3-04 Someone to Trust

3-04 Someone to Trust

Someone to Trust

What do you want from me?

The same thing you want from me. A little trust.

Miss Parker & Jarod

Someone to Trust

What do you want from me?

The same thing you want from me. A little trust.

Miss Parker & Jarod

Original air date: November 7, 1998

Written by: Tommy Thompson

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod’s plans to punish a man, who makes a living by causing deadly bombings, go awry when the man is himself a victim of a mysterious explosion.

Jarod’s Discoveries:

Jarod’s Occupations: Contract Arsonist

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Burns


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod falls for a beautiful woman whose husband dies under mysterious circumstances.


Jarod watches from afar as a stranger, whom we will come to know as Kristi Kincaid, offers a homeless man her table at a fashionable restaurant.  Jarod and Kristi strike up a brief conversation, and the chemistry between them cannot be denied.  Later, Jarod meets with attorney Tom Binner.  It turns out that Binner is screening applicants for an “incendiary” business proposition.  Jarod points out an eighteen foot yacht docked nearby.  As Binner turns and looks, the boat explodes.  Sheriff Carver, who is dining nearby, reacts with horror as his prized possession is demolished.

Jarod’s “calling card” has the intended effect.  It wins him an interview with Binner’s boss, Harold Kincaid.  Harold needs a professional capable of destroying buildings and making it look accidental.  The conversation is interrupted when Kristi enters the room.  Harold fabricates a story, introducing Jarod as an architect.  Jarod take up residence in the Kincaid’s guest house.  Later that night, Jarod is awakened by a woman’s desperate scream.  He opens the door of the guest house, and sees Kristi running towards him.  She describes how a fire swept through the main house.  Suddenly, an explosion rips through the structure, killing Harold.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lyle is reduced to tears when he views the DSA of his birth.  Miss Parker is strangely moved by the sight.  Later, Sydney tells her that Lyle is going through a transformation; a rebirth.  Shortly thereafter, the Centre receives an envelope addressed to Miss Parker.  Inside is a photograph of an Asian woman, with Chinese letters written below.  Along with the photo is a note: “Trust can kill you or set you free.”

Sheriff Randall Carver and his deputy, Jane Kilborn, investigate the incident.  The Kincaid’s maid verifies Jarod’s whereabouts at the time of the explosion.  The maid also saw a dark figure running from the main house right after the explosion took place.

Broots discovers that the mysterious Asian woman’s name is Che Ling, a native of the Xinjiang province in northern China.  It turns out that Che Ling was a mail order bride who ended up in Las Vegas.  Miss Parker instructs Broots to dig further.

Kristi tells Jarod she would feel much more comfortable staying at her cabin outside of town.  Jarod accompanies Kristi to the cabin, where he discovers a small leak in a gas pipe.  Kristi agrees to have it replaced.  Later, Kristi and Jarod share a kiss.  But they pull apart before their emotions escalate further.

Jarod determines to find out who was responsible for Harold’s death.  Carver attempts to pin the murder on Jarod.  But Binner intercedes, winning Jarod’s release from custody on Kristi’s behalf.

Broots discovers that Che Ling made a call to 911 on the night before she disappeared.  He plays back a recording of the conversation she had with the 911 operator.  In it, Che Ling pleads for help, as someone is about to do her harm.  She identifies her whereabouts as Desert Vista Apartments.  Shortly thereafter, Miss Parker receives another delivery from Jarod.  Inside is a photograph of Mr. Parker descending the steps of Desert Vista Apartments.

Jarod returns to the Kincaid estate.  There, he and Kristi share a warm embrace.  The moment is interrupted by the housekeeper, who has discovered fire bombing paraphernalia inside Jarod’s closet.  Jarod grabs hold of Kristi.  He tells her he had nothing to do with the explosion.  He reveals that he traveled to Clear Bay to punish Harold for the innocent lives he has destroyed in the other bombings.  Suddenly, sirens sound in the distance.  Kristi tells Jarod to take refuge in the remote cabin.

Broots discovers that Che Ling was beaten to death and dumped near a highway.  He also discovers a wedding photo in the back of a Las Vegas newspaper—a photo of Che Ling and her husband, Mr. Lyle.  Miss Parker is stunned and angered.  She confronts Lyle, who claims he had nothing to do with Che Ling’s death.  Mr. Parker seeks to clear the air by inviting his family to dinner that evening.

When Jarod returns to the cabin, he smells a distinct odor of gas.  He discovers a small explosive charge and time detonator hidden inside the chimney.  Sheriff Carver’s cruiser pulls up in front of the cabin.  Sitting in the passenger seat is Kristi.  Jarod slips out the back way and confronts Kristi.  She tells him how much she loves him.  Jarod is torn.  He nonetheless moves up the path and enters the cabin.  Shortly thereafter, the cabin explodes.

Kristi prepares to relocate to Paris.  But she is forced to put her plans on hold when Binner states that she must sign paperwork before she leaves or risk losing a great sum of money.  Later, Jarod shows up at the estate… accompanied by Deputy Kilborn and a handcuffed Sheriff Carver.  Jarod explains that he and Carver slipped out of the cabin’s back door before the explosion erupted.  He also reveals that Carver confessed to murdering Harold… and implicated Kristi in the plot.

Later, Miss Parker and her father leave the Centre to attend their dinner.  Unbeknownst to them, Lyle sits in his office… cutting pictures of Asian women from a mail order catalogue.

3-04 Someone to Trust

Someone to Trust Transcript


Manny   Do you remember I told you? Do you remember?
Homeless man   Just a little bit of help.
Manny   I warned you to stay clear of this place.
Homeless man   I’ll do anything that you need done. I just need something to eat. Not for me, for my child.
Manny   I told you this isn’t a half way house…
Kristi   Is there a problem here Manny?
Manny   Oh I didn’t see you Mrs…
Kristi   Is this man disrupting business?
Manny   Well, he keeps coming in and asking if there’s any work.
Kristi   Give him my table.
Manny   Excuse me?
Kristi   Treat him and his family the same as any other patron.
Manny   But …
Kristi   When his family have finished eating, pack a picnic basket and give them enough cash for a hotel room for a week. Do you have a problem with that?
Manny   No Ma’am.
Kristi   It’s alright to go and get your family now.
Homeless Man   God bless you.
Jarod   Dignity is something that you usually see taken, not given.
Kristi   Family is the most important thing a person can protect.
Jarod   It’s all there is.
Kristi   You’re not from Clear Bay?
Jarod   No. I’m… I’m not.
Kristi   Pleasure trip?
Jarod   Business.
Kristi   Well, I hope you enjoy your stay.
Jarod   I uh, I didn’t get your name.
Byner   Your resume is impressive. Flawed, but impressive.
Jarod   Flawed?
Byner   The job you did in Seattle almost landed you in jail.
Jarod   Well I’m here aren’t I?
Byner   Mr Kincade needs a consummate professional. If he is even slightly associated with incendiary events other arrangements will have to be made.
Jarod   Try English.
Byner   How do we know you’re any good?
Jarod   See that eighteen footer at the end of the dock?
Byner   Yes?
Jarod   It belongs to the local Sheriff I believe.
Byner   Yes. Randall Carver. That’s him over there. He lives for that boat.
Jarod   Not anymore.
Sheriff   That’s my… that’s boat!
Jarod   So we in business?
Miss Parker   Hello. Anybody here?
Lyle   Miss Parker!
Miss Parker   What’s going on?
Lyle   I was just… uh…. catching up on the pursuit files. I guess I’ll get back to work. Excuse me!
Raines   Here it comes! Here it comes! The second child is a boy. It’s stillborn.
Harold   Harold Kincade. Thanks for coming Mr Burns. The Venus Butterfly. They say if she lands on you…. some crap about good luck.
Jarod   Well luck didn’t help this one very much.
Harold   You got that right. I heard about your show at the marina this morning.
Jarod   Fourth of July stuff.
Harold   Well, Sheriff Carver’s not celebrating. The preliminary investigation ruled the explosion as accidental.
Jarod   That’s the idea. Clean. Professional. I wouldn’t want anything to happen like happened last time.
Harold   Last time?
Jarod   I read the papers. I know all about how those people died in your building. It was an amateurish job. Just the kind of mess I don’t need.
Kristi   Harold?
Harold   I thought you were spending the afternoon in town.
Kristi   I wanted to surprise you. I had Doris fix us an early dinner.
Harold   No time.
Kristi   Well, I’m sure she can…
Harold   Manny told me you created quite a scene at the restaurant this morning with a homeless man.
Kristi   It was more than just a homeless man. He had a little girl who looked like she hadn’t had a decent meal in weeks.
Harold   My wife is a sucker for the lazy and unmotivated Mr Burns.
Jarod   Jarod.
Harold   Jarod’s a designer. I thought I’d give him a shot at the building downtown.
Jarod   Could you recommend a place to stay?
Harold   I’m afraid it’s the peak season and there’s not going to be much available in town.
Kristi   Well, the guest house is empty.
Jarod   I couldn’t possibly put anybody out.
Kristi   My husband is a sucker for the aggressive and industrious.
Harold   I’ll have the housekeeper open it for you. We’ll talk in the morning. Don’t wait up.
Miss Parker   I swear he was crying.
Sydney   He was watching his own birth Parker. Seeing yourself ripped away from family is enough to tear anyone’s heart out.
Miss Parker   Since when does Lyle have a heart?
Sydney   Why is it so hard for you to believe he might actually feel loss? After all Catherine was his mother too.
Miss Parker   She may have given him life but she had nothing to do with who he is.
Sydney   People change Parker. Call it an awakening.
Miss Parker   Sydney we’re talking about a man who killed in cold blood. You don’t awaken from that.
Broots   Miss Parker. This was just delivered for you.
Sydney   Looks like Jarod’s handwriting.
Broots   Oh, she’s pretty.
Miss Parker   Trust can kill you or set you free.
Sydney   I’ve heard that somewhere before.
Broots   It sounds kind of cryptic.
Sydney   Jarod wouldn’t have sent this without a reason.
Miss Parker   Find out who she is.
Broots   Sure.
Jarod   I grew up a long, long way away from here.
Kristi   That makes two of us.
Jarod   Really? I imagine you as a little girl with a pony, and private schools leading this charmed life like Alice in Wonderland.
Kristi   My parents died in a fire when I was a baby. I was raised by my Aunt in a little trailer park just west of Corpus Christi.
Jarod   That must have been very difficult for you.
Kristi   She loved me. That’s the last time I remember being truly happy. And you? Do you have family?
Jarod   I have a sister out there somewhere. My brother was killed about six months ago.
Kristi   I’m sorry. Your parents?
Jarod   I lost contact with them when I was a child. I’m still trying to find them.
Kristi   You should never give up. The thing you want most in life could be around the next corner. I know that you’re not who you pretend to be. I used to deny it but I know what my husband does. You’re not here to design a building. You’re here to burn one down.
Jarod   That’s not… really, who I am.
Kristi   I believe you Jarod. You’re a good man. I can see it in your eyes. My husband used to be a good man. Unfortunately people change.
Jarod   Goodnight.
Miss Parker   Daddy?
Mr Parker   Ah, Angel! Did…did you um change your hair again?
Miss Parker   Do you like it?
Mr Parker   Well it’s your head.
Miss Parker   Daddy I need to talk to you about Lyle. I don’t mean to sound paranoid but I think he’s up to something.
Mr Parker   Did he threaten you?
Miss Parker   Threaten? No. I caught him watching the DSA of my…of… of our birth.
Mr Parker   So?
Miss Parker   So he was crying.
Mr Parker   Ah, I see… crying. And you took that for hostility.
Miss Parker   Well no, but given his track record I thought it was kind of strange.
Mr Parker   Now sweetheart. Lyle’s a very deep and complicated man.
Miss Parker   But Daddy.
Mr Parker   No. Let me finish. He came to me a few days ago in confidence and ah, purged his soul. I think that you can say that he’s, ah, undergoing a transformation. You know, he wanted to know the location of your mother’s grave. Can you imagine that! Hmmm.
Miss Parker   No I can’t.
Mr Parker   Sweetheart, I know it’s hard for you finding out about your brother the way you did but it isn’t easy for him either, you know. Just remember that. And I do love your hair.
Jarod   Trust can kill you or set you free.
Miss Parker   So I’ve read. Who’s the woman in the picture?
Jarod   Someone who got caught up with the wrong people.
Miss Parker   Haven’t we all?
Jarod   Some, do worse things than others.
Miss Parker   Like murdering an innocent woman in an elevator? So, what are you trying to tell me?
Jarod   That you have to see people for what they are.
Miss Parker   Keep my eyes open.
Jarod   To all possibilities because in the end we all get what we deserve.
Kristi   Oh my God. Jarod. Help. It’s Harold.
Jarod   Kristi? What happened?
Kristi   There was an explosion. A fire. I couldn’t get to him.
Jarod   Where’s your husband?
Kristi   In the bedroom.
Jarod   Call 911. Stay here.
Kristi   He’s my husband.
Jarod   Stay here!
Radio   Truck 89, tanker truck 89. 289 do you copy?
Sheriff   Make sure the fire inspector has complete access to the bedroom.
Deputy   Right.
Sheriff   Tape off the balcony.
Deputy   They still haven’t found the source of the fire.
Sheriff   Sounds like my boat. What a mess!
Jarod   Are you sure you wouldn’t rather lie down?
Sheriff   I’m sorry to bother you Miss Kincade but I need to ask you some questions.
Jarod   Can’t this wait?
Sheriff   You the lawyer?
Kristi   Tom Byner’s my lawyer. He’s on the way.
Sheriff   You wanna wait for him or do you want to talk to me about this thing?
Jarod   What are you getting at Sheriff?
Sheriff   Who are you?
Kristi   Mr Burns is a business associate of my husband. He’s our guest. What do you want to know?
Sheriff   Everything you can remember.
Kristi   I went to bed around 10. Harold wasn’t home yet. He had a business meeting. Um, I’d fallen asleep. I remember Harold climbing into bed. I don’t know what time it was or how long it had been.
Sheriff   What happened next?
Jarod   It’s okay.
Kristi   I rolled over, away from Harold and I fell back asleep. And At some point everything exploded. I heard Harold scream and I turned and he was on fire. I reached out for him but the flames were too hot. There was nothing I could do so I ran down the stairs and I found Doris, our housekeeper and that’s when she told me what she saw.
Sheriff   What?
Kristi   A…A figure. A man running across the lawn into the woods. That’s all I remember.
Sheriff   I’m gonna have to ask you to come back into town with me Miss Kincade.
Jarod   What? Are you arresting her?
Sheriff   No. If everything checks out she ought to be home by morning.
Jarod   Sheriff, this is ridiculous. She’s been through enough already.
Sheriff   Mr Burns. The housekeeper’s statement takes you away from the scene of the fire. I would appreciate it if you didn’t leave town right away.
Sydney   Beautiful girl.
Broots   Mnnn. Her name is Che Ling. That’s what it says right here. She’s from the Xinjiang province, one of the poorest regions of northern China.
Miss Parker   Cut to the chase Broots!
Broots   Okay, ah. She applied for a Visa twenty-four months ago. She receives a year later and that’s when she landed in neon city.
Sydney   Vegas.
Broots   Mnn hmm.
Miss Parker   Ring a ding ding.
Broots   Yes, Las Vegas is the marriage capital of the world.
Miss Parker   Marriage?
Broots   Mmm hmm. You see Che Ling is a mail-order bride.
Miss Parker   Keep digging. LVPD, county marriage records. I want this girl.
Broots   Okay.
Miss Parker   Men. Ordering women like they were snow tyres.
Byner   Well, I’ll give you a call later. You gonna be all right?
Kristi   Yes.
Jarod   Hi.
Kristi   Hi. Thank you for coming.
Jarod   Did Carver put you through the wringer?
Kristi   I’ve had better nights. I think that he’s satisfied, at least for now.
Jarod   I had your housekeeper prepare a spare bedroom so you can get some rest.
Kristi   I can’t go back to that house, not yet.
Jarod   Well where can I take you?
Kristi   We have a cabin just outside of town. Do you think you could drive me there?
Jarod   Of course. Come on.
Kristi   Harold and I used to love this place especially in the early years.
Jarod   I don’t want to sound disrespectful… but your husband didn’t seem to treat you very well.
Kristi   He used to be. The man I loved and married was caring and compassionate. He just didn’t stay that way.
Jarod   Kristi, there… there’s something I want to tell you. The real reason that I came to Clear Bay was…
Kristi   What is it?
Jarod   I think you have a cracked line.
Kristi   Harold never could get that gas leak fixed. Seemed like every time the gas company come out to fix one break another one would spring up.
Jarod   I can shut off the main outside, but… you should really have, really have it replaced. Hello? Yes. Yes she is. It’s Tom Byner.
Kristi   Thank you. Yes. No, Tom. I don’t want to talk about this. No, I’ll call you.
Jarod   What’s wrong?
Kristi   Byner wants to go over Harold’s will.
Jarod   Now?
Kristi   Something about tax complications. I don’t know if I can deal with this. I’m scared Jarod. I can tell that the police think that I had something to do with Harold’s death.
Jarod   Why you?
Kristi   The estate is worth millions.
Jarod   Your housekeeper saw someone running from the house, right?
Kristi   What if they don’t believe her?
Jarod   I’ll make them believe her. I’ll prove to them that someone else was there. Okay?
Kristi   It’s been so long since someone’s really taken care of me.
Jarod   I’m so, so sorry.
Kristi   It’s okay. It’s okay.
Jarod   It’s not. I’m so sorry.
Lyle   It’s strange to say goodbye to someone you’ve never met. You can spend every waking hour working your way to the top and then you get there and you realise that that’s not even what it is all about.
Miss Parker   Are you talking about her?
Lyle   No me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. I’ve made excuses for everything I’ve done and… I can’t… I won’t blame my past anymore. I can’t move forward without a clean slate.
Miss Parker   She was very compassionate.
Lyle   I was never allowed a first chance with her but I’d like a second one with you.
Deputy   Where did it all go wrong? Who are you Mr Burns?
Jarod   I already told you. I’m a designer.
Deputy   And I’m Cindy Crawford.
Jarod   The only thing that I’m guilty of is bad timing.
Deputy   I doubt Mrs Kincade would agree with that.
Jarod   Meaning?
Deputy   She seems relieved to have someone like you to lean on.
Jarod   Mrs Kincade is a very nice woman.
Deputy   She is a prime suspect in an active murder investigation.
Jarod   She had nothing to do with the death of her husband.
Deputy   Maybe she didn’t. Maybe she did. I’d appreciate if you would leave the investigation to the police.
Jarod   A case like this could really make a cop’s career.
Deputy   What did you say?
Jarod   I’m wondering what you’re really interested in. Justice or a conviction?
Deputy   I’m interested in the truth and we’ll find it.
Kristi   Our housekeeper told me what she saw. A man running across the lawn into the woods.
Sheriff   They say the killer always returns to the scene of the crime.
Miss Parker   It’s times like this I wish I hadn’t quit smoking.
Sydney   What’s really bothering you?
Miss Parker   Lyle is my brother. And he seems sincere. Oh Sydney I want to trust him it’s just…
Sydney   Trust can kill you or set you free. I remember who first said that to me now.
Miss Parker   Confucius?
Sydney   Your mother.
Broots   I just got this from the Las Vegas police department. It’s a 911 Che Ling made on the night of her disappearance.
Miss Parker   Play it.
911 Operator   911
Che Ling   You have to help me. He will hurt me.
911 Operator   Slow down. What’s the problem?
Che Ling   He angry. He always angry. Going to hit me. Beat me. He coming back.
911 Operator   Who is he? Your husband? Boyfriend?
Che Ling   He coming!
911 Operator   Where are you?
Che Ling   223 Desert Vista Apartments. Please. He going to kill me.
Broots   When the police got there the apartment was empty.
Sydney   And the mail-order husband?
Broots   Vanished. So was everything connecting him to her.
Sydney   What about a marriage certificate? There must be some way to find out who she was so afraid of.
Broots   No. I contacted a license bureau they couldn’t find any record of anyone named Che Ling. It seems like everything about her is vanishing in front of our eyes.
Sam   This was just delivered for you Miss Parker.
Sydney   Another present from Jarod.
Broots   Isn’t that your father?
911 Operator   Where are you?
Che Ling   223 Desert Vista Apartments. Please. He going to kill me.
Miss Parker   Desert Vista Apartments.
Broots   You don’t think it was your father that Che Ling was so afraid of, do you?
Sydney   Where are you going?
Miss Parker   To try and find someone to trust.
Sheriff   You wanna tell me again why you came to Clear Bay?
Jarod   I was on retainer to do some work for Harold Kincade.
Sheriff   Mnnhmm. Like the work you did in Seattle a few years back? I did a background check on you Burns. You’ve got a half a dozen arrests for arson. I got a dead man, a suspicious fire and a whole lot of attitude and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Now, why did you kill Kincade?
Jarod   I didn’t.
Sheriff   You were on the grounds.
Jarod   What about the boot prints? They’re not my size.
Sheriff   Easy for you to plant.
Jarod   No! I want them labelled as evidence.
Sheriff   Did Kincade cross you on a deal? He try to rip you off? Is that why you torched him. Answer me!
Jarod   I’m not saying anything.
Sheriff   Which puts you right at the top of the list of the murder of Harold Kincade.
Byner   Not unless you have something more than a suspect rap sheet.
Sheriff   Oh gee, Tom, Go away. This is police business.
Byner   Not any more it isn’t. I’ve been retained by Kristi Kincade to represent Mr Burns in this matter.
Jarod   Kristi sent you?
Byner   If you have proof of Mr Burns’ guilt, charge him. Otherwise I suggest you arrange for his immediate release.
Deputy   Sheriff. What did Burns mean when he asked about the boot prints?
Sheriff   You watched my interrogation?
Deputy   I thought I could learn something.
Deputy 2   Hey Sheriff you’ve got a phone call. They say it’s an emergency.
Sheriff   Look Deputy. Why don’t you get back out on patrol huh?. We don’t want the system to break down now, do we?
Jarod   Hello? Hello?
Kristi   Jarod. I was so worried. Oh! When I heard that you’d been taken in by Sheriff Carver I thought that…
Jarod   It’s okay. Everything’s okay.
Kristi   It’s like a bad dream.
Jarod   I’m here, now.
Kristi   Yes Doris?
Doris   Excuse me Mrs Kincade I think there’s something you should see.
Kristi   Will you excuse me?
Jarod   Is everything alright?
Kristi   I believed in you. I thought that I had finally found someone who I could trust.
Jarod   What are you talking about?
Kristi   Lighter fluid, fuses, a timer.
Jarod   Where did you get this?
Kristi   Did you think that killing him would be the only way for us to be together?
Jarod   What? I had nothing to do with the death of your husband.
Kristi   Then explain to me why Doris found all this in the closet in the guest room.
Jarod   I don’t know.
Kristi   I trusted you!
Jarod   Wait! Wait! Wait!
Kristi   Don’t. Let me go.
Jarod   Not until you listen to me. Now listen to me. Yes I wanted to see your husband punished but after I met you everything changed. I had nothing to do with the death of your husband. I could never do anything like that especially to someone like you. You have to believe me.
Kristi   Doris, she called the Sheriff. You… you’ve gotta run.
Jarod   I’ve done nothing wrong.
Kristi   Carver has information about you that says otherwise. You gotta go. Go to the cabin. Wait for me until I come for you. I’ll call Byner and see what we can do.
Jarod   Alright. I’m innocent. You have to believe me.
Miss Parker   Can we talk?
Lyle   Nothing would make me happier.
Miss Parker   There are things that I need to share with you. I have found a photograph. I’m not sure what it means…
Lyle   Photograph?
Miss Parker   A picture of…
Broots   Miss….Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Not now Broots. I’m not sure what it means but it concerns us both.
Sydney   It’s imperative we speak now, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Excuse me. What do you want?
Broots   We spoke to the Sheriff outside of Tahoe. He recognised the picture of Che Ling I put on the Internet. So, she was found three days after the 911 call. She had been beaten to death and dumped near the highway. No one claimed the body. She was buried in a pauper’s grave.
Miss Parker   Are you telling me my father secretly married a mail order bride and then killed her?
Broots   No. Not exactly.
Sydney   The marriage records were erased of course, but Broots found this wedding photo in a back issue of a Vegas newspaper.
Miss Parker   Son of a bitch.
Kristi   Harold never could get that gas leak fixed.
Sheriff   Burns. I know you’re in here. So let’s just end this without anybody getting hurt.
Jarod   Change of heart?
Kristi   Jarod!
Jarod   Was this your idea of protecting me?
Kristi   What? No! No! You don’t understand. I talked to Sheriff Carver. H….he’s on our side.
Jarod   He’s on our side?
Kristi   Yes!
Jarod   Then why did he have his gun drawn?
Kristi   He wants to talk to you, that’s all. I explained everything to him. I told him you could never have done this. Please, just go in and talk to him. Okay?
Jarod   Okay.
Kristi   I want this to be over.
Jarod   I know you do.
Kristi   Jarod. I love you.
Mr Parker   Angel?
Miss Parker   We need to talk.
Mr Parker   You look like you’ve just saw a ghost.
Miss Parker   More like the grim reaper. Oh I came this close to dropping my guard. Tears for mom, trust, second chances. Something she never got.
Lyle   I’m glad it’s out in the open.
Miss Parker   Well then you admit knowing her.
Lyle   Of course he knew her. He was married to her for Pete’s sake.
Miss Parker   Daddy, you’re aware of all this?
Mr Parker   I told you, he confided in me.
Miss Parker   Huh! You went to Las Vegas I have a picture of you outside Che Ling’s Apartment Building.
Lyle   He was kind enough to help me tie up some loose ends.
Miss Parker   You mean cover up her murder, don’t you?
Mr Parker   That’s way out of line.
Lyle   I was afraid… that’s what might have happened to her.
Miss Parker   Like you didn’t know?
Lyle   I had nothing to do with Che Ling’s death. I loved her.
Miss Parker   Then why all the secrets?
Lyle   Couples have problems. I came home one day and she was gone. Took off with some drifter type I heard.
Miss Parker   Hey! She left you because you hit her.
Lyle   You see?
Mr Parker   Never touched her.
Miss Parker   How do you know?
Mr Parker   ‘Cause he said he didn’t. Now, everybody makes mistakes. At least you can give him another chance.
Lyle   I won’t try and justify everything that happened but I’m not the same person that I was. I’ve changed. I hope that some day you will understand that. Embrace it.
Mr Parker   This whole deal isn’t worth the powder to blow it to hell. I mean, we’re a family. It’s about time we started acting like one. Now I’m going to demand that we all go out to dinner together tonight. Huh? If you can’t trust your family who can you trust?
Kristi   The small bags stay with me. Make sure that the trunks are sent onto the airport.
Byner   I wish you’d postpone this trip.
Kristi   Harold’s will was water tight, that’s what you said.
Byner   He’s been dead less than a week. Yesterday Burns and Carver were blown to bits in a cabin owned by you. It might look better if you didn’t appear so anxious to get out of town.
Kristi   Let me tell you something counsellor. Jarod Burns murdered my husband and then killed Sheriff Carver to cover his tracks. It’s just my good fortune that he screwed up and killed himself. I’m on the flight to Paris in two hours. Do you have all the bank information?
Byner   The money will be wired to Paris by the end of the week. Yeah. Are you sure. Can’t it be sent ahead to Paris?
Kristi   What’s wrong?
Byner   It appears there’s an addendum to Harold’s original will.
Kristi   Meaning?
Byner   Without your signature you will forfeit a sum of money.
Kristi   How much?
Byner   Fifty thousand dollars. But considering that the inheritance is nearly 10 million I don’t think that it is anything to worry about.
Kristi   I don’t pay you to think. Switch my flight to midnight and have your assistant bring me those papers before I leave.
Byner   But what about…
Kristi   Just do it.
Homeless Man   Good afternoon Mrs Kincade.
Kristi   Who the hell are you?
Homeless Man   You helped me the other day at your restaurant.
Kristi   What are you doing here?
Homeless Man   My little girl wanted to thank you and we wanted to say how sorry we were for the loss of your husband.
Kristi   What are you people doing on my property? This is a private residence.
Homeless Man   The deputy let us in the front gate.
Kristi   The deputy?
Deputy   I hope we’re not interrupting.
Kristi   I saw you die.
Jarod   You should have taken your original flight Kristi. But then again I knew that a girl like you couldn’t give up fifty thousand dollars.
Kristi   Jarod.
Jarod   Maybe you’d better sit down. You look a little weak in the knees.
Kristi   I saw you walk into the cabin. I saw…
Jarod   No! You saw what you wanted to see. What you didn’t see was the Sheriff Carver and me go out the back door before your home made bomb blew it to bits. Oh, Sheriff Carver, he confessed to the murder of your husband and he implicated you in the whole thing.
Kristi   Jarod.
Jarod   It was a brilliant plan. Really! I mean, you had all the bases covered. I mean, what better partner in a murder than the man who was covering the investigation. And you both played your parts brilliantly.
Sheriff   I’m sorry to bother you Miss Kincade but I need to ask you some questions.
Kristi   He was on fire.
Officer   Let’s go Sheriff.
Jarod   Oh and then there were the subtle touches. Your tears were so convincing the night you murdered your husband.
Jarod   Stay here!
Kristi   My husband!
Jarod   Stay here!
Jarod   Routine maintenance calls to the gas company about that pesky leak before the accidental explosion. The only thing that was missing was a patsy, a fall guy to come along and pin the whole thing on.
Kristi   I love you.
Kristi   Jarod it was never personal.
Jarod   Oh, you’re wrong. It was very personal. You know, there’s is one thing I still can’t figure out.
Kristi   What’s that?
Jarod   Whatever happened to that happy little girl from Corpus Christi.
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   I assume you found Che Ling.
Miss Parker   I found her. She was in the county cemetery with a wooden grave marker.
Jarod   Another Casualty of the Centre.
Miss Parker   Not according to Mr Lyle and my father.
Jarod   And you think that you can trust what they say?
Miss Parker   As opposed to trusting you? That’s kind of like jumping out of the fire into the fire, isn’t it?
Jarod   You think you know the truth about your father and Mr Lyle and whole killed your mother. But the fact is you only know what the Centre wants you to know.
Miss Parker   What do you want from me?
Jarod   The same thing you want from me. A little trust.
Miss Parker   I have to go.
Jarod   Be careful Miss Parker. Remember what your mother used to say. Trust can kill you or set you free.
Mr Parker   Ahh. There’s my angel. Sweetheart, you are beautiful. Let’s get a move on.
Miss Parker   Where’s Lyle?
Mr Parker   Oh, he called. He’s going to meet us there. He said he didn’t want another minute go by without arranging a proper burial for Che Ling. I’ll get the car.
Miss Parker   Daddy?
Mr Parker   Uh huh?
Miss Parker   You look very handsome tonight.
Mr Parker   You betcha!

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