2-11 Gigolo Jarod

2-11 Gigolo Jarod

Gigolo Jarod

Until then, she would always be the Saddest Little Valentine.


Gigolo Jarod

Until then, she would always be the Saddest Little Valentine.


Original air date: February 7, 1998

Written by: Tyler Bensinger

Directed by: Rodney Charters

While working at the “Hearts Desire Escort Service”, Jarod uncovers a plot to destroy a low-income housing project in favour of an ultra-modern high rise.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Valentine’s Day, Heart Boxes of Chocolate, Cupid

Jarod’s Occupations: Gigolo, Romance Novelist

Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod, Jarod Heart


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

While impersonating a gigolo, Jarod discovers a plot concocted by a real estate developer to drive residents of a poor urban area from their neighborhood.


As Valentine’s Day approaches…Jarod views a DSA in which Sydney discussed the difference between “a house” and “home.”  Meanwhile, Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots discover designer clothing and a book entitled “The Kama Sutra of Love” in Jarod’s old lair.  Sydney concludes the items can only mean that Jarod is eager to find a new form of expression.

In Detroit, Michigan, Jarod finds employment at the “Heart’s Desire Escort Service.”  His boss, Felicia Pratt, arranges a tryst between Jarod and one of her clients, a European aristocrat named Isabella Thyssen.  Their time together goes so well that Thyssen sends Jarod a thank-you in the form of an expensive watch.  Jarod tells Felicia that his secret with women is his ability to listen.

Jarod suggests to Felicia that she set him up with Cynthia Sloan, a Detroit Socialite and the only female member of the Forbes Fifty.  Felica arranges the meeting through Sloan’s no-nonsense businessman, Frank Linden.  Jarod attempts to impress Cynthia with his knowledge of large business transactions, but she labels him “a prop,” comparable to a piece of jewelry.  Cynthia tells Jarod his services will be required until the day of a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Sloan Towers, an ultra-modern high-rise that threatens to destroy a low-income housing project called Jefferson Heights. reviewing a newspaper article documenting the death of a young boy who plunged to his death after stepping onto a weather-torn fire escape, Jarod visits the housing project.  There, he befriends Alice Evans, who discusses the young boy’s death.

Felicia assigns Jarod another client, Joyce Cullman, a housewife who recently separated from her overweight, soon-to-be-ex husband, Howard (and who has since moved into the garage apartment of their home).  Joyce is more than eager to have sex with her handsome gigolo.  But Jarod attempts to dissuade her, opting for conversation instead of physical contact.  The ploy works, and when the conversation veers towards Joyce’s children, it has the same effect as a cold shower.

Clues in the form of tiny candy hearts (discovered at Jarod’s old lair) lead Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots to an adult bookstore.  The proprietor, Bucky, shows them a piece of erotica authored by Jarod, which features a half-naked Miss Parker on the cover.

Jarod speaks with an engineer under Sloan’s employ.  He quizzes the man about sulfuric chloride, a chemical used to weaken brick on buildings targeted for demolition.  Later, Alice describes a man, who identified himself as a safety inspector, that had inspected the fire escape shortly before it collapsed.  Alice tells Jarod that the man wore an expensive diamond watch.  Later, while attending a party, Jarod realizes Frank Linden owns just such a watch.

Felicia threatens to fire Jarod unless he satisfies Joyce.  Before entering Joyce’s home, he intentionally insults her husband.  This has the intended result, as Howard tosses a pile of manure onto his car, setting off the alarm and interrupting his tryst with Joyce.  Later, Jarod invites Joyce to his new lair, where he insults Howard’s name, hoping Joyce will defend him.  The ploy works, and Joyce realizes how much Howard means to her.

Protestors at the Jefferson Heights project attract the attention of the news media.  Frank concludes the outcry could jeopardize the entire project.  Shortly thereafter, Jarod convinces Cynthia she must confront the protesters face to face, and convince them their building is unsafe.  At the housing project, a young girl, Tracy, tells Cynthia she discovered toy horses in her secret hiding place when her family moved into the building.  Cynthia moves towards the floorboards…where the name “Cindy” is carved into the woodwork.  Later, Cynthia discusses her childhood with Jarod, and how she attempted to erase her past, including the building where she grew up, all in an effort to maintain her image of wealth and power.

Jarod lures Frank onto the fire escape where the little boy plunged to his death.  A piece of metal railing falls off, causing Frank to cling to a window ledge.  A terrified Frank admits he is responsible for the boy’s death and, later, he is placed under arrest.

2-11 Gigolo Jarod

Gigolo Jarod Transcript


Sydney   I’ll take that Jarod. Why have you been stealing these?
Young Jarod   I’ve been making this.
Sydney   A house?
Young Jarod   A home. This is where I grew up. At least what I can remember. What’s a home like Sydney?
Miss Parker   Since when do lab rats wear Hugo Boss?
Broots   This is like something out of GQ.
Miss Parker   How would you know? There must be twenty thousand dollars worth of designer clothes here.
Sydney   It appears you have a fashion competitor Miss Parker.
Miss Parker   What’s he up to Syd?
Sydney   A form of expression, individuality, strength, showing off his colours the way a mating animal would.
Miss Parker   You might be right about the mating part.
Sydney   The Kama Sutra of Love.
Miss Parker   What’s your boy learning from this?
Jarod   I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.
Isabella   Jarod.
Jarod   Isabella.
Isabella   I’ve heard that chivalry was dead.
Jarod   Only slightly wounded.
Isabella   Do you prefer to be called ‘escort’ of ‘gigolo’?
Jarod   Well, why don’t you give me one hour and you tell me.
Miss Parker   Why leave all of this behind?
Sydney   Jarod operates on a different level than other people.
Broots   It all must mean something. It always does. Hey, you guys better come take a look at this. Follow me to 1500 Hart Street. It seems pretty simple.
Sydney   Let’s find out.
Jarod   Your cut.
Felicia   Did the Kama Sutra come in handy?
Jarod   I leant my copy to a friend.
Felicia   Well, you must have memorised it. A gift from Isabella. What the hell did you do to that woman?
Jarod   I just listened.
Felicia   I cant decide who gets you next.
Jarod   I hear Cynthia Sloan is looking.
Felicia   European countess to Detroit
Jarod   Well, just because she’s the only woman in Forbes 50 doesn’t mean I cant satisfy her.
Felicia   Remember Jarod…. they’re paying for a fantasy, not paying for a man. Do you think you can become someone else?
Jarod   I’ll do my best.
Frank Linden   It spells out the terms of your employment. For obvious reasons you’re being hired as a, um…
Jarod   Special consultant.
Frank Linden   Everything you see and do is strictly confidential.
Jarod   Of course. It’s quite a house.
Frank Linden   You should see the other six.
Cynthia Sloan   Seven.
Jarod   Hello, I’m Jarod.
Cynthia Sloan   He sign? It’s a requirement of Frank’s. He oversees all my holdings and new ventures.
Jarod   And which one am I?
Cynthia Sloan   You’d be a little of both.
Frank Linden   Well… let the games begin.
Cynthia Sloan   Let’s lay the ground rules. You’re here for one reason. Men have a tendency to hit on me. You’re going to save me the inconvenience. You’re a prop Jarod. A piece of jewelry.
Jarod   Oh. Then I’ll have to shine.
Cynthia Sloan   Well, for $5000 a week, I expect you to blind me. You’ll be on call until the ribbon cutting on Saturday.
Jarod   For that?
Cynthia Sloan   Sloan Towers, the future of downtown Detroit.
Jarod   Well, if this is the future, then this must be history.
Protesters   Save our home! Save our home! Save our home! Save our home!
Young Jarod   What’s it like to have a home Sydney?
Protesters   Save our home! Save our home! Save our home! Save our home!
Tracy Johnson   Leave him alone.
Jarod   He broke his wing.
Tracy Johnson   I wish Michael was here.
Jarod   Michael Edwards. The boy that fell from the fire escape.
Tracy Johnson   He helped the birds. He was gonna be a veterinarian when he grew up.
Jarod   I was a veterinarian once.
girl   Can you make him fly again?
Jarod   I don’t know.
Alice Evans   Tracy Johnson, you get off this roof right now.
Tracy Johnson   I gotta go.
Alice Evans   The girl’s gonna get herself killed. I run the Neighbourhood Watch program in this building, and your face doesn’t look familiar.
Jarod   I was just trying to help the bird. I guess that Michael Edwards cared for them.
Alice Evans   What do you know about Michael?
Jarod   Just what I’ve read. This is where it happened.
Alice Evans   I told that boy a thousand times to stay off this roof.
Jarod   My name is Jarod.
Alice Evans   I’m Alice Evans.
Jarod   Nice to meet you Alice Evans.
Alice Evans   Three stories he fell, straight down.
Jarod   And then they condemned this place.
Alice Evans   Now Cynthia Sloan can get her manicured claws on the only raw property left in the city.
Jarod   And throw hundreds of families out of their homes. Fire escapes. They don’t collapse under the weight of an eight-year-old boy.
Alice Evans   The city said it was the weather. I’ve been living down in 212 for nearly 40 years. Suddenly the bricks start crumbling like sawdust? Uh-uh. I don’t think so. I only wish I’d been around to help that boy.
Jarod   Look, I cant take on another client. I’m at Cynthia Sloan’s beck and call night and day.
Felicia   Don’t worry about it. This one sounds like a one-shot deal. But you’re not gonna get away with talking this time. This one’s got the itch.
Jarod   The itch?
Felicia   Go scratch it.
Joyce   Yes?
Jarod   I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.
Joyce   What?
Jarod   The service sent me.
Joyce   The service. Right, Oh, that was quick. Um…
Jarod   Uh, may I come in?
Joyce   Yes, please. Wont you come in?
Jarod   Happy Valentine’s Day.
Joyce   Help yourself. I made coffee. It’s French roast.
Jarod   Oh. How do you know what’s inside of them?
Joyce   Oh you don’t. That’s the fun part.
Jarod   Oh. Wh-who is Valentine?
Joyce   You know, they didn’t say you’d be handsome and funny. The truth is, uh, I’ve never, uh, done anything like this, uh. Now, um, now, do I, uh make the cheque out to you personally? Oops. Or do I make it out to the service?
Jarod   We can figure that out later.
Joyce   I’ll make it out to cash.
Jarod   I couldn’t help but notice the man living over the garage.
Joyce   Oh, that was Howard, my husband.
Jarod   Your husband?
Joyce   Soon to be ex. I mean, he’s living above the garage until we settle things. Oh, I almost forgot. I bought a box at the drugstore. It was on special, so…
Jarod   The 12 pack.
Joyce   Safety first. I saw that on MTV.
Jarod   You seem a little nervous Joyce.
Joyce   Nervous? Um, no, no, not me. Mm-mmm.
Jarod   I love a house with pictures. It makes it feel like a home.
Joyce   I sent my last one off to college this year. Oh I miss him. Cant say the same for hw.
Jarod   Was it another woman?
Joyce   Oh, hardly. You know what hw bought me for my 25th wedding anniversary?
Jarod   Hm.
Joyce   A toaster. I saved up and bough us tickets to Paris, kind of like a second honeymoon. hw couldn’t take off time from work so he cashed in the tickets and bought a big-screen TV. Fifty inches. French roast is the closest I’ll ever get to Paris. Now, I hear that I get what I pay for. So.
Jarod   You must miss your children.
Joyce   Hmmm? What?
Jarod   Do they know?
Joyce   Know?
Jarod   That you’ve hired a lover?
Announcer   The accidental death of Michael Edwards led the city to condemn Jefferson Heights. These residents are protesting their eviction. In four days their homes will be demolished. For some of them, it’s deja vu.
Alice Evans   They tried the same thing after the fire of ’77. The tenants fought then, and they won.
Announcer   Back then, the residents won renovation instead of demolition. But then they never had to deal with real estate mogul Cynthia Sloan. Miss Sloan, can we get a statement from you today?
Cynthia Sloan   My heart goes out to Michael Edwards and his family. But Jefferson Heights is dangerous. I am doing the city and all the residents a favour.
Announcer   Some say that after Michael Edwards died, you strong-armed the city into a contract.
Cynthia Sloan   Sloan Development won this bid fair and square. I make no excuses for being competitive. You do what it takes to close the deal. Whatever it takes.
Announcer   Miss Sloan. Miss Sloan.
Man   You haven’t really answered the question.
Jarod   Whatever it takes.
Jarod   What’s all this sulfuric chloride for?
Foreman   We’ll be using it in the demolition. Soak the right stress points then it weakens the brick. That whole building will come down like a house of cards.Excuse me.
Jarod   Uh, one more question.
Foreman   Shoot.
Jarod   Valentine’s Day. Specifically, Cupid.
Foreman   Yeah?
Jarod   A corpulent infant who happens to be an archer goes around shooting arrows into people, and suddenly they’re in love?
Foreman   That’s about it.
Jarod   And to show that love people buy each other chocolates and other sweets. Do they wanna be fat like the infant?
Foreman   What was it you said you did for Miss Sloan?
Jarod   Uh, special consultant.
Foreman   Sounds dangerous.
Jarod   You have no idea.
Foreman   Bye.
Broots   The address Jarod left on the candy was to an adult bookstore?
Miss Parker   You have got to be kidding me. Let’s just get this over with. What’s wrong Broots?
Broots   Uh, well…It’s kind of embarrassing. I’ve never been in this kind of place before.
Miss Parker   Right, and I’m the president of the PTA.
Miss Parker   It’s all starting to come back to you isn’t it, Broots?
Sydney   Jarod must have brought us here for a reason.
 Miss Parker   It’s called ‘humiliation.’ Is there anybody here?
Bucky LaFontaine   I’ll be right with you.
Miss Parker   We’d like to speak to the owner about a friend.
Bucky LaFontaine   Rex is the owner. He’s dead. I’m Bucky LaFontaine. I run the place. You mentioned something about a friend?
Miss Parker   He left these.
Bucky LaFontaine   Well, why didn’t  you say you were looking for Jarod in the first place? Come on, come on back. Anybody hungry? Yeah, Jarod was a real emotional guy. Smart though. He invented the portable smoke eater.  Sure you don’t want me to grill you a wing?
Miss Parker   Positive. Do you know where Jarod went?
Bucky LaFontaine   Not a clue. He just stopped coming in.
Sydney   Would you say that he was interested in the material you sell?
Bucky LaFontaine   No way. He wasn’t into the sexuality part. He just wanted to talk about people, about what makes us want each other. You know, between you and me, I don’t think that boy got much love growin’ up. I think that’s why he must’ve been so proud of the book.
Broots   The book?
Bucky LaFontaine   Yeah, I run a small publishing company on the side. Romance novels and such.
Sydney   Are you saying Jarod actually wrote one of these novels?
Bucky LaFontaine   Yeah, uh, there.
Bucky LaFontaine   He, he did the cover art too. That boy’s definitely one of a kind.
Miss Parker   One is enough.
Cynthia Sloan   This’ll look stunning on him. Have this ready for tonight.
Jarod   You’re not very big on pictures are you? You’ve got a lot of awards but only one photograph. Photographs, they make a house a home. Don’t you think? Is this you?
Cynthia Sloan   My father bred racehorses as a hobby.
Jarod   Ouch, that looks painful.
Cynthia Sloan   My prized steed threw me. I still have the scar. It used to be much worse, but the plastic surgeons keep whittling away at it.
Jarod   So, where’s your family?
Cynthia Sloan   You ask your clients this many questions?
Jarod   Only the special ones. Don’t you get lonely here?
Frank Linden   The city turned down our demolition plan. I’ve called a meeting.
Cynthia Sloan   I don’t have time to get lonely. Don’t be late tonight.
Jarod   Hello.
Felicia   Yes, I spoke with Joyce. She said she was vaguely unfulfilled. What is wrong with you? She’s a housewife. You nibble on her ear, she melts.
Jarod   I don’t know exactly what she wants.
Felicia   Jarod, if you call a plumber, you want your pipes fixed. She called a gigolo.
Jarod   I, I understand but…
Felicia   Fix her pipes. And Jarod.. I don’t wanna have this conversation again. All right?
Jarod   I just got her washed. What do you think? It’s the car, it drives her crazy.
Jarod   Joyce?
Joyce   Hi there.
Jarod   Rumour has it that you’re feeling vaguely unfulfilled.
Joyce   I’ve been waiting for you.
Jarod   You do realise that your husband is out in the garden.
Joyce   I know.
Jarod   You wont regret this later?
Joyce   To hell with regrets.
Joyce   I know you’re up there Howard Cullman? I’m calling the police!
Howard   The number’s 911!
Joyce   Oh, oh. I’m so sorry.
Jarod   It’s, it’s okay.
Joyce   Oh.
Jarod   It’s strange though.
Joyce   Strange? What?
Jarod   You say your husband doesn’t care about you anymore. It sure doesn’t look that way to me.
Alice Evans   Hey! Jarod, I didn’t mean to bite your head off. I thought you were another one of those inspectors.
Jarod   Inspector? I don’t think you’ll be seeing many more of those. Your home is already condemned.
Alice Evans   Are you kidding? Those bureaucrats were all over this place, even before Mikey fell.
Jarod   Somebody inspected the fire escape before it collapsed?
Alice Evans   Yeah, he was independently wealthy, like you.
Jarod   Like me?
Alice Evans   He had one of those fancy hunks of metal on his wrist too.
Jarod   Like this?
Alice Evans   Except his had diamonds.
Cynthia Sloan   Excuse me. I would like to propose a toast. First of all to this work of art that some people call a building. The sign may say Sloan Towers, but this entire project was the dream of my right-hand man, Frank Linden. This has been his baby from the beginning and if I don’t give him a promotion for this, then I should fire myself. When everyone said it couldn’t be done, including me, Frank found a way. To Sloan Towers. Whatever it takes.
Background Chatter   Hear, here. Cheers.
Jarod   Whatever it takes.
Jarod   Hey. How you feeling today? Would you like one of these? They’re very good.
Jarod   Have you ever tried one of these? It says, be mine.
Felicia   Got one that says, you’re fired?
Jarod   Fired?
Felicia   I’m tired of calls from this house-frau Cullum. You’re through with her and with Cynthia Sloan. I’m assigning a replacement.
Jarod   Just before the ribbon cutting. Do you think that’s smart? cy is one of your prize clients.
Felicia   Fine. You wanna keep Cynthia? Then scratch the housewife’s itch.
Sydney   This is Sydney.
Jarod   Why do people fall in love?
Sydney   You might as well ask why the stars come out at night.
Jarod   Everyone spends their whole life searching for that special someone, that person to love. But when they finally find them, it all falls apart.
Sydney   It’s a paradox, isn’t it? But I believe it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
Jarod   So, you believe that love is worth fighting for? That it’s worth the pain and the effort?
Sydney   Is that what you were trying to say in the romance novel you left for Miss Parker?
Jarod   The book speaks for itself Sydney.
Jarod   She felt consumed by a great void, a dark and silent abyss as terrifying as the grand palace around her. But somewhere in the chilling blackness she caught a glimpse of a light. She remembered a time, the precocious little girl with a heart full of fire, a soul inflamed by passion and a smile that could melt winter into spring.  But the light was gone, the flame had died. Her past was taken from her by the soldiers of the great palace. she would continue searching, hoping to rekindle the fire. Until then, she would always be the Saddest Little Valentine.
Jarod   Hello, Joyce? This is Jarod.
Jarod   Come on in.
Joyce   It isn’t quite what I imagined.
Jarod   Nothing ever is. Can I pour you a drink?
Joyce   Hmm? Uh.. well, um… Yes, sure. Oh that vibrates. Oh, my gosh.
Jarod   We’ll get to that later.
Joyce   Oh my.
Jarod   Now it’s just you… and me. No one can disturb us, especially that annoying husband of yours.
Joyce   Uh…
Jarod   What’s with you Joyce? That’s what you’re here for.
Joyce   Ah.
Jarod   Don’t tell me you’re thinking about Howard. That husband dents deserve you.
Joyce   Well…
Jarod   I mean, how much polyester can one man wear anyway?
Joyce   Poly.. what?
Jarod   And that physique. What is it, body by chilli dog?
Joyce   Well, you know, Howard, he’s a little chunky. He is.
Jarod   Santa Claus is chunky. Howard, he’s a zoning violation.
Joyce   Well, you know, Howard h-has his faults, but he’s a kind and gentle human being and…
Jarod   He bought you a toaster for your anniversary.
Joyce   Well.
Jarod   He cashed in your tickets to Paris for a television set.
Joyce   Well, 50 inches actually. You know, that’s just Howard.
Jarod   Forget about him. Forget about that whole nightmare.
Joyce   Well, you know Jarod, y-you just don’t forget about 25 years or marriage. We’ve been through a lot. We raise a family. We uh…
Jarod   Made a home? You’re right. You don’t forget about 25 years of marriage. And you don’t forget a home. Some people, they can go through their whole lives without ever having one. Come on, I’ll take you home.
Sydney   What’s wrong Jarod? You seem upset. You’ve been sitting here, staring for hours. Tell me what’s wrong.
Young Jarod   No! No! No! No!
Sydney   Jarod, what are you doing?
Joyce   I don’t have a home Sydney! I can’t remember anything! I don’t have a home! I don’t have a home! I don’t have a home!
Protestors   Save our home! Save our home! Save our home! Save our home! Save our home! Save our home!
Jarod   So much anger.
Cynthia Sloan   Don’t they realise it’s not safe to live there anymore?
Jarod   Well, that’s easy for you to say. If this place started falling down you’d have six others to choose from. They don’t have what you have – a great education, rich parents, your own horses.
Cynthia Sloan   People change.
Jarod   Some more than others.
Frank Linden   Cynthia! Cynthia, are you watching this?  They won’t leave.
Jarod   They can’t.
Frank Linden   I want your permission to call the police.
Jarod   Oh, that would like great on the nightly news.
Frank Linden   Please! Look Cynthia, these people are breaking a city ordinance. Now I can have Alderman Nance call the chief, set it all in motion.
Jarod   Go talk to them. Tell them that their building is unsafe. Explain it to them, face-to-face.
Cynthia Sloan   They wont listen.
Jarod   Then call the police. Start a riot, whatever it takes.
Protestors   We won’t go! We won’t go! We won’t go! We won’t go! We won’t go! We won’t go!
Alice Evans   I’ve been expecting you.
Protestors   We won’t go! We won’t go!
Alice Evans   Hello Jarod.
Jarod   Alice.
Cynthia Sloan   What is going on here?
Tracy Johnson   hi Jarod.
Jarod   This is Cynthia.
Tracy Johnson   You the lady that’s gonna tear down my house? Jarod said you like horses. I found this when we moved in. It was in a secret hiding place. Wanna see? How’d you know? That’s you, you’re Cindy.
Cynthia Sloan   How did you know?
Jarod   You can find just about anything if you know the right place to look for it.
Cynthia Sloan   Who are you?
Jarod   Someone who believes that everyone deserves to have a home, even Cindy Morgan.
Cynthia Sloan   I changed my name, but I didn’t hurt
that little boy.
Jarod   No, but you’re partly responsible. Why are you se determined to destroy this place? It’s where you grew up.
Cynthia Sloan   That was my past.
Jarod   So you thought you could just get rid of it? Like you got rid of your name or that scar on your arm? Trust me. You can’t cut a scar out of here. I’ve tried.
Cynthia Sloan   With all the houses that I own, that little room was the only place that I ever called home.
Jarod   But now you’re rich, and you have this image to maintain.
Cynthia Sloan   When I was a kid, I won scholarships to very expensive schools. I was around a lot of very wealthy people.
Jarod   So to fit in, you felt like you had to make up a life. Trust me, I know the feeling.
Cynthia Sloan   First, it was that my father bred racehorses instead of what he really did… which was drive rich tourists around downtown in his horse and buggy. Then it was my name. The lies just snowballed. Now it’s too late for the truth.
Jarod   Cindy, it’s never too late for the truth.
Jarod   Two tickets on the Concorde please.
Jarod   Hi, I’m your wife’s gigolo and do I have a deal for you.
Frank Linden   Cynthia? Cynthia? This is great. Cynthia?
Jarod   Bad year for sulfuric chloride.
Frank Linden   What are you doing here?
Jarod   I’m celebrating, Frank Linden. Because today, you were fired.
Frank Linden   What the hell are you talking about?
Jarod   I hope you brought your golden parachute. Better hold on Frank Linden. You don’t wanna go down with your career. Sulfuric chloride, ideal for the demolishing of a building, murdering children.
Frank Linden   My Go, help me.
Jarod   I bet your cronies down in Public Housing say it was the weather, right Frank Linden? You killed a child, just so you could force people out of their homes just so you could make more money.
Frank Linden   You’re crazy.
Jarod   No Frank Linden. You are. This is where Michael Edwards plunged to his death, just like you’re about to do.
Frank Linden   Help me Jarod. I cant hold on much longer.
Jarod   Like you helped Michael Edwards?
Frank Linden   I have money.
Jarod   Oh, I hate to tell you Frank Linden, but I’m not really a gigolo, so I cant be bought. But I am curious, how much? How much to throw hundreds of people out of their homes? How much to murder an innocent little boy?
Frank Linden   All right. All right Jarod. I did it, okay? I did it, now please help me. Help me!
Jarod   Nice watch.
Jarod   Ah, ah, ah. Don’t waste your time with those. Trust me.
Cynthia Sloan   Ah, you really know how to show a lady a good time Jarod.
Tracy Johnson   You haven’t seen nothing yet.
Cynthia Sloan   Hey you. You think he’ll fly.
Jarod   We’ll see.
Tracy Johnson   I’m gonna go chase it.
Cynthia Sloan   Is that allowed? I don’t wanna go back to that huge house by myself. It gets really lonely.
Alice Evans   Time’s up. Hey what’s happenin’? Are we going over these renovation plans or what?
Jarod   Whatever it takes.
Cynthia Sloan   Yeah. I’m comin’, I’m comin’.
Miss Parker   What?
Jarod   They say it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Do you believe that’s true?
Miss Parker   If you’re lonely, call a 900 number.
Jarod   Did you read my book?
Miss Parker   I skimmed through it. You paint a pretty sad picture.
Jarod   I just write the way I see it. How did we end up like this?
Miss Parker   Like what?
Jarod   Alone, searching. It’s ironic, because we both want the same things. Someone to care about, someone to care about us. Do you think we’ll ever find the kind of love in our lives?
Miss Parker   What the hell do you want from me Jarod?
Jarod   Open the box.

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