3-14 At The Hour Of Our Death

3-14 At The Hour Of Our Death

At The Hour Of Our Death

Love transcends death. That the people we love touch our lives even after they’re gone.


At The Hour Of Our Death

Love transcends death. That the people we love touch our lives even after they’re gone.


Original air date: February 27, 1999

Written by: Mark M. Dodson

Directed by: Steven Long Mitchell

The spirit of a young girl who died at the Centre appears to both Jarod and Miss Parker after Jarod’s plane crashes in the wilderness and Miss Parker falls deathly ill.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Faith

Jarod’s Occupations:

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod struggles to survive in remote wilderness following a plane crash; doctors attempt to save Miss Parker’s life after she collapses at the Centre.


As Jarod pilots a small sea plane over a mountainous region, he contacts Sydney about a package he shipped to Miss Parker.  Sydney confirms that the package arrived earlier in the day, and assures it will be delivered to Miss Parker once she arrives at the Centre.  Suddenly, the engine on Jarod’s plane begins to sputter.  The craft crashes violently in the middle of a river.  Meanwhile, when Miss Parker arrives at the Centre, she complains of an upset stomach.  Sydney gives her the package, which contains a Rosary.  Suddenly, Miss Parker doubles over and collapses.

Miss Parker is rushed to the hospital, where she is diagnosed with a perforated ulcer and massive internal bleeding.  Doctors are unsure if she will live.  When Parker returns from surgery, she mumbles the word “Faith.”  Sydney vaguely recalls a Centre project, supervised by Raines and Mr. Parker, that was code-named “Faith.”  He returns to the Centre to research the matter.

In flashback, a young Miss Parker tells Jarod that a dead body is being kept in the containment area.  Insatiably curious, the young pair follows Mr. Raines through the Centre, certain he will lead them to the secret room.  Raines almost discovers their presence, but at the last moment, a young Angelo ushers them into an air duct.  Angelo escorts the pair to the containment area.

Though hampered by a dislocated shoulder and an injured leg, Jarod manages to locate a survival pack on the river bank.  A hungry wolf approaches, but Jarod manages to scare it away by throwing a rock.  He then uses an emergency radio to contact an air patrol unit.  Unfortunately, Jarod is unsure of his exact location.  Moments later, he loses the signal.  As night falls, Jarod manages to start a small fire.  But while shooing away the wolf, he inadvertently causes a clump of snow to douse the flames.

In flashback, a young Miss Parker, Jarod and Angelo make their way through the containment area.  They come upon the body of a young girl, her eyes closed, her face peaceful and angelic.  As the pair stand and gaze, the little girl’s eyes suddenly snap open.  Jarod and Miss Parker, who thought the girl was dead, jump back.  The girl, Faith, introduces herself.  She tells the others that she is ill, and welcomes their company.  Jarod peruses Faith’s medical chart.  Later, he informs Parker and Angelo that Faith’s condition is grave.

As the cold of night envelops him, Jarod’s eyes flutter shut.  Meanwhile, at the hospital, Miss Parker goes into cardiac arrest.  Doctors spring into action and prepare a defibrillator.  In her near-death state, Miss Parker receives a visit from Faith’s spirit.  The little girl encourages her to fight.

In flashback, Faith’s condition worsens.  A young Miss Parker hands her a Rosary, which had belonged to her mother.  Moments later, Faith dies.

As Jarod lies unconscious on the river bank, he, too, receives a visit from Faith’s spirit.  She tells him not to give up, as help is on the way.

Doctors manage to revive Miss Parker.  Moments later, Mr. Parker moves to his daughter’s bed to offer support.  When Miss Parker regains consciousness, she asks her father about Faith.  He tells her that Faith was her adopted sister.  It turns out that Catherine Parker heard about the girl through her priest, Father Moore.  Faith’s parents had been killed in an accident.  Not long after, Faith was diagnosed with leukemia.  The State placed the girl in a convalescent home.  Catherine could not tolerate the idea of letting the child die in the home.  With Father Moore’s help, she adopted Faith and brought her to the Centre.  Mr. Parker and his colleagues used an experimental drug to treat the girl.  But Faith died shortly after Catherine was killed.  Mr. Parker’s account of Faith’s death is interrupted when Sydney and Broots walk into the hospital room.  Sydney hands Miss Parker the Rosary.

Using flight charts, satellite images and other information, Broots manages to narrow Jarod’s location to within a three mile stretch of river in Montana.  He contacts Montana air patrol with the information.  As the wolf again approaches Jarod, snarling and prepared to attack, the whoosh of helicopter blades sound overhead.  Frightened, the wolf runs off.

When Jarod regains consciousness, he finds himself in a hospital room.  Father Moore steps forward and introduces himself.  It was Moore who had sent Jarod the Rosary after they spoke by phone.  Jarod had been en route to meet with Moore when his plane crashed.  A mutual friend told the priest where Jarod could be found.  Jarod suddenly panics, aware that the Centre might be closing in on him.  But Moore assures him that the Centre is unaware of his location.  Later, Jarod and Miss Parker converse by telephone.  Jarod explains that when Faith was buried, Father Moore found the Rosary clutched in the girl’s hand.  Knowing how much it meant to Catherine, he had asked Jarod to give the Rosary to Miss Parker.

When Miss Parker recovers, she and her father visit Faith’s grave.

3-14 At The Hour Of Our Death

At The Hour Of Our Death Transcript


Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   It’s incredible how beautiful Yellowstone is, even from twelve thousand feet.
Sydney   I can barely hear you.
Jarod   I’m going through a little turbulence. Speaking of black clouds, is Miss Parker around?
Sydney   Hasn’t arrived yet.
Jarod   Well, it’s very important that I speak with her.
Sydney   Sounds mysterious.
Jarod   I’m on my way to meet someone that was very close to her mother. Someone who can answer a lot of questions.
Sydney   Jarod, is something wrong?
Jarod   I’m fine, but my engine doesn’t appear to be. Listen Sydney, I don’t have much time. Did the package come that I sent for Miss Parker?
Sydney   It arrived early this morning.
Jarod   See that she gets it.
Sydney   Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.
Jarod   Sydney if you don’t talk to me in one hour…..
Sydney   Jarod?
Jarod   Come on baby don’t fail on me now.
TV   Make with the hot stuff, stranger boy.
Miss Parker   Home movies, Broots?
Broots   Oh, Miss Parker. Good morning.
Miss Parker   What’s good about it, Cheeta?
Broots   Well, ah, are you okay?
Miss Parker   Just peachy. Thomas is out of town for another week. The last time I checked my father was still in Cabo with that troll. And if that’s not enough torment he left Raines in charge of this nut house. Speaking of which just what in the hell are you two doing?
Broots   Oh uh, it’s therapy. Sydney’s hoping that a little cognitive stimulation might improve Angelo’s expressive abilities.
Miss Parker   Well it certainly seems to be working for the monkeys.
Sydney   Oh Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   You wanted to see me Dr Dolittle?
Sydney   You okay?
Miss Parker   I’m fine. Geez, a person gets a little gas and people think you’re dying.
Sydney   It seems like you’ve had a great deal of indigestion lately.
Miss Parker   What do you expect? I work with you three.
TV   And it sure made a happy girl out of Fanny. And made a big hero out of Lonesome Stranger. Hi-ho Plastic.
Miss Parker   For God’s sake. What do you want Sydney?
Sydney   It’s from Jarod, for you.
Miss Parker   Probably another twisted attempt to rub my face in my twisted dysfunctional family life.
Broots   A rosary?
Angelo   Miss Parker has pain.
Sydney   Parker, are you okay?
Miss Parker   Sydney. Hang on, oh God.
Broots   Miss Parker? Miss Parker.
Sydney   Parker, Parker. Can you hear me?
Broots   Syd she was just standing there and then then she just fell. Oh my God, she’s burning up.
Sydney   She’s going into shock. We’ve got to get her to a hospital now.
Broots   Okay. Help! We need help. Somebody call 911…
Angelo   Miss Parker needs faith. But faith is dead. Miss Parker needs faith. But faith is dead.
Jarod   Mayday. Mayday. This is two-niner Charlie Victor. Over.
Radio   What’s your problem Charlie Victor?
Jarod   I’ve lost all power and I’m descending rapidly.
Radio   Charlie Victor what’s your location? Over. Charlie Victor, do you read me? Over.
Jarod   Urgh! Urgh! Argh!
Nurse   BP is 70 over 40 and falling. Pulse 110 and thready. Pupils dilated and unresponsive. O2 saturation 78. Respiration shallow at 40.
Doctor   She needs plasma O neg. Lots of it. I want a BV blood gases, the works. You’re a doctor, right?
Sydney   Psychiatrist.
Doctor   What the hell happened?
Sydney   She was experiencing abdominal pain and then she just collapsed. She has a history of ulcers. And she’s been under a lot of stress.
Doctor   She appears to have massive internal bleeding, probably a perforated ulcer.
Broots   Will she be okay?
Doctor   It’s too early to tell. Excuse me. Alert OR to prepare for surgery.
Sydney   Broots I’ve got to get back to The Centre.
Broots   You’re leaving now, Syd?
Sydney   Jarod is supposed to call.
Broots   Jarod?
Sydney   I’ll explain later. Stay here and monitor her condition. I’ll be back.
Broots   Okay. I’m not going anywhere.
Priest   Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me. In spiritus sanctu, amen.
Man’s Voice   The valley of the shadow of death the shadow of death the shadow of death.
Young Miss Parker   Jarod, can you keep a secret?
Young Jarod   I guess so Miss Parker. What is it?
Young Miss Parker   There’s a dead body in the Centre.
Young Jarod   A dead body? Where is it?
Young Miss Parker   I saw them deliver the coffin this morning to Doctor Raines. He told them to take it to the containment area.
Young Jarod   Yeah. I’ve heard Sydney talk about that place. They do a lot of special projects down there, but they’ve never taken me there. I don’t even know where it is.
Young Miss Parker   Me neither. I asked my daddy about the coffin and the body, but he wouldn’t talk about it.  For the last few weeks, since
mommy died he’s been too busy to talk to me about anything. I still can’t believe she’s really gone.
Young Jarod   I’m sorry about your mother.
Young Miss Parker   I’m okay. Anyway, if Dad won’t tell me where the body is I’ll just find it on my own.
Young Jarod   Well if you could follow Doctor Raines without him knowing it, he would lead you straight to it.
Young Miss Parker   Come on. Then let’s go find him.
Young Jarod   Wait I didn’t say I would do it.
Young Miss Parker   You’re not scared are you?
Young Jarod   No. It’s just… I’ve never seen anyone who’s dead before.
Young Miss Parker   It can’t hurt you anymore. I’m more afraid of Doctor Raines. I hate doctors.
Doctor   She’s lost a lot of blood. Pressures almost undetectable. We don’t have much time.
Nurse   She’s prepped for abdominal entry.
Doctor   You’re ready?
Doctor   She’s out. Let’s start.
Doctor   This one’s going to need a miracle to survive.
Jarod   Ahhhh!
Young Jarod   I wonder what it’s like to die.
Young Miss Parker   Ask Raines. Looks like he died a long time ago. Come on let’s go find the dead guy.
Young Jarod   It’s weird. Death is something that everyone experiences but no one wants to talk about.
Young Miss Parker   Yeah. When my mom died all the grown ups would come up and talk to me about anything except what I wanted to talk about. About what happened to her. He went this way.
Young Jarod   So then we find the coffin and then what?
Young Miss Parker   We open it.
Young Jarod   I wonder what it will look like. What if it was someone who was mutilated in a wreck or killed in a SIM?
Young Miss Parker   Or maybe it was someone The Centre wanted to get rid of. Maybe Doctor Raines created some kind of monster, like Frankenstein.
Young Jarod   Who’s Frankenstein? He’s coming back. Come on. There’s nowhere to hide. What do we do?
Young Miss Parker   I don’t know.
Raines   Who’s in there?
Young Miss Parker   Thanks Angelo.
Young Angelo   Faith is waiting.
Young Jarod   That was too close.
Young Miss Parker   Don’t wet your pants Jarod. You look like you’re going to pass out or something.
Jarod   Perfect. Get out of here! Hello, can anybody read me? This is an emergency. Hello? Over.
Air Patrol   This is Montana Air Patrol. Please respond.
Jarod   This is two-nine Charlie Victor. My engine stalled and I’ve crashed into a river or an inlet. I need some help.
Air Patrol   Are you hurt? Over.
Jarod   I have multiple lacerations and I’ve dislocated my shoulder. And I think I’ve broken a couple of ribs. I’m stable for now but I could use medical help.
Air Patrol   Roger that. Are there any other survivors? Over.
Jarod   No I’m alone. Hello? Hello? Can you hear me Air Patrol? Over. Hello? Hello?
Air Patrol   This is Air Patrol. I’m losing your signal. There is a cold front coming in. We need your exact location. Respond.
Jarod   I’m not sure. I was about two hours outside of Casper. I was heading west. I’m about thirty miles from….
Air Patrol   Thirty miles from where, Charlie Victor? I’m losing you.
Jarod   Hello? Hello?
Air Patrol   Please respond, Charlie Victor. I lost him.
Air Patrol 2   Probably for good. Nobody could survive a night out there. No one.
Jarod   Hello. Can you hear me? Over. Can anybody hear me? Hello? Can anybody hear me?
Sydney   Jarod?
Broots   No it’s Broots. I’m here at the hospital. What’s going on?
Sydney   Jarod never called. It’s not like him. How’s Miss Parker?
Broots   I don’t know. They just brought her out of surgery. They’re getting her settled into ICU. I want to go in there but they’re not letting any one see her yet. She shouldn’t be alone in there, Syd.
Sydney   Stay put Broots. I’m heading back there right away.
Broots   Okay. No one should be alone at a time like this.
Jarod   Damn it! Come on. Come on. Please light. Come on. Don’t go out on me.
Broots   You look so cold. It’s so strange you giving me a hard time all the time but I know you don’t mean it. I know it’s just your way. You’ve always been there for me whenever I needed someone it was you. Man, you probably can’t even hear me. I just want you to know that other than Debbie, I feel closer to you than to anyone. Miss Parker. Oh, you know…you can’t leave me. Miss Parker. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid Miss Parker.
Young Jarod   Don’t be afraid, Miss Parker.
Young Miss Parker   Afraid? I’m not afraid, I just want to know where the hell we’re going.
Young Angelo   M…M….Miss Parker needs Faith.
Young Miss Parker   We don’t need faith Angelo. We have to find the body.
Young Jarod   Look. That must be it.
Young Miss Parker   What is it?
Young Jarod   It’s where they’re keeping the body.
Young Angelo   Faith.
Young Jarod   It feels strange to be here.
Young Miss Parker   Well, maybe we shouldn’t be. Come on, let’s get out of here.
Young Jarod   Wait! We’ve come this far. What’s wrong?
Young Miss Parker   Nothing. It reminds me of… Never mind.
Young Jarod   But I thought you wanted to see it.
Young Miss Parker   I do. It just isn’t the right time.
Young Jarod   Are you afraid?
Young Miss Parker   I don’t know.
Young Jarod   Come on.
Jarod   You hungry? Well so am I. So you’re just going to have to wait a little longer for me. No!
Broots   Sydney.
Sydney   How is she?
Broots   Well she’s lost a lot of blood. Her fever’s over a hundred and two. The doctors say she’s developed peritonitis, whatever the hell that is.
Sydney   It’s bad.
Broots   They said she… that she might not make it. I wish there was something I could do.
Sydney   You’re already doing it Broots.
Nurse   Sorry guys. I’ve got to ask you to leave now. It’s real important she gets her rest.
Miss Parker   Faith. Faith.
Nurse   Shh. It’s okay. It’s okay.
Miss Parker   Faith.
Broots   She keeps saying something about faith.
Sydney   That’s what Angelo said in the SIM Lab when he saw the rosary that Jarod sent her.
Broots   Right before she collapsed. What do you think it means?
Sydney   I’m not sure. But I seem to remember there was a project a long time ago that was code named Faith. We need to get back to The Centre.
Broots   Now?
Sydney   I believe Jarod was in a plane crash.
Broots   What?
Sydney   I need you to try to figure out where he might have gone down. Nurse.
Nurse   Yes?
Sydney   If her condition changes….
Nurse   I have all your numbers. I’ll contact you immediately. There’s isn’t much you can do here now, anyway. It’s all up to her now.
Sydney   Thank you.
Miss Parker   Faith…. have to find Faith.
Young Miss Parker   It’s… it’s a girl.
Young Jarod   She’s beautiful.
Faith   Ah hm.
Young Jarod   You’re not dead.
Faith   Neither are you.
Young Jarod   Yeah. It’s just we….never mind.
Young Miss Parker   My name is Miss Parker.
Faith   Kinda formal isn’t it? Hi. I’m Faith.
Young Jarod   I’m Jarod. And this is Angelo. He doesn’t talk much.
Miss Parker   Hi.
Young Jarod   What are you doing here?
Faith   I’ve been sick. Really really sick. They brought me here to get well. I’ve never seen other children in this place.
Young Miss Parker   Yeah. They live here. I’m here with my dad. He works here. But, as it turns out, I’m usually alone.
Faith   I’m used to being by myself too. But I’m not alone now. Maybe we could play together, you know, be friends?
Young Miss Parker   I’d like that.
Young Angelo   Bad.
Young Jarod   Come on. We’ve gotta get out of here. Someone’s coming.
Miss Parker   We’re not supposed to be down here. We could get into a lot of trouble.
Faith   I won’t tell anyone. I promise.
Young Miss Parker   We’ve got to go now. I’ll be back.
Faith   I’m not going anywhere.
Young Angelo   Close.
Young Miss Parker   You know I’ve never had a friend before, I mean a girlfriend. I can’t wait for Faith to get well so we can play together.
Young Jarod   Faith, ah, isn’t just sick. She’s very sick.
Young Miss Parker   What do you mean?
Young Jarod   I read her chart and she’s… she’s not gonna to make it.
Young Miss Parker   But, I don’t want her to die. I don’t want anyone to die. I don’t want her to die, I don’t want anyone to die.
Angelo   Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the time of our death. Amen.
Angelo   Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the time of our death. Amen.
Angelo   Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the time of our death…. Amen.
Faith   Hi Jarod.
Nurse   Bring it in this way. Got it.
Nurse   No pulse! No respiration!
Doctor   We’ve got full code here people. 10ccs of epinephrine now. Prepare to defibrillate starting at one hundred. All clear.
Faith   Hi.
Young Jarod   Are you okay?
Young Miss Parker   Yeah. I guess. Come on. Is she asleep?
Young Angelo   Faith. Faith.
Faith   Oh, hi. Did you see her?
Miss Parker   Who?
Faith   My mommy. She was right here.
Young Jarod   There’s no one here.
Faith   I must have been dreaming. But it was so real. We were laughing and talking about what we were gonna to do, and I didn’t feel, you know, sick any more.
Young Miss Parker   How do you feel?
Faith   Better since you got here.
Young Miss Parker   Here. It was my mom’s. It’s mine now. She said that I should hold it and think about her whenever I feel frightened or sad. You know it’s like I would feel her with me again. And before you know it I’m not frightened or lonely any more. It always makes me feel better.
Faith   Thank you. Thank you for being my friend. I will always be your friend. I will always be there for you, watching you, just like my mommy.
Young Jarod   She’s gone.
Young Miss Parker   No. No. Please no Faith, please don’t leave me. No. No. Please no, Faith. Please.
Young Jarod   They’ll be here soon. Come on.
Young Angelo   G….go.
Faith   I told you I would always be watching you. You’ve got to fight. You can’t give up. It’s not your time yet.
Doctor   All clear.
Faith   You’re mommy loves you very much and she wants you to fight too.
Doctor   Up to 200 One more time.
Faith   Your mommy loves you very much…very much… very much.
Young Miss Parker   Momma, show me how to braid my hair.
Catherine   Alright.
Doctor   We got her.
Nurse   This one’s a fighter.
Faith   Jarod, you can’t give up.
Jarod   I don’t understand.
Faith   Just hang on. They’ll be coming for you soon. Don’t give up.
Jarod   Not yet. You can’t…. have me…. yet. Just hang on. It’ll be daylight s…soon. Hang on.
Broots   Any news on Miss Parker?
Sydney   Nothing. But her father should be there about now. He was flying back in as soon as he heard what happened. And, I found something.
Broots   What?
Sydney   Buried deep in the Centre Archive. Faith.
Broots   Faith. Who is she?
Sydney   A young girl who was here a long time ago. The record’s incomplete. Somebody went to a lot of trouble to hide the truth. Any luck with Jarod?
Broots   Oh yeah. Using a map of Yellowstone, flight charts and satellite weather imaging from the last time you spoke with Jarod I figured he went down somewhere right in here.
Sydney   That would take days to search.
Broots   Well maybe not. I contacted the Montana Air Patrol and they received a distress call from someone in this area but lost it before they could establish an exact location.
Sydney   Jarod?
Broots   Well, it has to be. Using an emergency radio. I correlated my data along with the location of the Air Patrol’s receiving station. You see, I figure he’s got to be right here along this three mile bank of river.
Sydney   Contact Montana Air Patrol immediately. I just hope we’re not too late.
Nurse   Her vitals are stable. All we can do now is wait.
Mr Parker   Thank you nurse.
Miss Parker   Faith. Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?
Young Jarod   Are you going to be alright?
Young Miss Parker   I think so. Where did she go?
Young Jarod   I don’t know. At least she didn’t die alone.
Young Miss Parker   I wonder if we’ll ever see her again.
Young Angelo   Have faith.
Young Jarod   She said she’d always be watching over us.
Young Miss Parker   I miss her and I don’t even know who she was.
Miss Parker   Faith. Oh Daddy.
Mr Parker   I’m so glad you’re back.
Miss Parker   Daddy?
Mr Parker   Yes Angel?
Miss Parker   Who’s Faith?
Mr Parker   Faith…. was your sister.
Mr Parker   What an awful way to die.
Raines   Mr Parker. The cleaner’s will be here soon to dispose of the body.
Mr Parker   God’s sake Raines, don’t you have any compassion? Find the priest who did Catherine’s funeral, Father Moore. I want him to make the arrangements.
Raines   Father Moore? I never trusted him. We don’t know what all Catherine may have told him over the years.
Mr Parker   I don’t think you understand me. Catherine’s wishes will be carried out. The body is to go to Father Moore. End of discussion. Oh Lord. Nobody should ever die alone.
Jarod   You can’t have me yet. Over here!
Pilot   He’s alive!
Copilot   I’ll be damned.
Miss Parker   Daddy why didn’t you tell me about Faith?
Mr Parker   I didn’t tell you about Faith at first because…uh.. I knew she was dying. After your mother, I couldn’t tell you. We’d both had enough.
Miss Parker   She was my sister?
Mr Parker   Her parents were killed. She became a ward of the State. Then she was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors said that there was, ah, nothing to be done. The State…uh… put her in a convalescent home to die.
Miss Parker   How did she end up at The Centre?
Mr Parker   Well your ah, mother’s priest, Father Moore told her about the girl. They went to see her. Your mother said that might have been you in the nursing home. She had to do something otherwise she couldn’t live with herself.
Miss Parker   So the two of you adopted her?
Mr Parker   Well with Father Moore’s help, we brought her to the Centre where Catherine could be with her. We doctored her with an experimental drug the Centre was developing. Future treatment proved successful because of what we had learned from Faith. She died shortly after Catherine.
Nurse   Miss Parker. There are some people who would like to see you.
Broots   Miss Parker. Hi! Mr Parker.
Sydney   The Nurse called to let us know that you had regained consciousness and I thought you’d want this.
Miss Parker   Thank you both.
Sydney   Broots.
Broots   Guess we’ll see you later.
Sydney   Yes. Thank you.
Broots   Jarod?
Sydney   They found him, alive.
Father Moore   Jarod it’s nice to finally meet you in the flesh. I’m Father Moore.
Jarod   But how did you find me?
Father Moore   Well I was concerned when you didn’t arrive at Butte. You seemed so anxious to meet the last time we spoke. Our mutual friend at the Centre told me what happened and where I could find you.
Jarod   The Centre?
Father Moore   No no no. Relax. The Centre has no idea where you are or where we’re going.
Jarod   Thank you for helping me.
Father Moore   Catherine Parker would have wanted it that way.
Miss Parker   I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. How did you get it?
Jarod   An old friend of your mother’s.
Miss Parker   Father Moore.
Jarod   He found the Rosary clutched in Faith’s hand. He knew how much it meant to your mother so he wanted me to give it to you.
Miss Parker   Thank you Jarod. Do you ever think about her?
Jarod   I think about her all the time. It’s ironic too.
Miss Parker   What is?
Jarod   All those years ago, you and I, we went searching for death and we found someone who saved our lives.
Miss Parker   I’m sure she was in that room with me.
Jarod   And I’m sure she was with me up on that mountain.
Miss Parker   She said she would always be watching over me.
Jarod   She was.
Miss Parker   Are we crazy?
Jarod   I don’t know exactly what happened. But I do know that I’m sure of one thing.
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   Love transcends death. That the people we love touch our lives even after they’re gone.

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