2-14 Unforgotten

2-14 Unforgotten


Truth? That is a very interesting word coming from you.

Miss Parker


Truth? That is a very interesting word coming from you.

Miss Parker

Original air date: March 21, 1998

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: Steven Long Mitchell

While Jarod suffers from amnesia, Brigitte interrogates Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots about their inability to capture Jarod and then suggests that one of them may be helping the fugitive.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Batman TV Series (Original)

Jarod’s Occupations: Truck Driver

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod develops amnesia after he is struck on the head. Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots are interrogated by Brigitte.


Sweepers drag Broots from his bed and force him inside an interrogation room at the Centre where Sydney and Miss Parker are being held against their will.

Meanwhile, Jarod approaches a drug smuggler, Sharpton, in a darkened parking lot.  But before Jarod can carry out his revenge scheme, he is struck on the head by Sharpton’s partner, Corbin.  When Jarod regains consciousness, he finds himself in the company of Argyle, a transient who lives in a nearby abandoned factory.  As Argyle peruses the contents of Jarod’s duffel bag, he finds a multitude of false IDs.  Unfortunately, Jarod is beset by amnesia, and cannot remember his name or anything about his past.

Brigitte makes an appearance in the interrogation room, surprising her three captives.  She tells the threesome her mission is to find out why the Centre has been unable to capture Jarod for the last eighteen months, hinting that someone on the inside might be aiding the fugitive.  Both Sydney and Broots notice someone standing in the shadows wearing distinctive, wing-tipped shoes.

Broots is the first to undergo interrogation.  He recalls his encounters with Jarod from previous episodes.

Meanwhile, Jarod grows feverish and slips in and out of consciousness.  As he does so, he experiences visions of his mother.  She encourages him to trust his feelings, prompting him to recall moments from his past.  Eventually, he remembers his identity.  Argyle, meanwhile, begins perusing DSAs, and eventually makes contact with the Centre.  He then surprises Jarod and handcuffs him to a bed.

Once Brigitte finishes with Broots, she begins interrogating Sydney, who also recalls encounters with Jarod from previous episodes.

Miss Parker is the last to undergo the interrogation.  She, too, recalls past encounters with Jarod.

Argyle realizes the Centre is willing to pay for Jarod’s return, and bargains with Brigitte by phone.  He eventually settles for a payment of ten thousand dollars.  Jarod warns his captor that Brigitte is dangerous—and will think nothing of taking his life.  But Argyle ignores the warning and gives Brigitte the address of the abandoned factory.

When Brigitte finishes the interrogation, Mr. Parker steps into the holding room.  Both Sydney and Miss Parker note his distinctive wing-tipped shoes—the same ones noticed earlier.  The pair realize Mr. Parker participated in the interrogation.

Brigitte arrives at the abandoned warehouse in the company of several Sweepers.  She drops a bag filled with money at Argyle’s feet.  In return, Argyle tells her that Jarod is inside the factory.  The moment Argyle reveals the information, Brigitte instructs a Sweeper that he is to be eliminated.  The Sweeper pushes Argyle inside a car trunk.

An armed Brigitte approaches the bed where Jarod is handcuffed.  Suddenly, Jarod jerks down on the steam pipe to which he is cuffed.  A blast of red-hot steam sends Brigitte reeling backward.  Jarod manages to uncuff himself and makes his way downstairs, where he overcomes the Sweepers and releases Argyle.

Later, Jarod returns to the parking lot where Sharpton makes his drug deals.  This time, Jarod gains the upper hand—and secures Sharpton and Corbin to the front grill of a truck.

2-14 Unforgotten

Unforgotten Transcript



Broots   Ohh no no! Wait! Wait a minute! I didn’t do anything.  Wait! I didn’t do anything. Wait. What? What the hell is that?
Sweeper   Move it!
Broots   No.
Miss Parker   Look, I want to call my father! Do you hear me? Nice PJs!
Broots   They pulled me right out of bed.
Sydney   I was in the shower.
Miss Parker   Mmm! Thanks for painting that one for me.
Broots   What the hell is going on here?
Miss Parker   Trouble. The worse kind.
Sharpton   I thought you were leavin’ town.
Jarod   Well, I came to say goodbye Sharpton. And I knew you’d be here. Like you are every night. Collecting your payoff. Same bat time, same bat channel. Winks I heard that on a re-run.
Sharpton   I don’t know what you are talking about.
Jarod   Every night you head out alone making your run, collecting your drug money. Then one night you hit a little girl. You couldn’t stop because of all the contraband you had on board, so you let her to bleed to death.
Sharpton   Tell me, what you are going to do about it?
Jarod   I’m going to make sure that this is your last run.
Sharpton   You got it all down pat don’t you. Well, you’re right. I do deliver drugs and I do love my money. And I do head out alone. But you left out a little something.
Jarod   What’s that?
Sharpton   The part where I stop and pick up my partner. Come on we’re going to be late.
Crook   He’ll freeze to death out here.
Sharpton   Yeah. It’s a rough world, ain’t it?
Argyle   Hey you! Don’t twitch. The dog’ll rip the Adam’s apple clear out of your throat. Won’t you? Don’t get me wrong. He’s a good lookin’ dog but that dog was born mean. He did save your life however. Found you in a parkin’ lot. Near barked his head off ’til I found ya. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Ah there you go. Hey what’re you lookin’ at? You got something to add to this? Why don’t you get out of here and go back to your bed. Go on. No. No. Don’t try getting’ up, don’t try getting’ up. You need to stay right there and rest. You got smashed pretty hard. You just rest. You need to rest there. You need to rest. You just rest.
Jarod   What happened?
Argyle   Wh-What happened? Oh, ah, you my friend have been mugged. And oh no, they got all your money. I-I’m, I’m sorry. All your money’s gone. That’s bad but your stuff is safe. I saved your stuff. So that’s good.
Jarod   Where am I?
Argyle   Where are you? You my friend are in my little corner of paradise. At least for now. Hey, hey, ah, my name’s Argyle by the way. My name’s Argyle. And I’m called this on account of this birthmark that I got on the back of my thigh. You wanna see it? You wanna check it out? No? Okay! That’s cool. Most people don’t. No offence taken. You got a lot of stuff in here dude. Hey, I hope my patch job keeps in the blood okay, because look, Dog never complained about the doctoring. But hey, I think you’d be a better judge you being the real M.D. and all.
Jarod   Doctor?
Argyle   Yeah. You’re a doctor, my friend. This Id here says that your name is Jarod and that you, my friend, are a thoracic surgeon.
Jarod   Give me a 3 cc syringe and a size 8 ET tube.
Nurse   She’s going into respiratory arrest.
Jarod   Prepare to ventilate. Give me the syringe. Remove the plunger.
Nurse   Air entry on both sides of the chest. She’s pinking up.
Jarod   Now that’s a nice sound.
Argyle   Come on. Come on. Yeah! Yeah baby. Now that’s a nice sound. We’re gonna have us some heat now. Ow. Ow. Ow. Nothing ever works in this place. Including you. Never! That’s all going to change. That’s all going to change. Real soon! I’m thinking four years of college. I’m thinking medical school. I’m thinking doctoring and prescriptions. You know, I’ve been riding a wooden pony for years now. And I’m thinking, my man, you might just be my brass ring.
Jarod   Brass Ring?
Argyle   Pot o’ gold, boy, ship that’s come in. The way out man. I’m thinking the hospital’ll pay a healthy finders fee for one of it prize physicians.
Jarod   Not a doctor.
Argyle   You’re not a doctor? Come on. Who, the hell, are you then?
Jarod   I don’t know.
Jarod   I don’t know.
Broots   What is this?
Miss Parker   It’s a T-board
Broots   A what? What?
Sydney   T standing for torture.
Miss Parker   The Centre Tribunal. They want answers and until they get them we’re not going anywhere.
Broots   What? No. You’re kidding right?
Miss Parker   Don’t soil yourself Broots. They want us unbalanced. That’s why they yanked us in the dead of night.
Sydney   They’re trying to fracture us emotionally.
Broots   Well, it’s working. I’m shattering. How do you know so much about this?
Miss Parker   I’ve been on the other side of the glass.
Broots   Well, so how does it turn out?
Miss Parker   Fine. If you’re on the other side of the glass.
Broots   Oh great!
Sydney   I knew Raines would be involved.
Broots   What?
Sydney   The question is who’s behind it all.
Miss Parker   The Triumvirate, Kreskin. But under whose authority?
Sydney   Brigitte.
Miss Parker   That bitch is like a bad cough.
Broots   Who are those guys in the shadows?
Miss Parker   I don’t know. I need to get word to my father.
Sydney   Here. I’m not sure that he’ll be able to help.
Miss Parker   Sydney!
Brigitte   Hello lovey!
Miss Parker   Bridget. Last time I saw you, you were trying to blow my father’s helicopter out of the sky. How did you get back in the Centre?
Brigitte   Well before we get to that, I promised some friends of mine I’d find out why, after eighteen months Jarod is still out there. Not possible.
Miss Parker   They created him. They know what he’s capable of.
Brigitte   Yes, they do. They think, the only way that he could still be eluding us is that one, or all of you, are working with him.
Miss Parker   They think that? Or you made them think that?
Brigitte   Either way, no one’s leaving till we find out who. And we start with you Tex.
Argyle   Whoever you are you’ve got a tooth sweeter than mine, that’s for sure. Sugar’s a killer you know that?. It will rot all the teeth out, right out of your head. I’m lucky. I’m blessed. I’ve really good teeth. They’re all mine. Hey buddy? What’s wrong? Oh no. You don’t know who you are and you’re burning up. That’s what happens when you’re left out in the elements. That’s what happens. You’re problem was that you weren’t looking over your shoulder. You always gotta look over your shoulder man. There’s always somebody back there in the dark, some mook, some punk back there gunning for you, you know. You gotta look over your shoulder man. Look over your shoulder. Or maybe you’re running away from this cutie pie. Who’s this? Hey, psst psst, who’s this pretty lady? What did she do? Bust your rocks for not bringing home the green. Hey, you didn’t bring home the green. Maybe she’s another doctor. You’d better think twice about that next time.  Well I’ll be John Brown. I will be John Brown. You’re not a doctor you’re a park ranger. No you’re a fireman. No you’re a roach exterminator.  No you’re a federal investigator. I’m, I’m sorry mister. Could you help me out here for a second? I’m kinda at a loss here. Just who the hell are you? Mister? Mister?
Jarod   I don’t know who I am.
Broots   I didn’t do anything.
Angelo   Broots scared.
Sydney   How do you think he will hold up?
Miss Parker   Before or after he wets his pants?
Broots   Can I… Can I have a robe?
Brigitte   Is Jarod smarter than you?
Broots   Huh?
Raines   You’ve been chasing him for over a year.
Brigitte   Has he alluded you because he is smarter?
Broots   No. We try hard every day to find Jarod but the wheel of fortune just hasn’t landed on our number yet.
Brigitte   Spinning, spinning, spinning.
Broots   Well, he is a Pretender.
Miss Parker   He’s a one-man Siegfried and Roy. Show me what you have.
Broots   Jarod interconnected 173 international calls. But backtracking those calls was impossible because instead of using a call forwarding device triggered by a single call all of the one hundred and seventy-three calls was individually initiated.
Sydney   Ingenious.
Broots   And very expensive.
Miss Parker   I don’t care what it cost.
Broots   Oh that’s good because Jarod charged them all to your calling card.
Broots   He’s… he’s clever and smart, which makes tracking Jarod more fun.
Brigitte   Fun?
Broots   No! I… I…
Raines   Are you saying he’s your hero?
Broots   No. I’m… I’m.. No, I’m not saying that.
Brigitte   Then what are you saying?
Broots   I’m just… I’m just saying that Jarod’s clever. And uh you can, you can see it in his eyes. You can tell.
Brigitte   According to your file you’ve never laid eyes on Jarod. You never have, have you?
Broots   No. I, ah, am referring to pictures.
Jarod   Hello, Mr Broots.
Broots   Oh my God!
Jarod   Help me, please.
Brigitte   Eighteen months, no results. We find it hard to believe that someone could be this inept on purpose.
Jarod   Help me.
Brigitte   Mr Broots!
Broots   Huh?
Brigitte   If you’re not helping Jarod then who is?
Broots   C-Can I have a robe please?
Argyle   We’re  alike, you and me. Bunch of names. Travel light. Man on the run. Who are you running from anyway? John Law. The man with a smile on his face and evil in his heart? Huh? Who you runnin’ from? Hey! Maybe you got a bounty on your head? Your head is burning up. You’re burning up man. Oh no. This is not good. You’ve been out in the elements too long man. Out in the elements too long. I knew it. This is not good. I knew it. This is bad. Hey, how about a little cooperation in the heat department! Come on! Come on!
Margaret   Jarod! Jarod! I love you Jarod. Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.
Argyle   Hey! Hey! Come on! Hey! Hey! Tou okay, man? You okay? No! No! No don’t you die on me man. Don’t you die on me! Don’t you leave me! You’re my, you’re my brass ring man! Come on! Don’t you die on me man! Don’t you die on me man!
Young Jarod   I know the escape procedure, but the fire! It’s too hot! It comes into our air lines. I try not to breathe but it is too late. I can’t open the hatch. I can’t open the hatch! No one can get to us. We can’t be saved. I’m burning! I’m burning! I’m burning! I’m burning!
Argyle   Hey! Your fever broke. The devil left you with me for a while. So, what’s the Centre? Y-y-your… your little freakish home movies are all labelled For Centre Use Only. What’s the Centre?
Jarod   I don’t know.
Argyle   You don’t know! I-I-I’ll tell you what I think Jarod. I think that you got a big brain. And um I-I think that these Centre guys, I think they’re after you. And I-I think that means you’re worth something to them, which means that you’re worth a lot to me. You see I got a big brain too, Jarod. I got a big brain too.  Why won’t you work?  Why won’t you work? Why won’t you work? Why…. won’t…. you… work? I’m just trying to fix things Jarod. I’m just trying to make ’em right. No big deal. No big deal. I’m just trying to fix things.
Jarod   Who are you?
Margaret   The proudest woman in the world.
Jarod   Who am I?
Margaret   Just trust your feelings. Always trust your feelings.
    DSA 20th June 71
Sydney   Jarod I told you I can’t accept this.
Young Jarod   But I made it for you.
Sydney   This card is meant for someone else.
Young Jarod   Don’t you love me Sydney?
Sydney   We have work to do.
Argyle   Is Sydney your dad or something?
Broots   I’m so glad I left Debbie at her godmother’s. I can’t believe how long they’ve had Sydney out there.
Miss Parker   You wear a watch to bed?
Broots   Yeah.
Miss Parker   Why?
Broots   In case I wake up and, you know, need to document something.
Raines   Let us continue.
Broots   When are they going to leave him alone?
Miss Parker   When they hear what they want to hear.
Broots   Well, he’s been out there for six hours already.
Miss Parker   And they’ll take another six if they want to.
Broots   What are they doing this for?
Miss Parker   Because they can.
Sydney   Jarod is my life’s work. My interest in him is primarily scientific. That interest demands that I remain objective which precludes the possibility of guilt.
Young Jarod   Don’t you love me Sydney?
Sydney   Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have betrayed a friend.
Priest   Have you prayed to the Lord?
Sydney   Not even he can forgive me for what I have done.
Sydney   The bond between Jarod and me is as unique as Jarod is special.
rd   Unique enough for you to be fighting for his freedom.
Sydney   I would never do that. Jarod’s is a very complex case. I have tried to keep him alive and to hold his psyche in check during this pursuit.
Brigitte   What are you? His wet nurse?
Sydney   We must be patient. Your tactics are far too aggressive. The day you really anger Jarod is the day that he’ll disappear forever. I have tried to bring him back. That is my objective. As a scientist, I think The Centre is as good a place as he’ll find to maximise his tremendous potential. You don’t know who Jarod is.
Sydney   You don’t know who Jarod is.
Argyle   You’re not a doctor you’re a park ranger. No you’re a fireman. No you’re a roach exterminator . No a federal investigator. I’m sorry mister. Who the hell are you? Who the hell are you? Who the hell are you? Who the hell are you?
Jarod   I can be anything I wanna be. I can be a doctor, I can be an engineer, I can be an astronaut. But I don’t know who I am.
Jarod   Our father gave you this.
Kyle   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   I’m your brother.
Kyle   Jarod, go, find our parents.
Young Jarod   I wanna know what I look like. I wanna know who I am. I wanna know who I am. I wanna know who I am.
Jarod   I’m not really a plastic surgeon. My name is Jarod. I’m not really a doctor. Jarod Jones. I’m not really in the Coast Guard. Jarod O’Leary. Jarod Wright.
Gerber   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   Well I sure as hell am not Florence Nightingale.
Sydney   This is what you look like. This is who you are. This is who you are. This is who you are.
Margaret   You’re my son. You’re my life. I love you Jarod.
Jarod   Then one night you hit a little girl.
Jarod   Jarod.
Argyle   Hi Jarod.
Brigitte   Hello?
Argyle   Hello. My name is Argyle. A.R.G.Y.L.E. Um? Is this the Centre?
Brigitte   Maybe. Why?
Argyle   I don’t know. Maybe I’ve got something you want.
Brigitte   Uh huh! Well, I’m all ears.
Argyle   Dog here, he’s a hero. See, I rescued him from the pound and he saved you. He saved you. I saved him. That’s ironic. That’s ironic. Yes.
Jarod   When did I go from patient to prisoner?
Argyle   Prisoner? Prisoner! PRISONER! Hey that’s cold man. That’s cold.
Jarod   Well what would you call it?
Argyle   What would I call it? What would I call it? I’d call it, call it, ironic, I called it ironic. Just, just slip into my skin for a second would you? Just for a second, slip into my skin. A wigged out stewardess, gets a hangnail. Kills the entire flight crew. Three hundred people drop out of the clouds. Boom! A postman goes postal. Bang! A Bus driver goes bustal. Crash! And we, we, we all sit idly by and say “What, are you crazy man. Crazy! That was so crazy. I’m glad it wasn’t me.” Point is, you, you been spoutin’ wiggie for a while here. And I’m just making sure that it’s not me. Okay. Fair is fair. And by the way I’m not into hurting you either. So you can rack easy on that bro. Jey! I wish we had a deck of cards because I got this great trick I could show you.
Jarod   Is that my phone?
Argyle   Yeah.
Jarod   Who’d you call?
Argyle   Yeah! I just called the doctor, I called your doctor to see if he made house calls.
Jarod   You called Sydney?
Argyle   No. No. No. He wasn’t there but a lady answered.
Jarod   Miss Parker?
Argyle   No! No! No, no. It was Bridget. She sounded sexy.
Jarod   Did you tell them where you are?
Argyle   What? Do I look like a road sign?
Jarod   Listen to me. These people. This organisation. They will kill you. Trust me.
Argyle   Trust you? No you listen to me. Trust. Trust. Great word. Right? Trust. It’s on every coin, every bill, every buck, and every bond in this country. And yet it is still the one thing you still can’t buy.
Jarod   Argyle! They are setting you up!
Argyle   No! No! No! No! No! No! Bridgit said you’d have an answer for everything and you do. Don’t ruin everything. It’s good here. It’s good. It’s good. Three hours ago you didn’t know whether you were park ranger or rodeo clown. Now you’re cracking foxy about some secret organisation that wants to hurt me. It’s you they want my friend. It’s you. I just happen to hold the deed.
Jarod   You listen to me. I speak from experience. You are dealing with the devil.
Raines   Thank you for joining us, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Well it was an invitation I simply couldn’t pass up.
Brigitte   Lose the butt.
Miss Parker   You don’t have to worry about me blowing smoke.
Brigitte   Put it out!
Miss Parker   This is cruel. Even for a T-Board. Fire away babe, I’m not going anywhere.
Brigitte   The Triumvirate is a bit murky concerning your motives in the pursuit of Jarod.
Miss Parker   Well, Maybe they should pull their heads out of their sand boxes. I do my job. Period!
Raines   What we are looking for is the truth.
Miss Parker   Truth? That is a very interesting word coming from you.
Brigitte   So you have no other agenda in doing your job. No unresolved issues or conflicts with the Centre or Jarod.
Miss Parker   I have no unresolved issues with the Centre.
Brigitte   Is that the truth?
Jarod   I know the truth, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   And what truth is that, Jarod?
Jarod   The truth about what makes you sad.
Miss Parker   Mama, Mama no!
Miss Parker   Daddy, I wanna know what really happened to my Mom.
Miss Parker   I have no unresolved issues with the Centre.
Brigitte   You didn’t answer about Jarod.
Miss Parker   Where did you find my mother’s ring.
Jarod   In one of your mother’s safe deposit boxes.
Miss Parker   Like her medical file.
Jarod   Oh you’d be surprised what one can find in there.
Miss Parker   Jarod!
Jarod   You know the dance, Miss Parker. You help me with one of my secrets I help you with one of yours.
Miss Parker   We weren’t able to find anything about Igor or Fenigor. I don’t know if he was my mother’s ally or betrayer.
Jarod   Well, keep searching. Igor holds the secrets to both our pasts.
Miss Parker   What makes you so sure?
Jarod   Call it a gut feeling.
Brigitte   So you’re saying that in your last year and a half pursuit he’s not had any undue influence on you?
Miss Parker   That’s what I’m saying.
Brigitte   Not of any kind?
Miss Parker   No influence at all!
Brigitte   Not even emotional?
Jarod   They say it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Do you believe that’s true?
Miss Parker   You paint a very sad picture.
Jarod   How did we end up like this?
Miss Parker   Like what?
Jarod   Alone. Searching. It’s ironic because we both want the same things. Someone to care about, someone to care about us. Do you think we will ever find that kind of love in our lives? How did we end up like this?
Brigitte   Miss Parker? Miss Parker? Hi!
Miss Parker   We’re done here.
Brigitte   Miss Parker. You may have a cigarette now.
Miss Parker   I just quit.
Brigitte   Mr Argyle.
Argyle   You know Bridget. If your body is half as good as your brain you and I might just find a way, you know.
Brigitte   Coming from a man of your brilliance that’s quite a compliment.
Argyle   Hey by the way you hit it right on the nail indeed about cashew boy here. He’s a nut alright.
Brigitte   Yes. He’s crazy. But he’s resourceful! So have you come up with a price?
Miss Parker   Bridget. If this is about Jarod…
Brigitte   Shhh. I’m on the phone.
Argyle   You know, I was out scamming this softie suburbanite the other day out of his lunch money when I saw this dapper Dan in a Rolls Royce.
Brigitte   A Rolls Royce Huh?
Argyle   Yeah. Yeah. Yeah! Real, real shiny! Anyway, this guy right, he gets out of the car, and and I find myself staring at his threads, right. And I’m staring at this cat’s threads and I’m thinking to myself I don’t know the dude from the president of England. I don’t know if he’s a liar, if he kicks his dog, if he smacks his old lady, nothing. And yet, and yet I find that I have this instant, incredible respect for the guy, on account of the suit he’s wearing.
Brigitte   Uh hah! Go On.
Argyle   Yeah! His suit, his shirt, his watch, his loafers, the whole kit and caboodle. Silk on silk. Leather on leather. And you know, I’m thinking to myself, Bridget, I’m thinking to myself, to drape this guy it must have cost at least, I don’t know, at least ten thousand dollars Bridget.
Brigitte   Is that the price of respect, Mr Argyle?
Argyle   Hey! Hey, a man ain’t squat without respect.
Brigitte   Well $10000, that’s a great deal of money but I think I can convince my people to approve it.
Argyle   No! No! Big brain.
Jarod   Don’t do this.
Argyle   Bridget? Write this down.
Brigitte   That’s just three hours away. I’m on the next plane.
Miss Parker   If you’ve found Jarod I am the only one who can bring him in.
Brigitte   Sorry darlin’. This time he comes in.
Argyle   Hey! Hey! It’s all for the best. You’re going back where you belong. I’m getting out of here. It’ll all be fine. Trust me. Trust me!
Miss Parker   This sucks!
Broots   Why are they making us just sit here and wait.
Miss Parker   So when Wonder Woman brings him in it will prove the point we didn’t because one of us was helping him.
Sydney   Leaving us as good as dead hmmm?
Broots   Gee, I never thought that I’d be rooting for Jarod. I didn’t mean that. I uh, I didn’t mean that!
Miss Parker   Daddy!
Mr Parker   Angel. Ah I came as soon as I found out. How dare they put my daughter through a T-Board. Are you alright?
Miss Parker   For now.
Mr Parker   You’ll all be out of here after I lop off a few heads.
Miss Parker   Daddy, be careful.
Mr Parker   Right.
Broots   Boy, now I never thought I’d be glad to see your old man.
Miss Parker   Yeah, yeah, I’m glad he’s here too, Broots.
Sydney   Unfortunately there’s reason to believe he’s been here the whole time. I’m sorry Parker.
Miss Parker   He’s done it again.
Brigitte   Mr Argyle?
Argyle   Bridget?
Brigitte   Nice to see you.
Argyle   Nice to see you!
Brigitte   Beautiful day isn’t it?
Argyle   Beautiful.
Brigitte   Open the trunk Willie. Get the bag.
Argyle   You’ve got something in the trunk for me Willie?
Brigitte   Your suit’s quite attractive.
Argyle   Nice to put the fact to the body.
Brigitte   Thank you. I bring you respect in a bag.
Argyle   Oh wow. 10000 real ones.
Brigitte   Where’s Jarod?
Argyle   He’s in the basement, in the boiler room. Heh!
Brigitte   Willie when you see I have Jarod, put a bullet in his brain, if you can find it.
Willie   My pleasure.
Argyle   What are you talkin’ about, bullet in my brain? That’s not nice! Hey, hey!
Jarod   Damn!
Brigitte   Well, if it isn’t Sleeping Beauty. And they said you were so hard to catch. Hmm. Time to rise and shine. Wake up my little love muffin. Come on baby, wake up. Wake Up! Hi. Time to go home.
Jarod   Sorry. But I’m never going back there.
Jarod   You’re not so mean.
Jarod   Nice to see you again Willie!
Argyle   Ahhh! Hi!
Jarod   Your brass ring.
Argyle   I knew you were the one to trust right from the start.
Jarod   Mnnn. On second thought. I think I’ll donate it to the pound. In Dog’s name. Like you said, he’s the hero. And give me back my Pez.
Raines   Brigitte?
Jarod   Nope! Sorry! It’s just Jarod. But you can come and pick up your blonde now. Sweet dreams, love.
Miss Parker   She blew it, didn’t she?
Sydney   Jarod?
Mr Parker   Alive, still free! So are you.
Broots   Oh, thanks for the robe.
Mr Parker   I’ll give you a lift.
Miss Parker   To where daddy? Another dead end?
Mr Parker   What are you talking about?
Miss Parker   Don’t you dare! You set me up, for a T-Board?
Mr Parker   I was wondering how long it would take you to figure that out. Come on. You really don’t think I could fool you. You’re a Parker. I’d be stupid to even try. Besides these damn shoes are killing me.
Miss Parker   If this is true, then why would you ally with Bridget?
Mr Parker   Bridget cut a deal with the Triumvirate. Your butt for hers. I had to go along with her to get rid of her for good. Action, reaction. Give and take. It’s not about who knows what, it’s about who thinks they know what and what you want ’em to think. To keep the hungry dogs away you must toss ’em a bone now and then.
Miss Parker   Is that what I am? A bone?
Mr Parker   You’re my legacy and you proved it again today. Never forget that. It’ll keep ya alive. Trust me.
Mr Parker   If you should find something you can trust. I didn’t think you’d trust me. Trust me.
Jarod   How can you still trust him? Trust him?
Sydney   Will you be alright, Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   Of course. Let’s get out of here. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Listen, do you think that someone in the Centre is really helping Jarod?
Sydney   In the Centre anything is possible.
Raines   We’re still searching for him but we will find the leak. Did you uncover something that will help us find Jarod Angelo? Keep working. Keep working.
Sharpton   See you tomorrow, same Bat time same Bat channel.
Jarod   You remember me?
Sharpton   You don’t learn so easy, do you pal?
Jarod   Maybe not but I never make the same mistake twice.
Sharpton   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   I’m, many people. But tonight I’m a truck driver.


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