1-04 Curious Jarod

1-04 Curious Jarod

Curious Jarod

We’re nowhere, except where Jarod wants us.

Miss Parker

Curious Jarod

We’re nowhere, except where Jarod wants us.

Miss Parker

Original air date: October 26, 1996

Written by: Kimberly Costello

Directed by: Jesús Salvador Treviño

In order to solve the mystery surround the assault of a showgirl, Jarod becomes head of security at a Las Vegas casino, and Sydney and Miss Parker turn to the Mob for help.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Barrel of Monkeys, Elvis Impersonators, Curious George

Jarod’s Occupations: Gambler, Casino Security, Game Warden

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Felson, Jarod Woods


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod becomes head of security at a Las Vegas casino as he attempts to solve the mystery behind the assault of a showgirl.

Sydney and Miss Parker speak with a junkyard owner about Jarod’s latest activities.  The owner explains that Jarod busied himself reading hundreds of books about mathematics and science.  He also describes how Jarod sat in a rocking chair for fourteen hours flipping a half-dollar.  Sydney peruses a book Jarod left behind entitled Making Odds Even…and realizes it’s a message of some sort.  Meanwhile, in a Las Vegas casino, Jarod, now Mr. Felson, uses his vast knowledge to win over a hundred thousand dollars.

The casino management grows suspicious and has Jarod escorted into the office of Peter Morgan.  But it soon becomes apparent that Jarod deliberately attracted attention so he could meet Morgan in person, and to show his goodwill, returned his winnings.  Jarod then shows Morgan how an unscrupulous pit dealer, Martin Rawlings, has been cheating the casino via sleight of hand.  Jarod then exposes Morgan’s security chief, Davis, as being a participant.  Morgan fires Davis…then hires Jarod as his replacement.

Later, Jarod strikes up a friendship with an Elvis impersonator named Bernie Baxley.  Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Sydney points out that Jarod traced over every number “8” in a statistics book found at the junkyard.

Jarod becomes enamored of the children’s book Curious George…and asks a little girl if she can identify the Man in the Yellow Hat.

Peter Morgan introduces Jarod to Steve Hanlon, the casino club’s owner, who gives him permission to do whatever it takes to keep corruption out of his business.  A short time later, Morgan introduces Jarod to his wife, Kitty.  Morgan then tells Jarod that, deep down, Steve Hanlon is very much “old Vegas.”  Later, Jarod makes his way to a hospital, where he visits showgirl Maggie Blair, who lapsed into a coma after being physically assaulted by an unknown assailant.

Anxious to catch Jarod, Miss Parker turns to a wiseguy named Johnny for help.  She tells him that unless he cooperates and locates Jarod, she will expose his stolen car operation.  In return for his help, she offers to pay him handsomely.

Bernie the Elvis Impersonator informs Jarod that the casino is no longer interested in his act.

Jarod approaches Morgan and Hanlon about financial discrepancies for the month of July.  Morgan explains how a showgirl was attacked in the casino’s parking garage, causing revenue to drop some thirty percent.  As Hanlon and Morgan explain, a megabuster jackpot hit two days later, and customers began returning.  Later, Jarod examines surveillance video taken by a camera in the casino’s garage area.  By closely examining the tape, he realizes the footage was actually photographed much earlier than indicated on the tape’s front label.  He receives another break when he realizes a mark left on Maggie’s face matches an oddly-shaped wristwatch warn by Peter Morgan.

In flashback, a Young Jarod attempts to solve Marilyn Monroe’s “murder.”

Sydney and Broots react when Jarod mails a “barrel full of monkeys” figure to the Centre.  Later, Johnny tells Miss Parker that Jarod can be found in the Marquis Casino in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Jarod approaches Kitty and accuses her of having found the real security tape taken on the night of the attack, which clearly shows Maggie leaving the Marquis with her husband, Peter Morgan.  Jarod warns that Morgan has a history of abusing woman, and shows her his rap sheet to prove his claim.  Kitty is horrified.

Jarod telephones Hanlon and Morgan and warns that he has found yet another serious problem with the casino.  He arranges to meet both men the following morning.

The next day, Jarod tells Peter Morgan that someone has been double counting cash outlays.  He also tells Morgan that it’s his belief that the scam is tied to an armored car courier service.  Jarod convinces Morgan that if he, the casino president, greets the courier personally, the courier will play right into his hands.  Later, Morgan tells the courier it’s “business as usual.”  But he is unaware that the courier is actually Bernie (the Elvis impersonator) in disguise.  Jarod shows Hanlon video footage of the exchange between Morgan and the courier…making it seem as if Morgan was in on the scam.  Outraged, Hanlon has his men beat up Morgan (just as Morgan has assaulted Maggie).  Jarod exits Hanlon’s office.  Soon after, Miss Parker, Sydney and some Sweepers spot him.  A chase ensues, but Jarod uses his status as head of security to have them all detained.  Later, as Sydney and Miss Parker search Jarod’s old lair, a maid presents Sydney with a copy of Curious George.  Inside is an inscription: “To the man in the yellow hat, from the monkey who got away.”

Jarod, now acting as a member of the National Wildlife Federation, releases a monkey back into the jungle.

1-01 Pilot

Pilot Transcript

Miss Parker   People just don’t sit around in a junkyard for a month.
Junkyard Man   Mr Woods said he was tired of being on the road and wanted some peace and quiet. He wanted to catch up on his reading. Like there was money in it, that man read night and day.
Sydney   Read?
Miss Parker   Read what, exactly?
Junkyard Man   Books. Hundreds of ’em. Look at these.
Sydney   Mr Woods brought all of these with him?
Junkyard Man   Most of them were delivered when he bought out the stock from the old library.
Sydney   All of these are about mathematics and science.
Miss Parker   Same here.
Junkyard Man   Mr Woods was a big science nut. Once, he spent fourteen hours sitting in this rocking chair flipping half dollars.
Miss Parker   Fourteen hours?
Junkyard Man   Weird huh? Said ah heads were better odds, somethin’ about the surface and ah, ah… aerodynamics. Except for dimes, he said never bet with a dime. Didn’t say why.
Miss Parker   Factoring Statistics. Physics and Random Probabilities. Oh, I think Ill wait for the movie on that epic. Making Odds Even.
Sydney   May I? Jarod’s left a message. We’re close.
Miss Parker   We’re nowhere, except where Jarod wants us.
Junkyard Man   Why would a man want to learn so much?
Miss Parker   Damn good question.
Dealer   Blackjack!
Davis   The guy on table nine is killing us.
Pit Boss   On my way.
Davis   The guy’s gotta be a cheat.
Pit Boss   No, no. There’s no way he’s counting eight decks.
Dealer   Another winner!
Onlooker   All right!
Davis   How much is he up?
Pit Boss   Over a hundred grand, it’s gotta be.
Davis   What?
Pit Boss   The chief, Mr Morgan approved his increased credit limit.
Davis   Who the hell is this guy?
Pit Boss   Ivy come here. What’s he drinking?
Ivy   Dr Pepper.
Pit Boss   Offer Cristal or Stoli.
Ivy   I tried that. He wants is Dr Pepper. Excuse me please. Dr Pepper.
Jarod   Heads.
Ivy   Ten in a row.
Dealer   All bets are down.
Jarod   Be my luck.
Ivy   Mister I couldn’t even win the big half of a wishbone. Hi, I’m Ivy.
Dealer   Mr Felson?
Jarod   Hit me.
Dealer   House stands on seventeen. Twenty-two. The House wins.
Ivy   See? I’m a total jinx.
Jarod   You can only be a jinx if you believe in luck. Do you believe in luck?
Ivy   No.
Dealer   Blackjack.
Jarod   Neither do I.
Dealer   And another Blackjack.
Davis   That’s it. I’ll deal with Mr Morgan. Shut him down.
Jarod   So much for jinx. Let it ride.
Pit Boss   If he’s counting cards, I can’t catch it.
Davis   You think this is a game?
Jarod   Well this is Las Vegas. Isn’t everything?
Davis   This is the guy Mr Morgan.
Morgan   Like to count cards do you? Davis?
Davis   He’s name’s Jarod Felson. I ran his ID. Cruise ships to Monte Carlo. Ah, didn’t find a file on him anywhere.
Morgan   I’m honoured. Mr Felson has selected the Marquis Casino for his first scam. Who here thinks that makes Mr Felson a complete idiot?
Jarod   Maybe your Security Chief didn’t dig deep enough. Why don’t you try the FBI file under RICO?
Morgan   You run rackets?
Jarod on screen   Hello Mr Morgan.
Morgan   You set this up. You knew we’d have this conversation.
Jarod   Not bad for a complete idiot.
Davis   Where are your Blackjack winnings?
Jarod   I had them delivered to Mr Morgan’s office by a very nice young lady named Ivy.
Morgan   You’re giving me the money back?
Jarod   Money doesn’t interest me.
Morgan   If not money, what does interest you?
Jarod   I’m not here to make a fool of you Mr Morgan. Or to rip you off.
Morgan   So what do you want?
Jarod   Excuse me. You have an incredible security system Mr Morgan. It’s a shame no one here knows how to use it. The bet was a thousand dollars. What did the dealer pay out?
Morgan   Purple chip. A grand.
Jarod   Meet Martin Rawlings. He’s been dealing Blackjack here for ten years.
Morgan   He’s the best dealer we have.
Jarod   That’s too bad because he’s about to lose his job. He used to work at a magic club in Kentucky, his specialty, slight of hand. An extra thousand for the plant He passes it to the courier.
Morgan   Gave the chip to the waitress. Where’s she going?
Jarod   Forget the courier. Focus on the chip because it and dozens like it are on the way to your Security Chief’s mace holster.
Davis   Mr Morgan.
Morgan   Remove it!
Davis   Please. I’ve worked here for ten years and all of a sudden some jerk in a shiny suit…
Morgan   Help him! That’s over ten thousand dollars. Get him outta here.
Jarod   It’s not going to stop here. A casino. It’s always a target.
Morgan   So Mr Felson, what do you want?
Jarod   Five percent of what you don’t lose while I’m in charge.
Bernie   Don’t you little ladies forget. Come see my show tonight. There’s no cover, there’s no minimum and there’s free hot hors d’ouvers. I’ll see y’all later. Bye bye. Thank you very much. Huh! Hey there teddy bear! You come to rub elbows with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll?
Jarod   No, I’m trying to understand this. You dress up in a rented costume and you pretend to be a dead singer?
Bernie   Singer? Son do you have any idea who I am?
Jarod   Well actually I would assu. . .
Bernie   You are looking at a national monument. Mount Rushmore in Blue Suede Shoes. There’s not a human being on God’s green earth that has demanded attention and respect than the man you are looking at this very moment.
Ivy   Hey Bernie, some guy at the craps table says he’ll give you five bucks to goose his wife.
Bernie   I’ll be right there. Well my fans beckon. I must go. Thank you very much!
Broots   That is the last of them. I’ve run everyone of these through the mainframe and I can, I can still can find no correlation.
Sydney   Hmm.
Broots   Although there, there is something to be said for Jarod’s theory on the aerodynamics of a fifty cent piece. Heads. Okay.
Sydney   Jarod is trying to tell me something. And this book is the clue.
Miss Parker   That’s a hell of clue Syd. Jarod has highlighted the entire book.
Sydney   But look at this page of statistics. He traced over all the number eights. Now eight is Jarod’s favourite number. His favourite figure. He calls it upright infinity because of the way one loop coils into the next, never ending.
Miss Parker   Maybe your Boy Wonder has turned into Brian Boitano.
Sydney   Hm mm. Jarod is looking for a purpose.
Miss Parker   He’s playing games.
Sydney   Games? Games with numbers? High stakes games? High stakes poker? Baccarat.
Miss Parker   Well that narrows it down to any of the thousands of gaming establishments on the planet.
Sydney   Any ideas of where to start?
Miss Parker   I know just the man to see.
Jarod   Hello. Have you read this? It’s… It’s very good. It’s about this inquisitive little monkey named George.
Girl   He was curious. I’ve only read it about a thousand times.
Jarod   Oh, well, good. Then maybe you could help me. Who is the man in the yellow hat?
Girl   I don’t know.
Jarod   Oh well. Thank you anyway.
Girl   Okay.
Morgan   Jarod. It’s about time. Hanlon’s been asking for you.
Jarod   Asking for me?
Morgan   Exposing Davis’ scam saved him more money than his creative accountant ever did. Steve Hanlon, Jarod Felson.
Jarod   It’s a pleasure to meet you sir.
Hanlon   I want to thank you for helping us out. You know here at the Marquis we think of ourselves as family. Nothing worse than being betrayed by those close to you. It’s really impressive the way you came in and cleaned house. I guess the only question I have is why? Why would a man I’ve never heard of, never laid eyes on step in to help us out of the blue like that?
Jarod   I’m a fan Mr Hanlon. You took a no-name video store. You turned it into an empire. You listen to people. You give them what they want. I like that.
Hanlon   You study people too.
Jarod   Master Your Space.
Hanlon   My lecture at Brownstone. That must have been, uh, twelve years ago.
Jarod   It was 11. And it was the first time you used family first as the company motto.
Hanlon   You were there?
Jarod   No sir. But I bought the cassette. I wore out my tape player.
Hanlon   Peter, watch out. I might steal this man for corporate.
Jarod   No thank you sir. We’ve finally got corruption out of the Marquis. I would like to keep it that way.
Hanlon   Jarod, you have my permission to do whatever it takes.
Jarod   I thank you sir.
Morgan   Jarod. This is my wife, Kitty. Kitty, Jarod Felson, our new Security Chief.
Jarod   Nice to meet you.
Kitty   It’s a pleasure Mr Felson.
Jarod   I saw your picture in the lobby.
Kitty   Oh!
Morgan   Kitty used to head-line the show here.
Kitty   Ah, I need to steal Mr Hanlon for a moment. Nice to meet you Mr Felson.
Jarod   Nice to meet you.
Morgan   So you’re a company man, huh?
Jarod   I agree with Mr Hanlon’s theories on family, if that’s what you mean.
Morgan   The only thing that Hanlon likes about family is the appropriating part. He spends millions building this playground and proclaims families now have a reason to vacation together.
Jarod   And you don’t think they do?
Morgan   At a casino? Jarod people who never even dreamed of gambling now think that it’s sanctioned by God. Add a few flashy arcades even the damn kids go home broke. Don’t let Hanlon fool you. He may talk the new corporate attitude of this town but deep down, he’s still Old Vegas.
Jarod   I’m sorry it took me so long to get here Maggie.
Buddy   Visiting hours are over at eight. I thought she was all alone.
Jarod   Well, she’s not alone anymore.
Buddy   No offence, uhh… she isn’t going to wake up.
Jarod   I know. But it doesn’t mean she can’t hear me. My name’s Jarod.
Buddy   Oh, name’s Buddy. Nice to meet you.
Jarod   Buddy? If-if anything happens to her, will you page me?
Buddy   I didn’t mean to sound cold before but ah, I’ve learned not to get too attached. But it is nice to know someone gives a damn.
Sydney   Miss Parker, what are we doing here?
Miss Parker  

Saying hello to an old friend. Okay, I know that you’re excited to keep me but keep it in your pants, Vito. Sydney, say hello to Johnny. Johnny’s brother

hacked into the computer profiles of one of our satellite companies in Chicago. Now his serving ten hard in Joliet.

Johnny   What do you want?
Miss Parker   He’s working a con in a casino.
Johnny   This face he’s not a con. He’s not the type.
Sydney   He’s every type.
Miss Parker   Find him for me.
Johnny   Pass.
Miss Parker   Mmm. Not an option. Because you know I heard that at three o’clock tomorrow you’re shipping out a boat load of stolen cars to Venezuela. Now if you don’t want the Port Authority all over your little boat, well…
Johnny   You wouldn’t.
Miss Parker   Wanna bet? Fifty thousand for information. No questions asked.
Jarod   Hey!
Bernie   Well, welcome to Heartbreak Hotel.

What are you doing here? You should

be on stage.

Bernie   Oh no. There, there’s no more stage for the King. The casino fired me.
Jarod   I’m sorry. Did it have something to do with that bird thing?
Bernie   Bird thing?
Jarod   The goose?
Bernie   No. No, they said that they’d had complaints about the show. So I’ve put on a twenty or thirty pounds. You think it is easy being the idol of millions?
Jarod   I would guess no.
Bernie   You’re damn right it isn’t. I sacrificed everything. I did it ’cause I.. I loved it. It’s what the people wanted. I just wish some of those casino big wigs would spend one hour wearing the cape, just one hour. I tell you they’d soon walk away singing a different tune. I guaran-damn-tee you.
Jarod   Well, couldn’t you get a job at another casino?

No. No, no, buddy boy. After

twenty-four years of making people smile, singing the songs and… spreading the good vibrations, I’m afraid it’s the end of the line for the King. No, we … we had one hell of a ride though, didn’t we?

Jarod   I bet you did.
Bernie   Um, look, I…I’m sorry I’m spilling my guts and I don’t even know your name.
Jarod   Jarod Felson.
Bernie   Bernie Baxley.
Jarod   Well it’s nice to meet you Bernie Baxley.
Bernie   Thanks. Jarod. I’m scared.
Jarod   Of what?
Bernie   Him.
Sydney   Sydney.
Jarod   Hello Sydney.
Sydney   Jarod. Good to hear from you.
Jarod   It’s been a while.
Sydney   Where are you calling from?
Jarod   You’ll figure that out sooner or later. I’m counting on later.
Sydney   Counting on or betting on?
Jarod   You are so well read. You know something? It’s such a pleasure to have the freedom to read whatever I want these days.
Sydney   Why the games Jarod?
Jarod   It’s in the mail.
Sydney   Jarod?
Jarod   I’m having trouble understanding the account totals from July.
Morgan   Guy even works on his day off.
Jarod   You pay me to locate discrepancies and I can’t reconcile the figures against last year. Specifically July.
Morgan   Just set it aside.
Jarod   Set it aside?
Hanlon   Jarod there’s a reason for those numbers don’t match.
Morgan   One of our show girls was attacked in the parking garage.
Hanlon   Our revenue dropped thirty percent for three days. It was an anomaly.
Morgan   Not to mention the publicity nightmare. Fortunately the megabuster jackpot hit two days later and everybody came back.
Hanlon   Sometimes Lady Luck even smiles on the house.
Ivy   Thanks for the escort Mr Felson. None of us walk alone anymore, not since Maggie . . .
Jarod   Maggie. She was the woman who was attacked?
Ivy   Correct.
Jarod   You knew her?
Ivy   Well, I’d seen her in the show and around, backstage, you know?
Jarod   I-I read in the paper that there was no evidence of a robbery.
Ivy   No. The night that it happened the showroom was completely packed. It was the Fourth of July. Maggie was so happy. She just landed the lead in a big show in Atlantic City.
Jarod   Maggie was leaving town?
Ivy   Yeah, I guess so. I know I would. God, it happened right here. Gardenias.
Jarod   Excuse me?
Ivy   Oh, Maggie always wore a gardenia in her hair. I know it sounds strange but every time I pass this spot I swear I can smell Gardenias. Liste, thanks.
Jarod   Sure. Drive safe.
Ivy   Thank you.
Young Jarod   This is weird Sydney. It doesn’t make sense. I made it inside. She doesn’t hear me. The hallway’s dark. It smells like flowers. I round a corner.
Sydney   To where?
Young Jarod   The kitchen. I’m getting closer. I know they made her do things that she didn’t want to do. Did she do something wrong.
Sydney   Keep going Jarod. Now, focus on the killer and not the victim.
Young Jarod   Is the woman on the bed her old self or her new self?
Sydney   They are the same person.
Jarod   She doesn’t think so.
Sydney   You have what you need to complete the simulation.
Jarod   But I don’t know why he’s there. Is he trying to kill Norma Jean or Marilyn? I’m confused.
Sydney   Finish the simulation.
Young Jarod   It just seems so unfair. No one should have to die alone. Something’s wrong with this picture.
Jarod   Something’s wrong with this picture too, Sydney.
    Jarod’s preparations
Jarod   Somebody’s luck just ran out.
Show Girl   Thanks for the escort Mr Felson.
Jarod   It was my pleasure. Now, are you absolutely sure that you don’t know who this man in the yellow hat was?
Show Girl   Sorry. My car’s right here.
Jarod   Well, have a good night.
Show Girl   Thanks.
Broots   This was just delivered.
Miss Parker   Come on Sydney. We have a plane to catch.
Jarod   Packing up huh?
Bernie   Gotta stay mobile son. You know, I was thinking about heading back east. You know, try Bransom. Vegas has changed, you know. Not much in a city like this for an old dog like me. Thanks. Oh. That is an official piece of Graceland memorabilia.
Jarod   Well, it’s very nice.
Bernie   Oh, kid, you know. You should see the house in person. It’s uh…. The King named it for his momma. People talk about how Elvis let himself go there near the end. How he stopped caring about the people, the music. To me it was just the opposite.
Jarod   The opposite?
Bernie   Yeah! He cared too much. He ran so fast, so quick, he didn’t have anything left to finish the race. Too bad I won’t be able to finish it for him.
Jarod   You never know Bernie. Sometimes a change of scenery can do you good.
Bernie   Maybe.
Jarod   It’s okay Maggie. You’re not alone.
Miss Parker   So, where is he?
Johnny   It’s a hundred grand.
Sydney   That was not the arrangement.
Miss Parker   Actually Sydney, it was.
Johnny   Your boy’s in the, ah, Marquis Casino, Vegas. It’s always a pleasure taking white collars to the cleaners.
Miss Parker   I know what you mean. I brought two hundred thousand dollars with me. Who knew you would be such a cheap date. Come on Syd, we’re going to Las Vegas. a place where maybe even you could get lucky.
Receptionist   Hospital administration. Can you hold please?
Jarod   Ah yes, I’ll hold. Yes. I would like to arrange to pay Maggie Blaire’s hospital bills. They have? Could you tell me by whom? Thank you.
Jarod   I thought you’d come.
Kitty   I wanted to pay my respects.
Jarod   Just like you paid for Maggie’s hospital bills? For this funeral? You found the videotape, didn’t you?
Kitty   What?
Jarod   The real security tape from the night of the attack. The one that Peter made sure that the police never saw. It shows Maggie leaving the Marquis with your husband. They were having an affair weren’t they?
Kitty   Who are you?
Jarod   Somebody who doesn’t believes that Maggie deserved her fate.
Kitty   I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Jarod   You don’t have to pretend like it’s not happening anymore.
Kitty   You don’t understand. He doesn’t mean to hurt me.
Jarod   Yes he does. This is your husband’s rap sheet. You’re not the first person that he’s hurt. And unless he’s stopped Maggie’s not going to be the last person he kills.
Kitty   My God!
Jarod   Kitty I’m here because I want to help you. I can stop him…. if you help me.
Kitty   No. No. I can’t do that. When I told him that… that Maggie was dead and that I knew what had happened, he lost it. He said he’d kill me if I told anyone. And then he just hit me again and again and again.
Jarod   Why did he stop?
Kitty   The phone rang.
Jarod   Kitty, one day the phone’s not gonna ring.
Jarod   Mr Hanlon? Jarod Felson. I’ve discovered a serious problem and I’d like to discuss it with you. One on one. Say tomorrow morning, around ten?
Jarod   Ivy? It’s Mr Felson. I was wondering if you could do me a favour.
Jarod   Ich wuerde gerne den Status meines Kontes erfahren … bitte. (I would like to know the status of my account . . . Please.)
Morgan   Hello.
Jarod   Peter? Jarod Felson.
Morgan   Jarod. What’s up?
Jarod   I’ve discovered an even larger problem than before.
Morgan   Is it Davis again?
Jarod   No. But it’s big. Something you need to handle, personally. Can you meet me tomorrow morning, around 10?
Morgan   Absolutely.
Jarod   I’ll see you there.
Jarod   So, what are you? About a 38?
Bernie   What?
Jarod   Waist?
Bernie   Ah. Thirty, thirty-six.
Blanca   Senor Jarod. Five nights and you don’t sleep.
Jarod   Too much to do Blanca. Not enough hours in the day.
Blanca   Jorge?
Jarod   ¿Has leido este libro? (Have you read this book?)
Blanca   Si, mucho tengo cinco niños (Yes many times. I have five children.)
Jarod   Ay Blanca perfecto, ¿Quién es el hombre en el sombrero amarillo? (Ah, Blanca. Perfect! Who is the man in the yellow hat?)
Blanca   Mnnn…No se, senor. No se. (I don’t know sir, I don’t know.)
Jarod   Ahhh gracias. (Thank you.) Blanca?
Blanca   Si?
Jarod   Would you do me a favour?
Jarod   Peter come on. We don’t have much time.
Morgan   What’s this about?
Jarod   There’s about a hundred grand walking out of the casino right under your very nose.
Ivy   Mr Hanlon. From Jarod Felson. He said he’d meet you in the security bay as soon as he can.
Jarod   Somebody has been double counting the cash outlays. Based on my findings over a hundred grand has been skimmed off the top every Tuesday cash pickup.
Morgan   Do you think Davis is behind this?
Jarod   I’m not sure but it’s bigger than one guy. An accounting scam tied into the armoured car courier. For every three hundred thousand dollars that’s deposited on paper another hundred grand is being dropped off at a second locale. If we keep the scam going, if we find where the locale is, we can bring down everybody who’s been ripping off the Marquis.
Morgan   Why don’t we just bring in the cops?
Jarod   Peter, think about this. If you pull this off you are going to be Steve Hanlon’s twenty million dollar hero.
Miss Parker   The Marquis now.
Taxi Driver   Yes ma’am.
Morgan   Why me?
Jarod   I’m the new face around here. Nobody’s gonna trust me but if their courier is greeted by the President of the Casino, he will play right into your hands. It’s showtime.
Bernie   Where’s Mr Davis?
Morgan   Mr Davis worked for me in more ways than one. I’m Peter Morgan. I run the Marquis. It’s business as usual. Understand?
Bernie   Sure. Business as usual.
Morgan   Take the skim to the drop deposit the rest in the bank. See you next Tuesday. Okay?
Jarod   Well thank you very much.
Morgan   That was exciting. Guy fell for everything I said.
Jarod   He must be a complete idiot.
Miss Parker   Find him.
Morgan   Steve. I didn’t think that you’d be here.
Hanlon   Surprise!
Morgan   You won’t believe what I’ve been doing.
Hanlon   Bet me.
Video   Bernie: Business as usual.Morgan: Take the skim to the drop deposit the rest in the bank. See you next Tuesday.
Morgan   Steve. I wasn’t really taking the money. We were…
Hanlon   There’s a lot of unreported cash leaving this casino.
Morgan   I know and ah…
Hanlon   And there’s a great deal of money going into your Swiss bank account.
Morgan   I don’t have a Swiss account.
Hanlon   Oh…electronic transfers for 4.6 million dollars. That is your signature isn’t it?
Morgan   I didn’t do this. Tell him. Tell him the truth.
Jarod   I am sorry Mr Hanlon. I’m sorry I didn’t catch this sooner. And the figure is closer to 4.8.
Morgan   An instinct in my gut told me that you were bad news. Steve, I didn’t do anything wrong. Felson dammit! I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything wrong.
Jarod   Neither did Maggie Blaire.
Detective   Detective Benson. Homicide. I’m looking for Peter Morgan.
Jarod   Oh, he’s in a meeting right now. I think he’s asking for a raise.
Sydney   Jarod!
Miss Parker   Take the rear.
Sydney   Jarod, don’t run, please. There’s nowhere to go.
Radio   Security alert in the pool area.
Miss Parker   My lucky day.
Security   We got your radio call Mr Felson. Is there a problem?
Jarod   Yes, there is. A couple of grifters trying a roulette scam. Call the LVPD and have them picked up.
Miss Parker   Let go of me.
Jarod   You might want to strip search this one. She could be palming chips.
Miss Parker   Oh you bastard.
Jarod   Just doing my job, Ma’am. Head of Security, you know.
Miss Parker   I will get you.
Jarod   You wanna bet? Tails.
Miss Parker   Come on lady.
Sydney   Not a paper clip, no trash, no lint. Nothing but this.
Miss Parker   And the usual.
Blanca   Senor Sydney.
Sydney   Digame.
Blanca   Para usted (For you.)
Sydney   “To the man in the Yellow hat from the monkey who got away.”
Jarod   Alright.
NFW Man   So you’re really going to release him back into the wild, huh?
Jarod   That’s the plan. Living creatures, they don’t belong in captivity.

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