4-08 Rules of Engagement

4-08 Rules of Engagement

4-08 Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Hmm. I love ice cream.


Rules of Engagement

Hmm. I love ice cream.


Original air date: January 8, 2000

Written by: Ethan Lawrence

Directed by: Rodney Charters

Jarod assumes the identity of an FBI agent in order to find out why two brothers have taken hostages in their father’s hospital room and demanded $41,342.72.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Tooth Fairy

Jarod’s Occupations: UPS Driver, FBI Hostage Negotiator

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Harper, Jarod Jackson


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod, acting as an FBI special agent, quells a hospital-hostage situation.


Miss Parker, Sydney, and Broots lose Jarod, who is impersonating a UPS driver, in a small Illinois town.  With the ominous Raines lurking in the shadows, Parker meets with her fugitive father.  Parker reluctantly agrees to bring her father a safe deposit box that supposedly stores cash.  Meanwhile, having tossed his UPS uniform into the trash, Jarod notices Sarah Larsen, an anxious young woman, struggling with an out-of-order pay phone.  Jarod offers Sarah his phone.  Sarah calls the sheriff and reports that her two distraught young brothers, Cam and Billy, are armed and headed for St. Mary’s Hospital, where their mother died and where their seriously ill father, Jake Larsen, is now a patient.  Sheriff’s cars surround the hospital entrance and hospital personnel evacuate patients. Inside their father’s hospital room, an armed Cam and Bill hold a nurse, Cindy Perkins, and her aid, Lindsay, hostage.

Jarod, who has assumed the identity of an FBI agent, introduces himself to Sheriff Bowen and Deputy Carmichael.  Bowen grudgingly briefs Jarod on the hostage takers.  Jarod notes that the brothers isolated their take-over to their father’s room.  He suspects the issue must rest with a hospital grievance.  Outside the hostage room, Jarod tries to negotiate with the Larsen brothers.  Cam yells out their single demand of $41,342.72.  Hospital administrator Rebecca Simmons and Dr. Stephen Franklin interrupt Jarod’s attempt at negotiating a peaceful settlement.  The pair had spoken to the Larsen brothers before they took hostages.  Apparently, the brothers disagree with Franklin’s less serious and more cost-efficient diagnosis of Jake Larsen’s heart condition.

Sarah tells Jarod that her seriously ill mother died only days after St. Mary’s sent her mother home prematurely.  The brothers blame the hospital’s cost-cutting policies for her death.  The confrontation with Dr. Franklin about their father’s hospital care mirrors the same treatment given their mother.

Jarod establishes communications with the brothers and tries to win their trust.  Suddenly, a round of bullets fired by one of Bowen’s deputies flies through one of the windows in the hospital room.  While no one is hurt, Jarod ‘s credibility with the brothers becomes suspect.  At Jarod’s request, Cam’s two children, Kerry and Cody, have come to the hospital.

With his arms held high, an unarmed Jarod enters the hostage room.  He speaks with Cam about his two children.  Eventually Jarod wins the release of the elderly female patient and wheels her out of the room.  When Jake Larsen goes into cardiac arrest, Jarod springs into action.  He pushes a crash cart into the hostage room.  Cindy and Jarod work as a team and shock Jake’s heart back to life.  Finally, the flatline on the monitor disappears and registers a pulse.  Jarod negotiates Lindsey’s release.  Now, only one hostage, Cindy, remains.  However, Bowen positions his men close to the hostage room.  In a previous hostage situation, Bowen had hesitated using force against the hostage taker, and an innocent teenager was killed.  As a result, Bowen feels that he has innocent blood on his hands and will not let that situation repeat itself.

Back at the Centre, the hospital hostage situation catches Broots’s attention, as he smells the bogus FBI handiwork of Jarod.  Parker brings her father the requested safe deposit box.  Mr. Parker unlocks the box and takes out cash.  An envelope marked “Baby Parker” sticks out of the deposit box.  Mr. Parker intones that the future of the Parker family lies with Jarod.

Jarod confronts Franklin about unusual billing procedures at the hospital and demands to know why denials for major surgery at St. Mary’s are dramatically higher than average.  Cam’s demand for money reflects the exact cost for the heart bypass surgery that his father needs.   By scrutinizing the hospital’s billing system on the computer, Jarod discovered an alarming amount of denials for major surgery.

Jarod negotiates with Cam and Billy and shows them a hospital file folder.  The trio reaches an agreement and shake hands.  Jarod then sets a trap for Dr. Franklin by lacing a computer keyboard with a tricyclic, an antidepressant that mimics a heart attack.  Then Jarod finds Dr. Franklin and tells him the brothers broke into the hospital computer system and found a plethora of mismanaged cases.  Franklin races to his computer to search the systems.  When his fingers hit the tainted keyboard, his mock heart attack begins.  As Franklin writhes in pain on the floor, Jarod confronts him about his mistreatment of Jake Larsen.  Dr. Franklin gave Jake a drug that deceptively improves heart rhythms, but covers the symptoms of coronary disease.  Jarod taunts Dr. Franklin with the antidote to the antidepressant.  Finally, Dr. Franklin admits that he takes kickbacks from the HMO for sending sick patients home.

Jarod and Bowen exit the hospital.  One deputy escorts Cam and Billy to a police car, while another deputy escorts Simon and Dr. Franklin to another squad car.  Bowen thanks Jarod for squelching his itchy trigger finger and preventing him from doing something stupid. As Parker, Lyle, Sydney and Broots pull up to the hospital, Jarod shakes Bowen’s hand and makes a rapid, successful retreat.

4-08 Rules of Engagement





The Centre

Blue Cove, Delaware

Broots   Fletcher Ridge, Illinois. Large enough to have a U.P.S. office and a driver named Jarod Harper.
Sydney   Very good, Broots. Any physical description?
Broots   Size, weight and color all match Jarod perfectly. And he got the job at almost exactly the same time that I calculated his position.
Miss Parker   Call Lyle.
Broots   I already have. He’s on his way.
Miss Parker   Great. Let’s go.
    [Mobile phone rings. Miss Parker leaves Broots and Sydney in the lift so she can speak privately.] [Beeps]
Miss Parker   What?
Mr Parker   Angel. Angel, I have to see you.
Miss Parker   [Whispers] Daddy?
Mr Parker   The junkyard near the Quentin Street Overpass, and hurry.
Miss Parker   Daddy!
    [Dial Tone]
Mr Raines   You look bothered, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   Don’t you have a bake sale to organize?
Mr Raines   I know these are stressful times for you. That’s why I want you to have this. It’s a prayer card. I slept with it under my pillow.
Miss Parker   That explains the grease stains.
Mr Raines   I asked for it to be filled with the answers you need. God bless.
Miss Parker   You too.
Sydney   Parker? Are you coming?
Miss Parker   I’ll be back.
Broots   What about Jarod?
Sydney   What about Lyle?
Miss Parker   Um, buy me some time. A few hours.
    Fletcher Ridge, Illinois
    [Siren Wails] [Second Siren Wailing]
Jarod   Ouch!
Kid   Sorry, mister. It got away from me.
Jarod   Wow. This is a great car.
Kid   Thanks. I bought it with my tooth fairy money.
Jarod   “Tooth fairy”?
Kid   You know, where you put your tooth under your pillow, the tooth fairy takes it
and leaves you money. Didn’t you ever get that when you were a kid?
Jarod   I wasn’t really a kid when I was a kid.
Kid   Thanks, mister.
    [Bell Tolling]
Sarah   Would you just shut up? I don’t want to talk about this anymore.
Cam   Damn it, Sarah, we don’t have a choice.
Sarah   Cam, we don’t need to be making these arrangements.
Cam   The hell we don’t! These people at the hospital already showed they don’t care whether us Larsens live or die- Billy, come on.
Sarah   Cam, the doctors said-
Cam   I know what the doctors said. I know what needs to be done.
Sarah   Why do you have guns? Cam! What are you planning to do?
Cam   I didn’t start this, Sarah.
Sarah   Cameron!
Cam   Go home!
Sarah   Come on, damn it! Damn it! [Crying]
Jarod   Here you go. Use mine.
911 Operator   9-1-1. Can I help you?
Sarah   Yes, ma’am. My name is Sarah Larsen. My brothers are on the way to the hospital. They have guns. I don’t know! Look, you just gotta do something before somebody gets hurt, okay? [Sobs] I appreciate- Mister?
[Police Radio Traffic]   All units, hostage situation at St. Mary’s Hospital. Men considered armed and dangerous. [Sirens Wailing] [People Clamoring]
Cam   Billy, hurry up and get those windows painted. Nobody moves and nobody gets hurt! We’re all gonna be here awhile, so just get comfortable.
[Woman on P.A.]   All medical personnel. Prepare to evacuate all noncritical patients from the first floor.
Cam   How you doin’, Pop?
    [Machine Beeping]
[Man]   Keep evacuating!
Sheriff   Everybody sit tight and wait for my command. If there’s a clear shot, you let me know.
Jarod   Well, that’s an interesting philosophy. Shoot first, ask questions later.
Sheriff   Who are you?
Jarod   Special Agent Jarod Jackson, Chicago F.B.I. I’m the hostage negotiator. This is my show now.
Sheriff   Damn!
Sheriff   Best we can figure, there’s a half a dozen people being held. Including three patients in the seized wing that could die in the next few hours without treatment. Kill that alarm!
Jarod   The hostage-takers?
Sheriff   Billy Larsen. He’s 21. Good kid, with no priors. Big brother Cam’s 28. He’s a hothead with a sheet that goes all the way back to high school.
Jarod   Weapons?
Deputy   Rifle and shotgun, according to their sister.
Jarod   I’ll need her brought here as soon as possible.
Deputy   Yes, sir.
Jarod   They make any demands?
Sheriff   Nothing yet.
Jarod   What’s your read on the situation?
Sheriff   You’re the big badge. You tell me.
Jarod   They’ve isolated the situation to a specific area of the hospital where their father is a patient. My guess, it’s some sort of grievance against the hospital.
Sheriff   How do you figure that?
Jarod   Like you said, I’m the big badge. Let’s go to work. This is F.B.I. Special Agent Jarod Jackson. I want to talk to you about your demands. If you’ve got something on your minds, now might be a good time to discuss it.
Cam   This is between us and the hospital.
Jarod   You’ve got your father in there. Innocent people who need medical attention. Neither one of us want anyone to die here today. So why don’t you tell me what you want and we can end this thing.
Cam   I want you to write this down. $41, 342.17. Not a penny more, not a penny less. Over and out.
Jarod   All right. I’ll see what I can do. Need to establish a direct phone line into that room.
Deputy   Yes, sir.
    What if they don’t answer? Hell, they could have already killed somebody, and we’d never know it.
Jarod   Where can I get blueprints of this building?
Deputy   I can get ’em here in ten minutes.
Jarod   All right. I need a fiber-optics video camera, with a transmitter and microwave intercept.
Sheriff   Hold on, Einstein. This town has two red lights, three hardware stores.
Jarod   Meaning?
Sheriff   Meaning, if you want a hammer, I can help you out. You want to build a nuclear reactor, you’re outta luck.
Jarod   This town have an electronics store?
Sheriff   That we got.
Jarod   I’m going to make a list of things I need. Get these to me, A.S.A.P.
    [Baby Crying]
Mr. Parker   Angel.
Miss Parker   Ugh.
Mr. Parker   You weren’t followed?
Miss Parker   Daddy, you look-
Mr. Parker   Oh, I’m sorry to scare you. Come on. Come on. Come on.
Miss Parker   Daddy, what the hell is going on?
Mr. Parker   Come on, come on. Come on back here. Sit down. [Panting]
Miss Parker   Where have you been?
Mr. Parker   Underground. This is the last place they’d look. [Panting] Now, look. There’s a strongbox in SL-22. In a panel behind the fire hose.
Miss Parker   Strongbox?
Mr. Parker   Yeah. It’s filled with cash. Bring it to me. But don’t tell anybody. Life and death, understand?
Miss Parker   No, I don’t.
Mr. Parker   Brigitte and I had to leave our hiding place. I need the money to last us a few weeks.
Miss Parker  

Daddy, if I knew why you were running-

[Cell Phone Rings] [Beeps]


Broots   Bad news. Jarod never showed up for his shift at the U.P.S. job. We missed him!
Miss Parker   Lyle?
Broots   He’s looking for you, and he is peeved.
Miss Parker   What else is new? I want you to keep searching for Jarod. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Daddy?
Rebecca Simons   This whole thing is gonna turn into a nightmare. Nobody’s gonna want to get treated at the O.K. Corral.
Jarod   Who are you?
Rebecca Simons   Rebecca Simons, hospital administrator.
Dr. Franklin   Dr. Stephen Franklin, cheif cardiologist.
Sheriff   They spoke to the Larsen boys before the pulled their guns.
Jarod   I’m listening.
Rebecca   Family brought their father.
Jarod   Jake Larsen.
Rebecca   He was complaining of chest pains. Family thought it might be a heart attack.
Jarod   He was admitted to C.C.U.?
Franklin   Yes, yes. I diagnosed him with a type of arrhythmia known as atrial fibrillation. It’s painful, but it’s not life-threatening.
Jarod   Apparently, his sons had a different opinion.
Franklin   Maybe I should have kept Mr. Larsen one more night to ease their minds.
Jarod   Does this figure mean anything to you, Doctor?
Franklin   $41, 342.17? Not in particular. What is it?
Jarod   [Sighs] That’s a good question.
Rebecca   Agent Jackson, there are patients in there who will die in the next few hours if left untreated.
Jarod   [Sighs] Excuse me. Sarah, my name is Jarod.
Sarah   The man with the telephone.
Jarod   I’m with the F.B.I. I think it’s safe to say that neither one of us woke up this morning expecting to be here.
Sarah   [Sighs]
Jarod   I realize that you’re going through a very difficult time right now. But I have to understand: Why are you brothers doing this? Look, I want to end this thing without anybody getting hurt. But the truth is, I can only old those men off for so long.
Sheriff   Move over there. Get that door.
Sarah   Everything was always pretty crazy in our family. But seems to really come undone after Mom died. Especially for Cam.
Jarod   Your mom was here, at this hospital.
Sarah   Same room where Daddy is. [Sighs] She was so sick when they sent her home and… she died a few days later.
Jarod   And now your father’s here.
Sarah   Look, my brothers may be doing the wrong thing but they must be doing it for the right reason and I am not gonna help you kill them for it. [Returns Jarod’s phone]
Deputy   Agent Jackson. Got the equipment you wanted.
Jarod   All right. Let’s see what’s going on in there.
    [Heart Monitor Beeping]
Billy   What are we gonna do, Cam?
Cam   I’m thinking! [Softly] I’m thinking.
Billy   I hope you know what you’re doin’, big brother.
Dep   I don’t get it.
Jarod   Sometimes it helps to be a fly on the wall. Or in this case, the air vent. Grab those blueprints. This will give us a better sense of the space where the hostages are being held, windows, exits-
Deputy   I’ll be damned.
Sheriff   I could use this to get a clean shot. I have men on the roof, next to the seized wing.
Jarod   Isn’t it your job to consider everybody’s safety?
Sheriff   My job is to save the lives of those civilians insides! If I hesitate, and one innocent person dies, it’s my fault. I won’t make that mistake.
Jarod   The sheriff seems a little on edge.
Deputy   He has his reasons.
Jake   Cam! What the hell do you think you’re doin’?
Cam   I know what I’m doin’, Pop.
Jake   You wouldn’t be here if your mama was still alive.
Cam   Well, she’s not, and I am. Stop talkin’. Just get some rest.
Billy   Man, there are guns and badges all over the place down there.
Cam   [Sighs] Well, what the hell did you think was gonna happen? Come in here with guns, they leave a parking ticket on our car? Just keep lookout.
Cop   Sheriff says, kill the air and the lights.
    [Motors Decelerating]
Cam   You two get down!
    [Jake Gasping]
Billy   What now?
    [Phone Ringing]
Cam   Yeah.
Jarod   This is Agent Jackson.
Cam   Turn the lights and air back on!
Jarod   All right, I’ll give you what you want, and you give me a couple of hostages.
Cam   Why should I trust you?
Jarod   You have my word. No harm will come to you or your brother, as long as we keep talking. It’s going to get really warm in there. Now, do we have a deal? Cam. You can trust me. Cam? Talke to me.
Cam   Get down! Everybody get down!
    [Gunshots Continue]
Jarod   I had Cam’s trust until your sniper got trigger-happy.
Sheriff   Hey! Cam Larsen isn’t a man who can be trusted. He incited a riot while he was in prison. Did you know that?
Jarod   The guards were beating the prisoners, and they were convicted on brutality charges. Did you know that?
Deputy   I got Cam on the line.
Jarod   Cam.
Cam   Are you guys crazy?
Jarod   I had nothing to do with that shooting, I swear to you. Look, i-it’s important that I come in there and speak to you face-to-face.
Cam   I’m not here to talk! I’m here to save my dad’s life. Understand? It’s too hot in here. Turn on the air, now.
Jarod   Yes. Yes, I will turn the air conditioning back on, I promise. Now, can I come in there?
Cam   [Sighs Deeply] Okay. But just you. Unarmed. Ten minutes.
Jarod   All right. Ten mintues.
    [Line Clicks]
Sheriff   Those are Cam’s kids.
Jarod   I had them brought in.
Sheriff   To get under his skin?
Jarod   To get into his heart.

The Centre

Sub-Level 22

    [Cell Phone Ringing]
Parker   What?
Broots   Where are you?
Parker   Never mind. Did you find Jarod?
Broots   I was scanning police chatter in Fletcher Ridge and I came across a hostage negotiation situation there at a hospital- F.B.I. involvement.
Parker   And?
Broots   It sounded like something that Jarod would be drawn to so I- I contacted the Chicago office of the F.B.I.-
Parker   Let me guess. No F.B.I. involvement.
Broots   If there were any agents on the job there they would have come from the Chicago office, and they hadn’t sent anybody.
Parker   [Groans] He never left town. Get the jet ready, and I’ll be back as soon as I can.
Broots   [Softly] What about Lyle?
Parker   Lyle who? [Hangs Up Receiver, Beeps]
Jarod   Hmm. I love ice cream. [Smacking Lips] I want to help your dad, but I’m going to need your help to do it.
    [Siren Wailing]
Kerry   Last night, Daddy was yelling at Billy and Sarah.
Jarod   He was angry?
Kerry   He said the hospital was gonna send Grandpa Jake home to die. Just like they did Grandma. He said they were murderers.
Cody   Murderers.
Jarod   [Sighs] Looks like you just lost a tooth.
Cody   It fell out.
Jarod   Are you going to put it under your pillow? For the tooth fairy?
Cody   Tonight.
Jarod   Wow. How much you figure you’re gonna get?
Cody   Mm- Maybe a dollar.

A dollar. How would you [Helicopter Whirring] like to make five? [Helicopter Passing By]

It’s Agent Jackson. I’m coming in, and I’m unarmed.

    [Heart Monitor Beeping]
Cam   Check him out.
Billy   He’s clean.
Cam   Could have got somebody killed, shootin’ in here like that.
Jarod   That was a mistake. That officer has been removed from the line. We’re not exactly talking about an elite police force out there.
Cam   Tell me about it.
Jarod   So, are you ready to end this thing, Cam? Get your father taken care of? I know you care about him. That’s why you’re doing this.
Cam   You don’t know nothin’.
Jarod   Why don’t you explain it to me? $41, 342.17. That’s an odd price to place on somebody’s life.
Cam   It’s not my price. It’s theirs.
Female Patient   [Moaning]
Billy   Oh, she’s gettin’ worse.
    [Moaning Continues]
Cam   Hey-hey!
Jarod   So, what are you gonna do? You gonna keep her here and let her die? her life for your father’s, is that it?
Billy   Cam, maybe we should let her go, huh?
Cam   Billy, shut up!
Jarod   You’re not a killer, Cam. You let this woman die, and you’re going to spend the rest of your life in prison. You and Billy, here. Think about your children.
Cam   My kids- They won’t understand this.
Jarod   Can’t believe how much your little boy looks like you.
Cam   You talked to my boy?
Jarod   It’s procedure. Oh, Cody- He asked me to give you this.
    [Helicopter Whirring]
Jarod   So, how much do you want me to leave for him?
Cam   How much?
Jarod   Money. From the tooth fairy.
Cam   Right. Tooth fairy. [To Billy] You got a dollar?
Billy   All I got’s a five.
Cam   Give it here.
Billy   You’re gonna give him five bucks for a baby tooth?
Cam   Just give me the money.
Jarod   You walk outta here now, you can still put this money under son’s pillow yourself.
Cam   I can’t leave him. [Sighs] Man, you don’t get it, do you? This isn’t just about my father. It’s about every person out there who is sick and deserves to be treated with dignity. They’re gonna send this man hom. Does he look like he should go home to you?
Jake   [Gasping]
Jarod   At least, give me a hostage.
Cam   [Scoffs]
Jarod   You gotta work with me here, Cam. There are a lot of people out there looking for any reason to shoot you and your little brother over here.
    [Woman Breathing With Difficulty, Coughing]
Cam   All right. Take that lady. Take her. Help him. Unhook her, and get her out of here.
Jarod   What about the others?
Cam   One at a time.
Jarod   All right, all right, all right. One at a time. You’re doing a good thing here, Cam.
    [Chattering On Police Radio]
Sheriff   If some of those patients don’t get treatment real soon, we could have a disaster here.
Jarod   Meaning?
Sheriff   Maneuver Cam to a window. One shot, and it’s over.
Jarod   Why is it that you feel that bullets are the only option?
Sheriff   One shot.
Jarod   Deputy, may I have a word with you?
    [Heart Monitor Beeping]
Cam   [Spitting] What’s your name?
Lindsay   Lindsay. L-Lindsay Tyler.
Cam   Shouldn’t bite your nails, Lindsay. It’s a bad habit.
Lindsay   I know.
Cindy   Y-you don’t remember me, do you?
Cam   Should I?
Cindy   Cindy Perkins? Junior high school, Sadie Hawkins dance- I asked you to dance once, and you said yes? I had stringy hair, braces-
Cam   Yeah, yeah. You chased me around the gym all night. What was that, 10, 15 years ago?
Cindy   You kept asking the band to play your favorite song. “Dream Weaver.” [Chuckles]
Cam   That’s a damn fine song.
    [Helicopter Passing Overhead]
Cindy   You know, my dad died of heart problems. Th-That’s why I went into nursing. Your father sort of reminds me of my dad.
    [Jake Coughing]
Cam   Look, Cindy- [Sighs Deeply] I’m sorry about all this. I never meant to-
Billy   Cam?
    [Alarm Beeping]
Billy   Cam, come here.
Cam   Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Cindy   He’s not breathing!
Cam   I need a doctor in here now! Now!
Jarod   All right, Cam. I’ll send one in. [To Dr. Franklin] Get your gear.
Franklin   No.
Jarod   What did you say?
Franklin   Those men are heavily armed, and they’ve threatened the lives of innocent people. Unless you can assure me of my safety, I’m not going anywhere.
Jarod   Get the lights back on in that room.
Sheriff   What are you gonna do? Agent Jackson. Agent Jackson!
Jarod   Cam, it’s Agent Jackson. I’m coming in.
Cam   I asked for a doctor!
Cindy   Cam, he’s going into cardiac arrest!
Billy   Let him in, Cam.
    [Alarm Buzzing]
Billy   We didin’t come here to kill our own father.
    [Assisted Breathing]
Cam   Come in! Easy, easy!
Billy   Where is the doctor?
Jarod   There isn’t a doctor available. I can handle this.
Cam   I hope you can handle this. ‘Cause if my old man dies, so do you.
    [Flatline Beep]
Cindy   He’s been flat for 15 seconds.
    [Electrical Whining]
Cindy   Paddles Charged?
Jarod   Clear.
    [Eletrical Thumping]
Cindy   Nothing. 25 seconds.
Jarod   [To Cam] Talk to him.
Cam   What?
Jarod   I need him to fight. Tell him a story from your past. Something you did together. Talk to him. Clear.
Cindy   Nothing.
Jarod   We’re running out of time. Talk to him.
Cindy   40 seconds.
Cam   Dad, remember when I was five years old.. how you used to take me hunting up near Patchett Lake?
Jarod   I’m going to 360 joules. Keep talking.
    [Paddles Charging]
Cam   Used to wake me up while it was still dark out. I used to hate gettin’ up so early, but you said it was important to get out before the sun.
Jarod   Clear!
Cam   You told me that a sunrise in the woods was as close to God as a breathin’ man could get.
    [Paddles Whining]
Cam   Remember when you said that? Remember that, Dad?
Cindy   One minute.
Jarod   Clear.
Cam   Come on, old man. Fight! Don’t give up! Fight.
Cindy   70 seconds.
Cam   Don’t leave us, please.
    [Paddles Charging]
Cam   We need you.
Jarod   I’m gonna hit him again. Clear!
Cam   Come on, you can fight this! Come on, Pop. We need you. Cody and Kerry need their grandpa.
Cindy   If we don’t get him back quick, there could be permanent damage.
Cam   Don’t die on me, Dad. Hang in there. Come on. Don’t die on me, Dad. Come on, pop!
Cindy   I’m getting a a pulse.
    [Steady Beeping]
Deputy   They really train ’em up there at the F.B.I. Academy.
    [Police Chattering On Radio]
Sheriff   Let’s get a closer look.
    [Whirring, Banging]
Cam   What the hell was that?
Sheriff   What the hell happened?
Deputy   I don’t know. The signal went dead.
Jarod   [Panting] Look, Cam. You’ve made all the right choices up till now. Let me take another hostage out of here.
Cam   Okay. Yeah. You, Cindy. Go home.
Cindy   No.
Cam   What?
Cindy   I don’t leave until you do. For my father.
Lindsay   I-I’ll go.
Sheriff   I’ve got to get that picture back.
Deputy   We’ve still got sound, Sheriff
    [Whirring, Banging]
Cam   What the hell is this? You’ve been watchin’ us the whole time! I should blow you away right now! I knew I couldn’t trust you people!
Jake   [Moaning]
Cindy   No, no!
Jake   No. Cam. Not like this.
Cam   All right. Get out. Take her with you. No more talking! Just get out!
Jarod   You all right?
Lindsay   Yeah.
Jarod   [To Female Deputy] Please take care of her. [To Sheriff] Are you out of your mind?
Sheriff   Hey, it was an accident!
Jarod   You could have gotten all of us killed in there. We can’t keep pushing him. Why can’t you get that through your head?
Sheriff   I’ve had a bellyful of you.
Jarod   Oh, yeah? And what is that supposed to mean?
Sheriff   You’re the big badge. You figure it out.
    [Keypad Beeping]
    [Line Ringing, Clicking]
Sheriff   Alice? Get me the number for the F.B.I. office in Chicago.
Jarod   [Sighs]
    The Centre
Sydney   I doubt you’ll find Miss Parker searching through her desk.
Broots   We saw her this morning. I think she had some errands to run.
Lyle   She didn’t say where she was going?
Sydney   You know your sister. You know she dances to the beat of a different drummer.
Lyle   [Slams Book Closed] So I’ve noticed. You two wouldn’t lie to me, would you?
Broots   So, a-anybody see the, uh, Redskins game this weekend?
Dr. Franklin   Agent Jackson. Any idea when I might be allowed back in my office?
Jarod   No idea.
Franklin   Oh. [Sighs] That’s very impressive, the way you handled that code situation.
Jarod   I didn’t have much of a choice, did I? Tell me something. How are insurance claims processed at this hospital?
Franklin   In the middle of a hostage situation, and you’re wondering about billing procedure?
Jarod   I’m just curious. For instance, an H.M.O. claim.
Franklin   H.M.O.’s rely on the information provided by the attending physician.
Jarod   So a particular medical procedure would be approved or denied based upon your recommendation.
Franklin   Yeah, that. And the recommendation of the facilities administator.
Jarod   Rebecca Simons.
Franklin   In the case of this hospital, yes.
Jarod   What percentage of major surgeries have been denied at this hospital?
Franklin   [Sighs] Oh, I-I don’t know.
Jarod   Take a guess.
Franklin   [Stammering] I-I don’t know. Fifty percent?
Jarod   Sixty-eight percent: 11 percentage points higher than the national average. Why do you think that is?
Franklin   Maybe there are just a lot of healthy people in this town.
Jarod   Maybe.
    [Helicopter Whirring]
Franklin   [Dialing Phone] [Line Clicking] Uh, we need to talk.
    [Siren Wailing]
Cam   [Scoffs] You look like hell.
Jake   [Chuckling] That’s the way it is when you’re dyin’. Got yourself in a real mess here, boy.
Cam   Like everything else in my life.
Jake   Look, maybe I didn’t do the things I should have when you were small. Hell, I- I was makin’ it up as I went. But I taught you kids right from wrong. I did that.
Cam   I’m tryin’ to save you, Dad.
Jake   Why?
Billy   Because we’re a family.
Jake   I never knew my own old man. Not more than a smack in the head now and then. I just did the best that I could, and- [Sobs] When your mama died, I think a little bit of me went too.
Cam   Guess we’ve been fightin’ the same pain.
Jake   [Sobbing] I miss her. Every day.
Cam   Me too, Pop. [Exhales]
Jarod   $41, 342.17. This is the exact amount this hospital charges for heart bypass surgery.
Sheriff   What are you talkin’ about?
Jarod   Jake Larsen has sky-high levels of creatine kinase enzyme in his blood.
Sheriff   So?
Jarod   His fingertips are blue from lack of oxygeny.
Sheriff   I still don’t follow.
Jarod   He has heart disease. He’s headed for a massive heart attack. His only chance of survival is heart bypass surgery. The same surgery this hospital denied him. [Sighs]
Sheriff   Who the hell are you?
Jarod   Excuse me?
Sheriff   I called the F.B.I. Nobody’s ever heard of an Agent Jarod Jackson.
Jarod   Well, it’s a big agency. Maybe you talked to the wrong person.
Sheriff   If any of those people in there die, it’s on your head. You understand what that means, to have somebody’s blood on your hands?
Jarod   As a matter of fact, I do. And so do you. Your deputy told me about that hostage situation a year ago at the grocery store. The way you lured that perpetrator into the doorway and hesitated to take the kill shot.
Sheriff   Did he tell you how that same hostage-taker took his gun and shot to death a 15-year-old stock boy? Did he describe the sick feeling I get every time I see that boy’s parents on the street?
Jarod   You did what you thought was the right thing to do.
Sheriff   And an innocent boy lost his life. That’s the blood I have on my hands, Agent Jackson.
    [Siren Wailing]
Jarod   Certainly has been a long day, hasn’t it?
Rebecca   Agent Jackson.
Jarod   I was wondering if you and I could have a little talk.
Rebecca   Oh, well, the truth is, I’m late for a meeting. Perhaps later.
Jarod   I know about the cover-up concerning Jake Larsen’s coronary disease. But what could an H.M.O. possibly have to gain by such a cover-up? I saw you and Dr. Franklin arguing in the parking lot. I know what’s going on. We could talk about it here in private, or we could go downtown and talk under the glare of the television cameras. It’s up to you. Is it just for the money? Or is it something more personal? I see the way you and Dr. Franklin are together.
Rebecca   My girlfriends and I used to dream about meeting a doctor. Falling in love, and living happily ever after. I actually believed that’s the way it would be for Stephen and me.
Jarod   Your signature is on the release forms for all the patients in question.
Rebecca   I made my decisions based on Franklin’s recommendations. I looked the other way in one case, next thing I knew, I was- All for money.
Jarod   Franklin was getting kickbacks from the H.M.O.’s for not doing expensive surgeries.
Rebecca   By denying certain procedures to critically ill patients he saves the H.M.O. hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Jarod   And makes a nice percentage.
Rebecca   I swear to you, I didn’t know about Jake Larsen until his sons took over the hospital. Franklin said that you questioned him, and he threatened to expose me if I said anything, and- I was afraid.
Jarod   Not half as afraid as those patients who were sent home to die.
Miss Parker   They key you gave me doesn’t work.
Mr. Parker   Really? Huh. Must have given you the wrong one. Here, let me try this one.
    [Key Turning Lock]
Mr. Parker   Yep. That works. [Chuckling] Angel, I’m sorry I had to drag you into this.
    [Miss Parker catches a glimpse of something inside the strongbox]
Miss Parker   “Baby Parker.” Wh-What was that?
Mr. Parker   Oh, it’s nothing.
Miss Parker   It looked like a medical record.
Mr. Parker   It’s ancient history.
Miss Parker   It is mine, or Lyle’s?
Mr. Parker   It doesn’t matter! Trust me. Some day, when I have more time, I’ll explain everything to you. But right now, I need you gun.
Miss Parker   My gun? This is about the hit out on you.
Mr. Parker   Yeah, the bastards are closin’ in.
Miss Parker   Who ordered it?
Mr. Parker   I don’t know. I don’t know. I do know… this… [Offers Her Ultrasound Pic] is the only thing that really matters. It’s the future of our family. It’s the heir to the Parker name, and it’s growing inside Brigitte. The baby’ll be here soon.
Miss Parker   What else can I do?
Mr. Parker   Well, the key is still Jarod. Bring him back, and it’ll be just like it was.
    [Cell Phone Ringing] [Beeping]
Miss Parker   I’m on my way.
    [Phone Ringing]
Franklin   Yeah?
Jarod   Dr. Franklin? Agent Jackson. Cam and Billy Larsen have tapped into hospital records and are trying to find information about patients who were denied care.
Franklin   Can you cut them off?
Jarod   We tried. I suggest I download everything. I wouldn’t want you to lose any patient records.
Franklin   No! No, I’ll, uh- I’ll handle that. I- I know which files are important. Can I get back in my office yet?
Jarod   I don’t think that’s a good idea. Things are still pretty dangerous up here. I couldn’t assure your safety. Dr. Franklin? Dr. Franklin.
Franklin   I’m on my way up.
Jarod   If you think that’s best.
Franklin   [Coughs] [Deletes Files]
    [Glass Breaking]
Franklin   What happened?
Jarod   I was shot! The Larsen Boys. They’re crazy! They’re coming down the hallway. They say they know who’s responsible for trying to kill their father.
Franklin   I’ve gotta get out of here. [Grunts]
Jarod   Doctor?
Franklin   I can’t breathe! [Panting] My heart! [Groans] [Panting] What’s happening to me?
Jarod   The same thing that you let happen to Jake Larsen. You’re having a massive heart attack.
Franklin   [Gasping] Wha- What have you done to me?
Jarod   I laced your keyboard with a tricyclic antidepressant. It’s absorbed through the fingertips. Speeds up the heart’s rhythm. That’s why I faked getting shot, told you that the Larsen boys were coming down the hallway- I wanted to scare you. You see, adrenaline, it really increases the effects of the drug.
Franklin   [Gasping] Why?
Jarod   Because of what you did to Jake Larsen. Because of the drugs you gave him to cover up the symptoms of his coronary disease.
Franklin   [Groaning] Who are you?
Jarod   I’m everyone. I’m no one. If you tell me the truth, I can bring your heart back to normal.
Franklin   Look, we’re all on the same side here- [Grunting] There’s no reason to let this become a problem.
Jarod   Oh, it became a problem when you aligned yourself with a H.M.O. that cared more about profits than taking care of patients.
Franklin   God, Larsen wouldn’t have survived another year no matter what we did.
Jarod   That is not the point! You’re a doctor! Your job is to give care, not take it away!
Franklin   [Groans In Pain]
Jarod   That cyanosis must really be setting in right now. You should really seek treatment. Or you can die within minutes.
Franklin   Please! Please!
Jarod   [Yelling] How many people? How many people did you let die so you could stuff your pockets?
Franklin   [Grunts] All right, I took kickbacks from the H.M.O.’s to sent patients home- now please, help me! Please!

Sorry, Doc. [Jarod Drops Syringe On The Floor]

But your claim has been denied.

[Jarod Crushes Syringe With His Shoe]

Franklin   No! No. [Sobbing, Groaning]
    [Chattering On Police Radio]
Deputy   Is he really gonna die?
Jarod   I just laced his keyboard with trigoxin. He has nothing more than a really bad case of heartburn. And he’ll probably lose bladder control for a couple of days.
Franklin   [Grunting]
Jarod   [Sighs]
    [Siren Wailing]
Sheriff   I’m gonna drop some of the charges against the brothers. Let the judge deal with the rest. Considering the circumstances, I think they’ve suffered enough for one family.
Jarod   I think you’re right.
Sheriff   [Offers Hand To Jarod] Thank you for keeping me from doing something stupid. [The Men Shake Hands] I guess we can’t let the mistakes of our past ruin our future.
    [Car Stops, Miss Parker Exits]
Jarod   Will you excuse me, Sheriff? [Jarod Runs]
Miss Parker   Excuse me. Are you from the Chicago office?
Agent   Are you a reporter?
Miss Parker   Blue Cove Gazette. Have you been involved during the entire crisis?
Agent   No, I just arrived on the scene.
Lyle   There was another negotiator involved. Our source from your Chicago office tell us he was an imposter.
Agent   That’s what we’ve been told.
Miss Parker   And where is he?
Agent   No idea. I don’t know how he did it, but witnessess say he really knew what he was doing. Excuse me.
Lyle [To Parker]   It’s your fault we missed him.
[Mr. Parker’s Voice]   Now don’t tell anybody. Life and death, understand? Someday, when I have more time, I’ll explain everything to you. Well, the key is still Jarod. Bring him back, and it’ll be just like it was.
Lyle [To Parker]   You’re gonna be held accountable for this, Parker.
Miss Parker   I know. Let’s go home.

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