3-22 Donoterase

3-22 Donoterase


Exactly like you. I felt for him… but I never let him know. I saw… pain… in his eyes… but I looked the other way.

Miss Parker


Exactly like you. I felt for him… but I never let him know. I saw… pain… in his eyes… but I looked the other way.

Miss Parker

Original air date: May 22, 1999

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod and his father attempt a rescue mission after learning that the Centre not only conducted cloning experiments using Jarod’s DNA, but also created a young clone of Jarod.

Jarod’s Discoveries: His Father – Major Charles, his clone – Gemini

Jarod’s Occupations:

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Major Charles and Jarod attempt to rescue Jarod’s clone from the Centre.


From their remote cabin, Jarod and his father tap into the Centre’s mainframe and discover that J2 is about to be transferred to the Triumvirate.  In Miss Parker’s office, she and Broots share their disgust over the cloning records from the Gemini Project.  It seems that 289 ova were fertilized before they achieved success with J2.  Donor wombs were found in homeless women, coma patients…women who would not be missed.  All the women disappeared without a trace.  Miss Parker understands what her mother must have felt when she discovered Donoterase.

J2 receives a late night visit from Miss Parker, who wants to know how he feels about his Centre mission.  Although he claims to be ready and willing to do the Centre’s work, his tears betray his real emotions.  She decides to help him escape.  But Raines and Sydney enter, preventing it.  Just then, Sydney receives a phone call from Jarod, asking him when J2 is going to be transferred.  Sydney tells him that another venture into the mainframe would be a waste of time because there is no refuge for him anymore.  Jarod and Major Charles realize that someone else was listening to Sydney’s conversation and he was trying to send them a message.

At dawn, J2 is driven to an airstrip, with Miss Parker and Broots following.  They are stopped by an overturned car blocking the road and a wrecker pulling out from behind it.  A flagman comes over to them and reveals himself to be Jarod.  He proceeds to fire a tear gas cannister into one car, incapacitating Lyle, Brigitte, Sydney and J2.  His father comes out of the wrecker and does the same thing to the other car.  Jarod grabs J2, while Broots and Miss Parker draw near.  Major Charles drives the wrecker straight at them, as Jarod and J2 make their getaway in a pickup truck.  Miss Parker captures Major Charles.

Big Mutumbo arrives at the Centre, angry over the loss of the boy.  He places Brigitte in charge of interrogating Major Charles and assigns Lyle to lead the effort to track down Jarod and J2.  Miss Parker feels left out and looks to her father for support, but none is forthcoming.  Later, Mr. Parker explains to his daughter that he did what he had to do in order to assure their survival.

Miss Parker comes into Sydney’s office with the e-mail he left for Jarod in a box called Refuge.  They have a nice connective moment, as they discover they are on the same side.  He encourages her to go find the truth from Major Charles.  She follows his advice and confronts Major Charles with his own gun, the one used to kill Miss Parker’s mother.  He tells her that Raines shot him, stole his gun and killed Catherine Parker.  She was trying to rescue children from the Triumvirate’s Gemini Project, including Miss Parker.  The Triumvirate threatened Mr. Parker with the death of his wife and daughter.  Miss Parker now plans to kill Raines.

Jarod takes J2 to the remote cabin.  The young pretender is afraid of Jarod, finally explaining that Raines told him that Jarod killed his parents.  Jarod tells him the truth about the cloning, convincing him with a DSA taken when he was J2’s age.

The next day, Jarod boldly walks into the Centre lobby and proposes a trade of Mr. Parker, whom he has just kidnaped, for his own father.  Miss Parker agrees to the exchange, with Sydney to carry it out.  Mutumbo is displeased that Miss Parker allowed Jarod to leave after delivering his offer, so he places Raines in charge.  Jarod calls Raines and announces that the exchange is to take place at Iversonville Airfield in North Carolina.  Raines tells Willie, a sharpshooter, that Mr. Parker is not to survive the exchange.  Brigitte overhears this and tells Miss Parker.  They reluctantly agree to team up.

Sydney drives Major Charles to the airfield, as Miss Parker, Brigitte and Broots follow with a radio transmitter.  Major Charles thanks Sydney for doing a good job of raising his son.  At the airfield, Mr. Parker, J2 and Jarod wait in a small plane.  Sydney and Major Charles arrive moments ahead of Miss Parker’s car.

Just as Miss Parker warns Jarod that her father is a target, a helicopter rises above the trees.  Willie takes aim from the helicopter, with Raines commanding him.  Miss Parker runs for the plane and gets right in the crosshairs of Willie’s rifle scope as he fires.  She falls into her father’s arms.  Jarod grabs her and runs for cover behind Sydney’s car as a bullet whizzes by.  He instructs his father to take J2 away in the plane and he will meet up with them later.  As Major Charles taxis down the runway, the helicopter tries to block its path, but Jarod shoots at it and forces the pilot to move out of the way.  After Jarod’s clip empties, Brigitte points a gun at him.  Jarod knocks the gun from her hand and attempts to escape on a motorcycle, but the helicopter reappears, Willie opens fire and Jarod loses control of the bike.  Raines and his team then surround him.

3-22 Donoterase

Donoterase Transcript


Jarod   No. No. No. No please. No please no.
Major Charles   What did they do to you?
Young Jarod   I can’t open the hatch! I can’t open the hatch! It’s too hot! I… I can’t think! I’m burning!
Young Jarod   I can save him! Nooooooo!
Sydney   This is your last chance.
Young Jarod   I did tell the truth. I’m at peace.
Young Jarod   I feel tired. My legs hurt.
Young Jarod   I set myself on fire because I’m convinced it’ll send a message Sydney.
Sydney   Its been three days Jarod, with temperatures of over a hundred degrees. All you have to do is submit.
Young Jarod   It’s not for me. I’ll never give up
Jarod   It’s not your fault.
Major Charles   But….
Jarod   We’re together now. That’s all that matters. That… and saving the boy.
Major Charles   I’m into the Centre’s mainframe. Damn! They’re onto me. But I’m into Gemini. They’re transferring the boy to the Triumvirate.
Jarod   When are they going to transfer him?
Major Charles   I don’t know. Damn it! They’ve shut me out. There’s gotta be some other way that we can find out. Someone who can tell us.
Jarod   Come on Sydney, answer the phone.
Brigitte   Are you going to answer it or shall I?
Sydney   It’s not important.
Lyle   What we have to say is..
Brigitte   The timetable on the transfer of our young Pretender has been moved up. He goes at dawn.
Sydney   My work won’t be completed.
Lyle   It can’t be avoided. The mainframe’s been compromised and we suspect Jarod and Major Charles. My father says you can continue your work with the boy once he’s been transferred.
Brigitte   We expect your full cooperation.
Sydney   You have that.
Miss Parker   I vehemently disagree with Dr Raines’ conclusions about Gemini and despite some humane advances being made at Pakor I cannot in good conscience endorse moving forward with the project. While it represents a potentially major breakthrough for mankind one must wonder if mankind is or ever will be prepared for its ramifications. Catherine Parker
Broots   You got anything to drink? Preferably something that burns.
Miss Parker   Need to cleanse your palate?
Broots   No, my soul. I backtracked the cloning records from Donoterase. Over the years they fertilised 289 ova before they were successful with the boy.
Miss Parker   The results of which we saw at the specimen lab.
Broots   Well… some of them. And if you can believe it that sideshow wasn’t the weirdest part of the circus. They couldn’t just grow those ova in an incubator. They needed donor wombs.
Miss Parker   Surrogate mothers.
Broots   Seems Raines found the women himself. Mostly disenfranchised, homeless, loners or coma victims.
Miss Parker   Women who wouldn’t be missed if there were complications.
Broots   And believe me, there were plenty of them. Most foetuses never reached term. And… and… the ones that did…. well they didn’t even make it through…
Miss Parker   Childbirth.
Broots   Well if you…I. if you could call it that.
Broots   All of the surrogates who made it that far though, they… they just…
Miss Parker   Disappeared.
Broots   Without a trace.
Miss Parker   That’s what my mother was talking … talking about in this Gemini memo. What she feared could happen at Donoterase. What should I do?
Broots   Well, whatever it is, you better decide pretty quickly, because they’re moving the boy at dawn.
Miss Parker   Where?
Broots   Triumvirate station, Africa. Your mom’s first priority was the children. What would she do?
Miss Parker   The same thing she was trying to do when…. she was killed: rescue the children.
Gemini   I’m over here. I’m sorry I didn’t hear you come in. Do you want me to do something for you?
Miss Parker   No. I just came to talk.
Gemini   Talk? You don’t want anything?
Miss Parker   Just to see you. Are you all right?
Gemini   Yeah, I’m fine. Ready to work.
Miss Parker   You were crying.
Gemini   No, I wasn’t. I … I just…. Don’t tell Mr Raines. He gets angry if I show any emotion. It won’t happen again, I promise.
Miss Parker   It’s okay to cry.
Gemini   No its not. Not for me. I’m here to serve… to do what I’m told.
Miss Parker   Is that what Raines taught you?
Gemini   Yes. That I have been gifted with the intelligence designed to help others. Mr Raines says emotions get in the way. If you don’t want me to work, they why are you here?
Miss Parker   When I was your age I knew a boy just like you. Exactly like you. I felt for him… but I never let him know. I saw ….pain… in his eyes…. but I looked the other way. I see the same pain in your eyes. But I can’t look away anymore.
Gemini   I don’t understand.
Miss Parker   Do you want to be here, or do you want to do what other kids do?
Gemini   What do other kids do?
Miss Parker   Play, have fun. Experience life.
Gemini   Is this a simulation?
Miss Parker   No, no this is real.
Gemini   I’m doing what I want to do, SIM’s to help others.
Miss Parker   Then why were you crying.
Gemini   I.. I wasn’t… I just…
Miss Parker   Its okay. Its okay.
Gemini   If Mr Raines finds out, he’ll get angry. And when he gets angry, he…. he…
Miss Parker   I won’t let him hurt you anymore, I promise. Now we gotta get you out of here.
Raines   He’s not going anywhere with you.
Miss Parker   I can’t believe this Sydney.
Sydney   Yes.
Broots   Sydney why?
Sydney   You too Broots?
Miss Parker   You certainly fooled me for the last three years bumbling around the globe like a benevolent Dr Spock. When you’re really a, uh, psycho Dr Mengele.
Sydney   You don’t know what you are saying.
Miss Parker   It’s your original lab rat. What are you gonna tell him?
Sydney   Sydney.
Jarod   They’re going to move the boy. I need to know when.
Sydney   I can’t help you anymore.
Jarod   Sydney, I need your help. Please.
Sydney   And another excursion into the mainframe would be useless. There is no refuge for you anymore.
Jarod   He hung up. He’s helping them.
Major Charles   What did he say?
Jarod   He said that another excursion into the mainframe would be useless.
Major Charles   Why would he tell us where not to look?
Jarod   Because someone else was there. It was his way of telling us where to look. He said the mainframe was useless. There would be no ‘refuge’. I knew I could trust you Sydney.
Lyle   Straight to the airstrip. No stops. The transfer plane is meeting us just after first light.
Brigitte   You gotta be kidding me.
Lyle   What the hell is goin’ on? Let’s go junior. We got places to be.
Broots   Miss Parker, what’s going on?
Miss Parker   Jarod.
Jarod   Miss Parker.
Major Charles   Get him in the truck!
Jarod   Where are you going?
Major Charles   Just get him out of here now!
Jarod   Get in.
Miss Parker   Get out!
Jarod   Dad. Oh damn!
Gemini   Who are you?
Jarod   I’m you.
Raines   You were the problem.
Miss Parker   You need to get off my back.
Mutumbo   Carelessness…. leads to chaos…. chaos to anarchy…..anarchy to ruin. This is the Centre. Ruin… is not an option!
Miss Parker   Mutumbo, if I may….
Mutumbo   Excuses are only yesterday’s failures. Only solutions matter now.
Mr Parker   Mutumbo, we all… we all want the same thing here, the boy and Jarod back.
Mutumbo   I am listening.
Lyle   So we fumbled the kid. We intercepted Jarod’s father. He’s our trump card. Let’s play him.
Miss Parker   And I guarantee you sir you give me 10 minutes with Major Charles and I’ll have every answer you want about where Jarod and the boy are.
Mutumbo   Brigitte will handle Major Charles.
Brigitte   Thank you.
Miss Parker   If.. if I may sir…
Mutumbo   You will honour my wishes. Good answer. In the mean time we have Jarod and the boy to track down. Mr Lyle will lead that effort.
Miss Parker   Sir, with the possible exception of Sydney I know Jarod better than anyone here and he will not allow that boy to be captured.
Mutumbo   Yes, but what you are forgetting is the boy himself.
Raines   He wasn’t raised to cooperate, especially with Jarod.
Miss Parker   I’m just saying it’s a waste of manpower and money to go after Jarod when the key to it all is the man sitting down in Renewal Wing. Daddy?
Mr Parker   Well, uh, Mutumbo has a good plan here, we need to follow it.
Mutumbo   Then it is settled. Two points of attack. Two generals, one plan.
Miss Parker   Now I know what dirty laundry feels like.
Mr Parker   Not here Angel.
Miss Parker   Yes here. How could you just stand there while Mutumbo shut me out?
Mr Parker   For God’s sake, we’re talkin’ the Triumvirate here. Every action, every thought every word I utter could be a death sentence.
Miss Parker   We both know I’m the one who should be down there with Major Charles.
Mr Parker   And we both know sometimes I have to play things the way I have to play things whether you like it or not.
Miss Parker   Play? Oh my God. We’re talking about the man who killed Mom. We’re talking about our family.
Mr Parker   I’m talking about survival. The things I do, choices I make you probably never will understand.
Miss Parker   Tell me Daddy. Are you really afraid of Mutumbo…. or what I may find out from Major Charles?
Sydney   I thought I was off your Christmas list.
Miss Parker   You were. Until our nosy little bald friend Broots confirmed my suspicions with this. You left an e-mail for Jarod in a box called ‘refuge’. You let him know when and where to find the boy. I had you pegged for the wrong witch in Oz Sydney. I’m sorry I doubted you.
Sydney   I’m sorry I wasn’t able to confide in you, or in Broots either.
Miss Parker   Human cloning… I don’t think I probably would have believed you anyway. When I went down to talk with the boy. It was, um…. It was so surreal being with him. It was like I was suddenly 11 years old again.
Sydney   And yet….
Miss Parker   And yet?
Sydney   And yet the boy is Jarod in every way except the most important one. He doesn’t have Jarod’s soul.
Miss Parker   And he didn’t have you.
Sydney   Miss Parker. When I found out they had made another Jarod…. I knew that if I didn’t take control something important would be lost. If facing Major Charles is important enough to you then go. Take it and everyone else be damned.
Jarod   There must be some matches around her somewhere. Aha, yes. Little light in here. There we go. You cold? It’s probably too damp out there to hunt for firewood but maybe I can break up some of these old chairs. I don’t understand. Why are you so afraid of me?
Gemini   Is this a bad man?
Raines   Very bad.
Gemini   What did he do?
Raines   This is the man who killed your parents.
Sydney   How can one feed such a terrible lie to a child?
Miss Parker   Raines could feed candy to a diabetic and sleep like a baby.
Gemini   He doesn’t seem like a killer. He seems sad Mr Raines. Like there’s this void in his life that’s depriving him of any true happiness. Perhaps loss of a loved one. Or the loss of family. Maybe he feels the same way I do… not knowing who he is or where he came from.
Raines   You’re not concentrating. He’s no different from any of the others.
Gemini   I don’t know. I just….I feel I have a connection with him.
Miss Parker   This boy’s good.
Broots   Mnnn, almost as good as the real thing. Wait a minute, what am I saying? He is the real thing.
Raines   If you can’t find him he’ll go out and kill another little boy’s parents just like he killed yours. Do you understand me? Good.
Jarod   I swear to you I had nothing to do with the death of your… of your parents.
Gemini   Then what happened to them?
Jarod   It’s complicated. You’re a gifted young man. You have the ability to grasp difficult concepts. When I was a boy I used to look in the mirror and think about my past, try to picture my future. Do you ever do that?
Gemini   Yes. But I can’t see a past.
Jarod   When I was a boy… I was stolen from my parents…. and I was held prisoner at the Centre. They exploited my mind. They made me do things. Things I never should have done. The same kind of things that they made you do. When I got older, I realised that they were using these things to hurt people. Even to kill them. So I ran away.
Gemini   You escaped.
Jarod   Yes, but not all of me. They kept part of me behind. Some of my….some of my DNA. I guess they had a plan… a way to always keep me prisoner.
Gemini   I don’t understand.
Jarod   I think you do. If you could look into that mirror and see your future it would look exactly like…..me.
Gemini   But my parents.
Jarod   They don’t exist. They never did. At least not in the way you were taught.
Gemini   No, you’re lying. Mr Raines said you were clever. You’re lying.
Jarod   I wish to God I was. But I’m not lying. I’m sorry. I want to show you something. That’s me when I was your age.
Young Jarod   No, I can’t do it!
Sydney   You shut down now, you all die!
Gemini   I’m you? I come from nowhere?
Jarod   You come from here. And I come from two people who love me very much. It’s okay to cry.
Gemini   I can’t. Mr Raines wont let me.
Sydney   No! Keep her back!
Young Jarod   Leave me alone!
Young Miss Parker   No! Momma!
Major Charles   You can beat me all you want. I’d rather die than give up my son.
Miss Parker   You’re going to die, but its not about your son. Its about my mother.
Major Charles   You look just like her.
Miss Parker   You should know. You killed her.
Major Charles   That’s my gun.
Miss Parker   The one you used to shoot her.
Major Charles   No. It’s the one a man named Raines stole from me the day your mother was killed. She knew trouble was coming.
Miss Parker   Why should I believe that?
Major Charles   Because its true. It was the day I was supposed to help her rescue Jarod and two other children. Raines shot me, left me for dead, took my gun. I still carry the bullet in my back.
Miss Parker   You bought yourself another second, talk fast.
Major Charles   Your mother located me. She knew I was searching for Jarod. She was afraid of something called the Triumvirate. She said we’d have to move fast, that this Triumvirate threatened her husband because of her action to rescue the children, and her opposition to something she called Gemini.
Miss Parker   They threatened Daddy?
Major Charles   They threatened his wife and his daughter. You were the other child we were trying to rescue. Your mother was gonna take you to Europe the next day. Don’t you remember?
Miss Parker   My father knew about these rescues?MY rescue?
Major Charles   That was how I saw it. But I can’t be certain. But I do know for sure your mother was scared for your safety and his. Afraid of how the Triumvirate controlled him. Raines was the Triumvirate watchdog then.
Miss Parker   He’s still howling.
Major Charles   I didn’t understand why he took my gun all those years ago, but I do now. All your mother and father ever wanted was what I wanted, to love and be with our children.
Jarod   Good morning. Breakfast.
Gemini   That isn’t wheatgrass and tomato juice.
Jarod   No, that’s what they feed you. It’s called ice cream. You’ll never forget the first bite. Go ahead try it. Go ahead.
Gemini   Mmmm. It’s very good.
Jarod   There’s so many incredible things in the world to try.
Gemini   Hope they’re all as good as ice cream. So what are we gonna do now?
Jarod   Right now I have to figure out a way to get my… our father out of the Centre.
Gemini   Maybe we should trade them for something just as important.
Miss Parker   I can’t believe I doubted him. All these years. All these years I’ve… I’ve wondered why Daddy hid things from me, lied to me, dissuaded me from digging into her past, but it was all for my own good.
Sydney   We all want to believe that our parents have out best interests in mind. But….
Miss Parker   I finally find some peace of mind and you want to lobotomise it?
Sydney   Isn’t there an apparent conflict between your newfound joy and your loading of this weapon?
Miss Parker   Its very simple. Raines dead, me happy.
Sydney   Not an easy man to kill.
Miss Parker   Can’t help it if you’re a lousy aim. I don’t plan to miss.
Broots   Miss Parker. Y-you both. You gotta come quick- to the lobby.
Miss Parker   Later Broots.
Broots   Oh no, no, no, no. Trust me, you’re not gonna believe this. He’s right here.
Miss Parker   Move.
Jarod   Remember me?
Miss Parker   Where’d you find him?
Sam   We didn’t. He came in on his own.
Miss Parker   Three years on the run, and its finally homesickness that brings you back.
Jarod   Well actually, I came to cut a deal.
Miss Parker   Broots, go get my father.
Jarod   Oh, he’s not in his office.
Miss Parker   What kind of game is this?
Jarod   It’s a simple one, you’ll get your father back when I get mine.
Brigitte   So you’re proposing an equal trade? Your father for my husband.
Jarod   I wouldn’t say that it was equal, but it will do. Yes.
Lyle   And how do we know you’re not bluffing?
Jarod   Seeing is believing. I’ll call you in two hours to arrange the exchange. One of you will bring me my father. Only one.
Miss Parker   That’d be me.
Jarod   That’d be Sydney.
Miss Parker   Sydney? This is my father we’re talking about.
Lyle   Our father.
Jarod   All the more reason to keep cool heads. Sydney’s the only person I can trust to play by the rules.
Sydney   Where will the exchange take place Jarod?
Jarod   Like I said, I’ll call you. I wouldn’t want anybody showing up early and complicating things. I really have to go now. Do you want to see your father again? Alive?
Raines   And you let Jarod walk right out?
Miss Parker   He has my father!
Raines   And we had him!
Miss Parker   I made the only move there was you son of a bitch!
Mutumbo   It was your last one Miss Parker. The Centre’s chain of command is clear. As long as Mr Parker is absent, Mr Raines is in charge.
Brigitte   And you plan is Mr Raines?
Raines   We organise two Sweeper teams. Once we know the location, one will scout and secure… and the other will execute.
Miss Parker   No. No. No. You’re gambling with my father’s life. We do this just as Jarod said.
Lyle   Well, Raines’ experience with Jarod is just administrative. Look… I know how this guy’s mind works.
Mutumbo   This is not a democracy. My decision stands.
Raines   Jarod.
Jarod   Interstate Road 40. Iversonville, North Carolina. At 3 o’clock, not 2:59, not 3:01.
Raines   3 o’clock, that barely gives us enough time for Sydney to….
Jarod   Then he’d better get moving.
Miss Parker   Jarod, I want to talk to my father. Daddy are you there?
Raines   Sydney, go. Get Major Charles. Let’s move. Like I said, two teams. And I’ll need our best sharpshooter.
Willie   I’m your man. Jarod will not walk away from this.
Raines   No, I want Jarod alive. And the boy too. It’s Mr Parker who’s outlived his usefulness.
Raines   That waste of skin Raines is gonna get my father killed.
Broots   Well, I don’t think Jarod would hurt your father, I don’t think.
Miss Parker   Jarod’s been searching for his father his entire life and he’s gonna do whatever it takes to get him back. I could see it in his eyes.
Broots   Well, then what do you think we should do?
Miss Parker   Same thing, whatever it takes.
Brigitte   Miss Parker. Jarod isn’t the only enemy this time.
Miss Parker   Don’t worry Brigitte, I wouldn’t forget about you.
Brigitte   I know what you think of me but believe me, we both want the same thing this time. Mr Raines is planning to kill your father.
Miss Parker   Why should I believe you?
Brigitte   Because if you don’t, somebody we both love very much is going to die. With or without you, I’m going. Let’s do this together. Please.
Major Charles   I’d like to thank you Sydney.
Sydney   What for?
Major Charles   For raising my son. What he’s become is a reflection of you. What was he like as a child?
Sydney   Someone a father would feel very proud to call his son. I’m sorry that you never had that chance Major. In fact, I can’t imagine anything worse that what you’ve had to endure.
Major Charles   I can. Not ever finding him at all.
Jarod   Sydney, are you there?
Sydney   Yes Jarod.
Jarod   You’ll see a road a quarter of a mile up, turn right. My father will know where to go from there.
Sydney   All right Jarod, I’ll follow his instructions.
Broots   Well he…. he didn’t say where, only that his father knew.
Miss Parker   Great, we’re in the middle of nowhere with no Sydney and no idea where he’s going.
Brigitte   I know exactly where he’s going.
Miss Parker   Yeah? Well, where might that be?
Brigitte   To the beginning of this little odyssey.
Mr Parker   Well I gotta hand it to you. Capturing the king is inspired. Walking into the Centre to cut your deal. Real bold.
Jarod   Not bold. Prudent. Necessity. Exhibition of resolve. You people only understand one thing, power.
Mr Parker   Whatever it was it was brilliant. No wonder my people have such a hard time catching up to you. Of course, that’s why we want you back, ’cause you’re brilliant.
Jarod   I’m not going back. Neither is he. I do have one question.
Mr Parker   It’s your nickel.
Jarod   Why? Why do you do it? Why the Centre?
Mr Parker   Give and take. For a cause bigger than both of us. Oh hell, I don’t expect you to understand it, but in the end it does all add up.
Jarod   You steal children. You create them. How does that add up?
Mr Parker   Rape, incest, murder. Survival. Given enough incentive man is capable of almost anything.
Jarod   It’s time to go. Dad.
Sydney   Now take care of your father, and of yourself.
Jarod   Thank you Sydney, come on Dad.
Sydney   Jarod. I’m glad you found your family.
Jarod   I told you. Sydney comes alone!
Miss Parker   Jarod I had no choice, they’re planning to kill my father.
Jarod   Who?
Miss Parker   Daddy get back!
Willie   I’ve got him.
Raines   Shoot him!
Broots   God no!
Jarod   She’s losing a lot of blood. Keep this compressed against the wound.
Raines   Forget Parker, stop the plane!
Major Charles   Jarod, let’s go!
Jarod   You go ahead without me!
Major Charles   Jarod.
Jarod   That boy needs a father, now go. We’ll, we’ll catch up later.
Major Charles   I love you Son!
Jarod   I love you too Dad.
Raines   Go! Go! Go!
Jarod   I’ve got to get her to the hospital.
Brigitte   You’re not going anywhere. Looks like you’re out of luck. Now, you want to do this the easy way, or do you want to end up like her?
Raines   Stop him!
Raines   Welcome back to the Centre Jarod.
Mr Parker   Angel, don’t leave me. Don’t leave me Angel.

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