1-12 Prison Story

1-12 A Prison Story

A Prison Story

It’s a little late to be worried about my ruin.

Miss Parker

A Prison Story

It’s a little late to be worried about my ruin.

Miss Parker

Original air date: February 1, 1997

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Oscar L. Costo

While Miss Parker struggles with a painful ulcer, Jarod becomes a prison guard in an attempt to save an innocent man from the gas chamber.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Slinkies, Monopoly

Jarod’s Occupations: Prison Guard, Game Inventor

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Bradley, Jarod Short, Jarod St. James, Jarod Ventnor, Jarod Chance , Jarod Parker


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod goes undercover as a prison guard to save an innocent man from the gas chamber.


At a funeral home, Jarod watches Jessica Mills talk to a funeral director about a casket for her father, Carl.  Then Jarod looks at a newspaper story, which reveals Carl Wills is in prison, facing a death sentence for a crime Jessica is convinced he didn’t commit.  Later, back at his lair, Jarod watches an old tape of himself as a child, in which he sensed the innocence of executed spy Julius Rosenberg.  The next day, Jarod turns up as a guard at the Oakfield Penitentiary.  Meanwhile, at the Centre, Sydney and Miss Parker examine a cryptic note found in Jarod’s last lair, saying he’ll be meeting “The Cowboy” at the Top Hat Cafe, regarding the Parker Brothers.  Back at the prison, the Warden tells Jarod that Carl Wills is being executed for killing a fellow inmate, and that tensions are running high with the execution only days away.  Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots find the Top Hat cafe, and check into the nearby Park Place motel for a stakeout.  At the prison, Jarod meets another guard, Tommy Larsen, who assigns Jarod, as the new guy, to perform the “death watch,” guarding Carl until the execution.  A bit later, Jarod introduces himself to an elderly inmate, Henry Cochran, but then another guard, Clancy, chastises Jarod for being so friendly.

Later, in his lair, Jarod watches news stories about Jessica’s fight to clear her father…while the Warden, at the prison, tells a group of reporters Carl is definitely guilty.  A bit later, Jarod delivers a meal to Carl and says he’d like to hear his story.  But Clancy calls Jarod away before Carl says anything.  Back at the motel, Miss Parker, obviously not feeling well, gets even more impatient than usual…while Broots is thrilled to find a box containing his favorite game—Monopoly.  That evening, Jarod finds Jessica at a local cafe, rescues her from some hecklers, and says he believes her father is innocent.  Back at the motel, Broots rambles on and on about the history of Monopoly, and then Miss Parker, now sweating, collapses in pain.  Meanwhile, Jarod examines old newspaper stories and learns a number of prisoners have died at Oakfield in recent years.

The next day, Jarod finds Henry Cochran tending his garden, and asks him about Anthony Lewis, the man Carl supposedly killed.  Henry says Lewis had only been at the prison a couple of days, and hadn’t had time to make any enemies.  That night, Jarod watches his old tapes again, and pauses when his young self realizes Julius Rosenberg was executed simply because the public demanded someone be guilty.  The next day, the Warden and the Guards practice dropping cyanide tablets into the gas chamber, and Jarod notices Larsen hesitating at the switch.  That night, at the motel, a doctor examines Miss Parker, tells her she has an ulcer, and recommends she learn to control her emotions.  The next day, at the prison, the guards break up a yard fight, and Clancy tramples Henry’s flower garden.  Jarod attempts to help Henry, who drops a letter from his wife, and when Jarod picks it up, he’s surprised to see the paper is blank. Henry admits his wife died several years ago and says he planted his garden in protest after the Warden wouldn’t give him a pass to lay flowers on her grave.  That night, back in his lair, Jarod goes through prisoner records and learns all the inmates who died at Oakfield were transfers from Joliet Prison in Illinois.  The next day, Jarod finds Larsen at home, and finally gets him to admit that all the men who were transferred from Joliet, including Anthony Lewis, were members of the same Chicago crime family.  Larsen further admits that the other guard, Clancy, has made a deal with a rival crime family to get the inmates transferred to Oakfield, where Clancy arranges their deaths.  And finally, Larsen admits Clancy killed Lewis, and framed Carl for the death.

Back at the motel, Broots and Miss Parker finally see a man in a cowboy hat enter the phone booth.  But when they confront him, the Cowboy says he was just paid to make a delivery, and hands them a Monopoly “Get Out of Jail Free” card.  They run back to the motel, check the register and learn Jarod has been staying in the room next to theirs…which they find strewn with Monopoly cards spelling out Miss Parker’s name.  Broots also finds a telescope, trained on a sign pointing to the prison, and Miss Parker finally understands the “Go Directly to Jail” references.  Meanwhile, a crowd gathers outside the prison, protesting the now-imminent execution.  Inside, Jarod tells Clancy to make one last inspection of the gas chamber.  But when Clancy goes in, Jarod locks him inside, confronts him about the prisoner deaths…and broadcasts Clancy’s answers—which reveal all his misdeeds—on the prison PA system.  The next morning, as Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots arrive at the prison, the Warden holds another press conference to announce his resignation.  Later, we see Henry finally placing flowers on his wife’s grave, while both the Warden and Jarod look on, smiling.  Finally, a few days later, Jarod turns up in a new disguise, as an executive at a toy company, where he proposes a new game…called, “Get out of Jail Free.”

1-12 Prison Story

A Prison Story Transcript


Funeral Director The deceased is not to be picked up until this coming Sunday?
Jessica Will Yes, just after dawn. Um, details for the arrangements are all there. And a choice of casket and cemetery. I would prefer a quiet service.
Funeral Director Of course, Miss Will. The deceased was your father?
Jessica Will Is my father.
Funeral Director If your father is still alive, then why…
Jessica Will Just have a casket ready Saturday morning. Please.
  DSA: 20th May, ’70
Young Jarod I don’t wanna die. But I know its too late to change any of that.
Sydney There’s nothing you want to confess?
Young Jarod You keep asking me for the truth when that’s all I’ve ever given you.
Sydney Even in the face of death, you maintain your innocence?
Young Jarod Yes. He’s innocent Sydney. An innocent man is going to die.
  Oakfield Penitentiary
Guard Off the bus! Move it! Move it!
Guard 2 You heard the man, side by side.
Guard Line up and shut up! Let’s go! Move it!
Jarod Welcome to Oakfield Penitentiary, gentlemen. Sound off.
  The Centre
Sydney There’s been a breakthrough concerning Jarod’s next destination.
Miss Parker Top Hat Cafe pay phone, January weekend of the 15th, meeting with cowboy regarding Parker brothers. I don’t have a brother, do i, Sydney?
Sydney That I don’t know. What we do know is the 15th is this coming weekend and that the note is distinctly written in Jarod’s hand.
Miss Parker Clean up team find this?
Sydney In Jarod’s last lair, stuck in the toilet pipe after having been flushed.
Broots Okay, the arrangements are all set, Sydney. Uh, oh, uh…
Miss Parker Go on Broots, what arrangements?
Sydney Mr Broots will be joining us. Uh, the director thinks a little technical support might help.
Miss Parker Technical support?
Broots Well, she thinks that some details are getting overlooked, that you and Sydney are maybe a little too emotionally involved with Jarod.
Miss Parker And you’re the fix?
Broots Well…An objective eye maybe. Uh, I’ll get the car.
Miss Parker Duller than hockey in September.
  Oakfield Penitentiary
Warden Never forget, Mr Bradley, that in this place, we are dealing strictly with a mentality of desperation. A desperation born from being locked down in a 10-by-10 cell for 20, 30 years, sometimes longer.
Jarod I would say that desperation was a good word for that, sir.
Warden A man’s fibre, if he had any to begin with, quickly frays. It’s your job to keep those frayed ends knotted. You’re here because of your experience under duress. With the Carl Will execution on Saturday, there promises to be plenty of that.
Jarod Sounds like he’s got all the classic symptoms of a career criminal.
Warden Carl Will has a criminal record dating back 30 years. Car theft, armed robbery… a dozen other felony violations leading to the brutal murder of a fellow inmate. You worked Folsom during the ’91 inmate riot.
Jarod I’m proud to say that we squelched that one with extreme prejudice.
Warden We don’t wipe noses. We don’t lend shoulders to cry on. We manage, Mr Bradley, with, as you say, extreme prejudice.
Jarod I’m sure the execution will send a message to the entire population.
Warden That’s the idea.
  Top Hat Cafe
Miss Parker He’s not in there, and none of the locals have seen him.
Sydney Mm-hmmm.
Broots Maybe we should stake him out.
Miss Parker They didn’t let you have a weapon, did they?
Broots No.
Miss Parker And where do you propose we do our stakeout?
Broots Right there.
  Oakfield Penitentiary
Morris So, Jarod, how many men did they run on a shift at Folsom?
Jarod Oh, we had a crew of 35 during the week, slightly less on the weekends.
Morris I hear Warden Harper’s a tough man.
Jarod His name is Hopkins.
Morris Right, Hopkins.
Larson Morris.
Morris Ah, Jarod Bradley, Tommy Larson.
Larson br. The guy from Folsom?
Jarod And all points west.
Morris tm can show you around. Uh, keep both eyes open, the animals are getting restless.
Larson Let me take you out, show you the main yard. Most of the population spends four or five hours a day here.
Jarod Different zoo, same routine.
Larson Gotta make sure they don’t kill each other and herd ’em in at the bell.
Jarod Seems tense.
Larson Yeah, well, it’ll ease up after the, uh, the event.
Jarod The event?
Larson Execution. You get it up close and personal. New guy gets death watch.
Jarod Why me?
Larson I don’t know how it was at Folsom, but around here, it’s considered bad luck to get too close to a condemned man. They make the new guy do it.
Guard Walkin’ through.
Jarod Is that him? Larson?
Larson What?
Jarod Is that the man they’re going to kill?
Larson Yeah, that’s him.
  Park Place Motel
Miss Parker What do you mean you’re booked up? Who the hell would purposely stay at the Park Place Motel?
Hotel Assistant Well, we got a convention. The electric company booked the entire facility.
Miss Parker Do you know this man?
Hotel Assistant Jarod. Yeah, he comes through here every now and then. Matter of fact, he did say something about passing through this weekend. Got a meeting or something. I’ll tell you what. You being friends of his and all, you and your brother and … and your dad… you can stay in the celebrity room that I keep open for special guests.
Miss Parker Celebrity room.
Hotel Assistant Burl Ives stayed here once. We even had Mama Cass. Not to mention that Osmond boy. You know, the goofy-looking one with the… the big ears.
Broots You know, I bet it wasn’t Donny.
  Oakfield Penitentiary
Prisoner Mail call for inmate Cockran.
Cockran Thanks. Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going. You okay boss?
Jarod I’m fine. And the name is Jarod, Mr…
Cockran Cockran, Henry.
Jarod Well, it’s nice to meet you, Henry.
Cockran You’re new around here.
Jarod Yes, I am. And you?
Cockran Oh, I’ve been walking these walls for 27 years.
Jarod That’s a long time.
Cockran There isn’t a cockroach I’m not on a first name basis with.
Jarod Is that mail from home?
Cockran Uh, my wife. She writes me every week like clockwork. Sends me seeds for my garden. These should be marigolds.
Morris Cockran. You got somewhere to be, old-timer?
Cockran Kitchen, boss.
Morris That what they call extreme prejudice at Folsom?
Jarod You have to know your enemy.
  Jarod’s Lair
TV Reporter Tonight we bring you a story of love, law and its connection between a man on death row and a daughter whose life has been a fight to free him. Ten years ago, Carl Will, a career criminal, was sentenced to five years for car theft. Only weeks away from parole, he was involved in a bloody altercation inside Oakfield Penitentiary, in which inmate Anthony Lewis was stabbed to death. After a speedy trial, conducted by then state attorney and present Governor, Charles Edwards, Will was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to the gas chamber which is where the story takes a most unusual turn. At the time of Will’s initial arrest, his daughter Jessica was a senior in high school. Jessica’s belief in her father fuelled her to spend the next seven years in college and law school, and every day since, fighting to free her father. But with the governor’s denying final appeal and the execution scheduled for midnight Friday her odyssey of law and love appears to be at an end.
Jessica I love my father, I believe in him, and i will never stop fighting.
Reporter How do you respond to Jessica Will’s call for clemency from the governor?
Warden The governor’s refusal is the only answer i need.
Reporter Miss Will calls the quick processing of her father a political act by Governor Edwards based on his reelection law and order platform. How do you answer that?
Warden No one doubts Miss Will’s love or devotion to her father but she is working from emotion, and we’re working from fact.
Man Warden, what facts are those?
Warden Officers Clancy and Larson found Carl Will next to the body of Anthony Lewis, holding the murder weapon. Unfortunate as it is, when you concentrate transgressors in the system these things happen,  but they won’t be tolerated by me or the governor. The time has come for us to do our job, and we’re going to do it at dawn Saturday. Thank you.
Carl Will Didn’t you hear it’s bad luck being around a dead man?
Jarod Well, I’m the new guy. I have no choice. Bon apetit.
Carl Will I’m not hungry.
Jarod It’s grilled porterhouse steak, medium rare. Poached snap beans.
Carl Will That’s what i ordered for my last meal.
Jarod I know.
Carl Will That wasn’t supposed to be for, uh, two days.
Jarod Well, it’s your favourite, i figured why wait. They move in on you, don’t they? The walls. You stare at them long enough and you swear they start creeping in on you.
Carl Will You sound like a man that’s been on this side of the bars.
Jarod It’s tough… when you don’t belong there. You’re innocent… at least, that’s what you keep saying.
Carl Will Nobody’s listening.
Jarod I am.
Carl Will You’re telling me a man wearing that uniform hasn’t heard this story?
Jarod I’ve heard the story, I’m interested in the truth.
Carl Will I was headed back to Block C from laundry detail. I heard voices. Some people struggling down the gantry. Turned around to see what the commotion was. Got knocked out. Woke up in this nightmare. Cornbread or fritters?
Jarod Fritters, just like you asked.
Carl Will Just the way Jessica Will asked. She arranged all this.
Jarod She loves you very much.
Morris Bradley. The prisoner’s meal is delivered.
  Park Place Motel
Man on phone Oh, darlin’ I miss you so damn bad. I ache all over thinking how pretty you looked laying in the bathtub. That Mr Bubble dancing on your skin like a love potion. And you stood up and i drank in the vision of your perfectly shaped….
Broots Phone tap seems to be working. I guess I’ll poke around the room for signs of Jarod.
Miss Parker I’m going to go out of my mind.
Sydney You’re welcome to borrow one of my books if you want.
Miss Parker Relative thinking, the inner mind. My God! Sydney, is Jarod all you think about?
Sydney Because you don’t?
Miss Parker There is a lot more to life than Jarod/
Sydney Such as.
Miss Parker Such as fun. Such as sex.
Sydney Interesting that in a conversation about Jarod, you mention sex.
Broots Well, nothing in the toilet.
Miss Parker How long has it been since you’ve been with a woman Sydney?
Sydney Sydney’s private life is not a subject for public discussion.
Miss Parker Well, it’s not healthy, you know, keeping all of that animal emotion bottled up. Next thing you know you’ll be on the roof with a rifle in your hands.
Broots You know, I’ve been seeing a woman.
Miss Parker Really, Broots. Tell us about her.
Broots There’s not much to tell really. We… we met online.
Miss Parker You pick up women on the computer? How romantic. Details.
Broots Ah, well… uh, she’s an accountant. She had three dogs and a bird. And… uh… Oh! And she’s a huge John Tesh fan.
Miss Parker Sounds like a real wildcat. What’s she look like?
Broots You know, i think, uh, i should start dusting for prints. We haven’t actually met… yet.
Miss Parker You are pathetic. God, can they make it any hotter in here?
Sydney You alright Miss Parker?
Miss Parker I’m okay. It’s this, uh, swill, from that greasy spoon. How much more exciting can this get?
Broots Look, Monopoly.
Redneck Pssst. Psst. Yeah, it’s amazing what they let sit down in this place. Mmm, you smell something? Smell like somebody’s about to fry.
Jessica Will Would you just leave me alone? Please.
Redneck What you gonna do if I don’t? Huh? Pull out one of them knives your your daddy did? Stick me with it?
Jarod Jessica Will, hi honey, sorry I’m late. Traffic was a bear. You will excuse us, won’t you gentlemen?
Jessica Will Thank you.
Jarod Bet that’s been happening a lot these days.
Jessica Will You have no idea. You’re a… a guard from the prison.
Jarod I’m off duty.
Jessica Will It’s nothing personal, but, it’s just guards aren’t high on my list of dinner companions.
Jarod I just shared a meal with your father. He misses you very much.
Jessica Will Why are you here?
Jarod Fate. And i don’t think your father deserves his.
Jessica Will My mother left when i was little, but he never left me. We lived in this rusted-out Airstream for most of my life. You know, we didn’t have much but he always made sure i had what i needed. Look, I’m not saying that my father is the epitome of virtue. I mean, he was… he was pretty wild when he was younger. But stealing cars and committing murder… are worlds apart. He spent five years in that lockup. He was a week away from parole. He had a job on the outside… and I was on the outside. He wouldn’t have done that to me.
  Park Place Motel
Broots Did you know Monopoly was developed by Charles Darrow and unemployed heating engineer from Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1935?
Miss Parker Yeah, that’s fascinating.
Broots The game was originally rejected for containing 52 fundamental errors, but there still have been over 100 million sets sold worldwide.
Sydney You sound like quite an expert on the subject.
Broots Monopoly club, high school.
Miss Parker What a surprise.
Sydney Miss Parker, are you alright?
Miss Parker It’s just so damn hot in here.
Broots You know… there’s something wrong with this game.
Miss Parker There’s something wrong with this whole damn thing.
Broots No, there’s uh… there’s something missing here.
Miss Parker The only thing missing is Jarod.
Sydney Miss Parker! Get a doctor now!
  Oakfield Penitentiary
Jarod Narcissus.
Cockran I call them daffodils. They’re my wife’s favourite.
Jarod Well, i can see why, they’re beautiful.
Cockran Talk like that and no one will believe you’re really a bull. Only thing the guards know how to grow is resentment.
Guard Walkin’ through.
Jarod Is it always this tense around here before an execution?
Cockran Always.
Jarod Did you know Anthony Lewis?
Cockran No, he’d only been here a couple of days.
Jarod Couple of days? Hardly seems long enough for Carl Will to grow to hate him enough to wanna kill him.
Cockran Strange things happen in stir.
Jarod Like the other inmates who have died in here? Seven, in the last five years. All accidents? It’s a lot more than the national average.
Cockran I wouldn’t know anything about that.
Jarod Oh, come on, Henry, you’re on a first name basis with the roaches around here. What happened with Anthony Lewis, and the other dead inmates?
Cockran Prison’s a place to keep your head down and your mouth shut. Especially this place. And this warden.
Larson Let’s move it in.
  DSA: 20th May, ’70
Young Jarod I have two minutes left to live. My mouth is dry. I’m calm, but I’m scared. I feel my heart pounding in my ears.
Sydney It’s time to tell the truth.
Young Jarod I did.
Sydney This is your last chance.
Young Jarod I did tell the truth.
Sydney You’re about to die. Clear your conscience.
Young Jarod It is clear. I’m at peace. Rosenberg was telling the truth, Sydney. He didn’t give the secrets away.
Sydney Are you sure?
Young Jarod Yes. Aren’t you?
Sydney Yes.
Young Jarod But if they knew he was innocent… why did they execute him?
Sydney What do you think?
Young Jarod Because someone had to be guilty.
  Gas Chamber
Warden Tighten it. I don’t want the prisoner to go into spasm and break those straps. Initiate the sequence.
Morris Larson, drop the pellets.
Warden Why the hesitation?
Morris Mistake in communications, sir. It won’t happen at showtime.
Warden Yeah, well, see that it doesn’t. ‘Cause we’re gonna have a room full of press back there for the real execution and i don’t wanna have to kill Carl Will twice. Get him out of there.
Larson Yes sir.
Prisoner Thanks, Bradley.
  Park Place Motel
Miss Parker Do you know what’s wrong with me or not?
Doctor I think you have an ulcer. And from the way your were folded up when i got here, it’s a doozy.
Sydney What can be done?
Doctor For now, I’m going to prescribe a mild acid inhibitor. I’m not sure that it will be helpful, given the fact that she smokes and has an unusually stressful demeanour.
Broots You can say that again.
Doctor I don’t know what it is you do, Miss Parker, but it’s eating you away from the inside out. You’re going to have to change your lifestyle, or else.
Miss Parker Or else what?
Doctor You could die. I suggest that you learn to control your emotions, like your father here. Have a pleasant evening.
Sydney Thank you, Doctor.
Broots Thanks, Doc.
Sydney He’s right you know. If you don’t keep those feelings about Jarod in check… it could be your ruin.
Miss Parker It’s a little late to be worried about my ruin.
Cockran My flowers!
Larson Break it up!
Cockran No boss!
Warden Clancy! Clean up this mess.
Morris Get ’em back in their cages now.
Guard Alright! Clear the yard! Move it!
Morris You ever make a move like that on me again, I’ll put you in this plot.
Cockran I just didn’t want my flowers trampled.
Morris Well, that won’t be a problem now, will it?
Jarod You okay?
Cockran Sure, fine.
Jarod You’re sure?
Jarod I don’t understand. These letters aren’t real, wh…
Cockran Where’s my wife? She died three years ago. Cancer.
Jarod I’m sorry.
Cockran Pretty pathetic huh?
Jarod No. You lock a man away long enough… it bends him… sometimes till he breaks.
Cockran Rita and me were married 43 years. You didn’t know that, did you?
Jarod No, i didn’t.
Cockran I broke the law, and I’ve pad every day for the last 27 years. But there’s certain thins that a man can’t allow to be taken from him. His pride, his dignity. I understand rules. But what Warden Michaels did to me was wrong. All I wanted was to be there when… my Rita was laid down. I put her through a lot of pain. And I just wanted to be able to put flowers on her grave and feel her in my heart one more time. He wouldn’t give me a furlough. Hell, they… they let cons out for that kind of thing every day. All I wanted to do was say good bye.
Jarod Is that why you planted your garden?
Cockran Crazy, huh? I keep praying maybe one day I’ll actually get the chance to show how much i loved her. But Michaels, he’s set on making a statement with this place. I guess maybe they were my statement. I just didn’t want them to think they broke me.
  Jarod’s Lair
Larson  Hey buddy.
Boy Hey, wait up!
Jarod I hope you don’t mind. I brought your kids some toys.
Larson Hi cutie. Give this to your mother. Tell her I’ll be there in a second, okay?
Jarod You have a beautiful family. You’re a lucky man.
Larson Thanks. Something on your mind?
Jarod Carl Will.
Larson What about him?
Jarod Well, i’m a little bit embarrassed to admit this but… I’m not sure i can handle this execution. I know it’s what we do, but i’ve never seen a man die before. I was hoping you could help me.
Larson Well, you’re talking to the wrong man.
Jarod Yeah. I saw your face as we were doing the walk-through. It’s pretty difficult to imagine Carl Will strapped to that chair, gas rising up, choking the life out of him. Why is that?
Larson It just is, okay?
Jarod Hmmm. Did you ever notice that these things are just like guilt? YOu can move it from one place to another but it always comes back
Larson Who are you?
Jarod Someone who doesn’t. want to see an innocent man die. Someone who thinks that Jessica Will Will deserves to have her father just as much as those kids deserve to have theirs.
Larson I’ve been walking the yard for 20 years. It’s all i know. It’s too late to start over, and I can’t afford to cross a guy like Clancy.
Jarod You’re afraid for you life.
Larson Yeah, well, you should be too. You know how it is on the inside. Things happen. And I’m damn sure not going to end up like Anthony Lewis and the others.
Jarod Lewis was transferred in from Joliet. Just like all the other men who died here. I pulled the inmates’ files and i tracked them. It’s really interesting. Each one of them belonged to the same Chicago crime family. My guess would be that somebody paid to have them silenced. Is that the way the operation worked?
Larson Yeah, Clancy’s brother-in-law is a pencil pusher at Joliet. He made a deal with a rival family. They transferred targets into Oakfield. Clancy does the job. They split they money.
Jarod Are you a part of it?
Larson No, i wasn’t. I didn’t find out until after Anthony Lewis was killed. And by then i was in too deep to say anything.
Jarod What about Carl Will?
Larson Clancy was finishing up on Lewis, and Will walked in. I was supposed to make sure the area was clear. Hell, I thought he was just hitting the guy up for cash.
Jarod Is that whey you knocked him out?
Larson Yeah, well, i had to. Clancy would have killed the guy right there. Clancy planted the shiv on him. By the time Will came to… it was over.
Jarod And now he’s going to die for something he didn’t do.
  Park Place Motel
Broots There’s definitely something wrong with this game.
Sydney Maybe not all the pieces are there.
Broots They’re not, they’re not, but it’s more than that. I have a feeling we’re not seeing something important in this whole thing.
Miss Parker Speak for yourself, got us a Stetson.
Cowboy Well, i hear that.
Miss Parker Twitch and your next stop will be Boot Hill.
Cowboy Hey, relax little lady, I’m just the pony express.
Miss Parker Put the phone down and turn around… slowly.
Cowboy That’s an awfully big gun for such a pretty little lady.
Miss Parker Save it for the hoedown. What are you doing here?
Cowboy Well, i told you. I was paid to make a delivery.
Miss Parker Yes. What kind of delivery?
Cowboy Hey, I’m unarmed, i swear.
Miss Parker Left hand only.
Broots I knew there was something missing.
Miss Parker What are you talking about?
Broots The game. Chance. Get out of jail free.
Sydney  What do you think it means Miss Parker?
Miss Parker Damn it. I need to see your registration book.
Clerk Okay.
Miss Parker Jarod Short, Jarod St James, Jarod Ventnor. Jarod Chance, Marvin Gardens, Room 5. The room… the room right next to ours.
Sydney Go directly to jail, do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.
Miss Parker I am sick of being a token on his game board.
Broots Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Go directly to jail. Damn you Jarod.
  Oakfield Penitentiary
Crowd Free Carl Will. Free Carl Will.
Jarod Hey Clancy. The warden just called. He wants you to make another check of the gas chamber. Make sure there’s no malfunctions.
Morris It’s fine. I loaded the cyanide myself, not an hour ago.
Jarod Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. Guess there’s some kind of electrical problem.
Morris Have Larson check it.
Jarod His wife just called. He’s sick.
Morris My butt. He’s yellow. You check it.
Jarod I can’t, i’m the new guy. I have to bring Will his last supper.
Morris Alright, damn it. You need something done right… do it yourself.
Morris Well, good thing we’re not frying this guy. Warden Michaels? Hey, what’s going on here? Who shut the door? Who’s there?
Jarod Scary, isn’t it? Being locked up like a wild animal waiting to die.
Morris Funny, Bradley. Now let me out.
Jarod Mmm. I don’t think i’ll do that.
Morris What the hell do you think you’re doing?
Jarod Same thing you’ve been doing.
Morris I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Jarod Oh, come on Clancy. I know you killed Anthony Lewis. You set up Carl Will to take the fall for it. You were going to let an innocent man die for something you did.
Morris Who the hell are you?
Jarod I’m you… judge… jury… and executioner. How many men? How many men did you kill, Clancy? Five? Six?
Morris They were animals. I did the public a favour.
Jarod And you almost got away with it. Except Carl Will was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Morris Name your price.
Jarod My price?
Morris Money.
Jarod How much is a human life worth anyway? How much did you make? 5000? 10,000 a head? Nah, I think it’s time for justice to win this one. I’d ask if you had a last request but the truth is you don’t really deserve it. It’s showtime.
Morris No!!!!!!!!!
Carl Will Don’t you think not telling that man those cyanide capsules were fake is cruel and unusual punishment?
Morris Bradley! Aahhh!
Jarod Nah.
Jessica Will I, uh, would be happy to answer any questions you have but right now I’d like to hug my dad and tell him how much I love him.
Miss Parker Get out of my way. Hey, you, open up. We’re expected.
Warden No civilised person could sit here in front of you people and tell you that he enjoys giving the order to have cyanide pellets dropped into acid to kill someone. But we do that to deter people from committing crimes. Unfortunately, there are events that would prove we have corruption on our staff. And inspired by these events, changes will be made here that hopefully benefit all the inmates. My resignation will become final in 24 hours after my last official act as warden.
  Southland Toy Cockran
Man So, we understand you like to play games, Mr…
Jarod Parker. Yes. And I’ve invented one. I call it Get Out of Jail Free.

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