3-15 Countdown

3-15 Countdown


That’s Jarod, always with an idea.

Miss Parker


That’s Jarod, always with an idea.

Miss Parker

Original air date: March 20, 1999

Written by: Andrew Dettmann & Daniel Truly

Directed by: Chuck Bowman

Jarod is just one step ahead of Miss Parker as he races to break a man out of a Mexican prison so that the man can help his desperately ill son.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Toy Airplanes

Jarod’s Occupations: School Bus Driver, Church Volunteer, Surgeon

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod travels to Mexico to free a ruthless prison inmate whose son is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.


Jarod parks an old school bus in front of a modest church in San Diego, California.  Reverend Collins thanks Jarod for repairing the vehicle and taking his congregation on field trips.  Jarod is more than happy to lend a hand, especially since he befriended young Ryan Wells, an eight-year-old boy whose father couldn’t make the trip.  Ryan’s mother, Cindy, stops by the church.  She tells Jarod that her son’s father, Ted, has been away on business and was unable to attend the field trip.  As Cindy drives Ryan home, her car collides with a truck.  The pair are rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors inform Ted Wells that Cindy suffered minor injuries.  Ryan, however, suffered severe abdominal trauma and must undergo a kidney transplant.

At the Centre, Broots shows Miss Parker news footage of a reporter covering the automobile accident.  Jarod can be seen amongst the bystanders.

Jarod speeds along Ryan’s blood work by impersonating a lab technician.  During the process, he discovers that Ted is not a match for Ryan…nor is he his father.  In private, Cindy tells Jarod about Ryan’s biological father, Luther Ecksley, whom she met when she began dating Ted.  Cindy came to realize that Luther was a dark and dangerous man.  She ended their relationship soon after it began.  When she became pregnant with Luther’s child, Ted assumed the baby was his own.  Cindy never told her husband the truth.  Jarod urges her to do so.  A short time later, he begins accessing police records in hopes of locating Luther.

Jarod ascertains that Luther was arrested for smuggling drugs out of Mexico.  His search leads him to a seedy bar, one of Luther’s former hang outs.  Jarod begins asking questions, hoping someone will know of Luther’s current whereabouts.  Suddenly, the bartender strikes him with a pool cue, knocking him to the floor.  One of Luther’s friends, a thug named Ray, informs him that Luther is serving a long sentence in a Mexican prison.

Meanwhile, Broots and Miss Parker interview Reverend Collins, who mentions Jarod’s intention to travel across the border.  Miss Parker receives a lucky break when she discovers a crumpled mug shot of Luther Ecksley inside Jarod’s trash.

In the guise of an international aid worker, Jarod infiltrates the prison.  Luther is agreeable to the idea of donating a kidney, labeling it an act of redemption.  Shortly thereafter, Jarod asks no-nonsense prison warden Anita Esparza for Luther’s temporary release.  She rejects the request.  But Esparza, who has children of her own, encourages Jarod to consider using “extreme measures.”  As Jarod listens, she instructs a subordinate to place Luther in a work detail at the prison’s loading dock that afternoon.  Jarod reads between the lines.  He drives a produce truck up to the prison’s loading dock.  When the guard isn’t looking, he pulls Luther into the truck and shows him a hidden compartment.  Luther climbs inside.  Jarod stops the truck at the front gate to speak with a guard.  Moments later, a car containing Broots and Miss Parker pulls up outside the gate.  The pair do not notice Jarod as they pass by.  Later, Jarod stops the truck on a deserted roadside.  Luther jumps out of the cargo area and listens to Jarod’s plan for getting them back into the United States.  Suddenly, Luther strikes Jarod in the head, knocking him unconscious.

When Jarod regains consciousness, he realizes he must start the hunt all over again.  Meanwhile, Broots continues his research on the return flight to the U.S.  He pinpoints a young boy in San Diego on a kidney donation list.  Miss Parker instructs the jet to land in San Diego.

Luther telephones Ray and arranges to meet him at midnight.  He vows to find the man responsible for tipping police about his drug smuggling activities…the same person who made off with 10 million dollars of his money.  When the telephone conversation ends, Ray exits the bar.  Unbeknownst to him, Luther is watching his movements from afar.  Jarod suddenly approaches Ray.  He tells him that Luther is setting him up… and is well aware that he is responsible for stealing the money.  Ray expresses skepticism.  Suddenly, Jarod pretends to get into a physical altercation with him.  During their struggle, Jarod tells Ray to look over his shoulder.  Ray sees Luther sitting in a Porsche.  Jarod warns him that Luther is after the money, and will trail him until he finds out where it is hidden.  Moments later, Ray pretends to shoot Jarod.  Ray then drives off in his car, with Luther in pursuit.

Unbeknownst to Luther, Jarod is hiding in the backseat of Ray’s vehicle.  Ray drives to the warehouse where the money is hidden.  Luther finds Ray and pushes a gun in his face.  He instructs him to retrieve the cash.  Ray, however, loses his nerve.  He calls to Jarod…who at that moment is sneaking up behind Luther.  Luther turns, pointing his gun.  He fires, sending Jarod diving for cover.  Moments later, Ray strikes Luther in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground.  When Luther regains consciousness, he finds himself in a motel room, strapped to a bed.  The room has been sterilized, an open ice chest waiting nearby.  Jarod places an anesthesia mask over Luther’s horrified face and sets to work.

At the hospital, Jarod informs the Wells that the transplant operation is going smoothly and Ryan is expected to recover.  He notices Broots and Miss Parker pushing past some nurses at the far end of the hallway.  He quickly makes his escape.  Later, Warden Esparza and San Diego police bust down the door to the motel room, where they find Luther resting comfortably.  He is transferred back to jail.

3-15 Countdown



Jarod   All right, here we are. Take it easy Matthew. See you. Bye-bye. Nigel. Bye Joe, bye. Bye Rachael. Take it easy, have a good day. Goodbye.
Ben   Jarod I’m really sorry.
Jarod   Don’t mention it Ben. A bus trip isn’t a bus trip until somebody….. how did you put it?
Ben   Tosses their cookies.
Jarod   Cookies. Right.
Reverend Collins   Jarod I can’t figure it. We’re barely seeing enough pennies to keep the lights on and then you show up out of nowhere and you fix up this old bus and you’re even taking the kids on field trips to the air force base.
Jarod   It’s better to give than to receive. I read that … someplace.
Reverend Collins   How’d your dad like the base Ryan?
Jarod   Uh… Ryan’s dad couldn’t make it. He was on a business trip. But we got to hang out, didn’t we?
Ryan   Yeah!
Reverend Collins   You’re a Godsend Jarod. Next thing I know Ed McMahon will be knocking on that door with one of those big cardboard cheques.
Ryan   Hey Jarod, there’s my mom.
Jarod   Who’s Ed McMahon?
Ryan   See ya later!
Jarod   Oh Ryan.
Ryan   Yeah?
Jarod   Here, I got this for you.
Ryan   Cool. Thanks.
Jarod   Maybe you’ll fly one, one day.
Ryan   Yeah. We’ll see. Thanks for kinda being my dad for the weekend.
Jarod   Sure.
Cindy   Hey you.
Ryan   Mom!
Cindy   Ooh. How was your trip honey?
Ryan   Fantastic.
Cindy   Yeah?
Ryan   Mom this is Jarod.
Cindy   Hi.
Jarod   Hi, nice to meet you.
Cindy   Cindy Wells. Nice to meet you. He’s been talking about you all week.
Ryan   Look what he gave me.
Cindy   Wow!
Ryan   Do you think I can show it to Dad when he gets home tonight?
Cindy   Hmm, we’ll see. Okay top gun, into the cockpit.
Ryan   Okay.
Jarod   Bye-Bye.
Ryan   Bye Jarod. See you later.
Cindy   Thanks a lot. His dad really wanted to go with him but he’s been away on business longer than usual and Ryan misses him a lot.
Jarod   I can imagine. He’s a great kid.
Cindy   Thanks.
Jarod   Nice to meet you.
Cindy   You too.
Jarod   Bye!
Jarod   Cindy! Ryan! Somebody call 911!
Woman on PA   Cardiology interns, please report to OR 2. Cardiology inters….
Ted   My wife and son were brought in. Can you help me?
Jarod   Are you Mr Wells?
Ted   Yes.
Jarod   My name is Jarod. I was at the accident.
Ted   Where are they?
Jarod   They’re still in surgery.
Ted   I’ve just got back in town. My firm has been flying me all over.
Jarod   You’re here now.
Doctor   Mr Wells?
Ted   I’m Ted Wells. How’s my family?
Doctor   Your wife’s going to be just fine. She suffered a concussion, a dislocated shoulder.
Ted   My boy?
Doctor   Your son sustained a severe abdominal trauma. Both kidneys were damaged, one beyond repair. We had to remove it. The other one won’t last long.
Jarod   He needs a kidney transplant.
Doctor   He won’t survive without it. We’re looking at about a forty-eight hour window.
Ted   Okay. So what’s next? Ryan goes on some sort of priority list, or something, right?
Doctor   Normally. Your son’s blood carries a unique leukocytic compound. It’s a hereditary condition which makes finding a donor much more difficult. Your wife isn’t a match.
Ted   Well then I have to be, right? You can put me on that table right now.
Doctor   Ryan’s condition needs to be stabilised first. And we need to do a blood workup on you to screen out any infectious agents, okay? I’ll send a tech over to draw a sample.
Ted   I don’t know what I would do if I lost my family.
Lyle   Forgive me?
Miss Parker   For?
Lyle   Being a neglectful brother.
Miss Parker   Just because you were nowhere to be found when I was in the hospital at death’s door? You’re too hard on yourself.
Lyle   Look I know you’re angry. I don’t blame you. In fact I got these for you.
Miss Parker   Candied snails? Yummy.
Lyle   Hey those are hard to find.
Miss Parker   No kidding. Where have you been anyway? I’ve had three solid leads on Jarod in the last two weeks and you’ve shown zero interest.
Lyle   I do have other responsibilities. Jarod is just one of them.
Secretary   Excuse me Mr Lyle. The phone man’s here to see you.
Lyle   I’ll be right there.
Secretary   He says he has other appointments.
Lyle   I said I’d be there.
Miss Parker   Phone man? Big responsibilities.
Lyle   Enjoy the snails.
Miss Parker   That’s my good pillow.
Raines   You seem to be smiling a lot these days, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Sneaking in down wind. Clever.
Raines   Hard at work?
Miss Parker   Micro-managing?
Raines   A necessary evil considering your ongoing lack of success.
Miss Parker   You’re building to a point I hope.
Raines   Your work has become unfocussed. Perhaps you’re too distracted with… personal affairs.
Miss Parker   Such as?
Raines   Such as….
Broots   Oh, sorry.
Miss Parker   Stay Broots! Mr Raines was just slithering along, weren’t ya?
Raines   Priorities, Miss Parker. Priorities.
Miss Parker   What is it Broots?
Broots   Well I got this new satellite TV dish. Two hundred and twenty-three channels. High definition digital right? So I’m channel surfing in the shower…
Miss Parker   Wait a minute. You have a television in the bathroom?
Broots   Don’t you? Did you know that there is a twenty-four disaster channel? Last night was train wrecks…
Miss Parker   Which is what this is becoming. Get to the point.
Broots   Oh no no no, wait, wait, please. I’ll show you then, okay?
TV   Money problems seem to be everywhere including this small suburban church. “Donations are the only way we’re able to survive”, says Reverend Jack Collins of his Little White Chapel. If you’re interested in helping out Reverend Collins..
Miss Parker   That’s sweet. Send the change from my desk drawer as a donation.
Broots   No no, no. Wait, you missed it. Right there.
Miss Parker   Hallelujah, look at that. Look who’s seen the light.
Ted   Anything you want me to bring you pal?
Ryan   My aeroplane.
Jarod   Kind of like this one?
Ryan   Jarod.
Jarod   How you feeling, kiddo?
Ryan   Tired. My side hurts.
Jarod   Here. I’ll tell you what. When you’re feeling better we’ll see about getting this thing airborne.
Cindy   Okay honey. Why don’t you close your eyes for a little bit, okay? The doctor said you needed to rest.
Ryan   Okay.
Jarod   Ted. Any word on the transplant yet?
Ted   We’re still waiting on the blood work. I was just going to try and find the lab.
Jarod   No no no. I’ll go check on it. You stay with your family.
Ted   I don’t know why you’re so interested in all this but I really appreciate your help.
Tech   I’m fully aware of what stat means. But I’m a little short handed down here. I understand. I know but my partner phoned in sick and the lab tech Doctor Conti promised hasn’t shown up yet. Hmm hmm. I know.
Jarod   I am so sorry I’m late.
Tech   Oh. He just walked in.
Jarod   Doctor Conti gave me the wrong directions.
Tech   Oh.
Jarod   Boy, you look like you could use a break.
Tech   You have no idea. A construction accident has ER packed. Everyone needs their results yesterday.
Jarod   Why don’t you take yourself a little break and I’ll start over here.
Tech   How about I give you a hug?
Jarod   Have a good time.
Tech   Okay.
Jarod   Cindy? Where’s Ted?
Cindy   Oh, uh he went to go call my parents. Did you find out what is taking the lab so long?
Jarod   Why don’t we go talk in the hall?
Cindy   What’s wrong? Is there a problem with the lab?
Jarod   Your husband isn’t a donor match.
Cindy   That’s impossible.
Jarod   Cindy, I need to know the truth. Ted isn’t Ryan’s father, is he?
Cindy   It’s something I always feared but I didn’t know for sure.
Jarod   Look I know this isn’t easy for you, but if you want to save your son’s life I need to know who his father is, and I need to know now.
Cindy   His name is Luther Ecksley. I met him right around the time that Ted and I got together. He was the total opposite of Ted. He was dangerous and dark and … I had seen Ted on a date with another girl and I thought that being with someone like Luther was the best way to get back at him.
Jarod   So you had a relationship with this man?
Cindy   It was a stupid fling. I was young. When I found out what kind of person Luther really was then I went back to Ted.
Jarod   But you found out you were pregnant. And you never told him the truth?
Cindy   There were a thousand times that I wanted to and then a thousand times I stopped myself because I was just too scared of losing him. And the more time that passed the more it just didn’t really seem to matter. Ryan is Ted’s son in all the ways that count.
Jarod   I need to find this Luther. Do you know where he is?
Cindy   I don’t have a clue.
Jarod   You said he was trouble. Maybe he has a police record. I’ll start with that.
Cindy   Jarod. Please don’t say anything to Ted.
Jarod   Cindy. You can’t keep this a secret much longer. The doctors are bound to find the truth, just like I did.
Bartender   What’ll it be?
Jarod   I’m looking for someone, Luther Ecksley. It’s important.
Bar Tender   Don’t know the guy.
Jarod   Does anyone know who Luther Ecksley is?
Ray   What do you want with Luther Ecksley? Huh?
Jarod   I just want to talk to him.
Ray   So start talking.
Jarod   You are not Luther.
Ray   I’m as close as you’re going to get. Luther’s rotting in a Mexican prison and he’s going to be for a long damn time. You ain’t never going to find Luther.
Jarod   Gracias. Mr Ecksley. My name is Jarod.
Luther   Three years in this dump. No visitors, no letters, no phone calls. Now, all of a sudden I’ve got some humanitarian aide organisation worried whether I’m being treated right or not.
Jarod   I’m not here on your behalf.
Luther   Is that right? I give up.
Jarod   His name is Ryan. He’s eight years old and right now he’s in a hospital in desperate need of a kidney transplant.
Luther   Yeah, why are you telling me?
Jarod   He’s your son, Mr Ecksley.
Luther   Go on.
Jarod   He has a rare blood condition, inherited from you. Which means you are the only person on this planet that can save his life.
Luther   How?
Jarod   I’m going to try to arrange for your temporary release.
Luther   You uh, you want me to donate a kidney?
Jarod   Your son’s life depends on it.
Luther   That’s a lot to think about.
Jarod   There’s no time to think Luther. Either you do this now or he dies.
Luther   Who’s the uh, who’s mother?
Jarod   Her name was Cindy Brennan.
Luther   I remember her. Is she alright?
Jarod   She will be … if you do this.
Luther   Does the boy know about me?
Jarod   No. And I can’t guarantee that you will ever get to meet him. We’re running out of time Luther.
Luther   Do you believe in redemption Jarod?
Jarod   Maybe. You have a lot to make up for.
Luther   This could be a start though, right?
Miss Parker   Damn Broots, it looks like we just missed the Sunday sermon.
Broots   You ever go to church Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   After the things I’ve seen and done I think church is the last place I should be.
Broots   Or maybe the first.
Miss Parker   Reverend Collins?
Rev Collins   You can call me Jack. How can I help you?
Miss Parker   We’re looking for this man. He may have been helping out around here?
Rev Collins   Helping out? Jarod’s a damn angel.
Miss Parker   You don’t say? Do you happen to know where he may have flown off to?
Rev Collins   You just missed him. He packed his things and left early this morning.
Miss Parker   Jarod was staying here?
Rev Collins   Mmm hmm. Hey Max. Several parishioners offered Jarod a place to stay but he said he didn’t want to be any trouble. Honestly, I’d forgotten this basement was here until Jarod suggested it.
Miss Parker   That’s Jarod, always with an idea.
Rev Collins   He said he’d be back in a couple of days. Actually right now he’s already passed the border.
Broots   The border?
Miss Parker   As in Mexico?
Rev Collins   Yeah, he had he had a line on some old pews that he could get cheap. Money’s always a little short around here. As I always say, pray to the Lord but buy a lottery ticket. Take your time. Gotta go. No rest for the wicked.
Broots   Well, it looks like we’re too late. The place is clean.
Miss Parker   Yes it is.
Broots   Miss Parker? Wait! Where are you going?
Miss Parker   Don’t mind us Max.
Broots   What’ve you got?
Miss Parker   Our lottery ticket. Leave it.
Jarod   Warden, I don’t think you understand. A child’s life depends on this decision. Please think carefully.
Warden   Luther Ecksley was caught with fifty pounds of pure heroin. Since he’s been in my prison he’s assaulted five of my guards.
Jarod   We both know he’s not a saint. But you didn’t see his eyes when I told him he could save his son’s life.
Warden   Maybe you feel that he has undergone some spiritual awakening. But that man owes me and the people I answer to twenty-five years of his life.
Jarod   I’m only asking for a temporary release.
Warden   What if something went wrong, huh? I don’t have the jurisdiction to go after him.
Jarod   There are risks, granted. But this boy’s life is worth it don’t you think?
Warden   I have a responsibility to my country, to its laws.
Jarod   Are you hearing a word that I am saying? Ryan’s life is in your hands.
Warden   I don’t know if you can grasp the pressures of my situation. You know, the men that ran this prison before I came were sadistic. They treated those inmates like animals. Many men died and many more were tortured in unspeakable ways. Those same sadistic men, they’re waiting for me to make a mistake to put them back in power. I won’t allow that to happen.
Jarod   Then where does that leave Ryan?
Warden   Contact your State Department. Why don’t you petition the proper channels?
Jarod   He doesn’t have that kind of time.
Warden   Well I’m sorry. I still can’t help you.
Jarod   Are those your children?
Warden   Yes.
Jarod   And what if it was for one of them?
Warden   As I said, I can’t help you … but if you’re forced to resort to more extreme measures … I’d understand.
Guard   Yes ma’am?
Warden   Take inmate Ecksley back to his cell. He has the afternoon loading detail in the compound today.
Guard   Si Senora.
Warden   Goodbye Jarod. Good luck.
Jarod   Hi Cindy, it’s Jarod.
Cindy   Did you find Luther?
Jarod   I’m working on it. How’s Ryan?
Cindy   The doctors aren’t telling me everything, but I know it’s bad. We’re running out of time. I can’t lose him Jarod.
Jarod   I know but you have to be strong. Have you told your husband the truth about Luther?
Cindy   I tried, I really tried. I just, I don’t want to hurt him.
Jarod   It’s going to hurt him a lot worse if he finds out the truth from somebody else. He loves you. Trust in that. The rest will take care of itself.
Ted   Are you okay?
Cindy   Will you shut the door honey? We need to have a talk.
Broots   Ha, talk about a bad dude. The mug shot that you found is three years old. The guy’s name is Luther Ecksley. He’s doing twenty-five years in a Mexican prison. It says here he was running drugs across the border until an anonymous source tipped off the Mexican police. He’s not a nice guy. Why would Jarod be involved with someone like this?
Miss Parker   Let’s ask Luther.
Ryan   Thanks for kind of being my dad for the weekend.
Luther   Do you believe in redemption, Jarod?
Cindy   I can’t lose him Jarod.
Warden   If you were forced to resort to more extreme measures..
Luther   Redemption…
Ryan   Thanks for kind of being my dad…
Cindy   I can’t lose him….
Warden   I’d understand.
Jarod   Do you want to get out here?
Luther   Hell yes.
Jarod   Redemption doesn’t come easy.
Jarod   Come on.
Luther   We did it. I can’t believe it. I’m free!
Jarod   It’s only temporary. Don’t you forget that.
Luther   You uh… you got a plan to get me back to the States?
Jarod   Drive back roads on the way to Tijuana. Try to blend into the tourist traffic. I have a change a clothes for you in this car and I’ve made you a fake passport.
Luther   Thought of everything didn’t you?
Jarod   No room for mistakes and no time.
Luther   I appreciate you springing me there Jarod, but the truth is I could give a damn whether that kid lives or dies.
Jarod   Aw…Damn it!
Broots   Miss Parker, it looks like they’re locking down the whole prison.
Miss Parker   How long do you think you can continue to hold us here? You’ve wasted an hour of my time already.
Warden   Nobody enters or leaves until we’ve completed a thorough search of this prison. For all I know you could be involved in this escape.
Miss Parker   That’s ridiculous. I told you already, he did it.
Warden   You arrived in my office asking for Ecksley at the very moment that he was discovered missing. For all I know you could be part of a diversion.
Miss Parker   An incredibly moronic one. Why would we have stayed behind?
Broots   Why was he found outside, hiding in a car?
Miss Parker   Oh please, he’s always hiding, he’s like a cockroach. Turn on the light he runs. Broots, tell her.
Broots   Oh, it… she’s right. Roach city.
Warden   If you’ll be patient a while longer.
Miss Parker   One of the guards we talked to overheard Jarod saying something about needing a kidney donor for a little boy. Do you know what boy? Or where?
Warden   It’s the first I’ve heard of it.
Broots   Huh?
Miss Parker   Sit!
Cindy   Hang on baby. Mommy loves you.
Jarod   Ted?
Cindy   You didn’t get Luther?
Jarod   Not yet. You told Ted the truth.
Cindy   Yeah, I don’t blame him for hating me. I hate myself.
Jarod   He doesn’t hate you. It’s just going to take him some time to adjust.
Cindy   Yesterday I woke up with this near perfect life. Now my son is dying, and my husband…
Jarod   Cindy you have to remain strong… for Ryan. Everything is going to work out. I know it is.
Broots   I found him. There are over a dozen emergency cases nationwide but only one is a young boy in need of a kidney.
Miss Parker   Where?
Broots   San Diego.
Miss Parker   Get us back to San Diego. Pronto.
Ray   Hundred dollars on Earl. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. This is Ray.
Luther   Ray my boy, how you doing?
Ray   Luther?
Luther   The one and only. I hear you’re doing real good with my operation.
Ray   Ahhhh I’m doing okay.
Luther   Just okay, huh? I’ve got some news that will make your day. You see I took a little vacation from my permanent vacation Ray. Surprise! I’m out. I’m back, and you’re the first person I thought to call. I can’t wait to see you buddy. Ray? Ray? You still there?
ary   Well, yeah, I’m here.
Luther   Well you and me got to get together. I need to see where we stand and what our next move should be. How’s ah, how’s midnight? Mission Bay Hilton.
Ray   Tonight? Ah, what’s the hurry?
Luther   Ray, three years ago some son of a bitch tipped off the Mexican police and got me locked away. Now I’m guessing that same son of a bitch has my ten million dollars. So you can understand why I’m a little impatient, can’t ya? Bring some old clothes Ray. We find this bastard, it is gonna get messy.
Man   You look like you’ve just seen a ghost Ray.
Jarod   Whoa, you seem a little bit jumpy Ray, but I guess you would be, being a marked man after all.
Ray   What the hell are you talking about?
Jarod   Was that Luther on the phone? What did he want? To tell you that he was back in town? Wanted to fire up the old partnership?
Ray   What?
Jarod   He’s setting you up Ray. But I guess that’s only fair. Payback. After all, it was you that tipped off the Federales and had your old buddy Luther arrested at the border.
Ray   Screw you. I went down to Hermosillo I was at his trial every day, like a friend.
Jarod   Or somebody who wanted to look like a friend. Personally I think it was overkill. I bet you Luther thought the same thing.
Ray   You’re out of your mind.
Jarod   Am I? Look over my shoulder down the alley. You see that car down there? That’s Luther. He’s waiting for you. He’s playing you Ray and he knows you’re going to lead him straight to the money and when you do he’s going to blow your brains out. Now you had better do exactly as I tell you to do or you’re never going to walk out of this alive.
Ray   So now what?
Jarod   We’re going to lead Luther to where you hid the money, just like he expects.
Ray   This had better work man or we’re both dead.
Jarod   Just keep driving and make sure you follow my plan.
Ray   Oh this is crazy.
Jarod   Find a good hiding place Ray and when I make my move you make yours. Showtime!
Luther   Ray. Give it up Ray. I know you’re the one who stole my ten million dollars. Oh, I get it. Gonna play a little hide and seek, huh? Ray? Might as well come out, I ain’t leaving without my money. Getting tired of this Ray!
Jarod   Hello Luther.
Luther   Jarod!
Jarod   Surprise.
Luther   I saw Ray shoot you in the alley.
Jarod   That was part one of my plan.
Luther   Oh yeah, what’s part two?
Jarod   Ray. I tried to warn him.
Ray   Well it looks like there’s plenty of money for both of us. Oh yeah.
Jarod   I’ll take that Ray.
Ray   What? This is my money, I stole it fair and square.
Jarod   I know a little church that deserves it a lot more than you do.
Ray   I should have shot you when I had the chance.
Jarod   You’re right. Thanks.
Jarod   Come on Luther, wake up. We’ve still got some work to do. Disconcerting isn’t it? Waking up in pain, not knowing where you are. That’s how I felt in Mexico. That’s how your son feels in his hospital room.
Luther   What the hell are you doing? Are you out of your mind?
Jarod   Would you quit moving around? You’re going to knock your IV out.
Luther   This isn’t a hospital.
Jarod   Well it’ll do, for what I need it for.
Luther   You’re not even a doctor!
Jarod   Technically, you’re right, but I do enjoy that ER program.
Luther   You can’t do this!
Jarod   Well that’s the beauty of it Luther…. You see, I can. Nightie night.
PA   Doctor Roberts, extension 15. Dr Roberts, extension 15. Dr Roberts, extension 15 please.
Jarod   Cindy, I just spoke to the nurse. The kidney seems to be taking. I think he’s going to be just fine.
Cindy   I’ve got to call my parents. Jarod thank you so much for everything that you have done. Thank you.
Jarod   Your son’s going to make it.
Ted   My son? For nine years I’ve been living a lie, thinking I was someone I wasn’t.
Jarod   Were you? I see that boy’s face when he looks at you, the way he talks about you.
Ted   You don’t understand.
Jarod   I do. Right now you’re angry and you’re hurt and you’re confused. But if you leave that boy without a father, if you walk away from him now…that’s a wound that will never heal.
Ted   If there’s ever anything that I can do for you…
Jarod   It’s funny that you should mention that.
Broots   He couldn’t get by us. We’ve been here the entire time.
Miss Parker   Pipe down. Excuse us, Mr and Mrs Wallace? He was here wasn’t he? Jarod helped you?
Ted   I don’t know anyone named Jarod. My wife and I are just waiting for our son to get out of surgery. So if you’ll excuse us, we’d like to be left alone.
Broots   You know what I don’t get? I checked the records here. There’s no Luther Ecksley. Whatever happened to him?
Warden   What do you think Dr. Mendoza?
Doctor   Whoever did this certainly knew what they were doing.
Warden   Yes he did. Let’s prepare to transfer the prisoner.

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