3-13 Pool

3-13 Pool


This anxiety over your father is understandable Miss Parker. Symbolically speaking, Brigitte is taking your mother’s position.



This anxiety over your father is understandable Miss Parker. Symbolically speaking, Brigitte is taking your mother’s position.


Original air date: February 20, 1999

Written by: Harry Dunn

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

While Miss Parker tries to figure out why her father is marrying Brigitte, Jarod helps a young woman who believes a local racist killed the man who raised her.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Pool

Jarod’s Occupations: Pool Hustler

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Pepper


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod becomes an expert pool player to win access to a racist who is suspected of murdering an African-American man.


Jarod strikes up a conversation with Earl Dupree, the African-American owner of a jazz club in Memphis, Tennessee.  As the pair converse, the sound of cheers erupts from the pool area, where a man named Eddie Fontenot is beating an opponent.  Eddie collects his winnings and exits the bar.  Outside the club, he is confronted by Billie Vaughn, a hot-tempered 18-year-old girl armed with a gun.  Jarod takes the gun from her hand.  Afterward, Earl tells Jarod that Billie was raised by his brother, Marvin.  One day, Eddie challenged Marvin to a game of pool.  Marvin was looking for a “big score,” as he was anxious to send Billie away to drama school.  He accepted Eddie’s challenge, went to his house, and beat him game after game, collecting some $50,000 in winnings.  But later that night, Marvin was killed.  Eddie, a well-known racist with many important connections, made sure that the police investigation was brief.

Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Miss Parker and her father discuss Brigitte.  Miss Parker wonders if he intends to begin a “second family of Parkers.”  Her father assures that Brigitte cannot have children.  He invites his daughter to a family get-together the following evening, and encourages her to bring Thomas along.  Later, Miss Parker instructs Sam the Sweeper to break into Brigitte’s house and steal her medical records.  She gives the files to Broots and instructs that he read through them.

Jarod takes a room above Earl’s nightclub.  He strikes up a conversation with Billie, who recounts how her real father died in a car accident when she was a child.  A few years later, her mother became ill and also died.  Marvin was her parents’ closest family friend, and since there were no other living relatives, he adopted her.  Marvin was very proud of the way Billie could sing.  He dreamed that, some day, she could become a singer just like her mother.  Jarod tells Billie that he would like to help her.  He believes that if he can hustle his way into Eddie’s world, he can find evidence linking him to Marvin’s murder.  But first, he must learn how to play pool.  A short time later, Billie gives him a tutorial.

Jarod uses his laptop to access the Memphis City Hall archives.  His research turns up evidence that Marvin was, in actuality, Billie’s father.  Jarod asks Earl why he never told Billie the truth.  Earl explains that Billie’s mother, Janice, was a white woman.  She had been engaged to a local man, but when she met Marvin, the two fell in love.  A year later, Billie was born.  Janice’s family disapproved of the interracial marriage.  When Janice grew ill, she made Marvin promise never to tell Billie that he was her father, as the world would be less cruel if everyone thought Marvin was her friend.  Marvin composed a letter explaining everything.  He gave the letter to Earl and asked that he give it to Billie when he died.  But Earl has never found the right moment to tell Billie the truth.  Later, Eddie challenges Jarod to a game of pool.

During dinner, Mr. Parker announces that he and Brigitte are to be married on the upcoming weekend.  Miss Parker chokes on her dessert, wondering why the ceremony is so rushed.  Mr. Parker explains that he and Brigitte are in love, and doesn’t want to waste any time.  Moments later, Broots informs Miss Parker that a Dr. Noah Lindquist diagnosed Brigitte as infertile.  But he cannot find any record of Lindquist’s existence.  Miss Parker believes that Brigitte will have a child, thereby insuring a relationship with her father, and his power base at the Centre, should the marriage dissolve.

Jarod beats Eddie at the pool game.  Shortly thereafter, Eddie proposes a rematch, to be held at his house.  Jarod again accepts the challenge.  Eddie arranges to have his driver pick up Jarod.  But on the night of the match, two thugs jump Jarod outside the nightclub.  When Jarod regains consciousness, he finds himself in Eddie’s house.  Eddie claims that the neighborhood around the nightclub is dangerous.  Luckily, his driver drove up and saved Jarod in the nick of time.  Jarod realizes it was Eddie’s thugs who attacked him.  Hampered by his injuries, Jarod loses the pool game.  He sets up a rematch for the following day.  Later, Jarod sneaks back onto Eddie’s estate.  He finds covered-over bullet holes in the walls.  He also tears a photograph from one of Eddie’s photo albums.  Jarod confronts Earl with the photograph.  The two converse, unaware that Billie is nearby.  Billie reacts when she realizes that Marvin was her father.  She runs off.

As a Justice of the Peace marries Mr. Parker and Brigitte, Miss Parker considers objecting to their union.  But she decides to say nothing, and the two are wed.

The big match between Eddie and Jarod gets underway.  During the game, Jarod broaches the subject of Marvin’s death.  He now believes that Marvin wasn’t killed over money.  He was murdered because of the color of his skin.  Jarod then produces the photo he tore from the album.  It is an engagement announcement shot of Eddie and Janice (Billie’s mother).  Jarod accuses Eddie of murdering Marvin because he lost his honor in front of his friends when he lost the pool game.  Suddenly, Billie steps forward, gun in hand.  She fires a shot into the ceiling.  Billie demands a confession from Eddie, then fires more rounds.  Terrified, Eddie admits that he killed Marvin.  But moments later, he adds that he would do it again if he could.  Billie hammers back the pistol, ready to shoot.  Jarod steps in front of the gun and convinces her not to give in to the hate.  Later, Eddie is charged with murder.

Later, Billie steps onto the stage of Earl’s nightclub and sings Someone To Watch Over Me.

3-13 Pool

Pool Transcript



Earl   Hope you got fire insurance.
Jarod   Excuse me?
Earl   Dumpin’ hot sauce on top of chilli pepper gumbo. You might as well sit down on a blow torch.
Jarod   Well I like it hot. Mnnn.
Earl   Whoo! Let me get you a glass of water. Better yet why don’t I reel in the garden hose from out back.
Fontenot   It’s been a pleasure doing business with you but I’m afraid it’s past my bed time now so I’ll be on my way.
Player   I don’t appreciate being hustled.
Fontenot   Now hustle is such a distasteful word. Outplayed yes. Outsmarted definitely. But hustled, there’s no gentlemen sportsmen anymore. You all call me again sometime alright?
Billie   Earl?
Earl   Billie.
Billie   Who let that murderer in here?
Earl   You know as well as I do that there’s no stopping Eddie Fontenot. Sometimes it’s better to see the devil than to guess where he is.
Fontenot   Whoo, he don’t appreciate that.
Billie   This is for you Marvin.
Jarod   Give me that. You don’t want to shoot that man.
Earl   Girl have you lost your mind? You don’t point a gun at a man like Eddie Fontenot unless you plan to pull the trigger.
Billie   I did. Damn it Earl. Marvin was your brother. You owe him better than this. And you should mind your own business.
Earl   I appreciate you helping out. Name’s Earl Dupree.
Jarod   Jarod… Pepper. Would you mind if I asked what happened to your brother?
Earl   Oh. It happened two weeks ago. Marvin was the closest thing to a father that Billie knew. She worshipped the man. She was also the one who found his body out in the alley, behind the club.
Jarod   That must have been tough for her.
Earl   Marvin was a good man. Best pool player I ever saw. He just hustled the wrong man.
Jarod   The devil at the pool table?
Earl   His name is Eddie Fontenot. Police could never prove that he pulled the trigger but …
Jarod   You think he did.
Earl   Marvin was looking for a big score, enough money to send Billie to a fancy drama school, and get him off the road for good. She was his life. He just wanted to give her a different future. So, Eddie Fontenot invited Marvin over for a pool game. A thousand dollars a rack.
Jarod   That’s big money.
Earl   Had to be. The only black folks that Eddie Fontenot would let in his house come through the back door carrying a mop.
Jarod   So what happened?
Earl   Marvin beat him like a rented mule. He was up fifty grand when I left to come back here to close up the club.
Jarod   So if you think Fontenot killed your brother why do you allow him in your club?
Earl   Club’s all I got. Eddie Fontenot could make one phone call and I’d wake up to a pile of cinders.
Jarod   Don’t you think it’s time somebody stopped him.
Earl   There’s only one way to get Eddie.
Jarod   How’s that?
Earl   You a pool player Mr Pepper?
Jarod   I am now.
Miss Parker   Daddy…
Mr Parker   Huh?
Miss Parker   Where have you been? I’ve left messages for you all week.
Mr Parker   Brigitte and I stole away to Aruba. Real romantic. Your mother will always be the first love of my life. She gave me you. And your brother.
Nobody can replace that.
Miss Parker   She’ll try. A second family of Parkers.
Mr Parker   Ohh, she can’t have children.
Miss Parker   How can you be sure about that?
Mr Parker   I don’t land at an airport without knowing the conditions. I had her medical records checked. Sweetheart, at my age I certainly don’t want a baby. Besides I’ve already got the best.
Miss Parker   Hmm.
Mr Parker   Which reminds me, I need a favour.
Miss Parker   A favour?
Mr Parker   We’re planning a little family get together tomorrow night. You know, dinner, drinks, nothing fancy.
Miss Parker   Sounds nice.
Mr Parker   Yeah the new floors won’t be finished yet so I thought maybe we could have it at your place.
Miss Parker   Daddy, I’m not prepared to host.
Mr Parker   It’ll only be for family. Ah, bring that gentleman friend of yours. What’s his name?
Miss Parker   Thomas?
Mr Parker   Ah, about time I got to know the fellow who’s wooing my little girl, don’t you think?
Miss Parker   Daddy.
Mr Parker   Eight o’clock sharp. Oh and easy on the dairy. And I do love you so.
Miss Parker   Oh God.
Earl   It’s no fancy hotel but it’s warm and it’s clean.
Jarod   Oh, I appreciate the hospitality.
Earl   People didn’t always make it easy for those two but through good times and bad Marvin loved that little girl.
Jarod   It shows.
Earl   That’s her now. Got a voice of serenity and a heart of turmoil.
Billie   When you remember me I hope it makes you smile.
Jarod   You sing like an angel.
Billie   You still here?
Earl   Mr Pepper gonna be staying with us for a while. You mind your manners now.
Billie   What do you really want here Mr Pepper?
Jarod   I don’t want anything. And my name is Jarod. Earl said that Marvin was like a father to you. What happened to your real family?
Billie   My daddy died in a car accident when I was a baby. Momma got sick and passed a few years later. There was no other family. Marvin was
their best friend so he adopted me.
Jarod   It’s lucky for you.
Billie   See this picture? I’d just gotten the lead in “My Fair Lady” at my high school which was a big deal because I was only a sophomore. Marvin stands up at the club and tells everybody how proud he is of me.
Marvin   Uh listen up ladies and gentlemen. My little Billie is going to play the lead in the high school play. You should hear this girl sing. She’s got her mother’s golden voice. I’m so proud of you Billie.
Billie   He always wanted me to become a singer just like my mother. That dream died in the alley along with Marvin.
Jarod   A dream can only die if the dreamer allows it to. Billie, I’d like to help you find the truth behind Marvin’s killing.
Billie   How do you plan to do that?
Jarod   If I can hustle my way into Eddie Fontenot’s world like Marvin did maybe I can find some evidence that would connect him to the killings.
Billie   You play pool?
Jarod   Well I’m familiar the architectural theory of dynamic symmetry, as well as Descartes’ theory of coordinate geometry, um, lines, angles.
Billie   Have you ever chalked a cue?
Jarod   Excuse me?
Billie   You can put away your math books Mr Pepper. They may help you learn how to play pool but they can’t make you a pool player.
Jarod   No. But you can.
Billie   Me?
Jarod   Do it for Marvin.
Billie   Alright let’s pick you out a cue. Okay? That’s for you. See? Good. Okay. Fingers. Great. Now turn your hips into it and explode into the shot.
Jarod   Uh.
Billie   Not bad.
Jarod   I’ll… I’ll get it.
Billie   It’s not the shot that you’re hittin’ you need to think about. It’s the one three strokes ahead. Nine on the side. Remember pool is a mind game. Make your opponent think about you and his game is lost. Can you do that?
Jarod   You tell me.
Jarod   Pleasure doing business with you, sir.
Man   Excuse me. Mr Fontenot would like to have a drink with you.
Fontenot   Mr Pepper, or may I call you Jarod?
Jarod   You know my name?
Fontenot   Oh, I make it my business to know interestin’ people.
Jarod   You wanted to see me.
Fontenot   Well, I noticed that you shoot a particularly fine game of pool and I was certain that you could appreciate this. Richard Black. Custom. Elephant ivory casing, gold and diamond inlays. Cost me fifty thousand dollars.
Jarod   Does it sink the ball for you too?
Fontenot   Oh, touché. Now would you care to indulge me in a game? Strictly for sport of course.
Jarod   I never play for sport.
Fontenot   Ah!
Jarod   Is she a friend of yours?
Fontenot   Oh no. Poor child was raised by a bad element.
Jarod   Bad element?
Fontenot   Primal, if you get my meaning. It so happens that one of this element got himself killed and rumour has it she blames me. Now please,
join us.
Jarod   No thank you.
Fontenot   He’s a good pool player.
Martin Luther King    … be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream. That my…
Young Jarod   Why do people hate other people because of the colour of their skin?
Sydney   I don’t know Jarod. It’s called racism.
Young Jarod   Why do I have to look at this?
Sydney   It’s important that you learn what’s wrong in the world as well as what’s right.
Martin Luther King   I have a dream that one day…..
Young Jarod   Are they taught to do this?
Sydney   In some ways, yes. Jarod there is no simple solution to racism.
Young Jarod   But there is. Stop hating.
Sydney   I wish it were that easy. It takes time and compassion. Do you understand this Jarod?
Martin Luther King   I have a dream that one day, every valley shall be exalted…..
Young Jarod   I understand it but I can’t accept it. I’ll never accept it.
Sydney   This anxiety over your father is understandable Miss Parker. Symbolically speaking, Brigitte is taking your mother’s position.
Miss Parker   No she’s not.
Sam   Ah hm. I ah…
Miss Parker   Yes?
Sam   I gained access to Brigitte’s house like you asked.
Broots   You broke in?
Miss Parker   And?
Sam   Her medical records.
Sydney   Your father would not be happy to know you had his fiancé’s house burglarised.
Miss Parker   Then let’s not tell him. Broots, dissect this file and leave no pap smear unturned. Sam!
Earl   Marvin was the closest thing to a father Billie ever knew. She worshipped that man.
Jarod   Marvin Dupree wasn’t like a father to you Billie. He was your father.
Earl   Jarod, where’d you come from?
Jarod   That’s a question I should ask Billie. The problem is she won’t be able to answer me. Why haven’t you told Billie that Marvin is her real
Earl   What are you talking about?
Jarod   I found her birth records Earl. Why did your brother keep this a secret from her?
Earl   He had his reasons.
Jarod   She has a right to know who she is.
Earl   Billie’s mother, Janis. She sang at the club here. Had a voice like honey. She was a real nice lady. She was also white. When Marvin met her she was engaged to a local boy but they fell for one another and she took off with my brother a few days before the wedding. After a year Billie was born. Now when Janis’ family realised that she had had Marvin’s child they told her take her black baby and never come back. When Janis took sick she made Marvin promise that he would never tell Billie that he was her father. She thought that that would make the world less cruel to Billie if they thought that Marvin was a friend.
Jarod   So he lied to her, to protect her.
Miss Parker   Um ah, drinks first, then dinner, then I’ll climb up onto the top of the roof and jump head first onto the driveway.
Waitress   Ma’am?
Miss Parker   Just an old family tradition.
Thomas   Relax would you? Your father and I are going to get along just swell.
Miss Parker   Swell? Oh God. This is never going to work. Just…. Okay?
Thomas   Incredible.
Mr Parker   Angel.
Miss Parker   Daddy.
Brigitte   Can we come in?
Miss Parker   Well, looks like you’re already in.
Brigitte   We appreciate you hosting this little shindig. Damn floors. You know how slow construction workers can be. Morons with hammers.
Miss Parker   Bridget…
Brigitte   Brigitte.
Miss Parker   Whatever. Daddy this is Thomas.
Thomas   The construction moron. Don’t worry I left my hammer in my other outfit.
Mr Parker   I’ve heard a lot about you son.
Thomas   Well don’t believe everything that you hear.
Mr Parker   Like what?
Lyle   Hi. I hope I’m not late.
Miss Parker   Tommy this is my… brother, Lyle.
Thomas   Hi nice to meet you.
Miss Parker   So this is the lucky guy who won my sister’s heart.
Thomas   Yeah. I’m the lucky guy. What happened to your thumb?
Miss Parker   Who needs a drink?
Fontenot   I hope I’m not interrupting. I was hopin’ that you and me and Mr Black here could play some pool.
Jarod   I already told you I don’t play for…
Fontenot   Play for sport. I remember. Nine ball. Five hundred a rack.
Jarod   Let’s play some pool.
Jarod   Nine in the corner pocket and your five hundred in mine. Well that’s pool, isn’t it Mr Fontenot? Sometimes the balls roll for you and sometimes they don’t. Let me buy you dinner.
Fontenot   I have a better idea. I propose a rematch, say later tonight at my place. We could bump the action, a thousand a game. Unless that’s
too rich for your blood.
Jarod   Well I’ll be playing with your money of course so if you can stand the embarrassment. I can.
Fontenot   My driver will pick you up at eight.
Jarod   No thank you. I’d rather walk.
Fontenot   Oh you don’t want to walk alone in this kind of neighbourhood. You wouldn’t want to end up dead next to a dumpster like Marvin Dupree. Would he Earl?
Jarod   Patience Earl. Patience.
Mr Parker   Family… and friend. Bridget and I have uh…. set our wedding date. This weekend.
Lyle   Outstanding. Congratulations.
Mr Parker   Thank you.
Miss Parker   Daddy um, why are you rushing into this?
Brigitte   Well it’s because we are in love.
Mr Parker   Time goes by very quickly. Mustn’t waste a minute of it.
Lyle   A toast to the happy couple.
Mr Parker   Thank you, I’ll drink to that.
Brigitte   Cheers.
Miss Parker   Excuse me. What?
Broots   I’ve finished Brigitte’s medical file.
Miss Parker   And?
Broots   Well it’s… a lot of it is gynecological. It’s kind of embarrassing to be talking about it.
Miss Parker   This isn’t junior high Broots. We’re adults. Talk to me.
Broots   Well it all looks legit. Dr Noah Lindquist diagnosed her as infertile due to complications arising from endometriosis.
Miss Parker   But?
Broots   I did some checking. According to the AMA there is no Doctor Noah Lindquist practicing in the United States or anywhere for that
Miss Parker   She faked it all. He doesn’t exist and neither does her infertility.
Broots   What’s she up to Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   I don’t know.
Mr Parker   Come on Angel. Time for charades.
Miss Parker   Oh, I thought the dinner party from hell would never end.
Thomas   I made something to help you sleep.
Miss Parker   Hmm.
Thomas   Well I thought that tonight went, ah, pretty well.
Miss Parker   Nobody died.
Thomas   Brigitte seems like a nice person and she makes your father happy.
Miss Parker   It’s so hard to watch him throw his life away like this.
Thomas   Then don’t. If it’s making you this miserable maybe you stop spending time with them.
Miss Parker   They’re my family.
Thomas   Maybe you should think about… starting a new one.
Earl   She was also the one who found his body out in the alley behind the club.
Billie   Marvin stands up at the club and tells everybody how proud he is of me. But that dream died in the alley along with him.
Man   Let’s see him sink a nine ball now.
Jarod   Where am I?
Fontenot   You’re in my home. I did warn you about that neighbourhood.
Jarod   Ah.
Fontenot   Good thing for you my driver happened by when he did. You might have been killed.
Jarod   I count my blessings.
Fontenot   Good for you. Let’s play some pool.
Fontenot   A valiant attempt. But as Hamlet said “As he was valiant I honour him. As he was ambitious, I slew him.”
Jarod   Actually Brutus said that. Trying to justify killing Julius Caesar but then he discovered there really is no justification for cold-blooded
murder so he killed himself.
Fontenot   Well I’m sure that if Brutus thought a little harder he would have come up with a better solution. It doesn’t take a genius to know
that we live in a world where only the truly fit can survive.
Jarod   Meaning that the unfit should be eliminated. Like Marvin Dupree.
Fontenot   Marvin didn’t know his place, so he paid the price.
Jarod   And what exactly was his place?
Fontenot   Why, in the back of the bus of course.
Young Jarod   I’ll never accept it. I’ll never accept it.
Fontenot   I believe you owe me another thousand dollars.
Jarod   Are you doing some remodelling?
Fontenot   Pardon me?
Jarod   I smell fresh paint. It looks like you’ve just laid down a brand new carpet.
Fontenot   I like to keep my home presentable for special guests such as yourself.
Jarod   Hmm.
Fontenot   Another game?
Jarod   Not tonight.
Fontenot   Well like you said Mr Pepper, sometimes the balls roll your way and sometimes they don’t.
Jarod   Why don’t we play again tomorrow when both my arms are working. Unless of course you don’t like the odds.
Fontenot   It’s a date.
Jarod   Good. Tomorrow… afternoon at Earl’s. Now if you don’t mind I’d like to use your rest room.
Fontenot   By all means. It’s on your left down the hall.
Jarod   Well that’s not your average scrap book.
Earl   After Marvin was killed, I collected every scrap of information I could on Fontenot… tryin’ to figure out what would possess a man to murder out of pure hate. I found  answer in an old Huntsville newspaper.
Jarod   I’ve seen that picture. It’s in a frame in Fontenot’s pool room.
Earl   Fontenot’s daddy. White sheets, burning crosses.
Jarod   Fontenot’s father was a member of the Klu Klux Klan.
Earl   According to people who would know.
Jarod   I paid a visit to Fontenot’s house tonight. He has two newly patched bullet holes in his the wall and he laid down a brand new carpet.
Earl   To cover up Marvin’s blood?
Jarod   He was trying to cover up something. But he’s not the only one. You told me that Billie’s mother left her fiancé a few days before the
wedding and ran off with Marvin?
Earl   That’s right.
Jarod   Well you left out a pretty important detail from that story. You told me that Marvin was Billie’s father but you didn’t tell me that Eddie
Fontenot was the fiancé.
Billie   Marvin was my daddy?
Jarod   Billie.
Billie   Marvin was my daddy.
Earl   Billie.
Billie   No. No more lies.
Mr Parker   Ah. Ah, I.. uh… I haven’t been this nervous since the day you were born, ah, you and your brother.
Miss Parker   Daddy?
Mr Parker   Huh?
Miss Parker   There’s something I need to tell you about Brigitte.
Mr Parker   I know you have issues with her but people change. Look at us, all dressed up on my wedding day, hey. I’m happier now than I’ve been in a long, long time. Please try to be happy for me, Angel, huh? Oh God you’re pretty.
Lyle   So there you are.
Mr Parker   Hmm.
Lyle   Time to go.
Mr Parker   Well I can’t keep my bride waiting now, can I? Okay.
Earl   Five games five Jarod, five games for Fontenot. Run these Jarod and the match is yours.
Fontenot   You’ve had the run of the table all day Mr Pepper. I can practically feel that fifty thousand dollars in my pocket now.
Jarod   You know, I’m beginning to think that fifty thousand isn’t enough. Maybe we should put some more on the line?
Fontenot   Fifty thousand dollars is not enough for you?
Jarod   Oh I wasn’t talking about money. I was talking about something far more costly like uh… honour.
Fontenot   What?
Jarod   That is after all what you lost to Marvin Dupree … isn’t it?
Fontenot   I don’t know what the hell you are talking about sir.
Jarod   You know it finally occurred to me that losing a game of pool or being hustled by Marvin Dupree for a few thousand dollars wasn’t why you killed him. No you killed him because of the colour of his skin. You just couldn’t keep that hatred locked down any more could you?
Fontenot   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   Powerful hatred even from a bigot like yourself, knowing that your woman ran off with a black man.
Fontenot   You don’t know anything about this.
Jarod   Oh, I do know that pictures never lie. Billie’s mother was supposed to be your wife before she ran off with Marvin Dupree, that is.
And then there was that notorious pool game between you and Marvin where you lost your misguided honour, right there in your Daddy’s house. That must have been more than you could stand.
Fontenot   That boy deserved what he got.
Jarod   He was a man. What he got was your fiancé. I think they make a fine looking couple, don’t you?
Fontenot   That’s it. Let’s go.
Billie   Well don’t cha?
Jarod   Billie what are you doing?
Billie   Well don’t ya? I’m waitin’ for an answer Fontenot.
Fontenot   Yes a handsome couple.
Jarod   Billie, don’t do this.
Billie   Stay out of it Jarod!
Earl   Billie he’s right.
Billie   You too Earl. Not even God can save him now.
Jarod   Billie please.
Billie   Tell me how you did it. How you murdered my father in cold blood.
Fontenot   She’s crazy.
Billie   Tell me!
Fontenot   Talk to her.
Billie   I want to hear you say it! Now.
Fontenot   All right! Yes, yes, I killed him. I killed Marvin! And I’d kill the little animal again if I could.
Billie   Get out of the way Jarod. Please. Please. Get …
Jarod   Would your father want you to do this? End the hate here Billie.
Minister   Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join this couple in the bonds of holy matrimony. Do you Brigitte take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, ’til death do you part?
Brigitte   I do.
Minister   And do you, uh …
Mr Parker   Hmm. Parker.
Minister   Thank you, thank you. Uh, do you, ah, Mr Parker, uhh… take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, ’til death do you part?
Mr Parker   I do.
Minister   Uh, the ring please. If anyone has any objections to the union of these two people speak now or forever hold your peace. By the powers vested in me by the great state of Delaware I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.
Raines   Congratulations Mrs Parker. I wish you and your husband the very best.
Brigitte   Thank you Mr Raines. I intend to do everything in my power to make his golden years memorable.
Miss Parker   I know I’ll remember them.
Brigitte   Ah!
Miss Parker   Count on it.
Raines   I think I’ll get some cake.
Brigitte   Beautiful ceremony, wasn’t it?
Miss Parker   The virgin veil was a nice touch.
Brigitte   Do you need a little motherly advice?
Miss Parker   Now that you mention it, let’s talk birth control, as in the kind that Dr Noah Lindquist provided for you. You do remember him, don’t you? Then again maybe you don’t considering he doesn’t exist.
Brigitte   Someone’s been a busy little beaver, misinformed, but busy.
Miss Parker   You lied to my father about being infertile. You get yourself pregnant and that makes it real difficult to trim you off the family tree.
Brigitte   My husband and I have a very trusting relationship.
Miss Parker   Just answer me this. What kind of beast uses the miracle of birth to cement her own position in life?
Brigitte   A baby with your father would be a child of love, nothing more, nothing less. You were right about one thing though, if there were to be a child it would truly be a miracle. Thank you.
Earl   I wanna thank you all for coming out on this cold Memphis night. We got a special treat for you this evening.
Billie   I can’t do this.
Jarod   Of course you can. Just keep your father close to your heart. You’ll be just fine.
Earl   Please put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Miss Billie Dupree.
Billie   I’d like to dedicate this song to my father, Marvin Dupree, and to the man who helped me find him. Thank you, Jarod.
Billie   There’s a somebody I’m longing to see
I hope that he turns out to be
Someone who’ll watch over me.
Where is that someone, to watch over me.

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