4-19 The Inner Sense

4-19 The Inner Sense

The Inner Sense

I have a brother? Jarod and I share a brother?

Miss Parker

The Inner Sense

I have a brother? Jarod and I share a brother?

Miss Parker

Original air date: May 13, 2000

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod’s father calls with news that he’s found Jarod’s sister, Emily, and Miss Parker and Jarod simultaneoulsy discover they have a sibling in common – a half brother named Ethan.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Vacations, Half brother Ethan

Jarod’s Occupations: FBI Agent

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Curtis


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod and his father, Major Charles, investigate the attempted murder of Jarod’s journalist sister, Emily.


Jarod and Zoe lounge in an oversized Jacuzzi surrounded by stacks of travel brochures.  A beep from Jarod’s laptop interrupts their playful kisses.  It is a video phone call from Major Charles, Jarod’s father.  Charles reveals that he has found Emily, Jarod’s sister, and wants Jarod to meet her in Philadelphia.  An understanding Zoe hugs a speechless Jarod as the twosome postpone their vacation plans so he can immediately fly to Philadelphia.

It is early morning in Philadelphia as Jarod approaches Emily’s workplace, The Philadelphia Examiner.  But Jarod is too late:  Emily lies unconscious on the sidewalk, having been pushed out of a two-story window.  Jarod follows Emily to the hospital emergency room where Dr. Cummings tells him that Emily’s condition is serious, but not fatal.

Later that night, Jarod pokes around Emily’s apartment with the manager.  The manager tells him how excited Emily was about coming close to finding her long-lost brother.  Jarod finds a half-charred photo of what looks to be a young man of about 25.  Before leaving, the manager drops a bombshell.  He reveals that a man who was sniffing around the apartment a few days earlier looking for Emily fits the description of the attacker.  The manager adds that the man was missing a thumb.  To Jarod’s horror, he now knows it was Lyle.

Back at the Centre, Lyle seethes as he learns that Emily survived the murder attempt.  Meanwhile, Jarod argues with a doctor about transferring Emily out of the hospital.  The doctor refuses to release her unless sanctioned by next of kin.  Suddenly, Major Charles appears and tells the doctor that he is Emily’s father.  As Charles and Jarod wheel an unconscious Emily down the hall on the gurney, Lyle and the Sweepers screech up in their town car.  Charles, Jarod, and Emily drive away in an ambulance just barely missing detection.  Jarod takes them to a hiding place in a basement of a church run by Sister Mary.

Sydney, Broots, and Miss Parker enter the Sim Lab where they discuss events of the past weeks: The reappearance of Edna Raines, thought dead for thirty years, and the disappearance of Catherine Parker’s body from her grave.  The trio starts an investigation into Project Mirage.  Broots downloads Catherine’s autopsy files.  The DSA shows a young Mr. Raines garbed for the autopsy, but it never shows him actually performing it.

As Emily recovers, Charles and Jarod examine Emily’s reporter files.  Included in the files is a photo of a mystery man.  Then Jarod discovers “my brother” written in Emily’s handwriting under the photo.  Charles says that Emily might have thought this man was Jarod.  But to Jarod that does not solve the mystery of why the Centre wanted to kill Emily.  When Emily regains consciousness, she identifies the photo only as “Ethan” and mumbles the word “nugeneisis.”  Nugenesis is the fertility clinic that Charles and Jarod’s mother went to and is tied to the Centre.  Emily writes down the file number.

Jarod and Major Charles enter Ethan’s apartment with guns drawn.  An unmailed letter to Ethan’s parents leads them to Tom and Janice Marshall’s house.  Jarod creeps toward an open door and spots Ethan on the floor holding the lifeless body of his mother in his arms with his dead father beside him.  Suddenly, Ethan turns and jumps on Jarod, shouting that Jarod murdered his parents.  As police cars pull up to the house, Ethan rushes out the back.

Back in the church basement, Jarod confers with Major Charles about Ethan.  Having hacked into the NuGenesis mainframe, Major Charles explains to Jarod that the file number pertains to a shipment of frozen sperm samples sent to the Centre years ago, which were his.  For the past twenty-five years, comparative genetic tests have been conducted using Major Charles’ DNA.  The results have been sent to a private residence in Delaware.

Jarod and Major Charles search the Delaware house.  Jarod says he is experiencing déjà vu.  Inside one room they find birthing tables and genetic follow-up records on Major Charles’ semen.  As they review the records, Major Charles and Jarod experience a revelation simultaneously:  Jarod has a brother.

Meanwhile, Broots and Miss Parker review another DSA.  It reveals that Catherine’s death was staged.  Subsequently, a furious Miss Parker slams Sydney against a wall.  Sydney comes clean, but says he kept the secret on Catherine’s orders.  Catherine was a key player in a project called Mirage.  She had to do what she could to survive.

Cox, Lyle, and Mr. Parker know that Jarod is about to uncover their big secret, but they plan to use Zoe as bait.  However, Miss Parker has already discovered the centerpiece of the whole conspiracy through an old DSA.  Catherine was used in a DNA experiment.  She was impregnated with Major Charles’ sperm and, as a result, gave birth to a baby boy, Miss Parker’s and Jarod’s half brother, Ethan.

Mr. Raines sits with a distraught Ethan.  He tells him, “I am your father now.”  Raines picks up Ethan’s leather backpack containing a bomb.  To Be Continued…

4-19 The Inner Sense

The Inner Sense Transcript


    Jarod’s Lair
Zoe   Oh come on, everybody’s been on at least one vacation.
Jarod   I swear Zoe, I’ve never been on vacation.
Zoe   Not even, uh, Mount Rushmore?
Jarod   Mm.
Zoe   The Alamo?
Jarod   Mm.
Zoe   What about Niagara Falls?
Jarod   I definitely would have remembered that.Wait I did eat at a Stookey’s off I-65 once. Does that count?
Zoe   Stuckey’s. Only if you had the pecan log.
Jarod   What’s a pecan log?
Zoe   Oh, you really have never had a vacation have you?
Jarod   Who needs a vacation when I have you? Swear to me you’re in total remission.
Zoe   Yeah. I probably pissed off a few HMO’s but what the hell.
Jarod   Zoe.
Zoe   Hey, you’re not going all mushy on me are you?
Computer   You have a video phone call.

That’s my video phone. Um, I’ll be right back.

Zoe   Okay.
Major Charles   Hello son.
Jarod   Oh my God! Dad. I’ve been searching for you for over a year. Where have you been?
Major Charles   I know. The boy and I had to underground for a while. We kept searching for you too but with no luck until an anonymous tip came my way. I was able to unscramble your password which got me into here.
Jarod   Then, you’re both okay.
Major Charles   Thank God the boy and I are both well.
Zoe   The boy?
Jarod   He’s sort of like my brother…I’ll explain it to you sometime. Dad, this is Zoe. Zoe, this is my dad.
Zoe   Jarod’s been pretty damn worried about you sir. He’s cute. What happened to you?
Jarod   When can I see you?
Major Charles   We have to be careful. I don’t trust the security of this line so I’ll make it quick. Jarod, I found Emily. I found your sister.
Jarod   What? How? Where is she?
Major Charles   She’s a reporter at the Philadelphia Examiner. For security’s sake, I’ve left vital information about her whereabouts on your secure email. She told me that recently she was very close to finding you. Will you bring her back to me Jarod?
Jarod   Yes! Yes! Of course I will.
Major Charles   Good luck son. Keep me posted.
Jarod   My…I found my dad…uh…my…I…we’ve been looking for my sister for so long and now I’ve found her and uh…um. What about our trip?
Zoe   It can wait. We’ll have time. If I have any say in the matter, lots of it.
Jarod   You’re not getting all mushy on me are you?
Zoe   Go find your sister.
    Philadelphia Examiner, Philadelphia, Pennyslvania
Male Voice   Somebody call 911!
Jarod   What happened?
Female Onlooker   A reporter was attacked. They say she was thrown out of that window.
Jarod   Reporter?
Female Onlooker   An Emily something..
Jarod   Emily. Emily! Emily.
Emily   Please. Help me.
Jarod   That’s what I’m here to do. I’m going to help you. I’m Jarod. I’m your brother.
Emily   Jarod.
Jarod   Stay with me. Stay with me. Emily. Emily. Somebody call an ambulance!
    Hospital Emergemcy Room
Jarod   Pupils are unresponsive, respirations shallow at forty.
Doctor   Pulse is weak and thready.
Jarod   Probable closed head injury with internal bleeding and multiple fractures.
Doctor   Keep her head stabilized, start an IV drip and run a CBC. Page radiology and give me an abdominal and head cat scan stat. Who initiated CPR?
Jarod   I did.
Doctor   Your actions may have saved her life. Are you a doctor?
Jarod   No.
    Philadelphia Examiner, Philadelphia, Pennyslvania
Jarod   I’m with the FBI. The victim is someone we’ve had our eye on for a long time.
Detective Brookins   Why?
Jarod   Let’s just say that a few of her journalistic choices have struck a nerve in DC.
Detective Brookins   The victim’s office is in here. Name’s Detective Brookins. Call me Stan.
Jarod   Agent Jarod Curtis. Tell me what you know. The whole story.
Detective Brookins   Well, the victim came to the office early this morning, so early that it was the night shift janitor that probably saved her life by walking in. Anyway, from what I can tell, the woman was ambushed here then thrown out this window, two stories to the pavement.
Jarod   Any description?
Detective Brookins   White male, thirty five-ish, average build, dark suit. Got the sketch artist working on it now.
Jarod   I want all of her files boxed and sealed and sent to your precinct. And I’m also going to need an office for a few days.
    The Centre, Lyle’s Office
Miss Parker   Well, it’s about time you back Lyle. So, what’s the flavor of the day little brother? Mail order mamas from Malaysia or cannibal Quiche from the Kalahari?
Lyle   If you want to talk with our father, he’s gone.
Miss Parker   Well then find him!
Lyle   Pounding boilermakers is hardly the breakfast of champions.
Miss Parker   This isn’t about you. I’m sorry.
Lyle   Okay, now I know you’re sloshed. What’s going on Parker?
Miss Parker   It’s about our mother. She’s gone.
Lyle   Our mother’s been dead a long time.
Miss Parker   No. I mean she’s not there. I mean her…
Lyle   She’s not there? What do you mean she’s not there? Parker? Parker?
Miss Parker   You wouldn’t understand anyway.
Lyle   But I wanna know.
Miss Parker   Bet you do.
Telephone’s computerized voice   Message voice box 04 record
Lyle   It’s me. I’ve got a bad feeling Miss Parker knows about Catherine’s empty grave.
    Sydney’s Office
Sydney   You believe someone stole your mother’s body?
Miss Parker   Except for this scotch induced earthquake rattling between my ears, I’m not sure exactly what to believe anymore.
Broots   Let’s face it face it Sydney. Catherine Parker’s body being gone fits in with all the other bizarre happenings around here. The reappearance of Edna Raines who after thirty years, everyone thought was dead.
Miss Parker   And now who really is dead thanks to the bald butcher she called hubby.
Broots   The murder of that harmless clerk Leonard down SL 26 because he just happened to see the wrong memo. And now, Catherine Parker’s empty grave. That’s a lot of strange coincidence.
Miss Parker   No. Not coincidence, Mirage.
Broots   Mirage? You mean what Edna Raines told you before she died?
Miss Parker   What was on both of those memos. The one I found on Lyle’s desk and the one that killed that clerk.
Sydney   Well oddities yes, but status quo here at the Centre.
Miss Parker   I never thought I’d here you say murder is business as usual Syd.
Sydney   At times, it it best to let some things go.
Miss Parker   My mother’s grave is empty Sydney.
Sydney   Maybe she had other wishes that you didn’t know about, for her burial I mean. People sometimes make choices that are difficult to explain.
Miss Parker   No. This is one big fish I’m reeling in. Broots, our best evidence… we follow the body. In this case, my mother’s. We start with the autopsy records.
Sydney   Parker, why won’t you let go of this?
Miss Parker   Because something inside me is telling me to do this. And I’m listening.
Doctor   Her condition is only fair Agent Curtis so please minimize your time with her.
Jarod   I will. Thank you.
Jarod   Em, it’s your brother. Jarod. I was too late this morning. I’m sorry. But I’ll never be late again. I promise you.
    The Centre/Mr Parker on Centre Jet
Lyle   How goes the world tour?
Mr Parker   In deference to the Winston Churchill or who ever the hell said it, the sun never sets on the Centre. And I’m making sure it never sets on the Parkers either.
Lyle   Glad to hear it. Since when is Raines hosting Triumvirate personnel?
Mr Parker   He’ll be a blip on our radar as long as everything goes well with Mirage.
Lyle   Unfortunately, we’ve got company there. I’ve all but confirmed that sis is on that same track.
Mr Parker   Ah damn!
Lyle   Nah, it’s nothing. She’s way behind the curve. I’ll make sure she stays there.
Mr Parker   I don’t want her knowing for her own good. Hell, if she knew the truth, she’d only wish she didn’t.
    SL 18
Broots   God! What did I just step in?
Miss Parker   I don’t know but if you hurry, you can still catch it.
Sydney   I can’t believe you actually found Catherine Parker’s autopsy files Broots.
Broots   I haven’t found it yet. According to Buzzy, the only way to download a visual archive in the sublevels is to tap directly into the sublevel’s mainframe terminals.
Miss Parker   Who the hell is Buzzy?
Broots   My pal down in communications, you know the old guy with the hearing aids? He’s always griping about the constant ringing in his ears.
Miss Parker   I’ve had that problem myself.
Broots   Look at this! You know the rumor that JFK was kept alive and as a vegetable somewhere? Buzzy claims it was right here in SL 18.
Miss Parker   Yeah, right next to the alien corpses Nixon showed Jackie Gleason.
Broots   That was here too?
Sydney   Hey! This is it!
Broots   Oh, this the room where they did your mother’s autopsy. Shh, take it off me. Sydney.
Sydney   Parker, you okay?
Miss Parker   Fine Syd.
Broots   I got it.
    Digital Archive
Mr Raines   This begins the visual data archive to be known as number: 566773 The autopsy of Catherine Elaine Parker. Date and time to follow. Doctor William Raines M.D.
Miss Parker   Versatile guy that Raines. Beats them, bursts them, slices and dices.
Mr Raines   Initial findings indicate a single gun shot wound to the cranial region as cause of death. Angle and force of the head wound strongly indicate the gun shot was self inflicted.
Miss Parker   Let’s just skip to the end Broots. Oh God. We’ve heard all these lies before, I just need to see where the body goes.
Mr Raines   Box the body for transport per the family wishes. On a personal note, I would simply like to go on record to express my heart felt remorse and to say that this is and will always be a tragic death in the annuls of the Centre. The likes of which I hope never to encounter again.
Broots   So what now?
Miss Parker   We do a little exploratory surgery of our own, see just how remorseful Dr. Death really is.
    Emily’s Apartment
Joel Swetow   I’m sorry as I can be about the attack on Emily. I sort of connected with her. Her looking for her family, me not ever knowing my father and mother.
Jarod   I’m sorry.
Joel Swetow   She was so close to changing all that for herself.
Jarod   What do you mean?
Joel Swetow   Well she was hot on the trail of her brother, said she was like this close to finding him. She’d tear up every time she talked about it.
Jarod   When was the last time you saw my…uh…the victim?
Joel Swetow   Uh, must have been a couple of nights ago. To tell you the truth, she seemed a little tense. Said something about being close to a, a big discovery.
Jarod   The brother that she was looking for.
Joel Swetow   I, Idon’t think so. This, this was something disturbing to her. It wasn’t a happy discovery. Did you find something?
Jarod   I’m not sure. Thank you for your time but I’d like to look around for a little bit.
Joel Swetow  

Sure. Hey, you saved me a trip. I, I was about to go into town and tell the police about this guy that was hanging around here. It was the same guy from the police sketch in the evening paper. I, I can’t believe they left the most important part of the description. The fact that, well the guy was missing a thumb.

    The Centre
Lyle   I’ve never even met you. Who said anything about breakfast?
Willie   Mr Lyle. Something tells me you haven’t read this morning’s paper.
Lyle   You try to kill with kindness and this is what happens. Put a team together, we’re going back to Philly ASAP.
Miss Parker   Allow me.
Raines   I’m not going to Sublevel 18.
Miss Parker   Oh but you should. It’s a regular freaks R us down there. You know the history. JFK. Dead Martians. The room where you did my mother’s autopsy. It’s going to be a bitch getting that tank up and down the stairs.
Mr Raines   It’s common knowledge I performed your mother’s autopsy.
Miss Parker   But is it common knowledge that my mother’s body isn’t in her grave?
Mr Raines   What are you talking about?
Miss Parker   What the hell did you with her body? You ghoul.
Mr Raines   What any responsible medical examiner would have done. Honor the wishes of the deceased. If you have a problem with that, take up with her because this discussion is over.
Broots   Miss Parker, you, you told him about your mother’s empty grave. He’s gonna, he could, he could…
Miss Parker   He could lead us right to the answer.
Broots   You told him on purpose.
Miss Parker   That fish I said I would be reeling in, I just baited the hook. Now we troll. You with us Syd?
    County General Hospital
Doctor   I’m sorry Agent Curtis but I cannot, in good conscience, allow the victim to be transported.
Jarod   And how would your conscience feel when they put you in jail for violation of a federal order?
Doctor   That order is worthless in my eyes.
Jarod   I have seen her charts. Her edema levels are back to normal as well as her vital signs.
Doctor   The answer’s still no.
Jarod   Who ever tried to kill her knows he failed and he will be back to finish the job, I guarantee you that.
Doctor   Releasing her to the next of kin would be my only option here and correct me if I’m wrong but so far, none have turned up.
Major Charles   Until now. I’m Emily’s father and I think you should give the Agent here what he wants.
Doctor   I’ll prep her for immediate release.
Jarod   It’s so good to see you.
Major Charles   How is she?
Jarod   She’s going to be okay.
Lyle   Check over there! Willie, stairs. You, follow me.
Major Charles   How many were there?
Jarod   Four.
Go. Go.
Lyle   238.
Willie   Damn! Where did she go?
Nurse   Release. She just went downstairs.
Lyle   Take the stairs.
Jarod   That ambulance over there is mine.
I know a place that we can be safe. You drive.
Major Charles   Good way to get yourself killed pal! Out of my way.
Willie   See this woman come this way anywhere?
Major Charles   Nope. Never seen her.
Lyle   Damn!
    Saint Catherine’s
Jarod   I want to thank you Sister Mary for everything you’ve done for us.
Sister Mary   After all you’ve done for our Parish Jarod, you just stay as long as you want and we’ll take very good care of Emily.
Jarod   Nothing.
Major Charles   No luck huh?
Jarod   It’s like he doesn’t exist.
Major Charles   Well, whoever this guy is, Emily’s been tracking him for a while. Here, let me give you a hand with the notes.
Displaced personality disorder, man with no name.
Jarod   Talks to voices. Enigma.
Major Charles   Maybe it’s a story she’s been working on.
Jarod   Or a lifelong mystery she’s been trying to solve.
Major Charles   She thought this guy might have been you.
Jarod   She’s been searching, just like me, just like we all have.
Why would the Centre want to murder her? And how does he fit in?
    Raines’ Secret Retreat
Broots   Boy, you put the worm on and he took it hook, line and sinker.
Man, I never pegged Raines for the rustic type.
Miss Parker   In the middle of nowhere, you can’t hear anyone scream.
We need to get to that fire. Anything Broots?
Broots   Looks like a Raines time capsule. Everything from old mortgage papers to his kids’ kindergarten artwork.
Miss Parker   Move over Monet.
Broots   Looks like Ethan. His son?
Miss Parker   I try not to fire too many synapses remembering things about the Raines family.
Broots   You think Raines used to live here?
Miss Parker   Well, we used to visit his house occasionally but it was on the other side of town.
Broots   Maybe he used this place as some kind of personal storage depot.
Miss Parker   Yeah. Well, no offense against this kids’ artwork but this is starting to feel like a dead end trip down memory lane.
Broots   Miss Parker, I think another street just opened up.
Miss Parker   A Saint Christopher medal.
Broots   Miss Parker look.
    Saint Catherine’s
Jarod   Emily. Emily. Hi. It’s me Em, it’s your brother.
Emily   Jarod?
Jarod   Dad’s here too. We’re all together now.
Take your time. Take your time. What is it you want to tell us? I found this picture in your research files. You thought he was me didn’t you? Who is he?
Emily   Ethan.
Jarod   Ethan?
Emily   He hears the voices. Talks…
Jarod   Talks to the voices. I read that in your notebook. What voices Emily?
Major Charles   Hey, I think she should rest. Come on.
Jarod   Okay.
Emily   Nugenesis.
Major Charles   Nugenesis. My God.
Jarod   The Centre fertility clinic?
Major Charles   I have no fond memories of that place.
Jarod   Here.
AA8585. Is that a file number?
Major Charles   From Nugenesis?
Jarod   Does that have anything to do with this man Ethan?
Emily   Follow Nugenesis. Follow him. Follow him.
Jarod   Emily. Emily.
    The Centre
Sydney   You know if you consider yourself any kind of friend of hers, you’ll destroy those discs and you will destroy now!
Broots   I can’t! I can’t Sydney! I don’t really have a choice in the matter, do I? This is Miss Parker’s life! This is her past..she has every right to see it.
Miss Parker   See what?
Sydney   Do what you must Broots but I won’t be a part of opening this pandora’s box.
Miss Parker   What pandora’s box?
Broots   I was able to reconstruct one tiny piece of a disc we found at Raines’ forest house.
Miss Parker   The same place we were today.
Broots   Yeah but just watch.
Raines   I hope you feel comfortable here Catherine, after all you’ve been through.
Catherine Parker   I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be thanking you for your kindness Dr Raines, but thank you.
Miss Parker   My mother was there?
Broots   Yeah but what’s important is the date. Look. Look at the date code on the dsa. Your mother was shot and killed at the Centre in April.
Miss Parker   This says June. There must be a mist-
Broots   No. It’s, it’s physically and technically impossible to alter the dates on the Centre DSA surveillance system. Sydney didn’t want me to show you this. I don’t know why but it’s a lock. You’re mother did not die in that elevator Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Are you… are you saying my mother is still alive?
Broots   Your mother alive? Does this make any sense? Do you think that was hers?
Miss Parker   I don’t remember it but anything’s possible. Keep decoding the forest house archives. And don’t tell anyone.
Broots   Not even Sydney?
Miss Parker   Especially Sydney. He’s done everything except handcuff me to a freight train to keep me from digging into this.
Broots   There must be someone you can trust.
Miss Parker   Where’s Angelo?
    Ethan’s Lair
Jarod   Looks like the same kind of insanity I grew up with.
Major Charles   Are you sure this is the address Emily gave us for Ethan?
Jarod   Positive. He’s been video taping himself for years. Is there anything on Nugenesis AA8585?
Major Charles   No but there’s enough material here to write a dissertation on bomb making but this guy’s taken it a step further. He’s designing his own bomb.
Hmph…there’s an un-mailed letter…to his parents. The Claussens.
Jarod   According to this time code, this video was made less than one hour ago. There’s your little bomb maker. Let’s see what he’s been up to.
    Ethan On Video
Ethan   Just leave me alone!
Major Charles   Who’s he talking to?
Ethan   I know I shouldn’t be out but I won’t be bad anymore.
Jarod   According to Emily’s notes, there were signs of erratic behavior, multiple personalities. He must be wrestling with some kind of demons inside.
Major Charles   Emily said he could hear the voices. Whatever that means.
Phone rings    
Ethan   Yeah. L..Listen, I…I’m in trouble. I need to talk to you. Yes I’m almost ready with 7676, I, I just need a few more components but I’m telling you I need to talk. You swear that after the explosion the pain will be gone?
Jarod   Their promising him his inner torture will end if he pulls off some kind of bombing for them.
Major Charles   The Centre.
Jarod   Who else?
Ethan   Okay, I’ll do it. First , I want to see my mom and dad. Why won’t you let me see my mom and dad? It’s been so long. I, I, I wrote them a letter. Why can’t I send it? They do love me! I know. I know, you do too. Ooh. What? Are you sure?
Major Charles   What’s he doing?
Jarod   He’s talking to the voices.
Ethan   He’s gonna…he’s gonna hurt my mom and dad? He can’t hurt my mom and dad.
Major Charles   Whereever he’s going, he’s not coming back. He’s taking his bomb with him.
Jarod   Come on. Let’s go.
    The Centre
Lyle   It’s not my fault that Jarod found his sister before the sweeper team did.
Mr Parker   It’s your fault she was still alive.
Lyle   Well what did you teach me about water under the bridge.
Mr Parker   It gets deep enough, it’ll drown you. What about Mirage?
Lyle   We’re still searching.
Mr Parker   Oh, that’s perfect. My daughter is searching for a ghost, my son is searching for a monster. Last one alive, wins. Hmm.
    Raines’ Forest House
Angelo   Secrets and lies. Secrets and lies.
Miss Parker   When it comes to the Centre Angelo, secrets and lies are like oxygen.
Angelo   Lies.
Miss Parker   Angelo. I need you to empath this for me. It may have belonged to my mother.
Angelo   Your mother wore this. Her journey not over.
Miss Parker   My mother is still out there?
Angelo   Illusions are real.
Miss Parker   What does that mean?
Angelo   Mirages are real.
Miss Parker   What’s mirage Angelo?
Angelo   Mirages are real.
Miss Parker   Tell me what that means!
Broots   Miss Parker.. h…he’s, he’s on your side.
Angelo   Angelo sorry he doesn’t know the answers.
But Sydney knows. Sydney knows all the secrets and lies.
    The Claussen’s Home
Ethan   Oh please, please don’t be dead. Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave.
You did this.
Jarod   No. I swear I didn’t do this.
Ethan   You hurt them!
Why? Why!
Jarod   Ethan, I didn’t hurt them. I swear to you I did not kill them.
Ethan   Somebody hurt them. Somebody killed my parents.
Jarod   Please, let me help you.
Ethan   Help?
Jarod   My sister Emily, she followed you because she wanted to help you. That’s all I wanna do.
Ethan   There’s no help for me. Not from you. There’s only one person who can help me now.
Jarod   Ethan. Ethan!
Police Officer   Freeze!
Jarod   I’m FBI, it’s okay. It’s okay. FBI.
Police Officer   There were reports of shots fired.
Jarod   Upstairs. Two bodies. I was too late.
    The Centre
Miss Parker   You knew my mother was still alive and you didn’t tell me?
Sydney   Yes.
Miss Parker   Then give me one good reason not to blow your Flemish brains out.
Sydney   I promised her I wouldn’t tell you.
Well, as you know, I gave your mother her last psychiatric session less than a hour before her supposed murder, supposed suicide, in the elevator.
Miss Parker   Supposed? What does that mean Sydney?
Sydney   Catherine. Catherine please relax.
Catherine   Sydney, I just found out that someone I love is planning to kill me.
Sydney   Who?
Catherine   I can’t tell you…friend but it’s forcing me to, to make a very difficult decision. I’m going to stage my death in hopes of saving my life.
Sydney   I don’t understand.
Catherine   And I don’t have time to explain it all but you know these people, what their capable of.
Sydney   I try not to imagine.
Catherine   Their latest is a project called Mirage and they’ve made me a key player. My only way out is dying by their hands or my own.
Sydney   This is dangerous talk.
Catherine   These are dangerous times Sydney. I’ll do what I have to, to survive and then I’ll come back and rescue Jarod and Angelo and my little girl…
Sydney   What about your little girl?
Catherine   She’s my gift from God. I don’t how to save her without causing her this pain. Promise me Sydney, swear to me that you’ll protect her, that you’ll never tell her about this. You owe me.
Sydney   I know, I know, I do.
Catherine   Whatever happens, no matter how badly she wants to know, I don’t want my baby girl to ever have to face the true tragedy of her family’s secret. Promise me.
Sydney   I promise.
God’s speed Catherine.
Sydney   An hour later, the gun shot rang out. You know the rest. I never saw Catherine again.
Miss Parker   Do you know what it is?
Sydney   What?
Miss Parker   Mirage, the tragedy of my family’s secret.
Sydney   I’m afraid I don’t. That is the truth.
    Saint Catherine’s
Jarod   Ethan’s parents were murdered as a message to him.
Major Charles   Finish the 7677 bombing or else. Sounds like a message from the Centre to me.
Jarod   It has the Centre fingerprints all over it.
Major Charles   This too.
Jarod   You hacked into the Nugenesis mainframe.
Major Charles   Uh huh. And you won’t believe what I found in number AA8585.
Jarod   AA8585 was a shipment of cryogenically frozen sperm samples. They were airlifted to the Centre decades ago. Someone wanted to get pregnant pretty badly.
Major Charles   Yeah but they weren’t just anyone’s samples Jarod. They were mine.
    The Centre
Mr Parker   How much does Jarod know?
Lyle   We’re not sure.
Mr Cox   But Major Charles’ seminal records have been compromised at Nugenesis.
Lyle   And there’s more. Jarod was spotted at the parents’ house.
Mr Parker   Before or after they were killed?
Lyle   After. Thank God.
Mr Parker   Mirage?
Lyle   He’s still out there.
Mr Parker   There’s gotta be some way to get to Jarod before he beats us to him.
Mr Cox   There is one. We give him something more important to go after, something named Zoe.
Mr Parker   Good thinking Mr Cox.
    Saint Catherine’s
Major Charles   It only gets stranger and stranger.
Jarod   More on your records at Nugenesis?
Major Charles   Yeah. For the past twenty five years, comparative genetic test follow-ups have been conducted using my DNA.
Jarod   The question is who, or what are they comparing it to.
Major Charles   It doesn’t say but the results were sent to a private residence in Blue Cove, Delaware.
Jarod   Come on.
    Raines’ Forest House
Major Charles   Okay, let’s go.
You alright?
Jarod   Something feels…weird.
Major Charles   We’re taking Mr Raines, it’s supposed to be weird.
Jarod   No. This is weirder than him.
Major Charles   What are we looking for?
Jarod   The truth.
Major Charles   I’ll check over here.
Jarod   No. It’s not over there.
Major Charles   How do you know son?
Jarod   I just know. It’s like a strange deja vu.
    The Centre
Miss Parker   What are you mumbling about?
Broots   I decoded some of the archives from the forest house and, well, a picture’s worth more than a thousand words. I think I’ve just uncovered a thesaurus. This is about six months after your mother supposedly died.
Catherine Parker   Well?
Mr Raines   He’ll be here in a few minutes, you sure you want to do this?
Catherine Parker   I have to.
Miss Parker   What? What did she have to do?
Broots   Wait. Just watch that door.
    Raines’ Forest House
Major Charles   Like you’ve seen this place before?
Jarod   It’s like I’ve been here before.
    The Centre
Miss Parker   Oh my God.
Sydney   Jarod out of the Centre, impossible. How could that be?
Miss Parker   Secrets and lies.
Catherine Parker   Hi Jarod.
Young Jarod   Hello Mrs Parker.
Catherine Parker   Thank you for coming. Close the door.
Major Charles   Gynecological instruments. What is all this stuff?
Jarod   Tools of the trade.
Major Charles   Birthing table.
Jarod   The question is whose?
Catherine Parker   Come here Jarod. There’s something I want to tell you.
Miss Parker   My mother was pregnant?
Catherine Parker   You’re going to have a brother.
Major Charles   This is just too weird. Birthing tables, incubators, genetic follow ups to my semen. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Jarod   I have a brother.
Miss Parker   I have a brother? Jarod and I share a brother?
Jarod   It must be Ethan.
Miss Parker   But where is he?
Ethan   My parents are gone, mom is dead, dad is dead.
Mr Raines   I’m your father now.

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