3-03 Once in a Blue Moon

3-03 Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon

Sometimes even the devil deserves a little privacy.


Once in a Blue Moon

Sometimes even the devil deserves a little privacy.


Original air date: October 31, 1998

Written by: Andrew Dettmann & Daniel Truly

Directed by: Chuck Bowman

Jarod assumes the identity of a criminal behaviourist in order to catch a copycat killer whose MO is identical to a psychopath Jarod helped capture twenty years ago.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Mexican Food & Chili

Jarod’s Occupations: FBI Profiler/Criminal Behaviorist

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Ressler


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod matches wits with a brilliant psychopath he helped incarcerate twenty years earlier.


After viewing a television news report on the disappearance of a young girl named Sarah Rickman, Jarod suddenly abandons his latest Pretend, which was to have taken place in Florida.  Instead, he views a DSA of a simulation lab, one in which Sydney forces him to help solve the kidnapping of a young girl named Annie.  Shortly thereafter, Jarod assumes the identity of a criminal behaviorist.  He then travels to, and infiltrates, the latest crime scene, located in Maryland.  There, he observes the words “Blue Moon Rising” written on the victim’s bedroom mirror.  He also notes that the eyes of a Teddy Bear have been cut out, and ascertains that the bedroom curtains had been left open by the kidnapper.  Jarod informs Lieutenant Alison Fawkes and Detective Maxwell that the m.o. is identical to the behavior of a killer who was ultimately imprisoned for Annie’s disappearance twenty years earlier.  That man’s name is Douglas Willard.

Meanwhile, Broots, Miss Parker and Sydney storm the location of Jarod’s last lair.  They notice many clues pertaining to the abandoned Pretend that was to have taken place in Florida.  Later, Jarod faxes Sydney Annie’s photo, alerting him to the copycat killer.  Rather than risk Jarod’s capture, and thereby allow a dangerous killer to remain at large, Sydney keeps his knowledge a secret.  As a result, Miss Parker and Broots embark on a wild goose chase to Florida.  But Miss Parker begins to suspect that Sydney is holding back information.

Jarod convinces Fawkes that a copycat killer is on the loose.  He also explains that Maxwell struck on the second full moon in a calendar month.  As Willard has been in solitary confinement since the first day of his sentence, Jarod concludes the copycat is someone Willard met inside the prison system.  He convinces Fawkes that Willard must be transported to the scene for interrogation.  Fawkes reluctantly arranges the transfer.

Jarod interviews the psychopathic but brilliant Willard inside his holding cell.  As their cat-and-mouse conversation progresses, Willard eventually realizes that Jarod played a hand in his incarceration twenty years earlier.  Willard refuses to tell Jarod where the copycat killer would take his victim, for if he did so, he would only be sent back to solitary confinement.  With only 34 hours remaining before the copycat kills his victim, Jarod’s patience begins wearing thin.

Miss Parker recovers Annie’s photograph from Sydney’s office.  She refuses Mr. Raines’ instruction to return to Florida.  Later, Sydney tells Miss Parker to “leave this stone unturned.”

In flashback, a young Jarod moves through a recreation of Annie’s bedroom inside the simulation lab.  Assuming the role of the kidnapper, the young Jarod grows frightened, refusing to go deeper inside the killer’s head.  In the present day, Jarod disconnects the surveillance camera in Willard’s cell, giving them both more privacy.  Willard tells Jarod that all of the answers he seeks are right in front of his nose.  But Jarod is still unable to solve the riddle.  Willard tells Jarod to transport him to Sarah’s bedroom.  Only then will he be able to ascertain Sarah’s whereabouts.  Jarod assures him it would be impossible to arrange his request.

Police tell Jarod that they have discovered the identity of the copycat kidnapper.  That man is Carl Shuman, a guard who worked at the prison where Willard is incarcerated.  Jarod and his colleagues storm Shuman’s house.  Inside is a virtual shrine devoted to Douglas Willard’s crimes.  Jarod discovers letters in Willard’s handwriting composed as recently as the previous week.  Fawkes concludes that Willard climbed into Shuman’s head, “earwigging” him.  Jarod wonders if Shuman is a copycat…or a puppet.

Lieutenant Fawkes denies Jarod’s request to transport Willard to the crime scene.  As police begin transporting Willard back to the penitentiary, Jarod intercedes.  He knocks Maxwell unconscious and abducts Willard.  Jarod transports Willard to the crime scene.  There, Willard admits that there has never been any rhyme or reason to his modus operandi.  The truth, Willard confesses, is that he simply likes to kill.  Suddenly, Willard attacks Jarod, knocking him unconscious.

Willard travels to a desolate barn.  As he makes his way to the door, Jarod’s voice calls out.  Jarod explains that Willard’s transport to Sarah’s bedroom had all been a lie, and that police had been monitoring them all along.  The moment Willard headed up the mountain towards the barn, police moved in and captured Shuman.  Jarod tells Willard that one needn’t become a monster to face one.  Officers lead Willard away.  Moments later, Jarod and some officers storm the barn and rescue Sarah.  Jarod then discovers Annie’s locket lying in the dirt.  Annie’s remains are recovered.

Later, a lone figure reviews the DSA of young Sydney consoling Annie’s father.  That figure turns out to be Mr. Raines, who breaks into tears as he clutches his daughter’s locket.

3-03 Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon Transcript


Jarod   Excuse me, is that what’s known as chilli?
Cook   I don’t eat it I just stir it.
Jarod   That little talking dog on the commercial says that it’s very good.
Cook   That’s the wrong franchise. That’s our mascot.
Jarod   Rico the Taco Rat? What do you recommend?
Cook   That you go some place else.
Jarod   Ha ha. Let’s see. You know, I think I will try the chimichanja?
Cook   It’s your colon.
TV   This normally quiet neighbourhood is gripped with fear following the disappearance ofseventeen year old Sarah Rickman, who according to police was taken from her home sometime during the early morning hours. The victim’s parents have made an appeal to the abductor begging for their daughter’s safe return.
Mr Rickman   We just want whoever took abducted our daughter Sarah…
Mrs Rickman   Anybody who can help us.
Mr Rickman   …to return her unharmed. That’s all I ask right now.
TV   Now among the bizarre details associated with the crime the kidnapper apparently removed the eyes from several stuffed animals and left a message scrawled on the mirror…
Jarod   Blue Moon Rising.
TV   We’ll have more as this story unfolds. Now Paul, back to you in the studio.
Sydney   We need your help. Something terrible has happened. A girl has been kidnapped. You need to find her.
Officer   Excuse me, Lieutenant Fawkes?
Fawkes   Who’s he?
Officer   Special agent from the Justice Department.
Young Jarod   I can’t Sydney. I’m scared.
Sydney   You want to help Annie don’t you.
Young Jarod   Sydney no. I’m too scared.
Sydney   Put your fear away.
Young Jarod   But Sydney, I can’t!
Sydney   You have to, Jarod. You’re the only one who can save her. You’re the only one who can save her. Jarod, you’re the only one who can save her…only one who can save her.
Fawkes   That’s funny, I don’t remember calling in the Justice Department.
Jarod   Jarod Ressler. I’m a criminal behaviourist. I’m here to help.
Fawkes   Go back to Washington. We have enough cops to handle a kidnapping.
Jarod   You won’t be receiving a ransom note, Detective.
Fawkes   Lieutenant.
Jarod   Look, the man who took Sarah is a killer. So every minute we stand here arguing is a minute closer to her death. He’s taunting you.
Fawkes   You think?
Jarod   He cuts the eyes out. It makes him believe he’s invisible. And these curtains, he left them open on purpose.
Fawkes   Look again Kreskin. They’re closed. They’ve always been closed.
Maxwell   Actually they were open Lieutenant. I shut them to keep the cameras out.
Fawkes   Talk.
Jarod   I’ve seen this MO before. A series of crimes committed by a man named Douglas Willard.
Fawkes   Maxwell, APB this Willard.
Jarod   Don’t bother he’s been in prison for the last twenty years.
Broots   Looks like the lights are on but there’s no one home.
Miss Parker   Jarod’s life story.
Sydney   Clearly he was here and he’s training for something aquatic.
Miss Parker   Syd, did wonder boy every say that he wanted to be in Mr Limpet?
Sydney   Not that I recall.
Broots   You know, when I was a kid I always wanted to be Aquaman. You know, human gills and a … sorry. Hey look. Looks like we might be going to Florida. It looks like he did.
Miss Parker   It’s too easy. Look at all these things he left behind.
Sydney   Something unexpected must have come up and Jarod left before he planned.
Miss Parker   The question is where is he.
Fawkes   Doug Willard AKA Blue Moon Killer.
Jarod   Made a series of abductions in the mid 70s. All young women snatched from their bedrooms. Eyeless dolls left behind along with the words, “blue moon rising.”
Fawkes   If Willard is in maximum security…
Jarod   We’re dealing with a copycat.
Maxwell   Why blue moon?
Jarod   It’s the second full moon in a calendar month. Willard killed his victims at midnight of the blue moon.
Fawkes   It says here the police got an anonymous tip out of Delaware that helped them catch Willard but not before he murdered his last victim.
Jarod   Her name was Annie. The body was never found.
Maxwell   Here she is.
Sydney   Jarod. You did everything you could. It’s not your fault.
Young Jarod   She died because of me Sydney. I let her die.
Fawkes   If they never found her, how could they be sure?
Jarod   Willard sent a photo of her body to her parents. It arrived the day after he was arrested.
Maxwell   Sick bastard.
Fawkes   Where do we start?
Jarod   We find the copycat. Now he’s meticulously recreating every detail of Willard’s MO. Details that weren’t in the papers. Which means that he had some kind of contact with Willard.
Maxwell   An old cell mate?
Jarod   No, Willard’s been in isolation since day one.
Fawkes   No family, no visiting privileges.
Jarod   Do a run down on all the prison personnel, guards, doctors, public defenders, anyone.
Maxwell   I’m on it!
Jarod   What would it take to get Willard transferred here?
Fawkes   A damn good reason for starters.
Jarod   How about someone is trying to become Willard. I need to pick the brain of the real thing.
Fawkes   So do your picking at McCallister.
Jarod   I need him here where I can have access to him.
Fawkes   I can’t do that for you.
Jarod   The night after tomorrow is a blue moon. If we don’t stop it another girl is going to die.
Young Jarod   Sydney are those her parents?
Sydney   Yes and they’re counting on you to find their daughter.
Fawkes   The more I learn about this guy the sicker my gut feels.
Jarod   The path to the man who kidnapped Sarah is Douglas Willard.
Fawkes   I hope you’re right. I just got off the phone from McCallister. Willard’s in transit. He’ll be here ASAP. You owe me.
Jarod   Big time.
Miss Parker   You know Syd, sometimes I think you and I are the only people around here that are sane. Which isn’t saying much for me. What’s wrong? You’ve got that just eaten in the cafeteria look.
Sydney   I’m sorry. I’m fine.
Miss Parker   Well, I’m not. Raines has convinced Daddy I should go down to Florida after Jarod even though I made it clear that it’s pointless.
Sydney   Raines had nothing to do with it. I convinced your father.
Miss Parker   Didn’t we agree at the wharf Jarod wasn’t headed for Florida?
Sydney   Maybe I was wrong. Maybe we overlooked something.
Miss Parker   Cancel what I said earlier. I’m the only sane one around here.
Sydney   Jarod?
Jarod   How did you know?
Sydney   Annie told me.
Jarod   This time it’s a girl named Sarah. I can’t let it happen again.
Sydney   You caught her killer. You saved countless others.
Jarod   But I couldn’t save Annie.
Sydney   None of us can change the past Jarod. You did everything you could. You must get over it.
Jarod   Willard gets transferred here in the morning. Sydney, I’ve never seen him face to face.
Sydney   But running away will offer no solace. You know what you have to do.
Fawkes   Jarod. Jarod.
Jarod   I want to be alone with him.
Fawkes   Bad idea. The psychiatrists at McCallister calls Willard an earwig. Give him half a chance he’ll crawl inside your head and chew on your brain. He’s left two suicides and a half a dozen psych discharges in his wake. I’m not afraid of much but I’m scared of him.
Jarod   So am I.
Fawkes   Jarod!
Willard   And who might you be little boy?
Fawkes   I hope Jarod knows what he’s doing.
Willard   I owe you a thanks.
Jarod   For what?
Willard   Twenty years in solitary this is like a vacation.
Jarod   I didn’t do it for you.
Willard   Then why?
Jarod   We’ll get to that.
Willard   Nice accommodations. Of course I’m used to a little bit more privacy.
Fawkes   Smart ass.
Willard   Who are you?
Jarod   I’m Jarod Ressler. I’m with the Justice Department.
Willard   Justice? I never realised I was so important.
Jarod   You’re not.
Willard   Just what is it you want?
Jarod   I’m a criminal behaviourist. You’re a case study. Interviewing you would broaden my knowledge.
Willard   Why do I get the feeling that you’re lying?
Jarod   And why do I find it shocking that you have feelings?
Willard   Touché. The way I was abruptly jerked from my peaceful abode and rushed here makes me think that my presence was urgently needed. It was almost as if it was a matter of life and death. Now the Feds are involved. That narrows down the list of possible crimes doesn’t it? I doubt if I was pulled in for a terrorist bombing. It’s not really my specialty. No I’m going to take a wild guess and say . . . oh . . . abduction. Still there must be a reason why you chose me, why I was selected. And that’s the easiest one of all.
Jarod   I’m on pins and needles.
Willard   Tomorrow night is a blue moon. And that leaves us with one conclusion. There’s somebody else out there, someone like me.
Jarod   I’m impressed.
Willard   And you want my help?
Jarod   Yes I do.
Willard   Well as they say hell will freeze first.
Jarod   Well I’m very sorry to have disturbed you. I’ll make sure that they take you back to your… peaceful abode.
Fawkes   That’s it? Three minutes. He shuts you down and you just walk away.
Jarod   Patience.
Fawkes   I worked my tail off to get that guy here.
Willard   Ressler! It’s not as if I have somewhere else to be.
Miss Parker   We burn half a day in the Sunshine State, sniffing trails going nowhere. A standard clean up crew could have checked that out. Question is, why were we sent? And what‘s Sydney got to do with it?
Broots   Sydney wouldn’t have sent us to waste our time.
Miss Parker   Unless he wanted us gone.
Broots   What?
Miss Parker   I saw him staring at a photo in his office. I bet answers are there.
Jarod   Yesterday a young woman was taken. This young woman. Every detail of the crime was identical to yours.
Willard   Well let me guess. You’re looking for a white male 22 – 35 unmarried and a loner. His neighbours are amazed and say he was a quiet man.
Jarod   I know the standard profile. I need more and there’s little time.
Willard   If I give you what you need, will you give me what I need?
Jarod   I already got you out of your hole, which means you owe me. Now the copycat is recreating your last abduction which means that he is going to take his victim to the last place you took yours.
Willard   Oh Annie. They never found her, you know. It will be the same with the new one if the copycat is as smart as I am.
Jarod   And how does it feel to be the smartest man on the planet?
Willard   Lonely. Clearly law enforcement has not raised their standards in the last twenty years. They’re still the same stupid people who bungled their way through my capture.
Jarod   But they did catch you.
Willard   Not in time. Besides they didn’t catch me. As I sat in my hole I studied those who were supposedly responsible for bringing me to justice. I knew them better than they knew their wives.
Jarod   And?
Willard   They couldn’t catch a cold. They got a lucky break from a very gifted informant.
Jarod   How do you know he was gifted? Maybe he was just lucky.
Willard   Because I’m smarter than that. He had to be really gifted, a genius. He was the worthiest adversary I’ve ever had. I was denied the opportunity to meet him. It was so disappointing. You see I got inside my victim’s heads. I knew where they lived, how they thought how they act. To know someone you’ve got to get inside them. See, that’s what I’ve wanted to ask the anonymous informant. For twenty years I wondered. How did he get inside me?  Do you know this man, Agent?
Jarod   No.
Willard   Well I only ask because I was wondering if he was as lonely on this planet as I am.
Jarod   Well like you said being smart gets lonely sometimes. Now where is this copycat going to take her?
Willard   You said it already. The same place I took Annie.
Jarod   Where?
Willard   We’ve got till tomorrow midnight.
Jarod   Tell me.
Willard   Oh I can’t do you that. You’d send me back.
Jarod   Answer me. Where is he going to take her? Where did you take Annie?
Willard   Relax Ressler. Come on. If you don’t control your emotions you’re never going to find him, are you?
Young Jarod   No Sydney! Don’t make me do it! I’m scared!
Sydney   Time’s running out Jarod. It’s the only way we’re going to find her.
Young Jarod   No! Please! Please. NO!
Miss Parker   Angelo I’ve got something I want you to look at.
Broots   Miss Parker I don’t like the idea of stealing from Sydney.
Miss Parker   We’re not stealing we’re just looking at it. Angelo, tell me about her. Who is she?
Angelo   She’s… she’s scared. Annie.
Miss Parker   Tell me about Annie.
Angelo   We want to go home.
Raines   You were told to go to Florida.
Miss Parker   Been there. Done that. A waste of time.
Raines   A complete dry out?
Miss Parker   There were a few bread crumbs.
Raines   Then why are you here?
Miss Parker   ‘Cause they were leading nowhere. Sydney, do you want to clue him in? Florida’s a boondoggle.
Sydney   It’s still our best chance at finding Jarod.
Raines   Get back down there.
Broots   Geez, I just got done unpacking.
Miss Parker   We’re not going anywhere Broots.
Broots   But they just said that we had to go back down.
Miss Parker   And I said we’re not. Those two are up to something. I want to know everything there is to know about her. This is the bread crumb to follow.
Fawkes   Anything on prison personnel tied to Willard?
Maxwell   Workin’ on it.
Fawkes   Hurry up! We’re running out of time.
Jarod   So are they.
Young Jarod   I wanna meet Annie’s parents. If I talk to them maybe I . . .
Sydney   That’s impossible. I don’t want their emotions to cloud your objectivity.
Young Jarod   But why are they so upset? Don’t they have other children?
Sydney   The emotions a parent and child share are strong and fragile. One child or ten, each relationship is unique. If threatened they all feel immense pain.
Young Jarod   I wonder if my parents cried for me?
Jarod   If you imagine hard enough it almost tastes like real coffee.
Mr Rickman   Thank you.
Mrs Rickman   Before she went to bed that night, I don’t even remember if I told her I loved her.
Jarod   Mrs Rickman, Sarah knows you love her.
Mr Rickman   I just can’t help but wonder if everything is being done. If there isn’t something more.
Jarod   You have a lust for power. So be powerful. Save the girl.
Willard   Careful Agent. Emotions cloud your eyes. They make you vulnerable. They make you . . .
Jarod   Human?
Willard   You’re a puzzle to me Jarod. Your passion makes me think there’s more to you than meets the eye.
Jarod   I want to find Sarah.
Willard   I want something too. The truth.
Jarod   About what?
Willard   I think you know. For 20 years I’ve obsessed about my capture. I’ve read every piece of paper, every file and every document. During those twenty years I found nothing about an anonymous informant.
Jarod   Well that is the key word. Anonymous.
Willard   It must have been somebody who knew me. Somebody who studied me as I study me. You seem to know me well.
Jarod   I read your file.
Willard   Oh you know more about me than is in my file. You know who I really am. And that makes me wonder who you really are.
Fawkes   What the hell is he doing?
Willard   It seems that you and I have a secret. You were a child then, a prodigy.
Jarod   I heard the word used, yes. How did you know?
Willard   I can see. I can feel your loneliness. A small child helps the police capture a genius. Now I am impressed.
Jarod   I helped them capture a monster.
Willard   But it wasn’t in time to save Annie, was it? It must be a terrible experience for someone as human as you. It makes me wonder how it’s all going to work out for little Sarah. Like you said time is running out.
Young Jarod   She’s asleep when I enter. They all are. I know because I’ve been watching them.
Sydney   Keep going Jarod.
Young Jarod   I want to go to her but I… I can’t not while they are watching me. I have to stop them from watching me. There, I’m invisible.
Sydney   Why open the curtains Jarod? You don’t want to be seen.
Young Jarod   The moonlight. I need to feel it shining on me. I can’t go any further, Sydney.
Sydney   Yes, yes you can, Jarod.
Young Jarod   No I don’t want to be inside his head. I don’t want to have him inside of mine.
Sydney   You have to!
Young Jarod   No I can’t!
Sydney   It’s the only way we’re going to find Annie.
Young Jarod   I can’t Sydney. I don’t wanna feel that. I don’t wanna feel that.
Maxwell   Detective Maxwell. Yeah. Give me the info.
Fawkes   Why’d you pull the plug on Willard’s surveillance cam?
Jarod   Privacy.
Fawkes   His or yours?
Jarod   I know what I’m doing.
Fawkes   You’d better. He’s asking for you.
Miss Parker   Talk to me.
Sydney   You’ll have to be more specific.
Miss Parker   Raines wants me out of the way and you’re singing backup. Why?
Sydney   You’re beginning to sound paranoid.
Miss Parker   Then this must be one of my delusions. What’s happening again? And why doesn’t anyone want me to find out about it?
Sydney   Parker, leave this stone unturned.
Willard   You know, for years I wondered who you were really were but inside I always knew. Is your name really Jarod? Are you truly from the Justice Department?
Jarod   My name is Jarod. You wanted to see me?
Willard   He’ll hold her until the moon is full.
Jarod   Until midnight. I already knew that.
Willard   Actually you already know everything. You have all the answers. You just won’t do what you need to do.
Jarod   Help me.
Willard   Why did I cut the eyes out of the dolls?
Jarod   To make yourself invisible.
Willard   Why open the curtains?
Jarod   To feel the moonlight on your body.
Willard   Why did he do it?
Jarod   The same reason.
Willard   Where is he?
Jarod   I don’t know!
Willard   Where is she?
Jarod   I don’t know!
Willard   Come on Prodigy. Do what you need to do. You have all the answers you needed to find Annie. I left them for you last time. He left them for you this time. Get inside his head. Get inside my head.
Jarod   No.
Willard   Where is she?
Jarod   I don’t know.
Willard   You know you’ve never asked me what I wanted what I need to help you.
Jarod   Oh really? Well what do you need?
Willard   Take me to the crime scene. Take me to Sarah’s bedroom.
Jarod   And why would I want to do that?
Willard   Because I can feel it. Because I can do what you won’t do, become him.
Young Jarod   I don’t wanna become him, Sydney.
Jarod   They would never allow it.
Willard   You’re a genius. You’ll figure it out. Do it for Sarah. Do it for Annie.
Maxwell   Ressler. We found the kidnapper.
Fawkes   The kidnapper’s name is Paul Schuman. He was a guard at McCallister for six years. Worked nights assigned to solitary confinement cell block and…
Jarod   Douglas Willard.
Fawkes   Oh it gets better. Willard and Schuman developed a continuing conversation. Eighteen months ago Schuman has a breakdown and vanishes. Well the acorn’s gone but we found the right tree.
Jarod   We’ve got less than eight hours until the moon is full.
Maxwell   Look at this.
Jarod   Sarah. At home. Waiting for the school bus. He’s even got her class schedule.
Fawkes   Nantauk. New Bedford. Cape May.
Jarod   Schuman visited all the places that Willard struck.
Fawkes   Historical tour?
Jarod   Research trip. He’s trying to get inside of Willard’s skin.
Fawkes   With taking Sarah he’s picking up where Willard left off.
Maxwell   Over here. Letters from Willard as recent as last week.
Fawkes   This is gibberish.
Jarod   Mnn nnn. Code. To get past the prison censors.
Fawkes   Willard climbed into his head and earwigged him.
Jarod   The question is. Is Schuman a copycat or a puppet?
Fawkes   What’s our next move?
Jarod   We give Willard what he wants.
Willard   Did you think about taking me with you?
Jarod   Tell me about Paul Schuman.
Willard   Answer me and I answer you.
Jarod   He was your prison guard before you got inside of his head.
Willard   He was an impressionable fan Jarod. Frankly it’s irrelevant at this point.
Jarod   Like these letters you wrote to him. You were behind Sarah’s abduction from the very beginning. Schuman’s just your eyes, your ears and your legs out there, isn’t he?
Willard   Now it’s just you and me. Déjà vu, Jarod. It’s like a snake eating its own tail. You’re right back where you started. A scared little boy. You know who the killer is but you can’t save the girl. At least not alone.
Jarod   Where did he take Sarah?
Willard   The same place I took Annie.
Jarod   Tell me.
Willard   Do the right thing Jarod. Take me with you. We can still stop him.
Fawkes   He’s not going anywhere. Agent Ressler I wanna talk to you.
Fawkes   What the hell is this?
Jarod   I know it sounds crazy but if I can take Willard…
Fawkes   Request denied!
Jarod   A girl’s life is at risk.
Fawkes   And risking more by letting that loose isn’t the answer. Request denied.
Jarod   Look I know it’s…
Fawkes   No! You know, at first I thought you knew what you were doing. But now I think he’s ear wigged you. You’re out of here.
Maxwell   Ressler? What the hell are you doing?
Jarod   I’m ending this once and for all.
Maxwell   I don’t see any authorisation.
Jarod   Stay out of my way Maxwell.
Maxwell   I can’t let you do this.
Jarod   No more time to waste. No more time.
Willard   Such a display of violence, Prodigy.
Willard   Mnnnn. Can you smell it? Death. It’s amazing how little girl’s rooms are the same wherever you go.
Jarod   Tell me where she is.
Willard   You know Jarod I can’t do my best work under these conditions. If you set me free, well then I’ll set you free.
Jarod   You so much as sneeze, I end this.
Willard   If you close your eyes you can almost hear the sounds of her muffled cries. She’s sleeping as he cracks the door and slips inside. She has a summer cold. Her breathing is heavier than normal. He kinda likes that.
Jarod   And then?
Willard   He notices the eyes. He can’t leave witnesses. He sits on the bed. He watches her. Oh he can smell the soft scent of sweet powder and what is that? Shampoo?
Jarod   Then what?
Willard   You tell me.
Jarod   No.
Willard   Tell me.
Young Jarod   I don’t wanna become him Sydney. I don’t want him to be inside me.
Willard   What does he do next Jarod?
Jarod   He wants to scream because it feels . . . so . . . good, so . . right.
Willard   He takes her down the hallway doesn’t he?
Jarod   Past her parent’s bedroom. He pauses. They’re asleep. They look so innocent, so unaware.
Willard   Where does he take her next Jarod?
Jarod   I don’t know.
Willard   Feel it. The moon is full. It’s almost midnight.
Jarod   Look I took you where you wanted to go. Now just tell me where she is.
Willard   It must be frustrating to be so close and yet so far.
Jarod   Tell Me! Tell me where she is. Tell me.
Willard   Follow the clues. Do what you have to do.
Jarod   I don’t know, now tell me where she is?
Willard   It’s so obvious.
Jarod   Why can’t I figure it out? Why doesn’t it make any sense?
Willard   Because it’s all a lie. There is no rhyme or reason to any of this Jarod. There is no midnights, no blue moons rising. It’s all meaningless. The truth is I kill them because I wanted to! I like it! Now it’s time for me to see Sarah. I expected a much more worthy adversary prodigy. Goodbye Jarod. It’s time for the monster to leave now.
Miss Parker   What did you get on the girl?
Broots   Ah. Wasn’t a lot. Not even a last name, there’s absolutely no reference to her last name. It’s.. it’s weird.
Miss Parker   Broots don’t waste my time telling me what you didn’t find.
Broots   Okay. All I could find is that she was kidnapped and murdered twenty-three years ago. And there’s not even a body been found.
Miss Parker   Where did this happen?
Broots   Ah, about forty miles from here. A place called Snow Hill, Maryland. Snow Hill?
Miss Parker   Snow Hill.
Jarod   And who might you be little boy?
Willard   Well, if it isn’t the young prodigy.
Jarod   How does it feel, to be the smartest man on the planet?
Willard   Lonely.
Jarod   It’s time to go back to your hole.
Willard   You found me Jarod but once again not in time to save the little girl.
Jarod   Not this time. You see a request to visit the girl’s bedroom was a ploy, so was my taking you there. I followed you here.
Actually I was one step ahead of you. We all were. Carl Schuman never got near this place.
Willard   Prodigy. You got inside my head.
Jarod   No. You don’t have to become a monster to face one.
Sarah   Help.
Jarod   She’s over here. It’s okay. We’re here to help you. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Nobody’s gonna hurt you anymore. Get her out of here.
Fawkes   It’s okay Sarah. Come on. You’ll be okay.
Maxwell   Agent Ressler?
Jarod   It’s time for you to go home too, Annie.
Miss Parker   I’m looking for this man.
Fawkes   Special Agent Ressler?
Miss Parker   Special Agent, right. Where is he?
Fawkes   He’s right over … right over there.
Sydney   You saved her Jarod.
Jarod   I wish I could have done the same for Annie, for her parents.
Sydney   I know you tried.
Jarod   I hope that finally being able to bury her will bring them some kind of peace.
Sydney   I’m sure it will. I gave her father the locket. I know he’d like me to thank you.
Sydney   I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry.
Miss Parker   You let me run all around the country instead of telling me the truth.
Sydney   He wanted it that way.
Miss Parker   I don’t get it.
Sydney   Sometimes even the devil deserves a little privacy.

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