4-01 The World’s Changing

4-01 The World’s Changing

The World’s Changing

It doesn’t seem to matter how much it changes. It’s still the same for us. We’re still alone in it.


The World’s Changing

It doesn’t seem to matter how much it changes. It’s still the same for us. We’re still alone in it.


Original air date: September 25, 1999

Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

Jarod once again finds himself a prisoner at the Centre, although with help from Sydney he’s soon free and helping a couple being targeted for extermination by Lyle and his Sweepers.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Information on Emily’s whereabouts

Jarod’s Occupations: Atomic Researcher, DEA Agent

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Hickam, Jarod Watts


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod searches for nuclear researchers targeted by the Centre.


Lyle imprisons a filthy, beaten Jarod in a cage hidden in the Centre and warns him that “the world’s changing.”  Weeks later, a concerned Sydney pleads with Lyle to let him see Jarod.  Lyle informs him that the Triumvirate ordered Jarod’s isolation.  Lyle shows Sydney a DSA disc, which contains footage of a gaunt, dispirited Jarod.  While Lyle is distracted by a mysterious albino visitor, a Mr. White, Sydney steals the disc.  Sydney enlists Angelo’s empathetic ability in hopes of discovering Jarod’s whereabouts.

Hidden from Broots and Sydney, Miss Parker lies, drugged and weak, in a hospital bed as she recovers from a bullet in her back meant for her father.  Mr. Parker pays his daughter a clandestine hospital visit.  He warns her that Jarod is the key to their survival.

Meanwhile, Sydney locates a disoriented Jarod, who is still imprisoned in the cage.  Jarod tells Sydney that if he cooperates with the Centre, he will get to see his father.  Before Jarod can reveal more information, Lyle appears with Sam the Sweeper and prepares to sedate Jarod for a plane trip.  As Sydney is led away, he discovers two sedatives in his pocket—and realizes that Jarod placed them on his person.

As the jet flies into the night, a handcuffed Jarod slyly observes the plane’s mysterious albino passenger, Mr. White.  White holds a photo of a family he intends to blow up with a bomb he is transporting in his briefcase.  Suddenly, Jarod frees himself and overtakes Sam and White.  During the scuffle, the pilot is hit.  The plane goes into a dive, but Jarod takes control and brings the craft to a crash landing.  White escapes the wreckage, leaving behind the photo of the couple and a little girl standing in front of a partially obscured sign that reads “At  searc lab uffol, New York.”  Jarod examines the charred photo.

Back at the hospital, Broots and Sydney sneak into Miss Parker’s room.  They inform Miss Parker that no visitors are permitted because of a false suicide watch.  Miss Parker accuses the “wheezy bastard Raines” of isolating her.  Broots and Sydney also tell Miss Parker that Lyle has an albino heading a secret project called “Silence.”  A day later, Miss Parker escapes from the hospital to hunt down Raines.  She locates a dramatically changed, “born again” Raines. His strange behavior disturbs Miss Parker so much that she abandons her plans to kill him and returns to the Centre.

Posing as a NASA designer at the Atomic Research Laboratory in Buffalo, New York, Jarod discovers that the couple in the photo are Clare and John Nash, a pair of energy researchers at the lab.  Sydney contacts Jarod and warns him that the Centre’s “Project Silence” has targeted the couple. Additionally, Lyle and White have an agent inside the Department of Energy (DOE) who is helping implement the elimination of the Nashes.

Jarod infiltrates the DOE by posing as an inept agent.  The agent detail includes Kurt Tympson, Miles Carlson, and Andrew Blaine, who are developing security strategies for the Nashes.  Jarod learns that, once the Nashes discovered that their nuclear research was not for energy application, but weapon research, they made a deal with the DOE to expose a company called the Ralor Corporation.  The DOE has placed the Nashes in separate protective custody.  Agent Carlson takes Jarod to a safe house to meet with Claire Nash.

Angelo sends photos to Jarod of Lyle and White paying off Kurt Tympson, who is “on the take.”  Jarod runs back to the safe house, but can find no signs of Clare Nash or the agents. On Agent Tympson’s orders, Claire was allegedly taken to meet her husband and daughter.  Back at the Centre, Miss Parker, Lyle and Sweepers board a jet bound for the Atomic Research lab to find Jarod.

In a parking garage outside the lab, a nervous Clair Nash sits with Agent Tympson.  Inside the lab, White activates a bomb as John Nash and his daughter, Cynthia, enter the building with their escorts.  Jarod rushes into the lab and blocks Whites’ exit.  White baits Jarod with personal information about Jarod’s father and sister Emily that he intimates is in his briefcase.  White escapes as he tosses the briefcase into the nearby blast furnace.  As Jarod fishes out the burning briefcase, he spots the bomb.  With only minutes to detonation, Jarod disarms the device. Moments later, Miss Parker and the Sweepers enter the lab and find the diffused bomb.  Jarod confronts Agent Tympson, who is leading Claire into the building.  Jarod exposes Tympson’s role in Project Silence to the other agents.  They take Tympson into custody.  Jarod then reunites the Nash family.  He hands the Nashes keys to a getaway car, along with fake ID’s and plane tickets to start a new life.  As the Nashes leave, Jarod, holding a charred envelope, revives his hope to reunite with his own family.

Once again, Jarod eludes the Sweepers, Miss Parker and Lyle. Later that night, a philosophical Jarod calls and commiserates with Miss Parker about the loss of their respective families.

4-01 The World’s Changing

The World’s Changing Transcript



    Bowels of the Sub Level
Sam   Settle down or I’ll bash you again!
Mr Lyle   He still stinks.
Sam   On the way to the shower, he freaked. Thought he was gonna chew my heart out. It took a little swipe from the motivator to calm him down.
Mr Lyle   If you don’t want to go to the showers, I’ll bring the showers to you.
    Shower with firehose
Mr Lyle   Enough! We don’t want him dead, just less odiferous. Clean the filth off yourself, then do the walls.
Jarod   You clean it.
Mr Lyle   The world is changing. Mr, Parker is gone, Mr, Raines is gone, Miss Parker is…God only knows where. But you and I are here… and I’m in charge.
    Jarod effects an escape using a stolen button he chewed off Sam’s jacket. Climbing his way through the air vents to freedom, he is shocked when he lands in a chainlink fence cage, facing a smug Lyle.
Mr Lyle   Like I said, the world’s changing.
Jarod   No! No! No! You bastards! No! No! No!
    Watching Jarod on a DSA in Mr Lyle’s office
Jarod   No! No! You bastards!
Mr Lyle   That was three weeks ago, Since then we’ve been working on making him more manageable.
Sydney   Why haven’t I been allowed to see him?
Mr Lyle   Look at him, he was out of control.
Sydney   Was?
Mr Lyle   The world is changing, and so is Boy Wonder.
Sydney   Listen to me, Lyle. You’re a sick man.
Mr Lyle   I’m a persuasive man.
    Sydney and Mr Lyle watching Lyle & Jarod on a DSA
Mr Lyle   Jarod? I have a project that I’d like you to do for me.
Jarod   Anything you want, Mr. Lyle.
Sydney   Brainwashing’s not possible with Jarod.
Mr Lyle   Oh, we all have an Achilles’ heel. In Jarod’s case, it’s family. The one he so desperately wants back
Mr Lyle   If you wanna hear about Mommy and Daddy, just trust me.
Mr Lyle   I love that part.
Sydney   Lyle, please let me go to him.
Mr Lyle   Sydney, if it were up to me, you two could go on a father-son picnic… but the isolation orders come from the Triumvirate – Big Mutumbo.
Mr White   I got here as quickly as I could.
Mr Lyle   Sydney, if you’ll excuse me.
Sydney   We haven’t finished talking about Jarod!
Mr Lyle   Sydney, Jarod is no longer the most important thing in the world, and tomorrow he leaves forever. He’s Mutumbo’s property, and I, for one, am not gonna cross that crazy Zulu. Did you see the look on his face when he took Raines and my father away? Just, uh, take in a movie. Get a massage, Check out the amputee dwarves down in SL 6. Just forget about Jarod.
    Sydney’s Lab
Broots   You stole a DSA from Lyle? Ever since Mutumbo’s put that thumbless maniac in charge…more bodies have been droppin’ around here than St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Did he tell you where Miss Parker’s hospitalised?
Sydney   No, He played dumb on that too.
Broots   Who’s the albino?
Sydney   Someone more important than Jarod.
Broots   Who could be more important than Jarod?
Sydney   I don’t know. Maybe the world really is changing.
    St Cahterine’s Hospital, Oakpoint, MD
Patient   Stop the voices!
Mr Parker   Nurse, uh, I’m looking for my daughter.
Nurse   At the end of the hall.
Mr Parker   Oh! Oh, my! Oh, my angel!
Miss Parker   Daddy?
Mr Parker   Where- Oh! Oh, thank you, Lord. My angel, I am so sorry.
Miss Parker   It wasn’t your fault.
Mr Parker   It is all my fault. Are you okay?
Miss Parker   They kept me drugged in I.C.U. for three weeks. You’re the first visitor I’ve seen.
Mr Parker   Yeah. I noticed. Yeah, it’s a damn good thing, angel, huh? Tell you, those bastards don’t know where I am. They don’t know I’m here, and we’re gonna keep it that way.
Miss Parker   Where have you been?
Mr Parker   Equatorial Africa.
Miss Parker   The Triumvirate must be happy they got Jarod back.
Mr Parker   Oh, yeah, you’d think so. Instead, they threw one right nasty soiree for me and that wheezing bastard Raines. You know, I’m beginning to wonder about his loyalty.
Miss Parker   Beginning to? The bullet in my back was meant for you.
Mr Parker   Can’t kill a Parker. Never. I got Brigitte out already. Gotta keep that baby. Gotta have that baby, especially alive.
Miss Parker   Daddy, what the hell’s going on?
Mr Parker   Same as usual – Jarod. He’s the key to our survival- all of us. Oh, can’t talk. Not here. Not now.
Miss Parker   You’re scaring me.
Mr Parker   Oh, we can’t have that. I mean, that’s what they want. Can’t have that. Can’t give them the edge.
Nurse   She’s not supposed to have visitors.
Mr Parker   I was just leaving.
Miss Parker   Me too. I’m discharging myself.
Nurse   Only your psychiatrist can discharge you.
Miss Parker   My psychiatrist? I was shot! Since when do headshrinkers use scalpels?
Patient   I want my mommy!
Mr Parker   Oh, she probably went to call somebody. I hope I can trust you not to tell anybody I was here.
Miss Parker   Daddy, don’t leave me.
Mr Parker   I’ll come back when I can explain. Huh? Oh, who was that, uh, playwright with the white beard? Your mother used to read him all the time-with all that punctuation.
Miss Parker   Shaw?
Mr Parker   Yeah, well, whatever. Listen, there’s a quote I want you to remember. “A family is a tyranny ruled over by its weakest member.” Its weakest member. Don’t forget that.
Miss Parker   Oh, Daddy. Daddy, Daddy.
    Jarod in abandoned Sub Level Cell
Jarod   Kri kra toad’s foot, Geese walk barefoot. So what’s in store tonight? Another date with Mr Lyle’s jumper cable?
Sam   Different game this time, Jarod.
Jarod   Are we taking another trip?
Sam   This time it’s not so dependable.
Jarod   Vaccines. Hepatitis A, malaria, typhoid. Africa.
Sam   You are as smart as they say.
Jarod   Lot of good it’s done me lately.
Sam   Arm.
Jarod   Kri kra toad’s foot.
    Sydney’s Lab
Sydney   Tell me where Jarod is, Angelo. Find him for me.
Broots   Hey. What’s goin’ on?
Sydney   I’m using Angelo’s empathetic abilities to try and determine where Jarod is being kept.
Broots   How does the, uh, freak with the Flowbee fit in?
Sydney   In case of suspicions, I wanted the lab to be business as usual.
Broots   Ah. Usual.
Angelo   Sydney. Scared.
Sydney   Yes, Angelo. Sydney is scared that he’ll never see Jarod again. Empath Jarod. Tell me where they’re holding him.
Broots   Any luck?
Sydney   Not yet. You?
Broots   I found some breadcrumbs that may lead us to Miss Parker. A short call comes in at the exact same time from a hospital 50 miles west of here.
Sydney   Patient update.
Broots   Exactly. Unfortunatley, before I could track where the calls went to, Lyle’s albino came blustering in. Something about a priority communication. Something called Si- Silence.
Sydney   Silence, huh?
Angelo   Angelo happy. Find Jarod.
Mr Lyle   If you wanna hear about Mommy and Daddy, just trust me.
    Sydney & Angelo at Jarod’s cell
Sydney   Jarod. Jarod.
Jarod   Sydney.
Sydney   Are you okay?
Jarod   Is it true? Is it true that they captured my father and the boy?
Sydney   Did Lyle tell you that?
Jarod   He said only one of them survived, and I’d find out which one in Africa… if I cooperate.
Sydney   You trust Lyle?
Jarod   Don’t you?
Mr Lyle   Well, don’t you, Sydney? I see even you found this needle in our little haystack, I wonder how. I never liked you. I’m not even sure what the hell you are. Come on, Jarod. Time to go.
Sam   No injections this time, Jarod.
Jarod   Sedatives.
Sydney   Jarod.
Jarod   It’s okay, Sydney. I prefer to sleep through this.
Sydney   Jarod, don’t! Lyle, I won’t allow this!
Mr Lyle   Deny it as sweet sorrow if you want, Sydney, but you two are parting, so be a man. Say adios.
Sydney   Good-bye, Sydney.
Sydney   Tongue? That-a-boy. Uh, Sydney? Put him away.
Angelo   Jarod’s soul is clouded.
Sydney   His mind is still sharp.
    Centre Jet
Sam   Good night, sweet prince. We’re good to go.
Pilot   The tower called, We have a priority passenger to be dropped off. Level “A” project called Silence.
Sam   Until we cross the Atlantic, we’re not stoppin’ anywhere for anyone.
Mr White   Mr, Lyle says we are. I’ll tell you where we’re going when we get in the air.
Mr White   Yes, Mr, Lyle, I have the blueprints and everything I need, Tell our clients at Raylor that as soon as our inside person gets the E.T.A. Silence will go down flawlessly this time. Well, the C-4 will catalyze the on-site accelerant and burn white hot, Even if someone could dig through the debris. Uur corporate customers can rest assured there’ll be no trace of even the timing device that survives. Oh, I guarantee you- there’ll be no trace left of the Nash family… or anyone else who happens to be in that building. Any residual fallout will just help to mask the I.D.’s of our intended targets,I’ll contact you when I’m in place.
Jarod   Haven’t you people destroyed enough lives?
Pilot   What the hell’s goin’ on? If a bullet penetrates the jet’s skin, it can explode.
Jarod   Not if something plugs the hole.
    Jarod fights with Sam, the pilot gets shot and Jarod shoots out a window, half sucking Mr White out, and efficiently plugging the hole while rendering him useless. Jarod moved to the cockpit to land the plane.
Jarod   Come on! Come on!
    The plane has crash landed, the pilot has been treated by Jarod, Sam is tied up and Mr White is gone.
Jarod   Good morning, sweet prince. Fortunately, I was able to land the plane in almost one piece.
Sam   My lucky day. Where’s Mr. White?
Jarod   He disappeared. Any idea where he might have disappeared to?
Sam   Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you.
    The Centre, Mr Lyle’s Office
Mr Lyle on the phone   Yes, Mutumbo, I understand clearly every word that you are saying… and I assure you that the irony of Jarod’s escape is not lost on me either.
Mutumbo   Sir, are you being facetious?
Mr Lyle   Facetious? No. No. Of course I’m not being facetious, sir.
Mutumbo   You understand?
Mr Lyle   Yes, I understand the importance of reacquiring Jarod as it relates to Silence. Sir, but, as you know, we have an inside person, So, our friends at Raylor can rest assured that the project will not be compromised.
Mutumbo   It better not be.
Mr Lyle   Yes, sir, You have my word.
Mutumbo   All right.
Sydney   It seems like the world hasn’t changed so much.
Mr Lyle   Okay, Sydney, you were right, and I was wrong. But I would rather be alive and wrong than dead right. And if we don’t get Jarod back… I’m not the only one Mutumbo’s gonna personally reeducate.
Broots   Oh. Oh, sorry for bursting in.
Mr Lyle   What?
Broots   You won’t believe who I just saw walkin’ around the hallways alive as day. I mean, rumor has it he’s supposed to be dead, but he’s, uh, not.
Mr Raines   Glad to disappoint you.
Broots   Huh.
Mr Raines   It’s good to be back in the bosom of the Centre. God bless you all! Now, let’s go catch Jarod. Amen.
    Atomic Research Lab
Research Admin   A Ph. D. in nuclearphysics from M.I.T. and a doctorate in radio isotopic design from USC, That’s a pretty impressive sheepskin.
Jarod   You see what they look like on the Internet, press print, and all of a sudden, you’re somebody else.
Research Admin   Oh, uh, Jeanie, this is Dr. Jarod Hickum. Helped design the propulsion system on the Cassini probe for NASA.
Jarod   Nice to meet you.
Jeanie   Weren’t those Russian-made reactors?
Jarod   I believe that you’re thinking of the TOPAZ II. The Cassini’s reactors were Chandon designed, with 72 pounds of 238 at the core.
Research Admin   Well, I hope your expertise can help us with the Neptune probe. We’re, um, three months behind schedule.
Jeanie   And we’ve lost our two best researchers.
Jarod   Well, I’m here to do everything I can.
    St Cahterine’s Hospital, Oakpoint, MD
Broots   Sydney, Miss Parker. Miss Parker, we’ve been searching everywhere for you. Thank God you’re-
Miss Parker   Alive? Hardly. And these morons in here won’t let me out. Oh, I get my strength back, I swear I’m going postal.
Sydney   That’s what they’re afraid of. According to this chart, you were admitted under a suicide watch.
Miss Parker   Suicide? I was shot in the back!
Sydney   Only your next of kin can okay your discharge.
Miss Parker   Next of kin.
Sydney   Parker, have you heard from your father?
Miss Parker   No.
Broots   Well, somebody sure wants to keep you in here.
Miss Parker   Yeah, the wheezing sack of bones Raines.
Sydney   I’m not certain that’s right.
Broots   Raines may have spent some time on Mutumbo’s side of the street but he’s acting more like he’s been in Mister Rogers’ neighborhood. He found religion- or it was given to him.
Miss Parker   I don’t buy it. There’s somethin’ goin’ down at the Centre, and they don’t want me around.
Broots   Lyle keeps saying, “The world is changing.” Besides Raines’s rebirth, Jarod has escaped. And Lyle has some albino running a priority project called Silence.
Miss Parker   I gotta get outta here.
Sydney   You still need rest. At least another 24 hours.
Miss Parker   Twenty-four hours, and then I’m blowin’ this CAT scan stand. I want you to find out everything you can about the albino and Silence. They may have me down, but I’ll be damned if I’m out. Go!
    Atomic Research Lab
Jeanie   Jarod, What are you doing here?
Jarod   Jeanie. Hi. I was trying to get a leg up on things and I thought I would go straight to the source. What part of the project were the Nash’s working on?
Jeanie   They were heading up the research for Raylor Corporation’s propulsion system. They made some incredible discoveries with multiple applications, But most of their work was sealed after the accident.
Jarod   Accident?
Jeanie   Yeah, a freak thing. Their sailboat blew up while in port in the Caribbean. A gas leak or something. I can’t believe they’re dead.
Jarod   Maybe they’re not. Who sealed the data?
Jeanie   The word was it all went to the Department of Energy office in Albany.
    Sydney and Jarod on the phone
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   I hear silence is golden, especially at the Centre.
Sydney   There is a project called Silence, but God only knows what it is.
Jarod   Is that Mr. Broots I hear?
Broots   Yeah. How’d you know?
Jarod   Deviated septum. Right nostril
Broots   Well, I did get beaned with an Etch A Sketch when I was seven-
Jarod   What can you tell me about Silence?
Broots   Just that Lyle and some weird-looking albino guy were talkin’ about it.
Jarod   Ah, yes, The white-haired man. He and I shared some frequent-flyer miles.
Broots   Hey, I can’t talk to you about this. We’re- We’re supposed to be tryin’ to catch you.
Jarod   I know where you live, Mr. Broots.
Broots   Even if we did find something out about Silence…You don’t know what’s going on around here. I mean, they turned Mr. Raines into Pat Robertson.
Jarod   Silence is about the Centre killing a man, woman and their child. Now, Lyle and the albino have an inside person helping them. My guess is someone within the Department of Energy, I need help finding out who.
Sydney   We’ll do our best.
Jarod   Well, you’d better, because if you don’t an innocent family is going to die.
    Department of Energy, Albany, NY
Agent Blaine   So, who’s this new hot shot joining the Nash detail, Inspector?
Inspector   His name is Jarod Watts, but he is hardly a hotshot. Bottom third in college, barely squeak-by I.Q. This guy has been bounced around from one mediocre assignment to the next.
Agent Timson   But he has one thing on his resume that none of us have.
Agent Blaine   What’s that?
Agent Timson   The same last name as the undersecretary.
Agent Carlson   Son?
Agent Timson   Nephew.
Agent Carlson   Oh.
Jarod   I’m sorry I’m, uh, late. So-Sorry. Uh, Jarod Watts. The reason I’m late is I was doing a little boning up on that Nash thing,
Inspector   The “Nash thing” is a P-1 Witness Protection transfer, Watts. Please don’t forget that.
Jarod   Uh, yes, sir.
Inspector   Now then, Agent Timson will continue to be point on the Clare Nash protection team up until she is reunited with husband and daughter.
Agent Timson   I’ll be maintaining a Code 3 security status on the Nash woman.
Jarod   Excuse me, Uh, isn’t a Code 3 a little bit thin?
Inspector   That’s the idea, Watts. You see, a Code 3 provides protection without drawing undue attention to the location said witness is being held. It’s really quite effective.
Jarod   Yes, sir. Code 3.
Inspector   Agent Carlson, please, try to bring Watts up to speed on the “Nash thing, I’ll tolerate no mistakes. That’s lunch.
    Miss Parker’s House
Mr Parker on phone message   Angel, it’s Daddy. I looked for you at the hospital, but you’re gone. You can’t keep a Parker underwraps. No, sirree. Uh, what I need to tell you has to be said face-to-face, I’ll be at your place tonight at 9:00. Now, you be alone, Erase this tape, I wouldn’t want the wrong people showin’up,
Miss Parker   Wrong people. Raines.
    Department of Energy, Albany, NY
Agent Carlson   The Nashes’nuclear research for the Raylor Corporation was supposed to be strictly for space propulsion applications. But when they suspected Raylor was sellin’ their work for weapons applications they decided to blow the whistle to the D.O.E.. That’s when someone tried to kill them on the boat.
Jarod   Are there any leads?
Agent Carlson   None. Completely professional job. It turned out to be almost as good as killing them.
Jarod   How’s that?
Agent Carlson   Well, the Nashes got separated in the mayhem,and it drove them underground.
Jarod   Until the D.O.E. found Jason Nash and his daughter living in the Caribbean.
Agent Carlson   They were placed in protective custody, Jason Nash said the only way he’d testify if his wife was found and they were reunited as a family. We just recently found Clare. Tomorrow at 3:00 we bring them all back together at the Atomic Research Lab. Family reunited, family talks.
Jarod   Family talks, family dies.
    The Centre
Mr Raines   My work here is my life, I’ve spent years here doing the work of the Lord.
Miss Parker   Raines, it’s time for you to pay for killing my mother. Say your prayers, you son of a bitch.
Mr Raines   Miss Parker, I’d like to introduce Father Connelley. He was a friend of your mother’s,
Father Connelley   How do you do? I look forward to you continuing with your good work, Mr. Raines.
Miss Parker   What’s your good work? Free exorcisms for the whack jobs in Renewal?
Mr Raines   Do you believe in miracles, Miss Parker?
Miss Parker   I believe in revenge. Now tell me, why did you try and kill Daddy?
Mr Raines   A selfish, misguided act. But it came from above, as God is my witness.
Miss Parker   This kindness crap may slay ’em at the parish potluck, but it ain’t cuttin’ it with me.
Mr Raines   Then I’ll turn the other cheek. Miss Parker, those miracles I mentioned-they begin with… love.
Miss Parker   When I find out what you’re up to…it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than a prayer to save your sorry ass.
    DOE Safehouse, Albany, NY
Clare Nash   Thank you, but I’m not hungry.
Jarod   Mrs. Nash won’t eat?
Agent Blaine   She’s a little freaked out.
Jarod   Let me try. I know it’s not gourmet, but you really should eat. It will help you keep your strength up.
Clare Nash   No. Thank you though.
Jarod   When I was a kid, in the place I grew up in, I never wanted to eat either.
Clare Nash   Why was that, Agent Watts?
Jarod   Because it wasn’t my body that needed nourishing. It was my heart. There wasn’t a meal satisfying enough or a room safe enough to help me stop missing the family that I wanted to be with so badly.
Clare Nash   Well, where’s your family now?
Jarod   I don’t know. It’s the not knowing, the waiting, that’s the hardest partBut while you wait, maybe this can help.
Clare Nash   C- Courtney gave me this for Mother’s Day. I thought I lost it forever.
Jarod   Tomorrow you’ll be back together with the real thing. I promise you.
    The Centre, Sydney’s Office
Miss Parker   I miss the days when the people I couldn’t trust were the people I couldn’t trust.
Sydney   You’ve obviously met the new Mr. Raines, Miss Parker. Now meet Mr. White. He reports to Lyle.
Miss Parker   Since when does anybody report to my brother?
Sydney   Since the Triumvirate gave him his own covert team a few years ago. His latest project is called Silence.
Miss Parker   It’s a corporate-sponsored Centre hit on a couple research scientists.
Sydney   Jarod was on that plane with White when it went down. He knows those innocent people will die if he doesn’t stop him. You know he’ll try.
Miss Parker   If Jarod’s going, then so am I.
Sydney   Hmmm.
Broots   Miss Parker’s gonna want to off herself when she hears this one.
Miss Parker   Can anybody spare a noose?
Broots   Miss Parker!
Miss Parker   Is your nose whistling?
Broots   I have a deviated septum. You know, Mr. Parker couldn’t have been the next of kin to have you committed in that hospital on that suicide watch. The dates don’t square, Mutumbo had already siphoned away Mr Parker, So, the next of kin would had to have been-
Miss Parker   Lyle. Lyle trapped me there.
    Miss Parker’s House
Miss Parker   Daddy? Daddy!
Mr Parker on camera   I’m sorry I can’t be there to talk to you face-to-face, but, uh, plans change, huh? After all, it is the Centre, right? Now, I don’t have a whole hell of a lot of time, so pay attention. The world is changing. The Centre is changing. I am changing. And you? You have to ride all this crazy stuff out, see? Just, uh, ride her out. Don’t try to find us. And above all else, angel, watch out for yourself. Don’t forget – “A family is a tyranny.”
Mr Lyle   “Ruled over by its weakest member.” Thank God you’re safe. You had me worried.
Miss Parker   About what? That suicidal sis might play a little game of razor roulette?
Mr Lyle   The suicide watch was for your own protection.
Miss Parker   Oh.
Mr Lyle   Not perfect, but it was all I could think of. The more the others thought you were a non factor, the safer you’d be.
Miss Parker   Others?
Mr Lyle   The same ones that got to Raines…that put the scare into our father.
Miss Parker   Which conveniently put you in charge.
Mr Lyle   Mutumbo snaps, I jump. Guilty.
Miss Parker   You and your team- I know all about your covert division. Mr. White. Silence.
Mr Lyle   Good, because I need your help. Look, I’m being straight here. Silence is a Level “A” contract. The last thing I needed was for Jarod to escape and make this his cause.
Miss Parker   Careful. You’re sweating.
Mr Lyle   Well, with Jarod hovering, I’d be stupid not to.
Miss Parker   You botch a Level “A,” and you’ll need my prayers, not my help.
Mr Lyle   I need my sister. I’ve always been a survivor, Parker but in the past year since I found my father and you I- I’ve realized it’s not just me against the world.
Miss Parker   I hear the world’s changing.
Mr Lyle   One look into Dad’s eyes confirms it. Despite that, the Centre’s always been about Parkers. And like it or not, you and I are it. Let’s fight for it, for us- for him.
    Jarod’s lair, plotting. He recieves an email from Angelo fingering Agent Timson as the inside man.
Jarod   Timson.
    DOE Safehouse
Jarod   Timson! Where is she? Where’s Clare now?
Agent Carlson   Jarod! Gone. She’s been taken out to go meet her husband and daughter. You weren’t told about the schedule change?
Jarod   No, I wasn’t.
Agent Carlson   Out of the blue, the transfer orders were moved up to noon.
Jarod   Timson.
Agent Carlson   Yeah. They were his orders. When I asked for details, he said it was “need to know only.” Guess Timson doesn’t think you and I need to.
    Centre Car Park
Mr Lyle   Glad to see you’ve decided to take up the fight.
Miss Parker   I didn’t come to help you. I came to recapture Jarod.
    Atomic Research Lab
Agent Blaine   It won’t be long now, Mrs. Nash.
Clare Nash   Thank you.
Radio   Agent Blaine.
Agent Blaine   We’re in position.
Radio   Roger that.
Agent Blaine   Sir, B Team has Mr. Nash and their little girl in position.
Agent Timson   Very good.
Mr White   Well, this is an honor.
Jarod   Murderers have no honor.
Mr White   No, no, no. Meeting you. I mean, my God, you’re Jarod. Didn’t have much chance to talk on the plane. By the way, I owe you for some great, great flying. Thought I was toast.
Jarod   Where’s the bomb?
Mr White   You know where the bomb is, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Now, that said, I’m leaving. I don’t live, I don’t get paid.
Jarod   You’re not going anywhere.
Mr White   Was it good seeing your dad again? I mean, you just beat me to him. But, hey, he’s now out there again…and it kind of keeps me in business, you know what I mean?
Jarod   Business?
Mr White   I’m a finder. Missing families are kind of my niche. And yours is a full-time job, brother.
Jarod   What are you getting at?
Mr White   Well, just that occasionally Mr. Lyle…will, uh, pay me for special projects. Take your sister, Emily, for example.
Jarod   What do you know about my sister?
Mr White   That she adores yellow tulips, she hates cruelty to animals. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s tortured by the tragedies of her family and that she has the cutest little tattoo just above her…Uh-uh-uh! Her last known address is in here. There might even be some tidbits about dear old Mom too. Shame to see it all go poof. There may be time for you to save that family upstairs. Maybe even time for you to save this family in here. But you do not get me in the package. I’ll see you on down the road.
Jarod   No, No!
    Outside Atomic Research Lab
Mr Lyle   We’ll have a better chance of catching Jarod if we split up. You three take the interior, and I’ll cover outside.
Miss Parker   Fine.
Clare Nash   Can I see my husband and daughter now?
Agent Timson   Soon. Very soon, ma’am. Very soon, ma’am. Oh, excuse me. This is Timson. Yes, sir, Absolutely, sir. If I’m not back in, uh, five minutes go ahead and bring in Nash and the girl. It won’t be long now, ma’am.
Clare Nash   Thanks.
Agent Timson   Sure.
Jarod   Oh, there you are.
Agent Timson   What the hell are you doing here?
Jarod   I just came from Inspector Wocheck’s office. He suspects there’s a contract out on Mrs. Nash’s life and they think the hitter might be within the D.O.E.
Agent Timson   Ah. Uh, Blaine, I’m going out to the mobile unit. to contact the inspector you and Jarod here keep watch.
Jarod   I can save you that trip, sir.
Agent Timson   No, I gotta go.
Jarod   Inspector Wocheck is gonna call me on this cell phone at 12:00 sharp. That’s only a few minutes away.
Agent Timson   I have to review the placement of my agent perimeters.
Agent Blaine   You can use my walkie, sir,
Agent Timson   I don’t want to use your damn walkie Blaine! Speak when you’re spoken to, Agent, Excuse me.
Jarod   Is there something the matter?
Agent Timson   No.
Jarod   You seem like you’re in a hurry to get somewhere.
Agent Timson   What the hell’s wrong with this thing?
Jarod   Nothing. It’s just, uh- Well, it’s, uh-it’s locked.
Agent Timson   Open it.
Jarod   What’s the rush?
Agent Timson   Open the damn door! Now!
Jarod   I- I don’t understand. I- What’s the problem?
Agent Timson   The problem is, if you don’t open the door, we’re gonna blow up, you idiot!
Clare Nash   Oh, my God.
Jarod   Oh, you mean this thing I found is a bomb?
Agent Timson   Do something!
Jarod   Kaboom! I find it interesting that you knew there was a bomb in the building but you didn’t bother to tell anybody. You were going to allow an innocent family to die- and your own men- in an explosion.And for what? Agent Blaine? Get him out of here.
Agent Blaine   It would be my pleasure, Jarod.
Jarod   I think you’re here to see some special people.
Clare Nash   Yeah. Oh, my baby!
Jarod   There’s a brown sedan in the parking lot, Here’s all the information you need to start your new life. You’ll be safe. I promise you.
Jason Nash   But- But who are you?
Clare Nash   No, it’s all right. We can trust him. Oh, Jarod, I hope that one day you and your family can feel this moment too.
Jarod   Good luck.
cb   Bye.
Mr Lyle   Parker.
Miss Parker   Our work’s done here.
Mr Lyle   What, he got away? How?
Miss Parker   You shouldn’t underestimate Jarod. Mm-mmm. And you should never underestimate me. And the next time that you send me into a building that’s gonna explode… it had better blow… because if it doesn’t, it’s gonna be your gray matter they’ll be mopping up with a toothbrush. By the way, Jarod left you something.
    Miss Parker’s House
Mr Parker on asnwering machine   Oh, my angel. God, I’m sorry I missed you. I wanted to hear your voice. Needed to. Now, if you don’t hear from me, don’t you worry, Brigitte and I are safe, At least I think I am, t’s always when you think you are, that’s when you’re the most vulnerable, Now, don’t you make the same mistake I did, now, don’t expose the soft underbelly, they target that. No, no, no, You catch Jarod and never, ever let him go. Damn it! He’s the key, He’s the only key, Always has been. And there’s one last thing-‘Cause I know you’re tough, I’m not worried. You watch your back at the Centre. Nobody’s what they seem to be. There’s no soul in that place – not one – that you can trust… with the possible exception of your brother.
    Hotel La Salle
Manager   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   My name is Jarod. Have you seen this woman?
Manager   Like I said, who the hell are you?
Jarod   I’m her brother.
Manager   Damn, She’s gonna be sorry she missed you, but she just left today. She wouldn’t say where. Sort of like she thought someone was followin’ her. Sweet girl.
Jarod   Was she alone?
Manager   Yeah, but she didn’t want to be. She was searchin’ for her family. Said she was determined to find them. Like I said, she’d be sorry if she knew she missed you.
Jarod   Yeah.
    Out front of the hotel, Jarod on the phone with Miss Parker
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   At least we put one family back together.
Miss Parker   While mine got ripped apart again.
Jarod   I know the feeling.
Miss Parker   You know, Jarod, maybe Lyle’s right. Maybe the world is changing.
Jarod   It doesn’t seem to matter how much it changes. It’s still the same for us. We’re still alone in it.

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