4-16 School Daze

4-16 School Daze

School Daze

Look, I’m not Catherine. All right? Catherine’s been dead a very long time. Do you hear me? I’m not my mother.

Miss Parker

School Daze

Look, I’m not Catherine. All right? Catherine’s been dead a very long time. Do you hear me? I’m not my mother.

Miss Parker

Original air date: April 22, 2000

Written by: Andrew Dettmann & Daniel Truly

Directed by: Jon Gries

Miss Parker is shocked to discover that Raines’ ‘dead’ wife is, in fact, very much alive, while Jarod becomes a substitute teacher in order to find a young boy targeted for murder.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Corn Dogs, Casseroles

Jarod’s Occupations: Sustitute Teacher

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Brodie


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod seeks to thwart a murderer out to eliminate a boy who is part of the witness protection program.


Reggie Esposito, who is about to stand trial for the grisly murder of a Brooklyn shop owner, wants a young witness eliminated.  In a restaurant patio, Jarod overhears an agitated Esposito sputtering orders into his cell phone, instructing the party on the other end of the line to find the boy, who is now part of the witness protection program in Bolton, Minnesota, and kill him.

In his latest pretend, Jarod faces one of his most exhausting challenges in quiet Bolton, Minnesota: acting as a substitute sixth grade teacher.  Jarod restores some semblance of order amidst flying paper airplanes and asks each student to tell the class about themselves.  Jarod listens intently to a varied collection of tales from Joel the bully; Eric, the counterintelligence expert; and quiet, introverted Matthew.  On a hunch, Jarod assumes shy Matthew fits the profile of the young eyewitness.  Later, Mrs. Warner, the stern school secretary, catches Jarod in the office going through student files.  Principal Bauer and the sweet-looking Rachel, the school counselor, save Jarod from the wrath of Mrs. Warner.  Talking with Rachel on the school grounds during lunch, Jarod notices Larry, the creepy school janitor, watching them intently.

At the Centre, Broots and Miss Parker view a videotape of Raines at the Pratt Institute, a hospital for the mentally ill.  Raines is visiting his wife, Edna, a haunted, weary looking fifty-year old woman.  This mystifies Miss Parker and Broots because Edna Raines supposedly committed suicide twenty-three years earlier.  Broots finds that Edna recently escaped from the Institute.  Only hours later, a vacant looking Edna visits Miss Parker at her home.  Miss Parker urges Sydney to come immediately.  Sydney had examined the troubled Edna Years before, and remembers her as a vivacious, creative woman before her daughter’s murder sent her into a spiral.  All Miss Parker can garner is that something brought Edna to her home.  Sydney and Miss Parker agree that they must enlist the special clairvoyant talents of Angelo.  But none of their efforts reveal any of Edna’s deeply rooted secrets.

In the meantime, at school, Jarod must break up incidents involving Joel the bully picking on little Eric.  During one such incident, Jarod notices the driver of a station wagon taking pictures of the children.  Before the car zooms away, Jarod notices a Bolton Elementary parking sticker belonging to Larry, the janitor.  A concerned Jarod has a heart-to-heart conversation with Matthew’s mother, Gayle, revealing that he knows why she moved to Bolton.  To Jarod’s surprise, Gayle states that she and Matthew had to leave their former community because nude photos of her appeared on the Internet.  Jarod suddenly realizes that he has been monitoring the wrong child.

Jarod has a brief conversation with Eric’s mother, Robin, about the continued bullying that Eric endures from Joel.  Robin is more concerned about her son hiding in his own world of secret agents.  Jarod discovers that a special sixth grader named Molly also gets Eric’s attention.  Surreptitiously, Jarod opens Eric’s locker…and discovers evidence that Eric is the witness.  Mrs. Warner says that the last time she saw Eric was when he was talking to Larry.  As Jarod rounds a corner, the familiar station wagon screeches away down the street.  Jarod spots a blood trail on the ground that leads to rustling bushes.  Jarod finds Larry slumped against a tree, and confronts him about Eric.

Jarod opens Larry’s bloodied jacket to find a federal marshal’s badge.  Larry, it turns out, was watching Eric as a protector.  The dying Larry tells Jarod that Esposito’s people are going to kill Eric and that he is certain someone inside the school—the unidentified person who shot him—is the real threat.  Meanwhile, the unseen killer opens the station wagon door and reloads a silencer pistol.  Jarod reaches Robin and Eric just in time and takes them back to his lair.  Jarod prevents Robin from calling the Witness Protection emergency number because of the leak.  As the three eat dinner, Jarod discovers that during a field trip, a lagging Eric witnessed Esposito kill the shop owner.  Jarod tells Robin that they must identify the killer.  He leaves the two in his lair and rushes to school.

Jarod scrutinizes the school personnel files.  In shock, he discovers that Rachel, a federal marshal in the Witness Protection Program now on leave, is the real culprit.  Jarod returns to his lair to find that Eric has escaped on his own.  Jarod suspects Eric is searching for Molly at school, as he had advised Eric to tell her his true feelings.  At school, a shy but determined Eric struggles to talk to Molly.  However,  Rachel and Esposito appear and take Eric to a deep hole at a construction site, where they plan to throw him into the pit and pour wet cement over it.  Jarod arrives and snatches Esposito’s gun.  Jarod pushes Rachel and Esposito into the pit and starts filling the hole with cement.  A frightened Esposito confesses to the shop-owner murder…and that he hired Rachel to kill Eric.  Jarod stops the flow of cement and walks away with Eric, leaving the twosome hopelessly mired in the cement.

Jarod and Eric have two unfinished projects at school:  Molly and Joel.  A sweet Molly finds Eric and asks him to a school dance.  Jarod then decides to squelch Joel’s bullying antics.  After Joel steals Eric’s school lunch with laxative-laden brownies, Jarod places out-of-order signs on the restrooms, leaving only a portable potty for Joel’s emergency use.  After Joel enters the porta-potty, Jarod pulls a rope that collapses the small structure—leaving Joel literally exposed to his fellow classmates.

4-16 School Daze

School Daze Transcript


    The Centre
    [Phone Beeping]
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   Always the workaholic.
Miss Parker   Jarod. Tormenting hours are from 9:00 to 5:00. Call back tomorrow.
Jarod   Who said I was calling to torment you? Maybe I was just feeling nostalgic.
Miss Parker   If you’re feeling homesick, come visit. I have a room all ready for you.
Jarod   Generous offer, but I will regretfully decline.
Miss Parker   So. What is it, Jarod?
Jarod   I was hoping you’d give my best to the rest of our dysfunctional family. Particularly Mr. Raines.
Miss Parker   Oh, I’ll be sure to say hey, next time I see him.
Jarod   When was the last time you saw him? He hasn’t been around much lately, has he?
Miss Parker   I count Raines’ absence as a blessing. I don’t question it.
    [Broots enters Miss Parker’s office]
Jarod   If you don’t question you don’t learn.
Broots   I brought the Triumvirate phone logs you requested.
Miss Parker   Back burner, Broots. I have a holier crusade for you. Find out where Raines had been lately.
    A Restaurant
    [Jarod reaches for phone, presses talk button, ringing continues. He realizes it’s not his phone, “accidentally” eavesdrops on guy at other table.]
Reginald Esposito   Hello? Well, it’s about damn time. Tell me you found him. Look, I’m paying you all this money ’cause you’re supposed to be on the inside. This boy should be dead by now. Bolton, Minnesota must be a podunk, nothing town. How hard can it be to find him? Well, he goes to school, doesn’t he? The clock is ticking. My new trial is in five days and this boy’s testimony is the only thing that they’ve got on me. I want you to find him. I want you to kill him. Otherwise, you’re dead. Got me? Don’t let me down.
    [Jarod bumps into Esposito]
Esposito   What’s the problem, buddy? You in some kind of hurry?
Jarod   Yeah. [Esposito walks away, Jarod lowers voice] As a matter of fact, I am.

Bolton Elementary School

Bolton, Minnesota

    [Bell Ringing]
Jarod   Good morning, class. My name is Mr. Brodie. I’m your substitute teacher. Mr. Conklin, your regular teacher is on vacation, so before we get started, I’d like to get to know all of you a little bit better.
Kevin   Do you know about sex?
Kevin   Mr. Conklin said we’re gonna start our sex education this week. My mom signed a permission slip.
Jarod   Kevin- Interested in biology. Good.
Joel   I already know about sex. My dad has the internet.
Jarod   Joel- Likes Computers.
Gemma   Mr. Brodie? Are you married?
Jarod   Uh, no, uh, Gemma. I’m not.
Gemma   Do you have a girlfriend?
Kevin   Yeah. Does she know about sex?
Jarod   I’m the one that’s supposed to be asking the questions, remember? What about you, uh, Matthew? What are you interested in?
Matthew   Uh, I like to read, I guess.
Jarod   You like to read. That’s a good thing. And you, uh, Eric. What are your interests?
Eric   Cool stuff. Espionage. Counterintelligence. You know, I could tell you more, but, uh, I’d have to kill you.
Joel   Eric’s a freak! [Snatches Erics Paper] He can’t even write. It’s all gibberish.
Eric   It’s not gibberish, Joel. [Retrieves Paper] It’s a secret code, so knuckle-dragging mopes like you can’t read it.
Joel   Oh, yeah? It’s probably a love letter to your girlfriend Molly over there.
Jarod   All right. Can we, uh, get back on track here?
    [Laughing, Chattering]
Jarod   Uh, class. Class.
    [Laughing, Chattering Continue]
Jarod   Enough! [Whistles] Could you cut me a little slack here? It’s not easy being the new kid in school. I’ll bet some of you know about that. Tell me something. How many of you were born here? How many of you spent your whole life in Bolton?
Gemma   Mr. Brodie? I was born here, but my brother wasn’t.
Jarod   Okay. And how many of you have brothers and sisters?
Kevin   Does this mean we’re gonna learn about sex?
[Female Reporter]  

It was a child’s eyewitness testimony that sealed Esposito’s fate to a life in prison. However, just last month the court granted Esposito a new trial based on procedural technicality. The charges against Esposito stem from the brutal murder of a Brooklyn shop owner. According to police, Esposito bludgeoned and then buried the victim’s body unaware the crime was being witnessed by a fifth grader on a field trip from nearby Woodbury Elementary School.

[Jarod sorts through school records of possible children]

Mrs. Warner   What’s our rule about other people’s things?
Jarod   Excuse me.
Mrs. Warner   Those aren’t your files, are they?
Jarod   Uh, no, but there was nobody in the office so I just-
Mrs. Warner   Our rule about other people’s things is, “we don’t touch them.”
Jarod   I understand, but there was-
Mrs. Warner   Butts belong in ashtrays, mister.
Principal Bauer   It’s all right, Mrs. Warner. Jarod’s our new sixth grade teacher.
Mrs. Warner   I’ll expect those back, young man.
Principal Bauer   Don’t worry about Mrs. Warner. She’s a lifer.
Jarod   A lifer?
Principal Bauer   Been here 32 years. Teaching a 10-year-old is the only language she knows.
Rachel   Kind of scary, isn’t it? Just like being in grade school all over again.
Jarod   Or for the very first time. Hi. [Offers hand]
Rachel   Hi.
Principal Bauer   Jarod, Rachel Daly, our student counselor. Jarod’s taking over the sixth graders while Mr. Conklin’s in Hawaii.
Rachel   You believe Conklin’s luck? He’s always been talking about Hawaii and out of nowhere he wins a trip.
Principal Bauer   Said he didn’t even remember entering the contest.
Jarod   Hmm. Unbelievable.
Rachel   Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a fourth grader who is habitually pulling fire alarms. Nice to meeet you, Jarod.
Jarod   Nice to meet you. Principal Bauer, while I’ve got you here- I have a student in my class. Uh, Matthew Reese. His records only go back 11 months and before that, it’s like he doesn’t exist.
Principal Bauer   Matthew only moved here last year.
Jarod   But even still, wouldn’t his old school transfer the records over?
Principal Bauer   Normall, but according to his mom, his last school had a fire. All the files were destroyed.
Jarod   Well, I guess that explains it. [Circles Matthews Name]
    The Centre
Miss Parker   Raines has been going to an insane asylum?
Broots   Uh, the Pratt Institute. It’s about an hour south of here. He’s been going a couple of times a day. Look. There he is.
Miss Parker   Cue men with big butterfly nets.
Broots   No, no. He’s not a patient. He’s visiting someone. There’s a woman.
Miss Parker   A woman who means something to Jaod. The question is, who is she?
Sydney   My God.
Miss Parker   Sydney?
Sydney   It’s Edna Raines.
Broots   Raines’ wife?
Sydney   It’s impossible.
Miss Parker   Kick the rock over, Syd. What am I not seeing?
Sydney   Edna Raines committed suicide more than 20 years ago.
Miss Parker   Or so you were told. Broots, get a town car.
Broots   No, it’s too late. The guy at the hospital told me she escaped last night.
    Bolton Elementary
    [Children Laughing, Chattering]
Rachel   Okay, a teacher’s pay is one thing, Jarod [Laughing] but eating the school lunch- What, do you have a death wish?
Jarod   I was intrigued. A tube of processed meat covered by a deep-fried carbohydrate and skewered with a stick so that it’s fully portable. Sort of a meat Popsicle.
Rachel   Is that your first corn dog?
Jarod   [Takes bite] Mmm. Good. [Laughs]
Rachel   You’re much braver than I am.
Jarod   I’ve noticed that Matthew doesn’t socialize much with the other children.
Are there any issues about him I should know about?
Rachel   Matthew’s been a little slow assimilating since he transferred here but some kids are just like that. Why the interest?
Jarod   I just figure the more I know about my kids the more I can help them. [Sees janitor acting suspicous]
    Phone Booth
Esposito   Three days and counting. I don’t want to hear you’re getting close. I want to hear that this kid is dead. If you can’t figure out which boy it is and get this job done then I’m gonna come do it myself. You better worry that I just don’t bury you with him.
    Jarod’s Lair
    [Doorbell Rings]
Jarod   Hello.
Gail   Hi. My son said that there was a new teacher in town so I wanted to bring you a little something to say welcome.
Jarod   That’s very nice. Thank you.
Gail   Oh. It’s hot. I’d probabaly better do this. I know what it’s like to be new in town. Matthew and I just moved here ourselves last year.
Jarod   You said, uh, Matthew. Matthew Reese?
Gail   Oh! I’m his mom. I didn’t say that, did I?
Jarod   No.
Gail   No. [Laughs]
Jarod   Where did you two move here from?
Gail   From back East.
    [Doorbell Rings]
Jarod   Excuse me.
Justine   Hello.
Jarod   Uh, hello.
Gail   Hello, Justine.
Justine   Hello, Gail.
Jarod   You two know each other?
Gail   Yeah. We’re in the same single moms’ cooking group here in town.
    [Justine offers Jarod a peek at what she cooked]
Jarod   Oh, uh- Mmm.
    [Doorbell Rings]
    [Jarod smiles at the three women]
    Bolton Elementary
Jarod   It’s pretty cool, huh? You can see a whole world of things that are too small to see with your human eye.
Joel   Hey, maybe we can use it to see Eric’s tiny little brain.
Gemma   Mr. Brodie, how do they swim around like that?
Jarod   That’s a very good question. Why don’t you all read chapter four and find out?
    [Students Groaning]
Joel   I lost that book.
Jarod   [Chuckles] Get to work. [To Matthew] It’s pretty neat, huh?
Matthew   Yeah. But I’ve seen protozoans and stuff before. We had microscopes in the science room at my old school.
Jarod   Did you like your old school?
Matthew   I guess.
Jarod   Must have been pretty tough leaving your old friends like that.
Matthew   Mom said we didn’t have a choice. We had to move. I’m not really supposed to talk about it.
    [Bell Ringing]
    [Jarod Sees janitor behaving suspicously]
    [Joel snatches Eric’s book bag, books fall]
Eric   Come on, Joel. That’s for my eyes only.
Joel   Oh. I’m sorry, dude. Here. [Offers Book to Eric]
    [Eric attempts to take book but Joel teases him, tosses it over fence]
Joel   [Laughs] [Picks up recorder] This is sweet.
Eric   It’s way over your head.
Joel   Oh, yeah? Let’s find out. [Shoves Eric, Talks into recorder, “Hi. I’m Eric Gantry and I’m a scrawny little freak and I’m so madly in love with Molly.” He rewinds recorder and presses play]
Jarod   [Takes recorder from Joel] What’s our rule about other people’s things, Joel?
Joel   What?
Jarod   We do not touch them.
Joel   Pretty manly, freak. Always having a teacher rescue you.
    [Eric sees book over fence, runs to retrieve it]
Jarod   [Follows Eric] It seems he has it in for you.
Eric   It’s no big deal. What’s a secret agent without an archenemy, right? Just forget about it.
Jarod   [Jarod sees janitor holding binoculars] Hey!
    [Car Starts] [Tires Screeching] [Jarod sees parking sticker]
Jarod   Hey!
    The Centre
Sydney   [Phone call with Miss Parker] I still can’t believe Edna’s alive.
Miss Parker   You sound as if you liked her, Syd.
Sydney   Very much so. You see, Edna was not like so many company wives. There was something more alive about her.
Miss Parker   There’s also something familiar about her.
Sydney   She was working as a physician right here at the Centre in the staff dispensary.
Miss Parker   Right. In fact, I think she saw me when I had the mumps.
Sydney   Your mother trusted her completely.
Miss Parker   She did?
Sydney   Edna, you see, had many admirable qualities. She was as vocal in community politics as she was at Centre cocktail parties.
Miss Parker   How did she end up marrying Raines?
Sydney   After the murder of their daughter, Edna fell apart. I was told she took an overdose of barbiturates. I was at the funeral, Parker.
Miss Parker   I wonder what’s really buried out there in the Centre cemetery. I’ve got Broots out hunting for Edna.
Sydney   Raines must be doing the same. I think it’s testing his new-found inner peace.
    [Knocking (Parker’s door)]
Miss Parker   Not a word to anyone, Sydney. Good night. [Ends Call, Reaches for door] Broots, tell me something good. [Looks stunned]
Edna Raines   Oh, it’s so good to see you again, Catherine.
    Bolton Elementary
    [Bell Ringing]
Principal Bauer   Great little town like Bolton- Never thought we’d have sickos hanging around our school. Did you get a good look at him?
Jarod   No, and he didn’t stick around for questions.
Principal Bauer   Reminds me. Kids are having a big dance on Friday- Sadie Hawkins- in light of yesterday, I’d feel better if we had another chaperone there.
Jarod   Oh. I look forward to it. And I can’t wait to meet this Miss Hawkins.
    [Principal Laughs]
Eric Gantry’s mom   Wait, honey. Forgot your lunch. Remember, I’m working late, okay? So leftovers for dinner. Bye.
Jarod   Excuse me, Mrs. Gantry. My name is Jarod Brodie. I’m Eric’s new teacher. I was wondering if I could talk to you about some trouble he’s having.
Mrs. Gantry   Oh, you mean Joel? Yeah, Eric told me about what happened yesterday.
Jarod   Joel is a bit of a problem.
Mrs. Gantry   But you think Eric’s all right otherwise?
Jarod   “Otherwise”?
Mrs. Gantry   Oh, you know, I just worry, that’s all. You know, with this whole “secret agent” spy game of his.
Jarod   Pretending isn’t so bad.
Mrs. Gantry   Yeah, as long as he’s not hiding in it. But it is the sixth grade. I’m probably just being silly.
Jarod   Hey, it’s not silly to care about your son. I’ll have a talk with him.
    [Bell Ringing]
Mrs. Gantry   Thank you.
Jarod   Excuse me, Mrs. Warner. The parking sticker you gave me- I can’t find it anywhere. I must have lost it.
Mrs. Warner   Boys- They’d lose their heads if they weren’t attached.
Jarod   Well, technically, lack of cranial attachment would nullify all other motor skills, therefore the notion- [The woman looks at him like he’s insane] Uh, if it helps, I believe it was sticker number 48.
Mrs. Warner   No, Mr. Brodie, you had 55. Number 48 belongs to Larry Grasso, our janitor.
Jarod   Thank you.
    [Jarod’s watching janitor]
Gail (Matthew’s mother)   Mr. Brodie! Hi. Matthew forgot his lunch. So, I have just been dying to know what you thought of my risotto.
Jarod   Actually, I was- I was going to call you.
Gail   Really?
Jarod   The other evening, when I was asking you the questions about where you used to live- I know why you dodging them.
Gail   Did- Did I give you that impression?
Jarod   Gail, I know why you and Matthew had to move here. You can trust me. Really.
Gail   You have no idea how hard it’s been keeping this a secret and living this lie. I mean, I-I thought that he was a nice guy. You know, I had no idea about the hidden camera. I guess everyone’s got the internet these days. And- And before you knew it-
Jarod   You never lived in Woodbury? There was no testimony, no trial?
Gail   Trial?
    Parker’s Residence
Sydney   How is Edna?
Miss Parker   As vacant as the Bates Motel.
Sydney   Edna? Do you remember me? We were colleagues at the Centre many, many years ago.
Edna   Sydney.
Sydney   That’s right. You do remember. Edna? Edna, can you hear me?
Miss Parker   Forget it, Syd. She’s been clap-on, clap-off all afternoon.
Sydney   Twenty years of sedation must have taken a damaging toll on her brain.
Miss Parker   But something brought her here- something brought her here looking for mother. What?
Sydney   Let’s try and find out.
Miss Parker   Well, there’s only one reason the Centre would have gone to such lengths to keep her quiet. She knows their dirty little secrets. I want to know them too.
Sydney   Even if Edna were lucid she may not have the capacity to tell you.
Miss Parker   Well, this dig isn’t over. Takes one to know one, right? Maybe we should pass the shovel to Angelo and see what he can find in there.
    Bolton Elementary
    [Jarod crosses out all possible names]
Eric   Tough day, huh?
Jarod   I’m afraid so, Eric.
Eric   Did you just get some bad news?
Jarod   Yeah. [Sees Inisde of Boys Locker] Wow. That’s some pretty sophisticated spy equipment you got there. What’s that thing? Hey, look at this- An operative’s communicator.
Eric   You know, so my superiors can contact me.
Jarod   When you’re on a mission. Eric, Joel was kind of a jerk yesterday- the way he was making fun of you in front of everybody like that.
Eric   I try not to let him get to me. I don’t really care what he or any of the other non-operatives think.
Jarod   Except for Molly, right? I see the way you look at her.
Eric   That’s supposed to be top secret. Again, stupid Joel compromised everything. Check this out. I keep all my secrets in here. You don’t exactly have the proper clearance but, uh, I’ll make an exception.
Jarod   Whoa. A surveillance photo. Nice going.
Eric   She probably hates me.
Jarod   Nah. No, you got that dashing spy-thing going on. Girls love that.
Eric   Still, what do I do?
Jarod   Well, if I were you, I would just face it head on and tell her how you feel.
Eric   No way. Suicide mission.
Jarod   When you care about somebody, you’ve gotta tell them while you’ve got the chance.
Eric   I wouldn’t know what to say.
Jarod   Here. Practice into this thing, and when you get it right, tell her.
    [Bell Ringing]
Eric   Mr. Brodie? Thanks. [secret hand shake] You’re the first friend I’ve made since I came here.
Jarod (flashback)   [Eric’s Voice]You’re the first friend I made since I came here

[Jarod’s Voice] How many of you spent your whole life in Bolton? [Recalls Eric raising his hand]
[Eric’s Voice] I keep all my secrets in here

Jarod   [Returns to Eric’s locker, breaks into it, sees secret book, drawings of crime scene, trial, Woodbury class photo]

Woodbury? Eric is the witness.

Mrs. Warner, have you seen Eric Gantry?

Mrs. Warner   He was talking to the janitor a few minutes ago. Then I saw him walking home.
Jarod   Damn it.
Mrs. Warner   Mr. Brodie!
    [Janitor in car, follows an oblivious Eric]
Eric   [Enters woods, pretending] This is Agent X-4 checking in.
    [janitor follows Eric] [Jarod pursues, hears shot] [Someone drives away in janitor’s vehicle]
Jarod   Eric! Eric!
    [Tires Screeching]
    [Jarod sees bloody foot print, enters woods]
Jarod   Eric! Eric!
Janitor   Over here.
Jarod   [Finds Janitor bleeding] What happened? Where’s Eric?
Janitor   I was trying to help the kid.
Jarod   [Opens janitor’s coat, sees badge] You’re a U.S. marshal.
Janitor   There’s a leak inside Witness Protection. I was just about to pull Eric in. They’re gonna kill him if you don’t stop them.
Jarod   Who? Who shot you?
Janitor   Didn’t see him. Gotta be Esposito’s inside man.
Jarod   You hang on. I’m going to get some help.
Janitor   Save Eric. The killer knows where he lives. Don’t let him go home, Jarod. Don’t let him go home.
Jarod (flashback)   [Jarod’s Voice] Operative’s communicator.

[Eric’s Voice] So my superiors can contact me.

Jarod   [Phone Beeping, Typing Message To Eric]
Eric   [Pretending, Drops Pager, Pager Beeps, Walks up to door, reaches for knob] [Muffled Cries]
Jarod   Shh, shh. It’s me. Come on. Back to my house. Let’s get your mom.
Mrs. Gantry   When I heard that animal got out, I was, uh- I was so scared. But then Witness Protection called and they said not to worry, that they were sending someone out to keep an eye on us.
Jarod   The janitor. Esposito’s man already got to him.
Mrs. Gantry   My God. [Rushes to Phone] They gave me a number to call in case of an emergency.
Jarod   [Takes Phone Away] You can’t. There’s a leak inside the agency. It’s not safe.
Mrs. Gantry   Okay. Okay, so what do we do? We call the police?
Jarod   My gut says that we stay under everybody’s radar at least for tonight. Sit down and try to relax.
Eric   Mr. Brodie, I am so, so sorry that I lied in class when you asked who’s lived here a long time. I mean, they told me that sometimes I had to lie. It’s not like I wanted to.
Jarod   Eric. You did the right thing.
Eric   Mom, I’m done.
Mrs. Gantry   Okay, honey.
Jarod   Hey. There’s eight cartons of ice cream in the freezer.
Mrs. Gantry   After your homework.
Jarod   He’s a terrific kid.
Mrs. Gantry   Yeah.
Jarod   You two have been through a lot.
Mrs. Gantry   Yeah, but he’s just a boy, and he deserves a childhood surrounded by family and friends and instead he was hustled away in the middle of the night, taken away from everything.
Jarod   It’s not fair. I know. At least he has his mother to take care of him.
Mrs. Gantry   My little man. I don’t deserve him. I really don’t. Saw the murder- His class was going on a field trip and Eric woke up with some sniffles and a fever coming on and I really should have kept him home but I didn’t. See, I had made plans that day.
Jarod   What happened wasn’t your fault.
Mrs. Gantry   I am his mother. I’m supposed to keep him safe and happy, and he’s neither. And the worst part is that once the new trial starts it’s gonna start all over again.
    The Centre
Sydney   Quietly, Angelo. I’m taking you to see a friend of mine- Edna.
Angelo   Syndey’s friend dead.
Sydney   No, she’s very much alive.
Angelo   No. Dead inside.
Sydney   That is why I need your help, Angelo. Got it?
    [Hand reaches through just before elevator doors close]
Raines   Working late, Sydney?
Lyle   Isn’t it past Bonzo’s bedtime?
Sydney   I have this idea that Angelo might be able to empath Jarod’s next move.
Raines   Your idea will have to wait. Angelo’s skills are required in another pursuit at the moment.
Lyle   That a problem?
Sydney   No, of course not.
Lyle   Come on, monkey boy.
    Jarod’s Lair
Eric   Mom, what’s gonna happen to us?
Mrs. Gantry   I don’t know, kiddo. We may have to play it fast and loose again.
Eric   Mom, I can’t leave. Not yet.
Mrs. Gantry   Honey, I don’t know that we have a choice.
Eric   Mom, please. There’s something I have to do.
Mrs. Gantry   Baby, I’m so sorry. This never should have happened to you. Now try and get some sleep. Okay? [To Jarod] So what now?
Jarod   The marshal said that Esposito’s man is someone inside the school. I find him before he finds us. [Searches Database]
    Parker’s House
Miss Parker   Mrs. Raines, that monster you’re married to has kept you doped up for the last 20 years. Why? What did you know?
Edna   So good to see you again, Catherine.
Miss Parker   That’s right. I’m Catherine, your friend. I’m here to help you, but you need to help me too.
Edna   So good to see you again, Catherine.
Miss Parker   And I know you came here to see me for a reason. Please… tell me what it it.
Edna   So good to see you again, Catherine.
Miss Parker   Look, I’m not Catherine. All right? Catherine’s been dead a very long time. Do you hear me? [Groans] I’m not my mother.
Edna   How are your mumps, little Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   You remember. Edna, please- Tell me why came here to see me.
Edna   Mirage.
Miss Parker   “Mirage.” What is mirage?
Edna   What your mother started. Work she hoped you’d finish.
Miss Parker   What kind of work? Edna? Edna? Edna, stay with me.
    Jarod’s Lair
Jarod   Rachel. “Rachel Daly. Chicago field office. Federal marshal, Witness Protection Division. Current assignment: On leave.” [To Mrs. Gantry The Next Morning] Rachel Daly.
Mrs. Gantry   Rachel Daly, the school counselor?
Jarod   She’s a Witness Protection agent from out of state.
Mrs. Gantry   But why would she do that?
Jarod   Money. Eric’s testimony is the only thing that could put Esposito back in prison. Where is he?
Mrs. Gantry   Uh, he’s still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake him till I had to.
Jarod   We have to get you two out of town. I’ll deal with Rachel later.
    [Jarod opens door, room is empty]
Mrs. Gantry   Oh, my God, they got him. Eric! Eric!
Jarod   No. This wasn’t forced open. It was unlocked from the inside.
Mrs. Gantry   But why? Where would he go?
    Bolton Elementary
    [School Bell Ringing]
    [Pop Music on P.A.]
Eric   Hey. Hi. Uh, Molly, can I talk to you for a sec? There’s somewhere I have to go. You know, it’s a secret mission but I didn’t want to leave before I told you something.
Molly   Yeah? What?
Eric   All year long, I- No. No, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant. Here. [Offers her a tape] Uh, can you just listen to this? Please?
Molly   Sure.
Joel   Sorry to interrupt your love connection but you already got a date- with my fist. [Swings, Eric Ducks, Runs, Runs into Rachel]
Rachel   Eric. Just the young man I was looking for. Why don’t you come with me? There’s someone here to see you.
Esposito   Hey there, buddy. Remember me?
Mrs. Gantry   Eric! Eric!
Jarod   Molly. Have you seen Eric Gantry?

That jerk Joel chased him that way.

Mrs. Gantry   Eric! Eric! [Sees Eric’s book bag] Oh, my God. She has him. Jarod, what are we gonna do? Where could they have taken him?
Jarod   [Picks up recorder which had fallen out of bag] Wait a minute. [Sees recorder blinking/in record mode] Smart boy, Eric. [Tape Rewinding]
    [Eric On Tape] Leave me alone.

[Esposito On Tape] Shut up.

Mrs. Gantry   My God.
    [Eric On Tape] Where are you taking me?

[Esposito On Tape] Don’t worry, kid. It’s a short walk. Sorry I didn’t bring a hard hat.

[Daly On Tape] Come on, Eric.

[Eric On Tape] Let me go!

Jarod   Call the police.
Eric   I swear to God, I will not testify against you. Please, let me go!
Esposito   Sorry, kid, but as long as you’re alive you stand to seriously foul up my life. Get in the hole.
Eric   No! [Runs, Rachel catches him]
Rachel   Be a good boy, Eric, and do as he says.
Esposito   [Pulls gun] Both of you.
Jarod   Why don’t you fill it yourself? [Swings shovel, knocks Esposito into hole]
Rachel   Thank God, Jarod. I saw him dragging Eric here and I didn’t-
Jarod   I know, I know. [Puts arm around Rachel] You know something? I don’t think this hole is full enough. [Shoves Rachel into hole]
Rachel   Oh!
Jarod   [To Eric] You okay?
Eric   Uh, yeah.
Jarod   Good. You go take care of your mom now. Go.
Eric   Okay.
Jarod   [To Rachel and Esposito] It’s kind of fitting, don’t you think? You’ve gotten yourselves into a hole you can’t get out of.
Rachel   Jarod, come on.
Esposito   Come on. We were just talking to that kid.
Jarod   Oh, yes, like the way she [referring to Rachel] was just talking to that federal marshal- when she murdered him or the way you were just talking to the shop owner two years ago when he was bludgeoned to death. [Jarod positions cement chute over hole]
Esposito   Oh. Whoa, whoa. What are you doing?
Rachel   Jarod?
Jarod   [Switches on cement mixer]
Rachel   Jarod, what are you doing?
Esposito   He’s crazy.
Jarod   Eric was just a boy. All he wanted was his childhood, to be with his family, to play with his friends. But you took all that away from him. In an instant, everything he knew was just taken away. Well, now it’s your turn to disappear and no one will ever miss you.
Rachel   Okay, I did sell Eric out and I did shoot the marshal, but I can help you out. I can testify against Esposito.
Esposito   Shut up!
Jarod   I don’t know. Why don’t you offer her some more money, Esposito?
Esposito   You’re insane. You can’t do this.
Rachel   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   I’m just a guy who’s digging your grave. [Laughs] Oh, that’s right- You two already dug it. I’m just filling it in. [Speeds up cement] You better talk quick. This stuff dries fast.
Esposito   All right! All right, I did it! I said I did it.
Jarod   [Switches off Truck] Come again?
Esposito   I killed the shop owner. I hired her to kill the kid. Is that what you want to hear?
Jarod   Yes. As a matter of fact, it is. [Tape Rewinding]
[Espisoto On Tape]   I killed the shop ownere and I hired her to kill the kid. Is that what you want to hear?
Jarod   You’re still going to disapper- Both of you.
Rachel   Jarod, what are you doing?
Esposito   I gave you what you wanted.
    [Jarod Switches On Truck and Hole Begins Filling Again]
    [Both Shouting]
Rachel   Jarod! You can’t just leave us in here.
Esposito   Wait! Wait!

The Centre

Miss Parker   What about Mirage? Anything yet?
Broots   Uh- [Clears Throat] Well, I’ve, uh- I’ve scanned the D.S.A. file directory, and-
Miss Parker   The headlines, Broots. Not the fine print.
Broots   No. Nothing on Mirage. Maybe it’s just nonsense. I mean, this lady is a little whacked-out.
Miss Parker   Most of the time, yeah, but not when she said Mirage. I know it. So-
Broots   It’s back to the salt mines for me.
    [We see that Lyle and Raines were eavesdropping]
    Jarod’s Lair
    [Eric and Jarod make brownies… prune brownies.]
    Bolton Elementary
    [Eric and Jarod rig the door of portable toilet on the playgroun, attaching the door to a fishing pole and placing locks on all other available toilets]
    [Bell Ringing]
    [Joel takes the bait, snatches the bag from Eric]
Eric   Come on, Joel.
Joel   What did you bring for me today, freak? What’s this? Brownies? Oh.
Eric   Don’t, Joel. You’ll be sorry.
Joel   Oh, I haven’t been sorry yet. [Snickers] [Stuffs entire thing into his mouth] Mmm. Mmm! That’s good. Too bad your mother didn’t make you any, freak.
Jarod   [To Eric] Patience. It won’t be long, with the amount of prune extract we put in ’em. I would say right… about… now.
Joel   [Rumbling] [Runs to Toilet, Closes door]
Jarod   I wonder what came over him.
Eric   Something he ate, maybe?
Jarod   Hmm.
    [Eric pulls fishing string, door falls off and Joel is exposed]
    [Laughter, Chattering]
Joel   No! [Cries]
Jarod   Well, Agent Gantry, mission accomplished.
Eric   Mission accomplished.
    [Bell Ringing]
Mrs. Gantry   Excuse me. Seen the paper this morning? Now, I can’t understand how they got the story, and yet there’s not one mention about the guy who made it all happen.
Jarod   Teaching can be such a thankless profession.
Mrs. Gantry   Not entirely. Thank you, Jarod.
Eric   Thanks, Mr. Brodie.
Molly   Eric, can I talk to you for a sec? I listened to your tape. It was sweet. I’m really glad you gave it to me.
Eric   Really?
Molly   Mm-hmm. So, I was wondering- Do you want to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me tomorrow night?
Eric   Yeah! I-I mean- Of course I do.
Molly   Good. I’ll… see you in classs.
Eric   Mom, we don’t have to leave tonight, do we?
Mrs. Gantry   Does a certain secret agent have one last rendezvous?
Eric   Yeah.
    Parker’s Home
Miss Parker   She okay, Sam?
Sam   She went and laid down. I haven’t heard a word from her.
Sydney   Mrs. Raines? Edna?
Sam   [Whispering] Oh, man.
Sydney   Now we’re left empty-handed.
Miss Parker   Not exactly. I still have Mirage.
    Bus Stop
Edna Raines  

Kri kra toad’s foot

Geese walk barefoot

    [Vehicle Approaching]
Edna Raines   Kri kra toad’s foot [Edna Raines Boards Bus, Singing Continues]

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