3-07 Homefront

3-07 Homefront


I remember everything I can so I’ll know you when we see each other again.



I remember everything I can so I’ll know you when we see each other again.


Original air date: December 12, 1998

Written by: Guy Zimmerman

Directed by: Michael Zinberg

Jarod travels to Venezuela disguised as an arms dealer in order to attempt the rescue of two children kidnapped by their father.

Jarod’s Discoveries:

Jarod’s Occupations: Arms Dealer

Jarod’s Aliases:


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod impersonates an arms dealer in an effort to reunite a mother with her two children.


Jarod uses his computer to access the Centre’s bank files.  Miss Parker and Lyle eventually learn that Jarod made off with approximately sixty million dollars.  Broots uses his newest software to trace the missing funds.  During the conversation, Mr. Lyle complains that someone stole his luxury car.  Meanwhile, in a remote test site, Jarod meets with Desmond Blake.  Jarod, it turns out, is impersonating an arms dealer.  He encourages Blake, who is one of his clients, to test a missile launcher by destroying a car (which just happens to belong to Mr. Lyle).  Blake places the launcher onto his shoulder and takes aim.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Lyle’s car explodes.  Impressed, Blake places an order for sixty SAM missiles, which are to be delivered to his compound in Venezuela.

Jarod transports the missiles to Blake’s compound as instructed.  Blake surprises Jarod when he informs him that he will be presented a check for the arms shipment (the agreement had been for cash upon delivery).  Their conversation is interrupted by Blake’s two children, Ryan and Rebecca.  Blake summons their British nanny, Emma.  Realizing that Blake is negotiating a business transaction, Emma corrals the children and leads them away.  When they leave, Jarod and Blake again discuss the missiles.  Blake tells Jarod he has seventy-two hours to activate and program the weapons.  He assigns two of his men, Dobbs and Logan, to assist in the operation.  Shortly thereafter, the programming gets underway.  Jarod sneaks off temporarily, and befriends Ryan and Rebecca.  The children tell him that their mother, Wendy, died three years earlier in a car crash.

In flashback, Jarod recalls how he first met Wendy Dawson, who worked as a waitress at a sidewalk café to make ends meet.  Jarod was familiar with Wendy’s story—of how her ex-husband stole away her children after a court awarded her custody.  Jarod sneaks away from the compound and travels to an airstrip.  There he meets up with Wendy.  Jarod outlines the plan for rescuing the children from the compound.  Jarod informs Wendy that both Ryan and Rebecca believe she was killed in a car wreck.

Broots traces the missing funds to Raul Zenega, a real estate developer in Mexico City.  Lyle recognizes the name, and informs his colleagues that Zenega is, in reality, an arms dealer.  The group flies to Mexico in an attempt to determine where the money ended up.  They walk in on Zenega as he bench presses weights.  Lyle adds weights to the load… and pressures Zenega for information.  Straining to keep the weight above his chest, Zenega explains that the sixty million dollars in his account came from a man who purchased laser-guided missile launchers.  He also tells them that the missiles were then resold to Desmond Blake.

Jarod returns to Wendy’s hotel room, but finds it empty.  He realizes she traveled to the riding school a short distance away so she could see her children.  At the riding school, Ryan plays with his toy airplane as his sister rides a horse.  The little plane catches a breeze and lands in the street.  Ryan runs out into the street to retrieve his plane…right into the path of an oncoming pickup truck.  Wendy jumps out of her hiding place, screaming her son’s name.  Jarod suddenly appears and grabs Ryan, removing him from harm’s way.  Blake looks towards the commotion, and sees his wife. He immediately orders his family inside the car.  Rebecca, Ryan and Jarod climb inside.  As the car pulls away, Wendy retrieves her son’s crushed airplane.

Blake tells his son that he did not see his mother because she is dead.  But Ryan is quite certain he did see his mother.  Unwilling to take any chances, Blake tells Emma that he and the children are leaving the compound the next morning.  Jarod finds Wendy at her hotel room.  He tells her that Blake and the children are flying out of the country the next morning, and that they must move fast if the children are to be rescued.  Wendy tells Jarod that Emma can be trusted.  Jarod approaches Emma inside the compound.  He eventually convinces her that Wendy is still very much alive.  Emma agrees to participate in the rescue mission.  A short time later, Emma stops her car near the compound’s back gate.  Jarod uses a burning automobile to create a diversion.  He sneaks inside the main house and locates Ryan and Rebecca’s bedrooms.  The children, however, are nowhere to be found.  He telephones Wendy and informs her that the rescue plan has been called off.

Jarod tells Wendy that Blake moved the children to another part of the compound to ensure their safety (as he saw Wendy at the riding stables and did not want to take any chances).  Jarod quickly devises a new plan, and tells Wendy to wait for him at the airport.

In the morning, the last of the (now programmed) missiles are loaded onto a truck.  Blake’s regular driver takes ill (courtesy of some drugs Jarod placed in his coffee), and Jarod volunteers to take his place.  But before Jarod can drive Blake’s Range Rover off the compound, Lyle and Miss Parker pull up outside the gate of the compound.  Thinking quickly, Jarod tricks Blake into believing that Lyle and Parker had earlier asked Emma questions about his children.  Fearing the strangers are part of some plot to abduct his children, Blake instructs his men to destroy their car.  Using baseball bats, the men do as they are told.

When Jarod arrives at the airport, Emma hustles the children away.  Jarod traps Blake inside the Range Rover, and then pulls a tarp off a nearby missile.  The laser lands on Blake’s forehead, and follows his every move.  But Jarod states that killing Blake would be too easy.  He allows Blake to watch as Wendy is reunited with her children.  He then informs Blake that Venezuelan authorities have been notified of his activities as an arms dealer…and that all sixty missiles were disarmed.  Later, Wendy thanks Jarod for reuniting her with the children.

3-07 Homefront

Homefront Transcript


Young Jarod   Hi mom, hi dad. I’m so happy to see you again. Hello mother, father. It’s very good to see you again. Sydney, I can’t decide what to say. And this tie isn’t working.
Sydney   Jarod just try and relax.
Young Jarod   Just please tell me what to say.
Sydney   Trust your feelings and you’ll be fine.
Lyle   So how much did the little thief get?
Miss Parker   Sixty million, give or take. Considering what was sitting in the account Jarod could have hit us worse.
Lyle   You know, murder happens, extortion is sometimes necessary, but theft- simply taking for the taking has always escaped me as admirable criminal pursuit.
Miss Parker   Little bitter about your car being stolen?
Lyle   Ten miles on the odometer. Three hours filling out police reports, five pages of insurance company fine print.
Miss Parker   I know it is a little late to stop the happy fellows at the chop shop this time but I saw this and immediately thought of you. Consider it a little preventative medicine.
Lyle   Actually with the $2000 alarm system that the dealer all but threw in I still hope to get my car back in one piece.
Jarod   Now there’s a good target. Once you try one of these puppies you’ll never go back.
Desmond   It takes a lot of jack to supply the kind of order I’m talking about. Who’s funding you?
Jarod   Some people I used to work for.
Desmond   I’m talking about 60 SAMs.
Jarod   If they can afford ’em, I can find ’em.
Desmond   You get ’em to my place in Venezuela, we’re in business.
Jarod   There’s no business like the arms business.
Sydney   Sixty million dollars, what are you up to Jarod?
Broots   Actually it’s $58,990,620. It’s not every day we get ripped off to the exact penny.
Lyle   Once again officer, it’s a black 500 SL convertible license plate, LYLE-1. Well it didn’t just vanish.
Miss Parker   Found it, thank you. Mmnn, have a nice day.
Lyle   Jarod.
Miss Parker   How goes the hunt Broots?
Broots   Ohh, well Jarod’s routed the money through a maze of phoney cover accounts, nearly 100 of them so far, but ahh I’m still tracking it.
Lyle   Look I hate to bring the room down, but we’ve been here before. It’ll take us three weeks to run Jarod’s little maze and by then he’ll be long gone.
Miss Parker   Not this time right Broots?
Broots   I uhh created a new computer tracing program, type of digital encryption. I marked the Centre’s funds electronically, like a bank marks cash, and this program lets me follow the money wherever it goes. I uh, I call it “the hound”. Too bad it doesn’t work for cars though.
Desmond   Come on, you’re making me feel like McGwire.
Pitcher   Three-bagger.
Desmond   Come on put some heat on that ball.
Pitcher   I’m sorry Mr Blake, it slipped.
Desmond   Your turn.
Crony   You alright?
Jarod   I guess that one got away from you.
Desmond   Landed right where I threw it.
Jarod   Hmmnn.
Crony   Just stack ’em four high.
Desmond   The missiles.
Jarod   All 60 of them.
Desmond   I’ll have a man cut you a cheque.
Jarod   Cheque? What are you talking about? That wasn’t part of the deal.
Desmond   Well I guess you should have covered that before you brought your weapons here.
Jarod:   You know something Mr Blake? In their current state they couldn’t take out a Tonka truck. The guidance systems are dead and I’ve got the only brain that can program them. I guess you should have covered that before I brought them here. Cash, wired to my account. Half now, half when they can fly.
Desmond   Ryan, I’m in a meeting here.
Ryan   I’m sorry sir.
Rebecca   Ryan was just playing daddy.
Desmond   Tuck in that shirt.
Ryan   Oh, yes sir.
Desmond   Emma.
Emma   Come on kids, your dad’s working. Let’s get ready for lunch.
Jarod   Your children are very well behaved.
Desmond   How long is it gonna take to program my missiles?
Jarod   I’ll need to be here for two weeks.
Desmond   You got 72 hours.
Jarod   We’re talking about 60 missiles here. It would take an entire team of specialists to program those missiles in 72 hours.
Desmond   I’ll give you Logan and Dobbs.
Jarod   I don’t think you understand.
Desmond   No, I understand perfectly. You got 72 hours. You stay in the guest house, I want you here until those missiles are programmed.
Jarod   72 hours then.
Jarod   Guidance telemetry needs to be downloaded into each missile one at a time. Which means we will be working shifts around the clock if we’re going to meet the deadline.
Dobbs   Considering Mr Blake already has buyers lined up, there’s not much choice is there?
Jarod   I’m going to get some air. Get started Mr Dobbs.
Crony   Inter-perimeter clear.
Jarod   You know, if you centre the tail like this it flies a lot further.
Ryan   Thanks, who are you?
Jarod   I’m working for your dad.
Rebecca   Do you know if angel is G-E-L or G-A-L?
Jarod   G-E-L.
Rebecca   Thanks.
Jarod   Jarod.
Rebecca   I’m Rebecca.
Jarod   Hi Rebecca.
Rebecca   Thanks Jarod.
Jarod   What are you writing?
Rebecca   A letter, to my mom. I write lots of them.
Jarod   Your mom’s not here?
Rebecca   No. She’s…. right here. See?
Jarod   She’s very pretty.
Rebecca   Don’t tell my dad about the picture. I’m not supposed to have it.
Jarod   I promise.
Ryan   Our mom’s in heaven.
Rebecca   She’s an angel.
Wendy   Thank you for your patience. It’s really been a madhouse here today.
Child   Mommy Mommy!
Jarod   It’s okay.
Wendy   Oh! I am so sorry. I swear that’s the fifth glass I’ve dumped today.
Jarod   Spilling a glass of water isn’t the end of the world. Losing your children is.
Wendy   What do you know about my kids?
Jarod   I know that you lost them and you won’t be alive until you get them back. Wendy, my name is Jarod. I heard about you and
your story. I know you don’t have much reason to trust people right now but I would like to help you get your children back.
Wendy   Why would you help me?
Jarod   Let’s just say I know the feeling.
Wendy   It’s been three years since….. I don’t even know where they are. Not long after the court granted me custody my ex-husband stole Ryan and Rebecca. I have spent every last penny, every waking moment searching and I’m still without them. They could be anywhere in the world
by now.
Jarod   He sounds like a real family man.
Wendy   He wasn’t always like that. Now…. he would kill to keep me away from our children.
Jarod   Leave that to me.
Wendy   Desmond is a monster. When the judge granted me full custody Desmond was furious. I saw hatred in his eyes like I have never seen. You’re talking about going after his number one possession. And that is exactly how he sees our children, as a possession.
Jarod   Wendy, let me help you.
Wendy    Who are you?
Jarod   I’m someone who believes that children shouldn’t be stolen from a mother who loves them.
Rebecca   We miss our mom. She died three years ago in a car crash.
Sydney   Jarod, there’s been an accident. The plane your parents were on, it crashed. There were no survivors.
Emma   Ryan, Rebecca, in the house. Come on, in the house. I don’t know what your business with Mr Blake is but from now on, you
stay away from those kids.
Jarod   Those children are lucky to have someone like you watching out for them.
Dobbs   See ya in sixty.
Jarod   Wendy.
Wendy   Oh Jarod. I got here as quickly as I could. Just uh, just tell me that my children are okay.
Jarod   They’re fine.
Wendy   Thank goodness. When I got your messages saying to come as soon as possible I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t expect
to hear from you for at least a week.
Jarod   I had to push the timetable up. Desmond has only given me 72 hours.
Wendy   Is that enough time?
Jarod   It’ll have to be.
Wendy   Just tell me that you are sure that Ryan and Rebecca are okay.
Jarod   See for yourself, I took this yesterday.
Wendy   I never thought I’d see ’em again.
Jarod   You will.
Wendy   They ride horses.
Jarod   Lessons every day at 5 o’clock. Unfortunately Desmond is always with them along with his armed guard.
Wendy   Well, how are we gonna save ’em?
Jarod   This is a layout of your ex-husband’s compound. Ryan and Rebecca’s rooms are in the main house. I’m working on circumnavigating the security cameras and the alarm system so that I have free access inside the house. Once I’ve accomplished that, then we’ll make our move. You’ll be waiting in a car outside of this gate.
Wendy   When?
Jarod   Before my cover with Desmond is blown. Soon, very soon.
Wendy   Oh, I hope we’re doing the right thing. It’s just uh… hard for me to even imagine being with them again.
Jarod   Trust your feelings. You’ll do just fine. There’s something you have to know. Desmond told your children that you died in
a car crash.
Wendy   I just… I don’t know if I’m gonna make it through this.
Jarod   Wendy, you can’t fall apart on me now. It may be a shock for them at first but your children need you. They need a mother.
Trust me. I have to get back to the compound.
Wendy   Oh. Jarod… Oh, just thank you. thank you.
Jarod   You can thank me when you’re back with your children.
Broots   The Hound did it.
Miss Parker   Gee Broots, come on in.
Broots   It found the money that Jarod stole. He routed it thru 506 bogus accounts and it ended up here.
Miss Parker   Raul Zenega, real estate developer Mexico City.
Lyle   That may be what it says but Mr Zenega’s an arms dealer.
Miss Parker   And you know this because?
Lyle   Let’s just say he and I have a history together. Back when I was still building my resume.
Sydney   What would Jarod be doing with 60 million dollars worth of weapons?
Miss Parker   Sounds like a question for your pal Zenega.
Jarod   So what happened to your pitcher?
Desmond   Disabled list.
Jarod   You wanted to see me?
Desmond   About a month ago someone tried to blow up my car. Luckily I wasn’t in it. But lately I’ve been a little mistrustful of strangers. I went by your room last night. You weren’t in it.
Jarod   I didn’t realise I had a curfew.
Desmond   My house, my rules.
Jarod   I went for a walk.
Desmond   And I’m supposed to believe that?
Jarod   Look Mr Blake, I’m not here to blow up your car. I’m here to program your missiles, get my money and get the hell out of here.
Dobbs   Twenty three down.
Jarod   Great, thirty seven more to go. Dammit.
Dobbs   What was that?
Jarod   Must have blown a circuit.
Dobbs   I’ll go reset it.
Jarod   No, I’ll go, Get that casing fitted.
Crony   Rear gate secured.
Emma   What do you think you’re doing?
Jarod   I was hungry, so I thought I would grab a sandwich.
Emma   Well, I’m afraid that this area is off limits.
Jarod   Well, the old stomach was growling. What can you do? That’s a very pretty medallion you’re wearing. What saint is it?
Emma   I don’t know. It was a gift. And now I have to insist that you leave. I don’t allow Mr Blake’s associates in this part of the house.
Jarod   Tell me something Emma. If you have such a problem with Mr Blake’s associates, why do you work for him?
Emma   It’s really none of your concern.
Jarod   It must be very difficult to fill her shoes.
Emma   One doesn’t replace a mother.
Jarod   I’m sure wherever she is, she’s very grateful to you.
Miss Parker   Mnnn. Work those quads. You must be Raul Zenega.
Zenega   Ay. A beautiful young lady has caught me at a disadvantage.
Miss Parker   Please don’t get up.
Lyle   Hola, Raul. Little out of shape are we?
Zenega   Please. Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you. Anything.
Miss Parker   You obviously made quite an impression last time you met.
Lyle   But to my credit, very little scarring.
Zenega   My legs, my legs. I can’t hold it.
Miss Parker   Pssst, this man gave you sixty million of our money. I’d like to know what he got in return.
Zenega   Missile launchers. Laser guided SAM’s. Sixty of them.
Lyle   Twenty second time out Raul. Where’d he take them?
Zenega   All I know is the name of his buyer. It’s Desmond Blake.
Lyle   Tell us where to find Blake and you keep your knees.
Zenega   I would never lie to you. I swear. Not after last time.
Miss Parker   Gravity’s a bitch.
Jarod   Wendy? Wendy? Wendy! Wendy. Oh no. The riding school.
Desmond   Good form Ryan, keep working on it. That’s not bad son. You’re getting better. You’re getting better.
Ryan   Where’s my plane?
Desmond   I think it’s over there.
Rebecca   Hi daddy. How am I doing?
Desmond   Pull your horse in a bit. Straighten your back, hands higher. That’s it, come on, come on. Don’t give me that look. The only reason I tell you what you’re doing wrong is so you can do it better next time.
Wendy   Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!
Desmond   Bring it!
Ryan   I think I saw a lady. I think it was mom.
Desmond   Let’s go. Let’s go. In the car. Everyone. Everybody, get in the car. Son, get in the car! Let’s go, let’s go. Beat it. Go!
Desmond   Emma! Emma!
Ryan   But it was mom. I saw her.
Desmond   Ryan, you did not see your mother. It’s impossible. Inside both of you!
Rebecca   But what if he’s right? Maybe it was all a mistake. Maybe she wasn’t even in the car that crashed.
Ryan   She could still be alive.
Young Jarod   What if my parents weren’t even on that plane?
Sydney   Jarod denial is a very…. human response to a devastating loss. But this is a reality that must be faced no matter how painful that may be.
Desmond   Did I tell you? I said inside the house, both of you, now.
Rebecca   But dad, if mom is still alive, she’s gotta be looking for us.
Ryan   It was her. She looks just like she did in Rebecca’s picture.
Desmond   What picture? Give me that picture young lady. I said give me that book. Why? Why do you kids do this to me? Don’t you know how difficult it was losing your mother? How it tears me up inside to see her face?
Ryan   But dad if it was mom…
Desmond   Your mother is dead! This does nothing but cause me pain.
Jarod   Ryan, maybe the reason that you saw your mom is because you miss her so much. Your heart wants to see her so badly that your eyes went along with it.
Desmond   Emma, get these two packed. We’re leaving first thing in the morning.
Emma   Leaving for how long?
Desmond   I said get them packed!
Emma   Come on.
Jarod   The morning? Are you crazy? There’s no way I can have the missiles done by the morning.
Desmond   And I want to know what you were doing out by the stables.
Jarod   I was trying to tell you that we’re running behind. Dobbs and Logan aren’t cutting it.
Desmond   No, they’re cutting it. It’s you who I’m concerned about. I’m thinking it may be time to just blow your brains out.
Jarod   I’m the only one that knows where the memory chips are. You need me, unless of course you don’t want your missiles.
Desmond   Jarod, I’ve got a brain too and it’s telling me not to trust you.
Jarod   What were you thinking?
Wendy   I wanted to see them. I was just losing my mind knowing that they were just a few blocks away.
Jarod   Well now Desmond is spooked. He’s taking the kids and flying out first thing in the morning.
Wendy   What? Where are they going?
Jarod   He wouldn’t tell me. I have to get them out tonight. You park the car by the gate at 11pm, like we had planned and you sit there with the lights off and you wait. Can we trust Emma?
Wendy   Absolutely.
Jarod   Alright, I will create some kind of diversion. Then I will get the children out. In the meantime don’t go out that door and don’t so much as peek out those windows. Desmond’s men will be looking for you.
Wendy   Ryan didn’t even recognise me.
Jarod   Of course he did. It’s all he could think about. Rebecca too. She carried this with her all along. 11pm. Sharp. Wendy, I’ll get them out. I promise.
Broots   The name Raul Zenega gave you? Desmond Blake? I think I found him.
Miss Parker   You think?
Broots   Well remember the Centre account that Jarod stole the 60 million from? It just received a very serious deposit. A wire for 40 million bucks.
Miss Parker   Where did it come from?
Broots   Jarod’s buyer, Desmond Blake, from a small town in Venezuela.
Miss Parker   I hope you brought your sunscreen.
Jarod   Emma. I need to speak to you. There’s not much time.
Emma   Time for what?
Jarod   Time to get Rebecca and Ryan out of her and into their mother’s arms.
Emma   What are you talking about? Do I have to remind you that Wendy Dawson died three years ago?
Jarod   That is what Desmond always wanted you to believe but I am telling you, she is very much alive and in a hotel not ten minutes from here.
Emma   You know what? I don’t believe you.
Jarod   That medallion around your neck, it’s a St Anne’s medal. Wendy gave it to you the day her son was born to thank you for being like a sister to her.
Emma   Desmond could have told you that one.
Jarod   When you put it around your neck, she made you promise that if anything ever happened to her children you were to devote your life to raising them. Desmond couldn’t have told me that. He wasn’t even there that day his son was born.
Emma   Oh my god. Wendy. But I saw the casket go into the grave.
Jarod   You never saw inside the casket did you?
Emma   I was… I was in New York when Desmond called me about the news that Wendy had died. And I’d been divorced for a couple of months and he said that the kids needed me desperately, so I flew here straight away. She was buried the next day. Wendy had no other family, so …. Desmond said he wanted to bury her here so that the kids could be close to her. What lie have I been part of?
Jarod   Be a part of the truth. Help me. Help those children. Come on.
Desmond   Call the general now, and get someone to put this out.
Jarod   Ryan, Rebecca. Rebecca. Where are they? Where are the children?
Emma   I don’t know.
Wendy   Jarod?
Jarod   The plan has changed. Wendy get out of there, go.
Wendy   Wh… where are the children?
Jarod   They’re gone.
Jarod   Desmond took your children to another part of the compound but they’re okay.
Wendy   Because he saw me at the riding stables. I can’t risk anything happening to the children.
Jarod   Nothing will, I promise you.
Wendy   You don’t know Desmond. He’ll do anything to keep them away from me. I mean anything.
Jarod   Wendy, calm down. Now listen to me. Go to the airport and park at the south end of the hangar and wait.
Wendy   This is a mistake.
Jarod   I was stolen from my mother when I was a child. I never wanted her to stop looking for me even if it put me in danger. Wendy, never give up. The children need you. I’ll get them out.
Emma   Here you go Dawkins.
Jarod   The SAMs are loaded and ready to go.
Desmond   That’s great. It’s been a rough couple of days.
Jarod   Keeping a family together can be very difficult.
Emma   Mr Blake?
Desmond   Hmmm?
Emma   There’s a problem. Dawkins is feeling really ill.
Jarod   Who’s Dawkins?
Desmond   He’s my driver.
Jarod   I could drive you. Hey it’s the least I can do for a paying customer.
Desmond   What the hell.
Lyle   An iron gate’s not gonna save you this time Jarod.
Desmond   What’s the problem? Let’s go.
Jarod   Emma, aren’t those two parked over there the ones that were questioning you about the children when you were in town?
Emma   Uh, yeah, yeah. That’s them.
Desmond   What questions?
Emma   I should have mentioned it to you earlier but I uh, I didn’t want to bother you. They just seemed really interested in Ryan and Rebecca, that’s all. I told them nothing of course.
Desmond   We’ve got a couple of trespassers at the gate. Make sure they don’t give us any trouble or follow us. Then you can let them go.
Lyle   He’s gotta come out sometime.
Miss Parker   I got a bad feeling.
Lyle   Move it! Go! Go!
Desmond   Okay kids, let’s go. Come on, let’s shake. Unlock the door. Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Jarod   Just making sure I have a captive audience. Oh Desmond, I hope you don’t mind but I sent one of those ahead. I thought I would do a little target practice.
Desmond   Wait till Logan and Dobbs get here, you’re a dead man.
Jarod   The key word being ‘when’.
Dobbs   Oh man.
Jarod   You have wonderful taste in weapons Desmond.
Desmond   Who the hell are you? Why are you doing this Jarod?
Jarod   So you would know what it feels like to have everything that you care about in the world ripped away from you, like you did to your ex-wife. Like you did to Ryan and Rebecca.
Desmond   My kids? What do my kids have to do with this?
Jarod   Oh they have everything to do with this.
Desmond   I know what’s best for them.
Jarod   Oh really? Like telling them that the one person that they love in this world is dead?
Desmond   That woman doesn’t deserve them. They’re mine!
Jarod   You make it sound like having children is like owning… well, a missile.
Desmond   No! No! No! No! No! No!
Jarod   You know on second thought blowing you up is too easy. I’ve got something that will get you where you live. Emma, bring the children.
Desmond   What the hell is going on Jarod? What are you doing? Ryan. Rebecca.
Jarod   I have someone here who has missed you very much who loves you more than everything in the whole world. Dont be afraid, just trust your heart. Oh, Wendy.
Desmond   No! No! No! No, don’t listen! No! Come on.
Ryan   Mommy. I can’t believe it.
Rebecca   We missed you. You’re actually here.
Desmond   Wendy! Wendy don’t!
Rebecca   Mom, oh! Oh my god.
Wendy   Look at you. Emma! Thank you so much.
Jarod   Get on the plane.
Desmond   Rebecca! Ryan!
Jarod   Oh Desmond, you know the Venezuelan authorities were very interested when I told them that arms dealing was going on right under their very noses.
Desmond   You son of a bitch.
Jarod   They’ll be here within the hour. FYI, all this time I haven’t been arming your missiles. I’ve been disarming them. Now they couldn’t take out a Tonka truck.
Desmond   Rebecca! Ryan! Rebecca! You’re my kids!
Ryan   Come on, let’s go.
Wendy   Jarod! You, you’ve given me my life back.
Jarod   Take good care of them. Let them take care of you.
Wendy   I will.
Jarod   Oh. Here’s a little something to get your new life started from Desmond.
Desmond   From Desmond?
Jarod   Well, I helped out a little bit.
Wendy   Oh! Oh my gosh.
Jarod   Good luck.
Wendy   Jarod. I hope your parents find you one day so that you can feel what i’m feeling right now.
Jarod   Thanks.
Wendy   Thank you.
Jarod   Bye.
Rebecca   Bye.
Young Jarod   Dear mom. I miss you more than ever. Every day I think of you. I make myself remember your face and dad’s face. I remember everything I can so I’ll know you when we see each other again.

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