4-10 Spin Doctor

4-10 Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor

Look, I’m here with some of my favorite ghosts. Can’t you see? So leave me alone.


Spin Doctor

Look, I’m here with some of my favorite ghosts. Can’t you see? So leave me alone.


Original air date: February 5, 2000

Written by: Juan Carlos Coto

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod investigates the suspicious suicide of an FBI agent who saved his life years earlier, while Miss Parker arranges an unexpected reunion between Sydney and an old student.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Cup of Soup

Jarod’s Occupations: Secret Service Agent, Naval Officer

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Wilkes


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod investigates the suspicious suicide of a Secret Service agent who saved Jarod’s life years before.


A disturbing television news report about the body of secret service agent, Todd Baxter, being pulled out of the Potomac River in Washington D.C. jars Jarod into action.  The report alleges that Todd may have jumped into the Potomac after a night of drugs and depression.  Years earlier, Todd saved a fleeing Jarod from the clutches of Centre Sweepers.  A deep, lasting friendship of trust and admiration developed between the two young men.

Posing as a psychologist specializing in counseling secret service agents, Jarod arrives in the lobby of a Washington D.C hotel, the scene of Todd’s alleged suicide.  Special Agents Halder and Talbot greet Jarod.  According to Halder, Todd checked into the hotel and met an old girl friend in the bar downstairs.  The couple returned to the hotel room, where they had sex and got high on heroin.  Talbot tells Jarod that the FBI is floating another theory: homicide.  Talbot wants Jarod to end the “embarrassing speculation” and convince the FBI that Todd’s troubled mind drove him to suicide.  Bailey Malone, of the Violent Crimes Task Force, abruptly appears and Talbot  brushes by him.

Later that day, at the FBI Criminal Sciences Division, Halder and Jarod pour over Todd’s evidence file.  The FBI profiler, Rachel Burke, joins them, and the immediate chemistry between Jarod and Rachel is unmistakable.  Rachel reports that the autopsy revealed that Todd did not die from a fall but from strangulation with piano wire.  Both of Todd’s wrists showed ligature marks and evidence indicates he had been drugged.  Rachel theorizes either that Todd was into kinky sex or that the killer violently bound Todd’s wrist to the arms of a chair.  Jarod and Halder leave to question Emily Sadler, the girl Todd saw the evening of his death.  Emily tells Jarod and Halder that while Todd was a nice guy, personal demons plagued him.  On the night of Todd’s death, Todd was especially troubled.  When Todd produced drugs and alcohol, they fought, and Emily left.  Jarod doesn’t believe Emily’s version of events.

Agent Talbot takes Jarod to meet Gerald Linden, a representative from the Office of Communications.  Ironically, Linden hates to share information.  However, Linden shows Halder and Jarod  a criminal report showing that Todd was arrested in college for heroin possession.  Linden suggests destroying the report in his paper shredder.  Later that night, Jarod arrives at Emily’s apartment just as a black-masked killer pulls out piano wire.  Jarod rushes the killer, but he escapes, swiping Jarod’s arm with a knife.  After the police and paramedics leave, Jarod demands the truth from Emily.  She reluctantly gives Jarod a new version of events about the night Todd died.  Todd met Emily for dinner at the hotel to help her with a problem concerning her work as a lobbyist.  Todd told Emily that he was meeting a man later that night.  Indicating that he had incriminating information in his briefcase, Todd said, “I am gonna be in the papers soon.”  Emily never heard from Todd again.  However, Emily received an ominous call from an unidentified man threatening her father’s life unless she manufactured a story about the night she saw Todd in the hotel.  Emily also maintains that the college drug possession charges against Todd were bogus.

As Talbot, Halder, Rachel and Jarod read through files, Halder and Rachel note the “coincidence” of Bill Radcliffe, a newspaper correspondent who covers the Secret Service, dying in a mysterious car crash only a few days after Todd’s death.  Jarod surmises that Todd had discovered something that the killer wanted.

Back at the Centre, as Sydney relaxes in his oasis of plants, banzai trees and classical music, he happens upon a woman’s watch.  The watch belonged to a young French woman named Claudia Moreau.  Years before, Claudia was a young student of Sydney’s.  They developed a special platonic relationship.  Sydney gave Claudia the watch.  She supposedly died in a car accident with Sydney at the wheel.  Sydney’s driving did not cause the accident, but Sydney still feels deep remorse.  After a despondent Sydney flees the Centre and disappears for hours, Miss Parker confronts her father about the mystery of Sydney’s disappearance.  Miss Parker squeezes the truth from her father.  Claudia, he reveals, never died.  Mr. Parker had hired Claudia, a psychologist, to monitor Sydney when he developed severe conflicted reservations about the Centre’s treatment and use of young Jarod.  After finding Sydney sitting in his car at the base of the tree, Miss Parker and her father set up an unexpected reunion.  Sydney meets the now middle-aged, and very much alive, Claudia Moreau, and he can now put his dark memory of guilt to rest.

Agent Bailey contacts Jarod and tells him the college drug charges against Todd are fake.  Bailey’s report confirms Jarod’s suspicions that whoever killed Todd is trying to smear his past.  Subsequently, Jarod talks with Agent Talbot and Linden.  Linden unwittingly exposes himself when he tells Jarod that he tracked down the cop who arrested Todd for drugs in college.  Jarod follows Linden’s trail.  He sneaks into his office and rebuilds shredded pages taken from Todd’s personal effects.  Rachel helps Jarod analyze the incriminating pages against Linden.

Jarod takes the pages to the unsuspecting Agent Talbot.  The pages reveal that Todd had connected Linden to several major illegal operations and cover-ups.  Linden had had six Washington jobs in the last seven years.  However, Rachel feels that murder is not in Linden’s profile.  Linden would plan the murder, but not execute it.  Evidence leads the trio to the last missing piece: Agent Halder.

Jarod lures Linden to Todd’s hotel suite at night.  Jarod pulls out a syringe, drugs Linden and ties his hands with piano wire, simulating a similar scene of Todd’s death.  Jarod demands Linden reveal his employers and drags Linden to the window sill.  Linden names Agent Halder as the killer.  Rachel tape records the confession with a hidden video camera.  With Linden and Halder exposed, Jarod hesitantly says good-bye to Rachel, wishing circumstances were different.  Rachel and Jarod share a smile, then Jarod disappears.

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4-10 Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor Transcript


[TV: MAN]   Good morning, Washington. It’s a sunny new day here in the nation’s capital but don’t put away those umbrellas just yet as there’s a storm moving up the seaboard. The five-day forecast will follow today’s Washington Report.
[TV: Woman]   We’re at Secret Service headquarters for today’s Washington Report where officials are trying to piece together the final hours of Todd Baxter, a young agent whose body was recovered from the Potomac River just last night.
Jarod   Todd.
[Flash Back]   [Panting] [Blue Cove Woods, Blue Cove, Delaware] [Four Years Ago][Man Shouting] Jarod! Jarod! Mike! Through here! Stop! [Shouting Indistinct] There he is! Get him!

[Car Approaches]

[Jarod] Stop! Wait! Wait! [Runs To Passenger Side Window] Will you help me, please? My car is broken down and I need a ride. Please?

[Todd] All right. Hop in.

[Phone Beeps]

[Willie] Get me Mr. Parker. The Pretender has escaped.

[Jarod] I’m free.

[Todd] I’m Todd- Baxter.

[Jarod] Jarod.

[Todd] Jarod. Got a last name?

[Jarod] Just Jarod.

[Todd] Just Jarod, huh? How about them apples.

[Jarod] Apples. I, uh- I don’t know how I can ever thank you.

[Todd] Oh, just someday down the road, do somethin’ nice for somebody.

[TV: Woman]   The Secret Service is baffled by the apparent suicide. After just three-and-a-half short years as an agent, how did such a promising young man end up dead in the Potomac? A question that may never be answered.
[TV: Woman]   More details emerging in the apparent suicide of young Secret Service Agent Todd Baxter who spent the final hours of his life at this D.C. hotel, the River Glen. Sources say he jumped to his death in the Potomac after a night of drugs and depression. However, friends and family we spoke with say this is not the Todd Baxter they knew.
[Flash Back]   [Todd] I’m gonna make a difference. Does that sound hokey?[Jarod] Hokey? Is that a sporting event?

[Todd] [Laughs] Yeah. Anyhow, all my life I’ve known that, uh, D.C.’s where things get done. It’s a tough town and all that but with smarts and hard work, a guy can-

[Jarod] Change the world.

[TV:Woman]   But what changed Todd Baxter? Was it the pressure of life inside the Beltway, the demanding years in the Secret Service? The answers are though those doors.
    [Radio: Dispatcher, Indistinct] [Elevator Bell Dings]
Jarod   Agent Holder?
Holder   Yeah?
Jarod   Special Agent, Wilkes.
Holder   Oh, right, right, right. The behavioral science guy.
Jarod   Yes, I just got in from the airport.
Holder   I bet you didn’t have lunch, either, did you? Here. You hungry?
Jarod   “Cup O’ Soup. A meal in a minute.” That’s a rather clever idea, isn’t it?
Holder   Idea? Are you from the Seattle office or Mars?
Jarod   Somewhere in between.
Holder   Well, I bet the boss wants to see ya. Talbot. He’s got the place buzzing over the Baxter thing.
Jarod   You knew Todd?
Holder   Yeah. Can’t believe he’d do something like this.
Jarod   Neither can I.
Talbot   Wilkes. Ellis Talbot.
Jarod   Sir.
Talbot   Seattle faxed me your papers this morning. I could use a man with your expertise about now. Follow me. The maid called D.C. cops this morning and they called the Bureau. F.B.I.’s running things. Hoover boys are lookin’ at Baxter’s body now. From what I understand, he’d been in the Potomac about a week. He put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door which is why it took the hotel people so long to finally get curious.
Holder   Which fits with the rest of the story. The night Todd checked in here, witnesses downstairs say that he met up with an old girlfriend in the bar and they came here for a little sex and a lot of heroin.
Jarod   Has anyone questioned the girlfriend?
Talbot   Feds are still looking for her but indications are she was long gone before Todd went on his bender.
Holder   And jumped.
Talbot   Demons like his, I sometimes wonder if I ever knew the real Todd Baxter.
[Flashback]   [Todd Baxter (to Jarod) ] Sure you want to get out here?[Jarod] Yes. This will be fine.

[Baxter] All right. Your car didn’t really break down, did it?

[Jarod] No. Why did you help me?

[Baxter] My gut told me to trust you. Wait a second. There you go.

[Jarod] Oh, no. I- I couldn’t possibly. You’ve helped me too much already.

[Baxter] Forget it. Have an ice cream cone on me.

[Jarod] Ice cream? Is it good?

[Baxter] [Chuckles] Yeah, it’s very good. Look, I don’t know what cave you’ve been livin’ in, Jarod, but you’re ever in D.C., look me up.

[Jarod] I will. Thank you.

Talbot   Jarod? You two work with the feds if you have to, but report only to me.
Jarod   So what is it you’re not telling me?
Talbot   F.B.I.’s floating a theory that this was a homicide. That’s where you come in. Baxter’s suicide’s embarrassing enough without a far-fetched speculation it was a murder. You’re the behavioral science expert. Get them to see the truth about Todd’s psychological troubles.
Bailey Malone   The truth is all any of us want.
Holder   Agent Ted Holder.
Malone   Hi.
Holder   This is Special Agent Jarod Wilkes.
Malone   Bailey Malone, Violent Crimes Task Force.
Jarod   V.C.T.F. The Bureau’s finest.
Malone   I brought the Baxter autopsy files. You boys have some catching up to do.
    The CentreBlue Cove, Delaware
Mr. Parker   [Muttering]
Parker   Daddy? I just heard.
Mr. Parker   Oh, there’s nothin’ to fear. The doctors just want the baby for observation. Your little brother’s gonna be just fine. After fall, you helped my new son into this world, got me back to my old desk. I’ve never been more proud to be your father. Oh, you got that look in your eye. What lie has Jarod been tellin’ you now?
Parker   It’s not Jarod. It’s me. I don’t know, it’s just- [Sighs] So much has happened in the last few weeks. Bridget dying, you coming home, the new baby.
Mr. Parker   Ah, I understand. Yeah. You want things to be different. Listen, come here. Come here. You must never lose your desire to get Jarod back. The new child is the future of the family, but Jarod is the future of the Centre.
Parker   Why?
Mr. Parker   He’s our greatest achievement, our biggest asset. However, consider your life officially changed. It’s a brand-new day at the Centre. [Chuckles] [Kiss]
Sydney [into computer web cam]   My attempts at cross-pollination appear to be successful. Very good.[Finds Watch Among Plants]

Lies! Damn Lies! Lies!

[Trashes The Place]

Jarod   They finished the autopsy already?
Holder   Yes, it’s all there in the report. Oh, and get this- Malone tells me they’re not thinking murder. They’re thinking signature killer.
Jarod   A signature killer?
Holder   Yeah. Well, apparently their profiler has a theory.
Jarod   Profiler?
Rachel Burke   That’s me. [Knocking] Were you expecting someone else?
Jarod   Call it déjà vu. With a twist ending. [Extends Hand] Jarod Wilkes.
Rachel   Rachel Burke.
Holder   Agent Ted Holder.
Rachel   Nice to meet you.
Jarod   Not to be rude, but isn’t your signature killer theory a bit presumptuous?
Rachel   Well, it’s just that. It’s a theory. But there’s evidence to support it.
Jarod   Like?
Rachel   Like our autopsy. It confirms that Todd Baxter did not die from a jump. He was strangled to death. Probably a piano wire. And despite a week in the Potomac, we found these.
Jarod   Ligature marks.
Rachel   On both wrists. Not exactly consistent with suicide. Not to be rude. And he was drugged, and there is evidence of sexual activity. He may have a sexual need to be tied up, maybe even asphyxiated.
    [Phone Rings]
Rachel   Or someone else tied him up.
Jarod   Your signature killer?
Rachel   Yeah. It’s just, uh-
Jarod   Instinct.
Rachel   Somethin’ like that.
Holder   They’ve located Todd’s girlfriend, an Emily Sadler.
Jarod   I’d like to question her myself. [To Rachel] I’ll keep you in the loop.
Rachel   I look forward to that.
Emily Sadler   Todd and I met at Columbia. I studied journalism, and he was a criminology major. What they say about Todd is true. He was a really good guy. But he had demons.
Jarod   What kind of demons?
Emily   The kind he couldn’t beat. And this town made it worse. I’ve never seen him that wrecked. He was in a bad place that night.
Holder   He had a drug habit, didn’t he?
Emily   Yes. It haunted him.
Jarod   Did you try to help him?
Emily   Well, what do you think I was doing that night? That’s why I went upstairs. I was always tryin’ to help him. But then he pulled out the drugs, and he started drinking. And we started fighting. Some things were said, so I left.
Jarod   So you just… walked out.
Emily   Now that’s my demon.
Jarod   So, in your mind, Todd Baxter was perfectly capable of jumping off that balcony?
Emily   Yeah. He was always going too far. That’s the way he was. Unless you know something I don’t.
    The Centre
Parker   This can’t be right. Sydney wouldn’t have trashed these. They’re like therapy for him.
Broots   Ho-ho. Hello.
[Computer: Sydney]   Damn lies!
Parker   Always knew he was a mad scientist.
Broots   The Centre does that to you.
Parker   Go back to before he freaks out. Angelo. Zoom in and freeze it.
Broots   It’s a watch in a Centre bag. Angelo must have dug it out of the Centre archives.
Parker   And being an empath, he had to know the effect it would have on Syd.
Broots   I hate seeing him like this.
Parker   [Exhales] How many black holes has Sydney helped me out of? [Touches Screen] Why didn’t you come to me?
Talbot   You got 48 hours to find the truth. The F.B.I. wants to chase theories, they can do it till their badges fall off. But I can tell you, I will not have my division wasting resources on Agent Baxter. Tell Jerry we’re in, please.
Jarod   Sir, he is one of our own.
Talbot   That’s no the issue. This whole mess has put a spotlight on us, and it’s a bad one.
Jarod   Are you suggesting that the F.B.I. is lying?
Talbot   No. I’m saying Agent Baxter was lying. For all we know, a heroin dealer killed him. It’s bad enough that this didn’t show up on a background check. Now we have to find out the kid had a million sick habits.
Jerry Linden   A million and one.
Talbot   Jerry Linden, Office of Communications.
Jarod   Special Agent Wilkes.
Linden   Pleasure.
Talbot   If a reporter calls you, send him to Jerry.
Linden   Thank you, sir. Do not leak this. It’s not good. Agent Baxter was arrested in college- possession of heroin, intent to sell.
Jarod   Well, I guess we’d better just drop the case right now.
Talbot   Case? You sound like the feds. You got your 48 hours. Then you’re back in Seatlle.
Holder   May I have this? You’ve got it all on file. We don’t need this stuff about Todd floatin’ around.
Linder   Come on in.
Jarod   [Observes As Holder Shreds Document]The shredders in Seattle are smaller.
Linder   Secrets in D.C. are bigger.
Holder   You should see the size of the janitor’s cart they haul this stuff away in every Friday.
Jarod   Did Talbot put his personality through that thing?
Holder/Linder   [Chuckling]
Linder   Have a seat. Let me tell you somethin’ about Talbot. You know all that crap about Boy Scouts who run alongside the president’s limo? He doesn’t just buy it. He lived it for 25 years.
Jarod   Todd Baxter would have too. Tell me something. If they were such good friends, why did she walk out that hotel room?[Offers Linder Photo Of Emily and Todd]
Linder   I don’t know. He had an addiction. Sometimes walking’ the only option.
    [Emily Sadle Rifles Through Bag For Keys] [Street Lamp Is Shattered]
Emily   [Screaming]
Jarod   Emily!
    [Assailant Releases Emily, Runs, Pulls Knife As Altercation with Jarod Ensues][Yelling, Groaning] [Assailant Runs Away]
Jarod   Damn! [Groans]
Emily   Are you all right?
Jarod   Yeah.
Emily   They said muggings were up, but I had no idea.
Jarod [To EMT]   Thanks.
Emily   I’m glad you’re all right.
Jarod   Thank you. That wasn’t a mugging. I think you know that. Why did you leave Todd at the hotel that night?
Emily   What do you want from me? He was my friend. It’s not my fault he couldn’t see that.
Jarod   He was murdered, and someone is trying to destroy what’s left of his name. I don’t think you want that. Why are you lying?
Emily   [Sighs] I came to this town to make a difference.
Jarod   You sound like Todd.
Emily   You knew him?
Jarod   He saved my life once.
Emily   [Sobs] God, I miss him.
Jarod   Then help me. Help me protect his memory.
Emily   [Sighs] Todd said he was meeting someone at the hotel but he still had time to help me with a problem I had at work. That was Todd. We had dinner and I left. I hadn’t heard from him in a week, and then I see the news.
Jarod   When they found his body.
Emily   I get this phone call. The man on the other end knows where I live. He knows where I walk my dog, everything.
Jarod   He asked you to lie.
Emily   He had the lie worked out. It was scary. I had to say that it was sex and heroin. Todd and I were best friends. Just friends. We were never together in his room that night, and he never did drugs.
Jarod   They said he was arrested for possession in college.
Emily   A total lie. The man on the phone threatened to end my career. I didn’t care. Todd was my friend. I told him I was gonna call the papers. And then he told me to check my mailbox. [Offers Photos To Jarod] That’s my father. They made me choose between Todd’s memory and my father’s life. I- [Exhales]
Jarod   You did the right thing. You did the right thing. Did Todd tell you who he was meeting that night?
Emily   No. Uh- All he said was, “I’m gonna be in the paper soon.” And then he tapped his briefcase.
Jarod   Like there was something important in it. I want you to stay at my place. You’ll be safe there.
Emily   There’s no safe place from the monsters. Todd said D.C. was like a big masquerade ball only the people in disguise were monsters. If you want to make a difference, you gotta pull off a few masks. That’s why he’s dead, Jarod.
`   The Centre
Angelo   No hope. No hope.
Parker   What is “hope”, Angelo?
Angelo   Sydney lost hope. Sydney lost hope.
Parker   What does it have to do with that watch?
Angelo   Centre takes hope.
Parker   What did they take, Angelo? [To Broots] Check Syd’s file. It’s a long shot, but see if there’s something about “hope.”
Broots   Okay.
Angelo   Mr. Parker takes hope from Sydney.
Parker   What does my father have to do with this?
    [Tires Screeching]
Sydney   [In Car, Headlights Illuminate Tree] [Sobbing]
    [Phone Ringing]
Jarod [To Rachel]   Hey, how about I cook you lunch?
Rachel   No, thanks. I’ll pass.
Jarod   You have your vegetable, your chicken noodle, your shrimp gumbo. Shrimp almost tastes real.
Rachel   Mmm. Tempting, but no.
Talbot   This better be good.
Jarod   Todd Baxter tells his friend, Emily Sadler that his name is about to be put into the paper, that he has something important in his briefcase.
Holder   Three days later, Bill Radcliff, reporter, covers Secret Service for the Washington Journal- dies in a car accident.
Rachel   An accident with one incongruous detail.
Jarod   Ligature marks, like those found on Todd Baxter. I believe Baxter was going to meet this reporter to expose something that he discovered.
Holder   And that “something” was in his briefcase.
Talbot   All we found was office paperwork. What makes you so damn sure?
Jarod   Let’s just say that I’ve gotten into the mind of the killer.
Talbot   You’ve what?
Jarod   Think about it. The killer wants to cover up what Todd has discovered. That’s why he had to kill the reporter too.
Rachel   I don’t think so. The killer’s into the act- the power he exhibits over the helpless victim. There’s purity in that violence. It satisfies him. I mean, if there is a cover-up, someone else is calling the shots.
Jarod   Someone else?
Rachel   Yes.
Jarod   And this is theory is based upon what?
Rachel   This theory is based on-
Talbot   Hold on a second. Hold on. There are two suspects? You two might want to get on the same page. You’re running out of time. Holder, come into my office.
Jarod [To Rachel]   You and I, we have to talk. Talbot could shut us down.
Rachel   Not me.
Jarod   He could seal the evidence. It would take months to reopen the case, even for the F.B.I. You and me, we have to work together.
Rachel   Yes, but not blindly.
Jarod   But you can make these leaps of logic? How does that work?
Rachel   It’s complicated.
Jarod   Well, that isn’t good enough. There’s evidence of a cover-up.
Rachel   Not by this killer.
Jarod   Then by who? Todd Baxter was at that hotel room to meet the reporter so he could expose the killer.
Rachel   Has it ever occurred to you that maybe he needs to kill?
Jarod   “Needs to kill”. No.
Rachel   Maybe you ought to get into his mind again. How does that work, Jarod?
Jarod   It’s complicated.
Rachel   [Exhales] You know, Jarod, I think that under different circumstances you and I- [Observes As Jarod Pours Substance IntoCup]
Jarod   Yes?
Rachel   Still wouldn’t have gotten along.
Jarod   Is that so?
Rachel   Well, for starters, you drink processed powder and hot water.
Jarod   You never know how tasty something’s going to be unless you try it for yourself.
Rachel   Well, if we ever make it out of here, I’m gonna show you what real food is like. I make an amazing bouillabaisse.
Jarod   Really?
Rachel   Mm-hmm.
Jarod   Can you drink it out of a mug?
Rachel   You can drink it out of whatever you like. [Chuckles]
[Flashback]   [Todd Baxter] You’re lookin’ for your family?[Jarod] Yes. They’re out here somewhere.

[Baxter] I lost my dad when I was 10. It’s a tough age to become man of the house.

[Jarod] You grew up fast.

[Baxter] Very. But it taught me responsibility, to always do the right thing. And make sure others do too.

Baxter’s Voice   Make sure others do too.
Emily’s Voice   All he said was, “I’m gonna be in the paper soon.” And then he tapped his briefcase.
Jarod’s Voice   Like there was something important in it.
Jarod   Doesn’t make any sense.
Holder   You know, the thing I can’t understand about these papers, Jarod? Why kill Todd over these? They’re all randowm, not connected. Not even by a specific case. It’s like somebody just grabbed them.
Jarod   To replace the ones that were originally in his briefcase.
Holder   If somebody did switch ’em, then Todd definitely had the goods on him.
Jarod   The question is, who.
Holder   Hang in there, man. We’ll get him. [Holder Walks Away]
    [Phone Rings]
Jarod   Agent Wilkes.
Malone   It’s Malone. Listen, I went over those papers you sent from Baxter’s briefcase. Nothing. However, I found something interesting.
Jarod   What?
Malone   The heroin charge against Baxter from his college days?
Jarod   It’s a fake.
Malone   Yeah. The campus cop who arrested Baxter doesn’t exist. Someone’s trying to smear his past.
Jarod   I’ll have to call you back. [Dial Tone]
    [Talbot Arrives On Scene With Jerry Linder]
Talbot [To Jarod]   Let’s take a walk. Let me share something with you, Agent. I’m under review, and I’m not inclined to believe in a conspiracy but I know what city I’m in. If this Baxter thing keeps goin’ south, we’re gonna ruffle some feathers, and we’re gonna get clipped.
Jarod   What about Todd Baxter? Whose feathers did he ruffle?
Linder   What do you mean?
Jarod   There was something in his briefcase that someone didn’t want exposed.
Linder   He also had heroin, barbiturates and some fuzzy handcuffs. The kids was mess up, Jarod.
Talbot   I hired Baxter. You think I want to believe this?
Jarod   He was convicted of possession in college. We should track down the arresting officer.
Talbot [Referring To Linder]   He already did.
Jarod [To Linder]   You talked to the officer that arrested him?
Linder   Yes. I would have rather not. Trust me.
Talbot   Jerry’s seen the truth on this thing from the beginning.
Jarod   And I’m beginning to see it myself. [Jarod Says To Self After Men Walk Away]
Emily   Linden switched the files? Nice theory. But you got no proof unless you find the originals, and they’re probably long shredded by now.
Jarod   Well, then it’s time to go digging through some trash.
    The Centre
    [Glass Shattering]
Mr. Parker   Typical shrink. Just flat nuts.
    [Sydney’s Voice On Computer] Lies!
Parker   It was in a Centre evidence bag. Who did the watch belong to?
Mr. Parker   I don’t want to relive that.
Parker   Relive what?
Mr. Parker   We helped him. It was awful.
Parker   Then get it out in the open. It’s a brand-new day at the Centre. Remember?
Mr. Parker   All right. Years ago, Sydney killed a woman.
Malone   Agent Wilkes. Just the man I’ve been looking for.
Jarod   What?
Malone   Nice working with you again. A year ago, you worked with us on a kidnapping in Atlanta. You used a different name. Who the hell are you? Who are you working undercover for?
Jarod   Congress. I work for an oversight committee that keeps tabs on local and federal law enforcement.
Malone   That explains your badge in Atlanta. What brought you to the Service?
Jarod   The committee smelled a rat in the Baxter case. They sent me down.
Malone   Still doesn’t answer all my questions.
Jarod   I’ll answer any question you want. But right now, I found Todd Baxter’s killer, and I need your help to get him.
    The Centre
Broots   Syd killed a woman?
Parker   In a car accident. It happened during the early stages of the Jarod Project. Syd hired a college intern from France, a young girl.
Broots   [Exhales] She was pretty.
Parker   Apparently, they were having an affair. They’d gone to dinner and were driving back when Sydney lost control and broadsided a tree. She died two hours later in the hospital.
Broots   Her name was Hope?
Parker   Claudia. When Angelo said Sydney lost hope, he meant it. Now, these are the Centre records of the accident. I’m hoping that’ll help us find Syd. [Referring To Restaurant Receipt]
Broots   Provence Restaurant. This must be where they dined before-
Parker   Worth a try.
Broots   Yeah.
Rachel   Did you glue this together?
Jarod   Yeah. It’s all 6, 422 strips. After that, I got bored.
Rachel   Yeah, well, Baxter certainly wasn’t. Between these articles and those confidential memos you pieced together, Baxter connected Linder to numerous illegal operations and other so-called suicides. Todd was definitely trying to make a difference.
Jarod   How about those apples?
Rachel   Them apples.
Jarod   Hmm?
Rachel   It’s “How about them apples?”
Jarod   Oh. I knew it was something about apples.
Rachel   Bailey told me who you worked for. They the ones who showed you how to get into a killer’s mind?
Jarod   No. That was more homeschooling.
Rachel   That’s some home.
Jarod   You don’t want to know.
Rachel   Well, I decided not to wait. Try this.
Jarod   Is this your bouillabaisse?
Rachel   Mm-hmm.
Jarod   Mmm. How do you have time to track a killer and make something this delicious?
Rachel   Well, we all have our secrets. Don’t we, Jarod?
    Restaurant [Parker, Broots find Sydney drinking]
Parker   It only helps until the next morning.
Sydney   And, uh, I’ll be back then.
Broots   We know about the accident, Syd.
Sydney   Look, I’m here with some of my favorite ghosts. Can’t you see? So leave me alone.
Parker   You wouldn’t let us off that easy, so forget it, Sydney. [Parker slides glass of liquor aside] It wasn’t your fault. You have to let Claudia go.
Sydney   I can’t. We’re celebrating.
Parker   Why?
Sydney   Because. Because they used her against me.
Parker   Syd, the Centre helped you.
Sydney   The Centre sure helped. They were there right after the accident. Centre Sweepers yelling, “Oh, we’ll give Claudia the best care.” And then, two hours later, I got the news. I gave her this watch for her birthday. It would have been yesterday.
Broots   How did Angelo know about-
Sydney   [Chuckles] Angelo. How does Angelo know about anything?
Parker   He knew that you need to deal with this pain, Syd, that you were in love with her.
Sydney   That wasn’t Angelo. They told you that.
Parker   That’s what my father said. That’s what the file said.
Sydney   Centre lies!
Parker   Careful, Sydney.
Sydney   Oh, no, much later, when I found out what the Centre was doing with Jarod’s work and I rose up in protest-
Broots   They used the accident against you?
Sydney   I did love her. Like my daughter. She was my student. But the Centre fabricated some story of an affair between us. They threatened me with jail. They threatened-
Parker   To separate you from Jarod.
Sydney   Yes. They used it to force me to do their bidding. Not only was Claudia dead, but they tried to destroy the very memory of her.
Parker   My father did this to you?
Sydney   Not directly, of course. But yes, Mr. Parker was running the Centre. Now have a shot.
Jarod [To Talbot]   Todd Baxter knew too much. He connected Linder to several major illegal operations- character assassinations, extortion, among other clandestine things.
Rachel [To Talbot]   Your director of communications has had six Washington jobs in the last seven years.
Talbot   Yeah. Travel office, D.O.J. cover-up, framed a D.O.E. whistle blower. Watergate plumbers got nothin’ on this guy.
Rachel   Hasn’t paid this well since G. Gordon Liddy. His offshore accounts are packed.
Talbot   Agent Baxter found out, and that crafty son of a bitch killed him. Made it look like a drug overdose so I’d shut down the case. He played me.
Jarod   Except Linden isn’t the killer, is he, Rachel?
Talbot   Are you two reading each other’s minds now?
Rachel   Murder is not in Linden’s profile. He likes to control the truth, but only from the background. He was never in that hotel.
Talbot   Think he had someone do his dirty work for him?
Rachel   Mm-hmm.
Talbot   All right. When do we move?
Both Rachel And Jarod   We don’t.
Jarod   There’s a killer out there, and Linden is going to lead us right to him.
    The Centre
Parker   Daddy, the Centre did this. You did this.
Mr. Parker   You forgot. The Triumvirate gave the orders. I carried them out.
Parker   I knew you would say that.
Mr. Parker   I don’t like your attitude.
Parker   Daddy, please. I just want Sydney to have some closure.
Mr. Parker   [Sighs] It can be arranged. [Intercome Beeps] Mr. Morganstern.
    [Door Opens, Woman Enters]
Claudia   [Gasps]
Sydney   Claudia. [Speaking French]
Claudia   [French] Oh, Sydney.
Mr. Parker   When you told me what Sydney was going through, I had her flown in. She’s a groundbreaking psychiatrist at a teaching hospital outside of Paris.
Parker   A hospital funded by the Centre.
Mr. Parker   After the accident, she healed up quickly. We gave her a future, a career.
Parker   And told her that Sydney was dead.
Mr. Parker   Well, that’s one order I wish I’d never taken. Angel, a new life changes everything. I told you.
Parker   It’s a brand-new day.
    [Phone Rings]
Jerry Linden   Communications. Linden.
Jarod   I’m watching you.
Linden   Who the hell is this?
Jarod   I’m the man you hired to throw Todd Baxter out the window.
Linden   Baxter committed suicide.
Jarod   No. You hired me to kill him, didn’t you? I’ll take that as a “no comment.” If you care to explain yourself, off the record, meet me at the River Glen Hotel, room 814.
Linden   Hello? [Enters Hotel Room] Hello? Anyone here? [Is Slammed Into Wall By Jarod] You don’t think I’d be foolish enough to be armed, do you?
Jarod   I’m about to find out how big a fool you are.
Linden   Agent Wilkes. So what is this?
Jarod   It’s the River Glen Hotel. Not exactly the Watergate, but scandals can be made here as well. I sure hope you brought your wallet so you can buy your freedom.
Linden   Innocent men don’t need to.
Jarod   These documents that I stole from your office- they seem to say otherwise.
Linden   Well, are you industrious. Fabrications designed to destroy an honest man.
Jarod   Like the ones you create? Like the ones that Todd Baxter discovered? You make a fortune creating scandals that ruin people’s lives, even end them.
Linden   Jarod, if you’re trying to get me to make a verbal admission for something I know nothing about for you or whoever else is watching-
Talbot [Who is watching with Rachel]   Damn it.
Linden   I’m afraid you got the wrong fool.
Jarod   [Sighs] You’re right. I am a fool for ever believing you could possibly just tell the truth.
Linden   We’re done here.
Jarod   Oh, we are just [Rips Plug From Television/ Video Feed] getting started.
Talbot   We’d better get in there.
Rachel   No, just give him a minute.
Jarod   I wouldn’t want you to miss it?
Linden   Miss what?
Jarod   Your suicide. [Jarod Pulls Syringe, Thrusts Needle Into Linden]
Linden   [Gasps] [Grunts]
Jarod   [Sighs] [Whistling]
Linden   What are you doing?
Jarod   I’m setting the scene just like the man you hired to kill Todd Baxter did.
Linden   [Groans]
Jarod   To make it seem like you had an evening of… drugs. Then you took a swan dive out the window. Hope they find your body sooner.
Linden   No, wait. Wait! No!
Jarod   Mmm. No waiting.
Linden   No! No! [Grunts]
Jarod   [Holds Linder Out Window] Who did it? You tell me who killed Todd Baxter or they’ll be fishing your body out of the Potomac – what’s left of it.
Linden   I can pay you. Just forget about Baxter.
Jarod   Money?
Linden   Yeah.
Jarod   Todd Baxter saved my life! You killed him. I’m gonna even the score!
Linden   No! You’re crazy. [Into Walkie] Plan “B.” Plan “B”. Go to plan “B”!
Jarod   What are you doing? You warning your accomplice? You tell me who kiled him, or I will drop you out of this window!
Linden   Holder. Agent Holder.
Jarod   Where is he?
Linden   He’s in the service elevator at the end of the hall.
Jarod   Get up!
Linden   No! No! No!
    [Shots Fired] [Jarod, Holder Fight] [Jarod Pulls Gun, “Unmasks” Monster (Agent Holder)]
Jarod (To Emily)   Good luck.
Emily   Yeah, you too.
    [Rachel Offers Mug To Jarod]
Jarod   Is this more bouillabaisse?
Rachel   No. I only had 30 seconds. It’s chicken noodle.
Jarod   [Laughs]
Rachel   The chicken almost tastes real.
Jarod   Mmm.
Rachel   [Does Her “Profile Thing”] That’s why you’re undercover. You’re alone in this world.
Jarod   We all have secrets.
Rachel   No family? No one to get close to?
Jarod   Not yet. I should get back to the office.
Rachel   Jarod. This- This was more than just a case for you. Why?
Jarod   Let’s just say I was helping out… an old friend.
Rachel   Well, if you ever need a new friend, you can call me. [Kisses Jarod]

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