2-19 Red Rock Jarod

2-19 Red Rock Jarod

Red Rock Jarod

Threats and pain that’s all you’ve ever offered us. You stole our lives, and you killed our spirit. Now you think you can threaten us with death.


Red Rock Jarod

Threats and pain that’s all you’ve ever offered us. You stole our lives, and you killed our spirit. Now you think you can threaten us with death.


Original air date: May 2, 1998

Written by: Tommy Thompson

Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod receives an e-mail from Sydney instructing him to go to Arizona, but he arrives and finds Mr. Lyle instead- who has plans to redeem himself by personally returning Jarod to the Centre.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Kyle is alive, Lyle is alive

Jarod’s Occupations: None

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Barber


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod is lured to Arizona by a mysterious message that turns out to be from Mr. Lyle.


Late one night, Jarod receives e-mail from Sydney, summoning him to Dry River, Arizona.  There, Jarod meets Deputy Marilyn Miller.  He asks if she has seen a man matching Sydney’s description.  To Jarod’s surprise, Miller arrests him.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots hit another dead end in their search for Jarod.  Then a Sweeper finds an envelope addressed to Miss Parker, containing her mother’s Centre identification badge.  The expiration date has been crossed out and replaced with the date her mother died.

Back in Arizona, Deputy Miller is summoned when her son, J.R., collapses.  Jarod goes along and quickly diagnoses a potentially fatal heart condition.  Miller says the boy is on the waiting list for a transplant, but donors with AB blood—Jarod’s type—are very rare.  Later,  Sheriff Delmont drives Jarod to an auto junkyard, where Jarod is surprised to see Mr. Lyle, still very much alive.  Lyle hits Jarod with an iron bar, knocking him unconscious.

At the Sim Lab, Sydney receives Jarod’s reply to “his” e-mail, but tells Miss Parker he never sent a message about Arizona.  Miss Parker leaves immediately.  Angelo plays with some items Broots found at the dead end.  He tries to pick up a bottle, but discovers he cannot do so.  Sydney realizes it is because the person Angelo is “empathing” has no thumb.   Sydney calls Miss Parker to tell her Lyle is still alive.  Miss Parker is skeptical, but Sydney reminds her Lyle faked his own death once before.

Back at the trailer, Jarod regains consciousness.  Lyle explains that the Sheriff is helping him because he has kidnapped the Sheriff’s pregnant wife and is holding her hostage in a small chamber buried in the desert.  Lyle says his goal is to return Jarod to the Centre, so the Triumvirate will make Lyle the permanent head of the organization.  Meanwhile, in town, Miss Parker finds the Sheriff, who denies seeing Jarod or Lyle.  Miss Parker exits, but waits outside and follows the Sheriff when he leaves.  A helmeted motorcycle rider follows Miss Parker.

At the trailer, Lyle gives Jarod a hypodermic injection and readies a scalpel.  The Sheriff returns, and shortly thereafter, Miss Parker arrives.  The Sheriff arrests her for trespassing, and drives her back to town.  Lyle starts to cut Jarod, but someone hits Lyle from behind.  It turns out to be Jarod’s brother, Kyle, who was also thought to be dead.  Meanwhile, at the Sim Lab, Sydney receives an envelope of surveillance photos of himself, Miss Parker and Broots.  Angelo senses the photos were taken by Kyle.  Sydney summons the Centre helicopter for a trip to Arizona.

Kyle tells Jarod that he escaped from the van accident last year before the explosion that supposedly killed him.  He has been following Miss Parker and the others for months, hoping they would lead him back to Jarod.  Kyle says he has summoned Sydney and the others, and plans to have his revenge soon.  But Jarod tells him it is better to save lives than take them…and right now the Sheriff’s wife, with less than an hour of oxygen left, desperately needs saving.

Back in town, Miss Parker escapes from jail by overpowering Deputy Miller when she brings dinner.   Miss Parker goes back to the trailer and pistol whips Lyle for leaving the cruel reminder of her mother.  But Lyle manages to gain control and grabs Miss Parker’s gun.

Jarod and Kyle find the place where the Sheriff’s wife is buried, just as her oxygen generator runs out of gas.  They dig and rescue the frightened woman with only moments to spare.  They return her to her husband, then head back to the desert.  When they get there, Lyle appears.  He holds Miss Parker and aims her gun at Jarod and Kyle.  Shortly thereafter, the helicopter appears.  Miss Parker manages to break away from Mr. Lyle.  Kyle takes aim and shoots Lyle in the shoulder.  Lyle returns fire, shooting at Jarod.  In an act of self-sacrifice, Kyle jumps in front of the bullet.  Sydney keeps the Sweepers at bay as Jarod holds his dying brother.  During the confusion, Mr. Lyle disappears.  The Sweepers make an attempt at capturing Jarod, but Sheriff Delmont holds them off with a gun, allowing Jarod to escape.  Jarod loads Kyle’s body into the helicopter, then flies off to a local hospital, where he donates Kyle’s heart to Deputy Miller’s son.

2-19 Red Rock Jarod

Red Rock Jarod Transcript




Jarod recieves an e-mail from Sydney instructing him to go to Arizona, but he arrives and finds Mr. Lyle instead- who has plans to redeem himself by personally returning Jarod to the Centre.

    Flashback to A Stand Up Guy/Dream
Mr Lyle   How strong are you?
Miss Parker   Test me.


[Electronic Voice]   You have mail.
Jarod   Morning. I’m new in town, and I was supposed to meet a friend. I was wondering if you gentleman had seen him. Look, I don’t mean to interrupt your game but it would be nice if you at least looked at me.
Deputy Miller   They can’t hear you.
Jarod   Excuse me?
Deputy Miller   Those are the Mitchell brothers. They’re deaf as posts. They said “Looks like-“
Jarod   “Looks like it’s gonna be another hot day.”
Deputy Miller   You speak sign language. Deputy Miller.
Jarod   Jarod- Barber.
Deputy Miller   We don’t get many visitors to Dry River, Mr. Barber. What brings you to town?
Jarod   Well, actually, I’m here to meet a friend. Maybe you’ve seen him. He’s 50-something, distinguished-looking.
Deputy Miller   Distinguished.
Jarod   Mm-hmm.
Deputy Miller   I’d remember him, wouldn’t I?
Jarod   I think I’ve probably taken up enough of your time, Depute. Have a nice day.
Deputy Miller   I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask you to stick around for a little while longer.
Jarod   Excuse me?
Deputy Miller   You’re gonna have to come with me, sir.
Jarod   And why would I want to do that?
Deputy Miller   Because if you don’t, I’m going to have to kill you.
[Opening credits]
Miss Parker   So much for anonymous tips about Jarod.
Broots   Well, the- the guy said we’d find what we wanted right here.
Miss Parker   If we were looking for urban blight and the overwhelming stench of urine he was right on the money.
Sydney   Think we’re being led astray?
Miss Parker   Thank you, Sherlock. Pink.
Broots   Oh. I let Debbie do the laundry. She… kinda got the colors mixed with the whites. And I don’t want to hurt her feelings.
Miss Parker   Don’t let her cut the grass. I want our team to sweep the area. I want everything within a 50-foot radius brought back to the Centre.
Sam   Miss Parker. There’s something here you should see.
Sydney   Parker, are you all right? Your mother’s identification card. And the expiration date has been changed.
Parker   It seems Jarod has cultivated dark sense of humor since we last spoke.
Broots   Did I miss something?
Sydney   The new expiration date- it’s the same day her mother was killed.
Jarod   Everyone who’s arrested has the privilege of making one phone call.
Deputy Miller   You’re not under arrest. You’re being detained for questioning.
Jarod   About what?
Deputy Miller   Sheriff Delmont will explain it all to you when he gets back.
Jarod   This is crazy.
Deputy Miller   Just go with the flow and nobody’ll get hurt.
Boy   Ms. Miller come quick. It’s J.R.
Deputy Miller   J.R? What happened?
Boy   We were tossing around the football by the church, and he just passed out.
Deputy Miller   Go get Dr. Craner.
Boy   He’s gone to Tucson for the day. We’ve got J.R. inside the church but he’s out cold.
Jarod   I have some medical training.
Deputy Miller   This is my son we’re talking about.
Jarod   I can help.
Deputy Miller   J.R.? You kids get back. Get back. J.R., honey? Sweetie, can you hear me? J.R.?
Jarod   He’s in shock. He’s still breathing.
Deputy Miller   Oh, he’s hypoglycemic.
Jarod   When was the last time he ate?
Deputy Miller   Um, he had, uh, cereal for breakfast, three, four hours ago.
Boy   Only water since he was here.
Deputy Miller   Wake up!
Girl   Is he gonna be okay?
Deputy Miller   J.R.? come on, honey. What do you think you’re doing?
Jarod   I need to stabilize his blood sugar. I’m gonna stick this in your mouth. I want you to let it dissolve, okay? Good boy.
J.R.   Mom?
Deputy Miller   Oh! [laughs] it’s okay, honey. It’s okay. Everything’s gonna be okay.
Jarod   How is he feeling?
Deputy Miller   Better.
Jarod   He has a heart condition. I noticed the bluish tint to his fingertips and his lips. I’d say by the looks of it, it’s congenital. You have a very sick boy.
Deputy Miller   Are you a doctor?
Jarod   Not at the moment.
Deputy Miller   [sighs]
Jarod   Why hasn’t he had a heart transplant?
Deputy Miller   Because he’s on a waiting list. Because he has AB-negative blood, which is very rare. It only happens in certain families.
Jarod   One in 300,000. I know. I have it too.
Sherif Delmont   This is the guy?
Sydney   I may have found Jarod. I received this e-mail from him today. Hmm.
Miss Parker   And you say you didn’t send this refuge message to Jarod?
Sydney   If I had, would I be showing it to you?
Broots   That’s a good point.
Miss Parker   What is this Dry River place anyway?
Sydney   According to the computer, there’s a Dry River in southwest Arizona.
Miss Parker   [Auto-dialing] This is Parker. Have the jet prepared. Well, get it out of the hanger. Forget it! Just book me a seat on the next commercial flight to–[snapping fingers]
Sydney   Phoenix.
Miss Parker   Phoenix. And I’ll pick up the ticket at the gate.
Broots   Uh, well, you’re going alone?
Miss Parker   I’m a big girl, Broots. Have this stuff analyzed by Cousin It.
Sydney   Angelo?
Miss Parker   I don’t like dead ends, Sydney. Especially when they concern my mother.
Sheriff Delmont   Hold this.
Deputy Miller   Then he helped J.R. back to the squad car and we brought him back here.
Sheriff Delmont   A touching story.
Deputy Miller   Sheriff, he had every opportunity to escape. But he didn’t even think about running.
Sheriff Delmont   What’s your point?
Deputy Miller   He helped save my son. Surely, there’s another way we can handle this.
Sheriff Delmont   There’s not. You did a decent thing for the boy, and I’m grateful. But if you give me one second of trouble I’m gonna shoot you dead. You understand me?
Jarod   Completely.
Sheriff Delmont   All right, let’s go.
Jarod   It’s a lucky thing I showed up here today. Your deputy has a pretty sick boy on her hands. He could’ve died. It must be difficult watching someone you love suffer like that. What about you, Sheriff? Do you have any family?
Sheriff Delmont   I think it’s gonna be a whole lot easier if you and I don’t get to know each other. Get out. Let’s go. Go straight. Move! Go right over there. Stay there. Let’s go. Go on.
Jarod   Somebody cut themselves?
Sheriff Delmont   Sit down over there.
Jarod   Look, it’s pretty obvious by the way I’ve been treat that something terrible has happened. Why don’t you tell me what it is?
Sheriff Delmont   I can’t.
Jarod   Why not?
Lyle   Because I won’t let him.
Jarod   Lyle.
Lyle   Gone but not forgotten. And… so it begins.
Broots   This is all the stuff brought in from the dead-end street. Y-You think he’ll be able to help?
Sydney   Empaths possess such finely tuned instincts, Broots they can’t be hurried or discouraged.
Broots   Or grossed out apparently.
Sydney   I think Jarod believes the initial refuge signal to be authentic. Add to that the, uh, phony tip on his recent whereabouts and it becomes clear that someone has lured him to Arizona.
Broots   Jarod could be in serious trouble.
Sydney   I believe he is. The question is from whom?
Broots   Angelo, could you give it a rest already?
Sydney   Wait. He can’t pick it up.
Broots   Hmm. Why?
Sydney   The person Angelo is empathing doesn’t have a thumb.
Jarod   How long have I been out?
Lyle   A couple of hours. Ooh, that’ll be a good one.
Jarod   You sent the message.
Lyle   You really are a genius.
Jarod   How did you find out about refuge?
Lyle   You forget. Before I found myself thumbless in the desert I was head rat at the cheese factory. You may have taken off with the D.S.A.’s but I had access to surveillance videos of every conversation you and Sydney ever had. I wish you could’ve seen your face when you first saw me. [laughs] It was priceless!
Jarod   Your thumb looks pretty bad. If you don’t take care of it, you could lose the whole hand.
Lyle   It’ll be fine.
Jarod   You seem to have captured loyal support from the locals.
Lyle   Sheriff Delmont? Afraid his involvement has less to do with loyalty then I does survival.
Jarod   I don’t follow.
Lyle   My first acquisition after arriving in this little oasis was securing some leverage in the form of Mrs. Delmont.
Jarod   You kidnapped his wife.
Lyle   And buried her in the desert. She’s currently being fed oxygen supplied by a five-horsepower gas generator which with an adapted fuel capacity of 15 gallons should run for about-
Jarod   Sixteen hours.
Lyle   Sixteen- Give or take a few minutes. As I check my watch, she should have life support remaining in the area of seven hours and 20 minutes. Oh! You’ll appreciate this. She’s pregnant. Guess about… six months. So, you see, our good sheriff is in no position to be anything but cooperative.
Jarod   You’re insane.
Lyle   Psychological diagnosis can be really subjective.
Jarod   What do you want?
Lyle   Isn’t it obvious? I want everything.
[Woman on P.A]   If you are returning a vehicle please park your car in the blue zone.
Miss Parker   What?
Sydney   Lyle is alive.
Miss Parker   What did you say?
Sydney   Angelo had a severe reaction to one of the objects brought in from the dead-end street. I am certain Lyle is behind all of this.
Miss Parker   We’ve been over this, Sydney. Lyle is dead. I shot him point-blank in the chest.
Sydney   Think about it.
Miss Parker   Sydney, y-you were there. Do you remember when they pulled his body from the river?
Sydney   It was never positively identified, Parker. Lyle faked his death as a teenager. He just did it again. Parker? Parker?
Jarod   Look, you got what you wanted. Let the woman go.
Lyle   Not until I finalize negotiations.
Jarod   Negotiations?
Lyle   The Triumvirate is preparing to meet to choose my permanent replacement. I intend to make that vote unnecessary.
Jarod   Now, where’s a clip-on tie when you need one? You really think that the Centre’s gonna let you just walk right in there like nothing’s happened?
Lyle   I bring back their golden boy, and it’s business as usual. First there’ll have to be changes made, obstacles removed.
Jarod   Like Sydney and Miss Parker?
Lyle   Among others.
Jarod   How long do you think it’s going to be before someone decides to remove you?
Lyle   Nothing’s forever. However, there is a way that we can assure our powerbase.
Jarod   We?
Lyle   With your brains and my leaderships skills there isn’t anything we couldn’t accomplish. I could be your friend, Jarod.
Jarod   Like you were my friend when you tried to stop my heart?
Jarod   Why did you try to kill me?
Sheriff Delmont   Hey. I just got a call from my deputy. She says there’s a tall, dark brunette woman asking questions about someone named Jarod and a man with a missing thumb.
Lyle   Parker. And this was going so well.
Jarod   Nothing’s forever.
Lyle   If you ever want to see that wife of yours again, get rid of her. Now.
Miss Parker   I believe there are two very dangerous men here in Dry River.
Sheriff Delmont   You a cop?
Miss Parker   I work for a private corporation. And we’ve been tracking these men for some time. Have you seen them?
Sheriff Delmont   Those people dead?
Miss Parker   Murdered, execution style.
Sheriff Delmont   And that one?
Miss Parker   Jarod. He has a history of mental illness. I’ve been instructed by his family to bring him home.
Sheriff Delmont   I haven’t seen him.
Miss Parker   Sheriff, my information is certain.
Sheriff Delmont   Dry River’s a small town, ma’am. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.
J.R.   Is everything all right?
Deputy Miller   Oh, everything’s fine, J.R.
J.R.   Hello.
Miss Parker   Hello.
Sheriff Delmont   How you doing, buddy?
J.R.   A little tired.
Deputy Miller   That’s why you need to rest. Come on I’ll make you something to eat.
Miss Parker   Nice kid. What’s the matter with him anyway?
Sheriff Delmont   He’s dying.
Deputy Miller   We have to call somebody.
Sheriff Delmont   Who?
Deputy Miller   The F.B.I, the state police-
Sheriff Delmont   And accomplish what? Have you seen this picture? The man is a cold-blooded killer. He’s got my wife buried in the desert.
Deputy Miller   But we can’t just stand-
Sheriff Delmont   If this psycho even thinks that I’m crossing him, Linda and the baby are dead.
Jarod   This really doesn’t surprise me.
Lyle   What’s that?
Jarod   This “rising from the dead” game you keep playing. You pulled the same scam in high school. Only back then, you got really creative. You murdered your best friend. Then you set your own father up to take the fall.
Lyle   What do you know about my father?
Jarod   I know that he’s rotting in a jail cell serving a life sentence for a crime you committed.
Lyle   He got what he deserved.
Jarod   What about your mom? Did she deserved what she got? Did I tell you I went to visit her? Very nice lady. Only she seems a touched confused. Seems she was, uh, trying to feed a couple of dogs that didn’t really exist.
Lyle   You should not have gone there.
Jarod   She kept your bedroom just the way you left it. It’s all very cozy.
Lyle   One more word and you die.
Jarod   You kill me and you have nothing to bargain with. [Coughs]
Lyle   Which brings us to step two of the process.
Jarod   Look, I hate to throw a wrench in your plans but it’s against the law to impersonate a doctor.
Lyle   [Laughs] Now that’s funny. You see, I’m going to need something more substantial than photographs to demonstrate my resolve to the Triumvirate. An offering, if you will.
Jarod   An offering?
Lyle   You should consider yourself fortunate. You’ll be asleep when I cut off your thumb.
Jarod   No.
Lyle   Miss Parker?
Sheriff Delmont   She’s gone. She showed me a picture of you with a bunch of murdered people.
Lyle   Causalities of war. Is there something else?
Sheriff Delmont   I want my wife back! You said when you had what you wanted, you’d let her go.
Lyle   You ever seen a human being suffocate? It’s not an easy way to die. Now, your family has slightly less than three hours of life remaining. Unless, of course, you want to arrest me. It’s Parker.
Sheriff Delmont   She followed me.
Lyle   Get rid of her. Now.
Sheriff Delmont   This is private prop-Whoa!
Miss Parker   [exhales] Sheriff. I know they’re here.
Sheriff Delmont   Like I said, Miss Parker, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Miss Parker   Then how did you know my name? I never mentioned it. I don’t know what he’s holding over your head, Sheriff but trust me, it will not end well for anyone. I can help you if you just let me.
Sheriff Delmont   I wish I could do that. You’re under arrest for trespassing. Hand over the weapon.
Jarod   Please don’t do this.
Lyle   Don’t fight the medication. There’s nothing you can do to stop it now.
Jarod   Please. No.
    Flashback to Dragon House
Kyle   Raines said you were dead.
Jarod   Not hardly.
Jarod   They said… you were dead.
Kyle   Not hardly, big brother.
Broots   Sydney, this was just delivered for you.
Sydney   Who’s it from?
Broots   Receiving. What is it?
Sydney   Jesus.
Broots   Who could’ve taken these?
Angelo   I decide who lives or dies. I decide who lives or dies. I decide who lives or dies. I decide who lives or dies. I decide who lives or dies. I decide who lives or dies.
Sydney   Kyle.
Angelo   I decide who lives or dies.
Broots   Jarod’s brother’s alive too?
Angelo   I decide who lives or dies.
Broots   Man, this is turning into Night of the Living Dead.
Sydney   Hi, this is Sydney. I need seats on the next flight out to Arizona. And get the, uh, Centre helicopter ready to for immediate takeoff in Phoenix.
Angelo   I decide who lives or dies! I decide who lives or dies.
Kyle   I thought you’d never wake up.
Jarod   Kyle? I thought you were dead.
Kyle   Yeah, that was the idea.
Jarod   [groans] I saw you in the van. I- I saw it explode.
    Flashback to Dragon House
Jarod   No!
Kyle   You saw the van explode, but I wasn’t inside it. When you escaped, I was able to crawl out and fire a shot into the fuel tank. My leg was injured, so I made my way up to the highway and caught a ride out.
Jarod   How did you find me?
Kyle   I’ve been following Parker and the others for months hoping they’d lead me back to you.
Jarod   My thumb and rest of me is so glad you did.
Kyle   Jarod, have you learned anything else about our parents?
Jarod   Um-Sydney gave me this. His brother gave it to him before he died.
Kyle   Our father’s name?
Jarod   I don’t know. I can’t believe-Where have you been?
Kyle   In the shadows, waiting, watching. Now that we’re together again, I can finish this.
Jarod   Finish what?
Kyle   I sent a package of photographs that’ll bring the others here soon. It’s almost over, brother. We’ll start with Lyle.
Jarod   Kyle, what happened to him?
Kyle   He tripped and hit his head.
Jarod   We’ve less than an hour.
Kyle   What are you talking about?
Jarod   Lyle kidnapped a woman and buried her alive somewhere out in the desert. We have less than an hour before her air supply runs out.
Kyle   Jarod, we can’t leave now. This is our chance to end this once and for all. And we’ll start with him.
Jarod   Did you hear what I said? There is a woman and her unborn baby buried alive somewhere out in the desert. And if we work together we can save their lives.
Kyle   Lyle and the others deserve to die.
Jarod   And if they do, what chance do we ever have of finding our parents? Look, I know you’re angry but there’s more important things in life than vengeance. Let me show you how good it feels to save a life instead of trying to destroy one. Kyle.
Kyle   We’ll need to know where he buried her, right? Relax, brother. This is what I do.
Deputy Miller   I hope you like meat loaf.
Miss Parker   I live for it. The sheriff said your son is sick.
Deputy Miller   He has a heart condition, yeah.
Miss Parker   I’m sorry. He seemed like a really nice young man.
Deputy Miller   Yes, he is.
Miss Parker   You have to let me out.
Deputy Miller   I told you I can’t do that.
Miss Parker   You know, my mother died when I was almost your son’s age. And I know how hard it is to lose someone that you care about. That’s why I promise you that the sheriff and anyone else Lyle has involved in this mess will die unless I walk out of here.
Deputy Miller   You don’t understand.
Miss Parker   I understand perfectly, Deputy. I think you need to get out there and take another good look at those pictures because that is exactly what will happen unless I prevent it.
Deputy Miller   You don’t know what he-
Miss Parker   What? What?
Deputy Miller   He’s gotten the sheriff’s wide buried alive out in the desert.
Miss Parker   Then we don’t have much time, do we?
Jarod   We must be close to the place.
Kyle   Kill the motors.
Jarod   There’s a generator. It’s coming from just over that rise. Come on.
Kyle   Down there. There it is.
Jarod   It’s out of fuel. Hurry. Find the feeding tube.
Kyle   Got it.
Jarod   Dig. It’s sealed tight.
Kyle   Watch it.
Jarod   Hurry. There can’t be much air left in there.
Kyle   Easy.
Jarod   Okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.
Kyle   Okay. Okay.
Linda Delmont   Oh, God! Thank you. [sobbing]
Kyle   It’s okay. Y-You’re safe now. You’re safe now.
Miss Parker   Going somewhere, slick?
Lyle   Miss Parker, how nice to see you again?
Miss Parker   I wish I could say the same. What happened to you?
Lyle   Jarod’s little brother wanted some information.
Miss Parker   Kyle is here?
Lyle   We negotiated. I lost.
Miss Parker   Doesn’t anybody ever really die anymore? You left that envelope on that sign.
Lyle   What gave me away?
Miss Parker   Jarod’s a pain in the ass, but he’s not heartless. That’s for my mother, and this is for me. You- [groans]
Lyle   God, you’re beautiful when you’re angry.
Deputy Miller   Oh! [laughs]
Sheriff Delmont   Oh, my God!
Linda Delmont   Oh, God!
Sheriff Delmont   Oh! Oh, my God! Are you all right? I was so scared. Where is he?
Jarod   We left him chained up at the compound.
Sheriff Delmont   I’m gonna sit you down, okay? You’re gonna be all right now, okay?
Deputy Miller   What are you gonna do?
Sheriff Delmont   What do you think?
Jarod   Sheriff, wait. Let us handle it.
Sheriff Delmont   The man almost killed my family.
Jarod   Which is exactly why you need to get your wife and baby to a hospital and make sure they’re okay. No.
Sheriff Delmont   Now, you boys be careful.
Kyle   Don’t worry, Sheriff. I’m no hero.
[Sydney on Radio]   The sheriff said the foundry is on the edge of town.
Jarod   He’s not in the trailer.
Kyle   And not anywhere in the building.
Jarod   [sighs] He’s gone. Which means he’s out there. Somewhere. Let’s head back to the hospital. I want to see how the sheriff’s wife is doing.
Kyle   You were right, you know?
Jarod   About what?
Kyle   About how it feels to help someone. When that woman grabbed me after I saved her life and thanked me- [exhales] It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I’ve been angry for so long, so full of rage and revenge, I’d forgotten what it was like to care about someone.
Jarod   That’s all going to change now that we’re together. I promise. Come on. Let’s go.
Lyle   Oh, this is beautiful! It’s just one big, happy family, isn’t it?
Jarod   It’s the end of the line, Lyle. There’s no place left for you to run.
Lyle   I’m disappointed in you, Jarod. You know me better than that. if there’s one thing I don’t do easy, it’s die. Drop the cannon, kid.
Miss Parker   Shoot him, you moron!
Lyle   Shut up!
Kyle   Stay back, or I put a very large hole in big brother.
Jarod   Kyle.
Kyle   Threats and pain that’s all you’ve ever offered us. You stole our lives, and you killed our spirit. Now you think you can threaten us with death. It doesn’t matter, Lyle, because we never made a difference anyway.
Lyle   I’ll kill him. I swear I will.
Kyle   And then I’ll kill you.
Jarod   Don’t do this, Kyle.
Kyle   By the way, Lyle… how’s that knife wound?
Jarod   You stay with me, little brother. I’m gonna get you to a hospital.
Kyle   It’s too late, Jarod.
Jarod   Don’t you say that. Look at me. Come on. Just- just think about all the good times we’re gonna have together.
Kyle   I’m sorry, Jarod.
Jarod   For what?
Kyle   For everything.
Jarod   No.
Miss Parker   It’s time to come home now, Jarod.
Jarod   Where’s Lyle?
Miss Parker   We’ll find him.
Sheriff Delmont   All right, nobody move! Mister, I- I don’t know who you are but I figured I owe you at least one “get out of jail free” card.
Miss Parker   There are two of us, Sheriff. What’s to say we won’t shoot you right now?
Sheriff Delmont   Well, mostly because this is a 10-guage pump action shotgun that will pretty much cut anything in half that it’s aimed at. And right now, it’s aimed at you, lady.
Broots   Jarod- I’m sorry.
Sydney   Where will you be taking him?
Jarod   Someplace where he can make a difference.
[Woman over PA]   Trauma team to I.C.U. on Six West. Trauma team to I.C.U. on Six West.
Deputy Miller   How is he, Doctor? How’s my son?
Doctor   Just fine. The new heart is functioning on its own. And barring complications, you boy should live a long and happy life.
Deputy Miller   Oh, thank you.
Doctor   It was a stroke of luck we were able to find a donor to match your son’s blood type. Whoever that donor was, he’s a godsend.
Sheriff Delmont   I don’t know about that, Doc, but he was a hero.
Jarod   Good for you, little brother. Good for you.

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