2-16 Silence

2-16 Silence


I try to be strong, but sometimes all I see is darkness, fragments of who I am. Will I ever feel whole?



I try to be strong, but sometimes all I see is darkness, fragments of who I am. Will I ever feel whole?


Original air date: April 4, 1998

Written by: Denise Dobbs

Directed by: Joe Napolitano

Jarod impersonates and FBI agent to help a young boy who stopped talking after witnessing the murder of a DEA agent, and Mr Raines reveals the Centre has him under review.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Powdered Chocolate Milk

Jarod’s Occupations: DEA Child Psychologist

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Leary


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod assists a young boy who stopped speaking after witnessing a murder.


As a DSA plays, Young Sidney discovers Young Jarod sitting on the floor, a sea of torn photographs strewn about.  Young Sidney addresses the camera, noting that his subject has never before grown so uncommunicative.  In the present day, Miss Parker, Sidney and Broots meet with Jimmy, a carnival veteran.  They observe a shattered mirror, a clue that they perceive to be a sign that Jarod is attempting to rebuild someone’s shattered life.  Their theory proves correct.  Jarod, impersonating an FBI agent/psychiatrist, springs into action when two Latin gunmen open fire inside a safe house.  He shields Karla Parks and her five-year-old son, Nicky, from harm.  The gunmen miss their target and race away in an automobile.  Jarod comforts Nicky, who sits and rocks in much the same way Jarod did in the DSA.

It turns out that Nicky had witnessed the murder of a DEA agent, and it is believed that the triggerman was a dealer named Vasquez.  The incident was so traumatizing that the boy stopped talking.  Jarod hopes to end the boy’s silence by using emotion and memory to access the truth.    His interference is resented by Agents Bingham and Stess, who prefer a more aggressive approach.

Karla tells Jarod that, on the day of the shooting, she had taken Nicky to a Laundromat.  When Nicky’s cat, Charlie, ran off into the alley, Nicky followed.  Gunfire erupted, and Karla ran into the alleyway.  It wasn’t until much later that the missing Nicky was discovered beneath the body of the DEA agent.  From that point forward, Nicky has remained silent.

Mr. Raines grows perplexed when he discovers Angelo was moved into a new cell.  He informs Miss Parker of this latest development, and explains that the Centre has him under review.  Later, Raines is attacked by an unknown assailant, who carves the numbers “155” into his arm.  That number corresponds to the room from which Raines operated his experiments years earlier.  Parker, Broots and Sidney begin tailing Willie the Sweeper.  He leads them to a warehouse where they discover “Einnad 155” etched again and again into the walls.  Noticing the words reflected in a mirror, the threesome realize “Einnad” is actually “Dannie” spelled backwards.  By researching files, they discover the name of the man who attacked Raines: Daniel Hilton Minor.  Minor had originally been diagnosed with mild depression.  But the disorder became amplified when Minor was given drugs… medicine that left him with multiple personalities.  The warehouse, the threesome realize, is Enid’s space.  Parker busts down a plaster wall and finds Dannie’s room.  Dannie comes at her with a straight razor, but Parker gains the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Jarod begins observing Nicky.  He notices the boy playing with a plastic figure, its head having been broken off.  Shortly thereafter, more gunfire erupts.  Jarod leaps onto Nicky, but Karla is injured and taken to the hospital.  Jarod and Agent Davis choose a new safe house.  Later, when Jarod discovers Stess using strong-arm tactics to make the boy talk, he pulls him aside and, away from Nicky, punches him in the face.  He warns him to stay away from the boy.  Upon reviewing Stess’s personnel file, Jarod learns the once-decorated agent’s brother overdosed on drugs while serving time in an El Paso prison.  Jarod confronts Stess with the information—having realized Stess holds Vasquez responsible for supplying heroin to his brother.  He convinces him that the dead agent was not “dirty,” as Bingham maintains.  Slowly, a bond of trust forms between the two men.

Jarod returns to the ally where the murder transpired.  There he discovers and retrieves a piece of (as yet unidentified) plastic.  Slowly, Jarod begins to suspect that Vasquez is not the man who killed the DEA agent in the alley.  By utilizing Nicky’s plastic figures, Jarod reaches out to the boy—and gets him to speak.  Nicky describes seeing two men in the ally… one a Latino, and the other being Agent Bingham.  Jarod pieces together the puzzle: Vasquez and Bingham had pulled off a drug exchange.  Moments later, undercover agent Cruz drove up.  Bingham pulled out a gun and shot Cruz, who fell atop Nicky.  Later, Bingham threatened Nicky by promising to do his mother harm if he told authorities what happened.  He illustrated his point by snapping of the head of one of the boy’s plastic figures.

Jarod and Stess tail Bingham from afar.  Bingham offers Vasquez heroin in exchange for eliminating the boy.  Later, Jarod puts his takedown plan in motion.  He allows Bingham to believe that he and Nicky perished in an explosion.  Later, he surprises Bingham in the alleyway where the drug exchange is about to occur.  As the dealers’ car approaches, Bingham realizes his briefcase is filled with chocolate milk—not heroin.  Terrified the dealers will kill him, Bingham confesses.  Jarod gives him another case, which Bingham believes is filled with heroin.  But he discovers it is empty.  The dealers, however, turn out to be Davis, Stess, and other DEA agents.  Bingham is taken into custody.

2-16 Silence

Silence Transcript


Sydney   Jarod, you’ve done this a dozen times before. Choose a photo and become the person. Jarod’s been uncommunicative before, but never during such a routine exercise. And never with such disturbing results.
Miss Parker   Your merchandise is… fascinating.
Jim   That’s the word Jarod used. He was blown away by all the stuff we make He even tried his hand at some mirrors, the warped face, the torso crusher. The shattered image was his specialty.
Broots   Oh, this is weird.
Miss Parker   That is twisted.
Jim   You think that’s twisted, come see this, Jarod’s own house of mirrors. Jarod would stay in here for hours just staring at himself and working.
Broots   Wow. Huh. Check this out.
Jim   Jarod made that. He said it gave him another look into his soul.
Sydney   In child development, mirror stage is where the ego is born. The child realises he’s distinct from his mother. Identity begins.
Miss Parker   What’s it mean?
Sydney   Jarod’s attempting to reconstruct a shattered personality…. shattered life.
Jarod   Everything okay in here?
Carla   Fine.
Jarod   Hi Nicky. Get down! Take cover and stay down!
Carla   Nicky get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! Baby.
Jarod   It’s okay, it’s okay. Nicky, it’s okay. It’s okay.
Carla   Hey baby, mommy’s okay.
Bingham   Dr Leary.
Jarod   Actually, it’s Agent Leary.
Bingham   Special Agent Roger Bingham. This is Andrew Stess.
Jarod   Nice to meet you, Agent Stess.
Stess   I heard you weren’t here 30 seconds before the bullets started flyin’ and that you’re the one that jumped on the kid.
Jarod   Lucky timing I guess.
Bingham   I guess you’re gonna want a medal.
Jarod   Actually, I was just doing my job.
Stess   Meaning we weren’t?
Bingham   Listen ahh… Freud, it’s bad enough Davis thinks someone in the department is leaking safe house location. We don’t need him riding us because some outsider did our job.
Stess   If you wanna be a hero, go  do it on somebody else’s watch.
Davis   Jarod, what are you still doin’ here?
Jarod   Commander Davis. I was trying to decide which welcome was worse the ambush last night or Bingham and Stess.
Davis   Look, we’re all under a lot of pressure. Unless that rug rat testifies to what he saw the biggest drug dealer in the Southwest walks away. What’s all this?
Jarod   Nicky was traumatised by what he witnessed. This could help open him up and bring him out of his silence.
Davis   That kid watched Emiliano Vasquez execute one of the best DEA agents in Texas. Then a Vasquez hit team tried to kill him and you think this damn slinky’s gonna help him talk.
Jarod   Well, it’s not that simplistic. You see, studies have shown that if you take a child who’s been…
Davis   Listen, nothing personal Doc, but between you, me and that shot-out window I don’t give a damn about your studies. You got two days to make the kid talk. After that we do it my way.
Raines   Angelo has been moved. Do you know anything about that Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   Are you talking to me?
Raines   Exactly one hour after he was moved I was notified I’m under Tower review. As we speak, three sets of Cleaners are scouring my personal files, my office, everything.
Miss Parker   I’m crying on the inside.
Raines   Review sessions don’t happen without a directive. If I find out you’re behind this…
Miss Parker   You’ll what? Throw me in front of another T-board? What secrets are you protecting Dr Raines? The same ones my mother found? The ones that got her killed? Maybe they’ll get Angelo to talk, or is it Timmy?
Carla   Nicky, I  think we’ll be safer here.
Jarod   Thanks, hi Carla.
Carla   Hi.
Jarod   Hiya Nicky. Oh, those are great toys. This, my friend, is my own personal stash of toys. You sir, can play with whatever you want. I got your Mr Potato Head, Magic 8 Ball. This is my personal favourite.
Carla   You know, I’ve never seen a shrink wear a gun before.
Jarod   By definition, I’m a psychological reconstructionist. I use memory and emotion to unlock the truth in somebody who’s suffering from post-traumatic stress.
Carla   Can you give me back my son?
Jarod   That’s the idea. Carla, in order for me to reveal his memories, I have to reconstruct the events of what happened that day.
Carla   Yea, I work as a nurse and I had a few hours before my shift started so I decided to take Nicky and Charlie down to the Laundromat.
Jarod   Charlie?
Carla   He’s Nicky’s cat. I put Nicky in a chair, gave him some chocolate milk. I turned to load the machine, and I started talking to another woman. I lost track of time, and later I heard this popping sound that was coming from behind the building.. I turned around, Nicky was gone.
Jarod   What happened next?
Carla   I panicked and I ran outside behind the Laundromat. And… I saw a man lying there in the alley.
Jarod   Where was Nicky?
Carla   He was gone. I looked everywhere for him while the other woman, she called the police. I’d warned Nicky never to go out by himself. But his cat, Charlie, he …. must’ve gotten out.
Jarod   Then he went to find him.
Carla   I was talking to one of the cops, that’s when we found him.
Officer   There’s the kid!
Carla   Nicky? Oh, little guy. He’d been trapped under the body the whole time. And he hasn’t said a word since then. Can you imagine that kind of fear?
Jarod   It must have been terrible.
Raines   Willie.
Dannie   Einnad, no!
Miss Parker   Hey!
Carla   Okay Nicky, wash time. Let me clean behind your ears. Come here, reach over.
Stess   I don’t hear this kid tellin’ us that Emiliano Vasquez shot Agent Cruz.
Jarod   Takes time.
Bingham   Sometimes it takes a good swat in the ass.
Stess   Odds are better that Bingham’s gonna match six in the next lottery than this kid locks Vasquez as the shooter.
Bingham   Don’t jinx me. The lottery’s up to 30 million.
Jarod   You know the rumour in Washington is you boys thought that Cruz was dirty, that he wasn’t tryin’ to bust Vasquez, he was selling to him. And that he was using the seizure warehouse as his own personal drugstore.
Stess   Rumours are just rumours. That little boy in there is the only one that knows the truth, and hopefully, before Vasquez finds and silences him for good, you’ll stop playing with your little toys in here and get him to talk.
Jarod   And what would suggest I do? An interrogation?
Stess   Something scared the kid silent. I’m damn sure we could scare him into talking.
Carla   We’re all done here in the bath.
Carla   Hey, Nicky, I’ve got a treat for you. Chocolate milk.
Jarod   Now, I’ve heard about this powder. It somehow dramatically alters the composition of the milk right?
Carla   You’ve never had chocolate milk?
Jarod   It wasn’t allowed where I grew up.
Carla   Wow, can you believe that Nicky?
Jarod   Hmmn. Nicky, can I try?
Carla   Jarod, I’ve been shot. I’ve been shot.
Paramedic   Ma’am, we’re gonna roll you out now.
Carla   Don’t you worry Carla, I’ll take care of Nicky.
Davis   I want the leak sealed. If that means every agent takes a polygraph, then do it. I don’t trust anybody around here.
Jarod   Nicky, your mom’s going to be fine, just as soon as the doctor takes a look at her. In the meantime, would you like to go with me to check out your new place? Do you think maybe she needs a safe place? You can trust me Nicky. Would you mind if I put something in here too? This is my mom, I always keep her close. Will you take care of her for me? There. Nicky, after a while, it wont be so bad. And you’ll feel strong enough to put the hurt in a safe place.
Jarod   This house sits on a maze of tunnels. This is just one way in or out.
Davis   Why would anybody build something like this?
Jarod   Paranoia. People with everything are always afraid somebody’s gonna take it away.
Davis   They’re usually right.
Davis   Listen up people. Now this house has been built on a series of tunnels. Each tunnel connects the four sections of the estate with entrances and exits both within the house and on the grounds, like these drainage vents here in the driveway. I want every access point secured. Let’s get to work.
Agent   Right.
Agent 2   Okay. I’ll take the point opposite.
Agent   Yeah.
Raines   Get me a real doctor.
Miss Parker   Who attacked you?
Raines   I don’t know.
Miss Parker   I’m trying to help you here.
Raines   Willie, let’s go.
Willie   No problem Mr Raines
Miss Parker   He’s hiding something.
Sydney   He’s still delirious from the anaesthesia. He kept repeating the same thing over and over. Name Enaid mean anything to either of you?
Miss Parker   Enaid? Disgruntled ex-employee?
Sydney   Possible, but those injuries aren’t random. The attacker slashed this into Raines’ arm.
Broots   155. That’s the room in SL 27 where Raines used to run his experiments.
Sydney   Judging from the violence, Enaid may have been one of those experiments.
Miss Parker   You think my mother was trying to save Enaid too?
Sydney   We know she died trying to stop Raines. Possible.
Broots   What the hell was he trying to make out of him?
Jarod   Blake, Jackson, where the hell are you? Nicky? Nicky where are you?
Stess   Hey kid, I know you were scared but I’m not buyin’ your little silent act. You look at me when I talk to you. Tell me what you saw.
Jarod   Stess!
Stess   Not now.
Jarod   I need to show you something. Hey, why don’t you go to your room? I’ll be there in a sec. You so much as look at that little boy the wrong way again and his mother wont be the only one in the hospital.
Stess   Your way inst working.
Jarod   This isn’t just another assignment to you is it? Vasquez is personal. The way I see it, you are not a bully by nature and I don’t think that it’s that innocent little boy’s silence that’s eating you alive.
Stess   You’re the shrink.
Bingham   Hey! What the hell’s goin’ on here?
Jarod   Just a free therapy session.
Broots   No reference to Enaid in the mainframe but I found out it’s a Welsh name. It means life or spirit.
Miss Parker   That’s useful. I need to know who Enaid is and why he attacked Raines.
Sydney   You sure you wanna lock swords with Raines? This tactic backfired against your mother.
Miss Parker   I’m not my mother. Broots.
Broots   Please don’t ask me to search Raines’ office again. My colon can’t take it.
Miss Parker   Relax your backside. I have a better idea.
Jarod   Hi. What you doin’? Boy, she doesn’t look too good. Maybe I could fix her. Want me to try? There, now she’s all better.
Carla   Can I play? Come here, ohhh I missed you so much.
Nicky   I missed you too.
Carla   You spoke. He spoke.
Jarod   I heard.
Carla   Oh baby. Oh.
Jarod   Boy you surprised me Agent Stess.
Stess   How’s that?
Jarod   Well, I never would’ve guessed you to be a decorated officer.
Stess   What the hell are you doing with my file?
Jarod   Let’s see. Decorated in ’93. But every year since then you’ve been on disciplinary review. Excessive force, questionable investigative techniques. In clinical terms Agent Stess, you’re losin’ it.
Stess   I’ve had just about enough of you.
Jarod   Your brother worshipped you didn’t he? But unfortunately his addiction got the best of him. And maybe he was just tryin’ to live up to you. Or maybe he just OD’d on purpose for the attention.
Stess   I could kill you.
Jarod   Save your anger for Vasquez. It was his operation that sold your little brother the heroin that killed him. Look, I know you miss your little brother. You are so hurt and so angry that you can’t see straight. I need your help. Help me bring down Cruz’s killer. Help me save that little boy’s life.
Miss Parker   What’s Marmaduke up to this week?
Broots   Ahhh, oh I haven’t got to Marmaduke yet.
Miss Parker   That was a quick butt.
Sydney   Since when does Willie smoke?
Broots   I got it, I got it! Phew, there’s gasoline everywhere. He was tryin’ to torch this place.
Miss Parker   The question is why.
Sydney   He was trying to cover Raines’ tracks.
Broots   What tracks?
Miss Parker   It’s written all over the walls. Einnad
Broots   Look at this! It belonged to a Daniel Hilton Minor, Davidson Psychiatric Hospital.
Miss Parker   That’s a surprise, another fun house. Where are the mirrors Syd?
Sydney   Miss Parker, a lot of these prescribed to DH Minor by a Dr Williams. Some of these go back 20 years.
Miss Parker   Williams, as in William Raines.
Broots   Huh.
Miss Parker   What about this wallpaper though?
Sydney   Obsessive. Methodical.
Miss Parker   And wrong. Strange way to spell Enaid, wouldn’t you say?
Sydney   But is that what he’s writing? The answer is in the mirror.
Broots   D-A-N-N-I-E. Dannie. Who’s Dannie?
Jarod   Hey.
Stess   Yeah?
Jarod   Check this out.
Stess   Check the Mexican bank account that Cruz was trying to check out?
Jarod   Look at the last transaction.
Stess   500 thousand on April 9th.
Jarod   The day after Cruz was murdered. How much heroin did you say was missing from the seizure warehouse?
Stess   Half a mill.
Jarod   Mnn. There’s no name on the account, just a reference number. Hey, how did you get out of your r…. You couldn’t sleep huh? Is everything safe in there? Nicky, do you remember this man? Is this the man from the alley?
Carla   Nicky?
Jarod   It’s okay, why don’t you go back to bed? If Vasquez is the murderer, how come his photograph didn’t traumatise Nicky?
Stess   Well, maybe all your Slinky stuff is workin’.
Jarod   Maybe we’re just not seeing the whole picture.
Sydney   Jarod has been silent for 36 hours, however he’s showing signs of lucidity. Attempting to sketch an image over and over, this woman without a face. I’ve decided to intervene. Can you tell me who she is?
Young Jarod   I can’t see her.
Sydney   Who Jarod?
Young Jarod   I cant remember. I cant remember anymore.
Sydney   Is it your mother?
Young Jarod   Can’t remember, she’s gone. She’s gone Sydney.
Jarod   She’s gone.
Broots   Out boy Einnad is actually Daniel Hilton Minor, part of a Centre study group in the late ’60s. This file ends in 1982.
Miss Parker   Right after the fire in SL 27.
Broots   That’s right.
Miss Parker   Once Raines lost Room 155, he had no place to work.
Sydney   So he took it elsewhere.
Miss Parker   Preliminary diagnosis, mild depression. What a crock.
Sydney   Well, mild depression can always be amplified.
Broots   Brain-wave manipulation.
Sydney   Whatever Dannie’s initial treatment, the outcome warranted drugs, prescribed in increasing dosages.
Miss Parker   That’s Dr Raines. You got a headache, lobotomise.
Sydney   And a perfectly treatable illness becomes a dissociative identity disorder, multiple personalities. two of them we know as Dannie and Einnad. Looking in the mirror can be comforting to someone suffering from DID. The mirror reflects the image of a unified self.
Miss Parker   My mother couldn’t save him.
Sydney   She tried Miss Parker, she tried.
Miss Parker   But Raines got in the way.
Jarod   Charlie?
Jarod   Look what I found. Do you know what this is? That’s a very very nice hat. And who are you?
Nicky   Mommy.
Jarod   Well, hello Mommy. It’s okay, I’m here to help you and Nicky. you have a cat don’t you?
Nicky   Charlie.
Jarod   Charlie. Well I bet Charlie loves to play in the alley. Is that what happened the day at the Laundromat?
Nicky   I found him.
Jarod   Okay, you found him. And then a man came up right? Two men?
Nicky   I was in the boxes. No one could see me.
Jarod   But you could see them. These men, did they look like they came from Mexico? One of the men? And the other man? Jackpot. Um, Mr Jackpot was with the other man? They both had suitcases. And they switched them.
Nicky   And that’s when it happened. Another man came.
Jarod   Agent Cruz. What happened next Nicky?
Nicky   They got really mad and Mr Jackpot pulled out a gun. He shot the other man. Then he fell on me and I was scared and I couldn’t move.
Stess   Jarod, it’s Bingham.
Jarod   Then the policeman came and your mommy came and you were okay.
Carla   Don’t you remember honey? Agent Bingham came with the others and while Mommy was talking to the police, he was talking to you.
Nicky   He took me away.
Bingham   Kid, you tell anyone, this is your mommy.
Bingham   Any progress?
Jarod   Nothing. Transfer’s gonna happen tomorrow night at 8:30.
Stess   Why?
Bingham   Dr Shrink’s time is up. They wanna take the kid over to divisional headquarters.
Miss Parker   What have you got?
Sydney   Dissociative identity disorder where both personalities are compelled to carve out a living space even if it’s within the same home. So far we’ve found only Einnnad’s space.
Miss Parker   We didn’t find Dannie’s.
Stess   Anyone ever tell you you’re an odd duck?
Jarod   Duck? Mnnn-mmm. Odd occasionally.
Bingham   Howdy.
Vasquez   We’re running out of time.
Bingham   We nail this kid, and five keys will be waitin’ in the alley south of Querube Avenue.
Stess   Brown heroin from the lockup.
Bingham   They’re gonna transport this kid tomorrow night in a government van. Here’s the address. I want you to make sure that transport never leaves the driveway.
Vasquez   No problem. That’d better be primo junk, or I swear, you’ll end up like Cruz.
Bingham   No problemo.
Broots   I checked all the doors. Uh, nothing.
Miss Parker   It’s not the doors, it’s walls.
Dannie   Make him stop. kill….kill me please. Please. Kill me and he’ll stop.
Miss Parker   I’m not here to hurt you Dannie.
Jarod   It’s time to move.
Bingham   Good luck.
Jarod   Thanks.
Stess   I don’t know about you but it’s gonna be a cold day in June before I wanna see that kid again. I’ll call it in.
Bingham   I’ll take a drive around the perimeter.
Stess   You okay?
Jarod   Thank goodness for paranoia.
Carla   What do we do now?
Jarod   We get the bad guy.
Bingham   Jarod?
Jarod   Don’t look so shocked. I couldn’t resist surviving that explosion. I had to see what a little boy’s life was worth to you. What is it? Five keys? Ten? Now, these guys, they think Nicky’s dead. And Vasquez is gonna want his heroin pronto.
Bingham   I’m gonna have to kill you.
Jarod   Like you killed Cruz? Well, before you pull that trigger, I strongly suggest you check out your primo junk. Mnnnn chocolate. Somehow I don’t think these guys are the chocolate milk type. What’s the matter Rog? Cat got your tongue? Imagine how Nicky felt. he witnesses a brutal murder, has a dead body fall on top of him. Do you have any idea what that kind of fear can do to a child? And then when it’s all over, you threaten to kill his mother if he talks. Well, he’s talking now. He’s telling Davis all about how you deal drugs, how you killed Cruz.
Bingham   You got nothing on me.
Jarod   Come on Rog, admit it. I can stop these guys. I’ve got the real stuff right here.
Bingham   Okay, I killed Cruz, give me the keys.
Jarod   Whatever you say Rog. Got milk.
Miss Parker   You’ve healed nicely.
Raines   Where did you get that?
Miss Parker   Handball.
Raines   Tower review has been given new evidence. Something about my extracurricular activities.
Miss Parker   You should hire better people. Smoke?
Willie   N… no.
Miss Parker   Oh.
Raines   You remind me of someone I used to know, someone who looked exactly like you.
Miss Parker   I’m not my mother. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting that.
Raines   We should all be careful about the mistakes we make. Shouldn’t we?
Sydney   I just spoke with the hospital. Dannie has been transferred, he’s now my patient.
Broots   Why would Raines wanna create something like him?
Miss Parker   Maybe he was trying to make his own little assassin, but it backfired.
Sydney   Only God knows.
Miss Parker   God and the Centre. When Dannie attacked me, my instinct was to kill him. But when I looked at him, he was begging me to shoot him. I saw someone who might’ve had a chance if the Centre hadn’t gotten its claws into him.
Sydney   You saw yourself.
Stess   Looks like Vasquez and Bingham will be going away for a long time. You think you know a guy, and then you find out you don’t really know him at all.
Jarod   Tell me about it. Hey! Thank you for keeping her safe. I have something for you too.
Nicky   Charlie, you came home!
Jarod   So did you Nicky. So did you.
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   Do you think it’s possible to forget all the terrible things that happened to us when we’re young?
Sydney   Forget? Hell no. But I believe we can use them to make ourselves stronger.
Jarod   I try to be strong, but sometimes all I see is darkness, fragments of who I am. Will I ever feel whole?
Sydney   I don’t know Jarod. I hope so.
Jarod   Me too.

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