4-18 Corn Man A Comin’

4-18 Corn Man A Comin’

Corn Man A Comin’

Settle down, Shaggy. It’s an owl. This is it.

Miss Parker

Corn Man A Comin’

Settle down, Shaggy. It’s an owl. This is it.

Miss Parker

Original air date: May 6, 2000

Written by: Mark M. Dodson

Directed by: Steven Long Mitchell

While Jarod tries to find two women abducted while hiking in the mountains, Miss Parker follows his advice to continue ‘digging’ for information about her mother’s death.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Camcorders, Home Movies

Jarod’s Occupations: U.S. Marshal

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Wilson


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Clues from a videotape help Jarod track down a kidnapped daughter and mother.


Jarod discovers a disturbing videotape in a damaged camcorder that he purchases in a pawnshop.  A rock climber had just found the camcorder under a cliff near Koomer Ridge.   Part of the video shows Brooke Wright with her 16-year-old daughter, Leigh, climbing the cliff.  Their conversations reveal that their trip is a way for Leigh to learn about her family heritage.  Brooke grew up in the area on a ranch, where she and her husband, Ted, used to hike to a cave in the cliffs.  Brooke starts to return to the car for her “fanny pack.” The video reveals Leigh calling for her mother and getting no response.  Suddenly, Leigh hears her mother scream.  The camera jerks as Leigh moves closer to the sound.  The camera shows Brooke on the ground, bleeding.  Someone grabs Leigh from behind, and she screams.  The camera is kicked over the cliff.

Jarod rewinds the tape and watches the events that transpired with Brooke and Leigh before their abduction.  Brooke and Leigh are at Junior’s Service Station.  The rear of their red Mustang has been damaged as a result of an accident.  Leigh pans the area with Brooke pumping gas.  Leigh stops the pan on Deputy Adams, who is speaking with his brother, gas station attendant Kenny Adams.  The next scene shows The Waterford Inn.  Leigh pans the lobby as Brooke checks in with the inn owner, Raymond.  Later, in their presidential suite, a noise draws Brooke to the window.  Leigh is certain she saw someone.  Brooke looks out again with concern.  The video turns to snow.

Jarod travels to Junior’s service station and has Kenny check the blown radiator in his jeep.  Kenny tells Jarod the jeep won’t be ready until the following day.  Sheriff Ed Whalen eyes Jarod as he finishes gassing up his cruiser.  Kenny asks Jarod where he got the busted bumper on the front of the jeep.  Jarod tells him that two women in a red Mustang backed into him.  Kenny states that the two had been at the station but some bikers gave them a hard time, so they left quickly.  Subsequently, Jarod checks into the Waterford Inn and asks Raymond if he remembers two women with a red Mustang.  Raymond denies they ever stayed at the Inn and reluctantly gives Jarod his requested room, the presidential suite.  Jarod examines the ground outside the room and notices that it has been trampled.  Later, Jarod drives out to Koomer Ridge and finds evidence of a struggle.  He also discovers Brooke’s bloodied wallet.

Jarod sends a special message to Miss Parker concerning Edna Raines.  In the message, Jarod reveals that Edna knows things about Miss Parker’s mother.  However, time is of the essence, as an army of Sweepers are on Edna’s trail.  Jarod keeps repeating that Miss Parker must keep “digging.”  Miss Parker, Sydney, and Broots arrive at the Salvation Army and find Mr. Raines standing over a very dead Edna.  Miss Parker snarls at Raines about the mysterious convenience of Edna dying with all his secrets.

Jarod drives his repaired jeep to the Flagstaff, Arizona address on Brooke’s driver’s license.  Mr. Wright answers the door.  Jarod explains that when he had the car accident with Brooke and Leigh they exchanged information, but Jarod lost the name and number of the insurance company.  Mr. Wright says Jarod should send him an estimate, and he will send Jarod a check.  As Jarod exits, a frightened Mr. Wright immediately makes a phone call.  Jarod checks the insurance company and discovers that in the last year, large life insurance policies were taken out on Brooke and Leigh.

Jarod goes to Sheriff Whalen’s office, where he notices a hunting photo behind Whalen’s desk.  In it are the Sheriff, Raymond, and Mr. Wright.  Thinking that the Sheriff must be involved, Jarod drives into the mountains.  Another vehicle forces Jarod to crash.  When Jarod regains consciousness, he discovers Mr. Wright, Raymond, and Whalen standing over him.  Whalen interrogates Jarod about the whereabouts of Brooke and Leigh.  Whalen and Mr. Wright think Jarod is involved in their abduction.  But Jarod counters that the insurance policies on the women make it look like Mr. Wright and the Sheriff are conspirators.  The accusations fly until Jarod claims he is an FBI agent who stumbled upon the video while vacationing.  Mr. Wright and the Sheriff view the tape.  Mr. Wright tells Jarod that four days earlier he received a phone call from a man who stated that if he wanted to his see his wife and daughter again, it would cost him $500,000.  When Jarod started sniffing around, the trio figured that Jarod was involved.  Now, they believe otherwise.  Mr. Wright has been ordered to make a money drop in two hours.  As Jarod, the Sheriff and Mr. Wright prepare to leave, Deputy Adams enters.  Mr. Wright will make the drop, and Adams is to track the kidnapper.  After Mr. Wright places the money in a trash bin, a gunshot is heard.  Adams was unable to follow the kidnapper because he was shot in the leg.  Jarod again scrutinizes the video of the kidnapping.  He freezes a frame and sees a flash of an image in Leigh’s sunglasses.  The image: Deputy Adams stepping out of a cruiser.  Jarod tells the Sheriff, who concludes that Adam’s brother Kenny is an accessory.  The trio race to the cave where Brooke and Mr. Wright used to play.  Leigh escapes from the cave with the Deputy in pursuit.  Jarod, Mr. Wright and the Sheriff arrive and rescue Brooke.  Jarod finds the Deputy and Leigh on Koomer Ridge, where the Deputy is about to push Leigh over the edge.  Jarod explodes in a rage and beats the Deputy.  The Sheriff, Mr. Wright and Brooke pull Jarod off Adams.

Following Jarod’s insistent clues of  “digging” and “burial,” Miss Parker and Broots drive to Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery.  They stop in front of Catherine Parker’s grave and reluctantly start to dig.  Finally, they are able to open the top of Catherine’s coffin…which turns out to be empty.

4-18 Corn Man A Comin’



Jarod   Let me get this straight. You buy personal items for a small amount of money, you sell them to perfect strangers for a lot more money?
Toni   Is America a great country or what?
    [Bells Jingle]
Patron   Yo, Toni. I got a nice surprise for you today.
Toni   You got a job?
Patron   Who needs one when you can find rich stuff like this? A digital camcorder. It’s got liquid crystal display, digital something, headphone jack. Nice!
Toni   Looks like it fell in the river.
Patron   It did. I found it in the washbasin below Koomer Falls. I figure some mope must have been makin’ a home movie and dropped it.
Toni   Give you 20 bucks for it.
Patron   Twenty? I was looking for more like a hundred.
Toni   Yeah, and people in hell are lookin’ for ice water. One Andrew J. Take it or leave it.
Patron   You drive a hard bargain.
    [Bells Jingle]
    [Door Closes]
Jarod   What’s a- a home movie?
Toni   Did you grow up in a basement or something?
Jarod   -Or something.
Toni   You know, mom, dad and the kids go off on the great American family vacation and record it for posterity in case anybody wants to watch it without a gun to their head.
Jarod   I would. I’d love to. How much?
Toni   Hundred bucks.
Jarod   Sold.
Toni   Like I said, is America a great country or what?
[Jarod Viewing Camcorder/ Taped Dialogue]    
Leigh   It’s Tuesday the 9th, day four of our vacation and today we’re officially starting our trip down memory lane. Here on the banks of “Kooner”- What is this? A stream or-
Nancy   It’s a creek. Koomer Creek.
Leigh   Koomer Creek. Well, whatever it’s called. It’s beautiful.
    [Both Laughing]
Leigh   I thought this was gonna be stupid, but it’s neat.
Nancy   Really? You mean Mom’s not a complete moron?
Leigh   Well, not complete.
Nancy   Ha, ha, ha.
Leigh   So this all used to be part of Gramp’s land?
Nancy   Yeah. This is where I grew up. Right over there on that log is where your dad first kissed me. Oh, my God. Look. It’s still there.
Leigh   What?
Nancy   Look.
Leigh   Here. Let’s get a shot. “Nancy and Ted.” Dad told me there was a place near here like, a cabin or something, you guys you used to go to, to be alone.
Nancy   Hmm. It’s an old mill.
Leigh   Yeah.
Nancy   Mm-hmm.
Leigh   Is that where I came from?
Nancy   What do you mean “came from”?
Leigh   Well, you said this trip was something about my heritage. I was just wondering if you and Dad gave-
Nancy   [Chuckles] Yeah.
Leigh   A whole new meaning to “grinding the corn.”
Nancy   Let me tell you something, young lady.
Leigh   Hitting a little too close to home there.
Nancy   Um, you know what? I forgot my fanny pack in the car. I’ll be right back.
Leigh   Okay. You know, this place actually doesn’t suck. Can’t believe you didn’t bring me here before now. Mom, are you listening to me? I’m being serious for once, and she’s not listening to me.
Nancy   Stop it! No!
Leigh   Mom, you okay?
Nancy   Leave me alone!
Leigh   Mom?
Nancy   Help!
Leigh   Mom, are you okay? If you’re joking around, this isn’t funny. This isn’t funny. Where are you? Mom. Mom. Mom! Are you okay? What happened?
Nancy   Run. Run.
Leigh   What?
Nancy   Run. He’s- He’s coming back.
Man   Hey.
Nancy   Run.
Leigh   Help! Somebody help me, please! [Screams]
Man   Shut up.
Leigh   Help! [Screams] Help, please! Help me! Somebody help us, please! [Screams] Help me. [Screams]
[Jarod Rewinds Tape]   Somebody help us, please! [Recorder Beeps] Somebody help us! Help!
[Taped Dialogue]    
Nancy   Leigh, honey, move over close to the sign. Oh, I sure hope this is gonna work.
Leigh   So, it’s Monday the 8th, day three of our vacation and we are here at…Slade. Oh, guess what, Dad. She’s gonna let me drive for a while. Your car.
Nancy   [Mouths Word] Yeah, now, that’s pretty. Boy, Dad’s gonna love that.
Leigh   Do you have to record this?
Nancy   Don’t you have something to say?
Leigh   Um, I had a little accident in your Mustang. And we need a new taillight. But Mom’s gonna check and see if they have one here. And I promise I’ll pay for it all.
Nancy   Yeah, right. Okay, here. Now, I’m gonna get some gas. And then I’ll check and see if they have a new light.
Leigh   “J.R.’s Service Station.” I feel like we’re in Mayberry. Only it looks like Goober’s had a lobotomy. Hey. [Chuckles] But Barney’s got a cute butt.
Nancy   Leigh, behave yourself.
Leigh   Like you didn’t notice.
Nancy   What? I didn’t notice.
Leigh   Yeah, right.
[Taped Dialogue Ends]    
    [Jarod’s Remote Device Beeps] [Pop] (radiator blows)
    The Centre
Sydney   Any news from Jarod?
Miss Parker   In a manner of speaking. He’s up to his old tricks, but this time with a new twist. One that’s right up your alley, Broots. [Snaps Fingers] Sit.
Broots   My alley. Ooh.
Miss Parker   Turn it on.
[Electronic Female Voice]   You have mail.
Jarod   Well, hello, Miss Parker. I’ve put together a little postcard for your viewing pleasure. Just click and enjoy.
Broots   Hey. This is cool. When Debbie and I go to Rock City, I can send you one of these.
Jarod   Now, you’ve already met Edna who despite being locked in an asylum for decades by her loving husband, Mr. Raines is an amazing historian of the Centre. Edna knows things about your mother, Miss Parker. Things she won’t tell to anyone but you. She wouldn’t even tell me. Edna wants to come home, but she can’t. There’s an army of sweepers out there looking for her. She told me her redemption will be to tell you what she knows before they catch her. So you better hurry. Be careful. And know that Edna said no matter what happens, she wants you to keep digging. That the secret your mother wanted to tell you when you were little is buried out there, and you need to find it.
Broots   Huh. [Beeps] It’s like an electronic trail of bread crumbs.
Miss Parker   That we better get busy following before someone gobbles everything up.
    Slade, AZ
Jarod   [Coughing] Damn it.
    [Siren Blares]
Jarod   [Coughs]
Sheriff   Havin’ a little trouble?
Jarod   You could say that. I don’t know what happened to it.
Sheriff   I don’t believe I’ve seen you around here before.
Jarod   I’m just passing through. Or I was passing through. Looks like I’m gonna be staying here for a while.
Sheriff   Well, J.R.’s just up the road up there. Hop in. I’ll give you a push. See if we can get you on your way. [Taps Car] [Chattering on Police Radio]
Kent   Looks like I’m gonna have to order the parts from Flagstaff seeing as we don’t stock parts for vintage cars like that. Be tomorrow before you’re up and runnin’ again.
Jarod   I can’t imagine what might be wrong with it.
Newt   Corn Man a-comin’.
Jarod   The Corn Man?
Newt   Well, you’re a stranger. There’s a curse on strangers come to Slade. Curse of the Corn Man. That’s why you’re having trouble with the car.
Kent   Newt, shut up about that old wives’ tale.
Newt   Ain’t no wives’ tale. Started when that stranger showed up at old man Koomer’s place back in the olden days. Stranger chopped up the family. The whole family. Tiny little pieces. They found them all down at the corn mill. The Corn Man’s soul ain’t never rested. You can see it lightin’ up the sky at night. His ghost still haunts strangers that come into this town.
Kent   I said shut up, Newt.
Newt   You can tell me to shut up all you want. Corn Man’s still a-comin’.
Kent   Not that I’m puttin’ any stock in Newt’s curse but does seem like you’ve been havin’ a streak of bad luck lately.
Jarod   I had a couple of women bash right into me. They said they were passing through here. Mother and daughter. Driving a red Mustang convertible.
Newt   Oh, they was pretty.
Kent   The blondes. Looked like they could be sisters. They needed a taillight, as I remember, but I didn’t have one for a ’65. They just got some gas and headed out. I haven’t seen them since.
    [Bell Dings]
Deputy Adams   Fill her up, little brother. And be sure and put it on the department’s account.
Kent   You ever get tired of telling me what to do, big brother?
Deputy Adams   [To Jarod] Brotherly love, you understand? You must be the guy the sheriff radioed in about.
Jarod   Word sure travels fast around here.
Adams   Yeah. Well, you know, we like to stay on top of things. Anything I can help you with?
Jarod   Actually, maybe you could recommend a motel. Looks like I’m going to be here for a while.
Adams   Well, Clearwater Inn’s the only one in town. Don’t get much business except for the occasional trucker, but, uh, it’s clean. I can give you a lift.
Jarod   Ah, no, thanks. Actually, I’d-I’d rather walk. Get to see your town.
Adams   Don’t blink. You’ll miss it.
Newt   Corn Man a-comin’.
    Clearwater Inn

Slade, AZ.

    [Jarod Views Video Tape]
Taped Dialogue    
Leigh   The Clearwater Inn. I’ve always wanted to stay at a zero-star resort.
Nancy   Leigh, try and be nice for five minutes.
Leigh   I am being nice.
Inn Keeper   Welcome to Clearwater Inn.
Nancy   Thank you.
Inn Keeper   Room’s all ready. Room 14.
Nancy   Room 14.
Inn Keeper   Presidential suite.
Leigh   What president stayed here? Millard Fillmore?
Inn Keeper (Raymond)   Well, actually, I just call it that so I can charge more to smart- mouthed kids and their mothers.
Leigh   [Chuckles] Clever.
Nancy   I’m sure it’ll be just fine. Thank you, Raymond. Come on. Let’s go.
Recorder Beeps Off/ Dialogue Ends    
Jarod   Hello. I’d like to rent a room, please.
Raymond (Inn Keeper)   Fill this out. Be sure and put down the make and model of your car.
Jarod   Actually, I’m going to need a rental.
Raymond   Uh, two blocks that way. And good luck with what you get.
Jarod   Well, it doesn’t matter. I just want to drive around. It’s beautiful here.
Raymond   [Chuckles] Well, that’s in the eyes of the beholder.
Jarod   Some friends of mine seemed to have thought so. As a matter of fact, I think they stayed here a couple of days ago. A mother and daughter. Beautiful, blonde.
Raymond   Mmm. Don’t remember ’em.
Jarod   I hear you only get the occasional trucker through here. Surely you remember two beautiful women in a red convertible.
Raymond   Hmm. Well, you’d think I would. But I don’t, because they weren’t here. Here we go. Think we’ll put you in room number five.
Jarod   I’ll take number 14, please. It’s my favorite number.
Raymond   Sure. Fourteen is it then. [Picks up phone after Jarod walks away] Yeah, there’s someone here asking about ’em. Even knew what room they were in.
Jarod Viewing/ Tape Dialogue    
Leigh   Mom. Do you believe in ghosts?
Nancy   Ghosts?
Leigh   Yeah. You know, the souls of the dead. They can come back to haunt the living.
Nancy   I don’t know, honey. I never really gave it that much thought.
Leigh   Then how do you explain those flashes?
Nancy   It’s called heat lightning. And it’s been happening around here for a long time.
Leigh   Whatever it is, it’s freaky. Like that story that guy was telling me back at the gas station. You know, the one that gave me this. He was telling me about the curse. All strangers are cursed.
Nancy   Hmm.
Leigh   It all started back when some Corn Man hacked up a family out by Grandpa’s old ranch.
Nancy   Honey, that’s just an old tale that people have been telling for years. It’s ridiculous.
Leigh   I hope so.
Nancy   It is.
Leigh   Okay.
Nancy   Wait. How do you turn this off again?
Leigh   Little red button. Mom.
Nancy   What?
Leigh   Mom, there’s somebody out there.
Nancy   What? Where?
Leigh   By the tree. He was standing- He’s staring at me.
Nancy   Okay.
Leigh   Look.
Nancy   I don’t see anyone.
Leigh   He was right there by the tree. I swear.
Nancy   If there was someone there, they’re not there now.
Leigh   He warned us we’d be in danger. Maybe he was right. Maybe the Corn Man’s coming, Mom.
Nancy   That’s not happening. Go to bed. How do I turn this off again?
End of Taped Dialogue    
    [Owl Hooting]
Young Sydney’s   Jarod, a 15-year-old girl is found brutally murdered in her bedroom. Part of an upper-class community in a small town. We don’t know what happened between the time she left her friends and when she was murdered.
Young Jarod   What is it you want me to do, Sydney?
Young Sydney   Take the evidence. Use your skills as a Pretender. Become the victim. Do what she did. Feel what she felt.
[Jarod’s Recap/Tape]    
Leigh   It’s Tuesday the 9th, day four of our vacation and today we’re officially starting our trip down memory lane. Here on the banks of “Kooner”- What is this? A stream or-
Nancy   It’s a creek. Koomer Creek.
Leigh   Koomer Creek. Yeah. Well, whatever it’s called, it’s beautiful.
Nancy   This is where I grew up.
Leigh   You, this place actually doesn’t suck. Can’t believe you didn’t bring me here before now.
Nancy   Stop it! No!
Leigh   Mom?
Nancy   Leave me alone!
Leigh   You okay? Mom?
Nancy   Help!
Leigh   Mom, are you okay? Mom, if you’re kidding around, this isn’t funny. Where are you? Mom! Mom. Mom. Mom. Are you okay? What happened?
Nancy   Run. He’s- He’s coming back. Run.
[End of Jarod’s Recap]    
[Flashback] Young Jarod   I can see it, Sydney. I can’t figure it out.
Young Sydney   You have to figure it out. The family is counting on you.
[Jarod Recaps Again]    
Leigh   [Screams] Somebody help us, please!
[Newt’s Voice]   Corn Man a-comin’. [Echoing]
    J.R.’s Service Station

Slade, AZ

Kent   Well, mister, you’re good to go. Funny thing, parts shop said they never heard of this happening with this model before.
Jarod   Well, that is funny.
Newt   Not if you’re a stranger it ain’t. It’s the curse. That’s why I went and made you this here corn man to keep you safe. If you’re gonna stay around here, you’re gonna need it.
Jarod   Thanks. I think.
    [Bell Dings]
    [Man On Police Radio, Indistinct]
Sheriff   Well, I see Kent’s got you all fixed up there Mr., uh- You know, I’m not sure I got your name.
Jarod   I’m not sure I gave you my name.
Sheriff   Guess you’ll be on your way then.
Jarod   Who knows? Maybe I’ll stick around. I’m growing kind of attached to the place.
Sheriff   You don’t got a job or a home to go back to?
Jarod   I’m sort of in between both right now.
Sheriff   Well, I’d advise you get one of the other. Idle hands are the devil’s playthings.
Jarod   I don’t plan to be idle.
Sheriff   I’m not too fond of strangers.
Newt   I hope the Corn Man don’t get him.
    The Centre
Miss Parker   Any luck finding Edna?
Broots   [Clears Throat] I’ve enhanced this photo from Jarod’s e-mail. There’s no one we recognize in the crowd but from the signage and license plates, it looks like a street scene in New York City.
Sydney   Somewhere in Harlem.
Broots   Hmm. [Beeps]
Jarod’s Voice   Edna wants to come home, but she can’t. There’s an army of Sweepers out there looking for her. She told me her redemption will be to tell you what she knows before they catch her. So you better hurry.
Broots   Hmm.
Miss Parker   Home. Redemption. Of course. One of my mother’s favorite charities was a halfway house in Harlem called Redemption Home.
Broots   Jarod’s telling you that’s where you can find Edna.
    Flagstaff, Arizona
    Residence of Nancy and Ted Wright
    [Doorbell Rings]
Jarod   Mr. Wright?
Ted Wright   Mm-hmm.
Jarod   I have to talk to you about your wife and your daughter. There’s been some trouble.
Ted   Trouble? What do you mean? I – I just spoke with them.
Jarod   When?
Ted   This morning. They said they were fine. What’s the problem?
Jarod   We’ve had a minor car accident.
Ted   Well, that’s strange. Nancy didn’t mention anything about it.
Jarod   That is strange. That car must mean a lot to you. Actually, it was your daughter who was driving. Leigh. She backed into me. Uh, your wife gave me the name and number of your insurance company but I- I seem to have misplaced it. Is your wife expected home soon?
Ted   No. They’re both still out of town. Look. All my insurance is handled through Western Mutual. But, you know, I prefer to handle this myself. So why don’t you go ahead and get an estimate, and I’ll send you a check for the full amount.
Jarod   Yes, but I would not- Uh- [Door Closes] I’ll be in touch.
Ted On Telephone   Somebody was here. He was asking about them. Tall guy. Dark hair.
    [Electronic Twittering, Beeps]
    Redemption Home

Harlem, NY

    [Horns Honking]
Broots   Edna Raines is in this building. Here in room 24. But the guy said that I was the second person to look for her in the last half hour.
Sydney   Raines.
Raines   What the hell are you doing here?
Miss Parker   What the hell are you doing here?
Raines   She was my wife.
Broots   Was?
Sydney   Edna Raines is dead.
Raines   An overdose.
Miss Parker   How convenient.
Raines   I can only assume she couldn’t face the world any longer.
Miss Parker   With you in it, who could blame her?
Raines   I’ll miss her so much.
Miss Parker   Is that why you kept her locked up for 30 years?
Raines   That was to protect her.
Sydney   You never protected anyone but yourself, Raines.
Miss Parker   You can bury her again, Raines. Along with all the secrets she died for.
    Sheriff’s Office

Slade, AZ

Jarod   Sheriff
Sheriff   Yeah.
Jarod   We need to talk.
    [Phone Rings]
Sheriff   Uh, just a second there, sir. [Picks Up Phone] Yeah. Sheriff’s office. What? No. Your brother’s not here. Yeah. He- He is the deputy, Kent. He’s on patrol. Yeah. I’ll tell him to call you when he gets back. All right. Okay. Sorry about that. What, uh- What’s the problem now?
Jarod   I found something, and I want to show you. I was-
    [Phone Rings]
Sheriff   Damn it. [Picks Up Phone] Sheriff’s Office. Yeah. Uh, listen. I can’t talk right now. Um- I understand. I-
Jarod   [Reads Caller I.D. Display, Call Is From Ted Wright]
Sheriff   I’ll get right back with you. Soon. All right? Yeah.
Jarod   [Sees Photos of Ted, Sheriff and Inn Keeper]
Sheriff   [Still On the Phone] Just stay there.
    [Door Closes- Jarod Leaves]
    [Engine Starts]
    [Birds Chirping]
    [Shot Fired] [Jarod’s Car Flips]
Sheriff   Wake up. I said wake up! Start talkin’.
Jarod   Talkin’ about what?
Sheriff   Everything you know about Nancy and Leigh. From the beginning.
Jarod   I know they disappeared four days ago. And I know that Mr. Wright here has taken out a rather large insurance policy on them.
Ted Wright   Hey. What the hell are you sayin’?
Jarod   I’m sayin’ that you and the sheriff here have conspired to murder your wife and your daughter so you could collect insurance money.
Ted   Murder? Pal, we’re trying to save them.
Jarod   Is that why you tried to kill me?
Sheriff   Kill ya? We found you.
Ted   You kidnapped my wife and daughter and you’re gonna tell us where they are.
Jarod   Kidnapped? I didn’t kidnap them. I’m here to find them. Look. There’s a camcorder over there. There’s a tape in it. It will explain everything.
Taped Dialogue Begins    
Leigh   Are you okay? What happened?
Nancy   Run. Run.
Leigh   What?
Nancy   Run. He’s- He’s coming back. Run.
Leigh   Help!
Man   Hey.
Leigh   Help me, please! [Screams] Help. [Screams] Help! Somebody help us, please!
Ted   Oh, my God. Who the hell are you?
Jarod   I was on vacation when this sort of fell into my lap. Jarod Wilson, U.S. Marshals.
Ted.   A fed. Damn it, Frank. He finds out, he’s gonna kill them.
Jarod   What are you talking about?
Ted   Four days ago I got a call. A man. He said if I wanted to see my wife and daughter again to get $500, 000 by tonight and not to contact the authorities.
Sheriff   Ted got a hold of me and made me promise I wouldn’t bring in any outside help. We’ve been, uh, friends since high school- and Raymond here. Then you started sniffin’ around, and we figured you were involved.
Jarod   Do you think it’s someone local?
Sheriff   Well, a lot of people are aware of Ted’s financial success and his family. To tell you the truth, we don’t have much to go on. And even less time.
Tape Ends    
    The Centre
Sydney   I was Edna Raines’s therapist. I can assure you that she wouldn’t have taken her own life- at least not willingly.
Miss Parker   Edna knew she was in danger. That’s why Jarod was so cryptic about her location.
Jarod’s Voice   Be careful. And know that Edna said no matter what happens, she wants you to keep digging. That the secret your mother wanted to tell you when you were little is buried out there, and you need to find it.
Broots   Buried? But where?
Miss Parker   Who’s the most adept at burying things around here?
Broots   [Gulps] Mr. Raines.
    [Printer Whirring]
    Sheriff’s Office

Slade, AZ

Sheriff   Got the cash. Everything’s ready to go.
Ted   He should’ve called by now to tell me where to drop the money.
Jarod   He’s going to call, Mr. Wright. Just be patient.
Ted   I don’t want to be patient. I want my family back.
Sheriff   Ted, he’s on our side.
    [Cell Phone Rings]
Jarod   Keep him on the line as long as possible. Tell him you demand to speak to Nancy- that you won’t make a delivery until you know that your wife is safe.
    [Ringing Continues]
    [Computer Beeps]
Ted   This is Wright.
Kidnapper   Put the money in a duffel bag. At midnight, you, and you alone [Distorted Voice] will take it and leave it in the trash bin at the bridge on Long Tunnel Road.
Ted   I want to talk to my wife.
Kidnapper   You’re not in a position to make demands.
Ted   I am not paying $500,000 for two dead bodies.
Nancy   [Whimpers] Ted?
Ted   Nancy.
Nancy   Oh, Ted, thank God.
Ted   Are- Are you and Leigh all right?
Nancy   Yeah. We’re a little ground up, but we’re, um- we’re alive.
Ted   Just hang in there, sweetie. Everything’s gonna be okay.
Nancy   Ted, I love you.
Ted   I love you too. Both of you.
Kidnapper   Midnight.
Ted   I’ll be there.
Jarod   I got it.
    [Bird Squawking]
[Ted On Walkie-talkie]   I made the delivery.
Sheriff   [Sighs] All right. It’s been over an hour. I haven’t seen anything yet in my position. How about you, Raymond?
Ted   Yeah. Do you see anything? How’s it goin’?
Raymond   Nothin’ so far.
Frank (Sheriff)   Well, keep your head up. Jarod.
Jarod   I don’t like this, Sheriff. He should’ve shown up by now.
Raymond   Jarod, I think I got something.
    [Gunshot On Walkie-talkie]
Sheriff   Damn Raymond!
Jarod   Raymond, can you hear me?
Sheriff   What the hell happened?
Raymond   I saw the guy coming straight at me. [Sighs] He was on a motorcycle. I thought I could stop him. Next thing I knew I was down.
Jarod   The bullet entered from behind.
    [Owl Hooting]
Sheriff   How can that be?
Jarod   There are two kidnappers.
    The Centre
    [Elevator Bell Dings]
Broots   Never again. You hear me? Don’t even ask. Never again.
Miss Parker   Calm down and check your pants.
Broots   [Sighs]
Miss Parker   Now tell me what you found.
Broots   Nothing. Well, almost nothing. [Clears Throat] Excuse me. I cross-referenced everything in Raines’s files with Edna’s name, and the only thing- the only thing I came up with was section “G,” 14, dash, six in a communiqué intercepted by Raines from Edna to you. Wh-What?
Miss Parker   Section “G.” Row 14, plot six. That’s my mother’s grave. Jarod’s e-mail said to keep digging. The answers…are buried out there.
Broots   You don’t think Jarod wants you to dig her up? Miss Parker, it’s your mother’s grave.
Miss Parker   Get shovels. We’ve got work to do.
Broots   [Sighs]
    Sheriff’s Office

Slade, AZ

Ted   They’re dead. If the kidnapper’s haven’t killed them already, they will now for sure.
Sheriff   What are you doin’?
Jarod   I’m gonna watch this video again. Maybe I missed something.
Taped Dialogue    
Leigh   Can’t believe you didn’t bring me here before now. Are you okay? If you’re joking around, this isn’t funny! Well, not complete.
Nancy   Ha, ha, ha.
Dialogue Ends    
Young Jarod’s Voice   I’ve studied the evidence, Sydney, and read the interviews, but it just doesn’t make sense.
Young Sydney’s Voice   The answer’s right in front of you. Everything you need is there.
Young Jarod’s Voice   But I can’t see it.
Young Sydney’s Voice   But she can. See what it is that she sees. Look, Jarod. Look hard.
Jarod   Did you see that?
Sheriff   What?
Jarod   That.
Young Jarod’s Voice   The answer’s there. It was there the whole time. She sees him.
Sheriff   Adams? He was in the parking lot?
Ted   Adams? Who’s Adams?
Sheriff   My deputy.
Jarod   And one of the kidnappers.
Ted   Then who’s the other one?
Jarod   My guess is his brother Kent from the gas station.
Ted   So these guys have gone to kill my family?
Jarod   Not if we get to them first. Wait a minute. Listen to this.
Conversation on Recorder   [Ted] Nancy.

[Nancy] Oh, Ted, thank God.

[Ted] Are you and Leigh all right?

[Nancy] We’re a little ground up, but we’re, um- we’re alive. We’re a little ground up- We’re a little ground up-

Sheriff   I don’t understand.
Jarod   “Ground up.” On the video, Leigh kept referring to an old mill.
Ted   Yeah, near my father-in-law’s ranch. Nancy and I used to go there all the time.
Jarod   Your wife was trying to tell you where she and your daughter were being held.
Sheriff   Let’s go.
Ted   Let’s just hope they’re still alive.
    [Crickets Chirping]
    [Owl Hooting]
Broots   You’ve made me do a lot of things I don’t want to do, Miss Parker but this has gotta be the worst. What if someone finds us?
Miss Parker   Then you’ll just have to hold them off while I go for help.
Broots   Oh, great. That’s-That’s lovely.
Miss Parker   Row 14’s over here.
    [Thunder Rumbling]
Broots   [Whispers] Whoa. Sorry. I feel like I’m in a Scooby-Doo cartoon.
    [Owl Hoots]
Broots   Wait. What was that?
Miss Parker   Settle down, Shaggy. It’s an owl. This is it.
Broots   Miss Parker, this just isn’t right. Are you sure you want to do this?
Miss Parker   Jarod’s done a lot of twisted things but he would never lead me here just to torment me.
    [Thunder Rumbling]
Miss Parker   Now dig.

Slade, AZ

    [Vehicle Approaching] [Door Opens]
Kent   Where the hell have you been?
Adams   Wright tipped off the sheriff. We gotta get out of here.
Kent   No one followed me.
Adams   That’s because I put a bullet in the leg of the guy who could’ve.
Kent   What about them?
    [Adams Gives Gun To Kent]
Kent   This wasn’t part of our plan.
Adams   Yeah, well, plans change, little brother. They can identify us.
Nancy   [Grunts] Leigh, now! Run!
Adams   I’ll get the daughter, you take care of her.
    [Nancy Backhands Kent]
Kent   Damn, mom. That hurt. If that’s the way you’re gonna be-
Jarod   Oh, I don’t think so.
    [Jarod Strikes Kent]
Kent   [Groans]
Ted   Nancy.
Nancy   I’m fine. But Leigh- She ran out, and the deputy went after her.
Leigh   [Panting] [Panting, Whimpers]
Adams   [Panting] You can’t get away.
Leigh   [Groans] Get away from me!
Adams   Don’t work that way. It’s nothing personal. You understand.
Leigh   Please. I want to go home.
Adams   Just business.
Leigh   Please. I want to go home.
Adams   The only place you’re going is in Koomer’s Creek!
Leigh   No! [Screams]
Adams   Stop screamin’. No one can hear you scream out here.
Jarod   I can. Come here!
    [Fight Scene]
Jarod   [To Leigh] Are you okay? Are you okay?
Leigh   [Sobbing]
Jarod   It’s okay. [Whispers] It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine.
Nancy   Leigh.
Jarod   Go. Go.
Ted   Leigh.
Nancy   Leigh.
Ted   Baby. Oh. [To Jarod] I don’t know how to thank you, Jarod.
Jarod   Just take care of them.
Ted   I will. [To Leigh] You ready to go? Let’s go home.
    [Thunder Rumbling]
Broots   Well, this is it. Miss Parker, are you sure you want to do this?
Miss Parker   Ah.
Broots   Huh?
Miss Parker   [Sighs] Open it.
Broots   Miss Parker- [Sighs] Why don’t we just get the hell out of here and let her rest in peace?
Miss Parker   [Sighs] I want to rest in peace. Now open it.
Broots   Are you sure?
Miss Parker   Go ahead.
Broots   [Grunts] Oh, my God.
Miss Parker   What?
Broots   Miss Parker, your mother- She’s not in here.
Miss Parker   Then where the hell is she?
Miss Parker   Jarod, I’m only going to ask you this once. How did you know she wouldn’t be there?
Jarod   I didn’t.
Miss Parker   Then who?
Jarod   Edna did. She knew all the secrets. Especially about the Mirage Project.
Miss Parker   Unfortunately, she took them to her grave.
Jarod   Well, I am sorry for you. Edna was someone you could have trusted.
Miss Parker   Unlike the Centre. Or my family.
Jarod   You were right in putting your trust in your mother. She knew the importance of family. Of helping people. If she kept any secrets from you, it was to protect you.
Miss Parker   Protect me from what?
Jarod   The truth. Keep searching, Miss Parker. But remember. You can’t believe everything you see. After all, life is a mirage. Sometimes the things that scare you the most can be the things that save your life.

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