4-09 ‘Til Death Do Us Part

4-09 ‘Til Death Do Us Part

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Follow the bouncing ball, Broots.

Miss Parker

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Follow the bouncing ball, Broots.

Miss Parker

Original air date: January 15, 2000

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Craig W. Van Sickle

With Jarod’s help, Miss Parker finally discovers who murdered her lover, Thomas, and also learns the shocking truth behind Brigette’s marriage to her father.

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Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Miss Parker attempts to identify Thomas’ murderer on the anniversary of his death.


Miss Parker tosses and turns in her bed as she dreams about Thomas Gates.  Parker awakens suddenly.  The day marks the one-year anniversary of Thomas’ unsolved murder.  Later that day, at a cemetery, Jarod joins a despondent, disoriented Parker at Thomas’ grave.  Jarod commiserates with Parker, stating that it is time to find out who killed her lover.  A confused Parker turns…only to find that Jarod has disappeared.  She finds a card nearby that reads:  “Gates Construction—Where Everything Old Is New Again.”  The side of the card reads “Rumor 58259.”  The unsuspecting Parker has no idea that Jarod played cupid over a year ago in bringing her and Thomas together.

Back at the Centre, Sydney and Broots examine the card.  Broots believes that “Rumor” is the code name for a Centre operative.  He also believes that the communications department can decipher the significance of the numbers “58259.”  Meanwhile, the vicious murder of Triumvirate operative Mutumbo has been traced to Parker’s father.  Cox warns Miss Parker that anyone allied with her father could find themselves an “endangered species.”

Accompanied by his very pregnant wife, Brigitte, Mr. Parker convenes with his daughter.  He denies killing Mutumbo and elaborates on his “comeback plan. ” He then disappears into the night.  Subsequently, Broots reports that the numbers on the card are a code for an archive recording of a phone tap placed by an operative named Rumor.  Broots manages to unscramble one of the taped calls, which turns out to be a friendly conversation between Jarod and Thomas.  For the first time, Miss Parker realizes that Thomas and Jarod enjoyed a friendship.

Returning home from her emotionally exhausting day, Miss Parker hears her shower running.  Driven by the unrealistic hope that she would find Thomas, she grabs the shower curtain…only to find Brigitte taking a shower.  A short time later, Mr. Parker appears in the living room and asks to borrow his daughter’s car.  He believes that Mutumbo’s murder did not extinguish a directive to have him and Brigitte killed.

The next day, in her office at the Centre, Miss Parker receives a phone call from the elusive Jarod.  Jarod confirms the strong friendship he shared with Thomas.  He considers his pairing of Parker and Thomas, who was employed as a construction worker, as one of the most rewarding things he has ever done.  Jarod tells Miss Parker that Rumor murdered Thomas.  Now, it is up to Miss Parker to identify the mysterious operative.

As Broots uses the men’s urinal, Cox and his Sweepers invade his privacy and block his exit.  To squeeze the latest information out of Broots regarding Miss Parker’s father, Cox sizzles Broots’ hand under the hand dryer.  Broots divulges no information, and later tells Miss Parker that Rumor’s identity is contained in a “Z-3” hard-copy file.  The only problem lies in accessing this type of file.  The designation “Z-3” denotes contract killings for hire.   This signifies that Thomas was murdered by someone inside the Centre.  Broots gives Parker a ride home, and later, they discover a mysterious file on her coffee table.  It is the Z-3 Rumor file.  Parker reads the file and immediately drops it to the floor in stunned silence.

Miss Parker follows a tracking device hidden inside her car to locate the remote area where Brigitte and her father are supposedly hiding.  An agitated Parker then confronts her father.  Brigitte, it turns out, is Rumor 58259.  Miss Parker cannot determine whether her father is in collusion or is genuinely dumbfounded.  Apparently, Brigitte is hiding out elsewhere.

Back at her home, Miss Parker pours over the Rumor file searching for clues of Brigitte’s whereabouts.  Jarod visits Parker briefly, and denies it was he who left the Rumor file in her home.  Jarod hides when Broots makes an unannounced appearance, bring with him information about Brigitte’s location.

Miss Parker drives to a secluded cabin in the woods.  She kicks in the door and finds Brigitte in advanced labor.  Through her labor pains, Brigitte screams answers to Miss Parker’s insistent questions.  She admits to having killed Thomas on orders from inside the Centre, but those orders did not originate with the Triumvirate.  Apparently, those powers within the Centre believed that Miss Parker’s romance with Thomas made her lose her professional focus.  Brigitte also reveals that she has a rare disorder, placenta previa, that will cause her to bleed to death when the baby is born.  Shortly after the baby is delivered, Brigitte expires.  As if on cue, Mr. Parker and Cox arrive in a helicopter with a nurse.  But Miss Parker senses that something is amiss.  Her father’s demeanor is very crisp and businesslike.  Mr. Parker tells his daughter that Cox has been his inside man for months.  Shocked, Miss Parker realizes that Brigitte served only as a conduit to give her father a baby.  To clear Mr. Parker of any suspicion of killing Mutumbo, Cox places the gun that killed Mutumbo in Brigitte’s lifeless hand.  Disgusted by Cox and her father, Parker exits.

Miss Parker returns to the cemetery where Thomas is buried.  She answers a call from Jarod on her cell phone.  Jarod reminds of her of “unfinished business” that he spoke of days earlier.  He tells Parker that Thomas keeps haunting her because her mind and her heart are waging a war against each other.  It is time for Miss Parker to tell Thomas, even in death, how much she loved him.  A vision of a field and lone figure walking toward her appears.  It is Thomas.  He holds out his hand to Parker, and they embrace passionately.  Miss Parker finally states, “ I love you, Tommy.”

4-09 ‘Til Death Do Us Part

‘Til Death Do Us Part Transcript


[Parker Dreaming]  

[Parker]Tell me about yourself?

[Gates] What do you want to know?

[Parker] Everything.

[Gates] Bridget seems like a nice person. If it’s making you this miserable, maybe you should stop spending so much time with them.

[Parker] They’re my family.

[Gates] Maybe you should think about starting a new one.

[Parker] There are places in me, Tommy. Dark places.

[Gates] If something is not right, we’ll deal with it. Together. I’m a fix-it man, remember? I will make you a deal. When I die, I’ll leave you all my shirts. Hey, hey, hey, hey. I’m not goin’ anywhere. Hmm?

    [Shower Water Running]
[Parker Day Dreaming]   [Gates] Parker?
[Parker] Tommy.

[Gates] I love you, Parker.

    [Phone Ringing]
[Line Ringing]

Big J’s Carnival Supplies

Towson, Maryland

Broots   [Sighs]
Broots   Must be the 10th time I got her phone machine.
Sydney   You left the address, didn’t you? Maybe Miss Parker will meet us here.
Broots   Syd, she hates anyone to enter one of Jarod’s lairs before she does. [Sighs] It doesn’t make sense. Something’s up.
Sydney   Think back one year, Broots. Thomas?
Broots   Thomas. Today? It’s a year to the day that she found Thomas murdered at her house? I’m such an idiot. I left all those phone messages on her machine like it was just any other day.
Parker   It is just any other day. Same clown. Different side show.
Broots   I’m sorry, Miss Parker.
Parker   Thank you. So, what’s up with Jarod the jester?
Broots   Well, Syd and I have barely scratched the surface, if you want to start diggin’ in. [Clears Throat]
Parker   Have Clean-up crate everything. If we can’t figure out what Jarod’s up to, we can donate this stuff to a two-ring circus looking to add a third.
Sydney   We did find one thing.
Broots   The celebrity clown of a local kiddie show, Marco the Magnificent, was arrested yesterday on molestation charges. Police found him locked in a lion cage [Chuckles] with raw beef strapped to his- Anyway, well, it’s all in there.
Parker   Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you Ringmaster Jarod.
Broots   What is it?
Parker   It’s- It’s Jarod’s twisted little model of my first meeting with Thomas. Bastard.
Sydney   I’m sure there’s an innocent reason Jarod left it.
Parker   Right. And O.J. was chipping golf balls.
Sydney   All I’m saying is-
Parker   It’s bad enough he knows how Thomas and I met, but the fact that he left it for me on this day is no mistake. For once, admit he’s tormenting me to torment me. And wherever he is, I just know he’s laughing.
    [Nose Squeaks]
Jarod   Hardly laughing.
    Cemetery / Thomas Gates’ Burial Site
Parker   To houses skillfully turned into homes. To empty hearts filled up again. To new beginnings that might have been. All left with you, my love.
Jarod   Beautiful words.
Parker   What, no confetti gongs, joy buzzers, squirting flowers?
Jarod   None of this is a laughing matter.
Parker   Yeah. No, you really caught me in a mood today. I’m real tempted to put a cap in you, wipe the slate clean on my life and take off without ever looking back.
Jarod   Your gun won’t work. I took the firing pin out last night.
Parker   I sleep with this under my pillow.
Jarod   And you drool out of the left corner of your mouth.
    [Gun Clicks]
Parker   What the hell are you doing here, Jarod?
Jarod   It’s time to take care of some unfinished business, to find out who killed the man you loved and why, and to pay respects to a man like Thomas Gates because he deserves it.
Parker   Just because you’re a genius doesn’t mean you know what he deserves. Why are you tormenting me, Jarod? Why do you even c-care?
    The Centre
Sydney   Rumor 5-8-2-5-9?
Broots   In this case, “rumor” would be the code name of the operative in charge. As far as the numbers, I’ll have to talk to Manny. You know, the mute guy down in Communications?
Sydney   He, the one without the tongue?
Broots   Yeah. I guess it’d be pretty pointless to play spin the bottle with a guy like that. I mean, if I was a woman. Anyhow, offhand I’d say these numbers might be a code for a Centre audio phone tap file.
Parker   Find out from Manny the marble mouth which one.
Broots   Well, given the climate around here, Miss Parker, I don’t think that’s gonna be too easy.
Parker   Why?
Sydney   Oh, you haven’t heard?
Lyle   Mutumbo’s dead, as in “Ding-dong, the wicked witch is.”
Cox   Dead. Triumvirate’s crazy Zulu appears to have been murdered.
Lyle   Two shots through the heart.
Parker   Small target.
Cox   And whoever put the bullets in Mutumbo also gouged out his eyes.
Parker   Like he saw something he wasn’t supposed to.
Cox   Speaking of which, when was the last time you laid eyes on your father?
Parker   When is the last time somebody checked for your pulse?
Cox   [Giggling]
Lyle   [Clears Throat] Um- Now, now.
Cox   I merely ask because family is the most important thing in the world. My family. Your family. The Centre family.
Parker   Care to translate for Barney the dinosaur?
Lyle   The gun that was used to kill Mutumbo was traced to the highest level of the Centre.
Cox   A level that includes you, Mr. Lyle, and dear old dad who just happens to gain the most from Mutumbo’s sudden…. erasure.
Parker   You think my father killed him?
Cox   Anyone could have. After all, when we miss the ones we love and survival’s at stake, we’re capable of anything.
    [Parker see Thomas]
[Parker] Tommy.

[Gates] Talk to me, Parker. There’s something on your mind. I can tell.

[Parker] Yes. I- I-

[Gates] It’s okay. In your own time.

Cox   [Snaps Finger] Miss Parker. The search for your father has and will continue to intensify on my authority. He will be found. And when he is, those allied with him could find themselves endangered species.
Lyle   He was as much as accusing you of- hell, accusing me of participating in a coup. The least you could do is pretend to listen. Parker? Call me when you’re back with the living.
Parker   Do you believe in ghosts, Syd?
Sydney   I believe in an afterlife. Second chances.
Parker   I’m talking about Thomas. His… presence is all around me.
Sydney   Sometimes I hear my mother’s whisper of consolation, my father’s laughter. Those we love are with us always, in life and in death.
Parker   It’s more than that. I see him. Almost touch him.
Sydney   The anniversary of his death. Your father’s disappearance. Now Mutumbo’s assassination. Under stress, the mind is capable of many things.
Parker   It’s not my mind playing tricks on me. It is Thomas. He’s- He’s in the room with me like – like he’s waiting.
Sydney   Maybe he is. Maybe he’s giving you that second chance to complete something left unfinished.
    [Phone Rings]
Mr. Parker   Angel.
Parker   Daddy? Are you all right?
Mr. Parker   Better than anybody, now that Mutumbo’s, you know-
Parker   You?
Mr. Parker   Me kill him? If I had, he’d be missin’ more than his eyes.
Parker   Daddy, they’re looking for you. Cox.
Mr. Parker   Let him. My comeback plan’s workin’. One more piece, and everything will be back to normal.
Parker   You sound different.
Mr. Parker   Damn straight. I’m gonna be a father again. I haven’t felt like this since you were born. Listen, we need to hook up.
Parker   Where?
Mr. Parker   I haven’t decided. Just keep your eyes open and your back covered. And, Angel? This turmoil? It’s almost over. The survivors will be together real soon. [Line Disconnects]
Parker   [Scoffs] “Survivors.”
Broots   As Manny explained to me, this code-
Parker   You…had a conversation with a tongueless mute?
Broots   No. [Chuckles] Not in so many words. But I-
Sydney   Broots.
Broots   Okay. The phone tap… was on Thomas’s phone. All of it was routed to an operative, code name Rumor. I still haven’t figured out who that is yet, but I was able to unscramble part of the call. And I-I-I downloaded it.
Parker   Play it.
[Taped Conversation]   [Gates] Yeah. Parker and I are goin’ away for the weekend, so we’ll talk when I get back.
[Jarod] Okay, buddy. I’ll see you again soon.

[Gates] You take care, Jarod.

[Line Clicks]

Parker   Tommy and Jarod… were friends?
    Parker’s House
[In Parker’s Mind]   [Gates] Talk to me.
Parker   [Exhales]
    [Shower Faucet Squeaks]
    [Running Water]
Parker   Tommy? Tommy.
    [Parker and Bridget Both Gasp]
Mr. Parker   Angel.
Bridget   Oh, geez. I thought I was gonna have a tub birth there for a second.
Mr. Parker   You okay?
Parker   Yeah.
Mr. Parker   You look like you just saw a ghost.
Parker   No. I- I’m so glad you’re all right, Daddy.
Mr. Parker   I’m just fine. It’s Brigitte we need to worry about. Yeah. Carryin’ a new life. It’s God’s ultimate challenge.
Parker   How did you get here? I didn’t see your car.
Mr. Parker   Uh, we, uh, hitched a ride, came up the back path and used the key you gave us.
Parker   Did I?
Mr. Parker   I need a favor.
Parker   Anything. I want to help. Both of you.
Mr. Parker   Yeah, good. We’re gonna have to help each other. I gotta have your car.
Bridget   He found a safe place for the birth.
Mr. Parker   Yeah, we gotta keep movin’ for the baby.
Bridget   And a doctor we can trust for the delivery.
Parker   Daddy?
Mr. Parker   Hmm?
Parker   Tell me where you’re going. Please? I just- I need to be a part of something positive right now.
Mr. Parker   I can’t. It’s not safe. Listen, just because Mutumbo’s dead doesn’t mean his order to kill us is. You see, I think the hitter’s real close.
Parker   I think it’s Cox.
Mr. Parker   Well, it’s a pro, that’s for damn sure. That’s why you have to carry on business as usual. Now, it won’t be long. I’m just one piece away from bein’ back runnin’ the Centre.
Parker   I can get you that piece if you just-
Mr. Parker   No, no. You can’t. I’ll have it real soon. Now, give me the car keys. Come on.
Parker   There. You take care of that brother or sister of mine.
Bridget   I will.
Mr. Parker   Come on. Let’s go.
    [Door Opens]
Parker   Daddy?
Mr. Parker   Hmm?
Parker   What is Rumor 5-8-2-5-9?
Mr. Parker   Beats the hell out of me.
Bridget   Rumor is a code name for the operative in charge of that file. The rest sounds like a digital phone tap number.
Mr. Parker   Yeah. See? We gotta help each other. Come on. Now remember, business as usual.
    The Centre
[Parker’s Memory]   [Mr. Parker’s Voice] Remember, business as usual.
[Brigitte] Rumor’s a code name for the operative in charge of that file.

[Gates] Talk to me, Parker. There’s something on your mind. I can tell.

[Jarod] It’s time to find out who killed the man you loved and why.

    [Phone Rings]
Parker   What?
Jarod   Let’s hope there’s not a digital tap on this phone.
Parker   It didn’t stop you and Tommy from becoming fast friends.
Jarod   At least you’ve deciphered some of what Rumor means.
Parker   I’m just getting started. So why not save me some time and just tell me who killed him?
Jarod   I don’t know.
Parker   You listen to me, Jarod. The rules that you and I have been playing by- my indentured servitude to this house of horrors, you shaking your family tree- you just throw those the hell out the window when it comes to Thomas! He is not a game!
Jarod   I would never treat him like one. Deception was never my goal with you and Thomas.
Parker   Your goal? What goal?
Jarod   [Sighs] Love. Putting you two together was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.
Parker   Putting us together? You’re a liar. We had a chance meeting in Blue Cove at a gas stat- – You didn’t meet him after I did. You knew him before?
Jarod   The way you felt about each other had nothing to do with me. I just- I just lit the torch.
Parker   [Sobs]
Jarod   Miss Parker, are you there?
Parker   [Sighs]

Tell me about the Tommy you knew.

Jarod   We met about a month before you did. I was working construction for one of his competitors- a greedy contractor whose selfishness cost a young man both his legs.
Parker   Tommy helped you take him down.
Jarod   Thomas was big on doing the right thing.
Parker   Yeah. I… have to know who killed him, Jarod.
Jarod   As soon as I find out anything, you’ll be my first stop. But until then, everything inside of me says Rumor murdered Thomas. Follow that lead. And, Miss Parker, be careful. Rumors can kill you.
[Parker Sees Thomas]   [Gates] Parker?
[Parker] Tommy.

[Gates] Time to trust now, Parker.

[Parker] But-

[Gates] No. Trust Jarod. Trust him.

Broots   That’s funny. “Centre Voting Booth. Use handy lever to vote for most hated. One flush, Mr. Lyle. [Laughing] [Clears Throat] Two flushes, Mr. Raines. Three flushes, Mr. Cox.” Hey, I guess it’s anybody’s election.
Cox   I’m flattered. But I’d hate to be the one to have to count the votes. [Urinal Flushes X 3] Wouldn’t you, Mr. Broots? There are rumors going around, Mr. Broots.
Broots   Rumors?
Cox   Well, you are a washer, I hope?
Broots   Oh, yeah. Always. Before and after.
    [Air Blowing]
Broots   So, uh- [Clears Throat] what kind of rumors?
Cox   It’s funny- these dryers bring back fond memories of Father’s mortuary. We employed similar devices in the preparation process. Oh. He used to let me help after school. If I was good. [Chuckles]
Broots   I guess even the dead have to be clean.
Cox   Oh, yes, because cleanliness is truth. Here. Please. [Air Blowing] You believe in truth, don’t you, Mr. Broots?
Broots   [Clears Throat] Sure. [Sighs] So, uh- about this Rumor thing, I can explain-
Cox   Cleanliness is truth.
Broots   But that- that’s kinda hot. [Chuckles]
Cox   Just like the crematorium. Now, what rumors are you hearing, Mr. Broots?
Broots   Oh! [Groaning] Oh, my God! [Screaming] [Sighs] Oh, that feels good.
Parker   So, Broots, what did you tell Cox?
Broots   I screamed and told him that my hand was frying.
Parker   About Rumor!
Broots   Well, as it turns out, Mr. Cox wasn’t interested in the Rumor file at all. He just kept coming back to your father.
Sydney   His persistent interest in your father points to one thing.
Parker   Yes. That Cox is the hitter hired by Mutumbo to kill Daddy.
Sydney   And Brigitte, maybe, as well as the baby.
Parker   I’m runing out of time. So is Daddy.
Sydney   Anything further on Rumor, Broots?
Broots   Well, I was able to reach the end of the phone tap archive.
Parker   And?
Broots   Nothing but a text message telling me the identity of Rumor is in a hard copy file.
Parker   Let’s find it.
Broots   No, no. I- I’m working on it. It’s, uh- The file’s called a Z3 File.
Sydney   Z3?
Broots   Yeah.
Sydney   Designates contract killings for hire.
Parker   Makes it a lock. Thomas was murdered by someone inside the Centre.
    Parker’s House
Parker   Thanks for lending me your car, Broots.
Broots   No problem. Do you want me to stick around and keep you company for a while, Miss Parker?
Parker   Mmm, thanks but I don’t feel alone.
Broots   It must be pretty hard still, though, huh?
Parker   Why does somebody have to die for us to realize all the things we never said to them?
Broots   Well, I guess it’s ’cause we kinda treat life like a bug on the sidewalk. All we see is a bug, not a miracle. And no matter how hard we try, we usually end up steppin’ on it instead of takin’ it into our hand.
Parker   And the living are left with all the unfinished business.
Broots   Until we finish it, yeah. You know, between Thomas and everything that’s happening with your father, I just want you to know that I’m here for you, Miss Parker. I- I mean, if you need someone. I- I mean, a friend. Miss Parker? The Z3 Rumor file? How did it get in here?
Parker   It’s not how it got here that matters. It’s who it says is Thomas’s killer.
Broots   Who? Revenge? You should think about this, Miss Parker.
Parker   Think about what? Tommy was murdered. And his killer’s gonna pay. Thinking completed.
Broots   Miss Parker.
Parker   God help us all.
[Parker’s mind]   [Tommy’s Voice] Be careful, Parker.
[Parker] Tommy.

Parker   Open up, Bridget!
Mr. Parker   [Groans] Angel. It’s 4:00 in the morning.
Parker   Where’s Bridget?
Mr. Parker   Oh, God, now where did she go?
Parker   Don’t try to cover for her! Where the hell is she?
Mr. Parker   She was here when I fell asleep. We had to leave our last hiding place. Decided to sleep in the car. How did you find us?
Parker   The car has a tracking system? Damn it.
Mr. Parker   She’s been actin’ nuts the last couple of weeks, disappearing for hours at a time. Oh, my God, angel. She could be havin’ the baby. Angel, what’s happened? Why are you here?
Parker   Thomas. Rumor 5-8-2-5-9.
Mr. Parker   Oh, God. Brigitte’s Rumor.
Parker   You knew nothing about this?
Mr. Parker   Of course not! She must have been followin’ Mutumbo’s orders. She killed Thomas. I’m so sorry. [Groans] She’s carrying my baby.
Parker   Daddy, think. Where would she go?
Mr. Parker   Now that Mutumbo’s dead, she’s not safe anywhere.
Parker   No, everybody has a safe place. Think
Mr. Parker   What? Well, there was a place. Let’s see, it was in the country, I think. I never knew where. But she kept a spare key in her desk at the Centre.
Parker   I’ll find it, and I’ll find her.
Mr. Parker   Then what are you gonna do? Think about my baby!
    [Door Opens, Closes] [Bell Dings]
Lyle   What the hell are you doing here?
Parker   Searching. Why?
Lyle   Because you’re not the only one. With Triumvirate pressure, Cox has cranked up his search for Dad. And if they find any link to Mutumbo’s death, Parker will not be the safest surname to have around here.
Parker   So, when did your boy Cox turn on you?
Lyle   Like I tried to tell you before, any link between Cox and me is a lie. I intend to stay out of his crosshairs. And I suggest you do the same.
    [Bell Dings]
Broots   Miss Parker?
Parker   Broots!
Broots   Mr. Cox and a team of Sweepers are-
Parker   I heard. I need you to find something for me. A key.
Broots   A key?
Parker   Yeah. A piece of metal with teeth on it. You know, those of us that have evolved beyond fire and wheels use it to unlock doors.
Broots   Where is it?
Parker   Bridget’s office.
Broots   Brigitte?
    Parker’s Home
    [Phone Ringing]
Parker   What?
Jarod   It was your eyes.
Parker   What was?
Jarod   Where Thomas felt at home.
Parker   Did he tell you that?
Jarod   Yes, he did.
Parker   Do you think he ever knew what I really did?
Jarod   I don’t know. But he knew who you were. And to him, that was love. He said the first time he ever experienced that feeling was when he looked into your eyes.
Parker   [Exhales]
Jarod   Miss Parker?
Parker   There were so many times I wanted to tell him, to say it to him. But I-
Jarod   Tell him what?
Parker   It’s too late now anyway, Jarod.
Jarod   Never underestimate the importance of completing unfinished business.
Parker   Oh, don’t you worry. Bridget will know the importance of that real soon.
Jarod   So, Brigitte is the one that pulled the trigger.
Parker   LIke you didn’t read the Rumor file you left in my home.
Jarod   Miss Parker, I didn’t leave you any file. Whether it’s love or revenge, don’t let unfinished business finish you.
    [Knocking] [Beeps]
Parker   You found it!
Broots   Yes. And what it opens, I think. You see, I realized that if Brigitte was intercepting Thomas’s calls, she had to have them forwarded somewhere. So I went to see Manny to see if he could backtrack the calls. He owes me a favor ’cause I loaned him my karaoke machine.
Parker   Follow the bouncing ball, Broots.
Broots   Well, all the calls were transferred to a cabin less than 20 miles from here. Here’s the address.
Parker   Be sure and tell Manny the mute that I said… [Mouths Words] “Thank you.”
Bridget   [Exhales] I knew you’d come. I’m havin’ the baby. [Exhales]
Parker   I heard a little rumor about you.
Bridget   It’s true. Pull the trigger if you want. God knows I deserve it.
Parker   You… have no idea. Just answer one question. Why did you kill Tommy?
Bridget   Orders.
Parker   Who ordered it?
Bridget   [Grunts]
Parker   Tell me who!
Bridget   [Groaning] Oh, God!
Parker   How far apart are your contractions?
Bridget   Let’s just say it won’t be long before you’re a sister again. Do what you want with me. Just please let my baby live.
Parker   Oh, you’ve always had a knack for stating the obvious.
Bridget   The truth is, it doesn’t really matter anyway. This baby will even the score for you.
Parker   The baby?
Bridget   I have a disorder called placenta previa. I’ll bleed to death as the baby is born. [Groaning, Inhaling] [Groaning, Screaming]
Parker   Uh-uh. I’ll get help. [Dialing]
Bridget   [Groans] There’s no signal out here. [Groaning Continues]
Parker   Hold on! I’ll get help!
Bridget   The land line went dead after I spoke to your father.
Parker   You spoke with Daddy?
Bridget   He said you’d find the doctor and bring him.
Parker   Why did you run?
Bridget   I knew it was just a matter of time before you found out I was Rumor. And with Mutumbo’s hitter there, I ran.. hoping to keep the focus away from your father. Despite what you think, I love him very much. [Screaming] God! [Gasps] Oh! Oh! [Gasps] Oh! Thank you. Thank you for not making me do this alone.
    The Centre/ Men’s Room
Broots   [Whistling] [Gasps]
Cox   Putting in overtime?
Broots   I’m salary.
Cox   So is your friend, Manny. The tongueless one? The poor man drools when he speaks.
Broots   Sp-speaks? [Clears Throat]
Cox   About you, Mr. Broots.
Broots   Me?
Cox   Now, you have an opportunity to tell me where Brigitte went. Now, if you choose not to accept that opportunity, you could find yourself having more in common with mute Manny than just karaoke.
Broots   [Exhales]
Cox   Shall I sing you a torch song? Hmm?
Bridget   [Groaning, Inhaling, Exhaling]
Parker   Stay with me, Bridget. I’m here.
Bridget   I’m sorry… for Thomas. For all the pain I caused you.
Parker   You never answered my question.
Bridget   I don’t know who. But it wasn’t the Triumvirate. It came from inside the Centre. They thought that you were losing your focus. Oh, God! Something’s happening inside!
Parker   Where’s Daddy with the doctor? Stay with me now.
Bridget   I’m gonna faint.
Parker   No, you’re not. No- Oh, I can see the head. You need to push. The head is blue.
Bridget   I can’t.
Parker   You can. Push. The baby needs oxygen. Push!
Bridget   How bad am I?
Parker   Uh- Uh, there’s a lot of blood.
Bridget   I’m not gonna make it.
Parker   Yes, you are, damn it! I came here to kill you and by God, I’ll be the one who decides whether you live or die! Now push!
Bridget   [Screaming]
Parker   Push! Hold on! Help’s here!
    [Helicopter Whirring]
    [Screaming Continues]
    [Baby Crying]
Parker   Oh! Oh! Brigitte? Brigitte! [Sobbing] Oh, God. Oh.
    [Lock Rattling]
Cox   I see I’m too late for the Lamaze.
Parker   But not too late to die.
Mr. Parker   No, no, angel. He’s on our side. Uh, Dr. Cox is here for the baby.
Parker   Doctor?
Cox   OB-GYN, Harvard ’93.
Parker   [Scoffs]
Mr. Parker   Mmm.
Baby   [Coos]
Mr. Parker   Ahh.Ooh. Aha. This seals it. The last piece. [Chuckles] Here you are, Nurse. Don’t forget the placenta and cord blood.
Parker   Daddy, what’s going on?
Mr. Parker   Mr. Cox has been my inside man for months, watching out while I planned my return. There’s only one reason for you being here, angel. Did she admit to everything in the Rumor file? Damn lucky thing, that file showin’ up.
Cox   She’s gone.
Mr. Parker   Mmm. Did you-
Parker   Kill her? No. She died in childbirth. Aren’t you even concerned about your wife?
Mr. Parker   Till death do us part.
Parker   What- She was nothing more than a vessel for the baby, for your legacy. Did you leave the Rumor file in my house?
Mr. Parker   Now, why would I do a thing like that?
Parker   Let me guess. The gun that killed Mutumbo. Found on her body. Just clears everyone of everything.
Mr. Parker   She planted it in my stuff! It was a setup. Rumor was tryin’ to ruin both of us. When are they gonna learn they can’t whip a Parker, huh? Make it all go away.
Parker   Daddy?
Mr. Parker   What?
Parker   Don’t you even want to know?
Mr. Parker   Know what?
Parker   If it’s a boy or a girl.
Parker   I thought that getting revenge for Tommy’s death would somehow bring me peace. But even if I had been able to, I know now it wouldn’t have.
Jarod   That isn’t the unfinished business that needs finishing. You said the other day that you wish you had told him. Told him what?
Parker   I never- I never told Tommy that I loved him.
Jarod   And now your heart and your mind are raging a war against each other.
Parker   I would trade everything for one minute with him. Just to say those words and have him hear them.
Jarod   Tell him. Let your heart win the war.
    [Music- End Of The Innocence] [Don Henley Singing]
Parker   I love you, Tommy.
Thomas   And I love you, Parker.

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