1-02 Every Picture Tells A Story

1-02 Every Picture Tells A Story

Every Picture Tells A Story

It wasn’t easy but I-I have to admit, figuring Jarod’s mind is a real treat. He’s a damn clever guy.


Every Picture Tells A Story

It wasn’t easy but I-I have to admit, figuring Jarod’s mind is a real treat. He’s a damn clever guy.


Original air date: September 28, 1996

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Michael Zinberg

Jarod poses as Lt Campbell of the Coast Guard in order to figure out why a man died at sea waiting for a rescue that never came.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Fake Dog Poop, Oreo Cookies and how to eat them ‘properly’

Jarod’s Occupations: Coast Guard Lt., Atomic Engineer, Race Car Driver

Jarod’s Aliases: Lt. Jarod Spitz, Jarod Campbell

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod assumes the identity of a member of the Coast Guard in his attempt to uncover the truth behind a drowning at sea.


Miss Parker and Sydney arrive at a YMCA, where they question a resident about Jarod, who left a few days earlier.  The man tells them that Jarod took extensive swimming lessons for reasons unknown.  Later, a Coast Guard helicopter, piloted by Martha Poole, spots a boat fire at sea.  Upon seeing someone dive off the craft, Jarod, who has assumed the name Lieutenant Campbell, jumps out of the helicopter and stages a rescue.  Moments later, the boat explodes.

Back at the Centre, Miss Parker informs Sydney that  Broots is using a high tech phone tap to locate Jarod’s whereabouts.  She believes that, eventually, Jarod will slip up, as “it’s the smart ones who always do something stupid.”

At the coast guard base, Jarod notices that Poole looks ill, but Poole dismisses her discomfort on bad sushi.  A short time later, Jarod is introduced to Lieutenant Commander Paul Bilson.  Meanwhile, Poole approaches Commander Powell regarding her rank review.  Powell reminds her that all such requests go to Bilson.  Bilson promises he will give it his full attention as soon as possible.  While cruising the ocean with Bilson and fellow Coast Guard member Javi Padilla, Jarod encounters an apparently abandoned boat listing some three degrees.  Jarod steps onto the vessel in hopes of locating anyone who may be aboard.  He encounters Roy Abbott, an ornery man who demands that the Coast Guard members vacate his boat despite its questionable seaworthiness.  Bilson gives Abbott one week to make repairs on his own or risk being forced to return to shore.

While painting at an easel, Jarod telephones Sydney and tells him that he cannot see the faces of his subjects…but he can see their eyes, which never stop staring at him.  Jarod believes the people in his paintings were killed because the Centre’s exploitation of his gifts.  Sydney informs Jarod that the DSAs in his possession contain his work.  But Jarod counters that they contain his life.  After Jarod hangs up, Miss Parker informs Sydney that Broots’ phone tap was successful.  But when she and Sydney arrive at the YMCA and enter Jarod’s old room, they encounter a man named Yago, who informs them that Jarod gave him six months free rent in exchange for transferring his telephone calls.

Jarod returns to Abbott’s boat.  He notices a framed photograph of a woman on display…and asks about Magdalene (which is also the name of Abbot’s vessel).  Jarod correctly surmises that Magdalene is Abbott’s lost love.  Abbott changes the subject and again insists he is not moving his boat.  Jarod trades some supplies for a hand-carved wooden chest.  He then moves on.

On an ocean front boardwalk, Jarod takes great interest in novelty items such as “fake dog poop.”

Poole reacts with anger when she learns that Jarod is receiving a rank review even though he has only been with the Coast Guard division for three days.  Jarod asks Poole when she is due…referring to her pregnancy, not her review.  Poole reacts with surprise, for her husband isn’t aware of her condition.  Jarod tells her he was once a midwife and can spot the signs very quickly.  He promises Poole her secret is safe with him.  Later, Jarod asks Poole about the King case, a well-publicized incident that occurred while Bilson was on night patrol.  Though an investigation was launched, it was never determined how King’s boat sank, though a coroner believed that King treaded water for a day before he drowned.  Jarod points out that, according to a report, water current information was provided by directional buoys.  Poole reacts with surprise when Jarod tells her that the report indicates the current was moving southwest.

Jarod approaches King’s orphaned daughter, Kimberly.  She shows him the best way to eat an Oreo cookie.  Kimberly tells him that the thing she misses the most since her father died is her mother’s smile.

In flashback, Young Sydney pressures Young Jarod to solve a crisis aboard a moon mission.  As Jarod watches the DSA, he realizes the Coast Guard wanted Tom King to die.  Later, Jarod mentions the King case to Bilson.  He claims his men did everything they could to save him.

Jarod approaches Javi looking for the answer as to why Kimberly will never see her father again.  Javi states that he and Bilson searched for King for two days.  But Jarod is aware that the search took place in an area where the pair knew King couldn’t be found.  He is also aware that Javi and Bilson were involved with a contraband operation.  He tells Javi that paint from the hull of King’s cruiser will match some paint on a rescue cruiser that he and Bilson were using on the night the boat sank.  Shortly thereafter, Javi admits that he and Bilson were involved in a lucrative drug smuggling operation.  While they were transporting the contraband one foggy evening, they accidentally collided with King’s boat, sinking it.  Javi claims that Bilson placed a gun to his head and prevented him from rescuing King.

While Bilson is on patrol, he receives a short wave radio communication from (what he thinks is) his drug contacts.  Bilson confirms that he will rendezvous with the party.  Later, while on patrol, Bilson’s boat is deliberately rammed by Jarod’s cruiser.  Bilson falls into the sea, but Jarod refuses to attempt a rescue.  He turns his  boat around and leaves him treading water.  Later, Jarod radios the coast guard and reports “some floating debris” that needs attention.  Shortly thereafter, Sydney and Miss Parker spot Jarod’s boat and a high speed chase ensues.  But when the pair catch up, they realize the craft is empty.  Later, Jarod assumes the role of a race car driver at the Indianapolis motor speedway.

1-01 Pilot

Every Picture Tells A Story Transcript

    YMCA, Seattle, Washington
    Seattle, Washington
Man   You just missed him. Only been gone a couple of days.
sam   I’ll check the dresser.
Sydney   How did he look?
Man   Oh, about six – two, 170 pounds, I guess.
Sydney   That’s not what I mean. I mean was he okay? Did he seem to be in good health?
Man   Are you kidding. The man had a physique that the pros would kill for. So tell me, if Mr Spitz wasn’t really an atomic engineer how did he stop the nuke plant from turning us into pork rind.
Sydney   Mr Spitz is a…
Miss Parker   A fascinating man. So any stab at Jarod’s Oedipal tragedy Doctor Freud?
Man   Jarod. That was his first name. Yeah, strange. But you’d think a grown man with a name of Spitz would already know how to swim, wouldn’t ya?
Miss Parker   He was here for swimming lessons?
Man   Hey we are the Y. He was a quick learner too. From pike to advanced adult in just five weeks. Day in, day out. Swimming was all he did. Except for this past week. He spent every second in the pool but didn’t swim a stroke.
Sydney   What do you mean?
Man   From the time we opened in the morning until the midnight crew closed her down he’d be there in the deep end treading water without ever stopping. Just treading water.
Miss Parker   I wonder what your science project is up to now.
    Search and Rescue Helicopter
Martha   Banking two-niner heading down.
Jarod   Go in for a closer look.
Martha   It’s smoking pretty badly. I’ll call in a rescue craft.
Jarod   She’s going overboard. There’s no time.
Martha   Jarod. No! Come on Jarod.
Jarod   Hello. My name is Jarod. You’re going to be just fine.
    The Centre
Sam   Miss Parker you have a fax.
Note   “Sorry I missed you at the Y. . . Things aren’t always the way they seem. 4/13/70 Jarod.”
    Sim Lab
Twins   One thousand three hundred and twenty-four.
Sydney   Very good girls and absolutely correct.
Miss Parker   Sydney now!
Sydney   Your theatrics upset the children.
Miss Parker   Save it for Mr Rogers Syd. I’ve set up a tech session with Broots I think that can help us track Jarod. I think that takes precedence over Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Sydney   Broots’ technology isn’t going to help us track a chameleon. Jarod changes colour. He blends in. We’ll get close when he lets us. Patience, Parker. We need patience.
Miss Parker   Syd, patience may be a soothing catchall for the potato heads in Psychogenic Services but my father and the boys in the Tower equate patience with failure.
Sydney   But Jarod is a Pretender. He can become anyone he wants to be. We’ll never catch him with one of Broots’ phone taps.
Miss Parker   That’s what they said about the Unabomber, Syd. And how did they catch that whacked out prodigy. A letter to Mommy. It’s the smart ones who always do something stupid.
Sydney   Let’s use the stairs. It’s only three flights up. Come on.
Miss Parker   Stop nurturing Sydney. Hell, it’s been twenty years. I don’t have any problem riding this elevator. You shouldn’t either.
Sydney   Your mother was a special person.
Miss Parker   My mother was weak, period. She couldn’t handle the pressures of SIS or this place. I don’t have that problem. Only thing that ever bothered me was… why in an elevator. They go up, they go down. They end up nowhere. It’s amazing how a single bullet can change your life.
Sydney   If you ever want to talk about it…
Miss Parker   Correct me if I’m wrong Sydney but wasn’t my mother’s session with you one of the last things she did before she got in this elevator? No thanks. Sydney I’ll take my own chances.
    Coast Guard, San Diego
Jarod   Martha. Good morning.
Martha   You look way too rested to be staying in Coast Guard Housing.
Jarod   I live off base.
Martha   It took three years and a husband to get me out of the iron cot. How’d you swing it?
Jarod   I forged my transfer papers. Martha, are you okay?
Martha   Yeah, it’s uh, bad sushi.
Jarod   Is there any other kind?
Commander Powell   Lieutenant Campbell, morning.
Jarod   Morning Sir.
Bilson   I’m glad I caught you. I wanted you to meet my Lieutenant Commander Paul Bilson.
Jarod   Pleasure to meet you sir.
Bilson   Word is you did some pretty good work out there yesterday. Heard you even plucked a victim out of the soup.
Jarod   Well, it’s a good thing I took those swim lessons at the Y.
Commander Powell   I wish all my transfers had your humility, not to mention talent.
Jarod   Commander Powell I was hoping to get a few minutes regarding my rank review.
Commander Powell   Well all rank reviews go through the LC.
Bilson   I know. It’s on my desk I’ll get to it ASAP.
Martha   Thank you sir.
Commander Powell   Well, I’ll leave you in abler hands, Lieutenant Campbell.
Jarod   Thank you sir.
Bilson   Well the real question is what kind of sea legs do you have? As you know, anybody can fly. Right Poole?
Martha   A kite maybe, sir.
Jarod   Lieutenant.
Tech   Morning LC. Hey! Got the Christi purring like a kitten.
Bilson   Ah, I don’t trust that old nag. I’ll take the 45.
Tech   Yes sir.
Bilson   Commander Powell likes his men to be real sailors. You up for some sea duty?
Jarod   As ready as I’ll ever be, sir.
Bilson   Javi we’re waiting.
Javi   Rumble Base Alpha signing off.
Bilson   Haven’t you ever heard of the Internet? E-mail?
Javi   I’m a purist. I crave static.
Bilson   You coming?
Javi   Yeah!
Jarod   Hi! Jarod Campbell.
Javi   Javi Padilla.
Jarod   Nice to meet you. Is Bilson always in such a hurry?
Javi   Only when the ocean calls.
Bilson   Commander Powell tells me that you’ve been running icebreakers off Katima Bay.
Javi   The Great Lakes? Ah you didn’t tell me he was a fresh water boy, sir.
Jarod   Ah give me a break. At least they transferred me to the unit with the best SAR record in the Guard.
Bilson   Damn right. We conducted 178 search and rescues last year alone.
Jarod   Whoo!
Bilson   It looks like a 4280 to me.
Jarod   It’s listing about three degrees. Abandoned?
Bilson   That’s my guess. Javi call it in. Jarod check it out.
Jarod   Hello? It’s the Coast Guard. Anybody here? Hello. Woah now, sir, nobody’s here to hurt you.
Abbott   Oh hell!
Bilson   Abbott Abbott, say hello to Lieutenant Campbell.
Jarod   Hi. Call me Jarod.
Abbott   Get off my boat.
Bilson   Ah come on Abbott, is that anyway to treat the new guy?
Jarod   Sir. Your stores appear to be low and you also appear to be taking on water. Why don’t you let us tow you ashore so we can help you re supply?
Abbott   Nuthin’ i need over there. I’m fine where i am.
Bilson   Mr Abbott, the commander does not agree. You have one week to come in or we are authorised to bring you in sir.
Jarod   It’s for your own good Mr Abbott.
    The Centre
Sydney   Sydney.
Jarod   Well, I’m surprised you’re not down making rounds down corridor fifteen.
Sydney   Even psychiatrists need a day off.
Jarod   All this time I thought your interest in me was purely paternal.
Sydney   I understand learning to swim but aren’t you a little old to be playing with bathtub toys?
Jarod   Well, it’s certainly better than the kind of playtime you foisted upon me. It’s funny, I can’t see their faces but their eyes, they won’t stop staring at me.
Sydney   Whose eyes Jarod?
Jarod   I don’t know. Dead eyes. Eyes of people that aren’t alive today because of how you exploited my simulations.
Sydney   And now you want to right those wrongs by using your gift as an avenging angel. Is that it?
Jarod   Something like that.
Sydney   Then why are you calling?
Jarod   I wanted to know if… If Jarod was my real name.
Sydney   I think it is. At least that is what I was told.
Jarod   Thank you Sydney.
Sydney   Don’t hang up. I’m worried about you.
Jarod   If you’re so worried about me why don’t you go to the authorities?
Sydney   You know I can’t do that.
Jarod   Why? Because you love me? Or because you’re afraid of what I know?
Sydney   Jarod if those people from the beltway find out what you have I won’t be able to protect you.
Jarod   If they find out what I have, you won’t be able to protect yourselves.
Sydney   Those DSA’s contain my work.
Jarod   No Sydney! They contain my life. Goodbye.
Miss Parker   We got you, genius.
    Novelty Shop
Jarod   Now this is very interesting. You mean somebody actually manufactures imitation canine faeces?
Assistant   Yep. Only they couldn’t fit all that on the label so they just call it fake dog poop.
Jarod   Hm. And why exactly would someone want fake dog poop?
Assistant   ‘Cause it’s funny.
Jarod   Oh!
Girl   No I mean the white ones. Yeah! Thank you.
Assistant   It is funny.
Girl   I got the white ones Mommy. Those were his favourites.
    San Diego YMCA
Miss Parker   Broots traced Jarod’s call back to this YMCA. Get him!
Man   Hey hey hey! I ain’t done nothing. I ain’t done nothing.
Miss Parker   What are you doing in this room?
Man   I ain’t trespassing. No. This guy gave me a room.
Sydney   Is this the man?
Man   Yeah that-that’s him. And you know what? He conducts the Philharmonic. And and and he gives me six months free rent just to transfer his calls. And you know what, he says he likes to travel a lot.
Miss Parker   Shut up Sydney.
Jarod   Good morning Mr Abbott.
Abbott   What do you want?
Jarod   I don’t know. I was just passing through. Permission to come aboard?
Abbott   Granted.
Jarod   Magdeline’s a pretty lady.
Abbott   How do you Magdeline?
Jarod   I was talking about your boat. Is that your wife?
Abbott   Could have been. Probably would’ve. I never asked her.
Jarod   Do you think the Dutchmen ever found his lost love?
Abbott   What?
Jarod   The opera you were listening to. Wagner’s Dutchman. That’s the story. I always wondered if he ever searched for his love or spent the rest of his days floating around on that ghost ship.
Abbott   I never really gave it much thought.
Jarod   It’s not easy wondering if someone you love is still out there.
Abbott   I ain’t moving my boat.
Jarod   I’m not asking you to.
Abbott   Don’t that uniform make it your job?
Jarod   I’m just borrowing the uniform. I brought you some supplies from town. I’ll trade you for . . this chest you’ve carved.
Abbott   Throw in some candles next time you pass, you got yourself a deal.
Jarod   Done. Thanks. You ever listen to Mozart, Mr Abbott? The Magic Flute?
Abbott   I like this one fine. It’s all I need.
Jarod   I was allowed to listen to it once when I was a child. I closed my eyes and in my mind I became an eagle. I could go anywhere, do anything. Nothing could stop me. Maybe Mozart knew something that Wagner didn’t.
Abbott   I ain’t moving my boat.
Martha   Lieutenant campbell., even on routine patrol I expect your eyes on the deck. This is a helicopter not a library.
Jarod   I’m trying to orient myself with the West Coast Ocean Search Patterns. Tell you what, I will buy you lunch if you will let me pick your brain about some of these old searches.
Martha   As long as it’s not Sushi.
Jarod   Great. I don’t want Commander Powell to tag me fresh water boy on my rank review.
Martha   Wait a minute. You’ve been here three days and you’re getting a rank review. Oh great! All I need is another guy in this operation elbowing for room on the ladder.
Jarod   When are you due?
Martha   I should have made LC months ago but Commander Powell keeps on putting it off.
Jarod   Not your promotion, your baby. I’d say from your nausea and your sore back, you’re about . . . nine weeks?
Martha   My husband doesn’t even know. What are you, a part time obstetrician.
Jarod   No, but I was a mid wife once. You haven’t told the Commander yet, have you?
Martha   Hell no! If Powell or anyone else around here finds out about this I can kiss away my chances at LC.
Jarod   Your secret’s safe with me.
Miss Parker   Well Broots what’s happened?
Broots   I’m backtracking his call through the other phone. All I know right now is that all international land lines. I didn’t even know that was possible.
Miss Parker   How long to trace it?
Broots   Uh, it’s hard to say. I mean Jarod’s method’s so basic, so simple. Ah, ah, twenty, twenty-four hours.
Miss Parker   You have twelve.
Broots   I can do it in eight.
Martha   The King file. You sure picked a sensitive one. It’s all down hill after this one. You should talk to Bilson. This was his baby.
Jarod   How so?
Martha   Well it happened during his regular Tuesday night patrol so Bilson was in charge. It was a tough one too. No one was sure how King’s boat went down. Never did find it. This one was particularly sad. The coroner said that Tom King treaded water for a day and a half before he drowned. For an SAR team to come up empty – that’s the kind of news that hurts the most.
Jarod   This report says that the search patterns were based on water current information provided by directional buoys.
Martha   Yep! Dropped them myself.
Jarod   Pilcher’s Point?
Martha   That’s the area that Tom King was known to be fishing in.
Jarod   So Bilson deployed standard grid searches south east of that point.
Martha   That’s SOP. You seem to be following this fine. What is the matter?
Jarod   According to satellite monitoring, the DF buoys indicated that the current was moving southwest.
Girl   You’re doing it wrong.
Jarod   Hmm?
Girl   Didn’t you ever eat a cookie as a kid.
Jarod   They didn’t have cookies where I grew up?
Girl   Where’d you grow up? Mars?
Jarod   Sort of.
Girl   First you twist the cookie so the top comes off. Like a little lid. Then you get all the white stuff off. I pick it with my teeth or you can scrape it or lick it.
Jarod   Then what do you do with the brown part?
Girl   Grown ups put it in ice cream.
Jarod   Why don’t they just sell the white stuff?
Girl   It wouldn’t be any fun.
Jarod   Your mum works hard.
Girl   Since my Dad died that’s all she does. He’s with St Andrew, the one for fishermen. I bought my Dad a statue of him from Church. It was on his boat. They never found that.
Jarod   It’s hard to lose a parent. I know. What part do you miss the most?
Girl   My mom’s smile.
    DSA 4/13/70
Young Jarod   I can’t figure it out.
Sydney   You have to.
Young Jarod   How much is oxygen is left?
Sydney   Less than forty-eight hours.
Young Jarod   Well, what caused the explosion?
Sydney   We don’t know.
Young Jarod   Fuel. Oxygen. There’s nothing that can save us!
Sydney   It’s your duty to save your crew.
Young Jarod   No I can’t do it!
Sydney   You shut down now you will all die! Come on Jarod. Think!
Young Jarod   Wait. Wait. I’ve got it. I can use the gravitational pull of the moon to help get us back.
Sydney   Very good Jarod. I knew you would save them if you wanted to.
Jarod   They didn’t want to save Tom King. They wanted him to die.
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   Oh, I intentionally wake you in your deepest sleep phase and all I get is a lifeless “What”?
Miss Parker   Oh. If you want wit read Noel Coward. What time is it where you are?
Jarod   Cute. Not funny, but cute.
Miss Parker   You’re making house calls now. I’m honoured.
Jarod   Well, I was feeling a little guilty about my virtual phone game.
Miss Parker   You know, I should really tape this to replay at the Christmas party. You’ll be there you know. You can rest assured.
Jarod   I’m not resting much at all these days.
Miss Parker   Breaking my heart. So Jarod, why the YMCA?
Jarod   I was watching retro night on VH1. And they were doing the 70s, which as you know I missed. There was this singing group that was extolling the virtues of staying at the Y. So here I am.
Miss Parker   Cute, not funny, but cute.
Jarod   Did you know that they make fake dog poop? It’s amazing how it appears to be one thing but it’s really something completely different.
Miss Parker   And I should care because . . . ?
Jarod   Well, this sort of thing could be a real money maker for the Centre. Besides isn’t it just the perfect metaphor for the way your father and the Centre distort the truth?
Miss Parker   And what truth is that Jarod?
Jarod   It’s all in the note I sent you. The truth about what makes you sad.
Bilson   I doubt whether the boys at Katima Bay are sittin’ beach side this time of the year.
Jarod   Probably freezing their butts off on some futile cape-hopping SAR.
Bilson   So besides the obvious why pull up stakes?
Jarod   Well, I was feeling kinda cooped up where I was living, so I decided to head out west. I interviewed at the Channel Islands Station first but I decided this was the spot for me.
Bilson   Well, you made the right decision. The Channel Islands is full of our rejects.
Jarod   That’s funny they said this group was a bunch of renegades.
Javi   Here you go, sir.
Jarod   They said that this group was a bunch of renegades.
Javi   That’s a crock.
Jarod   They said guys who couldn’t rescue a fisherman from their own bay didn’t deserve to wear the uniform.
Javi   Were they talking about the King rescue?
Jarod   Yes. I think that was the name they used. Did something go wrong?
Bilson   You know, it’s amazing how the people we put our lives on the line for can just turn around and smear the Guard with one news story. The man’s wife took it hard. She blamed us. I understand her tragedy. I guess she had to blame somebody so she could deal with it. I promise you we did everything we could do to save that man. We did our job.
Martha   Pilcher’s Point is where Tom King was known to be fishing.
Jarod   The current was going southwest.
Martha   No one was sure how King’s boat went down. Never did find it.
Miss Parker   What? I’m on my way.
Broots   It wasn’t easy but I-I have to admit, figuring Jarod’s mind is a real treat. He’s a damn clever guy.
Miss Parker   He’s a one man Siegfried and Abbott. Show me what you have.
Broots   Okay. We backtracked the call, we thought was coming from this YMCA from Jarod’s room, room 334. Jarod inter-connected a hundred and seventy-three international calls but-but backtracking those calls was impossible because instead of a call forwarding device triggered by a single call all of the hundred and seventy-three calls were individually initiated.
Sydney   Ingenious.
Broots   And a hell of a lot of work for Jarod I might add and and very expensive.
Miss Parker   I don’t care what it cost.
Broots   Oh, that’s good because he charged it to your calling card.
Miss Parker   Where is he?
Broots   Oh, oh the the last place we would expect to look. Room 335.
Miss Parker   In the same Y?
Broots   In the very next room.
Jarod   Ha ha, gotcha. I found this in a novelty shop on the pier.
Javi   Yeah very funny.
Jarod   Just when you think it’s your lucky day you find out it’s not.
Javi   So, what are you doing here?
Jarod   Same as you. Looking for peace of mind. And the answer to why she will never see her father again.
Javi   Who the hell are you, huh?
Jarod   I don’t really know. But last night I became you. And I realised why you come here so much. Why you feel so guilty. And why you and Bilson didn’t save a father’s life.
Javi   We searched for him for two days.
Jarod   But you made sure the search was in areas where you knew he wouldn’t be found. You couldn’t afford for him to be found alive, could you?
Javi   You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
Jarod   I do know that you and Bilson make the same patrol in the south sector every Tuesday night and every Wednesday afternoon you make a rather sizeable deposit into your private account on Coronado. So, just what kind of contraband were you running?
Jarod   You’re crazy man.
Jarod   Am I? The paint on the hull is going to match the rescue cruiser you and Bilson were in the night he went down. You can search everywhere you want for salvation, but the only place you’re gonna find it is in the truth you’re running from.
Javi   Me and Bilson meet a Mexican hauler named the Santa Marca every Tuesday night, bringing in a shipment of something. I think it’s rock but I’m not positive. We’re just paid delivery boys. I don’t know how we hit his boat. It was foggy. I just-just couldn’t see it but we sheared it right in half. And then… Then I swung around and, and spotted him in the water.
Jarod   He was still alive.
Javi   Yeah. He looked up at me and… all I could think was what a small world. I used to see him with his daughter and his wife at Mass. And I think he recognised me too. And then he put his hand up to me. So I tried to pull him on board but Bilson stopped me. He literally put a gun to my head and told me to leave him.
Jarod   If you saved him?
Javi   Yeah, we’d go to jail. But I’ll take prison in a heartbeat if I can get out of this hell I’m in.
Jarod   Hey could you do me a favour? Now that’s funny.
Jarod   I’m sorry I’m late sir.
Bilson   Late for what?
Jarod   Patrol. I just got the call this morning about riding with you.
Bilson   Riding with me? Where’s Javi?
Jarod   I don’t know sir. They told me he was sick.
Bilson   Sick?
Jarod   Actually I’m not feeling very well myself. Bad sushi. You mind if I hit the head and catch up with you?
Bilson   Nah, sure, sure.
Jarod   Is there something wrong?
Bilson   No. Everything’s great.
Jarod   Alright. I will see you in a minute.
Bilson   Where’s 45?
Tech   I guess it’s on patrol. The Christi’s…
Bilson   Yeah purring, I know. Javi? Javi?
Radio   Santa Marca to Robin 247. Santa Marca to Robin 247. Come in 247.
Bilson   Are you insane? We’re not on a scheduled radio contact until tonight.
Radio   We are confirming that we got your message. As per your request, the rendezvous will be at 10 am today. You will be there Javi? Hello Javi?
Bilson   Alright today. I’ll be there.
Radio   Adios.
Jarod   Oh there you are sir. I’m ready if you are.
Bilson   Oh it’s alright, Lieutenant. It’s a routine patrol. I’ll do it alone.
Jarod   Are you sure?
Bilson   Yeah. Yeah. Go take care of your gut man.
Jarod   Well thank you sir.
Miss Parker   You couldn’t tell us he lived next door?
Man   You didn’t ask.
Sydney   Paint.
Miss Parker   Come on.
    The Christi
    Coast Guard Pier
Miss Parker   Excuse me, have either of you seen this man?
    The Christi
Bilson   That’s just great. That’s great. Great. Purring like a damn kitten. Rescue 45, come in. Is that you Javi? Rescue 45 you’re on a direct course for my craft. Veer off. Rescue 45 veer off. Rescue 45 you’re coming straight at me. Rescue 45. Veer off. Veer off. Hey!
Jarod   Oh my God!
Bilson   What the hell’s the wrong with you man? Are you blind or something. Toss me a line.
Jarod   I can’t sir.
Bilson   What?
Jarod   I’m sorry. But I can’t rescue you.
Bilson   You’re bucking for a court martial Lieutenant.
Jarod   That is serious sir, but you see a court martial, it won’t exactly affect me. You see, I’m not really a lieutenant. The truth is I’m not really in the Coast Guard.
Bilson   You get me out of here.
Jarod   Oh, don’t worry. You’ll be okay. Men have been known to tread water for days.
Bilson   This isn’t funny.
Jarod   Oh, you’re right. It’s terrifying. You’re all alone. You can’t see anything but water and you start thinking about what might be down there. What just bumped you below the surface? And after a while your nerves will settle down, but unfortunately, that’s when your body starts to ache and the only way to stop the pain is to stop treading. But then you start to sink. And in that instant between life and death you think about all the people and all the things you left behind. So you start fighting your way back to the surface. You fight for your life.
Bilson   You can’t leave me here.
Jarod   Sure I can. Just like you left Tom King.
Bilson   No. No. No. Noooo!
    Coast Guard Station
Javi   Excuse me sir. There’s something you have to see.
Commander   What’s this?
javi   The truth, sir.
    Rescue 45
Jarod   Rescue Unit 45 to base. Requesting pick up near DF Buoy Number 29. Oh, take your time getting there. It’s just a little . . . floating debris.
    Pursuit Boat
Miss Parker   There he is.
Sydney   Hello Jarod.
Jarod   Hello Sydney.
Miss Parker   Give that to me! There’s no where to go this time.
Jarod   Sydney raised me to believe my mind could take me anywhere.
Sydney   He’s out of fuel.
Miss Parker   It’s like I told you Sydney, the smart ones always do something stupid. Get him.
Sydney   He’s not there?
Miss Parker   How?
Sam   I don’t know. But he left you this.
Jarod   Hiya Abbott!
Abbott   Jarod!
Jarod   Nice day for a swim.
    DSA 13th April, 1970
Young Jarod   What’s that Sydney?
Sydney   I don’t know.
Catherine Parker   Noooooooo! No! No!
Young Jarod   They’re trying to hurt her!
Sydney   Stay here Jarod.
Sweeper   Get her off the elevator.
Young Jarod   Stop!
Sweeper   Get the kid out of here.
Sydney   No Jarod. Stay back.
Sweeper   Get her out of here. Get her out of the elevator.
Miss Parker   It’s me. I want to know what really happened to my mom.
    San Diego Marina
Jarod   Thanks Abbott.
Abbott   Hey it ain’t nothing.
Jarod   Magdaline’s out there somewhere. What are you going to do?
Abbott   think I’ll take a walk. Thank you. How about you?
Jarod   I think I’ll take a drive.
    Race Track
Announcer   Gentlemen. Start your engines.

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