3-16 P.T.B.

3-16 P.T.B.


There are places in me Tommy, dark places.

Miss Parker


There are places in me Tommy, dark places.

Miss Parker

Original air date: April 3, 1999

Written by: Juan Carlos Coto

Directed by: Krishna Rao

Miss Parker faces a life-altering decision while Jarod helps a radio DJ who comes under attack from a mysterious and very angry listener.

Jarod’s Discoveries:

Jarod’s Occupations: Talk Back Radio DJ, Major Army Intelligence

Jarod’s Aliases: Middle Man, Jarod Turgidson


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

A radio personality who specializes in conspiracy theories finds himself the target of a vengeful listener.


Inside a dark and cluttered basement, radio personality Neil Roberts hosts his latest show.  The program features live call-ins from listeners interested in conspiracy theories.  Roberts communicates with his producer, Angela Somerset, who is located in a downtown Chicago radio station.  Angela alerts Roberts to a call from a listener known as Middle Man.  Roberts asks Middle Man if he is still running from the PTB’s, or Powers That Be.  Middle Man, who turns out to be Jarod, tells the listening audience that he has been searching for his mother and father for a long time.  Roberts envies his dedication, admitting that there is only one person in his life he feels close to—and she doesn’t know he exists.  When Jarod hangs up, Roberts receives a phone call from First Time Caller.  Roberts is instructed to look in his mail for a package. He opens the padded mailer…only to find a dead rat inside.  Moments later, First Time Caller blasts open the basement door using a shotgun.  Roberts runs for his life.  The attacker then lobs a grenade into the room.  Jarod hears the commotion on his radio and heads towards the station.

When Roberts disappears, Jarod shows up at the studio and takes over the show.  Angela threatens to contact the police…until she realizes that Jarod is Middle Man.  Meanwhile, Thomas tells Miss Parker that he sold the house.  He intends to purchase another fixer upper, one they can work on together, in Portland, Oregon.  Miss Parker informs him that it would be impossible for her to leave her job.  But Thomas needs an answer soon.  Later, Sydney encourages Parker not to allow the Centre to dictate her life.

Jarod replays Roberts’ last broadcast.  He realizes that Roberts phoned Angela shortly before the grenade exploded.  Angela admits this is true.  She also reveals that Roberts told her to stay away from his house, as it was a matter of life and death.  Angela escorts Jarod to Roberts’ home.  They discover a bulletin board covered with pictures of a 19-year-old girl.  Angela and Jarod are unsure who the girl is.  But they do know that, for reasons unknown, Roberts documented the girl’s life.

Jarod hosts another of Roberts’ radio broadcasts.  The First Time Caller makes another call, this time from a cell phone.  Jarod dubs him “Pavlov.”  Cell phone in hand, Pavlov exits his car, and watches as the 19-year-old girl descends an elevated train station on crutches.  Sitting in a car nearby is Neil Roberts.  As Pavlov and Roberts observe, the girl is met by a woman pushing a wheelchair.  The women drive away from the scene.  As Jarod converses with Roberts by phone, he hears the sound of the El train in the background.  Jarod puts two and two together and warns Roberts to leave the area immediately.  Roberts sees Pavlov, gun in hand, advancing upon him.  Roberts floors the engine and makes a getaway.

Jarod discovers that the 19-year-old girl’s name is Patricia Marie Lorenz, and that she has suffered from a degenerative nerve disorder since birth.  Both her parents served in the Army… and died on a base. It turns out that Roberts, a former Army physician, is funding a foundation that supports research for the disorder.  Roberts had Patricia moved to a new apartment right after the first threats began. Jarod and Angela pay Patricia a visit, but the girl has no idea who Roberts is, even when she hears his voice on some self-help tapes provided to her by the foundation.

A distraught and paranoid Roberts pulls a gun on Jarod inside the radio station’s parking lot.  He demands to know what Jarod was doing at Patricia’s apartment.  Jarod calms him.  Roberts explains how the Army subjected Patty’s pregnant mother to an experimental vaccine.  Roberts protested, but didn’t protest enough.  He was transferred away from the base.  Meanwhile, the Centre’s monitors in Chicago take note of Jarod’s comments on the air.  A sweeper team is dispatched to the station to investigate.

Mr. Parker tells his daughter that if she leaves him, he might as well be dead.  Later, Jarod contacts Miss Parker by phone.  He reminds her that her mother was trying to take her away from the Centre on the day she was killed.  Thomas, he points out, is trying to do the same thing.

After performing more research, Jarod discovers that the Army closed down the experimental vaccine operation.  In the process, they convicted Roberts’ superior, Colonel Willard Spence.  Spence served seven years in Leavenworth prison, during which time he developed diabetes.  The mysterious Pavlov, it is revealed, is a vengeful Spence.  A short time later, Roberts shows Jarod his research on a mysterious man who shows up in unexpected spots to defend the weak and abused.  Jarod realizes the research is on him.  He is speechless.

Jarod again takes to the airwaves.  He baits Spence (Pavlov) to come to the studio and exact his revenge.  But Spence makes his way to Patricia’s apartment and opens fire.  The room, however, is empty.  Jarod steps up behind Spence and places ether over his mouth.  Spence passes out.  When Spence awakens, he finds himself strapped to a wheelchair, feeling woozy from a lack of insulin.  Afraid of going into diabetic shock, Spence admits that he tried to kill Roberts.  He then injects himself with a syringe.  Jarod plays an audio tape of Spence’s confession, which he plans on broadcasting at the station.

Miss Parker tells Thomas that there are things about her he does not know.  Thomas assures her they can deal with her problems…together.  They then kiss.

3-16 P.T.B.

P.T.B. Transcript



Neil   That my friend is Grade A American-made bear squat!
Listener   But I got an air force fax. It says the Trilateral Commission was inside Area 51 on June 10th 1974.
Neil   Right, and MJ is still bringing the ball up at the United Centre. Now listen my little misguided friend, I may be working at the tiniest radio station in the city of Chicago but our microphones work! A fax is not an original.
Listener   Well it could be.
Neil   Survey says BZZZZZZZZ MORON! Folks please, come on. We’re smarter than that. What is my credo? Never stop questioning. This is the Neil Robert’s program broadcasting live from the bunker somewhere deep inside the loop. My own little corner of anonymity. Now if somebody has a real conspiracy out there….something worth firing my synapses over please do give me a call.
Angela   We’ve got a listener on a cell phone with a comment on that last call.
Neil   Ah, that would be the voice of my lovely and talented producer Angela Somerset who’s in our main studio back at the corporate high rise.
Angela   It’s an old friend on line one. The Middle Man.
Neil   Double M! Now hit me!
Angela   There’s no way the Trilateral Commission was in Area 51 that day. They were in Delaware!
Neil   How do you know that?
Jarod   We had brunch. I sat on the other side of a two-way mirror eating optimised nutritional supplement.
Neil   Eating what?
Jarod   It’s a long story.
Neil   You still running from the PTB’s?
Jarod   PTB’s?
Neil   Ahhhhh you’re slipping Middle Man. The Powers That Be. What’d they do to you anyway?
Jarod   They separated me from my family when I was a little boy. I barely remember my mom and dad. I’ve been searching for them for a long time now.
Neil   Well, I have no sardonic response to that, only to say that that… kind of dedication comes from deep within. I kind of envy you. I don’t have anyone that close… with the exception of one person and ah she doesn’t even know I exist. But that my friend is a very long story and I know you’ve gotta run.
Jarod   As always.
Neil   Take care, and as always a very enlightened call from our friend Double M. Let’s now go to a disgruntled caller on a mobile phone. Hit me!
Pavlov   Hey squealer, you get my postcard?
Neil   Well you know my friend I get bushels of fan mail every day.
Pavlov   I sent a package this time. Express.
Neil   Ah, here it is, the package. You hear me opening it on the air. Here we are.
Pavlov   Hope it’s not over the top.
Neil   Oh my God.
Pavlov   Yeah it’s a dead rat. Sort of symbolises your status in life – choices made, choices to live with, or die from. Like the song says, this is the end my friend. Watch out for that cheese Neil.
Neil   I’m sorry Patty.
Pavlov   Hey Neil, you still there? I don’t hear anything. What’s the matter Neil, rat got your tongue? I’d love to see the expression on your face right now. In fact that’s just what I’ll do. Die rat!
Listener   If Neil was attacked how come the police aren’t all over it?
Angela   Because Neil broadcasts from an unknown location in the city. Neil if you’re listening, please call. It’s been thirty-seven minutes, we’re worried about you.
Listener   Cut the crap lady, it’s another one of Neil’s damn publicity stunts.
Jarod   Hey moron!
Listener   Who’s this?
Jarod   If Neil’s mission in life is to expose conspiracies and lies do you think he’d create one?
Listener   Ha! Hell yes.
Jarod   Then go back to the village pal, the one missing the idiot. I can explain.
Angela   Explain it to the police.
Jarod   You would have called them after Neil was attacked if you wanted them involved.
Angela   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   Someone running from the PTB’s.
Angela   Middle Man?
Jarod   My name is Jarod. I know you’re very afraid for Neil, I could hear it in your voice. Look I know this sounds crazy but trust me. Let me use this show to help you find Neil. We’re back and you’re listening to ….the Middleman. While we wait for word from Neil I’m going to tell you a little story that’s ah both near and dear. It’s about a boy that was raised by an organisation shrouded in secrecy. A Delaware corporation unlike any other. Weird, I know, but the truth often is.
Miss Parker   Hmm. You’ve gotta learn to sleep in.
Thomas   That was the realtor.
Miss Parker   So are they going to buy the place?
Thomas   They already did. I was going to tell you earlier but I was waiting-
Miss Parker   You don’t have to clear it with me.
Thomas   There’s something else. I, ah, I bought a new house for us to restore. Together. It’s in Portland.
Miss Parker   I love Maine.
Thomas   Oregon. Come with me Parker.
Miss Parker   Oh! To Oregon?
Thomas   Why not?
Miss Parker   Well first of all I have a career.
Thomas   Oh right, right. The same career that gave you an ulcer and nearly killed you.
Miss Parker   It’s not just the job. My family.
Thomas   You buy a plane ticket, you visit.
Miss Parker   You don’t know my family. Look it’s just not a decision I can make right now, here, in my bathrobe.
Thomas   What are you scared of?
Miss Parker   Nothing. You’re just asking a lot.
Thomas   I need to leave soon.
Pavlov   Your status in life. Choices made, choices to live with or die from. Like the song says, this is the end my friend.
Angela   Neil where are you? I’m coming to your place, right now.
Jarod   Neil called you before he was attacked didn’t he? You wanted to call the police but he begged you not to. He insisted.
Angela   He told me to keep up appearances until he called again, and to stay away from his place. It’s life and death he said, and not just mine. And then he said….
Jarod   What?
Angela   He said, Ang, if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I’m gone… forever.
Jarod   Then we don’t have much time.
Angela   Nobody heard a thing. I told him not to live in an abandoned building.
Jarod   They’re the best places to hide. He shot through the door. He fired at Neil. Chased him along this wall. The grenade landed over there. Neil’s only escape was through this door.
Angela   My God – Neil’s blood.
Jarod   He got out alive.
Broots   Jarod left this sign for us outside his place in Chicago.
Lyle   But this house is in Blue Cove.
Miss Parker   Traffic was a bitch.
Lyle   Or you slept in. Isn’t that your plumber’s house?
Miss Parker   Thomas is a carpenter, and yes he sold it. So? Jarod can read the classifieds.
Lyle   Is your boy leaving town?
Miss Parker   Oregon, maybe.
Lyle   Now, that commute is a bitch. Call me when the cleaners are back from Chicago.
Miss Parker   Don’t give me that look, Syd.
Sydney   Thomas is moving, isn’t he? He wants you to go? To leave Blue Cove?
Broots   Leave the Centre? Your father’s gonna freak.
Miss Parker   Thanks for pointing that out.
Sydney   Parker, a long time ago I lost a family because the powers that be chose my path. Don’t let them dictate yours.
Angela   So who is she?
Jarod   Someone this psycho knows is important to Neil.
Angela   Neil’s daughter?
Jarod   Maybe. One thing’s for certain, she means the world to him, although they never met.
Angela   You got all that from a postcard?
Neil   I don’t have anyone that close with the exception of one person and uh she doesn’t even know I exist.
Jarod   We have to think like he thinks, feel what he feels…. ‘Never stop questioning.’
Angela   Neil’s signoff?
Jarod   Albert Einstein once said ‘The most important thing is to never stop questioning …
Angela   This stuff is all about the girl on Neil’s bulletin board.
Jarod   He’s documented her entire life. Her name is Patricia Marie Lorenz. She’s nineteen years old. She’s had a degenerative nerve disorder since she was a little girl. We find her, we may find Neil.
Angela   Or the guy who’s chasing him. This psycho’s not going to let up is he?
Jarod   No. He’s going to keep following him, hunt him down like an animal. Keep him from the people he loves. Make his world a living hell until it ends….one way or another.
Jarod   I mean come on. What kind of low forehead sends dead rats through the mail?
Listener   It’s the television, Double M! It makes us do things.
Jarod   Tsk tsk tsk, only if you let it.
Listener   Well I’ve got to go. Uncle’s sending me a secret message.
Jarod   My next caller please.
Pavlov   They can replace that son of a bitch but Neil can’t hide.
Jarod   And why should he have to?
Pavlov   You’ll have to ask him. He forced this, he put his own ass in my crosshairs.
Jarod   How did he do that?
Pavlov   He ambushed my life, a sucker punch. But actions have consequences and this time around I’m in control.
Jarod   Control, like ringing a little bell.
Pavlov   It’s not the bell, it’s who’s ringing it.
Jarod   I guess that’s you, Pavlov. It is okay if I call you Pavlov, isn’t it?
Pavlov   Maybe you should call me PTB.
Jarod   Oh. Are you one of the Powers That Be?
Pavlov   I’m the only one.
Jarod   Pavlov are you still there? You haven’t disappeared on me have you?
Pavlov   Neil took away what was important to me. Maybe I’ll return the favour.
Jarod   If you’re such a powerful PTB why not tell us who you are?
Pavlov   No no. Anonymity, that’s where the real power is. Even Neil, the coward, would tell you that. He had to get me with my back turned. Now I’m the shooter in the book depository. I’m the bullet you don’t see comin’.
Jarod   We all have the right to face our accusers.
Pavlov   Oh what a lovely thought. Maybe you could write that in Neil’s eulogy huh?
Recording   You’re listening to WLMJ, Talk Radio for Chicago.
Angela   You hear that?
Jarod   He’s near the L-train.
Angela   As long as he’s nowhere near Neil.
Neil   Angela. Angela-
Angela   Neil, thank God. Where are you?
Neil   That was him on the air. The son of a bitch isn’t gonna quit.
Angela   I found someone who could help.
Jarod   Neil, this is the Middle Man. You have to stop running.
Neil   Stay out of this. You don’t know what you’re dealing with.
Jarod   I know about Patricia Marie.
Neil   No. Not Patty. You stay away from Patty, you hear me?! Listen it’s hard enough with one-
Jarod   Neil, listen to me. Get out of there right now! Just go! Neil!
Angela   I can’t reach him and the police don’t know anything. It’s over Jarod.
Jarod   It’s encrypted. I forgot who I was dealing with.
Angela   Even I don’t know his password.
Jarod   Yes! The New Vista Foundation.
Angela   Neil never mentioned anything about it.
Jarod   He’s made some sizeable donations. It supports research for nerve disorders. It also pays bills for Patricia’s at-home care.
Angela   According to this he had her moved to a new apartment about six months ago.
Jarod   Right after the threats started.
Mr Parker   Angel. I was just admiring how well you turned out.
Miss Parker   Daddy I…
Mr Parker   Damn.
Miss Parker   We need to…
Mr Parker   I could use some help from that friend of yours, what’s his name? Tom?
Miss Parker   Here. Actually I’m glad you mentioned Thomas. He’s…
Mr Parker   Got a new project, I know. Oregon. That’s kind of far away isn’t it?
Miss Parker   How do you know?
Mr Parker   Your brother’s a damn gossip. I could not imagine my daughter hanging wallpaper.
Miss Parker   Who knows, I might be good at it.
Mr Parker   Ah, trust me, renovating an old house is like pounding sand down a rat hole. It never ends. Besides, what would I do without my Angel? Hey, did I ever tell you why I call you that?
Miss Parker   No.
Mr Parker   Ah. Well, you were about three and a half years old. We were at the Summer place.
Miss Parker   My place.
Mr Parker   Mmm. I was high up on a ladder. I was trying to fix a leak in the skylight over your mother’s studio. I was about to take the last step when suddenly you screamed ‘Daddy! Broken!’ Sure enough if I’d taken that last step I would have fallen thirty feet down onto the rocks. You saved my life. Your mother said you were my guardian angel. You leave me……I might as well be dead.
Patty   My parents were killed in an accident at Fort Bragg when I was little. I don’t know what I would have done without the New Vista Foundation. It wasn’t the money either, it was the tapes. They’ve been sending these every month for years. Some are philosophical, some are inspirational, some just stories. Always the same voice. These books helped me learn, get focused, opened up the world for me. Helped me see the possibilities I’d given up on. I write for websites now. For the longest time I tried to find out who was funding the foundation but I never got close.
Jarod   Do you mind if we listen to a little bit of the tape?
Patty   No.
Neil   Hannah and Vronsky found themselves alone in the square, waiting for the snow to fall. It had been several hours since their last meal.
Patty   All I had was him.
Jarod   It’s a nice voice.
Patty   I know he’s just their reader, you know? But he sounds so… real, you know? I rejected a lot of people but irony of ironies, I couldn’t reject him. ‘Cause I don’t know him. I think of him as a guide. He’s kinda the reason I’m still fighting, still alive.
Angela   Neil dedicates his life to her. Now he’s in danger because of her?
Jarod   She doesn’t even know who he is.
Angela   It’s another dead end.
Jarod   Not exactly. Pavlov is still out there. We just have to get him talking again.
Jarod   I’ll tell you about the powers that be. When they can’t get to you they go after the people that you love. That what they did to Neil. The PTB’s try to rip these people out of your life, your guts right along with them. But that’s where they make their mistake because the people that you love may be your weakness, but they’re also your strength. They keep you fighting. They keep you one step ahead of the demons who breathe fire into your soul.
Angela   Line one. It’s him Jarod. Pavlov.
Jarod   Go ahead line one.
Pavlov   You got me in tears over here. Tears of laughter.
Jarod   Why don’t you stop hiding behind your phone? I’ve been inside your head. I don’t just see a tortured maggot, no I see a lonely, pathetic man whose only companions are his rage and the power of his anonymity.
Pavlov   You sound a lot lonelier than I’ll ever be. What, not enough love from Mom and Dad? Yeah, I’ve been listening to your kidnapping sob story.
Jarod   My parents aren’t exactly the issue here.
Pavlov   No I’m guessing they’re your whole life. The life you’re desperately looking for night and day. Those little doubts, they’ve got to be gnawing in your gut right now.
Jarod   And what doubts are those?
Pavlov   Maybe my folks wrote me off? Maybe they think that their little boy is dead? Maybe they’re dirt napping. Here you are running all over creation searching, and they’re nothing but worm food.
Jarod   You know something Pavlov when I find you…
Pavlov   You’re never going to find me. I’m one of Neil’s secrets. A contradiction inside a paradox wrapped up in an enigma. The kind of conspiracy that even he can’t reveal. You forgot something orphan boy.
Jarod   What’s that?
Pavlov   I know where you work.
Recording   You’re listening to WLMJ, Talk Radio for Chicago.
Angela   The trace is no good.
Sydney   Parker, a long time ago I lost a family because the powers that B=be chose my path. Don’t let them dictate yours.
Broots   Your father’s gonna freak.
Mr Parker   Your mother said you were my Guardian angel. You leave me, I might as well be dead.
Jarod   Fort Bragg. That’s where Patty’s parents died. You’re making a mistake. Give me the gun.
Neil   You’re working for him?
Jarod   Pavlov said that he was one of your secrets. What does that mean?
Neil   None of your business. You stay away from Patty.
Jarod   He’ll kill her.
Neil   You were in her apartment. Why?
Jarod   I was trying to find you so I could help you. She’s not your daughter, who is she?
Neil   She’s someone I don’t deserve.
Jarod   That’s not true. You made her a fighter.
Neil   Oh God. She should never have had to fight! I was a doctor.
Jarod   In the army? How did you hurt her? Her disorder in congenital.
Neil   Spare me the official line of crap! Patty’s mother was a patient. No. She… she was a subject.
Jarod   An experiment?
Neil   Government sponsored. Oh, half of me wishes it was just one big conspiracy and I could just laugh it off on my show. I thought we were just testing vaccines on soldiers, very routine stuff. Or so I thought. Well, we knew Patty’s mom was pregnant. When some test results came back suggesting she might have an adverse reaction I was told to let it go. So I did. I was a coward. I convinced myself that my superiors knew better. I got transferred across country and I ignored the consequences… until I heard about the car crash.
Jarod   That’s when you found out about Patty’s disorder and that’s when you started providing for her.
Neil   Oh God. I didn’t speak up.
Jarod   Never stop questioning. Neil, you’ve dedicated your whole life to speaking up.
Jarod   To everybody but her. Pavlov is right. I… I’m a fraud. I mean I bitch about telling the truth but the ironies of ironies the one person I care most about will never hear the truth from me because I don’t have the guts to tell her.
Lyle   The Powers that be are everywhere. They take your loved ones away from you. Who wrote this drivel?
Broots   Nobody. A talk show host said it. Our Chicago monitors picked it up.
Miss Parker   WLNJ Radio has a new talk show host.
Sydney   He’s railing against us, calls himself The Middle Man.
Broots   Hmm. The middle, The Centre.
Lyle   You think? I want a sweeper team out there.
Miss Parker   Already dispatched two.
Lyle   So, are we back?
Miss Parker   Meaning?
Lyle   Oh, I just heard that you were making plans with the shop teacher. Lyle. Yeah she’s right here. Security on Concourse four. Shop Teacher’s here.
Thomas   This place is locked up like Alcatraz.
Miss Parker   What are you doing here?
Thomas   You didn’t mean what you said. That wasn’t you talking, that was your father, it was this place, whatever the hell this place is.
Miss Parker   It’s so easy for you isn’t it? Waltz into somebody’s life, rip it apart like it was some damn remodelling job? Keep your favourite parts but throw out the rest. No consequences, no commitment.
Thomas   This is a commitment. Can’t you see that?
Miss Parker   I see someone who’s only connection to the world is an empty house, a box of nails and a rusty pick truck. I don’t have that luxury. I have obligations, I have relationships.
Thomas   Obligations? Relationships? You make it sound so personal, so warm. All your mail is stamped Occupant. Your… your phone number is unlisted and I have yet to meet even one of your so-called friends.
Miss Parker   I have a life.
Thomas   Which you refuse to share. That’s not a life Parker, it’s a life sentence. Parker. Please don’t make me leave part of my life here. Please.
Miss Parker   I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you Tommy.
Jarod   No. It’s me.
Miss Parker   Jarod. You got another clever message for me?
Jarod   I only wanted you to know that Thomas was selling. From the sound of your voice you’ve already discussed it.
Miss Parker   Yeah. He’s moving to Oregon. He wants me to go with him.
Jarod   So go.
Miss Parker   You’d like that wouldn’t you? It’s too late anyway.
Jarod   You picked a fight with him, didn’t you? This isn’t what you want Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Why does everybody suddenly know what I want?
Jarod   Your mother always knew. She was trying to leave the Centre the day that she was killed. She wanted to take you as far away from there as possible. That’s what Thomas wants. It’s no coincidence.
Jarod   The federal archives were a gold mine. Pavlov is Colonel Willard Spence.
Neil   Spence? He was one of my superiors.
Jarod   And after he got you transferred he intensified his drug experiments.
Neil   I did a bunch of shows on the subject when I first got on the air. How the army was pumping these soldiers full of potentially lethal experimental drugs without telling them.
Jarod   Well your shows got the army nervous. They shut Spence down. Some families tried to sue but of course they lost. The brass conducted an internal investigation. They convicted Spence and locked him up in Leavenworth for seven years.
Neil   That’s a long time.
Jarod   Time enough to develop a heck of a grudge. He blames you and your radio show for ratting him out.
Neil   Jarod, his parole office is on Olympia Fields, that’s close to Patty.
Jarod   We’ll find him.
Neil   Army Intelligence. A very clever contradiction in terms. I suspect you’re a very clever man. You know I’ve been tracking reports of another clever person, very mysterious. Shows up at unexpected spots. Always there to help the needy and the abused. Well you didn’t think I’d tell my secrets to any schmo did you?
Jarod   Why didn’t you expose me on the air?
Neil   Nah! No, I only go after bad conspiracies.
Angela   Neil?
Neil   Hi! It’s good to see you.
Angela   You too. I’m so glad that you’re okay. There were some people down at the station. They asked for Jarod. Guys in suits, one answering to the name Sam.
Jarod   Sweepers.
Neil   Who are they?
Jarod   The powers that be.
Lyle   So the sweeper team’s already in place at Chicago and we’re still stuck waiting in Blue Cove?
Broots   No one at the Centre has seen Miss Parker and she’s not answering her cell phone.
Lyle   Well that’s it. We’re out of here.
Sydney   Lyle…
Lyle   She made her decision doctor and I’m making mine. Yeah this is Lyle. Let’s go.
Jarod   It’s another deep dark night out there and you’re back for another session with the Middle Man and my guest Neil Roberts.
Neil   Thanks for subbing for me Middle Man.
Jarod   Well I’m just glad that our wacko friend Pavlov wasn’t able to hurt you.
Sam   Mr Lyle, Jarod must have gotten upstairs through another entrance. The show’s already started.
Jarod   Oh look who’s on line one. Go ahead Pavlov.
Pavlov   You shouldn’t have done this.
Jarod   Why not? Neil’s ready. Come down to the studio and get your revenge. Pass your sentence PTB.
Pavlov   I will, but not where you expect.
Jarod   Oh that’s right. You’re an enigma wrapped up in a paradox, or is it the other way around? The Powers that Be don’t call the shots any more.
Pavlov   We always call the shots Orphan Boy that’s why they call us The Powers That Be.
Neil   Well look here, the powers that aren’t.
Jarod   The show’s all yours Neil. Now it’s time for a commercial break. Don’t go away!
Jarod   A funny thing about traps. They don’t discriminate between the hunter and the hunted. Sorry to have stolen your metaphor but it really is perfect. Rat. Trap. Rat. Trap! Gotcha.
Pavlov   Let me out of here!
Jarod   You really stepped into this one didn’t you Pavlov? Or should I call you Doctor? Doctor Willard Spence?
Pavlov   Let me out!
Jarod   I wonder how many times Patricia Marie said that to herself. She was one of your victims. You just trapped her in a different kind of way. Oh, pictures of human lab rats. People that you decided didn’t deserve to know the truth!  Lab rats, guinea pigs. Human experiments! People!
Pavlov   I went to prison for that!
Jarod   You don’t know the first thing about prison! Sometimes the worst kind of prison is the kind you have to wake up to every morning, when you think you’re out free in the world and you’re being hunted and stalked! That’s what you did to Neil Roberts isn’t it? Just because he told the truth. You look a little pale Doctor. It’s a good thing I read your file. Diabetes, what a shame. And it’s about time for your insulin shot. Ah before you do that I should warn you. Only one of those syringes contain insulin. The other two a potentially lethal experimental drug. But whatever’s good enough for Doctor Spence’s subjects is good enough for him. Hmm Sugar. Yum.
Pavlov   You’re crazy.
Jarod   You could try that “Eeny meeny miney mo” thing but I got to tell you, as a probability quotient it kinda sucks. Good luck picking.
Pavlov   No wait! Wait! I’ll die!
Jarod   I’m giving you a better chance than you gave Neil Roberts. Have fun playing spin the syringe.
Pavlov   Okay! Okay! I stalked him. I wanted to kill him. He ruined my life, I swore I would ruin his. Which one has the insulin?
Jarod   Actually all three of them do. Enjoy the cheese.
Pavlov   I stalked him.
Jarod   Neil’s next show.
Pavlov   I wanted to kill him.
Jarod   It’s going to be a real doozy.
Neil   Good evening Chicago. Uncle Neil is back and in one piece I’m happy to say….Once again I’d like to thank the Middle Man for filling in for me during my absence…. We’re going to be clearing the phone lines here….
Patty   Hey! That voice. That’s him isn’t it?
Jarod   And he’s expecting you.
Neil   But before we get to the phones I need to take care of some very personal business. There’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell a special someone for a very long time now. Patty I only hope that once you’ve heard the truth, you will forgive me.
Thomas   Is that a yes?
Miss Parker   There are things about me, things that you need to know before you make me a part of your life.
Thomas   Parker there are…
Miss Parker   You were right. It wasn’t me talking. I haven’t been me for a long time, not since… I think you made me realise that… there are places in me Tommy, dark places.
Thomas   And you’re afraid that if I see them, that I’ll reject you? Parker, if something is not right we’ll deal with it… together. I’m a fixit man, remember?
Miss Parker   I guess that makes me your new project.
Thomas   And this one I’ll never sell.
Neil   Sooner or later we all hit a crossroads. As some of you know I recently hit one, a big one. But I made it through, thanks to a new friend. I know you’re out there listening Middle Man. You watch your back and don’t ever quit because somewhere up ahead you’ll find your crossroads. Good night Chicago.

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