2-18 Stolen

2-18 Stolen


Sydney, please. Please don’t let this happen! This is just how they stole me when I was a little boy! Please!



Sydney, please. Please don’t let this happen! This is just how they stole me when I was a little boy! Please!


Original air date: May 2, 1998

Written by: Juan Carlos Coto

Directed by: Scott Lautanen

A kidnapping case Jarod is working on brings back his own long-buried memories of being abducted from his home as a child and taken to the Centre.

Jarod’s Discoveries: 3-D Puzzles, Kooshballs

Jarod’s Occupations: Doctor, Father stand in

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Pearce, George Harper


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

While solving a kidnapping, Jarod recalls his own memories of being abducted by the Centre.


Jarod closes the book on a murder case he helped solve.  As he leaves a hospital, where he has been masquerading as a doctor, a man who was struck by a car is rushed into the emergency room.  Jarod helps stabilize the man, who keeps asking for someone to save “Jeremy.”  Jarod finds a ransom note and a photo of a young boy in the man’s pocket.  Jarod pretends to be the boy’s father, a computer software billionaire, and takes a phone call from the kidnapper, who asks for $1 million by the next morning.  The phone call brings back Jarod’s own memories of being abducted from his home as a child.

Jarod finds the father’s car, and learns he is Michael Harper, a famous computer software billionaire.  Then someone holds a gun to Jarod’s head.  It turns out to be Doug Pearson, Harper’s head of security, who demands to know what Jarod is doing.  Jarod takes Pearson to Harper’s hospital room, where he explains his actions.  Pearson agrees to let Jarod help.

Jarod begins his search at Jeremy’s school, where the boy was abducted a few hours earlier.  Jarod talks with a teacher and a security guard, Martin Bennett.  That night, Jarod calls Sydney and tells him about his memories of being kidnapped.  The next morning, Broots plays a tape of Jarod and Sydney’s conversation to the others at the Centre.  Mr. Raines believes it is proof that Sydney is aiding Jarod’s flight.  Sydney maintains his connection to Jarod is the only thing that keeps him from disappearing entirely.

Back in California, Jarod looks through Jeremy’s things.  A backpack triggers Jarod’s memory of his own old lunchbox…and of the Sweepers who followed Jarod to school one day.  Back in the present day, Harper regains consciousness and, on Jarod’s advice, feigns amnesia to protect his identity.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker finds a newspaper article focusing on the murder Jarod solved earlier.  She realizes he must be in Sunnyvale.

Jarod goes back to Jeremy’s school and notices a comic-book store across the street.  He scans a tape from the store’s security camera and sees a man in a black hood push Jeremy into a white van.  Then Pearson interrupts Jarod’s viewing.  He has discovered that Jarod isn’t the doctor he claimed to be.  He accuses Jarod of being in league with the kidnappers…but Jarod assures him such is not the case.

Jarod gets a call from the kidnapper, directing him to put the money in a garbage can at a specific intersection.  The kidnapper watches Jarod approach the drop, but calls the deal off when he sees “cops” approaching.  The “cops” turn out to be Miss Parker and the Sweepers.  Jarod confirms that Jeremy has not been harmed, and gets the kidnapper to agree to another drop later.  Then Jarod runs, remembering his first, very scary hours as a Centre hostage.  Jarod makes it back to the hospital, where Harper is working on a new computer language he is planning to call “Jeremy.”  Miss Parker, Sydney and Sam also come to the hospital, where they ask for Jarod.  They go to Harper’s room, but both Jarod and Harper are gone (tipped off by a beeper message from a sympathetic doctor).

Later, Jarod reviews the security video again and sees Martin Bennett in the background, watching Jeremy’s abduction.  A short while later, Bennett is grabbed by a masked man, thrown into a van and bound securely.  Jarod removes his mask and gets Bennett to admit he aided the kidnapper for $100,000.  Bennett also states that Jeremy is being held in a warehouse near the ransom drop site.  Jarod calls Pearson and asks if anyone has been looking for him.  Pearson says no…though we see he is being held at gunpoint by Miss Parker.

Jarod goes back to his lair, where he is immediately grabbed by Sam.  The kidnapper calls, but no one believes Jarod’s plea that he must be allowed to answer the phone.  When Willie tries to put a hood on Jarod, he fights his way free.  Miss Parker aims a gun at him, but Sydney aims at Miss Parker, giving Jarod the chance to run away.

Jarod travels to the warehouse and confronts the kidnapper.  A scuffle ensues.  The kidnapper starts to get the upper hand, but Jarod’s years of rage explode and he knocks the kidnapper unconscious.  Jarod finds Jeremy and returns him to Mr. Harper.  Back at the Centre, Mr. Raines accuses Sydney of botching the capture.  But Miss Harper says she will tell her father it was Willie who erred.  Later, though, in private, she too accuses Sydney of wanting Jarod to remain free.  Sydney admits he sees Jarod’s work on the streets as the fulfillment of his lifelong training.

Back in Sunnyvale, Jarod solves a math problem that was the key to Harper’s programming snafu…and Jeremy suggests they name the new computer language “Jarod” instead of “Jeremy.”

2-18 Stolen

Stolen Transcript


Paramedic   You got a bed available?
Doctor   Trauma three.
Paramedic   Right.
Doctor   I need a chest tube and a set up tray.
PA   Dr Franklin, please call the pharmacist on extension 23. Dr Franklin, call the chief pharmacist on 23, stat.
Dr Hargadon   Jarod, heard your transfer came in.
Jarod   Yes, I’m sorry to be leaving.
Dr Hargadon   At least you didn’t miss the fireworks. Did you hear about this?
Jarod   No.
Dr Hargadon   Dr Mitchell was arrested last night.. for killing that administrator and making it look like a Panalex OD. I heard D Jekyll even confessed. Wonder how they got that out of him.
Jarod   Well, I guess a taste of his own medicine.
Paramedic   Bring him on down here.
Paramedic 2   Sport-utility versus pedestrian. John Doe. Pulse 120, BP 82 over 60. Respiration, 30.
George   Patrick, Patrick.
Paramedic 2   Intermittent awareness. Somebody said he was running to a phone booth three blocks from here when he got nailed.
George   Patrick.
Paramedic   Should’ve let his fingers do the walking.
George   Patrick, Patrick.
Jarod   Sir, can you hear me?
George   Save Patrick.
Dr Hargadon   Okay, we’re losing him.
Jarod   No, this man’s a fighter.
George   Got to save my son. You’ve got to save my son Patrick.
Dr Hargadon   Okay, he’s responding. Normal sinus rhythm .
Jarod   Could be a cranial injury. Call radiology and get a head CT, stat.
Dr Hargadon   This is Dr Hargadon, I need a CT, stat please.
Jarod   Patrick. Kara, take over from here.
Jarod   Hello.
Kidnapper   The mysterious Mr Harper. Huh, so that’s how you look without the beard.
Jarod   What do you want?
Kidnapper   Cooperation. Two million by this time tomorrow or the next time you see little Patrick, he’ll be wearing a toe tag.
Jarod   I’ll give you whatever you want. Please, don’t hurt my son.
Kidnapper   The rules are simple. No law, no media. Break a rule, Patrick dies.
Jarod   I’ll pay you. Just please, don’t hurt my son.
Kidnapper   Look behind the phone book. Two million in 24 hours. I’ll call you with the details.
Jarod   Tell Patrick that his father love…
Man   Hey!
Jarod   George Harper. Patrick. George Harper. You’re going to be okay Patrick.
Alomar   You’re lucky I don’t kill you now. Your hands. Who the hell are you?
Jarod   George Harper.
Alomar   You tell that to someone who’s not his head of security. Now let’s try this again . Who are you?
Broots   That’s Jarod all right. Clarkston Pharmaceuticals. They make a very popular antidepressant called Panalex. Jarod was employed there for three weeks.
Sydney   Who did he help?
Broots   Nobody.
Miss Parker   Well, he wasn’t stealing the formula for Flintstone vitamins.
Broots   Hold onto your jockeys. A major shareholder in Clarkston is…..
Miss Parker   Mr Raines?
Raines   Everyone needs a nest egg. Continue.
Broots   Um…well uh, it’s a…. solid lead.
Sydney   It means nothing till we find Jarod’s emotional purpose.
Raines   Jarod’s purpose is to harass the Centre. He’s after my stock.
Sydney   If he were after your stock, you’d be broke. Jarod is driven by altruism.
Raines   You want him out there, trying to help the little guy.
Sydney   The answer is the little guy. If you want to find Jarod, find the person he’s trying to help.
Patrick   I want my dad, I want my dad.
PA   Dr Gordon to the OR, post op. Dr Gordon to the OR, post op.
Alomar   Is he gonna make it?
Jarod   It’s too soon to tell. But he’s going to be in that bed for at least two more weeks.
Alomar   Look doc, I was a little rough on you back there, but….
Jarod   You want Patrick back just as much as his father does. I understand.
Alomar   You said the kidnapper left a cell phone for you. I’ll handle it from here.
Jarod   Mr Alomar, he saw me. By becoming gr Harper, I bought that boy one more day of life. Why don’t you tell me how it happened?
Alomar   Mr Harper got the note after 3. Called me, said to meet him at the phone booth. A limo drops off Patrick every morning at school. Picks him up in the afternoon. Today, the driver found only this.
Jarod   Did you talk to this limo driver?
Alomar   He found the backpack where Patrick usually waits. We’ve known this guy for years, he’s been with us a long time. But I’ve run a new background check on him, just in case. Mr Harper’s ready to pay off this bastard. But I know how these people think. I’m ex-FBI. Worked a few abductions. More than likely, he’ll…. he’ll probably kill Patrick, just so he won’t ID him.
Jarod   He is a professional. He wants us to feel a total loss of control so he can fulfil his fantasy of power.
Alomar   What do you know about kidnappers doctor?
Jarod   When I was a boy, I was stolen from my parents. I can help you get Patrick back, but you’re going to have to trust me. Otherwise, by this time tomorrow, Patrick could be dead.
Alomar   Keep the phone, for now.
Young Jarod   A lunch box!
Margaret   You’re gonna be starting special school soon Jarod.
Young Jarod   Is that why those teachers came to see me yesterday?
Margaret   Yes, it is. They say you have a gift. Course I already knew you were smart as a whip. You’re gonna love it Jarod. I am so proud of you. I’m the proudest mommy in the world.
Judith   Is there something I can help you with?
Jarod   You’re a teacher?
Judith   Yes.
Jarod   I’m gr Harper.
Judith   Oh! This is quite an honour . I…I’m Judith Peck. Oh, Hayvenhurst is a much better place thanks to your scholarship fund sir. You’ve… you’ve opened the school to a number of disadvantaged students. I’m sorry if I seem a little surprised to see you…
Jarod   I understand. I’m here about my son.
Judith   This is Martin Benton. He oversees security for the school. I’m so sorry about this Mr Harper.
Benton   Nothing like this had ever happened here sir. I…. I’m shocked. I strongly urge you to call the police.
Jarod   I can’t. That’s one of the kidnapper’s demands. If I could just find something, … anything that would help.
Judith   Well, he was in session after school. Um, reading studies I think.
Jarod   Reading studies… for the dyslexia.
Judith   Right. He gets out around 3.
Benton   With the special kids. Most of the others are gone by 2.
Jarod   He doesn’t want to be singled out. He hates being special.
Judith   Right, he just wants to be a regular kid. That’s why he’s always reading comic books in class.
Benton   This is where he usually waits for his ride, isn’t that right Judith?
Judith   Right, is there anything we can do Mr Harper?
Jarod   Yes, nothing. Don’t contact the police or the media. I beg of you. Patrick’s life depends on it.
Judith   Of course.
Jarod   I was stolen, taken from my home in the middle of the night.
Jarod   It’s all coming back to me Sydney.
Sydney   Repressed memories. They often resurface during traumatic events Jarod. But those memories themselves they are not as important as how you face them.
Jarod   How do you face yours? How do you live with what happened to me?
Sydney   Jarod, nothing can justify what happened to you. But what you’ve been doing out there in the wide world for the last two years… that tells me something right….
Jarod   Came out of something very very wrong. It’s like a nightmare.
Jarod   It all keeps coming back in pieces.
Jarod   First the fear..
Jarod   …and then the panic. The shooting through your nerves kind.
Jarod   I’m a child again. It’s … it’s dark…. and I’m alone. All I can think about is seeing my family again.
Jarod   I want my world to be like it was.
Patrick   When can I see my daddy?
Kidnapper   Harper will pay, and you’ll get your cut. Tomorrow. Yeah, the kid’s having his last meal right now.
Miss Parker   You’re late.
Broots   Uh… Clarkston Pharmaceuticals… um, Jarod was a national rep in uh… Cupertino and Sunnyvale, California.
Sydney   Have you found any evidence of child abduction?
Miss Parker   Why would he Syd?
Sydney   A hunch.
Raines   Play the tape Mr Broots.
Broots   Syd, they made me do this.
Jarod   How do you live with what happened to me?
Sydney   Jarod, nothing can justify what happened to you. But what you’ve been doing out there in the wide world for the last two years… that tells me s….
Raines   And for two years I’ve been saying your personal connection to Jarod has hindered this pursuit. This proof.
Sydney   My conversations with Jarod are nothing new.
Raines   They keep us from him.
Sydney   They keep him from disappearing.
Miss Parker   Sydney… he’s right.
Alomar   Two million. I got what I could from pt’s room, like you asked. But I still don’t see how it helps.
Jarod   If I’m going to be gr Harper I have to understand his life, and his son’s. I don’t want the kidnapper to catch me in a lie.
Alomar   Limo driver’s clean. Checked some past business associates for possible motives. Nothing. FBI files show no kidnappers with a similar MO. At least not in the last five years. All we can do is hope this bastard keeps his word and we’ll have Patrick back tomorrow.
Jarod   This is pt’s mother?
Alomar   Chloe, great lady. Passed away in ’96. Patrick loves puzzles.
Jarod   Hmmm. They help him to think.
Alomar   That’s what he always says. I bought him this one. Sometimes when Mr hp’s working late, I help Patrick out. Yeah, well kind of, kid’s way faster than me.
Jarod   You okay?
Alomar   Those abductions I worked for the bureau, the things some of these guys do to those kids, it’s just, uh…..
Jarod   We’ll get him back.
    Dream of Jarod’s abduction
PA   Dr Stanton to CCU, stat, Dr Stanton to CCU stat.
    Abduction dream of grown up Jarod
Harper   Patrick. Patrick.
Alomar   Jarod?
Jarod   He’s waking up. Mr Harper, my name is Jarod.
Alomar   He’s going to help us Mr Harper.
Harper   Is Patrick here?
Jarod   No, sir, he’s not. But he’s going to be just fine, I promise you.
Miss Parker   Syd, we’ve been ordered to Sunnyvale, Broots found this. Could be Jarod’s handiwork. We leave in a hour. Raines is sending Willie with us to keep us honest. But what he doesn’t know is that Sam is already on his way.
Sydney   I’ll be ready.
Miss Parker   I hate myself for siding with Raines, but the creep’s got a point. This emotional umbilical you have with Jarod is… becoming a problem.
Sydney   In your eyes.
Miss Parker   Jarod is doing your work out there, isn’t he?
Sydney   I could say the same about you.
Miss Parker   Mnnnn. His mind games don’t work on me anymore., You cant make that claim.
Sydney   Like you said, we’ve been ordered to Sunnyvale.
Harper   Has the kidnapper called? Where’s my boy?
Alomar   He’ll be back by the end of the day sir.
Harper   When he was a newborn, I’d go into his room late at night to check on him. I’d stand over him until my eyes adjusted to the dark. And when I’d see him breathe, I’d know he was okay.
Jarod   New parents, they must be very nervous.
Harper   New? I still check on Patrick every night. But what good did it do? I should’ve been there.
Jarod   If you had been there, you would’ve found the backpack, not your driver. That’s all.
Harper   You know, since Chloe died, it’s just been Patrick and me. I lost her in a room just like this. I promised her we’d be a strong family. Jarod….
Jarod   I’ll get him back.
Benton   Need some help?
Jarod   I’m sorry, I was just trying to put myself into pts shoes.
Judith   Well, you’re in the right place. He always reads his comic books right here.
    Jarod pretending to be Patrick
Alomar   You must be lost. Kidnapper calls in less than two hours. I went to see Harper, you weren’t there.
Jarod   What are you doing here?
Alomar   Following you. Why aren’t you at the hospital?
Jarod   I have two hours left. There’s still some time.
Alomar   Time for what?
Jarod   For this. He was here. He was buying comic books here. The kidnapper grabbed him over here. He emptied out the backpack put the note inside, and he left it across the street for the driver to find.
Alomar   And nobody saw a thing.
Jarod   Almost nobody.
Alomar   So that’s how ER doctors do it, sugar rush.
Jarod   There. Patrick.
Jarod   No plates.
Alomar   Tape’s useless. Ski mask covered his face. We’re down to the wire.
Alomar   Got it.
Jarod   I want to check on Harper before I get the call.
Alomar   I almost bought your little blowup back there. That was my office on the phone. When I ran the background check on the driver, I ran one on you too. You’re a tough man to track Dr Pearce. Maybe that’s ’cause you died in 1979. You didn’t pretend to by Harper in that phone booth. You made a deal with the kidnapper. How much is he paying you?
Jarod   Look, I know that you think about Patrick like he was your own son. You probably saw some horrible things happen to children when you worked for the FBI. You’re afraid the same thing is gonna happen to him. But I swear to you I want to help this boy. And I cant help him unless I answer this phone call. Please trust me. gr Harper.
Kidnapper   Same phone booth, ten minutes.
Jarod   Ten minutes.
Sam    Miss Parker, I’ve got him. Go go.
Alomar   Kidnapper’s probably watching. Get off here, I’ll maintain visual. You pull anything, I’ll kill you.
Jarod   I’d expect nothing less.
Jarod   I’m here, I’m here.
Kidnapper   Take the money and cross the street to the green garbage can.
Jarod   When do I see Patrick?
Kidnapper   As soon as I get paid.
Jarod   How do I know you’re telling the truth? Where is my son? Hello?
Kidnapper   Harper, I said no law.
Jarod   What are you talking about?
Kidnapper   The deal is off, the boy is dead.
Jarod   No! No! No! You’re a business man, just name your price, I’ll pay it.
Kidnapper   Another two million in three hours. I see one badge and your son stops breathing.
Jarod   I want to talk to my son. I want to know that he’s still alive.
Patrick   I love you Daddy.
Kidnapper   Intelligent boy you got there Mr Harper. Who says he needs special ed? Keep the phone, I’ll call.
Alomar   What happened? Who the hell was that?
Jarod   One of the kidnappers. Look he wants another two million in three hours. You’ve got to get it. Now you know who you can trust.
Harper   Can we trust this guy? How do we know we can trust this guy?
Jarod   We still have two hours left.
Harper   Oh God.
Jarod   Exponential algorithms.
Harper   Yeah, I used to try and solve those as a boy. It always took my mind someplace else.
Jarod   Hmmm, just like Patrick uses puzzles.
Harper   I never looked at it like that.
Jarod   We’re going to find him. He knew. He knew, he said it to me just before he hung up. He knew that Patrick was in special classes. He knew that he would be held after school late. But how did he know he would be there alone?
Miss Parker   Must be someone in this godforsaken hospital who’s seen Jarod. Find anything.
Broots   Bingo.
Miss Parker   Excuse me. Have you seen this man?
Dr Hargadon   Jarod? Sure. Just a Alomar. Yes this is Dr Hargadon. I need to page extension 7477 please. It’s an emergency.
Miss Parker   So you know Jarod?
Dr Hargadon   Are you a friend?
Miss Parker   Old friend.
Dr Hargadon   He’s upstairs. I’m headed that way, come on. Jarod’s transfer came in today but he still has, uh, one more patient. Well, it looks like he had the patient moved.
Miss Parker   This is dicey Syd. If I know Jarod, he’s right under my nose.
Broots   Well, a swing and a miss.
Miss Parker   Sam, sweep the other floors, then meet me downstairs.
Sam   Yes Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Broots, Sydney, come with me.
Jarod   Psst. Thank you.
Dr Hargadon   You obviously got my page.
Jarod   Thank you for helping me keep my work a secret.
Dr Hargadon   Wait a minute. You’re the one that got Dr Mitchell to confess?
Jarod   Yes. I’m sorry I had to lie to you before. But I knew the pharmaceutical companies would send their lawyers after me.
Dr Hargadon   Lawyers! Well that explains that woman’s attitude problem.
Miss Parker   We’re not leaving. Check the employee records Broots. Find out where they were sending Jarod’s cheques.
Broots   Okay.
Sydney   His last patient was transferred.
Miss Parker   It’s too neat Syd. Your boy usually thumbs his nose at me. Could you go!? Egghead’s still in town. I got a gut feeling.
Jarod   Dear Parents. In an effort to ease congestion while the city completes roadwork near the school pickup for the students will be moved from the south end of the school to the north on Tuesday the 17th. Sincerely Martin Benton.
Jarod   Why don’t you take the van?
Benton   Hey hey! Don’t! Don’t! Hey! No! No! Help! Don’t! Hey! Don’t! Hey hey, get me… get me outta this.
Jarod   Relax, you’re being kidnapped, just like my son.
Benton   Harper?
Jarod   How much is he paying you? How much is my son’s life worth?
Benton   Harper please. Please get me outta here.
Jarod   It’s too early to beg. Kidnapping victims, they usually last 5.8 minutes before desperation sets in. First they have to face the overwhelming fear. Just like my son, you’re wondering, where’ he gonna take me? Is he going to kill me, or is he just going to torture me?
Benton   Let me go.
Jarod   You’re begging again. You moved the student pickup to the north side of the school. But you made sure Patrick didn’t know about it. He was out there all alone. You supervised his kidnapping didn’t you?
Benton   I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Jarod   I have a surveillance video from where my son buys his comic books. Now you tell me. How much is he paying you?
Benton   A hundred thousand.
Jarod   Where is Patrick?
Benton   He’ll kill me. No! Oh.
Jarod   Not if I do it first. Where is he?!
Benton   Money or no money, he’s gonna kill Patrick. Ow! No! Aah aah.
Jarod   Now, where does that leave you now? Where is he?
Benton   He’s in an abandoned warehouse.
Jarod   Across the street from the phone booth. He was watching me.
Benton   Yes yes.
Alomar   Jarod, what’s happening. We got less than 30 minutes.
Jarod   I know where Patrick is. Where are you?
Alomar   At your place.
Jarod   Has anyone been there looking for me?
Alomar   No.
Jarod   I’ll meet you there.
Jarod   Manny.
Alomar   Jarod run! Run!
Jarod   No.
Jarod   Ow. Miss Parker, there’s a little boy. He’s been kidnapped, he needs my help.
Miss Parker   Won’t work this time.
Jarod   They’ll kill him!
Miss Parker   Let the authorities take care of it.
Jarod   They don’t know about it!
Miss Parker   Get Jarod to the car.
Jarod   Sydney, please. Please don’t let this happen! This is just how they stole me when I was a little boy! Please!
Young Jarod   I wanna see my mommy! Let me go!
Miss Parker   It’s over.
Jarod   How do you face your past Sydney?
Sam   Miss Parker.
Willie   I’ll take it from here.
Miss Parker   Like hell you will.
Willie   If you have a problem, talk to Mr Raines.
Miss Parker   Back off!
Sydney   Don’t Willie!
Sam   Ow! I’m hit, I’m hit.
Miss Parker   Jarod stop!
Sydney   Parker! Please.
Broots   Ow!
Phone Operator   We’re sorry, the mobile unit you have dialled is either outside…
Kidnapper   Now, I’m gonna kill your son. And you get to watch. Think you can handle that Mr Harper?
Jarod   I’m not…. Mr Harper.
Young Jarod   Mama! Help me!
Margaret   I am so proud of you. I’m the proudest mommy in the world.
Jarod   It’s over Patrick. It’s over. It’s over.
Patrick   Dad.
Harper   Patrick, oh, oh. Let me look at you. Oh, how are you huh?
Patrick   I’m good.
Harper   Oh, oh oh oh oh.
Raines   Unacceptable. Jarod escaped because of you Miss Parker.
Sydney   Not at all. Parker caught Jarod. Willie botched it. That’s what my report will say.
Miss Parker   How do you think my father will react when he reads that?
Raines   This isn’t over.
Miss Parker   You can bet your bald head on that. I can fight my own battles Sydney.
Sydney   I knew you’d do the right thing with Jarod.
Miss Parker   You know, Sydney, sometimes I wonder if you do want him out there, helping the little guy.
Sydney   I want him back as much as you do, I just don’t want him dead.
Alomar   Those people who were looking for you, they think you’re pretty valuable. As far as I’m concerned you died in 1979.
Jarod   Wow. Are you looking for this?
Patrick   That’s the piece.
Harper   Yea.
Jarod   All right. Looks like a perfect fit.
Harper   Hey, you’ll make a great father someday.

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