3-05 Betrayal

3-05 Betrayal


You have to forgive yourself Jarod. There’s an old saying: He who saves but one life saves the entire world.



You have to forgive yourself Jarod. There’s an old saying: He who saves but one life saves the entire world.


Original air date: November 14, 1998

Written by: Mark M. Dodson

Directed by: Terrence O’Hara

Broots and Jarod team up after a flaw in Broots’ new security software allows someone to steal classified files from the Centre – a slip that puts Broots under suspicion.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Poptarts

Jarod’s Occupations:

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Broots becomes a hunted man when information that could be used for a terrorist attack is stolen from the Centre’s computer system.


Broots plans to surprise his daughter, Debbie, with a trip to Paris for her birthday. He listens to audio tapes containing a French tutorial so he can speak the language upon his arrival. Miss Parker interrupts his French lesson. She informs him of a flaw in his new security software, a mistake that has led to the transfer of three classified files to the data annex. Someone, Parker intones, broke into the annex and made off with the information. Broots makes his way to the annex, where he attempts to solve the mystery. But someone is, at that moment, downloading classified information from the Centre. Suddenly, a masked gunman enters the data annex and opens fire, killing security personnel. Broots, wearing walkman headphones, is at first oblivious to the carnage. But upon returning from a trip to the men’s room, he walks into the gunman’s line of fire. Broots ducks and runs for his life. Terrified and confused, Broots manages to escape from the building.

Suspecting that Broots may be the Centre’s mole, Mr. Lyle dispatches a decontamination team to find him. Sydney dismisses the notion as ludicrous. Broots contacts Sydney by phone. Sydney warns him that his life, and the life of everyone he knows, is in great danger until the mystery is solved. Shortly thereafter, Miss Parker and a Sweeper abduct Debbie. Broots returns to his house, where he encounters Jarod. Broots is terrified that Jarod will kill him. As the two men speak, a laser beam appears on Broots’ chest. Jarod dives forward, tackling Broots moments before automatic weapons fire rings out. The men make their way to safety, and because of Jarod’s act of bravery, Broots begins to trust him. Jarod reveals that a former Centre operative named Damon has been working in conjunction with a mole planted inside the Centre’s operations. Damon murdered everyone at the data annex to conceal his secrets. The mole, it turns out, has been transferring Jarod’s old simulations to the data annex (where routine, unclassified information is housed). Jarod explains to Broots that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when Damon opened fire.

Jarod tells Broots that Damon has now escaped with a fourth simulation. Jarod is unsure of the sim’s contents, but he does know that Damon intends to use it on the following day at five o’clock. Inside Jarod’s lair, Broots views the first three simulations. He realizes that Damon used information from Jarod’s sims for terrorist attacks on a subway, a consulate and a military aircraft. Whatever is contained on the fourth simulation will no doubt be used to kill more innocent people.

Jarod recalls, in flashback, how he befriended a mildly retarded janitor at the Centre. Damon observed this budding friendship…and would later use it to his advantage.

Broots and Jarod sneak back into the data annex and access the computer. They manage to download a copy of the stolen fourth simulation and make their way to safety. The men view the simulation…and realize that Damon intends to use Jarod’s work to launch a biological terrorist attack at five o’clock the following day.

Though Miss Parker has no luck identifying the mole, she does determine that he or she arranged the delivery of an unknown shipment. The shipment order is in a secret code…one that Centre operatives are unable to decipher. Later, Sydney passes along the coded message to Broots and Jarod. Broots determines that the numbers are not code at all, but GPS coordinates of where and when Damon will receive the shipment. Meanwhile, Sydney tells Miss Parker that unbeknownst to him at the time, Damon and the Centre had a hidden agenda. Damon, Sydney explains, gradually gained the young Jarod’s trust, and assured the boy that once he finished one last simulation—one involving the development of a virus—he would be set free. But the young Jarod refused to cooperate, as the virus was a Pandora’s box. With Damon’s approval, a Sweeper shot Kenny the janitor in the leg. Horrified, Jarod gave Damon the simulation containing the virus formula. Despite this, Damon shot and killed Kenny. At the time, Damon was stealing secrets from the Centre. And now, in the present day, he is doing so again.

Jarod and Broots drive to the shipment exchange location. Once Damon retrieves the virus, which is housed in a metal cylinder, Jarod confronts him. Damon turns and begins walking away, certain Jarod lacks the coldness to shoot him in the back. Suddenly, Damon spins, gun in hand, and shoots Jarod in the side.

Broots treats Jarod’s wound inside the lair. While Jarod lies on a couch, recuperating, he happens upon a news report covering a funeral service that will be attended by representatives from Serbia and Bosnia at five o’clock that day. Jarod realizes that Damon intends to unleash the virus during the service (which is being held on the eve of peace negotiations). Meanwhile, Miss Parker and her colleagues reach the same conclusion.

Gun in hand, Jarod confronts Damon at the auditorium. Damon tosses the cylinder at Jarod, pulls out his own gun, and points it at Broots. Realizing he has no where to run, Damon cocks the trigger, moments from killing Broots. Jarod takes aim and fires, killing Damon and saving Broots’ life. Broots is reunited with his daughter.

Later, Jarod tells Sydney how deeply shaken he feels, as he had never pulled the trigger before.

3-05 Betrayal

Betrayal Transcript


Broots   Debbie? Debbie?
Debbie   Morning daddy.
Broots   Morning, are you hungry?
Debbie   Um, my ride should be here any minute.
Broots   Well, just have a little bit. It’s hot.
Debbie   Did you remember?
Broots   Remember? What?
Debbie   My birthday daddy. I’ve told you all year what I really, really want is….
Broots   Is a trip to Paris. And you know what? I can’t take you to Paris until you’re like, 25 years old.
Debbie   Well, it never hurts to ask.
Broots   No.
Debbie   Well, I gotta go.
Broots   Okay, wait, take this. I love you too. See you tonight.
Debbie   Love you see you tonight.
Voice on tape   Beginners French. Hello, my name is Pierre. How are you. Bonjour. C’est Pierre. Comment allez vous?
Broots   Hello, my name is Pierre. How are you. Bonjour. C’est Pierre. Comment allez vous?
Miss Parker   It’s bad enough that you talk to yourself, but in a second language?
Broots   It’s French.
Miss Parker   So is the Jerry Lewis Fan Club, but I wouldn’t join.
Broots   It’s.. Debbie’s birthday’s coming up. I wanna surprise her with a trip to Paris.
Miss Parker   Pop Tarts?
Broots   They have 11 essential vitamins and minerals. May I ask, uh, why are you here?
Miss Parker   Oh I was in the neighborhood.
Broots   Since when?
Miss Parker   Since I couldn’t risk talking over the phone. Listen, don’t go to the Centre this morning. I want you to go straight over to the Data Annex.
Broots   To the Data Annex? Why?
Miss Parker   Since you installed the new security software we’ve detected three transfers of classified information from the Centre to the Annex.
Broots   There’s a leak in the Centre.
Miss Parker   All we know for sure is that after each transfer someone broke into the Annex and took the information.
Broots   Jarod?
Miss Parker   You wrote the, uh, software. You find out.
Young Sydney   Tell me what you’ve discovered Jarod.
Young Jarod   Structural reinforcements here, here, here and here. It should allow the building to withstand an earthquake of 7.5.
Young Sydney   Excellent Jarod. Your design will save many lives.
Young Jarod   Yes, but if the reinforcements were to be damaged by and explosion by sabotage the whole thing would go down.
Sydney   Don’t worry, the Centre would never allow anything to happen.
Young Jarod   I hope so Sydney. If not, hundred and hundreds of people could die.
Young Sydney   Don’t worry, the Centre would never allow anything to happen.
Jarod   There. That’s all there is to it. Now you try Kenny.
Kenny   Oh Jarod. I’ll never be able to do this.
Jarod   Oh, sure you will.
Damon   They found out you refused to complete the last SIM and asked for the three of us to come down here.
Sweeper   We want to strongly encourage you to reconsider.
Kenny   Jarod, help! Help! It hurts! Jarod!
Jarod   NO!
Broots   Hey George.
George   Hey.
Broots   Busy day huh?
George   I’ve seen livelier morgues.
Broots   Uh?
George   Yeah, sure, go ahead.
Broots   Okay. Hey Norman. So I hear you’ve had three data intercepts.
Norman   Four. It happened again last night. You know what I cant figure out though is what would anyone want from this place to begin with? Top secret travel itineraries? Clandestine expense reports?
Broots   Well, let’s see if we can unlock the mystery. This’ll take a couple of minutes to come up. I gotta go see a man about a horse. Hey, that’s a cool shirt.
Norman   Hey.
Techie   What?
Norman   Someone’s accessing this information right now.
Techie   What?
Norman   Who the hell would want this?
George   Morning.
Voice on tape   Would you care to join me for a romantic dinner and a movie? Voulez vous l’accompagne pour le diner et la cinema?
Broots   Intimee en la cinema? Intimee Intimee. Voulez vous? Voulez vous? Voulez vous l’accompagne pour… Oh my god. Wait!
Voice on tape   I would like coffee and a croissant.
Miss Parker   What’s up?
Lyle   We’ve had an incident at the Data Annex. Prelim says the entire in-house staff has be ‘depersonneled’.
Miss Parker   Broots was there.
Lyle   He was spotted running from the scene. I dispatched a decon team to find him.
Miss Parker   A decontamination for Broots?
Lyle   Miss Parker, there’s a leak in the Centre. Someone downloaded ‘eyes only’ data to a mole in the Annex. Broots could be that mole. Hell, he could be the shooter for all we know.
Sydney   Broots? Broots couldn’t do that.
Lyle   We don’t know that, not for sure. All we know is that we’ve been compromised. The Tower’s declared this a Schedule 7 incident. Do you know what that means?
Miss Parker   We’re ghosting Broots.
Driver   Hey, watch it.
Broots   Come on! Come on! Hello? Hello?
Sydney   Sydney.
Broots   Sydney! Oh god. Thank god you’re there.
Sydney   Broots, are you all right?
Broots   Yes, NO! No, I’m not all right! Sydney, they.. they killed everybody in the place! And.. and they’re trying to kill me! They’re after me!
Sydney   Calm down Broots.
Broots   I can’t calm… I can’t calm…
Sydney   Broots?
Broots   Syd? Sydney?
Sydney   Broots?
Broots   Sydney! Hello?
Voice recording   We’re sorry, your cellular service has been deactivated. Please contact your provider for additional information.
Miss Parker voice   Since you installed the new security system we have detected three transfers of classified information from the Centre to the Annex.
Broots voice   There’s a leak in the Centre.
Sydney   Broots?
Broots   They’re all dead, everybody’s dead. There’s, a man in there with a gun. He tried to kill me.
Sydney   Tell me where you are.
Broots   Miss Parker sent me. Where’s Miss Parker?
Sydney   She’s not here. Try and calm down. They’re not going to let us talk for long.
Broots   Sydney, what the hell is going on?
Sydney   You’re in great danger Broots. You and everyone you know may be a potential target.
Broots   Oh god, Debbie!
Sydney   I don’t know what’s going on Broots. Maybe you saw something. We’re under a Schedule 7.
Broots   A Schedule 7?
Sydney   Remember your training, and Broots?
Broots   Yeah?
Sydney   Don’t trust anyone.
Broots   Sydney? Sydney?
Sydney   What the hell do you think you’re doing?
Lyle   Standard procedure. Until we know what’s going on here, Broots is persona non grata.
Sydney   For God’s sakes Lyle, the man has a daughter to take care of. We can’t leave him out there.
Lyle   Broots and his daughter are not my problem.
Broots   Come on Debbie. Come on where are you?
Kid   Ha ha!
Broots   Get out of here you little….
Kid   You’re dead!
Broots   Get out of here you little mongrel!
Kid   You’re dead!
Broots   Miss Parker. Debbie!
Sydney voice   Broots, don’t trust anyone.
Broots   No! Wait!
Debbie   Where’s my daddy?
Broots   Miss Parker! Debbie!
Broots   This isn’t good. Hello? My computer. I’m sorry Debbie, I know I promised I’d never use this. Shh, shh, shh, shh! OH! JAROD! Please, I’m, I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to do it.
Jarod   Do what?
Broots   Whatever it is you’re gonna try and kill me for.
Jarod   I’m not trying to kill you, I’m here to help you. I’ve been waiting for you, we don’t have much time.
Broots   Little time, for what?
Jarod   You just have to trust me.
Broots   Sydney told me not… not to trust anyone.
Jarod   You might wanna reconsider that.
Broots   Oh!
Jarod   Get in the car, get in the car!
Jarod   Are you alright?
Broots   No. I’m not all right. I’m as far from all right as I’m ever gonna be. I’ve seen people murdered, they’ve taken my daughter. They’ve broken into my house. They’re tryin’ to kill me and I’m sitting here with you. No, no, I’m not all right. I wanna know what the hell is going on.
Jarod   It’s about the data intercepts you were sent to investigate at the Annex.
Broots   How is it you know so much about what’s going on at the Centre?
Jarod   A former Centre operative has been working with a coconspirator inside the Centre. In order to conceal their identities and their activities he murdered everyone at the Annex. And now, he’s after you.
Broots   But I don’t know anything, do I?
Jarod   It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that he thinks you do.
Broots   I don’t give a damn about me, I am only concerned about my daughter.
Miss Parker   She’s safe, I picked her up from school and took her to my house. And Sam’s keeping her out harm’s way for now.
Lyle   The cleaners reported in from the Annex. They found a mess, but few answers.
Miss Parker   What about Broots?
Lyle   The decon team’s still looking for him. They confiscated his home computer. It’s being cross-anyalysed to see if we can pin him down as the leak.
Miss Parker   Broots isn’t the leak, but he could find out who is.
Lyle   That isn’t how it works, Broots lives or dies on his own until and if this matter’s resolved.
Sydney   I’m afraid Mr Lyle does not share your sense of loyalty.
Lyle   Centre reality check, Broots is expendable. I’m not sure a monkey couldn’t do what he does.
Miss Parker   I can’t believe you weren’t spawned under some rock instead of being born of the same flesh and blood I came from. As much as I hate to admit it, Broots is more of a brother to me than you’ll ever be. I won’t throw him out like a piece of garbage.
Lyle   Hark, do I hear violins playing?
Miss Parker   Lyle, reality check. I intend to get to the bottom of the Centre’s problem without sacrificing Broots in the process.
Broots   Wow. I’ve seen a lot of your old hideouts, but I never thought I’d be here with you.
Jarod   Neither did I. You hungry?
Broots   My daughter loves these.
Jarod   They have 11 essential vitamins and minerals.
Broots   Listen Jarod, I can’t stay here. I’ve gotta find Debbie, Miss Parker took her. In fact it was Miss Parker who sent me to the Data Annex in the first place.
Jarod   Miss Parker is many thing, but she would never do that, especially to you. She doesn’t have it in her heart or her eyes.
Broots   I know what you mean. The guy that shot up the Annex, who shot at my house, now he had it in his eyes.
Sydney   Jarod, this is Damon. The Tower has asked him to work with you on some special projects.
Damon   Jarod, I’ve heard a lot about you.
Kenny’s voice   Jarod, help! it hurts! Jarod!
Broots   You know him?
Jarod   Yes, I know him. For the past several months I’ve been intercepting communications between a man name Damon and his source at the Centre. The source has been transferring SIM’s that I performed to the Data Annex.
Broots   But the Data Annex is only for storage of routine unclassified information.
Jarod   That’s exactly why he had them transferred there. The lack of security allowed Damon to break in as needed and download the SIM’s.
Broots   But my new software found a trail leading right back to them.
Jarod   You were at the wrong place at the wrong time Mr Broots. Damon was just covering his tracks.
Broots   Damn.
Jarod   He’s already used three of my SIM’s. Now he’s stolen a fourth. I don’t know what it is. But I do know that he plans on using it tomorrow at 5 o’clock.
Broots   But what’s so important about four old SIM’s that would cause him to kill all those people?
Young Sydney   Our clients were impressed with your recommendations to improve the safety of their aircraft.
Young Jarod   There’s one other thing Sydney. I know it’s unlikely, but if the plane were to encounter a focused burst of electromagnetic energy in the ultrahigh frequency range the pilot would lose control.
Young Sydney   Jarod, I’ll be sure to alert our client about your concerns. You have nothing to worry about.
Young Jarod   I hope so Sydney.
Broots   Oh my God. And the subway? And the consulate? Damon took your work and used it to kill?
Jarod   I need your help Broots. I have to get back into the Annex. I have to find out what the fourth SIM is. We’ve gotta stop Damon.. before there’s another headline.
Broots   Okay, I’ll help, but before we go in.. I have to find out what’s happening to Debbie. But the Centre, they won’t let me in.
Jarod   Well, they can’t keep me out.
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Broots   Sydney, its Broots.
Sydney   Broots, where are you?
Broots   I gotta know where Debbie is.
Sydney   Miss Parker took Debbie to her house, she’s guarded around the clock.
Broots   Oh thank God. And Sydney, please thank Miss Parker for me would you?
Sydney   Mnnn.
Broots   There’s uh… someone here I.. I think you’d like to speak to.
Jarod   Sydney, Damon is back.
Sydney   Damon? Are you sure?
Jarod   I’ve seen him. He tried to kill Broots after he murdered everyone at the Annex. Now he’s working with someone inside the Centre. They’re using my old SIM’s to orchestrate attacks. I know when he’s planning to hit next, but I don’t know how and I don’t know where.
Sydney   Let me see what I can find out. But please be careful. Remember what Damon is capable of.
Jarod   Oh, I remember. I remember everything.
Jarod   There, that’s all there is to it. Now you try Kenny.
Kenny   Oh Jarod, ill never be able to do this.
Jarod   Sure you can, we’ll keep on practicing. Put this point there. Now press down the fold. Very good.
Kenny   Jarod, help me! Jarod!
Jarod   NO!
Damon   I know Jarod. I know how his mind works, he’ll come to me.
Centre Leak   We can’t take the slightest chance of him discovering our activity.
Damon   I’ll take care of it.
Broots   Oh. That’s what I call a clean up. This is the computer Damon was at.
Jarod   We have ten minutes max before they detect us. Do you think you could find out what he was accessing?
Broots   Well I ahh… designed the system. Um, that’s a maybe.
Miss Parker   So let me get this straight. They can send a man to the moon but neither one of you can open up Broots’ system to backtrack who the leak is in this place?
Techie   We’re searching.
Miss Parker   Search faster. Where the hell have you been?
Lyle   I’ve been occupied. You look frustrated.
Miss Parker   Well your monkeys seem to have a bit of trouble peeling this banana.
Lyle   We’re all just trying to find the answers Miss Parker. My sweepers have also been unable to locate Broots’ daughter. Have any idea where she might be?
Miss Parker   Do I look like a baby sitter?
Techie   Ah, Miss Parker, someone is accessing the computer at the Data Annex now.
Miss Parker   Who?
Techie   Based on the password it appears to be… Mr Broots.
Miss Parker   Damn. Get me the imbecile who is supposed to be guarding the Annex. Now!
Broots   I’m just about there. Jarod I know it’s not my place to ask but what exactly happened between you and Damon?
Jarod   You’re right, it’s not your place to ask.
Broots   I’m not done yet.
Jarod   Keep working.
Sweeper   Hold it, right there. Real easy like, bring that gun up where I can see it. Come on. Now turn around, slowly. Well, well, well. Look what I got here.
Broots   Oh. Oh well. At least I didn’t shoot him.
Jarod   Next time, you might want to put some bullets in it.
Sweeeper   Untie me please. Come on! Where’re you going? What’s going on?
Broots   Oh boy oh I could really use a drink right now.
Jarod   I’d settle for the DSA that we just risked our lives for.
Broots   Oh yeah…sure. Sorry.
Sydney   Jarod. Please.
Jarod   I’m not going to do it.
Sydney   You have to finish this project.
Jarod   No Sydney. I can’t do this.
Sydney   Jarod. We know the enemy is trying to genetically alter the smallpox virus to carry the Ebola. Our only interest is in developing a vaccine to prevent a holocaust.
Jarod   I’m not comfortable with this area of research.
Sydney   I don’t understand Jarod.
Jarod   In order to make a vaccine I have to recreate the deadly organism.
Sydney   Hmm hmm!
Jarod   Concentrations to achieve air-born toxicity, solubility levels, half-lives. It would be too easy for someone to take this information and use it destructively. I don’t want to see that happen.
Broots   This Damon. He’s going to use your work to biological attack someone.
Jarod   Tomorrow at 5 o’clock. The question is…who?
Lyle   What have you found out about the leak?
Miss Parker   If I had Broots I’d be a lot further along. But as it is your monkeys have only been able to identify that the Centre leak has arranged for delivery of some kind of shipment.
Lyle   To whom?
Miss Parker   They don’t know who or how or why or even when. That’s what happens when you don’t have an opposable thumb. All we have to go on is what appears to be the shipment order.
Lyle   It’s in code.
Miss Parker   Brilliant analysis. We’re trying to break it now.
Sydney   Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know there was anyone here with you.
Miss Parker   Hmm. I believe Mr Lyle was just leaving.
Lyle   Well I am really impressed with all you don’t know. Love it if you surprised me with something that we can work on.
Sydney   I believe the two of you are taking the concept of sibling rivalry to new levels.
Miss Parker   Excuse me, Syd, I have work to do.
Sydney   77 02 30 38 14 98 1500
Jarod   What does it mean?
Sydney   Sorry Jarod, I don’t know. It’s all I have.
Broots   I’ll get right on it.
Jarod   Thank you Sydney.
Sydney   Jarod don’t let your feelings for Damon, your desire for revenge, don’t let it destroy you.
Jarod   This time I’m going to stop him.
Damon   I know how you feel Jarod.
Jarod   How could you know how I feel?
Damon   I was a pretender once.
Jarod   Was?
Damon   They gave me my freedom. I can get them to do the same for you.
Jarod   I don’t trust them.
Damon   Yeah. Neither did I. Just finish this last SIM and I promise you, we’ll walk out of here.
Jarod   We’ve only got a few hours left.
Broots   I know it’s not difficult. It’s a simple problem. They’re the most trouble. You know that better than anyone. It’s like the clues you leave us all the time.
Jarod   I know we can crack it.
Broots   We have to. I want my life back. I want… my daughter back.
Jarod   She’s beautiful.
Broots   Well you know I may not be the most successful person in the world but there is one thing that no one else can do or be and that’s her dad. I miss her.
Jarod   Don’t worry. You’ll see her soon.
Broots   Why are you doing this?
Jarod   Doing what?
Broots   I try and catch you every day.. I mean it’s my job. But, why are you helping me?
Jarod   Because… I respect you.
Broots   Me?
Jarod   I can only hope that one day I will be half the father that you are.
Broots   You know, I plan to spend her birthday travelling through France. Travelling… travelling… These numbers aren’t code.
Jarod   They’re GPS coordinates.
Broots   Exactly.
Jarod   Date time and location. Where and when Damon is going to receive his shipment.
Broots   We know that the when is in two hours and the where is in a small park outside of DC.
Jarod   Come on.
Sydney   Miss Parker
Miss Parker   One of the techs just gave this to me. An intercepted phone call.
Sydney on tape   98 1500
Jarod on tape   What does it mean?
Sydney on tape   Sorry Jarod, I don’t know. It’s all I have.
Miss Parker   You gave Jarod information, information you stole from me.
Sydney   Miss Parker please?
Miss Parker   No Sydney! I’m out there risking my ass looking for Broots while you are here working behind my back. You want to tell me that’s not true?
Sydney   Parker, does Lyle know about this?
Miss Parker   For now, no. Do you want to tell me why I shouldn’t give him that myself?
Sydney   Sit down please. Shortly before Jarod escaped from the Centre we were having trouble controlling him. His growing sense of humanity was creating inner conflict over his work. Against my wishes the Centre brought in an operative named Damon to help break him. What I didn’t know was that Damon and the Centre had a hidden agenda. Damon exploited Jarod as he progressively gained his trust.
Damon   They’ve agreed. You finish this last SIM and you can leave.
Jarod   This virus that they want me to develop – it’s a Pandora’s box. I don’t know who will have the key.
Damon   Jarod, this is your freedom.
Sydney   Jarod was in turmoil. He came to see me for advice. I tried to allay his fears.
Miss Parker   So what happened? Obviously the Centre never gave him his freedom.
Sydney   It was all a lie. This wasn’t just another Centre exploitation of Jarod. It was the ultimate one. Jarod befriended Kenny a janitor at the Centre who possessed a child like-innocence. Jarod felt very protective of him. And Damon knew that.
Jarod   That’s very good. Isn’t it Damon? And what’s this about?
Damon   They found out that you refuse to complete the last SIM and they asked for the three of us to come down here.
Kenny   Jarod, for you.
Sweeper   We want to strongly encourage you to reconsider.
Jarod   What are you doing?
Sweeper   You have one minute to change your mind.
Jarod   Are you crazy?
Damon   Jarod, listen to me. Listen! He is going to kill him and probably both of us as well. So for Kenny’s sake finish the last SIM and walk away from this place.
Kenny   Jarod…Help…
Jarod   Here! I already finished the SIM. It has everything you need. Everything they need is on this. Now take it. What are you doing?
Kenny   Jarod!
Jarod   No! NO!
Damon   The Centre owns you and there is nothing you can do about it. Don’t make it so difficult next time.
Jarod   No.
Sydney   Three weeks later Jarod escaped.
Miss Parker   My God Sydney.
Sydney   Damon betrayed Jarod’s trust and he confirmed all of Jarod’s suspicions about the Centre.
Miss Parker   And destroyed Jarod’s hope of ever being given his freedom.
Sydney   Damon was later exiled for stealing Centre secrets and he’s doing it again now. Do you understand why I am trying to help?
Miss Parker   I understand Broots is the loose end and in order for him to survive Damon has to be stopped. For good.
Jarod   He just handed Damon a metal case.
Broots   Smallpox?
Jarod   Worse. He’s not going to get away. Not this time.
Broots   Wait! Jarod. Jarod!
Jarod   Give me the case.
Damon   Jarod… My friend!
Jarod   Let’s get one thing straight I am not your friend. Now give me the case.
Damon   Still worried about the innocent masses. Still the same. Jarod. Humanity’s seed of hope.
Jarod   Give me the case.
Damon   The Jarod I knew couldn’t pull that trigger. You want to stop me, shoot me in the back. My guess is that you are still too human for that.
Jarod   Noo!
Broots   Jarod!
Broots   Don’t move. Just like that.
Jarod   Why are you doing this?
Broots   What?
Jarod   You could take me into the Centre. Schedule 7 or not with me as the prize they would welcome you back.
Broots   Well, the way I figure there’s a time and a place for everything. And right now I owe you. Besides I respect you.
Jarod   Ow! Me?
Broots   Yeah. You help people. You care. When others look away you try to make a difference.
Jarod   Well I didn’t make a difference this time.
Broots   That’s why you can’t walk away now. And neither can I. Considering what we’ve been through I think I have a right to ask you this. What happened between you and Damon?
Jarod   It’s on the DSA.
Broots   I’ve been thinking about what you said, about discovering Damon’s pattern. It’s obviously political even possibly global.
TV   A private non-denominational service to pray for an end to the Bosnian conflict is scheduled for 5 o’clock this afternoon here at Freedom Hall in Georgetown. The service referred to by the parties as the Seed of Hope…
    Flashback to confrontation with Damon
Damon   Humanity’s seed of hope.
TV   will bring together representatives of the Czech Republic, Serbia and Bosnia on the eve of the Peace talks which are scheduled to start Monday in Washington.
Damon   The Centre owns you and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Broots   Oh My God.
Jarod   Broots. Broots. He’s going to hit the service.
Miss Parker   Sydney, the flood-gates are finally open and the techs have finished putting all the pieces together.
Sydney   You know where and when Damon’s going to strike?
Miss Parker   The jet’s waiting.
Sydney   What about Lyle?
Miss Parker   Leave him here to run his circus.
Broots   How do you think he’s going to deliver the virus. The wine?
Jarod   Not everyone is going to take communion…. but everyone is going to breathe the air.
Broots   Jarod. Look. It’s Damon.
Jarod   Aerosol delivery.
Broots   He’s going to spray the crowd.
Jarod   Get everyone out of here.
Broots   Okay. Ah, excuse me. Ah, I’ve been alerted there’s a bomb in the building so if you could all please exit quickly and calmly. Please.
Damon   Jarod you just can’t leave it alone can you? This isn’t about you.
Jarod   You’re using my work to infect countless numbers of people and for what?
Damon   You gotta make a living.
Jarod   Who’s helping you at the Centre?
Damon   The same person who always has. Back off Jarod, or you can say goodbye to another friend.
Jarod   Not this time… Damnit. Damon. Let him go. This is between us.
Damon   Your friend comes with me. I’ll let him go when I know I haven’t been followed.
Jarod   That’s funny. I believed you once.
Damon   Then you know what I’m capable of.
Broots   Oh Jarod.
Jarod   It’s over Damon.
Damon   You’re not going to pull that trigger Jarod. You don’t have it in your eyes. Just like when we were together at the Centre.
Jarod   He has a daughter….who needs him.
Damon   It doesn’t make any difference.
Broots   No!
    Flashback to Kenny being shot
Jarod   Noooo!
Jarod   It does to me.
Debbie   King me. Daddy!
Broots   Debbie!
Debbie   Daddy I missed you so much.
Broots   Oh I missed you too. Oh! I have something for you. Happy birthday.
Debbie   Paris? Je t’aime, Daddy!
Broots   Je t’aime aussi.
Miss Parker   Sam let’s go. There’s a couple of things I need to wrap up at the Centre.
Sam   Good game, kid.
Broots   I love you Daddy.
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   It’s me.
Sydney   You okay Jarod?
Jarod   Physically.
Sydney   It’s natural to struggle to come to terms with what happened.
Jarod   I never….. pulled the trigger before.
Sydney   I pray you never have to again Jarod. The guilt you’re feeling comes from a conflict over your desire to exact revenge for Kenny…. and the necessity of what you did.
Jarod   I just keep playing the moment over and over in my head.
Sydney   You saved Broots’ life… and the lives of untold numbers of people.
Jarod   I just…. feel so empty.
Sydney   You have to forgive yourself Jarod. There’s an old saying: He who saves but one life saves the entire world.
Jarod   I…I have to go.

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