3-17 Ties That Bind

3-17 Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind

No, you’re wrong, it’ll never be over.

Miss Parker

Ties That Bind

No, you’re wrong, it’ll never be over.

Miss Parker

Original air date: October 4, 1999

Written by:Dave Alan Johnson

Directed by: Fred Keller

Jarod becomes an IRS auditor to expose an unscrupulous law firm and reunite a teenage boy with his father and mother.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Lotteries

Jarod’s Occupations: IRS Auditor

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Tally


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod assists a boy whose father apparently committed suicide under mysterious circumstances.


Miss Parker and two sweepers escort a bloodied and battered Jarod into the Centre lobby.  Miss Parker tells her father that the hunt is now over, and she announces her intention to leave the Centre once and for all.  Suddenly, Miss Parker awakens from her dream.

Meanwhile, in Jacksonville, Florida, Rita Hartunian, the owner of a small convenience store, thanks Jarod for saving her business from the hands of an extortionist.  Shortly thereafter, a boy enters the store and “accidentally” dumps over a gumball machine.  As a distracted Jarod and Rita attend to the mess, the boy steals money from the cash register and runs out the front door.  Jarod gives chase.  He manages to cut off the boy as he attempts a getaway on his bicycle.  Jarod searches the boy’s backpack and finds a newspaper ad featuring a circled rail fare to Atlanta.  He also finds a man’s wallet, which holds a business card for Hoyt & Associates, along with a driver’s license for a man named Peter Hale.  It turns out that Peter is the boy’s father.  Jarod tells the boy, whose name is Dylan, that the next time he pickpockets his father’s wallet, he should make sure it contains cash.  A short time later, Jarod escorts the boy to a boat harbor where Peter lives.  As the pair appoach, Jarod spots Peter on deck.  Moments later, the boat explodes.

Police search through the debris, but are unable to find Peter’s body.  They do, however, find a suicide note posted on a bulletin board by the dock.  Jarod’s interest is piqued when he observes Detective Chandler receiving a pay-off from two men from Peter’s company.  Chandler tells the men, Edgar Hoyt and Craig Winston, that Peter has a son.  Moments later, the boy disappears.

Jarod finds Dylan at a pay phone.  The boy hangs up after attempting to contact his mother, who lives in London.  Jarod tells him that police believe the explosion was not an accident.  Unwilling to allow the boy to roam the streets by himself, Jarod arranges for Dylan to stay in a room above Rita’s store.  Dylan tells Jarod that a month earlier, he observed his father get into an argument with Winston.  During the exchange, Winston warned Peter not to cross the firm.  He then slapped Peter in the face and walked off.

Jarod infiltrates Hoyt & Associates by impersonating an I.R.S. agent.  His attempts to access Peter’s file using his laptop, however, meet a dead end.  Later, Jarod uses his computer to find the phone number of the woman with whom Peter was having an affair (an affair Dylan believed led to his parents’ separation).  But the search leads Jarod not to a lover, but to the F.B.I.  It turns out that Peter had been in secret communication with Agent Matthew Ashley at the Bureau.  But further investigating reveals that Ashley died in a car wreck five days earlier.  Impersonating a Department of Justice worker, Jarod infiltrates the Bureau offices where Ashley was employed.  Peter, it turns out, was working as an informant, collecting evidence implicating the firm in the death of a key witness who was to testify against one of their major clients.

When Jarod returns to Hoyt and Associates, he sneaks inside Winston’s empty office, which is filled with surveillance equipment and monitors.  Luckily, one of the hidden surveillance cameras captures an exchange between Hoyt and Winston in which they discuss a man named De Paz.  Jarod downloads De Paz’s file.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker announces her decision to leave the Centre.  Her father and Lyle are stunned by the announcement.  Later, Mr. Raines threatens to have her stopped if Mr. Parker does not intercede.

Jarod tells Dylan the truth about his father, who was helping the FBI build a case against Hoyt and Associates.  One of the firm’s clients, Vincent De Paz, had been facing trial for murder.  The firm had the eyewitness killed before the trial began.  Later, as Jarod walks down a street, he realizes he is being followed.  He manages to trick his pursuer, and comes up on him from behind.  That man turns out to be Peter Hale.  Jarod convinces Peter that he is trying to help him.  Peter then explains how he faked his own death after Ashley died in the mysterious car accident.  It was the only way for him to buy more time so he could flee the country with his son.

Meanwhile, Mr. Parker offers Thomas a blank check to end his relationship with his daughter.  When Thomas refuses, Mr. Parker and Lyle pay Thomas and Miss Parker a surprise visit.  Mr. Parker tells his daughter she may leave the Centre with his blessing if she so chooses.  Miss Parker cannot believe her ears.  She kisses her father on the cheek.  Afterward, Miss Parker discovers her gun on a table in the foyer of Thomas’ house (she had earlier turned in the weapon when she announced her resignation).  She places the weapon inside the top drawer of the table.

Jarod stops Dylan from carrying out a vendetta against Winston.  He then introduces him to his father.  Dylan is stunned.  Jarod then sets in motion a trap to expose Winston and his wrongdoing.  Winston receives an extortion letter from Peter, demanding money in exchange for his silence regarding the eyewitness’s death.  During the drive to the meeting, one of tires on Winston’s cars blows out (courtesy of Jarod).  Winston exits his car to phone for help.  As luck would have it, the breakdown occurred outside of Rita’s store.  Moments after Winston enters the store, two masked, armed gunman (Jarod and Peter) stage a robbery.  Rita is apparently killed during an exchange of gunfire.  One of the masked gunman informs Winston that there can be no witnesses.  Terrified, Winston tells them how they can get away with Rita’s murder… just as he had gotten away with the murder of an eyewitness and a federal agent.  Suddenly, Jarod, Peter and Rita expose their scam.  Jarod then hits a button on a TV remote… and reveals that he tape recorded Winston’s admission.  Later, Jarod watches as Peter reunites with his wife.

3-17 Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind Transcript


Mr Parker   You look like the cat that ate the rat.
Miss Parker   The hunt is over.
Raines   Outstanding.
Mr Parker   Corner office time, Angel.
Miss Parker   Corner office? Daddy, I’m out of here.
Mr Parker   You’re leaving the Centre?
Miss Parker   We had a deal. I bring back Jarod and I walk out on my own terms.  Daddy?
Mr Parker   This is just the beginning, Angel.
Thomas   It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re awake. It’s over.
Miss Parker   No, you’re wrong, it’ll never be over.
Jarod   You don’t owe me anything Mrs Hartunian.
Rita   Jarod, please call me Rita.
Jarod   Rita.
Rita   Where I come from people show gratitude. You saved my store from that extortionist who calls himself a landlord. I owe you. Mi casa es su casa.
Jarod   Okay.
Rita   Oh, you like lottery?
Jarod   I’ve never actually played one before.
Rita   Ah. Here. Take. Scratch. Enjoy.
Jarod   Thank-you. According to the odds your chances of winning the jackpot are one in thirteen million nine hundred and eighty-three thousand, eight
hundred and sixteen.  That’s the same odds as… getting hit by lighting in a submarine.
Rita   Look, you bring me good luck. Maybe I do same for you.
Jarod   Okay, I’ll give it a try.
Rita   Oh my…
Jarod   Are you alright?
Dylan   I’m sorry.
Jarod   It’s okay.
Dylan   It just fell over.
Rita   Oh all over the floor…
Jarod   Hey! Hey! Come back here. Hey! Hey!
Dylan   Ah!
Jarod   Are you alright? Stay right there.
Dylan   That’s my backpack.
Jarod   And Mrs Hartunian’s cash. What’s your name?
Dylan   None o’ ya.
Jarod   None o’ ya?
Dylan   Yeah. None of your business.
Jarod   You planning on taking a little train ride, None o’ ya?
Dylan   I don’t have to tell you anything. You’re not a cop.
Jarod   Let me give you some advice…. Dylan…  Hale. The next time you want to pickpocket your dad’s wallet you might want to make sure that there’s some more cash in it. He looks like an okay guy.
Dylan   He’s a jerk. Most lawyers are.
Jarod   Clothes. Toothbrush. Now I would bet my lottery tickets you were running away from home.
Dylan   Why do you care?
Jarod   Because I was never lucky enough to have one.
Dylan   Well that makes two of us.
Jarod   Look if you’re running away from your family take my advice. Don’t. Whatever the problem is you can work it out… together.
Dylan   Look, I’m going to Atlanta to live with my friends. It’s all the family I need.
Rita   That little thief.
Dylan   Are you going to let me go, or are you going to call the cops?
Jarod   How about I take you home instead?
Jarod   Wow. You live on a boat?
Dylan   Yeah. My dad moved into the harbour a few weeks ago, after he and my mum split up.
Jarod   Where is she now?
Dylan   London. She’s ah, setting up house, starting a new job. Look, I’m telling you, this is a waste of time. My dad’s at the firm. He’s always at the firm. There’s our boat over there.
Jarod   Hmm. Looks like somebody’s home.
Dylan   I can’t believe it.
Jarod   Is that your dad?
Dylan   I can’t believe he’s home. He’s never home.
Diver   Nothing.
Officer   So, you were saying about the boat?
Dylan   Before my dad got busy with the firm we were fixing up the boat. There was thinners, paints, all kinds of stuff that could have blown up on board.
Officer   Alright. We’re still trying to reach your mom overseas but until I’ll arrange for social services to put you up. Okay?
Jarod   There’s something you’re not telling him.
Officer   Yeah. Found this tacked up on the bulletin board. It’s Hale’s writing.
Jarod   A suicide note. Do you mind if I tell him?
Officer   Alright. Excuse me.
Winston   Thought we had an agreement, detective. I am always the first call.
Officer   Look I didn’t realise that this guy was from your firm.
Hoyt   What have we got?
Officer   Divers are in the water. But with an explosion this size and these currents it could take forty-eight hours before they find Hale’s body.
Winston   Make it thirty-six, okay?  Now Hale has a son. Where is he?
Officer   Well he’s sitting right over th….
Hoyt   Find that kid. His father may have said something to him.
Jarod   Oh no.
Broots   And Jarod was long gone by the time we got to his desert cabin but… um… this was in the desk drawer.
Sydney   Subtext is rather obvious.
Broots   Yeah.
Lyle   Parker’s conclusion?
Broots   Oh, well, uh…
Sydney   Miss
Parker was unable to accompany us on the trip.
Lyle   Unable?
Broots   She’s… uh… s… sick.
Lyle   I realise that she’s cultivated other interests. Far be it from me to pass judgment on somebody consumed by their passion. But….  there are others who
won’t be as forgiving as myself if she is unable to focus on her responsibilities.
Miss Parker   You’re going to make someone a wonderful wife.
Thomas   You should see me with a vacuum. Why aren’t you dressed for
Miss Parker   Because it’s a beautiful day and I thought we’d grab some wine and go out to the…
Thomas   Parker, you have to talk to your father.
Miss Parker   I know.
Thomas   If we’re ever going to have a future together you’re gonna have to be honest with him. It’s the only way we can ever be free.
Miss Parker   I know.
Thomas   I can’t live without you. I don’t want to even think about it, okay?
Announcer   All passengers for the Florida Sun… alert, the train will be departing in five minutes from track C.
Jarod   You have to dial 011 first. You were calling your mother, weren’t you?
Dylan   What do you want from me?
Jarod   The police found a note.
Dylan   What kind of note?
Jarod   It was in your father’s handwriting. They don’t think that the explosion on your father’s boat was an accident. I’m really sorry. Here’s your father’s wallet. I thought you might like to have it.
Dylan   Keep it!
Jarod   So you’re just going to run?
Dylan   Yeah. Back to Atlanta where life made more sense.
Jarod   Your mother is going to be coming soon.
Dylan   They said she was away for the weekend. They keep trying to reach her. Look I can meet her in an Atlanta. I can’t go back to the police. They’ll put me in social services, or worse a foster home.
Jarod   Dylan. I…  I can’t leave you out here alone.
Dylan   Where else can I go?
Rita   He robs me and then begs to stay in my extra room.
Dylan   I don’t even want to be here.
Rita   Oh, and so polite.
Jarod   You did say that I brought you good luck, didn’t you?
Rita   Huh! Oh, it would be good to hear footsteps on these tired floorboards again.  I’m sorry about your father.
Jarod   Dylan, are you alright?
Dylan   Before I left this morning I told my dad that I hated him, that I wished that he would go away forever.
Jarod   We all say things that we don’t mean sometimes.
Dylan   That’s the problem, I’m not sure that I didn’t. My dad…. was having an affair with some woman named Ashley. I heard him and mom fighting about it. He was always sneaking off to the payphone in the marina to call her. He didn’t even try to deny it. Then mom left to set up the house and that’s when me and dad moved to the boat.
Jarod   Dylan, who were the two men on the dock?
Dylan   They’re from my dad’s law firm. The old guy is Edgar Hoyt. The other one’s name is Winston. He’s head of security. He’s a bad man, Jarod.
Jarod   Why do you say that?
Dylan   About a month ago I heard arguing. And it was Winston and my dad on the dock. He was threatening him, telling him that he’d better not cross the
firm and he had no idea how powerful they were and that he should do the right thing to protect his family. Then he slapped my dad in the face and walked away. I wish that he’d never started working at that place.
Jarod   I have to get on the inside. Now what is it that a group of tax attorneys would fear the most?
Rita   Same thing we all fear.
Secretary   The Internal Revenue Service. We’re all a little surprised by your visit.
Jarod   Well surprise is what we’re all about. After all we are the IRS. Very nice building.
Secretary   We’re very proud of it. Mr Hoyt’s Office. He’s expecting you.
Jarod   Thank you.
Hoyt   Mr Tally. Welcome.
Jarod   Mr Hoyt. I hope I’m not here at an inconvenient time?
Hoyt   Well if I said you were, would you leave?
Jarod   No, I guess I wouldn’t.
Winston   We’re a very busy firm.
Jarod   I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.
Hoyt   This is Mr Winston. He’s head of security.
Jarod   As I told your assistant, the Service has discovered some irregularities in your previous year’s tax files. It’s nothing serious. We’ve just changed the limits on some deductible items and it’s thrown off your balance sheets.
Winston   How long is this going to take?
Jarod   Well if I don’t find any unforeseeable problems I should be out of your hair in, oh, forty-eight hours.
Hoyt   They’ve set up an office down the hall. If there’s anything I can do, you just ask.
Jarod   I’ll do that. Mr Hoyt. Mr Winston.
    Jarod in his office
    Winston watching Jarod
Jarod   Is there any word from his mother?
Rita   No. I thought he’d wear his finger  to a nub dialling it, redialling. Ah, he’s keeping his chin up but his eyes can’t cover the pain. His father?
Jarod   I got the number off a payphone he used to call Ashley.
Rita   The other woman?
Jarod   Now Dylan said that he called her on his mother’s birthday. Phone company records show all the calls made from that location on that day.
Rita   What… what are we looking for?
Jarod   The one number that was called a lot on the previous days. That must be Ashleigh’s phone number. Now by running the number through a reverse directory we can find out exactly who this woman is.
Rita   So who’s the home wrecker?
Jarod   There wasn’t one. Ashley wasn’t a woman. He was an agent with the FBI. Hale wasn’t having an affair.
Dylan   Then why did my dad let my mom leave?
Jarod   My guess is that he was trying to protect you. Pushing you and your mother away was the only way he knew how to keep you safe.
Dylan   Protect us from what?
Jarod   Let’s find out. Agent Matthew Ashley, please. Excuse me? When? No, thank you anyway.
Dylan   What’d they say?
Jarod   Agent Ashley is dead. He was killed in a traffic accident five days ago.
Agent   Ashley never said anything about working with the DOJ.
Jarod   Ashley was investigating a local law firm the DOJ has its eye on. Now I propose that we marshal our forces.
Agent 2   Senator Meek’s office is on line two.
Agent   Call him back.
Agent 2   He’s very unhappy.
Agent   Yeah, well that makes two of us.
Jarod   It’s quite a zoo you’re running here.
Agent   That’s what happens when one of your best people dies unexpectedly.
Jarod   Is there any word on what caused the accident?
Agent   There was road construction. Ashley lost control. It was a freak thing.
Jarod   A freak thing?
Agent   Ashley had an informant inside Hoyt and Associates. This informant was collecting evidence implicating the firm in the death of a key witness set to testify against one of their major clients.
Jarod   Does this informant have a name?
Agent   He refused to identify himself.
Jarod   And the evidence?
Agent   Ashley died before he received it. Now if you’ll excuse me.
Hoyt   Great. It’s great. Well I hope you find everything in order?
Jarod   So far so good.
Hoyt   Fast and sharp. A lethal combination.
Jarod   Well a corporation in Delaware kept me on retainer for several years. It was a scary place but I learnt a few things along the way. Oh, one more thing. I ran into a lot of references to work done by a man named Peter Hale. I tried to browse his expense reports but I was denied access.
Winston   Well, certain files are need-to-know only.
Jarod   Well I need to know.
Hoyt   I’ll arrange to have those files delivered immediately.
Jarod   Very good.
Winston   If you’ll excuse us.
Jarod   Even the boss’s office. Why doesn’t that surprise me, Winston?
    Watching the Security feed
Hoyt   He’s an IRS grunt, what’s to like?
Winston   I don’t know I have a bad feeling about this.
Hoyt   Craig you’re paranoid.
Winston   Look, you pay me to be paranoid, okay? The last thing we need is somebody asking questions about Peter Hale.
Hoyt   Hale is dead. Besides it wasn’t me that got us into this mess. It was you.
Winston   Hey, I did what had to be done.
Hoyt   I never suggested murder.
Winston   If I hadn’t shut those people up De Paz would still be sitting in jail. Do you know what that would mean?
Jarod   De Paz.
Winston   How do you think the rest of the directors would react if they thought that Hoyt and Associates couldn’t handle a case like De Paz. Getting him out of jail was crucial to the firm’s survival and you know that.
Jarod   Gotcha.
Winston   And you also know that a trial could have ruined us. Look I might have innocent blood on my hands but if I go down so do you. Don’t ever forget that. I’ll be in my office.
Jarod   Come on. Come on, come on. Come on, come on. Come on. Ah, Mr Winston I’ve been looking for you.
Winston   Well here I am.
Jarod   I found a few questionable entries in your expense account deductions and I thought, maybe, after lunch we could go over them.
Winston   No we can’t.
Jarod   I see. Well I would hate to bump these up to collections. I mean, after all a busy man like yourself; the last thing you would need is an audit.
Winston   Are you threatening me, Mr Tally?
Jarod   I don’t have to threaten, sir. After all I am the IRS.
Mr Parker   Angel, you said it was urgent. What is it?
Miss Parker   Daddy, I’m leaving the Centre.
Lyle   Wh… Leaving? But this is your home.
Mr Parker   It’s the only life you’ve ever known.
Miss Parker   The only life I’ve been allowed to know. Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted was to please you. After Momma died it was my sole reason to live. But I’m not that little girl anymore. And I won’t be needing this.
Mr Parker   Ah, this is about the carpenter, right?
Miss Parker   He’s name is Thomas. And this is about me. Daddy please, please give me your blessing.
Brigitte   That doesn’t seem fair. You agreed to stay here until you captured Jarod.
Raines   Which hasn’t yet happened.
Miss Parker   I’m entitled to a life.
Lyle   Come on. Certainly an organisation as powerful as the Centre can replace one individual.
Mr Parker   This is much too important to be decided on whim.
Miss Parker   It’s not a whim. I know what I want.
Raines   This is unacceptable. If you don’t stop her, I will.
Mr Parker   Don’t you ever threaten my family. Ever.
Dylan   My dad was a hero?
Jarod   He was helping the FBI build a case against the firm. One of the clients was a drug dealer named Vincent De Paz. He was facing trial for murder. The State had an eyewitness. A woman named Molly Brophy. Three days before she was to testify….
Dylan   They killed her.
Jarod   I found these on the Internet.
Dylan   Winston murdered these people to protect a client?
Jarod   I think so. The trick now is to prove it.
Dylan   That’s why my dad was so afraid.
Jarod   He must have found out about the murders. Dylan, he was trying to do the right thing.
Dylan   I miss him Jarod. I miss him so much.
Jarod   I know you do.
Jarod   Alright, what do you want? Hale? You’re still alive!
Hale   What have you done with my son?
Jarod   Dylan is fine. He’s some place safe.
Hale   I saw you leave the waterfront with him. You work for Hoyt and Winston. Where is Dylan?
Jarod   My name is Jarod. I am trying to help you.
Hale   Why should I believe you?
Jarod   Because your son does. And right now he is scared and he is confused because he thinks his father is dead.
Hale   You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.
Jarod   I know about the cover up to protect Vincent De Paz. I know that Molly Brophy and her grand daughters and Agent Ashley were all murdered. Now you’d better talk to me Peter because right now I’m your last chance.
Hale   I stumbled onto some irregularities in an unrelated case. When I realised what I found I
contacted the FBI.
Jarod   Agent Ashley.
Hale   He had me collecting evidence so that the Feds could build a case, you know, bring down De Paz and the firm. And now he’s dead. He had a wife and child.
Jarod   The FBI think his death was an accident.
Hale   I met with Ashley that morning. I handed over the evidence on de Paz. The next thing I know Ashley’s dead and the files had disappeared. It was no accident. It was Winston. And I was next.
Jarod   So you staged your own death.
Hale   I panicked. Winston watches everything. He knows everything. I figured the only way out was if he thought I was dead. At least that would buy me the time to get Dylan away from here. Blowing up the boat was the best idea I could come up with. I sealed up the cabin, starting filling it with propane gas. I called Dylan’s school. I was going to have him meet me. But he wasn’t there. I started to worry that something might have already happened to him. I knew Winston was having me watched. Either way we stood a better chance if he thought I was dead. So I left the note, got back on board. I had rigged a flare gun in the cabin. I grabbed a scuba tank and slipped into the water.
Jarod   So by the time Winston realised that there was no one on the boat you and Dylan would be safe with your wife in England?
Hale   And when I saw you coming out of the firm I thought I’d had lost my boy for good.
Jarod   Dylan thinks his father is dead.
Hale   How ever did things get so bad between the two of us? But I did it to protect him. Do you think he’ll ever be able to forgive me?
Jarod   Why don’t we ask him?
Mr Parker   Ah. Nothing like the smell of freshly cut wood. What’s the spacing code on those for floor studs?
Thomas   Ah, two and a half feet.
Mr Parker   Lot more than 18 inches. That’s bad economics.
Thomas   It’ll double the life of the structure. That’s all I care about.
Mr Parker   A man of integrity.
Thomas   You, ah, you know something about carpentry?
Mr Parker   I know a little about a lot of things.
Thomas   Could you, uh, could you hand me a bonding clamp please?
Mr Parker   I guess you’re wondering why I’m here.
Thomas   She told you she wanted to leave. Your daughter and I don’t keep secrets from each other.
Mr Parker   Your tools are old. You could use some new ones.
Thomas   Can I help you with something Mr Parker? A blank cheque?
Mr Parker   Fill in any amount you want, we shake hands, get on with our lives. All of us.
Thomas   I love your daughter Mr Parker. No amount of money in the world could ever change that.
Jarod   Dylan!
Hale   Dylan! Where is he? You said he’d be here.
Rita   Oh Jarod. Thank God you came back.
Jarod   Where’s Dylan?
Rita   I tried to stop him, but he was so angry, so upset. He took my Otto’s pistol.
Hale   Where would he go?
Jarod   He’s going after Winston.
Jarod   Give me that.
Dylan   You can’t stop me.
Hale   What about me?
Dylan   Dad? I thought you were dead.
Hale   Oh, so did I when I thought that I wouldn’t see you again. I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.
Dylan   I saw the boat explode.
Hale   I know. I know none of this makes sense to you but I promise that I will fix things so they can be the way they were. The way they should be.
Dylan   With mom too?
Hale   Especially with mom.
Jarod   Come on you two. We still have a lot of work to do.
    Jarod preparing the pretend
Miss Parker   It doesn’t matter what I do, they’ll never let me go.
Thomas   I don’t understand, you’re a grown woman. Certainly you can make your own decisions.
Miss Parker   It’s not that simple.
Thomas   Who could that be at this hour?
Mr Parker   I hope we’re not interrupting anything Angel.
Miss Parker   No. We were… What are you doing here Daddy?
Lyle   We just dropped by to make sure you were alright.
Miss Parker   Alright?
Mr Parker   Oh, to hell with it. I wanted to talk to you sweetheart. Do you mind if we come in?
Miss Parker   Sure.
Winston   Son of a bitch.
Hoyt   What’s wrong?
Winston   Hale’s still alive.
Hoyt   It’s impossible. This is some kind of a scam.
Winston   Look at that paper he’s holding. That picture was taken today. According to this letter it was all a set up. Hale knows about Molly Brophy and the
FBI agent. He wants money to go away.
Hoyt   What else?
Winston   He wants me to meet him in a parking lot. He says to come alone or he tells the FBI the whole story.
Hoyt   What are you going to do?
Winston   I’m going to meet him, alone. Then I’m going to kill that son of a bitch, once and for all.
Thomas   Are you sure that I can’t get anybody anything to drink?
Mr Parker   No thank you, Thomas.
Miss Parker   Daddy, you wanted to talk to me about something.
Mr Parker   Ah, I am not young anymore…
Miss Parker   Daddy…
Mr Parker   No no, let me finish. I’m a creature of habit. I don’t like change, that’s the way I am. But I’ve been thinking about you and your young friend here. And uh… well I’ve been selfish.
Miss Parker   I don’t understand.
Lyle   The um, Yakuza have a saying that love and fear fly to heaven on the same wing which means the things we do because we love somebody are also the things we do because we’re afraid. Like when Dad tried to pay Thomas to go away.
Miss Parker   What? Why didn’t tell me that?
Thomas   Because it wasn’t a big deal. He just… he made an error in judgment, that’s all.
Mr Parker   One of many, I’m afraid. Angel, I am terrified.
Miss Parker   Of what?
Mr Parker   You’re all I have, you and your brother. You leave I lose probably the best part of me. But if you think that leaving is the best for you then, um, go with my blessing.
Miss Parker   Are you serious?
Mr Parker   I just want you to be happy, that’s all I’ve ever wanted. Well it’s late and, ah, we have to get up early so, ah, goodnight sweetheart. Thomas.
Thomas   Yeah.
Lyle   Goodnight.
Thomas   Well congratulations Parker. It looks like you’re finally in control of your own life.
Miss Parker   Yeah
Thomas   How does it feel?
Miss Parker   Confusing.
Thomas   I’ll bet. Listen I’m gonna go lock the back door. You shut off the lights, okay?
Miss Parker   Okay.
Winston   Damn it. Damn it. Come on.
Rita   Good evening. How may I help you?
Winston   You gotta a pay phone?
Rita   It’s on the side of the store… but it’s broken.
Winston   Look, I have a flat tyre and I’m late for a very important meeting so do you think I could use your phone?
Rita   A local call?
Winston   Yes.
Rita   This could be some kind of a trick. You might say it’s a local call then when the phone bill comes I see it’s long distance and I get stuck with the bill.
Winston   this is a twenty-dollar bill, okay. So, now do you think I could use your phone?
Rita   Make it snappy.
Winston   Thank you so much.
Jarod   Alright everybody freeze! This is a robbery.
Hale   Alright lady come out from behind the counter.
Rita   No.
Jarod   Don’t push me lady. Get out from behind the counter.
Rita   You get out from my store.
Jarod   Put the gun down lady.
Winston   Are you crazy lady? Do what he says.
Rita   Not while you rob my store. I fight or I die.
Winston   No no no. You’re not going to fight. You’re going to lose this one. Look put the gun down. Let these men walk away.
Jarod   Do what he says. Put the gun down now. What the hell are you doing?
Hale   I panicked. I’m sorry.
Jarod   Go check on her.
Winston   I didn’t see anything.
Hale   Oh my God! I killed her.
Jarod   You stupid idiot.
Hale   I’m sorry man. Come on. Let’s get out of here.
Jarod   Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Just let me think here for a second.
Winston   I didn’t see anything!
Jarod   You’re so stupid. Alright, get over there! Get over there!
Hale   What are you doing?
Jarod   You just killed someone you idiot. We can’t leave any witnesses.
Winston   Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You don’t have to kill me. I can help you with this.
Jarod   What are you talking about?
Winston   Well you’ve killed somebody. Look it’s no big deal. It was an accident.
Jarod   What do you mean it’s no big deal? He just killed an old lady in cold blood. We could fry for this.
Winston   No. No. No. You’re not going to fry for this. You do exactly what I say and you will walk. Listen to me. Listen to me. I work for one of the top law firms in the city, okay?
Jarod   You’re a lawyer? I don’t like lawyers.
Winston   No. No. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a lawyer. I’m just like you, alright?
Jarod   You are nothing like me. Now get down on your knees. You never killed nobody.
Winston   I did. I killed an old lady in a store just like this and I walked away. Please, please don’t kill me. Please. You gotta to believe me. Please.
Jarod   I believe you. You believe him?
Hale   Yeah, I believe him.
Winston   What the hell is this?
Rita   I believe you too.
Dylan   So do I.
Jarod   You forgot one thing. You also killed her two granddaughters. And you killed a federal agent.
Winston   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   Somebody who is going to turn these tapes over to the FBI.
Winston   I may have innocent blood on my hands but if I go down so do you. Don’t ever forget
Winston   I killed an old lady in a store just like this and I walked away. Please, please don’t kill me. Please. You gotta to believe me. Please.
Jarod   It;s kind of a nice ring to it don’t you think?
Winston   You’re a son of a bitch, you know that?
Jarod   Oh relax. Hey, you never know. Today may be your lucky day.
Hale   What you say, something like that? Or maybe a really big sail boat?
Dylan   I don’t know dad. Maybe we should live on dry land for a while. You know, maybe like a little house.
Hale   Maybe you’re right.
Jarod   At least you finished what you started.
Hale   I couldn’t have done any of it without you. Thank you Jarod.
Jarod   So what’s next?
Hale   Now I try and put my family back together again.
Hale   Well I think a missing part of that puzzle just pulled up.
Dylan   Mom!
Rita   Ah! Ah! Ah!
Jarod   Rita, what’s wrong?
Rita   It’s a miracle. Lightning just struck my submarine.

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