicate.
Anne   What you’re implying is crazy. These men are the top in their fields. Wolverton’s research has saved thousands and Bennett’s work with P.O.W.’s in isolation is groundbreaking.
Jarod   I know the record. I don’t know the men. We have to get that little girl out of here.
Anne   I can’t be a part of this.
Jarod   I see the way you look at her. It’s not just a doctor-patient relationship. What are you so afraid of, Anne?
Anne   I had a son- Matthew. He was a little younger than Violent when he got sick. I took him to the best clinics in the country, the best doctors. But I couldn’t save him.
Jarod   I’m sorry.
Anne   Losing him nearly killed me. I cannot go through those feelings again. Not again.
    [Door Closes]
Bennett   Dr. Bell. Dr. Bell!
Jarod   Dr. Bennett.
Bennett   I understand that you’ve located the source of the illness.
Jarod   Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. I was going to show it to you in the morning. It seems that the infection came from her doll.
Bennett   This is very disturbing.
Bennett   What was that?
Anne   Dr. Bennett. She’s not in her room.
Bennett   What?
Anne   The little girl is gone.
Bennett   Damn it. Damn it!
Jarod   Violet. Violet, where are you?
Violet   [Laughing]
Violet   [Grunting]
Jarod   It’s okay. It’s my car. It’s okay, honey. It’s okay. You okay?
Anne   Wait, wait. Stop, stop. I’d like a second chance to help, if you’ll let me.
Parker   This is the fourth time Cox has pulled over. What the hell is he looking for?
Broots   I never pictured Cox as the pickup truck kind of guy.
Parker   [Sighs] Yeah, well, he’s a blank slate, remember?
Broots   Oh, which reminds me, I talked to Rory in Purchasing. He said he didn’t know where Cox had the surgical tools delivered.
Parker   We’re going in circles.
Broots   Wait a minute.
Parker   What’s he doing with the shovel?
Broots   Oh, criminy. That’s a dead something. He’s taking pictures of roadkill, just like he did when he was tracking you.
Parker   Flattering comparison. Thank you. Tell me he didn’t just scoop that worm banquet into the truck.
Broots   Ew. What now?
Parker   Stay with him. If that psycho gets to my father, we’re all roadkill.
Anne   What makes you so sure that this is where she came from?
Jarod   The winters in the region are far too brutal for anyone to survive without some kind of heat source. According to this map, there’s just one hot spring in the area.
    [Airplane Passing Overhead]
Violet   [Babbles]
Jarod   Come on. The water’s warm. Her home must be close.
Violet   [Laughs]
Jarod   Interesting. Where did she get the glass?
Anne   Or this? What is it, Jarod?
Jarod   I think it might be Violet with her parents.
Anne   God. Could it be possible?
Violet   [Babbles]
Anne   Where is she going now? Oh, my God. It’s a wrecked plane. Jarod, it’s her parents.
Violet   Da. Ma. Da, Ma.
Anne   What is it?
Jarod   Looks like some kind of video cable.
    [Clock Chiming]
Jarod   How’s she doing?
Anne   Resting. [Sighs] Could someone have known about her being out there and done nothing?
Jarod   Yes. From the looks of these photos, it’s been going on for over 10 years.
Anne   This is personal to you, isn’t it?
Jarod   Yes. It’s personal.
Anne   You wanna talk about it?
Jarod   You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.
Anne   Try me.
Jarod   Some other time, maybe.
Anne   Oh, where are you going?
Jarod   To find out who did this.
    The Centre
Parker   Did someone die?
Broots   Yes.
Parker   Where have you been? You really were at a funeral.
Broots   In Dover. Mr. Cox, he spent the night there. He’s pretty chummy with the owner.
Parker   The old guy?
Broots   I’m running him down, but I don’t think he has any connection to the Centre. Weird thing though, Mr. Cox only came and went through the back door.
Parker   With Hefty bags.
Broots   Yeah, I don’t know what’s in them.
Parker   What comes out the back door of a mortuary?
Broots   Body parts. Well, whatever was in them, he had sent to the east wing of SL 6.
Parker   East wing. That was the infirmary when I was a kid. I got my tonsils taken out there.
Broots   Well, I don’t think he’s handing out lollipops to little girls.
Parker   Not live ones, anyway.
Broots   Ew.
Parker   I think it’s time we paid the Grim Reaper a visit.
Broots   [Clears Throat]
    Sub- Level 6
Parker   Give me the photos.
Broots   What are we doing here?
Parker   I’m gonna leave these for Cox. Let him know he’s being watched too.
Cox   Did you lose something, Mr. Broots?
    [Electricity Humming, Crackling]
Parker   Love what you’ve done with the place.
Cox   [Sniffs Parker] That’s right. You had your tonsils removed here, didn’t you? Well, I had to clean out the old file cabinets.
Parker   Out with the files, in with the body parts? Hangin’ at the mortuary. Mysterious bags of God knows what. Scooping roadkill.
Cox   You followed me?
Parker   You take surveillance photos of me, you better be prepared for a little retaliation. Who’s the gray hair?
Cox   His name is Carl. He’s my father.
Broots   Your- Your father’s the mortician?
Cox   Mmm. We used to have talks about life while he was embalming the corpses. Now we just exchange tricks of the trade for my hobby.
Broots   My father gave me an erector set once.
Parker   Hobby?
Cox   Mmm. Taxidermy. Well, it’s a second chance at life as a part of my collection. The eyes have to be replaced with glass orbs. You know, in some cultures I’m stealing its ability to see its way into the afterlife. Well, that’s Dad’s theory, anyway.
Parker   Daddies can be so much fun.
Cox   Speaking of which. How is your father these days?
Parker   Wouldn’t you love to know?
Cox   Oh, Miss Parker. Those pictures of you- I didn’t take them.
    [Electricity Humming, Crackling]
Cox   But I will be keeping an eye on you.
Jarod   This is one from the earlier surveillance tapes. The footage was taken near the crash site. These shots were taken three years later.
Anne   I can’t believe she survived all those years alone.
Jarod   She was living on pure instinct. This is where she got the wound on her ankle.
Violent [ON video]   [Screams]
Anne   That’s some kind of animal trap. How long was she caught in that thing?
Jarod   According to the logbook, three days.
Anne   Who could’ve done something like this?
Jarod   Watch.
Violet [on video]   [Screaming]
Anne   My God, it’s Dr. Wolverton. I’ll be damned.
Jarod   No. But he will be.
    The Centre
    [Elevator Bell Dings]
Parker   What do you mean, Cox is telling the truth?
Broots   [Clears Throat] I was digging around, and I found this- Lyle’s expense account. Three weeks ago, Lyle bought a very expensive Leica camera. Well, what kind of camera do you think took those shots? And then there’s this.
Parker   A Centre memo.
Broots   Lyle not only brought Mr. Cox to the Centre, but he created his position.
Parker   My brother is behind the hit. He’s trying to kill Daddy?
Lyle   You have lost your mind.
Parker   You took these photos. Cox is a Centre assassin, and he works for you.
Lyle   You’re suggesting that I would have my father- our father- killed?
Parker   Stop trying to make yourself a part of this family.
Lyle   If you looked- really looked- you would see that I’m just trying to help him, the same way you are. Yeah, I got an e-mail from from Dad too. Scared the hell out of me. He’s on the edge of something terrifying. He told me to take the photos and leak them to the Triumvirate to start establishing a pattern for your alibi.
Parker   Alibi for what?
Lyle   I don’t know. He suggested I start a paper trail for myself too. Something big is going down. So big, Mutumbo’s coming to town.
Parker   Mutumbo’s coming here?
Lyle   According to Dad, to meet with Cox. I shouldn’t be telling you this. He told me not to trust anyone.
Parker   He told me the same thing.
Lyle   So what do we do now?
Parker   We wait, and we pray.
    [Bell Tolling]
Violet   [Shudders] [Grumbles]
Wolverton   Don’t be afraid. Here’s your doll. I’ve been watching you for a long time. I was an observer. I never interfered. I never harmed you. God knows that, and so do you.
Violet   [Mutters]
Wolverton   Your fate was determined by the laws of nature, not man, not me. Here. I’m sorry I have to do this but I can’t let anybody find out. [Groaning]
Jarod   So who’s the animal now, Doctor? [Whistling]
Wolverton   Huh? Oh. Oh. What the- Where am I? What’s going on?
Jarod   Disorienting, isn’t it? Imagine how it must have felt for a four-year-old little girl.
Wolverton   Give me my clothes. Ow! [Groans] My shoes!
Jarod   I’d like to, but I wouldn’t wanna contaminate the integrity of my case study. Besides, Violet had nothing when you found her.
Wolverton   It would’ve been no different if I hadn’t found her. I was just an observer! It was a scientific study.
Jarod   Oh, and it paid off for you, didn’t it? Books, research grants, celebrity status. Only your data wasn’t based on scientific research. It was based on the terror of an orphaned child!
Wolverton   [Groans]
Jarod   How long did she starve alone in the wilderness for your study, Doctor?
Wolverton   Help me!
Jarod   No can do. What with the cold, the sleep deprivation, the hunger- You’re gonna be quite a specimen when they drag you out of there.
Wolverton   Oh, this is crazy. I could die down here!
Jarod   Yes, quite possibly, you could. We’ll just leave that up to the laws of nature. Unless you care to confess. No? Oh, well. Have fun.
Wolverton   All right! I left her out here! I – I left her out here. [Sobbing] God forgive me. What have I done? [Sobbing]
Jarod   Hey, Doc. Well, here’s something to keep you company if you get lonely.
Wolverton   Oh. [Sobbing Continues]
Anne   I don’t know how to thank you, Jarod.
Jarod   I’m the one that should be thanking you. It took a lot of courage to sign those court papers to become Violet’s legal guardian.
Anne   I guess you could say I got a message.
Jarod   A message?
Anne   Ah, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.
Jarod   Try me.
Anne   [Laughs] I had a dream last night. My son came to me, and he said it would be all right. He said he didn’t want me to be alone anymore. Does that sound crazy?
Jarod   It sounds perfect. [Laughing] Is that for me? Mmm. Thank you. And I have something for you too.
Violet   [Gasps, Sighs] Jah-rod.
Jarod   Have a beautiful life, okay? Bye
Anne   Bye. You got a new doll.
    [Door Closes]
    [Engine Starts]
    [Vehicle Departs]

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