2-03 Over the Edge

2-03 Over the Edge

Over the Edge

Relax Broots. They are looking for a shooter not a whiner.

Miss Parker

Over the Edge

Relax Broots. They are looking for a shooter not a whiner.

Miss Parker

Original air date: November 15, 1997

Written by: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

While Jarod tries to uncover the truth surrounding the apparent suicide attempt of a search and rescue team member, a criminal behavourist at the Centre tries to discover who shot Mr Raines.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Spiderman, Comics, Watermelons, Bungee Cords, She-Hulk

Jarod’s Occupations: Urban Search & Rescue Team, Psychological Re-constructionist, Triage Surgeon, Congressional Advisor, Rodeo Clown

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Shatner


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod impersonates a rescue worker in hopes of uncovering the truth behind the apparent attempted suicide of another team member. Meanwhile, a criminal behaviorist questions Sydney, Broots and Miss Parker regarding the Raines shooting.


Miss Parker and Sydney question Timothy, a middle-aged hippie, about Jarod’s activities in Serenity Beach, Oregon.  Timothy describes Jarod as a simple—yet brilliant—spirit who enjoyed spending days floating in a sensory deprivation tank.

Meanwhile, Jarod, now part of the Spokane Urban Search and Rescue Team, participates in the rescue of a bridge worker who dangles precariously from a broken scaffold hanging under a bridge.  With the aid of fellow squad members Jo Ellen Gillespie and Bobby Cain, Jarod snags the man moments before the scaffold plummets to the ground below.

Back at the squad room, the soon-to-be-retired Captain Wright congratulates Jarod for a job well done, comparing him to Spiderman (Jarod is unfamiliar with the comic strip character).  The team then deposits money in a collection jar marked “for Chris.”  Jo Ellen explains that Chris, a team member, fell into a coma after he attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a practice tower.  As a result, he is not covered by insurance.

Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Brigitte introduces Broots, Sydney and Miss Parker to Dr. Curtis, a criminal behaviorist whose job it is to determine who shot Mr. Raines.

While practicing rappelling moves on a drill tower, Jo Ellen tells Jarod that Chris’s mother walked out when he was a little child.  When Chris’s father died, Chris began a search for his mother.  Unsuccessful in his search, Chris was consumed by a sense of emptiness.  Her story meshes with a newspaper clipping Jarod keeps in his red notebook.  Jarod tracks down Chris’s mother, Grace Welman, at a methadone clinic.  She insists Jarod has the wrong person and walks away.

Jarod speaks with Chris’s physician, and learns details about his injuries—facts that cast doubt on the fall being the result of a suicide attempt.  His suspicions are given credence by Spenser, a homeless man who was nearby when the incident occurred.  Spencer claims he heard someone say, “no, don’t” moments before Chris fell.  He told this to a man wearing gear and a helmet, but his statement did not end up in a police report.  Spencer describes how the man pulled a money clip, featuring a web design, from his clothing and gave him twenty dollars to go away.  Later, Bobby pulls out just such a money clip in front of Jarod.

Jarod again approaches Grace, having examined the visitor sign-in sheets for the days her son was in intensive care.  He noticed her maiden name listed on the sheet.  Grace explains she went to the hospital to see her son, believing it might be for the last time.  But she didn’t have the strength to open the door.

Jarod notices Jo Ellen recoil when Bobby places his hands on her shoulders.  He correctly deduces that Jo Ellen is the victim of sexual harassment.  Jo Ellen fears that Bobby is so well connected that filing charges against him would be useless.

When the squad room is all but deserted, Jarod tells Bobby another bridge worker has become stuck on a scaffold.  The pair race to the scene and, this time, Bobby goes over the side, rappelling downward on a rope.  Jarod suddenly slams on the brake, bringing Bobby to a violent halt.  He repeats the process until a terrified Bobby finally confesses that it was he who pushed Chris from the drill tower.  The conversation is recorded on audio tape (with some help from Spencer), and Bobby is later charged with murder.

After conducting interviews of Sydney, Broots and Miss Parker, Curtis tells Raines anyone one of them could be responsible for the shooting.  Afterward, Curtis meets Jarod at a shadowy location, telling him “I did what you wanted.”  Curtis then hands him a photo of the person whom he suspects actually pulled the trigger: Jarod himself.

1-01 Pilot

Over the Edge Transcript


Margaret   It’s time to come home Jarod. Take my hand.
Young Jarod   I can’t reach you Mom.
Margaret   Try. You can do it.
Young Jarod   Mom. Mom, don’t go. Mom. Mom.
Jarod   Don’t go.
Hippie   This is where Jarod spent most of his time while he stayed with us.
Miss Parker   In a tepee?
Hippie   Yeah. But no, this is a sensory deprivation tank.
Miss Parker   I’m surprised he’d even get near one of these things again.
Sydney   Ah, but Jarod enjoyed floating in the tank. It gave him a taste of the freedom he so desperately craved.
Hippie   Most people go in the tank for an hour tops. Jarod, Jarod would stay in for, like, days at a time. And then he’d come out and go around hugging everyone he saw. I never experienced such a connection to another human being in my entire life.
Miss Parker   Maybe if you showered once in a while the experience wouldn’t be quite so unique.
Sydney   Did Jarod leave anything behind?
Hippie   He said to give you this.
Sydney   Thank you.
Miss Parker   I have a gun and I’ll use it.
Hippie   Cool.
Miss Parker   Let’s go find Wonder Boy. Living in a tepee, somebody help me.
Man   Help! Someone please help me. Help me! Please. Ohhh! Ahhhh!
Jarod   I’m coming. Just hang on.
Bobby   Jarod. Wait for the basket.
Jarod   There’s no time. This rope’s not going to hold.
Bobby   Roger, call the chopper now.
Man   Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh!
Jarod   Just hang on. More line.
Bobby   Jarod what the hell are you doing? I said wait for the basket.
Jarod   Sit tight. I got you.
Man   Ohhh! Ohhhhh. Oh!
Jarod   It’s a great day to be alive.
Captain   The word from the hospital is your victim is gonna be fine.
Jarod   Oh, that’s great news.
Captain   And the word around here is that you’re a player.
Roger   You should have seen him. Instant legend, man.
Captain   You’d better watch out Bobby. Looks like there’s a new Spiderman in town.
Bobby   Yeah well we’ll see who has the web.
Jarod   Spider… man?
Roger   Yeah! Like in the comics.
Joellen   Hey guys look. Interstate brochures from Denver. Looks like you’re serious.
Jarod   Are you thinking of transferring out?
Captain   Retiring. Denver is where my grandson is.
Bobby   Come on you guys. This is a good thing. Makes room for the young guys moving up.
Captain   Okay. Pack and sack. We’re due at the tower in thirty.
Roger   Oh man. It’s gonna be the third drill this week.
Joellen   Well, get used to it. If Bobby makes captain he’ll drill us 24/7.
Roger   You got that right.
Joellen   Jarod. Everyone kicks in. SOP.
Roger   It’s sort of a ritual. Every time we come back safe from a run we drop in a fiver for Chris.
Jarod   He’s the guy who fell from the drill tower.
Joellen   Just came out of a coma.
Jarod   I thought the department insurance plan covered accidents.
Roger   It does cover accidents but, um, Chris tried to kill himself.
Broots   Where have you guys been?
Miss Parker   Mnnn, to our own little corner of heaven. Got you somethin’.
Broots   Oh, thanks. You wouldn’t believe what’s going on around here.
Miss Parker   I rarely do. Any word on my father?
Broots   No. No one knows where he is.
Miss Parker   Princess Try Hard knows.
Sydney   You don’t want to make accusations you can’t prove.
Miss Parker   Oh please. Sydney you know what? Do yourself a favour. Take some steroids. Ever since she and Mr Lyle showed up this whole place has gotten strange.
Broots   Yeah, well it’s just about to get stranger. There he is? That’s the guy.
Sydney   What guy?
Broots   Oh God! They’re coming this way.
Brigitte   Ah Miss Parker. Sydney. Mr Broots. Dr Curtis. He’s… consulting for Mr Lyle and me.
Dr Curtis   Nice to meet you.
Miss Parker   I’m sure.
Brigitte   If he needs to speak with you we’d appreciate it if you’d make yourselves available.
Miss Parker   Certainly.
Brigitte   Cheers. Shall we?
Sydney   Doctor.
Miss Parker   Who is he?
Broots   That’s what I’ve been trying tell you. He’s… he’s some kind of criminal behaviourist. They brought him here to find who shot Mr Raines. Oh God this is bad, this is really, really bad.
Miss Parker   Relax Broots. They are looking for a shooter not a whiner.
Broots   Yeah well they’re going to pin the shooting on someone, and the way I see it we’re the ones walking around with the biggest targets on our backs.
Sydney   If you’re innocent you have nothing to worry about.
Broots   Sydney this is the Centre. Maybe no one will miss you but I have a little daughter who loves her daddy.
Sydney   We don’t even know if he’ll want to talk to us.
Broots   Oh, fat chance. I hear Mr Raines is going to force everyone who was at the shooting to interview with this guy. And I mean everyone.
Sydney   Hm.
Miss Parker   Peachy.
Captain   Move it! Come on Jarod! Your victim’s had time to take in a double feature.
Joellen   Go Go Go.
Bobby   Go go! Move it! 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, not bad.
Captain   Not good either not for a simple up and over.
Spencer   Hey! Keep it down over there. Tryin’ to think over here.
Captain   Oh God we woke up the monster.
Jarod   Who’s that?
Roger   Ah! He likes to be called Spencer. All he does is complain about the noise and write poetry. Don’t get him going. You’re gonna have to buy him somethin’.
Jarod   Is this where Chris tried to kill himself?
Joellen   Roger found him right here. You know I thought Chris and I could tell each other everything. I knew he was depressed but he never said anything about suicide.
Jarod   Maybe it wasn’t?
Joellen   He left a note on his computer.
Jarod   You know I saw this happen in Chicago. This guy, he got really depressed about the job, all the pressure.
Joellen   No, it wasn’t the job. Chris loved Rescue.
Jarod   Well if it wasn’t the job maybe it was his family.
Joellen   His mother left when he was really little. She just walked out. After his dad died a couple of years ago Chris started looking for her.
Jarod   He didn’t find her?
Joellen   No, but he felt she was close by. He ran personal ads in the paper, searched the net, did everything he could think of.
Jarod   He probably thought he would never find her, that he would always have that feeling of emptiness.
Joellen   I can’t imagine what it would be like never knowing your mother.
Nurse   Chris. Chris. Chris. You need to be to be calm. Chris Chris. You need to calm down. Chris. Calm now. Please. Chris. I’m sorry this is a really bad time for visitors. Chris. No. Chris.
Jarod   Chris. Chris. Calm down.
Nurse   Please could you come back later?
Jarod   It’s not unusual for a post coma victim to lose sense of time and location. He’s afraid. He needs human contact. He needs to know that he’s loved.
Nurse   Are you a therapist?
Jarod   I know what it’s like to be isolated from people. Joellen, come here. Hold him. Go ahead. He’s still your friend. Hold him.
Joellen   Chris, it’s Joellen. It’s Joellen, shhh, it’s Joellen. It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all right. Shhh shh.
Jarod   Let’s go over this again because I want to get it straight. He was a spider and a man.
Man   No, he was a high school student bitten by a radioactive spider.
Jarod   Hmmmm. That must have hurt.
Man   Then he developed spider powers. He could climb up walls, he could shoot webs and he had spider sense.
Jarod   Which is?
Man   I don’t know. He uh, he…. His head would tingle and stuff.
Jarod   Well I wasn’t aware that arachnids had heads that tingled.
Kid   I don’t know from arachnids but Spiderman’s did.
Jarod   This is fascinating. I’ll read them all.
Jarod   Mrs Welman. My name is Jarod. I’m a friend of Chris.
Grace   I, you… You have the wrong person. My name’s Carter.
Jarod   I know it was before you were married.
Grace   What do you want?
Jarod   It’s not what I want. It’s what Chris wants. He’s been trying to find you. Mrs Welman your son needs you.
Grace   I didn’t ask to be needed and I sure as hell didn’t ask to be found.
Young Jarod   Mom. I love you. I love you Mom. Mom, I love you. Don’t leave me Mom. Mom, Mom don’t go! Mom. Mom don’t go.
Young Jarod   Sydney, did your mother ever hug you?
Sydney   Jarod it’s important that you get in the tank.
Young Jarod   What was it like to be hugged by your mother? How did it feel?
Sydney   That’s not relevant. Jarod the tank relaxes you. You can focus on the simulation.
Young Jarod   I want to know what it’s like to be hugged. I’ve forgotten what it feels like.
Sydney   Jarod, listen to me. You will never have that experience. Your mother is . . . It would be best if you just forgot about her.
Young Jarod   No. I’ll never forget her. Never.
Sydney   Jarod. Dwelling on your family will only get in the way of your work.
Jarod   Finding my family is my work, Sydney.
Dr Curtis   We’re only trying to find out who had the capacity to shoot Mr Raines.
Sydney   And I’m only here to help.
Dr Curtis   Look I realise this is a difficult position for you to be in.
Sydney   Mn-mmmm. Perhaps just a waste of both of our times.
Dr Curtis   You never married did you?
Sydney   You don’t expect me to answer rhetorical questions?
Dr Curtis   No. Tell me about your relationship with Jarod.
Sydney   Why don’t you tell me.
Dr Curtis   All right. I think he’s taken the role of a son you never had. What are your feelings for him?
Sydney   You’re doing so well. Don’t stop now.
Dr Curtis   I think you love Jarod very much and I think you’d do almost do anything to protect him. But I’m curious, off the record. How do you live with yourself knowing that you abducted a child from his family?
Sydney   I was not involved in Jarod’s abduction.
Dr Curtis   Oh yes, but once it happened you did nothing about it. You had no problem, no twinge of conscience, uh, about robbing him of his chance to live a normal life?
Sydney   I didn’t have a choice.
Dr Curtis   Didn’t you?
Sydney   I had to do what I was told.
Dr Curtis   By whom?
Sydney   The same person who tells you what to do.
Dr Curtis   Exactly. So we both know that you hold Mr Raines personally responsible for the destruction of Jarod’s life and we also know that killing Raines would give you a deep sense of satisfaction. It’s only human nature.
Sydney   I abhor violence.
Dr Curtis   Well, but that doesn’t mean, given a strong enough motivation, that you wouldn’t stoop to it. I think we’re done, Doctor.
Sydney   Doctor.
Roger   Don’t look so sad. It’s a comic book, man. You know, comic, fun?
Jarod   This Spider man, he’s a fascinating superhero. Yet beneath all his heroics he’s lead a very sad life. He never knew his parents, he feels responsible for his uncle’s death and people are always trying to kill him.
Roger   Curse of the superhero. It’s tragic really.
Joellen   Peter Parker didn’t have a real problem. Now She-Hulk her life was tragic.
Captain   I’m glad you guys are here. Check your speed scores. The condemned move faster to the gallows.
Jarod   Looks like we’re gonna be in for more drilling.
Captain   You got that right. Jarod you work with Roger Saturday morning Joellen you and Bobby hit the tower in the afternoon.
Joellen   Let me switch with Jarod. I have plans for Saturday.
Captain   Change ’em. There’s no one faster with the rope than Bobby and that’s where you need improvement.
Bobby   And just think, you can sleep in on Saturday and get some extra beauty sleep, not that you need it.
Joellen   No I’m serious Cap. Let me switch.
Captain   I’m serious too. No. Now come on we’ve got more sunshine to spread.
Bobby   See you later.
Jarod   What’s Chris working with?
Doctor   A bungee cord. It helps strengthen his muscles.
Jarod   Very clever. A rubber band with hooks.
Doctor   That’s the concept.
Jarod   What are his chances for recovery?
Doctor   Too soon to say. But I’m an optimist. He could regain a good portion of his cognitive and motor skills.
Jarod   Has he been able to communicate anything about his fall?
Doctor   No. There’s been some improvement with his pre and post-traumatic amnesia but still, no indication that he has any memory of the accident.
Jarod   There must have been some damage to his frontal lobe. More than likely he never had time to encode the event into his long time memory.
Doctor   You don’t know about bungee cords but you know about Dearling’s theory on shock trauma?
Jarod   I used to moonlight as a psychological re-constructionist. And I read his file. It says here that Chris landed on his back.
Doctor   That’s right.
Jarod   Now, the haematoma on his twelfth thoracic vertebra would indicate that he fell on something.
Doctor   Paramedics didn’t note it.
Jarod   I would have expected his injuries to be more severe, a fall from four stories. That’s usually fatal.
Doctor   Were you a triage surgeon too?
Jarod   Only until I became a rodeo clown.
Jarod   No! No! Nooooo! Ughhh. Ohhh. Ohhh.
Spencer   Hey. I wanna hear something that loud I’ll stick a gun in my mouth.
Jarod   Hey I’m sorry. I just fell off a building. Hey! Wait, wait up. I want to talk to you for a second.
Spencer   Don’t you have anything better to do at three am?
Jarod   It’s seven am.
Spencer   Yeah! The noise pollution gets worse every day.
Jarod   If you’re so concerned about the noise why don’t you move into a shelter?
Spencer   Hey! Hey! A poet needs freedom to create. This is freedom.
Jarod   Wow!
Spencer   Yeah. The only drawback is the noise. Forcing me towards haiku.
Jarod   Were you here writing your poetry the day that the man fell from the building?
Spencer   Ooh Yeah! Yeah! Um. You see I was flowing a rhyme and all of a sudden I heard somebody screaming “No don’t! No don’t!” kinda like you were doing. And then and then Boom. After a little while all hell broke loose. Sirens, ambulances, cops. I tell you my creativity was shot for the day.
Jarod   I’ve seen the police report. There’s no mention that you ever told the police what you heard.
Spencer   No. No see, I didn’t tell the cops. I told one of you rescue guys.
Jarod   Who?
Spencer   I don’t know. I mean, this guy came up he said sorry about the noise, gave me twenty bucks and told ah me to get a hot meal. Now that my friend was poetic.
Jarod   What did he look like?
Spencer   With the gear and helmets and everything, all you guys look the same. Oh hey! Hey! Uh, you know what? He had some sort of fancy money clip. Uh, it had sort of like a, ah, a spider web design right in the middle of it.
Jarod   Watermelon, right?
Roger   Yeah. That’s what we call them here on earth. It’s tonight’s dessert.
Jarod   Why are you banging on them?
Roger   I’m not banging, I’m uh thumpin’. How do you tell when watermelon’s ripe?
Jarod   I don’t know. I’ve never eaten one.
Roger   Well Starman, you’re definitely in for a treat. We’re all chipping in so ah, you owe me five bucks.
Jarod   Five bucks huh? Actually I don’t have any cash on me.
Roger   Come on man. Hey! Nobody gets out of paying.
Bobby   What’s the matter? Mommy didn’t give you any lunch money today?
Jarod   Something like that. Can you cover me?
Bobby   Yeah. Pay me back, right?
Jarod   Of course I will. If we can’t trust each other who can we trust?
Bobby   Right.
Broots   I got word that you ah…
Dr Curtis   Come in. Sit!
Broots   Cute kids.
Dr Curtis   I’ve been looking over your file. There’s a letter in here….
Willie   Yo, let’s go.
Dr Curtis   From a Mrs Mosely.
Broots   Wh… my fourth grade teacher? How far back does that thing go?
Dr Curtis   The letter is addressed to your mother. Apparently Mrs Mosely was concerned for your safety at school. Why was that?
Broots   Well, you know how kids are, you know. They like to pick on the egghead.
Dr Curtis   Do you remember what it felt like to be picked on?
Broots   Yes I guess so, if I think about it.
Willie   You’re next.
Dr Curtis   So did you ever attempt to defend yourself against those bullies.
Broots   Bullies. Oh, no. Actually, uh, no, I learned to outsmart them.
Dr Curtis   What about today? How do you respond to people who pick on you today.
Broots   No one bullies me.
Dr Curtis   Really. I was under the impression that Miss Parker often takes you to task.
Broots   She likes to tease me. Friends do that.
Dr Curtis   Oh you two are friends?
Broots   Uh well, wait. No, wait a minute. Um, not, not exactly.
Willie   Let’s go.
Dr Curtis   How does Mr Raines treat you?
Broots   Huh? Mr Raines always has um has treated me fairly, with uh, with great respect.
Dr Curtis   That’s very interesting because it says in here that you’ve been overheard disparaging him on more than one occasion.
Broots   That’s… that’s, that’s a flat out lie. I’d like… Who said that? I would like to know who said that.
Dr Curtis   Uh, that would be uh Mr Raines. It must eat you up knowing that people have picked on you your whole life, and you’ve always had to take it, never getting to even the score. I mean, how long will you let people demean and belittle you until you finally say enough, it ends here. How much humiliation can you take?
Broots   I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to get inside my head, stir it up a little bit. Well it’s not gonna work.
Willie   You, let’s go.
Girl   But I want to stay here.
Broots   Hey. Hey you. You! Leave her alone! What are they going to do with her.
Dr Curtis   What do you think they’re going to do to her? Are they going to hurt her? The way Mr Raines implied once that he would do to your daughter.
Broots   What do you want from me?
Dr Curtis   The truth!
Broots   Do you want to know the truth. I’ll give you the truth. If anyone was ever to hurt my daughter, even try to… I’d kill them. I don’t care who. I’d kill them.
Sydney   Sydney.
Jarod   How’s the book?
Sydney   I still don’t know how Judge T is going to wrap this one up. How do you know?
Jarod   You always used to sit down at your desk at eight pm with a good book. Does it still relax you?
Sydney   You know me too well. Hey! I can hear birds in the background. Must still be light where you are.
Jarod   You’re getting very good at this.
Sydney   I can also hear sadness in your voice.
Jarod   Guess you know me too well. I’ve been thinking about my mother lately. What it’s going to be like when we finally meet.
Sydney   Go on.
Jarod   Well, it’s just that we’ve been separated for so long. Will she…never mind.
Sydney   Everyone wants to believe a mother’s love is absolute. Sadly that’s not always the case.
Jarod   Did your mother love you?
Sydney   Yes, I believe she did, but know this. If the mother rejects her offspring rarely does the blame fall upon the child. It is usually an indication that the woman does not love herself.
Jarod   Thank you Sydney.
Grace   Hey! I told you to leave me alone.
Jarod   This will help when the methadone doesn’t. You were at the free clinic getting your daily dose but methadone, it doesn’t stop the craving for heroin it only replaces it. That’s why you keep getting the sweats. Your body is screaming for relief.
Grace   Are you a junkie?
Jarod   No but I was a congressional adviser on drug policy for a while. Scout’s honour. This is ogden root. It’s an organic herb. It has a great calming affect. Friends of mine, they harvest it in Oregon. Trust me it works.
Grace   Oh damn it!
Jarod   Is this Chris?
Grace   Yes when he was eleven years old. His papa sent it to me at a halfway house.
Jarod   It’s odd to be carrying around a picture of someone you’re trying to forget.
Grace   I’m not trying to forget. It would just be better if we don’t see each other.
Jarod   Is that why you went to the hospital? I checked the sign in sheet at intensive care. You didn’t think people would recognise your maiden name.
Grace   They told me that Chris was in a coma. They didn’t know if he was going to live or not. I just did what any mother would do. I went to see my son. I didn’t have the strength to open the door.
Jarod   This is my mother. I only remember seeing her once. I don’t know much about her but I do know that I would give anything to feel her arms around me.
Grace   Listen if you’re ju… If you’re gonna tell me that Chris needs me and the past doesn’t matter, save it. I’ve always been a great addict but I’m worthless as a mother.
Jarod   Grace you’re a person with a disease. A disease that controlled your life. It kept you from the people that you love but somewhere you found the courage to fight it. Maybe if you look there again you will find what it takes to make things right with your son.
Bobby   Hey Joellen. Where is everybody?
Joellen   They’re around somewhere.
Bobby   Really? Funny because I only saw your car out there in the parking lot.
Joellen   Yeah. Please Bobby, I have work to do.
Bobby   The Captain assign that to you?
Joellen   Yeah! And he wants it done before he comes in.
Bobby   I guess that means that when I make Captain you’ll do exactly what I say, huh?
Joellen   Don’t!
Bobby   I don’t like games.
Jarod   You’ll never guess what I just found.
Bobby   Hey Jarod I didn’t uh, I didn’t see your car outside.
Jarod   I took the bus.
Bobby   Oh.
Jarod   A seedless watermelon. Now, I wonder how they get them out.
Bobby   Yeah! Listen I, uh… I got some work I got to do. I’ll, uh, talk to you later.
Jarod   If I’m tired you must be exhausted.
Joellen   Why?
Jarod   Well not only do you have to work and train all day like the rest of us but you have to put up with him.
Joellen   What do you mean?
Jarod   Looking over your shoulder. The constant wondering when he’ll show up. What he’ll want. The rage, the powerlessness. I know that it would eat at me until I wanted to scream.
Joellen   At first it seemed liked harmless flirting. I thought I could handle it. Handle Bobby. But he’s so aggressive. He scares me.
Jarod   Being the only woman, you must have felt trapped.
Joellen   Well I knew that if I complained to the Commander I would get nothing but flak. Bobby would only deny it and I’d become the black sheep of the squad, if I wasn’t fired. Believe me it’s hard enough being one of the boys around here. So I just kept my mouth shut.
Jarod   And then Chris found out?
Joellen   One night, well Bo… Bobby touched me and I was upset. Chris comforted me. He was such a great guy, you know. As if dealing with his own problems wasn’t enough he wanted to take care of me too. He was really angry with Bobby. He even wrote up a report but, you know, I couldn’t sign it.
Jarod   Well you should’ve. You’re not the first woman to feel this way. Bobby’s done this before, in Portland. He almost lost his job. His wife nearly left him but he intimidated the victim until she dropped the charges.
Joellen   I don’t know. He’s connected Jarod. Bobby’s about to become Captain. Even if I take him on, he’ll win.
Jarod   Don’t be so sure.
Dr Curtis   Thank you for coming Miss Parker. I realise this interview is unpleasant. Just know that my intention is to eliminate people as possible suspects not incriminate them.
Miss Parker   Considering I’m on record as having threatened to shoot Raines, I would think that I’m your number one suspect. And I suppose we’re having this meeting in my father’s former office because Raines thinks that it will unnerve me.
Dr Curtis   I’m not sure I know what you mean.
Miss Parker   My father has disappeared and some Ralph Reed clone has replaced him. Exactly what part of this is hard to grasp, Doctor?
Dr Curtis   Let’s move on. Now you’ve known Jarod since you were a little girl. What is your relationship with him now?
Miss Parker   My relationship… is to find him and bring him back…preferably alive but dead’s is becoming more acceptable.
Dr Curtis   So it wouldn’t have bothered you if Mr Raines had shot Jarod?
Miss Parker   Not at all. Mind if I smoke?
Dr Curtis   You make no effort at all to conceal your hostility towards Mr Raines. Is that because you felt protected by your father?
Miss Parker   I don’t need Daddy to protect me from Scar man.
Dr Curtis   Would you care to expand on that?
Miss Parker   I think he was involved in the death of my mother and knows what happened to my father.
Dr Curtis   What makes you think that?
Miss Parker   Woman’s intuition.
Dr Curtis   So it is safe to say that it would give you great satisfaction to see him dead.
Miss Parker   It would give me great satisfaction to perform his autopsy, before he was dead.
Dr Curtis   Miss Parker. When you came in here I had no opinion one way or the other as to your involvement in the shooting of Mr Raines. However, you must admit your excessive candour…
Miss Parker   If I’d shot you, you son of a bitch, you’d be dead. Are we clear?
Jarod   Hey Poet! Do you like watermelon?
Bobby   Yeah?
Jarod   911 We’ve got a bridge worker stuck on a scaffold.
Bobby   When are these morons going to learn? Where is everybody?
Jarod   Just you and me.
Bobby   Let’s do it!
Jarod   Looks like a heart attack. I’m going over.
Bobby   Not this time Spiderman. I’m in charge here. I’m going over. Okay. Feed me some line. Nice and easy. Nice and easy. A little more line. What are you doing? I need more rope.
Jarod   Okay.
Bobby   Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Jarod, Jarod! Hey! Hey! Jarod! Stop! Are you crazy?
Jarod   Just making sure that you’re still high enough.
Bobby   For what?
Jarod   Your fall.
Bobby   What the hell are you doing?
Jarod   Yep! That’ll work. See ya Bobby.
Bobby   Jarod! Jarod! Ahhhhh! Hey! Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Jarod   What you did to Chris Welman when he threatened to expose your sexual harassment of Joellen.
Bobby   Hey what kind of sick joke is this?
Jarod   Oh this is no joke Bobby. At least I’m not laughing.
Bobby   You don’t know what you’re talkin’ about man.
Jarod   You had to stop him. You had your promotion to lose.
Bobby   No man.
Jarod   So you followed Chris Welman up to the training tower and you cut his rappelling rope. And then you made it look like he tried to commit suicide.
Bobby   That’s a lie man. The man left a note.
Jarod   Which you wrote on his computer. Now if it makes you feel any better I’ll write one on yours.
Bobby   Jarod Please. Look all right, all right. I cut his rope. I did it. Right. Now please, just pull me back up out of here man.
Jarod   Hmm. No way!
Bobby   No! No! No! No!
Spencer   Now that was poetic. Ha ha ha. Wow!
Raines   It’s about time Dr Curtis. Have you reached a conclusion?
Dr Curtis   Yes.
Brigitte   And your determination?
Dr Curtis   Any one of them could have done it.
Raines   Not very satisfying doctor.
Dr Curtis   I’m very sorry Mr Raines. That is the only conclusion I can come to based on my evaluations.
Raines   Get out!
Brigitte   Perhaps Mr Parker knows who pulled the trigger.
Raines   Wherever he is.
Dr Curtis   I did what you wanted. I told them it could have been any one of them. This is who I believe actually shot him. So, we’re even.
Jarod   For now.
PA   Wheelchair to admitting, wheelchair to admitting.
Jarod   Is there any progress?
Doctor   It seems to vary with his mood. If we could find a way to keep his spirits up there’s a good chance Chris can regain up to eighty percent of his cognitive and motor skills.
Young Jarod   Mom. Mom. I love you Mom.
Margaret   I love you too Jarod.

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