3-19 End Game

3-19 End Game

End Game

The good news is Brigitte is a lot happier. And the bad news is it’s Mr Lyle who’s making her that way.


End Game

The good news is Brigitte is a lot happier. And the bad news is it’s Mr Lyle who’s making her that way.


Original air date: May 8, 1999

Written by: Juan Carlos Coto

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

Jarod gets help fom the police profiler Samantha Waters as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of a 13-year-old skateboarding and chess wiz.

Jarod’s Discoveries:

Jarod’s Occupations: Detective

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Doyle


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod joins forces with profiler Samantha Waters in his effort to locate a missing boy.


Bryce Banks, a 13-year-old skateboarding whiz, makes his way to a darkened school courtyard.  He is approached by a man whom we will call Big Joshua.  Bryce reacts with surprise upon meeting Big Joshua in person, as he had identified himself as an eighth-grader during their correspondence on the Internet.  Bryce attempts a getaway, but Big Joshua abducts him.  As Big Joshua’s vehicle speeds away from the scene, the school courtyard is rocked by a massive explosion.  Meanwhile, Jarod finishes his latest mission, which required the impersonation of an Atlanta police officer.  But before he leaves the station house, word of Bryce’s kidnapping is broadcast by a dispatcher.  Jarod informs Captain Brandt that he will investigate the case.

Jarod meets Detective Carl Logan at the home of Bryce’s parents, Nora and Phillip.  Nora informs Jarod that Bryce was supposed to compete in city chess finals on the upcoming Saturday, but wanted to go off skateboarding with his friends instead.  His disciplinarian father prevented him from going skateboarding.  Jarod searches Bryce’s computer for clues.  He discovers that the boy had arranged to meet an Internet friend named Joshua so they could play chess face to face.  Meanwhile, Big Joshua holds Bryce captive inside his basement.  Referring to the boy as “Joshua,” he drugs Bryce and attempts to brainwash him with a montage of video images.

Mr. Parker asks his daughter for her help.  It seems that Brigitte has been behaving erratically of late, and Mr. Parker has no where else to turn.  Reluctantly, Miss Parker agrees to look into the matter.

Jarod and Logan’s investigation hits a dead end.  They received some unexpected help from Samantha Waters (from the television series Profiler).  Sam tells Jarod and Logan that the kidnapper’s m.o. matches a man who abducted eight boys in the 1980s.  Though six of the missing boys turned up dead, two of them remain unaccounted for.  Since the kidnapper’s last victim was held only seventy two hours before he was killed, Jarod realizes time is running out.

Meanwhile, Miss Parker spies Brigitte sobbing in a bathroom while injecting herself with a syringe.  She assigns Broots to investigate further.  Later, Broots enters Mr. Parker’s office, where he begins searching for clues.  He discovers a syringe in a trash can and places it inside an evidence bag.   Broots hides himself in the bathroom when the sound of Brigitte and Lyle’s voices fill the air.  It soon becomes apparent to Broots that the pair are having a secret affair.

Sam tells Jarod that all of the victims shared one thing in common: they were all cut-off emotionally from their fathers.  Mr. and Mrs. Banks tell Jarod that a reporter who covered Bryce’s chess matches seemed rather odd.  This tip leads Jarod to the kidnapper’s name: Joshua Meyers.  He and Logan enter Meyers’ shack, where they discover hundreds of photos of Bryce.  Suddenly, a man begins shooting at the pair.  When the man, who we will refer to as Little Joshua, runs out of ammunition, Jarod tackles him.  Logan and Jarod conclude that the man, who identifies himself as Joshua, is not the kidnapper, but the second boy whom police never found years earlier.  Samantha and Jarod agree that the entire scenario resembles what might be best described as a human pyramid scheme, one in which both Joshuas, who were themselves brainwashed as children, repeated the crime once they grew up.

Meanwhile, Big Joshua completes Bryce’s brainwashing…or so he thinks.  Though Bryce identifies himself as Joshua, at the first moment of opportunity, he attempts a getaway.  Big Joshua tackles him.

Miss Parker approaches her father, intending to reveal the affair between Lyle and Brigitte.  At the last moment, Broots pulls her aside.  Lab tests have revealed that the substance inside the syringe was a fertility drug.  When Miss Parker again approaches her father, she hears Brigitte and Lyle recount what precipitated their entrance into Mr. Parker’s office on the previous night.  Their version casts a perfectly innocuous light on the entire incident.  Miss Parker holds her tongue.  Moments later, Mr. Parker states that he and Brigitte intend to have a child.

As Jarod interrogates Little Joshua, he eventually connects with his true identity.  Little Joshua then aids with the investigation.  Thanks to his help, Jarod and Logan locate Big Joshua’s hideout.  The basement, however, is empty.  Jarod realizes that Big Joshua has taken the boy into the woods to kill him.  Moments later, Big Joshua removes a large hunting knife from his waistband.  But before he has the chance to stab the boy, Jarod tackles him.  Logan and other officers swarm Big Joshua and take him into custody.

3-19 End Game

End Game Transcript



Scumbag Detective   I got you, you self-righteous son of a…..
Jarod   Ah, ah ah! Don’t mess with me Detective, especially with this gun. It’s a .44 Magnum. I saw a guy in a movie use one once. Highly effective.
Scumbag Detective   What you gonna do Jarod? Shoot your own partner?
Jarod   Why not? You shot yours. Detective Santora knew too much didn’t he? About your kickbacks from the Eight Avenue dealers. About your private stash of heroin, courtesy of the evidence locker. You’re an addict Detective. Your partner found out, so you killed him.
Scumbag Detective   Oh, like I’m gonna do you. You fired six shots your moron. And oh, by the way, you were right about Santora. If he wouldn’t have been such an overachiever.. I wouldn’t have had to shoot him between the eyes. You ever seen that in a movie?
Jarod   No, but I saw that in a cartoon. Gotcha.
Bryce   Another game Joshua? You’re on Bryce. How about face-to-face?
Joshua   I knew you’d come. Man-to-man.
Bryce   Joshua?
Joshua   You look surprised.
Bryce   You said you were in the eighth grade.
Joshua   I was… a long time ago. You’re daddy should have taught you to never trust strangers on the Internet.
Bryce   I thought you were my friend.
Joshua   I’m better than that kid. Much better. I’m your brother.
Bryce   Help! No! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Where are you taking me? What’s going on?
Detective   Good work Doyle. Maybe there’s some dirty cops in Minnesota you can take care of. Never seen a cop transfer in and out as fast as you did Doyle.
Jarod   I have a very short attention span sir.
Detective   Minneapolis is lucky to have you.
Jarod   Thank you.
Detective   This your family?
Jarod   Uh, yes. I hope to update those photographs soon.
Detective   Haven’t seen ’em in a while hmmm?
Jarod   No sir.
Radio   This is dispatch, over.
Jarod   Go ahead Dispatch.
Radio   Decatur Division reported a 207. 13 year old boy residing at 439 Oakbrook Road.
Jarod   A kidnapping? This is Detective Doyle. I’m rolling to the scene.
Detective   What about Minneapolis?
Jarod   I have to do this.
Detective   Why?
Jarod   I have a thing about kidnappings.
Jarod   I’m Detective Doyle, what have we got?
Detective   What we got is what we don’t have, namely, her son. Bryce Banks. Thirteen, straight-A student, captain of the chess club. Mom goes in last night about 10:30, kisses him good night. Wakes up this morning and he’s gone. His father is a strict disciplinarian. Mom’s just a mom. She’s pretty shaken up. I don’t even want to imagine what these people are going’ through right now.
Margaret   They took Jarod! My son! Where is he? Where is he?
Detective   Detective? Detective?
Jarod   Hmmmn?
Detective   Are you with me Doyle?
Jarod   I’m with you.
Miss Parker   Daddy, I got your message. Everything all right?
Mr Parker   Angel, I need your help.
Miss Parker   My help?
Mr Parker   It’s Brigitte
Miss Parker   Oh.
Mr Parker   Look, I know how hard it’s been for you since Thomas’ death.
Miss Parker   I’d really rather just…. move on.
Mr Parker   That’s what I’m trying to do, move on, make my marriage work. But Brigitte? I don’t know what the hell’s going on. I mean this erratic behaviour, mood swings. She’s changed her hair colour again. This morning I found her crying in the shower for God’s sake.
Miss Parker   Daddy, I don’t see how I can be of any help.
Mr Parker   Well, reach out to her, woman-to-woman. I mean, relate to her, find out what’s bothering her.
Miss Parker   Daddy, Brigitte and I aren’t exactly bosom buddies.
Mr Parker   Angel, please. Remember she’s family now, hmmm?
Detective   The kid’s a prodigy. When it comes to chess, Bryce Banks is the Michael Jordan of the checkerboard.
Philip   Can you tell me what happened?
Jarod   I don’t think your son was taken. At least not from here. There are no signs of a struggle. And the only fingerprints on this open window are your son’s.
Philip   Bryce would never run away.
Jarod   Are you sure? There’s something else isn’t there? He slammed this down before he left.
Nora   He slammed it down because of the tournament. Bryce was supposed to compete in the City Chess Final on Saturday but he wanted to go skateboarding with his friends and Philip wouldn’t let him.
Jarod   You had an argument.
Philip   I worked my tail off for that kid. He never appreciated it.
Nora   Oh God!
Philip   It’s true.
Nora   Bryce is gone and we don’t know where, can’t that wait?
Jarod   When you came in to say good night did you notice anything strange about the way your son was acting?
Nora   I could see how disappointed he was, missing the trip with his friends. But before I left, he was back on the computer.
Jarod   He traded e-mails with somebody named Joshua. They arranged to meet for the first time last night face-to-face to play chess.
Nora   Could Joshua be the kidnapper?
Jarod   We’re going to find out.
Detective   There was a report of a bomb exploding here around 12:05. What’s with the explosives?
Jarod   Looks like the kidnapper wanted to destroy all evidence. He used a highly flammable explosive, like napalm.
Detective   That seems like overkill. Why not just grab the kid and be done with it?
Jarod   That’s a good question.
Detective   Which leaves us right back in the dark.
Jarod   In the e-mails, the kidnapper asked Bryce to meet him here. How did they both know this place?
Detective   Chess tournament. Statewide event. Covers players from all over the southeast.
Jarod   And it’s open to the public.
Detective   Yeah. Maybe the guy’s some crazed kiddie chess fan or something.
Jarod   Uh-uh. It runs deeper than that.
Young Jarod   You never let me play games. Mr Raines, I don’t understand.
Raines   When you’re the best at what you do Jarod, people stand up and notice.
Jarod   The kidnapper wants Bryce because he’s the best. He covets the superior mind.
Joshua   Yes, Father, yes sir. He’ll be ready when the time comes.
Bryce   What are you gonna do to me?
Joshua   I’m going to give you immortality.
Bryce   What’s that for?
Joshua   It’s for you Joshua
Bryce   I want to see my mom and dad.
Joshua   I told you Joshua, you have a new father now.
Bryce   My name’s Bryce!
Joshua   Your name is Joshua, just like me! Y- you can’t understand. But you’re brilliant. You’ll learn.
Bryce   Why are you doing this to me?
Joshua   Because you’re special.
Detective   My people have talked to everybody involved with the chess tournament and come up with zero.
Jarod   Well, they’ve missed something. The tournament was the only place the kidnapper could have watched Bryce perform. The boy’s a prodigy, the ultimate trophy.
Sam   You may be right about that Detective
Detective   Uh, Jarod, this is Samantha Waters, the FBI’s top profiler.
Sam   I’m with the Violent Crimes Task Force here in Atlanta.
Jarod   Violent Crimes? But this is a kidnapping.
Sam   Well it may be more than that Detective, a lot more.
Sam   Your kidnapper’s MO matches that of a man who abducted eight boys in Maryland and Virginia in the late 1980’s. We got a red flag related to the previous unsolved case files. The last three boys were taken within weeks of each other in 1989. Uh, Michael Taylor, Theodore Reed and Harry Dunn.
Jarod   Each victim was between 11 and 13 years of age. Each displayed accelerated intelligence.
Detective   Trace evidence destroyed at the scene with a highly flammable explosive. This sounds like our guy.
Jarod   Were any of these boys found?
Sam   Yeah, we found six of the boys, but they’d been killed. Two of them are still missing, Michael Taylor and Theodore Reed. Harry Dunn was the last boy taken.
Jarod   Your conclusion? Sam?
Sam   These children, they may not be trophies. They…. may be subjects. It’s almost as if the kidnapper’s putting them through some sort of testing procedure and weeding out the weak and rejecting them.
Jarod   By dumping then in the woods.
Sam   How’s it going on locating the Banks boy?
Detective   The CID was able to isolate a partial shoe print outside the blast area, size 12.
Jarod   By the indentation, I could guess he was about 6 foot 2, 200 pounds.
Sam   Well, I don’t think that this guy relies on physical size to intimidate. I think that this is all about emotional control.
Jarod   His screen name was Joshua. He traded e-mails with by before Bryce vanished.
Sam   All right, well, I’ll go over everything in detail and hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a more complete profile for you.
Jarod   May I ask one more thing?
Sam   Of course you can.
Jarod   The last boy that was kidnapped, the boy in the photograph. How long was he held before he was killed?
Sam   Seventy-two hours. Maybe less.
Miss Parker   Hello? Brigitte? Brigitte?
Miss Parker   The woman is a junkie.
Broots   What are you gonna tell your father?
Miss Parker   The truth, what else?
Sydney   It will be your word against Brigitte’s.
Miss Parker   I’ll get proof.
Broots   How’re you gonna do that?
Jarod   Would you like one?
Sam   I haven’t seen one of these in a while.
Jarod   They’re very good.
Sam   Thank you. Invisible.
Jarod   Invisible?
Sam   That’s how Bryce refers to himself in these e-mails. He said that his father pushed him so hard, he felt as if he didn’t exist.
Jarod   The other victims had similar relationships with their parents, specifically their fathers.
Sam   So they all suffered deep psychological wounds caused by strained parental relationships. They were all emotionally cut off from them. Vulnerable. Jarod? I don’t think you ever get used to seeing things like that. A lot of cops I know grow cold to it out of necessity.
Jarod   I wish I could figure out how.
Sam   What… what is this? Some kind of shorthand or….
Jarod   Oh, it’s uh… it’s nothing. It’s just something I made up as a child to uh, keep the wrong people from reading my diary.
Sam   I think that Bryce wanted his privacy too, but his father wouldn’t let him have it. I think that his father wanted him to be something that he never was or ever could be, a star.
Philip   This is ridiculous. You’re saying the kidnapper was at the tournaments? This is pathetic.
Nora   Philip.
Philip   No! I’m not gonna stand by while the police chase dead ends. He hasn’t even made a ransom demand yet.
Jarod   He may not.
Mrs Banks   You think this man might kill our son mo matter what we do?
Jarod   The kidnapper may have been stalking your son at the tournament. Now can you remember anyone who paid particular attention to Bryce? Uh.. a teacher, a tutor, anybody?
Philip   I taught my son chess.
Nora   There was that journalist at the season’s first tournament. I don’t remember his name but I remember thinking he was strange.
Jarod   Strange how?
Nora   He said he was going to do a feature on Bryce. But he hadn’t even made it to the city finals yet.
Philip   You think he could have taken my son?
Detective   We’ll see what we can track down.
Philip   Well, somebody better start doin’ something.
Nora   Detectives, wait, please. About the way my husband is acting…
Jarod   We.. we understand, he’s under a lot of pressure.
Nora   That’s no excuse. My son thinks he’s invisible to his father. We need another chance to make this right. Please, please find my son.
Sam   Hey, anything new?
Malone   Nothing so far. I’ve got George cross-referencing the Banks kid with all the missing boys. Friends, schools, the whole nine yards. Now, except for the fact that they could all be in Mensa, there’s no other connection. We’re going through it Sam, but the process is slow.
Sam   Yeah, I know.
Malone   You okay?
Sam   Yeah, I’m alright. I’m, uh.. I’m working with this detective. His name’s Doyle, Jarod Doyle. He’s good, it’s just …..
Malone   But what?
Sam   I don’t know. It’s just…. I’m tired… it’s this case, these kids.
Malone   Be careful Sam.
Sam   I will, bye bye.
Broots   Hello? I must be crazy.
Brigitte   Oh goody! There’s nobody home. You are so naughty. Mnnn! I know I shouldn’t do this but… sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.
Broots   A nooner? It’s not even 11 o’clock.
Miss Parker   What?
Broots   You gotta help me. There’s some pretty freaky things going on here.
Miss Parker   Broots, where are you?
Broots   I’m. I’m. I’m stuck in your father’s bathroom. And there’s some things goin’ on here that shouldn’t be goin’ on in the workplace. If you get my drift.
Miss Parker   What the hell are you talking about?
Broots   I’m talking about Brigitte.
Brigitte   Oh, you’d better go clean that up before it stains your pants.
Broots   Oh oh, I… I gotta go.
Miss Parker   Broots? Broots?
Brigitte   Hurry up, it’s kind of hard to finish this without you.
Lyle   If your husband finds us in his office, we’ll both be finished.
Jarod   The reporter Bryce’s mom mentioned is named Joshua Meyers.
Detective   So what’s the problem?
Jarod   The problem is the magazine he claims to write for doesn’t exist.
Detective   From the looks of this place, neither does his career.
Jarod   Meyers? Oh my God.
Detective   Whoever he is, this guy built a shrine to Bryce Banks. Our guy?
Jarod   But where’s the boy? Get down!
Joshua 2   Come out!
Detective   I thought you said the kidnapper was a big guy. This guy couldn’t be more than 5’6″.
Jarod   Where’s the boy?
Joshua 2   Y… You’re too late. He’s my brother now.
Jarod   You have pictures of Bryce Banks all over your walls. Now what have you done with him!
Joshua 2   His name’s Joshua. He’s my brother now.
Joshua   So, little brother, tell me your name.
Bryce   My name is Joshua. My name is Joshua.
Sam   I’ve been going over the case files and I think there may be two kidnappers.
Jarod   Joshua Meyers. His real name is Theodore Reed.
Sam   One of the kidnapped boys that the Bureau never found.
Detective   How could that be possible?
Sam   He grew up.
Joshua 2   My name is Joshua. My name is Joshua. My name is Joshua. My name is Joshua. My name is Joshua!
Broots   Well…. I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news. The good news is Brigitte is a lot happier. And the bad news is it’s Mr Lyle who’s making her that way.
Miss Parker   What are you talking about?
Broots   I’m talking about the horizontal bop.
Miss Parker   Brigitte and my brother?
Sydney   Broots, are you 100 percent sure?
Broots   Oh, well… more like 80, 82.
Miss Parker   What? Drugs and Lyle? Unbelievable. This is gonna break my father’s heart.
Jarod   They’ve been gone for over a decade and now they kidnap other children.
Sam   A human pyramid scheme. So the second kidnapper may be the other missing boy from 10 years ago.
Detective   Mike Taylor.
Sam   You… you said that he was a large man.
Jarod   He is. He also calls himself Joshua.
Sam   And Bryce will also be named Joshua.
Jarod   A new name from a new parent.
Sam   A father figure.
Jarod   And there’s our connection.
Joshua 2   They are my brothers. They are Joshua, like me.
Jarod   Where have you taken the boy? You’ve told me everything else. Why not tell me where he was taken?
Sam   He can’t say.
Joshua 2   Joshua can’t say. He will take Joshua into the woods. Joshua doesn’t wanna go into the woods.
Sam   Ask him about the woods.
Jarod   What’s in the woods?
Detective   You two are scary.
Joshua 2   Joshua can’t say.
Jarod   Why can’t you say?
Joshua 2   Father.
Jarod   Who is Father? Is this you? Your name isn’t Joshua. It’s Theodore. Theodore Reed.
Joshua 2   My name is Joshua. My name is Joshua. My name is Joshua. Joshua doesn’t wanna go into the woods.
Jarod   Because of Father?
Joshua 2   Anything for Father. Everything for Father. Anything for Father.
Jarod   Where is the boy?
Joshua 2   Everything for Father.
Jarod   Where is the boy?
Joshua 2   Anything for Father.
Jarod   Where is the boy?
Joshua 2   Everything for Father. Anything for Father. Everything for Father. Anything for Father.
Sam   This isn’t someone who is lying. It’s not that he won’t tell us. He can’t.
Jarod   The way he shuts down when I ask him difficult questions, classic signs of psychological patterning.
Sam   Yes, brainwashing.
Detective   As much as we’d like to think some CIA spook perfected it during the Cold War these men aren’t a product of that.
Sam   Well, they weren’t men when they were kidnapped. When a child is taken from his home he eventually loses all sense of what is real and unreal. Without that connection to the people that he loves, without that nurturing, his mind can easily be moulded.
Jarod   And his loyalty is changed, his intellect honed. His very identity so altered, he doesn’t even know who he is anymore.
Sam   How do you know all of this? They’re going to do to Bryce what was done to them.
Detective   Brainwash him?
Jarod   If the boy measures up.
Detective   And if he doesn’t?
Jarod   In 26 hours…. Bryce Banks could be gone forever.
Malone   You’re running out of time.
Sam   Yeah, I know. Look we need to try another tack in finding the connection between Bryce Banks and the other kidnapped boys. Father figures.
Malone   We’re talking pastors, coaches, scout leaders. That kind of thing.
Sam   Anyone they could look up to in place of their real father.
Malone   We’re on it Sam. So how’s Detective Doyle?
Sam   That’s one I haven’t figured out yet.
Raines   You did it Jarod, you won.
Jarod   Does that mean I can see my mom and dad?
Raines   We’ve already explained that to you. We’re your family now. Look how proud you’ve made us here today. I almost feel like your father.
Jarod   Sam.
Sam   Oh, hi, I hope I’m not disturbing you.
Jarod   Uh, how did you find out where I was?
Sam   Uh, Logan told me.
Jarod   Oh.
Sam   May I?
Jarod   Oh, sure, come in. I’m sorry.
Sam   Thanks, no. Well, this isn’t exactly where I had imagined a talented law enforcement officer would live.
Jarod   I’m, uh, sort of in between places right now.
Sam   Yes.
Jarod   Sorry about the mess.
Sam   No, none of my business, really.
Jarod   Its.. its a long story.
Sam   Oh.
Jarod   So, uh, what can I do for you?
Sam   Well, I was just, uh, curious about one thing.
Jarod   What’s that?
Sam   Why are you lying? I felt there was something bothering you about this case and when I looked at the video of you questioning Joshua, I knew it.
Jarod   I don’t understand.
Sam   A child. A child trapped by his past. Lost, alone, afraid.
Jarod   With all due respect, I don’t think that I’m the one that you should be profiling.
Sam   Well, I’m sorry, its a bad habit of mine. Who are you Jarod?
Jarod   What do you mean?
Sam   Come on. You eat candy out of a toy dispenser. You have your whole life laid out around you.
Jarod   Classic textbook misplaced childhood I guess.
Sam   No, I don’t think there’s anything textbook about you.
Jarod   My life has no bearing on this case.
Sam   Well, I think that it does. That interrogation…
Jarod   That interrogation went nowhere because Joshua Meyers was programmed to shut down. End of story.
Sam   You know, my mother died when I was a little girl. And… my father…. My father just wasn’t really around. I was sort of raised by my best friend’s family. You had foster parents didn’t you?
Jarod   Foster parents? I guess you could call them that.
Sam   Why is this case so personal to you?
Jarod   Let’s just say that I’m… dedicated.
Sam   Or maybe you’re more like Joshua that you want to admit.
Joshua   I’ve done everything as you instructed. I understand. Yes sir. Your new son is almost ready.
Bryce   My name is Joshua.
Joshua   Father is gonna be so proud of you. No Joshua no! No! You disappoint me Joshua. Do you know what happens when Father rejects you? You go out into the woods and you don’t come out, ever! Ever.
Joshua 2   Ask all you want. I won’t tell you where the boy is.
Jarod   Whatever you say Joshua. A son should be called by his given name, especially if that name was given to him by Father. Give you a new name, a whole new life. He loved you when your own father wouldn’t. But part of his love was doing his will and his will was to kidnap innocent children and take them from their homes.
Joshua 2   No, Bryce was unhappy. His father didn’t love him. His new father will, my father.
Jarod   Before you were ripped away from your real family, were you unhappy?
Joshua 2   I wasn’t taken. I was set free. Father doesn’t make us do anything. We do things for Father.
Jarod   Of course, after all, he’s Father. You have to do whatever he says, obey his will.
Joshua 2   Yes.
Jarod   Even if he asked you to go into the woods? Why are you so afraid of the woods Joshua? Is it because your brothers are out there?
Joshua 2   Brothers?
Jarod   Eight of you were taken but only two of you became Joshua. The rest died in the woods.
Joshua 2   Stop… stop talking to me.
Jarod   What does your father make you do in the woods Joshua?
Joshua 2   Joshua… Joshua can’t say.
Jarod   Well, maybe these pictures will help you remember.
Joshua 2   I don’t want to look.
Jarod   What happened to this Joshua?
Joshua 2   I don’t want to look. No, I don’t want… I don’t want to look.
Jarod   Father didn’t think he cut it so he asked you to go out in the woods and do this to him. He asked you to kill this boy, didn’t he? Look at the pictures damn it!
Joshua 2   I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.
Jarod   Theodore…
Joshua 2   I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.
Jarod   Theodore, help me. Help me save Bryce.
Joshua 2   I’m sorry.
Mr Parker   Ah, Angel. Ah, perfect timing.
Miss Parker   Daddy, I need to speak with you, alone.
Mr Parker   Well, this is your family. We, uh, we have no secrets.
Miss Parker   Daddy, I’ve recently learned….
Broots   Miss Parker? Oh, excuse me. May we have a word with you outside?
Miss Parker   Later.
Sydney   It’s important.
Miss Parker   Excuse me one minute. What?
Broots   I checked the contents of that s… I checked the contents of the syringe. It was Pergonal.
Miss Parker   What the hell is that?
Sydney   Its a drug. But a fertility drug.
Miss Parker   Fertility? Are you sure?
Broots   Brigitte wasn’t trying to get high, she was trying to get pregnant.
Miss Parker   Oh, but with whose baby?
Brigitte   So Lyle and I came in here to celebrate. I know I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help it. I was so excited.
Lyle   Too excited. She spilled champagne all over my pants. I had to go into the bathroom and clean myself up.
Mr Parker   Angel. You wanted to tell me something?
Miss Parker   It’s nothing Daddy. I’m gonna get going.
Mr Parker   No, wait, wait, wait a minute. We have something to tell you. Brigitte and I are going to have, uh, a little Parker.
Brigitte   Congratulations Miss P. You’re gonna have a baby brother or sister.
Lyle   Oh, this is fantastic!
Mr Parker   It turns out the erratic behaviour and mood swings had to do with fertility drugs. You know, the hormones and what.
Miss Parker   This is a surprise.
Mr Parker   Yeah, well, it’s a happy day for the family.
Brigitte   Oh, come on, don’t be a poop.
Miss Parker   Happy days indeed.
Police   Go, go, go! Go!
Jarod   The woods, the woods.
Bryce   Where are we going?
Joshua   We’re going for a walk in the woods.
Father   Hello Joshua.
Bryce   Who are you?
Father   I’m the Father. I’m your father. Don’t be afraid. I’ve come to set you free.
Detective   Drop the knife. Drop the knife.
Father   No, no, no, you don’t understand.
Detective   No, you don’t understand.
Father   I am the Father. He is my son. I am Abraham. He is Isaac.
Detective   Come on don’t do this.
Father   I’m going to set ….
Joshua   No, no.
Jarod   No more…
Raines   Father.
Jarod   Killing!
Detective   All right Jarod, we got him.
Jarod   No more no more! Calm down, all right Jarod?
Joshua   No, no, everything for Father.
Jarod   It’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay now. It’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay.
Nora   Detective. We can’t thank you enough for giving us a second chance with our son.
Jarod   How’s your husband?
Nora   I don’t think he realises the way he is. But I do know that I’m gonna do everything I can to show our son that there’s more to life than winning chess matches.
Sam   His name is Dr Samson Dane. He was a child psychologist. He treated Meyers, Taylor and the other missing boys. He used his influence to lure them away from their families. Dane’s own son died of a genetic disorder.
Jarod   My guess is his name was Joshua.
Sam   All these years he was trying to recreate a family. They’re being admitted to a psychiatric facility. With any luck they’ll be deprogrammed.
Jarod   What about their parents?
Sam   They’re seeing them today. Ten years is a long time.
Jarod   A child never forgets the people who love him.
Sam   Well, I…
Jarod   Oh, wait, I almost forgot. I got you this.
Sam   For me? Thank you… uh..
Jarod   For the kid in you.
Sam   Good luck Jarod.
Jarod   Thank you.
Sam   I’ll see you.

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