3-08 Flesh and Blood

3-08 Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood

He knows… he knows you love him. You love… him.


Flesh and Blood

He knows… he knows you love him. You love… him.


Original air date: January 2, 1999

Written by: Harry Dunn

Directed by: Rodney Charters

When Sydney’s son is kidnapped by the Appalachian Freedom Militia and held for ransom, Jarod assumes the identity of a tracking expert to help in the search.

Jarod’s Discoveries:

Jarod’s Occupations: ATF Special Agent

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Miner


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod joins a group of A.T.F. agents when a militia group based in the Appalachians kidnaps Sydney’s son.


Sydney’s son, Nicholas Stamatis, volunteers as a teacher in a poverty-stricken area of Appalachia.  Without warning, a truck filled with militia men races into the compound.  The teachers are rounded up, and when Nicholas resists, one of the militia men knocks him unconscious.  News of the kidnapping is broadcast on television.  Jarod sees the news story and immediately heads for the compound.  He assumes the identity of a tracking expert, and wins the confidence of an ATF unit commanded by Lieutenant Roland Jenkins.  Meanwhile, Michelle telephones Sydney with word of their son’s disappearance.

Jarod tells his ATF colleagues that the teachers were abducted by the Appalachian Freedom Militia, which is led by a man named Eldridge Hailey.  Two months earlier, the ATF had raided their compound and seized a stockpile of weapons.  He believes the kidnapping is retaliatory.  Meanwhile, Sydney and Michelle meet with Beth Swik, an ATF liaison.  But there is little Swik can do to allay their fears.

Back at the Centre, Miss Parker decides to send Lyle on a wild goose chase to distract him during Sydney’s absence.  Broots tells Lyle that he located Jarod in Capistrano.  But before Lyle leaves, Willie hands him a document of great importance.  Broots watches Lyle’s face, looking for some reaction.  But Lyle gives away no clue of the document’s nature.  He then announces he is heading for Capistrano.

Eldridge Hailey broadcasts a message to the ATF.  He demands one million dollars in exchange for the teachers’ release.  Before the transmission ends, Hailey aims his gun in the direction of the hostages and fires.  Sydney is devastated.

The ATF uses triangulation on the satellite broadcast.  The militia men’s position is narrowed to a small area deep within a national forest.  Jarod and the rest of the team set out to rescue the hostages.  Meanwhile, Sydney watches as Swik marks a location on a map with a push pin.  He concludes that the militia men can be found at the position.  Frustrated, he grabs the map and heads out the door.

Back at the Centre, Broots and Miss Parker speculate that Jarod may be aiding Sydney find his son.  Parker instructs Broots to check Sydney’s email for correspondence between the pair.

Jarod and the ATF team pinpoint the militia men’s hideout inside an abandoned coal mine.  Suddenly, a jeep pulls up to the mine and Sydney and a driver hop out.  Jarod is completely taken by surprise.  Sydney announces that the ransom demand is being wired to the militia men’s account.  A wounded Eldridge Hailey stumbles out from behind an old mine cart.  Hailey aims his gun at Jarod, prompting one of the ATF men to open fire.  Hailey is taken into custody, but ATF men find bodies inside the coal mine.

It turns out that the dead men are from Hailey’s militia.  Jarod and the others are disturbed by this development.  Before Hailey can identify his attackers, he loses consciousness.  Back at the Center, Broots finds Sydney’s email message to Jarod regarding his son’s disappearance in Appalachia.  Miss Parker concludes that Lyle intercepted the message and headed for the region in search of Jarod.

Jarod realizes that the men who attacked the militia group deliberately spared Hailey’s life so he could pass on information.  When Hailey regains consciousness, he reveals that his group was attacked by a man with nine fingers.  Jarod realizes that Lyle is behind the killings.  Jarod deliberately misleads the ATF team, sending them in the opposite direction of Lyle’s location.  He and Sydney then set off along a trail in search of the hostages.  Jarod believes that Lyle is using the hostages as bait, and hopes to lure him into a trap.  The two men eventually reach the edge of a clearing.  In the area is an abandoned one room school house.  Jarod notes Willie and three other sweepers on patrol.  But before he can take action, Sydney uses a rifle butt to knock him unconscious.  The sweepers allow Sydney to walk inside the school house.  Meanwhile, outside the structure, Jarod regains consciousness and overpowers the Sweepers.  He sneaks inside the school’s attic and leads the hostages to safety.  Moments later, an armed Jarod gets the drop on Lyle.  He tells Sydney and Nicholas to join the rest of the hostages up stream.  Sydney and his son do as they are instructed.

Jarod, gun in hand, walks closer to Lyle, aiming the weapon at this heart.  He instructs him to turn around and get on his knees.  Jarod then places the gun between Lyle’s shoulder blades and says, “ready… aim… fire.”

Meanwhile, Miss Parker and Broots instruct one of Lyle’s men to lead them to the hideout.  Their helicopter lands near the schoolhouse, and moments later, the pair discover Lyle laying on the floor, motionless.  Lyle opens his eyes and stands, very much unglued from his experience with Jarod.  Miss Parker realizes they cannot follow Jarod’s trail, as ATF units are flying toward the location.  She fears that the Centre will be blamed for the incident if they don’t leave immediately.  Lyle realizes she is correct.

3-08 Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood Transcript



Sydney   It was your grandfather’s when he was in the ranks of the Belgian infantry.
Nicholas   It’s beautiful Sydney.
Sydney   He said it kept him from losing his way. I’m glad to know you have it now.
Seth   Nicholas! Come on! You promised you’d read to me.
Nicholas   I have to go. Thanks for the gift Sydney.
Sydney   Oh Nicholas?
Seth   Nicholas! This way!
Sydney   Don’t call my Sydney. Call me….Dad.
Seth   Come on. Read to me! Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I Am. What is that?
Nicholas   It’s a compass. It helps you find your way when you’re lost. Now, where were we?
Seth   Is that your mama?
Nicholas   Yes.
Seth   Where’s your daddy?
Hailey   Alright, back inside!
Nicholas   Stay with your mother.
Seth   Nicholas.
Nicholas   Leave ’em alone, they’re teachers.
Hailey   Rupert, get this one in the truck! Come on boy! Get over there! Get on in there! Let’s go! Come on!
Newscaster   She was known for her successful film career during the ’30s and ’40s. Service will be held tomorrow at 4 o’clock. The family requested that all donations be made to the Cancer Society in the Galveston area in lieu of flowers. Bill?
Bill   In other breaking news, four volunteer teachers were kidnapped in the hills of Appalachia. The educators were abducted by a group believed to be members of a violent local militia.
Jarod   Nicholas.
Bill   The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are following all the leads they can. At this point, they’re gravely concerned for the safety of these hostages.
Lyle   A bird saturated in crude oil.
Miss Parker   I guess after Jarod killed and basted it, he forgot to put it on the grill.
Sydney   Jarod doesn’t take life. He’s making a statement.
Miss Parker   Save the swallow?
Lyle   Somebody call me when you figure out what it means.
Broots   I think it’s sad.
Miss Parker   Devastating. Flush it.
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Michelle   Sydney.
Sydney   Michelle. Michelle? What’s wrong?
Michelle   Oh Sydney, they took Nicholas. They took him away.
Sydney   Who? Who took our son?
Michelle   They don’t know for sure. They don’t… they don’t even know if he’s alive Sydney. What are we gonna do Sydney?
Sydney   Michelle. We’ll get him back.
Michelle   Yes.
Man   Put her down in the next clearing Captain.
Man #2   Roger that
Jenkins   Alright gentlemen, listen up. We’re gonna pick up the trail right here were they were abducted and hope we all get lucky. Now this country is a real throwback in time. We really don’t know what to expect from the locals, but I do know I do not want another Ruby Ridge. Which is why we brought in Special Agent Jarod Miner. Miner’s a tracking expert in this region and well-versed in the people. He’s gonna help us find the teachers.
Jarod   And bring them back…. alive.
Jenkins   Alright gentlemen. Pick up your equipment, and let’s move out.
Miss Parker   What was Nicholas doing there?
Sydney   He’s a volunteer fighting illiteracy. Broots, will you cover for me while I’m gone?
Broots   I’ll do anything I can Syd.
Sydney   Lyle. What about Lyle?
Miss Parker   Let me worry about Eddie Haskell. Sydney don’t do anything crazy.
Sydney   Parker, they took my son!
Agent Cory   Hi, I’m Agent Cory with the ATF. Have you ladies seen anything?
Ladies   Mnn, mmnn, no.
Agent   Just tell me what you saw.
Man   I didn’t see nuthin’.
Agent   Did you see anything? I mean you must have seen something right? Can you tell me anything? Could…. Was it something we said?
Jarod   They’re afraid to talk to us. Something has them spooked.
Jenkins   So, unspook them.
Agent   What the hell is this?
Jarod   It’s the trademark of the Appalachian Freedom Militia.
Jenkins   We raided their compound two months ago, confiscated a stockpile of weapons.
Jarod   The AFM’s leader is a man named Eldridge Hailey. This abduction, it was a retaliatory gesture.
Jenkins   Hailey’s even more unstable than his followers. We’re talking about bombings, church arson, attacking federal officers.
Agent   You’d think these locals would bend over backwards to help us stop these guys.
Jarod   A rattlesnake- It uses its rattle to warn its victims when it is going to attack.
Agent   What, this is Hailey’s threat if they talk?
Jarod   They won’t put their families in danger, not for us.
Seth   Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I Am.
Jarod   Hi. You don’t have to be afraid. My name is Jarod.
Seth   Nicholas gave it to me.
Jarod   Do you know who this is?
Seth   Nicholas’s mama.
Jarod   Do you know where Nicholas is?
Seth   A man took him, took ’em all up in the hills. It helps you find your way when you get lost.
Sydney   There must be something we can do Agent Swik.
Swik   The search party is already in the field. But there are hundreds of square miles of mountainous terrain where the AFM could be holding your son.
Sydney   I want to help with the search, please.
Swik   I understand your concern. But until we can pinpoint the hostages’ exact location we have to be patient. I’m sorry. I wish I could do more for you.
Michelle   Sydney.
Sydney   Don’t worry Michelle. We will find our son.
Teacher   Do you think they’ll… you know.
Nicholas   don’t even think that. Hey, have you ever been to Flannery’s?
Teacher   The coffee shop near campus?
Hailey   Hey, get back over there.
Nicholas   When we get back on campus, I’ll take you there, I promise.
Hailey   Now everybody ain’t gonna make it son. And the ones that don’t listen go first. So you get over there, you sit down and you shut up.
Lyle   Even though sometimes it feels like my thumb is still attached there is something very streamlined about a four-fingered hand, the way the palm flows seamlessly into the wrist. It’s sleek. Of course if you’re not thinking, holding a cup of coffee can be hell.
Broots   Oh, I found Jarod. He’s working at an oil refinery near San Juan Capistrano. That’s where the swallows migrate. Yeah, there was a foreman who I.D.’d his photo.
Lyle   And Miss Parker?
Broots   Uh, she’s out of the off…
Lyle   Yes?
Willie   Excuse me Mr Lyle, but it’s urgent.
Miss Parker   She’s out of the office.
Lyle   Well, I’m going to Capistrano. And I want you near your phone in case I need assistance. Clear?
Broots   Oh yes sir.
Lyle   Talk to you soon.
Miss Parker   What about Lyle?
Broots   He’s um, gone to California.
Miss Parker   Dance, puppet, dance.
Broots   Please Miss Parker, don’t make me lie like that again. I think I’m getting an ulcer.
Miss Parker   Try warm milk, shot of bourbon.
Broots   Okay right, what happens when Lyle realises that we sent him on a boondoggle?
Miss Parker   It doesn’t matter as long as Sydney brings his son home alive.
Swik   Beth Swik.
Sydney   I should be out there looking for him myself.
Michelle   Where would you start?
Sydney   I have his picture. Someone might have seen him.
Swik   Yeah?
Michelle   Sydney, we have to be patient.
Sydney   I have never been able to help in his life Michelle. Now when he needs me, I’m just sitting here, patiently.
Michelle   Come on, take a walk with me. Come on.
Sydney   I’m sorry Michelle. It’s just this helplessness.
Michelle   I know the feeling all too well. When Nicholas was born, the doctors discovered a ventricular disorder. They said that if it wasn’t repaired immediately that he was going to die. He was only a few days old when he had the operation. It was a five and a half hour open-heart surgery. I sat in the waiting room, all alone trying to prepare myself for the possibility that my baby… of my baby….leaving me. And now it’s all coming back, that feeling of having to prepare myself all over again.
Sydney   You shouldn’t have gone through it alone. You should have called me.
Michelle   Oh Sydney. I disappeared from your life because the Centre threatened to kill you if I didn’t. It was hard enough thinking about burying my child let alone the love of my life.
Sydney   I’m glad you called this time.
Michelle   So am I.
Agent   Sir, pull over, we’re getting a satellite feed on the remote from Eldridge Hailey.
Jenkins   Patch this through to ATF Headquarters immediately.
Agent   The feed is going through to headquarters sir.
Swik   There’s a satellite feed coming in from the kidnappers.
Sydney   Nicholas is alive Michelle. He’s alive.
Michelle   Yeah.
Hailey   To whom it may concern. If you want to see these so-called educators again you will wire one million dollars into an offshore bank account. Hold up the access number. Now these funds will be considered as reparations for your violation of our God-given rights under the Second, the First and the Fourth Amendments. And if I do not receive word of this transaction by dawn further actions will be taken as demonstrated.
Michelle   No. Oh Sydney.
Hailey   God bless America.
Broots   I’m afraid it’s not good Sydney. Uh, Eldridge Hailey started the Appalachian Freedom Militia while serving 10 years for voluntary manslaughter. His first act after his release was a bombing that killed 12 people. He got off on a technicality. Ever since, it’s been extortion, murder, kidnapping.
Miss Parker   Sydney, what’s going on down there?
Sydney   We’re not even sure if he’s–
Miss Parker   Listen to me Sydney. You have to believe he’s alive. You do whatever it takes to bring your son home.
Sydney   Why are you doing this for me?
Miss Parker   Because you’d do the same.
Jarod   We’ve got a partial triangulation on AFM’s satellite signal. It’s about 12 miles southwest of here, right in the heart of the national forest. I suggest that we get within a few miles on this fire road here and then we proceed on foot to avoid being detected.
Jenkins   Well, we’ve got three hours until dawn. Let’s get it done.
Agent   Alright.
Sydney   Is that where they are? Is that where they are holding my son?
Swik   I’m not at liberty to discuss those types of specifics. There are contingency plans…
Sydney   My son may have been shot, and you’re talking about contingency plans? Why don’t you tell us where he is?
Swik   I’m doing everything I….
Aide   I got the governor’s publicity aide on line two.
Swik   Not now.
Aide   Yes ma’am, the governor wants to make a statement….
Swik   Not now!
Sydney   Get the message? No more games. No more. Come Michelle.
Swik   Doctor? Doctor, where are you going?
Miss Parker   How will you know where the kidnappers are Sydney?
Sydney   I took the coordinates from the ATF office. It’s a start. Parker, I need you to do something for me.
Miss Parker   What?
Sydney   Hailey is demanding a million dollars ransom. Liquidate my assets and wire it into a designated bank account. It probably won’t be enough, but maybe he’ll take it.
Miss Parker   No. Syd, I got a better idea. Let the Centre pick up the tab on this one.
Sydney   The Centre?
Miss Parker   Well, they’re responsible for you not knowing Nicholas. The least they can do is pay to get him back. You think Hailey will keep his end of the deal?
Sydney   I’m going to find him and make sure he does.
Miss Parker   Sydney, you don’t want to take this man on by yourself.
Sydney   I have spent my whole life standing by while other people did their jobs no matter who it hurt, without protecting those who needed my help. Not this time Parker.
Miss Parker   We need to go there.
Broots   Miss Parker, Sydney asked us to stay out of it.
Miss Parker   I understand a parent’s need to do whatever it takes to ensure their child’s safety. But how does Sydney getting himself killed accomplish that?
Broots   Well, maybe he’s not alone. Maybe Sydney has help.
Miss Parker   Jarod. Why do you say that?
Broots   Well before Sydney left he… he was at his keyboard. E-mail to Jarod?
Miss Parker   Find out.
Jarod   Kerosene lamps burning in that mine.
Jenkins   They could be anywhere around here. Recon the area and surround the mine head.
Jarod   If you see any militia, hold your fire. We can’t risk getting the hostages killed.
Jarod   What the hell is this?
Sydney   Hailey! Hailey, the money’s being wired into your account.
Agent   I’ve got a shooter by the mine.
Sydney   Hailey! I just want the hostages!
Jarod   Get down. Hold your fire! The hostages could be behind him!
Jenkins   All right! Cease fire! Martin, Jones, get him!
Sydney   Nicholas!
Jarod   Stay down! Stay there.
Jenkins   You were told to stay out of sight.
Jarod   I couldn’t let him die.
Jenkins   Okay, go! Go! Secure the area. Oh, my god. We got bodies.
Jarod   It doesn’t make sense. Three of Hailey’s militia men. Not one took less than half a dozen rounds.
Sydney   And the hostages?
Jarod   Tracks indicate that they were led out before the bloodbath. Sydney, he’s alive, somewhere.
Jenkins   You called him Sydney. How did you know his name?
Jarod   I saw him on a news report. He’s the father of one of the hostages. His name just…. stuck in my mind.
Agent   Lieutenant, we’ve got Hailey.
Hailey   No, don’t. Don’t. Don’t let ’em get me! Don’t let ’em get me. Don’t! Don’t let ’em get me! Don’t let ’em get me please! You gotta protect me.
Jenkins   From who?
Hailey   You gotta…
Sydney   Hailey! Where is my son?
Jarod   He’s unconscious.
Jenkins   Alright, get him stabilised. Find out everything he knows. Come on.
Jarod   We’ll find him.
Sydney   Jarod, thanks for responding so swiftly to my message.
Jarod   What message?
Broots   Sydney did e-mail Jarod. “Nicholas has been kidnapped in Appalachia. Need your help.” I can’t believe he’d send it from here.
Miss Parker   Meaning?
Broots   Meaning if someone put a tracer on it, then they could easily intercept it.
Miss Parker   When’s the last time we heard from Lyle?
Broots   Oh man.
Miss Parker   What?
Broots   When I was at his office yesterday Willie brought him an urgent memo.
Miss Parker   Did he say what it was?
Broots   No.
Miss Parker   Huh.
Broots   Well, Lyle acted like it was nothing. But he had that look in his eye, you know? Like he’d just eaten a raw steak.
Jenkins   Immediate medivac extraction. Three dead, one wounded, all AFM. My guess is that some rival militia got them. But the truth is, I have no idea where the hell the other hostages went to. We’re trying to figure that out right now. Yeah, yeah, I know that.
Sydney   I remember that look on your face when you were young when you couldn’t find an answer.
Jarod   It doesn’t make any sense. There’s four sets of tracks, which means an outside group came in and ambushed the AFM but took the hostages? And then they killed the militia.
Sydney   Executed them.
Jarod   Except for Hailey. He was shot three times but in a premeditated way. As if someone wanted him to survive so he could talk. So he could talk to me. I’ve got him now. Don’t try to move. A medivac unit will be here soon. Now tell me about the men who took the hostages.
Hailey   I never seen ’em before. I don’t want… I don’t want to see ’em again.
Sydney   Speak to me about my son. Did he get hurt? Answer me Hailey! Did you hurt my son?
Hailey   No. No, no I …. I didn’t hurt any hostage. But he will.
Sydney   Who?
Hailey   The… the man who took ’em. The one who made me watch when he did the others and left me to die. He’s crazy.
Sydney   Who is he?
Jarod   Lyle.
Broots   Oh!
Miss Parker   What?
Broots   Lyle went to the Appalachians.
Miss Parker   Ohhh! This is Parker, get the jet ready.
Broots   Wait, what’s going to happen to Sydney and his son?
Miss Parker   For a shot at bringing Jarod back? I wouldn’t put anything past Lyle.
Broots   Yes, but…. what do you intend to do?
Miss Parker   Whatever it takes.
Jarod   This man with the nine fingers, where did he take the hostages?
Hailey   He took ’em west.
Sydney   Why would Lyle do this?
Jarod   He’s using Nicholas as bait to capture me.
Jenkins   Jarod? Talk to me.
Jarod   You were right. Hailey said a rival militia group did this. They’re holed up in a farmhouse in Pine Ridge. It’s about five miles due east of here.
Jenkins   Martin?
Martin   We’ve got it sir.
Jenkins   McWood, stay with the prisoner. Jarod you’re with me.
Jarod   Lieutenant, don’t you think I should stay with the prisoner? I’m the only one with medical training in case…. something happens.
Jenkins   All right, but see what else you can get out of Hailey and stay in communication with me through Base. We’re out of here.
Sydney   Why did you lie to them about where the hostages are?
Jarod   I couldn’t put their lives at risk. This is my fight.
Sydney   Lyle killed your brother, I know. But now he’s putting my son’s life on the line, which makes it my fight.
Jarod   Nicholas is caught in the middle. You stay out of this.
Sydney   You’ll have to shoot me to keep me out of it.
Hailey   Hey! Where are you goin’? What about me?
Jarod   Your wounds are stabilised, the medivac chopper will be here shortly.
Hailey   You can’t leave me alone! What kind of lawman are you?
Jarod   Oh, I’m not really ATF, I was just….. pretending.
Nicholas   So what happened to Hailey and his men after you got us out of the mine?
Lyle   Oh, nothing too dramatic. We just…. tied them up, radioed the ATF. An extraction team will meet us here.
Nicholas   So what are you? FBI?
Lyle   Something like that. Why don’t you all go up in the attic in case there’s more trouble, hmmm? Um, Nicholas? Would you keep me company?
Sydney   Why would Lyle want you to track him this far out?
Jarod   This trail dead-ends at an abandoned mine shanty. No other access which means he wants me walking in without a way of walking out.
Sydney   Hmmm.
Jarod   It’s been a long time coming, him and me.
Sydney   Jarod, do you think revenge will put an end to the pain in your life?
Jarod   He killed my brother.
Sydney   That’s all right.
Jarod   Sit down here.
Sydney   How did I get to this? A lifetime working for a corporation that takes my son away from me. And when my son is back in my life they kidnap him. What does that say about me, huh? Who am I?
Jarod   There was a little boy that Nicholas was working with. He asked me to give this to your son. He looks just like you. I could see in that little boy’s eyes that Nicholas meant the world to him. Your son is a good man. He also gave me this to give to him. Was it your father’s?
Sydney   It was his grandfather’s. I thought Nicholas might like a piece of his past.
Jarod   It’s important to know who your family is, who you are. Give it back to him.
Sydney   I know Jarod. I know how much you’ve missed in your life.
Jarod   Let’s go.
Agent   Sheriff! Nothin’. Hailey must have lied to Jarod.
Jenkins   Did he? Or did Jarod lie to us? We’re going back.
Jarod   Three sweepers.
Sydney   Only three.
Jarod   You saw what they were capable of. The hostages must be inside the structure.
Sydney   Jarod, I really appreciate everything you’ve done. I can’t risk you getting killed for me. Forgive me.
Nicholas   Shouldn’t the extraction team be here by now?
Lyle   There’s no accounting for punctuality. But as the old cliché goes, “All good things come to those who wait.”
Nicholas   How’d you lose your thumb?
Lyle   I trusted the wrong people and I paid the price.
Sydney   You haven’t even made a down payment on your debt.
Nicholas   Sydney?
Sydney   Are you okay?
Nicholas   Thanks to Mr Lyle. If it weren’t for him, we’d be dead.
Lyle   Oh, Nicholas, you flatter me.
Nicholas   Do you two know each other?
Jarod   Ahhh. Base One, it’s Jarod, come in. Sleep tight.
Roy   Miss Parker. What are you doing here?
Miss Parker   Hello Roy. Take us to Lyle. Now!
Roy   Yes Miss Parker.
Jarod   Shh, it’s okay. You’re safe now. Come on. Up the creek bed. Stay low and be quiet. Move, move.
Lyle   You seem angry Sydney.
Sydney   You’re using Nicholas as a bait to capture Jarod.
Lyle   Hell yes! Two birds, one stone. Victory from the jaws of defeat. Lemonade from lemons.
Sydney   You’ve endangered my son’s life.
Lyle   Endangered? You’re not listening. I saved him from the bad people.
Nicholas   Sydney, Mr Lyle is the reason I’m safe, that we’re all safe. He’s a good man.
Jarod   Except for the fact he’s a murderer. If you’re looking for Willie and the others, they’re a little tied up right now. Revenge, it’s a great equalizer. Go ahead.
Lyle   I won’t give you another reason to kill me Jarod.
Jarod   Oh, you think I need another reason? Sydney, take Nicholas and go upstream. Find the others, they may need some help.
Nicholas   I don’t understand.
Jarod   Your father will explain everything to you. Now go.
Sydney   He’s right, Nicholas, come.
Nicholas   Who the hell is he?
Sydney   Someone we need to listen to. Jarod, you’re sure this is how it has to be?
Jarod   I’m sure.
Martin   This is Martin. Yeah. Lieutenant, Base Camp’s got a message for you from Jarod.
Jenkins   Yeah?
Jarod   I’m a little curious. How did you know where the militia was holding them?
Lyle   The Centre has strange bedfellows even among our inbred brethren. Needless to say, this… this is not how I had things planned.
Jarod   Oh, this is exactly how I planned it… in my mind… every day… since you killed my brother.
Lyle   I never meant to hurt Kyle.
Jarod   No. You wanted to kill me. Kyle just got in the way.
Lyle   I told you once, we can do great things together. That offer’s still on the table.
Jarod   You think you can bribe me?
Lyle   Jarod, it’s not a bribe.
Jarod   Mr Lyle, do you want your last breath on his planet to be a lie? Now step to the centre of the room. Now turn around. Turn around. Drop to your knees.
Lyle   Please Jarod..
Jarod   On your knees!
Lyle   So is this how it’s gonna be? An execution without a trial?
Jarod   You didn’t give my brother a trial.
Lyle   I didn’t.. It was self-defence.
Jarod   So is this.
Lyle   Jarod, I know things. There are things I can tell you… about your family…about who you are, things no one else knows. If I die, all those answers die with me. Just let me walk out of here. A Centre chopper. How’s that for karma?
Jarod   Bad. Ready…. aim…..
Lyle   No Jarod.
Jarod   Fire!
Radio chatter   107 Bravo, we copy, over.
Miss Parker   Lyle?
Lyle   Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   You’ve been talking to Jarod?
Lyle   He’s here! He went out that door!
Broots   What? Well…well, he’s not here now.
Lyle   Well find him!
Miss Parker   Another day.
Lyle   What?
Miss Parker   Broots picked up a transmission from an AFT unit flying in.
Lyle   But he was right here!
Miss Parker   What did he do to you?
Lyle   Nothing. I.. I had him and those idiots outside let him escape.
Miss Parker   Whatever you say Lyle. But now it’s time to go.
Lyle   No, we can’t just go.
Miss Parker   Listen to me. When the ATF walks in we don’t have an explanation for anything that’s happened in the last two days. If we don’t go now, the trail leads back to the Centre, and you know what that would mean.
Broots   Could we … could we go already?
Miss Parker   Weird sense of justice Jarod.
Hostage   I can’t believe you found us.
Miss Parker   Get in. Let’s get out of here Roy.
Seth   I would eat them in a boat. I would eat them with a…
Nicholas   Goat.
Seth   Goat? That’s silly.
Nicholas   You made it.
Sydney   Nicholas. Michelle. I’ve been meaning to return this.
Seth   Nicholas, Nicholas. Let’s read.
Nicholas   Not so fast, there’s someone I’d like you to meet, Seth.
Nicholas   This is…
Sydney   I’m Sydney, Nicholas’ friend.
Nicholas   No Seth, he’s not my friend. He’s my father. Okay, here we go. And I will…..
Seth   And I will…
Nicholas   Eat them in the rain.
Seth   Eat them in the rain.
Nicholas   And in the dark.
Seth   And in the dark.
Nicholas   And on a train.
Seth   And on a train.
Nicholas   And in a car.
Seth   And in a car.
Nicholas   And in a tree.
Seth   And in a tree.
Nicholas   They are so good so good you see.
Seth   They are so good I see.
Nicholas   That’s very good Seth.
Jarod   Sorry I couldn’t stick around to say goodbye.
Sydney   Jarod, I don’t know how to thank you for everything you did and I’m sorry I hit you.
Jarod   It’s okay. Maybe it knocked a little sense into me. Where’s Nicholas now?
Sydney   Back with his students. He’s invited his mother and me to come down and visit again.
Jarod   That’s nice. I mean, that will be really nice…. for your family.
Sydney   We’re hardly a family. The boy barely knows me.
Jarod   He knows… he knows you love him. You love… him.

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